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tv   Bloomberg West  Bloomberg  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> this is asia edge. kong leads asia higher. hike back and focus. president obama is a manila for the apec summit. in europe, police stage raids in france and belgium. the attack mastermind is named.
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we will be taking you around the world over the next hour from manila to do by and paris-- to dubai and paris. apec summit,at the where president obama has landed in the past half hour. will terrorism take over the agenda? >> there is no official word whether it will be inserted. there will be a lot of chances and opportunities for people to get together and huddle, similar to what we saw between president clinton and president obama. we have been talking about world leaders coming in. present putin will not be attending.
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we saw them fly in, one after the airport.teat the korean present is arriving. over the next 30 minutes, we are turnbull.malcolm it is a who's who in politics. they will be gathered a few minutes away from where i am. talking to business leaders all morning, all of whom have been getting their thoughts together on what is happening in paris. they have basically said, yes, it is getting harder. one of the few things, the initial e-mails they got, was from their internal security department, warning of increased risk and so forth. i will get back to your question.
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will it dominate? i'm guessing it will. the original agenda had things like trade, trade has been falling across the region. we've seen this across the region. the philippines has been impacted. pain the a lot of the people i've talked to hear have brought that up. calm that and prevent for tax from happening- -prevent more attacks from happening? thousands of military are spread across the venue. the guys in white, the military. time toobably the worst be suspiciously walking on the street.
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yvonne: you've been there for a couple of days. have you seen security change? well, it is not very obvious. i got here on friday, and security was very big. i made my way from the airport into the city. you noticed a higher police presence across the major thoroughfares. the changes they put in place are more barriers on the street. it is essentially more manpower. so, it is one of the safest places to be. they'd rather be over prepared than underprepared. --thank you so much
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yvonne: david, think you so much. has been calls for an international alliance to defeat isis. the white house made it clear there will be no american boots on the ground. guy johnson's life in paris. the question is, will francois hollande get this more coordinated response he wants? he made it very clear yesterday in front of the two houses of parliament, that he is calling for a single coalition to fight islamic state. he will travel and speed to both the russian and u.s. president to put everyone on the same page. how exactly this will work remains to be seen.
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the pair's attacks have produced one thing, and that is a more corrugated response. we seen that in the meeting between president obama and putin in turkey. they're upping the ante in terms of the financial story that france is prepared to put forward. it will significantly up spending on the army. it will up spending on the security services. the french are meant to be bound by the stability in europe, which is a 3% deficit target. the security packs, rather, the are the mostks, important thing on the agenda right now. yvonne: we've also heard from belgiumiggy that it raised its paris threat level. -from belgium that it raised its paris threat level. where are we now? salahne of the attackers,
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abdeslam, the manhunt continues for him. he is the eighth man. seven are accounted for, one is still missing. we are beginning to understand how this was planned and organized. the president talks about the fact that this was effectively planned in syria and organized in belgium and carried out in france. the whereabouts of abdelhamid abaaoud are unknown. men fromnown how these brussels, this is five minutes, we're talking about five minutes from the center of bustle, how they planned and organized all of this. they're beginning to piece together how this was all
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range. --arranged. make you so much. francois hollande made a call to arms to defeat terrorism at home and abroad. we go now to andrew barton. significant is this? andrew: it is very significant, as guy was saying, considering where ollanta spoke from-- ho llande spoke from. it was a joint address of parliament. this g-20, we have the image of obama and putin hunched over the coffee table and talking for 30 minutes, and that is what
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stays with me from the meeting. one of the headlines on our stories this week was that putin goes from parietal player-- pariah to player. whether it is the bombing in syria and iraq or the meeting they just had where they made significant progress in trying to make steps for the syria, you know, the proof is in the pudding. we've seen a great change in the way russia has been approached. they also are seemingly offering -- so we will have to see how it plays in the coming days. it may change the way politics are being played out with respect to syria. ai.nne: you're in thdub
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do we know how much islamic state makes? andrew: it's a real question. we've had numbers come in from treasury estimates, and it is looking like anywhere between $2 billion made from looting and extortion and kidnapping, but the big one is oil and gas sales. this year, they were making about $40 million per month in oil and gas sales. fromhing we get every day centcom, the central planning for the strikes, they tell us how many strikes they carry up er day.--out fop two days ago, it was 116 oil tankers had overnight--hit
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overnight. the spokesman for the coalition came out and said consider trying to knock these things out for 24 hours or 48 hours we're trying to take them off line for a year or two. we seen a big change in the way they are going after financing. they are hitting cash distribution points. there hitting the isis cfo. ats will probably be a look whether there are any charitable donations ending up in the wrong hands. never this group is getting its funds, it is going to be hit. wherever the transfer the funding abroad to finance these attacks that we've seen in sinai, france, or beirut, we will see a crack down there as well. yvonne: a lot of avenues to tackle. andrew barton joining us from dubai.
