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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  November 18, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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bhp is committed to recovery in brazil after a mudslide killed 11 people in buried a village in contaminated a river. they are reviewing dan safety at all minds. protesters ason the opec summit gets underway. several people have -- the aipac summit. ec summit. state in market action, here is even on. yvonne: a lot of action right now, a lot of optimism signaling that the pace of interest rates hikes is going to be gradual so we have the hang seng leading things off at 1.6% up. 1.5%.lian stocks up
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china stocks in hong kong trading day one week high in the shanghai composite at half a percent. by gains in led banks as well as industrial companies. just got back on trading today. the company hoping plans for a private share sale due to a disagreement over the amount and price -- the initial price was ¥4.9 billion. now, the revised rules affecting that price. trade has returned to the top of the agenda. delicates discussing the transpacific partnership in delhi. as the centerpiece of president
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obama's pivot to asia and is supported by several apec members. indeed, we have been talking about protests. not far at all. indications, that is as close as they will get. they are outnumbered by riot police. to put this into context of where they are, it is one venue where we have seen protests. it is just over one kilometer from the venue. where we are right now at the world trade center is where that meetings are gathered. leaders are making -- arriving one by one at the convention center which is roughly about five minutes from where we are -- it takes -- a political the police have actually created several barriers and layers of
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security leading up to here's a by most indications that as far as we expect them -- as near his we expect him to get now we are also getting were -- i'm not sure if you can see it -- these are live pictures -- we have the chinese president xi jinping walking alongside the philippine president. is thelieve of course he last one to arrive, it is time for the family picture. followed by that, we do have several more meetings. what can we expect? agendaing back on the appeared we heard from the foreign ministry in japan foisting the message of shinzo abbe that some in japan have expressed anxiety of what the tbp will bring to the japanese economy. will perhaps try to
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.efocus some of the narrative that being said, the chinese president -- we just saw him, of course -- yesterday, in his keynote address, in what many saw at the -- saying, a lot of may createas fragmentation. we know that china is pushing their own free-trade agreement. both the f -- seen largely as u.s. efforts -- respective efforts to increase ther influence this side of world. things are ongoing right now -- obviously very busy. i do believe we will be getting a family picture very soon at some point over the next 30 minutes and ryan police are fairly busy trying to keep the protesters from coming here.
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we saw some pictures of water cannons p in used to disperse crowds. we heard from a police spokesperson that they will be holding a security briefing in they are hours that exercising maximum tolerance but that means that a lot of these groups had set the table to try to get as close as they can to the venue but obviously -- pictures that we have seen a water cannons being used it is fairly clear that that is where the police are drawing the line and again, most indications -- this is as near as those protesters will get to the venue. rishaad: thanks a lot for that. let's go to andrew mckenzie, be --g -- expected to confirmed that 11 people are believed to be dead in the brazil mine disaster. this is andrew mckenzie. what i witnessed
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around the community was heartbreaking. i want to reiterate that we are 100% committed to doing everything we can to support them in the response effort and help the community to recover and rebuild. we are deeply sorry to everyone who has and will suffer from this terrible tragedy. have my absolute determination that we will fully the our part in helping reconstruction of homes, community, and spirit. we are in this for the long term and we will continue to work and the people to make sure if there is a strong future for the region. noted, with several local authorities, we have
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pledged to support them with an emergency fund for rebuilding and we want this fund to assist families and communities as quickly as possible so a dedicated team has been created to support the town as they ,espond to the ongoing human environmental, and operational effects of this tragic event and we are determined to bring together all of the necessary , expertiseerience that this ongoing effort will work prior and, yes, we will than the lessons to improve all in we are alson on the ground with independent experts who specialize in emergency response and disaster relief. they will advise the town on the humanitarian response in they downstream impacts. the information gathered by this whole team will be shared to inform the crisis response led in the marco
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authorities. i also want to pay tribute to the people and first responders in brazil whom i met last week. has beenponse outstanding in they have shown an unconquerable spirit. i would like to thank the people here in australia and the u.k. for their messages of support. my family and i are enormously grateful, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. i have been particularly struck by the support shown to us from right across the australian business community. it has made me even prouder to call australia home. rishaad: indeed, andrew mckenzie there. paul? reiterating the
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remarks of the chairman just a few minutes ago saying bhp's deeply sorry and 100% committed to helping them rebuild. he just described the heartbreaking scenes that he saw but he said that they would help rebuild, reconstruct homes, security, and spirit. in terms of concrete actions, there is going to be a next her no investigation which bhp will make public and make available to other companies, all dams will be reviewed and work has been done to stabilize the dams already there. as for penalties, bhp has been fine andan $80 million yesterday, the first civil suit was filed of up to $2.6 billion u.s.. they areery ch at e start rather than the end.
