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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  November 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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in manila security effective and further as world leaders fly and. 30,000 personnel have been deployed. follow me on twitter. don't forget to use the #. the rebound we saw on wall street. friday having delivered all the market action. >> we're certainly seeing a very different sorry to what we saw yesterday right across the region following the rally that we saw on wall street. european markets seeming to really struggle. looking at the market. also hong kong rebounding. because it led. certainly that rally in oil prices helping keep the long
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area market up by 1%. one of the quarter 1%. rising the most in three weeks. some of that has waned a little. basically every market in the region seeing very strong buying. we're seeing every sector move higher. one we been keeping our eye anything in japan. warming the most in three months and raised its price target for itself. shanghai relieving. turning investments. it derived half of its revenue from selling products to apple. a very strong gain coming in certainly a much
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writer picture in the region today and we are seeing a rebound coming through in equity markets. >> the atrocities in paris continue to dominate headlines. it taxes such of them planned and belgium. brussels is raise the country threat alert. yvonne the latest. isthe paris threat level three for the whole country of belgium now. let friendly as you mentioned was canceled over security concerns. in response has ramped up the last 24 hours. then arrested 23 people. says a rocket launcher was seasonally on and there are reports of the police
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operation and straws are. belton police have been rating properties in the district of the capital. they have made no new arrest. investigators say they know this has beenmastermind identified. he is believed to be in syria and joined the ranks of i.s. two years ago. he is also been linked by french officials to failed assault on a paris bound-the train in august and the foil plot to attach -- attack of church in the city in a role. breaths on the u.s. and -- russia to seek a solution in area. an emotional speech during a special session in front of element. his pledge to ramp up the country's airstrike.
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terrorism eradicate it will not destroy our republic. it is a republic who will destroy it. long live the republic long-lived ramped. >> president obama has again ruled out hunting ground to fight i.s. in iraq and syria. it would commit washington to a long-term occupation of the region. president clinton told a news --ference at western leaders >> leaders including president obama arrived today for the apec summit. obviously key issue after those attacks there in paris. >> absolutely. security was ramped up.
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obviously security will be a hot topic. you mentioned of course the president and president obama are actually lying in and a half to two hours from now. you can imagine what the airport looks like. to give other part-time in the lobby right now getting into this hotel feels like you are walking into the airport. that's outside the security is then. we're talking 18,000 security forces. they're scattered all over the major thoroughfares in between the areas where the conferences will be held. broccoli about 20 world leaders coming in which translates over half of the
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world's gdp. while the agenda still hold that the talking about trade they will also be talking about the key challenges of the chinese lowdown make no doubt during the speech of president obama they will be mentioning that is the expectation. >> thanks for that. more later. your thoughts. speed with some of the other stories making headlines. >> keeping an eye on this hotel. that is sent to create the world's biggest hotel company. of a bitis the winner that also included hyatt double chinese readers.
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it really matters for the hotel industry and it has been using market share to airbnb. starwood was tumbling in the regular session but traded much laugh in after-hours. central bank is relying on record low interest rate. he said the chinese slowdown become this remains a key unknown. it also meant that australian growth is expected to strengthen gradually but that the slowdown here in asia has been more consistent than initially expected. as a result commodity prices are unlikely to pick up intricately. as for camps is china's economic transition is limited. the idea is money pricing is down about 15% from its peak.
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the chinese market for raw materials continues to slow. stop call disconnect about a year after china allowed to get in the hong kong chairs it seems to be remy does waning. its biggest monthly rally in six years but then purchases of hong kong stock the of the shanghai stock connect have tumbled almost 90%. chinese company listed in hong kong are now trading in teen percent discount. so these three markets and investors are some different than a comfortable's engagement. he went further to say they do not see eye to eye. buying interest or mainland it esters from as a near completion for the stock connect or graham to be expanded between hong kong and action jim.
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>> coming up later designs on asia. china.most time for were next. ♪
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announcer: >> impending rate >> i think there will be
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[indiscernible] >> let's talk about the country whicheighbors with china works on some occasions and doesn't work on some occasions. >> is increasingly important in the philippines to diversify. thing is the consumption. over 12 years [indiscernible]
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>> there's been a lot of raise over what the current administration has been able to do. view?at in your >> connectivity. important. investors. they fear they will be at a disadvantage. we need to continue to increase education. >> we been speaking to many of the big names from the apex deal. he told us more about the company's strategy in china.
