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tv   Bloomberg  Bloomberg  November 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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yvonne: french officials say key suspects were stopped by police to the belgian border and then released. they include salah abdeslam, said to be the man who drove the hall.o the bataclan one of his brothers is among one of the seven that attackers. his other brother is under arrest. attackshat the paris ordered from that country and launched from belgian.
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jets struck places in the city of raqqa. >> in a situation where we are attacked by the islamic state, it is quite correct that we respond. we have done so in the past and we have done so again today because raqqa is the headquarters of the islamic state. yvonne: the leaders of america on russia talked one to hour -- forn over an hour at the g-20 summit. let's get the latest on the markets. implications of a knee-jerk reaction from investors, bailing out of risky assets like equities. not that surprising,
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but what we are seeing is risk-off appetite. we have seen equities start the trading week in a negative tone. the hang seng index one of the worst performers. it has been hit by some changes in marginal lending rules. spi indexbe index -- ko down. economic data out of japan weighing on the nikkei 225. adding to that dismal town we already had in the region. the asx 200 has half an hour to go, looking like it will close by more than half of 1%. the picture on the asia-pacific
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benchmark where you can see every sector in the red. the reaction to the paris attacks, likely to impact tourism. we have seen some of the airway stocks in the region hit hard. eva airways leading the losses, down by almost 7%. korean air and qantas joining losses. also we have had some travel warnings coming through from a number of countries in the region, including taiwan and australia, asking their citizens to reconsider unnecessary travel to paris and surrounding areas. that is impacting a number of the tourism operators. at least there are a few bright spots. new crest mining and australia,
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that flight to gold, some quarterly numbers coming through there. santos has been hit hard in australia, doing well, up by about 4%. this is the picture in a safe haven asset classes. the gold price up by almost 1% today as we see investors with their money somewhere a little safer. we have also seen the japanese yen have a pretty solid session as well. the yen about 1/10 higher against the dollar. yvonne: kerley is joining us -- carolinas joining us from paris. a very different city this morning. mourning inay of paris, just 48 hours after the
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site of one ofhe the deadliest attacks. behind to me, that bataclan. there is a moment of silence at 12:00 p.m. french time. this minute of silence will be observed across schools, all over the country. president hollande and the interior ministry will call a meeting. is still being searched and belgium and in france. president will address a special session of parliament in versailles. that is where you may ask for the extension of the state of emergency up to three months.
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he needs the agreement of the whole parliament to extend the state of emergency. the state of emergency, of -- it could prevent meetings, close some public venues. this is what it is all about. france is the only country to be directly involved in syria. according to some political analysts, more airstrikes are expected in the days and weeks to come. according to the defense ministry in france, this was the turning point in the u.s.-french relations in terms of the
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response in syria. yvonne: signs of increased cooperation. we wait ahead for that special session with the french president. the attacks dominated the first day of the g-20 meeting in turkey. ryan chilcote filed this report. ryan: if they stick to the schedule, day two should be very different for the g-20 countries. they are supposed to be talking about the bread-and-butter issues, things like boosting growth, cutting unemployment, what to do about the banks. the even plan on battling climate change. day one was consumed by conversations about paris, terrorism, syria, and the migration crisis. is that a distraction for the members of the g-20? they came here to discuss the
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global economy. i was asked -- i asked that question of the canadian prime minister and he told me no, it just focused minds. the g-20 leaders agreeing they will do more collaboratively to work on cross-border funding for terrorism, trying to shut that down. closing borders, strengthening borders. a lot of talk about how inequality in the world needs to be addressed because it is the lack of hope many of the leaders have underscored, including the turkish president, that might be fueling a lot of this terrorism. the most concrete example, the most talk about conversation or meeting of the day, the meeting of the russian and american presidents, their first conversation since the russian jet exploded in the skies above the sinai peninsula. their first meeting since they met at the general assembly.
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the united states call that meeting constructive. the u.s. president said russia's military intervention in syria, focused on isis, was helpful, a real change of tone from the obama administration. huge differences remain on the issue of terrorism and syria. many people believe they are very linked. the russian president support for president assad. sense today -- it is a good start to what is a needed discussion on the issues of the day.