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risk appears to be back on the asian markets. we were heading into the lunch break on a particularly strong note. juliette: we saw strong gains on the hang seng. thurgood gains coming in from casino players and oil players. they're leading the gains. also worth noting, a very strong pickup on the taiwan market today. by 1.75%ilot--it is up . in japan, some very strong gains coming through from the likes of nec. a number of players are lifting the market up by around 1.5%,
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similar to what we've seen in the last hour of trade in australia and new zealand. aty're closing higher up 0.1%. the rebound in the oil prices really lifting oil and gas players and also mining is looking strong. you can see the basic materials sector is up by over 2%. take on see investors more appetite for risk, we are a really strong rebound in emergent market currencies. korea won is coming up, and also the malaysian ingot is getting a lift against the dollar. yen andhich out of the gold players and go to riskier assets.
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this is signaling the mood investors are taking away from what happened on friday. they're putting money back and other investments. yvonne: watching and waiting. the impending fed rate hike, coming up.
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yvonne: the philippine finance secretary says the impending rate rise in the united states is expected to spark a depreciation of currencies. kristen lau was speaking to the head of the apec summit. be an initial from this.
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for me, it is a long time coming. because, what we need to do is look at the pricing of assets. >> so this does work in some occasions but not in others. >> is very important for the philippines. we're diversifying. the market for the country, the good thing for the philippines is that we are seeing very big growth. this is sustainable, because the -- country has been for 12 years now. increasingly, things have risen. david: there's been a lot of
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praise for what the current administration has been able to do. where do they come up? >> interconnectivity. it is important within the country and with other countries, so that then, we can bring in investors. they do not have to fear they will be out of its advantage--be at a disadvantage. increaseo continue to education and health care. these are the key areas. that was the philippine finance secretary speaking to david iingles. about hisold us company strategy in china.
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we will stay focused on infrastructure, because we know there is in an important need for that in china. the asian infrastructure investment, these initiatives are important to china, important to chinese companies, and frankly, they will be important to companies like ge as we work with chinese partners to make this a reality in 50 or 60 countries around the world, which are touched by the one belt, one road initiative. yvonne: mark mcallister is the asian pacific anmd of harley davidson. >> china has been a good growth market. exactly, two wheelers. about theind customers as they will find a
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way. we've seen significant growth in china for the past five years. we continue to expand a dealer points across the country to get our product accessible to more customers. eehe ceo of jollib outsells mcdonald's, and says there is a plan to grow in asia and beyond. >> we're looking at u.k., malaysia, italy, canada. david: you serve spaghetti. >> we do. brunei,.s., vietnam, hong kong, singapore. yvonne: that was the word from apec. we'll have more later on in the show. the number of victims from the
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landslide in easter china has risen to 25. --eastern china has risen to 25. 12 people are accounted for. rocks swamp to the village after days of torrential rain--swamped the village after days of 's been al rain. high-level disagreement over disputed waterways. the uss lawson failed within 12 miles of an island in the south china sea. the proposed exercises intended to ease tensions at sea. from the fashion labels ceo, we will hear after the show.