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>> we will stay focused on infrastructure because we know there is an important need for that to be served in china. the loss of focus on working with chinese openings outside of china. the asian infrastructure investment bank these initiatives are to china important to chinese companies and frankly it will be important to companies like ge as we work with our chinese art paris to help make this a reality in 50 or 60 countries around the world which are touched by the one valve one road initiative. he says the sales in china remain strong. >> we have barriers around registering vehicles china has been a good wrote market. but what you find is the customers were really passionate
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about writing harley davidson will find a way. has seen significant growth in china in the last five years we hope that tenuous week and our view. >> this is the ceo jellybean the largest fast food chain in the philippines outselling mcdonald. >> we're looking at malaysia and the u.k.. we serve spaghetti. we serve spaghetti in our middle east market in the u.s. and vietnam. brunei hong kong for. >> we will have more from that meeting later on in the program. single of know some of the stories making headlines.
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more bodies were found by rescue teams. 12 people remain unaccounted for. at least 30 homes were buried in the mud. tensions rose after the u.s. did not investment within 12 miles of beijing. americans have ended the relations cordial. they said it lessen the chance of misunderstanding. has bannedommittee whilst for taking bribes. the president remains under
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investigation. the will and the death will elect a new president of february. more on that when trending business returns.
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♪ >> back with trending business. the mostmerica potential. they give them exclusive access to the banks resources. what is behind this program? >> many of these things that found that the 2008 financial have some of the rules really cramped their ability to make high returns from services to hedge funds such as securities lending loaning stock portfolios this is a way for them to get in on the ground or with clients that can potentially become very
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lucrative. that's whether targeting them? also over the past five or six years we see many high-profile art of the become very significant and influential players in the hedge fund dimon asia iso one of them. they have almost four plus alien dollars in assets. we've seen such high-profile startup that's a shame to not be able to tap into that and growth. the problem here is there's a difficulty that these hedge funds have had raising money going along with the high expectations for that reason. >> this is a high risk high reward kind of business. funds ifhese hedge they don't get the correct and of some or than resources in the
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early going there is a very high chance that they might go bus. in 2012 2013. we've to 10% of new had fun -- hedge fund startups go belly up. it's not a forgiving business. but if you have the resources there's no saying whether you might be the next diamond or next large hedge fund in asia. >> it's been increasingly difficult for them to make money. >> it's been a very volatile market. hedge funds in the stock market in june did terribly. those who were staying on the sidelines have not been able to benefit or participate in the rebound. it's been tough the matter which way you look at it. >> thank you for that. headlinesies making china's national chemical corporation looking for help.
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the operative was rejected by it. it is to be serving as the basis for the negotiation. berkshire hathaway reduced its stakes in goldman sachs. they wanted to liberate cash complete the acquisition of something else. expected to be completed next year. urban outfitters tumbling after buying a restaurant. the deal comes amid concern about a retail.
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starwood tumbled by the most in two months after receiving an off her marriott the create the world's biggest hotel company area su keenan reports of new york. >> a multibillion-dollar merger deal between married on her with it all appears to be sending the message that bigger is better. it also signals further deals ahead. the $12.2 billion deal to create the world's largest lodging company. 1.1 million rooms worldwide. brands marriott ritz-carlton courtyard darwin w weston and saint regis. at least three chinese companies and rest interest in buying starwood. >> evan contacted by several chinese and their slow.
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i think the process of starwood it's hard to run the company. it's still possible to show up there's no real good for the company area >> the deal with marriott in which starwood will own about 37% of the combined company offers the greatest long-term returns for shareholders. >> we're not selling for cash you said we are selling stock. investors have been hoping for a higher rise. starwood or have had eisen the dive. difficult to value. shares the -- l3 and a half percent. marriott climbed almost 1%. is about 7988 offthat includes from spin
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the company's timeshare business. >> japan one half percent up at the moment. we do have advancing nails following leads we got out of europe. breaking three days of consecutive loss. belgium has raised the threat level. we have the latest in the fallout from paris attack.
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>> a look at our top stories. asia and equities extending the rally in the u.s.. double market show resilience. japan gaining more than 1% after the s&p 500 index rebounded. reactions increasingly short-lived. belgium raised its terror alert level to warn of a serious probable threat.
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the suspected mastermind of friday's paris attacks has been named. he is thought to be in syria. police have made 23 arrests. the apec summit security has been beefed-up with organizers increasing the police presence. there will be more patrols on the streets. inld figures are flying leaders of u.s., china, southeast korea. investors shrugged off the initial nervousness we had following those attacks in paris. the pulse of what's going on with your investments. dayertainly a much brighter in the asia region today following those gains you mentioned on universe -- u.s. and european equity markets. some solid buying coming through.
