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tv   Bloomberg  Bloomberg  November 15, 2015 5:30pm-7:01pm EST

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is the scene live in paris at 11:30. this is th la place de la republique, playing candles and flowers. you are watching a bloomberg special, "terror in paris." belgium is emerging as a key focus of the investigation, with a hunt underway for a 26-year-old man born in brussels. police say one of his brothers
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is one of the seven dead attackers, and that his brother has been arrested. they have identified three attackers who died on friday night and say two were french citizens lived in belgium. city, a stronghold of the islamic state, has suffered bombing. attacks were ordered from syria. the defense minister says that an i.s. command center has been hit, along with other sites including a training facility. is currently the only european power conducting major combat operations in both iraq and syria. you are watching presidents obama and putin as they talked one-to-one for half an hour at the g-20 summit in turkey. and syria was the focus. the parents attacks are dominating the agenda. angela merkel says that the refugees fleeing the conflict in syria must not there the blame
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for the bloodshed in paris. rishaad: let's get over to paris and find caroline connan, near the vatica bataclan. what is the latest? caroline: the made information that we have tonight from the french police is this man that is still at large at this time. old, boardars in brussels. he is believed to be one of the attackers in the paris attacks on friday night. he was supposedly checked at the belgian border earlier on saturday, however he was released by the police at the border because, at the time, he was not a suspect. this has become a belgian story and of family story as well, because according to the information we have, at least one of his brothers was one of
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the attackers during the paris attacks. the other one is currently being questioned in brussels. this is where the investigation is heading at the moment, these three brothers who may have either participated or been accomplices in these attacks. earlier, we also had information about another man, identified with the dna found on his finger. he was one of the attackers. as name is omar, he was 29-year-old french citizen who lived in a paris suburb and seven of his family members are currently being questioned. it has become an international investigation. the cooperation between the french and belgian authorities has been strong.
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at least seven people in belgium are in custody at the moment. ministerh internal held a press conference with his belgian counterpart, saying he would increase the cooperation between the two countries. on frenchsaid tonight television that, he confirmed that the attacks originated in syria and had a network in belgium, a network of terrorists. this islamic and give so far as part of the investigation. seven attackers are believed to be dead. we don't know exactly, remember the network having a kabul says. in france and belgium or elsewhere, the investigation is still going on. rishaad: caroline, one of the
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political implications as the attack progresses? hollande has already described it as an act of war. caroline: he has described it as an act of war. the first response we had happened tonight. the information from the ministry, that there were french airstrikes in the east of syria. there were two targets in this airstrike -- one was targeting a common center used as a recruitment center for jihadis and a place where they put weapons and munitions. the second target was a training theer for the terrorists, french ministry confirming tonight that the two targets have been destroyed. this is the first response from the french government that we are seeing.
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according to one political reporter, there may be more airstrikes coming in the next few weeks. for now, as you may know, france is the only western country w involved in the war in syria. they only started doing airstrikes in syria in september, 2015. a few weeks after the attempted terrorist attack on the train stopped by passengers. and terms of the other political implication that this may have, of course we can think about the refugee crisis. even though it is really hard to draw any conclusions at the moment, any link between the refugee situation that we have in europe and these terror attacks, that will of course intensify the debate around the refugee crisis around how many syrian refugees and iraqi
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refugees that europe can take. this is something we hear about a lot. finally, i want to tell you what was on this twitter account of the islamic state when they claimed the attack. this is something that was attackshat said, "the of harris were the first robin a rain and should service a warning." you may think about coming terrorist attacks -- this is what we will be looking at in the next few weeks and months. rishaad: caroline, thank you. caroline connan. let's get up to melbourne now, with greg barton. he specializes in global islamic politics. thank you for joining us. we are hearing about the french airstrikes taking place, where they had a munitions dump target and a training center targeted. this begs the question -- why
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haven't they bombed them before? franceton: as we heard, only just joined them in airstrikes. one of the problems is a shortage of good targets where you will be sure you won't hit civilian. they are mostly hostages in a police state. it is not clear how long may have known about this target and how long they have confirmed them, but they have pushed to make a symbolic response. the longer-term response will have to be boots on the ground, working on a negotiated end to the civil war. rishaad: please stick around with us. we will have much more from greg barton, coming up later in this hour. it is expected to be a tough day for investors. let's have a look at what we can expect. juliette, we have artie seen
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some negative reactions when it comes to equities in currencies. juliette: we certainly have. the eastern markets were the ,irst to react, open yesterday with big falls coming through in dubai and greece and saudi arabia. for dubai index was down by 3.7%, the biggest fall in three months. we saw the egypt market down by 4.2%. it was the lowest level since december, 2013. index sunk the most in almost three weeks, down by almost 3%. we are also looking at the bloomberg index that tracks the top 200 companies in the gulf nations, and they closed at its lowest level since may, 2013. course we are expecting this to flow through into our region. onlyealand is the
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open market so far and we will be watching the australian market at the top of the hour, down 1.5% on friday. we are already coming off a pretty low base. friday,the picture on it stirred weekly decline, down by more than 1% on the msci. what we will also be watching is commodities and currencies. there certainly has been a flight to safety events, the japanese yen continuing to strengthen against the dollar. the euro was one of the first currencies to react to these attacks, and we have seen the euro weakened, continuing to fall, down by 131% against the dollar. we are expecting commodity currencies to be hit hard as well, the aussie dollar down by 1/10 of 1%, holding at 71.19. we could actually see a little bit of a slide to safety in oil at the moment. this was coming through from friday.