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yvonne: when you're after the death of its founder, fashion renta will de la open its first asian store. ceo intends to make some changes. >> we are a family owned business. we are an independent company. we must be thought about the opportunities we pursue. to be honest, we've had higher priorities until now. i think now is a good time, coming from hong kong.
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we don't have any commitments in the region right now. we can be very thoughtful about approaching the next three to five years in the business in tokyo, which is a small but growing quickly. it's benefited tremendously from an influx of chinese tourists. i think it's likely we will open in tokyo within the next 12 to 18 months. i find it astonishing this is your first trip to china. >> given our focus on women's ready-to-wear, and less emphasis on leather goods and accessories and women shoes and handbags, our focus has been expanding in markets like western europe and the middle east, where we felt we had less risk of expansion. customers in, our
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china are coming into our stores in the west. we need to do a good job of communicating what our brand is about. in a business like this, we do not make things that sustain we hope to make things that women fall in love with. with iny fall in love different parts of the world, it's something occurred to figure after 50 years--we tried to figure out for 50 years. we need to understand it better. why you think oscar ignored the market? this has been the world's biggest luxury goods market. >> i wouldn't say we've ignored it. we've had higher priorities, as we think about markets like london. we didn't have a store in london until fighters ago. question of ignore,
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it's a question of priority. as we allocate capital, time, human resources, we can get us in return. china makes a lot of sense for us. will you have your own branded storage five years? --store in five years? >> if we don't have it in five years, the company should see help. yvonne: that was alexander bolin speaking to steve engle. up next, the attacks in paris outraged global security. we discussed the response so far to the trustee. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment,
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around.
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yvonne: president obama has arrived in manila for the apec summit. secured he has been beefed up. thousands of police and secure the officers have been deployed. spot checks are on suspicious activity now. korea's president park and china's president have also arrived. you're looking at live pictures. this is the carrier with the president.
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we also saw the philippine finance secretary waiting for him at the tarmac welcoming him to manila. the leaders of australia and mexico are due in the next hour. --ance and belgium sed itss has rai terror alert level and has canceled tonight international football friendly against spain. perpetrators of the attack has been named as belgian born. the french president says he will increase spending on security and ramp up the state's emergency powers. there will be a rare joint session of french parliament,-- there was a rare joint session a french parliament where he said he will destroy isis powers.
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in tunisia, in egypt, in lebanon, in kuwait, in it's ain each state, massacre. that is the reason why the need to destroy isis is a topic that concerns the whole international community. ♪ yvonne: several leaders have commented on the attacks. kerry: the senseless murder of 132 people and injury of hundreds more, including for americans, this is an assault, not just on france, but on the
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heels of brutal attacks in lebanon, iraq, and elsewhere, an assault on our collective sense of reason and purpose. >> we were in agreement that this cannot be solved only with military means, but with a wide variety of measures. a wider international cooperation, including the monitoring of unlike communications and what has been raised by many is that it's important. this brings us back to financial markets. the flow of financial means to terrorists must be stopped. let's return to the french capital. our very own guy johnson is in republique plaza. they are really going to
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ramp up what they're going to put into security spending. we will see more money to the army and security services. there will be three months of a state of emergency. what powers-have been asked-- more powers have been asked for by the state. what we are looking at here is a very beefed up security response. that's something the french must get used to. the levels of spending that mr. hollande was talking about will be higher. he has said clearly he is not worried about the stability. is acial straitjacket qualification for their membership to the eurozone. spend the money necessary. that is something french will have to get you stupid over the next few days, the manhunt continues for salah abdeslam. more details will emerge.
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made it clear this was planned in syria, organized in belgium, and carried out here in france. mastermind, will be the focus of attention. yvonne: joining us live, guy, thanks for this wrap up. the terrork at how attacks impacted the global political landscape you'd joining us is-- landscape. it was really great to see you. thank you for joining us. you say this is arguably europe's 9/11, but messier. thewill they be old and get score needed efforts, given the political landscape-- able to get these political efforts given the political landscape?