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the koran currency rising. a gray rally coming through on the shanghai market really led by brokerage stocks. essentially similar to what we see right across the region. we have seen. in the games as well. but crude oil prices rebounding. basic materials also helping things along. every sector moving higher. let's have a look at these tiny brokerage firms. good gains coming through from a lot of those. security really leading those gains. these are the shares in hong kong. and the pickup and oil price helping out.
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casino stocks also in focus today as the government policy addressed later on today. fell forvenue actually a 17th straight month but there will be an update today. they are suggesting we might see a turnaround from that slow down. and then just having a quick look at the airlines. they are coming back mostly from yesterday's big selloff as well. appetite inlot more the region today. does partly in response to what has been happening. they have a looking at the company' they have been doing. the turnaround project taking place and bearing fruit. raised to investment
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grade. that's what we have at the moment. qantas now investment grade. up% of the share price -- we share price. day's news still dominated by the atrocities in paris. police have made a series of raids across france and belgium. brussels also raised its national threat alert level. they cancel tonight's football game with spain. national crackdown that is taking place to try and identify all of the possible accomplices of the attack. one man is still at large. international
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warrant. the police are looking for him and france, belgium, everywhere in europe. two of his accomplices have been charged in belgium. as many as 168 addresses have been searched and 23 people arrested across the country. all of this is part of the state of emergency declared by the french president friday night. of thespeaking in france congress. he said he wants to extend the state of emergency for up to three months. he says he's not afraid of how much he will spend in terms of security and protecting the french people. not not afraid of respecting the stability pact in the deficit target set out by the eu commission. he says in this time of
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emergency, the security pact is more important than the stability pact. >> more on that story and all of today's top headlines at our website each day, every day, 24/7 at we're going to check in on some other stories we're following. biggest bank has fallen for the first time since 2009, a signal of a slowing economy. down $10.3 billion from a month earlier. they say credit growth is investors are cautious on asset quality. china says the reserve state will be good for stability. the chinese president hopes the will add when they meet
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later this month. finance minister supports the move, saying it will reflect asia's growing influence in the global economy. the companies say they have a greater jointly develop i.t. devices for the industry, planning and product launches next spring. let's get you back to our live coverage of the apec summit. our nextined live with guest, david. take it away. >> thank you. thatuys have been talking paris is dominating the talks in turkey.
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a lot of business and political leaders are still talking about this. let's get some first-hand insights in what this is doing as far as the business environment in europe. i am joined by the ceo of deutsche apple. when you first heard of what happened, what was the first call you got? the attack happened, i was on a flight to asia. flight -- attack happened, i was on a flight to asia. i checked my e-mail and i got an e-mail from our global head of security who said none of our colleagues were hurt. they had aligned activity. security is high on our agenda anyway. of course, these things on a normal basis, we are checking constantly and they align
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constantly. >> security experts agree this will not be the last attempt. how difficult would it be to do business in this sort of environment? attacks are a challenge for business. that is not news. utmost todo our protect our own people. we are checking constantly flew -- constantly. >> any further disruptions? that is unpredictable. i think we have to assure as politicians that we do our most not to damage the supply chain. that would hurt the world massively. that is the joint obligation we
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have, to protect our supply chain so the world keeps moving. >> let's talk about your company. billion.guidance, 3 that is about a billion more than this year. how do you plan to get there? some significant impacts. the gap looks bigger. the low end is on our operational basis. we believe this is doable. >> the core business still very healthy. >> we have seen a continuation of growth around the world. asia is continuing to grow. i think conditions are getting worse. your target is to get 30% of your business from emerging markets and 4-5 years. what countries? roleia plays an important
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but also in america, africa. we are a market leader in africa. we can capture these opportunities by continuing to invest in operations like we do on a regular basis. >> i want to get your thoughts on china. a lot of people don't believe the growth numbers in beijing. you're in an industry where you really get a feel of what is happening on the ground. does it feel its growing at 7%? >> in principle, our domestic business and logistics are looking nice. trading and documents are growing. we don't know how much of that is gaining market share from the competition. we believe china is still growing and we see it in our numbers. we believe we have gained market shares. >> it's a percent of your revenues now. how big do you see you getting by the end of next are?
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>> we are not doing the planning around that because we believe it's more important we see overall growth and our business model being one of the most global companies, we are not planning -- we are to capture a growth where we get it. >> thank you for your time. there you have it. we will be speaking with a few more business leaders throughout the course of the morning. it's also about security and what happened in paris and how it's affecting the cost of doing business. trending business will be back. ♪
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rishaad: she will now meet the
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head of the army as well as the outgoing president. the electionept result, which saw a landslide victory for the elderly. the international space station power failure and may need a spacewalk to fix it. nasa says a short circuit tripped out power and the crew is in no danger. however, new parts are not arrive until the new year. spacex flights have been grounded since a large failure in june. the cambodian opposition leader says he will return home from south korea and the next few days despite facing arrest over a defamation case. he says the charges politically motivated.