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when it opened, we are expected -- we could see supply concerns drop the price of oil. we are looking at the bonds, and there has been a flight to their , the 10 australian yields down by 3% as we look at the 10 year u.s. yield. that may lead us now, heading over to the apec meeting in manila. david ingles is there. david? rish. yeah, thanks, flights to safety -- that is the keyword -- that is what everyone is worried about and what everyone wants to assure as world leaders travel from turkey to manila, the bulk of these heads of state coming tomorrow. president xi jingping of china, president obama, arriving tomorrow. given what has happened in
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paris, what philippine authorities have done is they have increased the alert status to the highest level. what that means is that it is a matter of procedure -- they emphasized that it is typical when you have a defense following international terrorist attacks. when it comes to are they monitoring, have they seen any credible threats, they are saying no, not at the moment. they don't think the groups you would associate with the philippines would be capable of doing something like that. i was reading the local reports and they say isis has a very's will present if any in manila. they want to be over prepared rather than take the blame of being underprepared. there is a total gun ban across metro manila. you look at what they did on saturday, a dry run with drills
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at the convention center. the leaders summit will be iting place on thursday, and is about 15-20 minutes from where im in the financial district. back on point, the convention center -- there is a security drill, paratroopers dropping from helicopters amid a mock terrorist attack. it really does look, to some extent, like a lock down. it the delicate balance they will have to strike. you want to delegates to feel safe but you also want them to feel welcome. we will see how this all plays out throughout the course of this week, and i will be here all week to give you updates. rishaad: david ingles in manila. la place de la r
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epublique. we have that display last night in paris, firecrackers sparking a panic. hundreds gathered to show solidarity and defiance following the assault on friday night. hundred 32 people dead and hundreds injured. we have more coming up in our special. ♪
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>> i think the events in paris are on everyone's mind. and we continue to work to upgrade our understanding across the nations and it will be an important conversation. >> it is our headquarters -- we have 2500 people who work in paris and hwo lovwho love paris. we are all very struck, and i am
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canceling my trip to the apec summit and going back on monday to paris to join all our teams staff who have already secured where we work. we are taking very strict measures. but the most important thing is that we have to continue. life has to go on. we cannot let them beat us. we cannot let them make us go back to fear or disrupt our lives. we just have to keep at it. >> they just increases the level of uncertainty, makes consumers, and indeed corporations, more cautious, and obviously has another effect, which is the aim of the terrorists, at least in part, to create uncertainty and greater difficulty. questions from the
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corporate world and political world. g-20chilcote is at the meeting, and paris is at the top of their gender. give us a sense of how those events are affecting that conference. ryan: well, one example of that is the french president isn't here. the french play a big role in the g-20, gearing up for the climate change talks in paris. it would be very appropriate for the french president to be here if it wasn't for the events. he is not. the host of the talks, the president of turkey, is obviously very affected. turkey has had plenty of its own terror attacks in the recent months, including one last month that killed 100 turks. he kicked off the summit with a moment of silence. he has been talking an awful lot about the events in paris.