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simon: it got also to countries wish to bet have any part of the military solution. trying to achieve consensus across the nato countries will be a major difficulty during this hour of need. yvonne: do you see the political will? present obama says he does not have any thought of putting boots on the ground to syria. sees that people are more likely to actually help them fight against islamic state. do you see the political will? mon: we will learn a lot about what the political will is over the next three or four days, over the course of the two summits coming up. there will be opportunities for representatives from the countries to confer about how this will work. france can call on the u.k., and it will certainly be able to
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call on u.s. air forces. is whether an air campaign, and air based strategy is going to be effective. the $64,000 question is will anyone be able to commit troops to the ground, to tackle isis in the heartland? you say these attacks have implications on the whole range of things, on politics, migrations, surveillance, security. how do you see this response and what we've seen the last 24 hours? how's a change in the political atmosphere in europe and changing the it political atmosphere in europe and elsewhere? simon: this is about the willingness of european countries to take on board hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, of lebanon
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and syria. a tiny minority of those people have been implicated in the paris attacks. coldness over that migration. howe will be thinking about you can improve security, particularly across the major population centers, london, paris, rome, madrid. these are the areas where you will see the most movement over the next three to four days. what about indonesia, malaysia, which has large populations of muslims? there are questions about militarization to contend with. simon: today, straley receives its first batch of recognized asylum-seekers from syria. as the firstive
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batch of 12,000 people from that region. will the welcome they receive be the same as it would've been had the paris attacks not taken place? we will see interesting questions posed about the security screening which will inevitably have to take place for anyone coming out of the middle east. in australia, the same goes for any country that is taking place for asylum-seekers across the country. about thetions population. in china do they pose a greater threat as a result of these actions? will the fact that isis can no longer receive so many overseas mean that many who would be soldiers of isis stay at home and pose a greater threat in this region? these of the demanding questions that are secured he forces will be looking at in great detail
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for the next few days and weeks ahead. yvonne: we certainly will be. we appreciate your insight in all of this and the implications we see following the fighting attacks in paris. thank you so much. you can get all of the top stories on bloomberg business. the best ofher bloomberg news, television, and digital content. on, what we know about the man accused of masterminding the paris attacks. hong kong's stock links may be fading. be sure to check it out. , asianmarkets, juliette stocks rallied the most in three weeks. that sessionhad yesterday and positive leads came through in europe and america.
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we've got hong kong on a lunch break, but it is up by 2%, leading the gains in the region. there has been an announcement from the shanghai stock exchange in the last half-hour, saying that the civic chairman is going to retire. -- anwill be a low action election for the new board there. a straley's market is seeing some gains in the last two minutes. new zealand closed marginally higher on tuesday at .1%. let's look at the winners on the market today. in a straley, we've seen a pickup in shares. we are also seeing buying coming back in the airline stocks which were hit hard yesterday. there were concerns they might
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shy away. eva airways is not doing too good. strong gainsre are coming through for some of the leaders, like toyota. nec is up 6%. it has been a different day from what we saw yesterday. we've seen a strengthening in emerging market currencies and equities. investors are willing to take on more risk today. ♪ myanmar enters a new era right now. we've spoken to the parliamentary speaker and-- spoken to the parliamentary speaker and will now speak to the leader of the army.
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the cambodian opposition leader sam ramsey says he will return from south korea in the next few days despite facing arrests over defamation case. --a defamation case. rainsy has been the strongest voice of opposition to the former khmer rouge commander and asia's longest-serving leader. has suffered a power failure and may require a spacewalk to fix it. one of the eight hour channels has been knocked out, but the cruise in no danger. parts may not arrive until the new year. an orbital ship is due in two weeks, but cargo is already packed. flights have been grounded since a lunch failure in june. up next, the honeymoon suite.
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marriages $12 billion to star ways makes them the world's largest operator. that, up next.
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yvonne: the seventh recession in 20 years in japan. this is the second since shinzo abe came to power. minister says even more measures may be needed to revive the body. he is looking at this for us. the economy is refusing to play ball here. >> the number of recessions is spectacular. there been 12 prime ministers in the last few years.