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yvonne: the killings in paris are going to dominate the headlines for some time. it looks like they are doing the same at the aipac meeting in manila. has paris changed the agenda? haslinda: no official word, but we are expecting -- prior to the meeting in manila, the focus was met to be on boosting trade within the asian pack -- asia pac region. there has been slowing trade in the region, slowing growth. security to be the key concern. to put that in perspective, some southeast asian economies,
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indonesia, malaysia, they are saying -- they are seeing as a breeding ground of isis. in the south of the country, numerous islamic militant activities. there have been reports recently that terror cells within the region may be working together to be more effective. security will likely be a focus at this apec meeting. yvonne: security has been a priority leading up to this event. has security stepped up in manila? linda: if you walk around the city, you see armed
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military police officers. that gives you a sense of heightened security. 18,000 military and police personnel have been deployed. low-flying military helicopters. you get the sense that it has become a priority. the president called for a security meeting over the weekend to ensure all emergency situations will be dealt with appropriately. he would not want anything to happen, considering they are hosting the apec meeting for the first time in 20 years. security not just at airports, but at railway locations and seaports. yvonne: joining us live from
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manila. thank you so much. bringsrg business together the best of bloomberg businessweek, television, and digital content in one address. why parisians are bracing for more violence. all that on our coverage of the terror attacks continue after the break. ♪
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>> i think we need a big coalition there because it is not possible to have two coalitions in this region of the world. together, not only
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with the americans, we have to be with the russians, with the arab countries, to be on the ground. ont has happened in france friday can happen in every other european country. >> this has to be led and by local troops who understand the local lay of the land. troopserican or western to not understand the difference between a sunni or shia. this is where the problem begins. i agree with the continuation of the existing military campaign, targeting military installations and containing the threat of islamic state. reaction isrk risk-off, equities go down, bonds go up.
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certain key currencies rally. gold tends to do quite well. the bigger question here, what happens next? what we are all doing is trying to work out, is this just one in a long series of atrocities we are seeing? the markets will go back to normal. life continues. -- i dois something think there is a possibility, although it is early days, this will mean something more. yvonne: some reaction this morning. >> we have vigilance in france.
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rishaad: you are the representative of the french government in hong kong. what are the instructions you are getting from paris? the frenchsecure community here. quickly and efficiently to ensure -- >> is a big group, the french at patriots -- the french expatriates. schools, we are very much present. security measures have been taken. rishaad: there is a backlash against the muslim community,
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that is the danger. states something islamic wants to happen, does it not? it would radicalize more people. france, we -- in have to gather communities. this kind of act aims to divide hatred between committees. we want to prevent this kind of
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interpretation of koran. next, theming up paris attacks have prompted facebook to widen the use of its safety feature. ♪
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yvonne: as billion's turn to social media for information about the paris attacks, facebook rolled out one feature that was both welcomed and criticized. let's talk about the social media traffic we saw. >> millions of people going to facebook, twitter using hashtags as well. google, we looked at the trends and searched for the word paris or paris attack. you can see a spike.
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friday night, saturday in hong kong. -- people are starting to move on very quickly. facebook, you mentioned facebook earlier. one of the features facebook has rolled out for this human disaster. facebook has had this feature before. used forentially natural disasters where you can check in to say you are safe. some, whyticized by roll it out in paris question mark others praised it saying it is a great feature. facebook said, where still developing this feature and we thought we would use it in paris because we saw such activity on
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paris. we thought it could help people let others know they are safe. people are saying, how are you going to decide which disasters are going to have the safety check feature? yvonne: talking about the killings of the university and kenya, the attacks in beirut. , diseasesk has said are hard to adapt the feature for because there is no set beginning and no set and. -- set end. i want to look quickly at the misinformation. at one image.
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58,000 re-tweets on twitter. this was incorrectly attributed. lots of other misinformation out there, including a guy who put out a tweet about the eiffel tower being dark for the first time. many people jumped on it before then. yvonne: thank you so much. .t is late in the session european investors looking ahead to their day's trade. what more can we expect? juliette: a few short hours until equity markets open up.
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there has been a flight to safe haven assets. u.s. government bonds. the yield on the 10-year bond in the u.s., we have seen the yield fall. if you look at some of the equity futures, you can see the s&p 500 -- if we can take a look at some of the european futures, they are pointing to a negative start for the region. we are expecting similar to what we saw here in asia, investors to bailout. the u.s. government 10-year, the yield falling by 2.2%. 1.5%,alian yield down by the french down by 1%. 1%.euro is down around
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a selloff to the tune of around 1% when europe opens. yvonne: thank you. that is it for us. we are heading over to our colleagues in london and paris. as our special coverage continues. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime ... why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semiannual sale going on now! sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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>> stocks and u.s. equity futures decline in asian trading as global markets react to friday's terror attacks in paris. isis, takes the fight to launching airstrikes in syria. european police hunt a belgian-born suspect. return to recession. gdpn's third-quarter contracts more than expected. what is next for abenomics. a warel


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