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he canceled a cocktail party he was supposed to attend with his misleaders. -- with business leaders. i was at a discussion with christine lagarde, and she was talking about how horrified she paris, by events in the attacks. she said she had never been through anything like that before and she made a real impassioned plea to the business leaders that were at this panel to reach out to their friends in paris and offer sympathy and also to do more to address the issue of inequality around the world, to invest in countries where they need investment, to try and stem terrorism by giving people where there is little hope more hope through business activity. it has been nothing short of profound in the way that it has affected what is normally a gathering of countries that discuss the economy. obviously over the last 24 hours it has been entirely consumed by
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discussing the terrorism we have and thefrance, migrant refugee crisis. rishaad: the thing is that we have new targets being hit in syria. everybody is saying it is now the time for increased cooperation. is there a sense of that coming through there? ryan: yeah. i think there is. for example, these new french airstrikes are an example. the u.s. is now providing the french with targeting information to go after isis in syria. why wasn't the u.s. providing that before? countries get very uncomfortable, anxious, concerned about sharing their own intel, the way they gather intelligence, even with allies like the united states and france. these french strikes we are seeing now are a direct result of new target sharing between
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the united states and france, and that is a result of the events in paris. it is being threshed out here. a bigger example is that the russian and american president don their first since the general assemblwn, -- sat down, their first since the general assembly. their relationship has been that money is at best, but they are talking about a political process, russians and americans agreeing for the u.n. to mediate negotiations, and hopefully a peaceful end to the conflict in syria. those are just a couple of illustrations of how there is a real desire now to cooperate. what the leaders here has been saying, what they have been struck by, is that they were very coordinated, 30 sophisticated, and if they are going to combat them on a global scale, the leaders need to get
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together and show that same coordination. rish. ryan: thank you very -- rishaad: thank you very much. images coming through right now -- la place de la republique as people continue to gather. these terrible assaults on friday left at least 132 people dead, targeting restaurants and bars, even a national stadium. minutes toight midnight in the french capital. ♪
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rishaad: welcome back to our special coverage of terror in paris. at least 130 people were killed and hundreds injured. let's get over to greg barton,
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who joins us now. thank you. let's start off with a look -- this is clearly a huge security failure. just tell us the limits of security, and perhaps the overreliance countries have on digital surveillance. arton: i think you are very right -- the problem is that we have all of these core things we can do -- monitoring and data mining and it is very powerful, and yet the reality is that the islamic state -- they are good at social media and the internet, but they have found a way of going beneath the radar. face-to-face communications, notes, encrypted messaging. not so much that we see a pattern of chatter. we have to invest in human intelligence and community engagement, work with families and local communities.
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it's back to old school policing -- that is what we need. we need to be back on the ground. in australia we do this well but the number of police officers involved in community needed is pitifully small. them, becausef that is what will give us the first warnings of a next attack. rishaad: did i.s. call this attack in europe? there something which was inspired rather than instigated by them? if it is the former, it is even more worrying, isn't it? mr. barton: it is. we have had a year of lone actor attacks, and then with "charlie hebdo," with the jewish supermarket. that twintober, suicide blast that killed 103 , the twine metrojet
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suicide bombings in beirut. now paris on friday. i think this is the next chapter of the islamic state. it is not simply inspired, and the worrying thing -- they are doing it smarter than al qaeda, below the radar. al qaeda -- we always had a chance to catch them. rishaad: thank you very much. greg barton will be with us. we have another hour. we will be looking at what is going on in paris, the response of what happens next. ♪
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>> a new week's beginning in paris after the terror attacks. capital, live, as people gather at a makeshift memorial at one of the targets. you're watching bloomberg our special and the report, "terror in paris." ♪
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police have released a picture of the main suspect. they say the attackers were based in belgium. the order for the attack came from syria. the white response, world leaders-- leaders vowed-- we are going to be covering all the angles for you in our special coverage, watching the markets as they open. let's get straight to caroline connan in paris. caroline: the mood is quiet. attack. hours after the
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at this concert hall. the death toll is 129 in these coward made it -- in the score needed tax-- in these toll is 129 coordinated attacks. many public buildings remain closed. picture,n see on this we still have a high level of panic in the republic square, early tonight, just before 7:00 p.m. firecrackers were heard, people thought these were terrorists. nothing happened. this kind of shows you the level anxiety among the french
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people across the city tonight. soldiers are going to be in the city of france and across the main cities by tuesday. emergency sense of that has been taking place by the french government. the state of the emergency may be extended through three months. the state of emergency gives more power to the french government to put people under close somet and public meetings. these percussion -- measures areion taking place in front of the
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where one of the attacks took place. angie: what do we know so far? caroline: the main information we have is this picture of one of the attacks. this is a 26-year-old. he was checked on saturday at the belgian border. there is a family connection, one of his brothers is believed to be one of the attackers of the buttocbataclan. he is currently being questioned
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in brussels. the belgian authorities will collaborate closely. >> belgium and france are united in the attacks against terrorism. the attacks were prepared abroad, and a team of dissidents mobilized on territory which could have benefited from investigation in the case of help in france. caroline: the interior minister also confirmed on national television on sunday night at the attacks originated in syria. that is the belgian connection.