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we are about next a budget which could come around to half ¥1 trillion. they will try to offset the impact of the tpp. in terms of competitiveness, it might go towards social security. china has an aging population issue, but it might best the broad recovery is ongoing. that is still the rhetoric we are hearing from the japanese policymakers. the problem is japan is not plain along here. haidi: they're not holding up their end of the bargain. the ideas that will be monetary easing, getting the end down, up, thatopped going hasn't happened. steppedhinzo abe sifton t into power, japan inc is sitting
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on the cash and not doing anything with it. the point of it all is that you get higher wages, people spend more, you get this boom, 2% inflation. companies are feeling pessimistic and they're sitting on their money for a rainy day. that speaks to global cronies done in china. but something they can't do much about. wages are just inching up into a recession here. thanks so much. the deal with marriott would create the world's biggest hotel company. we have more from new york. a multi-billion
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dollar deal from marriott to buy starwood. of they will buy it worldwide in the $12.2 billion deal, now creating the world's largest hotel company which with franchise 5500 hotels with 1.1 million rooms worldwide. the properties will operate under 30 brands, including the merits ritz-carlton--merits marriott ritz-carlton and others. >> they are just slow. the process at starwood, it's hard to run a company without a permanent ceo. it's possible they could show up. there's a real bid for the company. they will on only about of the final
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company. we are not selling for cash, we are selling for stock, they said. investors have been open for a higher price. starwood investors had eyes in the sky. the assets, including real estate and management contracts, are difficult to value. stocks fell, unsurprisingly, 3.5%. shares climbed 1.5%. in new york, su keenan, bloomberg news. yvonne: checking up on other stories. frost bank is teaming up on --alth care with
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softbank and kenkou are teaming up on health care and pretty new jobs. good news for qantas airways, they have posted the strongest full-year earnings since 2008 following a cost-cutting plan. confident it is will avoid a ratings downgrade. they were put under review during a weaker than expected rating for liquidity and high leverage. they will return to positive cash flow, revealing this resulted.-- resolve. more after the break. ♪
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yvonne: president obama has arrived in manila for the apec summit where security has been beefed up following the attacks in paris. police officers have been deployed around the city. there are more patrols and spot checks on suspicious activity. president has arrived. the leaders of australia and mexico are due soon. anti-terror police have staged raids across france and belgium where the attacks originated. brussels has raised its alert tonightd has canceled international football friendly against spain. the suspected mastermind of the paris attacks has been named. abaaoud is expected to be in syria and has been linked to a failed attack in august.
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--esident obama says he wil hollande called a rare joint session of parliament to work on a solution for syria. >> since the very beginning of the year, the organization has struck in paris. egypt,ark, tunisia, in libya, and each day, it is a massacre of the population. the is the very reason why need to destroy isis is a topic that concerns the whole international community. european investors --shrug to struck off off the impact, rising in trade.
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can we expect a similar attitudes later on this time? juliette: the futures index in europe is showing a flat start. what we are asking is will that rebound be coming through in the crude oil price. this is the european contract. it rose by 2% on monday secession and continues to gain in early european sessions by 2/10 of 1%. that's a positive sign that investors are shying away from safe haven assets and moving into risky movements. the euro is falling in the early session. it felt 2/10 of a percent. 662 against the greenback. there is quite a threat to safety in europe. if we have a look at the u.k. 10
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year bond, you will see yields down by 2%. investors are still putting money into these government bonds. yield surround 1.5%. the french tenure bond is seeing yields down by 0.9%. a little risk, but they're putting money back into bonds. it is looking like a flat session out here for europe. yvonne? yvonne: that's it for us on this special edition of asia edge. we had over now to london and paris for continued coverage of the fallout of the paris attacks. have a good one. ♪
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the french president pushes for a new alliance. we are live in paris and brussels with the latest. asian stocks held on the rally in the u.s.. markets showial resilience in the face of the paris attacks. pound deal.n we speak to the company ceo later in the program. ecb executiverd


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