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he is asia's longest-serving leader. one year after the death of an economist, oscar de la renta is planning to open in asia for the first time. asia camping for a tiny percentage in his income but the chief executive tens to change that -- tends to change that. >> we are an independent company and we have to be very thoughtful about the opportunities we pursue and we have had higher priorities until now then expanding our retail store network in asia markets. now is a good time. i've just come from hong kong and a lot of our competitors are talking about being over stored, rent burdens that are too high. we don't have any commitments in the region now so we can be very
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thoughtful about how we approach the next 3-5 years and our business in tokyo, which is a small but growing quickly. it has benefited tremendously this year. it is likely we will open our first store in tokyo at in the next 12-18 months. >> how about china? i find it astonishing this is your first trip to china. >> business in china, given our wear and was an emphasis on leather goods, accessories, shoes, hand bags. our focus has been expanding in markets like western europe or the middle east where we felt we s risk of expansion. timing is everything and we see more customers in china come to our stores in the west. we need to do a job of communicating what our brand is about to chinese customers at home.
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in a business like ours, we don't make things that sustain life or cure diseases. we hope to make things that women fall in love with and what woman fall in love with in different parts of the world is something we have tried to figure out for 50 years and we've done a reasonably good job of it. we need to understand it better. >> why do you think oscar maybe ignore this market? this has been for several years the world's biggest luxury goods market. >> i wouldn't say we've ignored it. i think we have had higher priorities as we think about markets like london where our brand is very well known. we didn't have a store in london until five years ago. it's not a question of ignoring, it's a question of priority and where we allocate our capital get ar time, where we can
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more certain return. china makes a lot of sense at this point. if we're sitting here in five years and we don't have an important retail presence in asia markets, i think probably the company should find a new ceo. we will be back to the apec summit worry are joined by one of malaysia's biggest banks. the chief executive joining us one trending business returns. ♪
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rishaad: this is a position at the moment for hong kong and shanghai. we do have a rebound taking
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place right across this part of the world at the moment. we did have six week lows at the monday clothes. caps on we saw the asia-pacific index closing at its lowest since the sixth of october. this is the position when it comes to china. andave the taipei market the shanghai composite driving these equity markets up. this is what we have at the moment. thebiggest gain for benchmark index. we had a bit of positivity in new york overnight and europe as well. fitting concerns about the geopolitical impact from the attacks in paris. we -- what we are feeling here. positivity across this part of the world. ♪
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live coverage of the apec summit. david standing by with our next guest, talking things malaysian. things malaysia, finance. i am joined by the ceo. thank you for joining me. let's talk about your business. you scale back across certain jurisdictions. when can we expect you to resume expansion? >> we have scaled back in australia. -- we want to consolidate. we have a --where
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don't have a presence, we plan by 2018. we have received the approval expecting operations next year. we're trying to get in the philippines. was seen a lot of these global banks scale back. we have seen a lot of these global banks scale back. are the job hunt done? >> to see the regional banks doing this. most of the banks that wanted to do it will do it. for the next few years, i don't think there will be any more. it is somewhat stabilized.
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having said that, it all really depends on where it goes from here. >> your units in indonesia and thailand have among the highest mpls and the region. we have taken the provisions much earlier. we have seen a peak. we will see improvement. in thailand, we have already seen recovery. next year will be a better year. that, given what's happening to the economy and malaysia, it will get back to the normal levels we are used to. thevery will be slower and economy slowing down will have an impact. >> last question for you about
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the fed. there is this big debate. when will they raise rates? what isdo raise rates, the first thing you are going to check the next morning? all, we believe rates will go up. , the my personal view sooner they do it, the better. away the animosity. great.act will not be as we have seen it where currency is moving. it is a sign the economy is strong enough to withstand the rate hike. that is all we have time for. next time. back to you.
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that.d: thank you for david joining us from the apec summit. that is it for trending business. stay tuned as we recap the biggest stories of the day so far. ♪
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>> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charley: with me now is dexter filkins on the new yorker magazine. he reported extensively from the region and i'm pleased to have them back at this table. you wrote about the kurds in the new york magazine piece i read. what is it about that meant made them a model in terms of the democracy of their government and how they run the government in terms of the efficiency of the government and their effectiveness as a fighting force? >>


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