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neighborhood is known by the authorities. terrorist whothe committed the attacks came from. your member the attacker in january spent some time in brussels. this is where the investigation is taking place, at the moment. how will the markets respond to the attacks? new zealand is down. is under way in
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venezuela. >> the markets are down as expected. we take a look at some of the stocks that are going down, and there is a fairly broad base. you'll have to struggle to connect the incidents. that important to remember the asx has declined in the past week. any selloffs could be an extension of that. the market has actually in the days after, but
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it is down today. we will need to see if there's a broader based selloffs. just crossed, we over -- angie: the markets take it in stride? markets are expected to see volatility, at least in the short term. big phones in a the u.s. yesterday? liet: you can see there the bloomberg gcc index, it actually closed at its lowest level since may of 2013. dubai index is off by 4% as well as the egypt market.
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in the region, we are expecting this to flow through the other markets when they open up later today. not a great week to start. on friday, the asx is down. are watching very closely the commodities and currencies. oil has started t rading. a little pick up there in the crude price. that is not that surprising. there are going to be supply concerns there, which will drive up the cell price for oil.-- sell price for oil. gold is spiking by half of 1%. , ofng to those gains course, the currency is in focus. the kiwi is lower this morning. is down against+++
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.33%. the yen will be in focus. it is seen as a safe haven. the dollar is holding at 122. we will also be watching emerging-market currencies. we expect those markets to take a hit on this. this is holding that 40's spot. he certainly will be watching markets in this region very closely this morning. the israeli market continues to 1.4%. by opene seeing more players in australia and expecting
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similar -- are expecting similar volatility in the coming day. joining us is peter king, chairman of the u.s. subcommittee of counterintelligence. thank you, congress and. response right now from u.s. counterintelligence officials? sen. king: all the intelligence we have is being analyzed. we are looking to see what could've happened in the days prior to the paris attacks. we are looking to see if there are any attacks planned for the future, and in doing that, we and discussing with all allies, the french, the british, the israelis. intelligence.ocal
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homeland security, cia, fbi, see what waso there, what was there in the past, what we can anticipate in the future, what steps must be taken. angie: our threat levels in the u.s. elevated? officials, do they fear there could be attacks here? we always assume an attack could be made against the united states. we are the number one target. so far, we've not had a major attacks in september 11 -- since september 11. 60 isiss been operatives arrested in the u.s. this year. a significant number of them, in new york. we always prepare for the worst.
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you never know. we are very, very concerned. e warnedyou'v about radicalization of islam in the u.s. you've been critical of the cooperation that you feel was not apparent in the communities there. how real is radicalization? large numbers. we don't have the same problem france had. they have significant numbers of muslims who feel alienated. we don't have that in the united states. not there are people who do cooperate. there are muslim communities in new york and other parts of the country who are jihadist
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sympathizers. there are enough there that could create a major issue, and, people in the community have not been cooperative. a very small number of radicals, but not enough people. that is the issue we have. france, where there is a barrier there. that.'t have have, i believe, the problem of a lack of some cooperation. what about the impact of this, the policy address of syrian refugees who are migrating, not only to europe, but also wanting to go to north america? this should believe
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be a moratorium on the refugees coming in from syria. we have no way of knowing who the people are. there are no government records, no way we can tell who is dangerous, who is not. we know that isis is attempting to smuggle in terrorists with refugees. my obligation is protect americans. we've made a terrible mistakes we allowed--, when into the united states. we brought in bosnian refugees 0's.he 9 we cannot vet who is coming in and who is not. that is the reason we have danger. peter king, think you for
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joining us -- thank you for joining us. you can go to our website www. we have more coming up in the days ahead following the attacks in paris. there are vigils going on in la republique. more to come. ♪
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>> france is brave and will triumph over barbarism. >> we feel so close to you. we cry with you. we will fight with you against the ones who did something so incomprehensible. my thoughts go out to the more than 120 people whose lives were taken, and his families and relatives -- and families and relatives. >> my message to the french is simple. we stand with you, united. obama: we stand ready and prepared to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be clear that we
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stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. angie: president hollande condemned the terrorist attacks and other world leaders promised to do what is necessary to combat terrorism. we have been watching the latest there is aretty >> sense of solidarity in the city, with many makeshift memorials created across the city. there's also a sense of panic. after what looks like firecrackers sparked a stampede, there is fear and initially reports of possible gunshots. that turned out to be a false alarm. the latest, these french thetrikes which target nerve center of the islamic state according to the defense
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ministry, where 10 french in,ter jets struck targets hitting a command base. france is the only european power commanding major combat operations over iraq and syria. on the ground, two additional attackers have been identified. one is french, one is built in. the investigation is now widening the belgium. consideredld is now dangerous, since police posted a photo of him. to rental cars with belgian plates were found. this all comes as world leaders for the g
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angie: thank you. joining us from the over and is professor greg barton, a terrorist -- counterterrorism expert. he will be continuing with us through this hour as well as the last. let us discuss the --damentalism hymie attacks behind the attacks. this is a situation where a lot of radicalized attackers came from. how much is a radicalization part of these attacks? if we could detect earlier radicalization, we could have a chance of preventing the attacks. in brussels, for a reason we do not understand, there's more radicalization than anywhere else in europe. higher level of
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radicalization, presumably the reason why france was chosen. we know the people planning the a, the footk in raqq soldiers they pick up are fired up by radicalization spewed is not about crazy ideals, it is about friendship circles. we've got to disrupt that process. angie: we learning that in istanbul, a terror plot was foiled on the same day of the attack. why were turkish officials able to foiled plots in a way that authorities were not able to in paris? prof. barton: that is a key question and not clear at this point. one may assume they got lucky. they have got a better understanding of the social networks involved. turkey is in a bind, it has allowed it to many foreign many foreignoo
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fighters to take control. angie: stay with us. we will go to a quick break in our special coverage of terror in paris, as this nightmare scenario that a lot of counterintelligence officials against terrorism say has now come true. the paris attacks that killed 129 people and injured scores more. we are continuing the special coverage, stay with us. ♪
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angie: japan's latest gdp numbers may confirm the japan is in a second recession since prime minister abe took office. % last month, we will take a look at those numbers. aina's currency has taken step towards joining the global market. yuan is closer to joining the imf sdr
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♪ angie: welcome back. you are watching bloomberg tvs special report, terror in paris. belgium is emerging as the key focus of the investigation, with a search on the way for 26-year-old born in brussels. of his brothers is the seven, dead attackers. three attackers have been identified who died on friday night, and the two were french citizens who lived in belgium. attackedanes have
6:31 pm
raqqa, a stronghold of the islamic state group. an is command center has been hit. present obama and vibrant putin talked one-on-one for more than half an hour at the g20 summit. the paris attacks are dominating the agenda of the summit. angela merkel says syria must not bear the weight of the attacks in paris. what can you tell us, caroline? caroline: the information we the 26 yearsman,
6:32 pm
, abdeslamn brussels salah. we know that at least two of his brothers may have links to the terror attacks that happened in on friday. one of his brothers is believed to be one of the attackers who actually exploded. salah,er one, mohammed is being questioned in belgium. this is where the investigation is moving. belgium is the focus. the rental cars used in the attacks had belgian license plates.
6:33 pm
one of them was used at the bataclan, where i am standing at the moment. authorities are trying to figure out how the involvement of the belgian nationals, and we know at least where 2 of the groups lived in brussels. there is concern that the attacks originated in syria, and used the terror network based in belgium. we have a clear idea of who his inding--is heading the group belgium. knowof the attackers, we they lived in the neighborhood mollanbeck
6:34 pm
this is where the investigation is, at the moment. according to the international center of radicalization in london, we know that belgium is the biggest contributor of fighters to syria and iraq. yvonne: what happens next on the political front, especially the policy response to all of those migrants coming from syria? the french airstrikes on raqqa was the first response, 48 hours after the terror attacks. targets,ck had to
6:35 pm
one-- two targets. training center for terrorists. both targets have been destroyed. response, as you mentioned, may have an impact on the refugee crisis in europe. hundreds of thousands of , including from syria, are headed to europe. passport from syria has been found next to the body of an attacker. we do not have confirmation of whether that passport was fake or not. there are reports that one of passedackers may have through serbia and greece.
6:36 pm
have an impact on the policies of the refugee crisis, even though no direct link can be drawn at this moment. some right-wing politicians in europe, of course, have concerns that the refugee policy of france and germany may be too generous. paris.caroline connan in thank you. the attacks spurred big falls in middle eastern markets. we are seeing similar in our region. juliet, what can you tell us? uliet: we are seeing falls. 200 has pulled back. the new zealand market has been declining steadily, down by 7/10 of 1%.
6:37 pm
we can see futures in the u.s. and europe are also pointing to --decline. this is the picture. every sector is lower in australia. some of those players are really listing in australia, the mining regions. 7%. largest is up by 2. there is a little bit of a bright spot, but that story about safe haven assets, of course, the japanese yen is strengthening against the dollar. 0.2% higher. day.s a safe haven asset safe haven asset
6:38 pm
today. angie: many of the leaders from the g-20 will be going on to manila. what are the growing concerns there? david: obviously, security. about was just talking the appetite not being there in the markets. there is no desire to take any risk when it comes to safety. following the attacks which happened saturday, immediately, security officials raised the level of the alert level to read. that is-- red. that is the highest, which means forces can deploy at any time to respond to any incident. oflowing that, the president
6:39 pm
confirmed alf meeting of security officials to make sure everything is in place. even before the paris attacks happened, manila was pulling out all the stops. first time for the philippines in 20 years if not more to hold this summit. at the time, it was not in the capital city. it was outside a former u.s. naval base. it is very dense. the logistics of handling different parts of the city is a headache. these precautions they managed to put in place, there is a gun license to carry firearms this week. offices are closed, schools are shut.
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look at the main thoroughfares, especially areas in between the venues. i am standing inside one right now are we have a ceo summit taking place. one lane is dedicated to delegates to make sure you can get from one point to the other smoothly. this is arguably the biggest economic and business convention or conference under the current president. they're pulling out all the stops here. they're hoping for things to go smoothly over the course of the next few days. much. thank you so asian markets are opening up following the attacks in paris. shows there will not be a lasting impact on sentiment. this is the vice president of wealth management at oat ocbc bank. human emotions are running high
6:41 pm
out of paris right now. markets, what is the reality of the response going to be in the following days ahead? >> in reality, as far as the market is concerned, you might see a reaction. i do not see a lasting sentiment on the markets. since 9/11, we've had several other terrorist attacks take lace. --place. the markets have gotten accustomed to this. every time you have a geopolitical development of this nature, what you see are central banks step in.
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investors take comfort that central banks will step in if something happens. while you might see immediate yoution, i suspect that will not see something deep and long lasting. angie: as you noted, on 9/11, we saw the s&p 500 dipped 12% in the days that followed, but recovered in the months after. even then, it was targeted on new york and wall street was affected. it certainly recovered since then. let's talk about the fundamental impact. markets in the middle east really sold off your. -- here. vasu: there is going to be fear in paris and other parts of europe. will impact things like tourism and economic activity.
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i think, this will come to pass, and you know, central banks, they are there to provide support if necessary. i don't think that what is driving the markets right now will be moving forward in the long term. angie: what else will be driving markets? is there a possibility for recession? vasu: the jury is out. 2% declining this quarter. china has weed on what is happening i china has weight on what is happening in japan.
6:44 pm
they have probably bought themselves wartime. themselves more time. i think they will watch and wait. angie: think you so much for that. that was the vice president of wealth management from ocbc bank. onwill have more coming up one of the deadliest attacks on european soil. details continue, on bloomberg television.
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6:46 pm
>> certainly, the events in paris are on everyone's minds. how we continue to work in the
6:47 pm
g-20 is going to be an important discussion that we continue to have. >> we not only work in paris, we have our headquarters. struck, and i am canceling my trip to the apec summit and going back on monday to paris to join all our teams and staff who have 40 secured -- already secured where we work. the most important thing is that we have to continue. life must go on. we cannot let them beat us. we cannot let them make us go back with fear or disrupt our lives. we just have to keep at it. >> it increases the level of uncertainty. it makes consumers and corporations more cautious. obviously, it has a debilitating
6:48 pm
effect. it enables the terrorists. it creates uncertainty and difficulty. angie: some reaction to the attacks in paris. joining us from melbourne is professor greg barton. he is the acting director of the center for islam in the modern world. is actor in the global terrorism research center. i want to ask you, how effective is it for countries with more muslim communities in the majority versus countries where muslims are a minority, and the understanding and ability of counterterrorism officials to understand how to thwart future attacks? for example, turkey and france? on the face of it,
6:49 pm
turkey and france seem very different, although ironically, turkey follows a model of french lu-- the commonality is we are with minority populations, already, and youth are vulnerable to being radicalized. the mainstream populations, whether catholic or muslim, is not the point. not so difficult on the face of it. some of getting radicalized -- someone getting radicalized on the streets in istanbul is not a different from what happens in paris. is predatory grooming, primarily happening to kids with a non-muslim background.
6:50 pm
we've got to understand these mechanisms better come all of us-- better, all of us. angie: how can nations respond to ththis growing threat? framework we the are talking about is countering violent extremism. we have the white house in february in a follow-up in november 10. once they go into a new network is hardds and ideas, it to bring the back quickly. we have to spot them. angie: that is true. the pipeline is now, unfortunately, full of those who have already been converted and radicalized. what is the policy response
6:51 pm
here? the policyn: response is to recognize that there are limits to what we can achieve with surveillance. there's been a paradigm shift off the digital grid. we've got a reinvest an human intelligence, community engagement. with got have more officials, police officers, community workers, out there and community -- in the community. angie: we will leave it there for now. you can rejoin us throughout the hour and the morning. we have breaking news from japan. heidi has all the details. heidi: this just in. third-quarter gdp in japan, we 2% contraction0. quota on quota. this is actually coming in at
6:52 pm
0.2%. quite a steep decline. this is the second recession that we are entering for japan since shinzo abe took office in 2012. is the fifth recession for japan since 2008. warning aboutbeen this dip in business and when it comes to the gdp number for the third quarter. net exports are ticking up for the quarter, but that number is 0.8%. angie: x for that. let us go to juliet, you-- thanks for that. list go to juliet, who is monitoring the yen. juliet: we are seeing the yen strengthened against the greenback. is actually moving higher.
6:53 pm
0.27%.up about at strengthening their, coming through from the yen. we have to remember today the yen is being used as a safe haven asset, due to the concern from the terror atrocities in paris. angie: thank you. as we continue to watch events in paris to have extended over to syria, mourning continues. anger is intensifying. you are watching bloomberg television. ♪
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angie: welcome back to our special coverage. we've had taken university professor greg barton from melbourne joining us throughout the morning. as we leave you and this hour here, what final thoughts to have about what needs to happen
6:56 pm
to prevent this from happening again? tof. barton: angie, we need look it how people did this on friday evening and need to get better at getting into the social networks. we think seriously about what we do in syria and negotiating into the civil war so we can carry on against the islamic state and that syria and iraq. these challenges have become much clearer. angie: is a preventable or can we expect it to recur? itf. barton: we can expect to recur. it is a question of when, not if. we cannot stop these attacks all the time. we have got to face the reality, we will have failures along the way.
6:57 pm
angie: a new world. greg barton, thank you. looking at the next hour of the show, coverage continues, much more on the terror in
6:58 pm
. .
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it is 8:00 a.m. here in hong kong, 1:00 a.m. in paris, 7:00 p.m. in new york. wherever you are, one story is dominating. the attacks at the french capital and the regressions around the world. this is our special report, "terror in paris." yvonne? yvonne: french bombers attacked islam estate state in syria. they say it was payback for france's


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