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run up to five hours with some tough questions being asked by stockholders. .ishaad: thank you for that other stories we are following, shares of weibo rising. this happened after hours, the company beating estimates. often referred to as china's twitter, users jumped to over 100 million people in the first quarter, advertising revenue up. weibo keeping its broadcast in line with analysts. china's budget deficit could exceed the official target this year. that would push it dangerously close to the so-called red line of 3%. the firstp 18% during month of the year. beijing turned to fiscal stores
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it economists say a deficit surpassed.3% will be the number of chinese visitors to japan doubled last month as tourists took it vantage the cheapness of the yen, number is rising to 1.8 million in october. a record for that month, almost 4.5 holidaymakers visiting japan from china this month. getting back to our top story, anyboj decision is due time, the policymaking meeting coming as japan comes out with the trade surplus for october despite imports and exports continuing to fall. now. joins us how important is this? i think this data is important. remember that japan has now
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entered its seventh technical recession since 1997. this time, it is being blamed on external demand. that is weighing on industrial output which is undermining demand for capital investment. the policy board members will look at these numbers closely, focusing on exports, which fell for the first time since august last year, particularly to china which felt 3.6%. having said that, i don't think the numbers are going to change the ultimate outcome today. .ishaad: thank you for that for policy.ications corporate headlines, qualcomm shares have had a horrid time of it. as a sent to the lowest in four years. south korean regulators have accused them of violating local
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competition laws. what is the problem? isorter: what is unnerving that this is one more issue on top of the heap of issues that qualcomm is facing around the world. inside trust investigations, trouble collecting royalties in china, one of it biggest markets. in general, a slowdown in the smartphone market. samsung, the to world's largest maker of smartphones. this hurts. down.d: 9% it is quite extraordinary. is 30%r today comparison or something like that. tell me something, what exactly is the issue with this story? the issue is licensing. qualcomm gets the majority of its revenue and operating income
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from licensing which is a high-margin business that it , research and development that keeps them at the top of their game. if there are multiple threats to this licensing model which is what we are seeing now, that could prove a significant long-term obstacle for the company's growth. macau's newest casino is delayed. the gaming industry's losing streak goes into a 17th month. ♪
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reporter: fires have also broken out in south australia in the east coast is bracing for hot temperatures. is urging the investigation of the different appearance of thousands of people during the civil war. the team visited areas in the north and east, tamil separatists were fighting for -- they call for an investigation to identify those responsible for the disappearances. , new zealandes captain retiring. been theugby has biggest part of his life that he is looking for to the next chapter. he has played a record number of matches, winning 89% of them. he also led the team in back-to-back world cups.
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athaad: let's take a look macau. delaying the opening of its new resort until june. not a good sign for an industry in a 17 month long slump. is big a disappointment this? we are talking about the new palace. reporter: it is the most expensive investment of any of the next wave of resorts being built. it is a big deal. it is a disappointment. it is the construction delay. it has happened with many of its peers. practically, though, it is a three month delay. if they hold the new time -- it is not one of the big seasonal periods where you would lose a big holiday -- >> so [indiscernible]
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-- >> the stock is not doing much today. it is not that big of a deal for them. had ad: anybody who has look around has said, no, it is not going to be ready in march. how does it impact your view of what happens in 2016? >> in the grand scheme of things, it is not huge. everybody including ourselves are looking for an inflection and we talked about this several times and it is a bummer from that perspective to use a technical term. this is the third big news thing to come and it has got a performance -- it has a gondola ride, it is across the street from city of dreams on the grand hyatt side. this is going to be a draw and now it is referred so from the standpoint of building that it is going to push it
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out a little bit from our perspective what is critical for next year -- who has got mass new resortho has exposure? those things are going to be different factors and driving revenue and earnings growth in this pushes it out a little bit. --haad: is this a good place very, very >> -- there was an article on bloomberg news today, but, long-term, it is a story about chinese consumer growth in these guys have a lot of opportunity to drive a secular story. rishaad: the reserve bank of india is facing its first industrial action would you believe it in six years. look at the issues and the impact. ♪ rishaad: this is trending
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business. the reserve bank of india is facing an industrial action as staff protest about pay and pensions. the first lockout since the new governor. reporter: this is the first time in six years. they are calling it a mass casualty event, 17,000 are on leave for two reasons. ,hey want better pensions pensions that are adjusted to the rising cost of living. it has been pending for a while now, nearly six years. second, this is interesting, they want the government to back believe isat they
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taking away powers. if you recall, the governor struck a deal with the india central government in terms of shifting the public management office to an independent agency. he also agreed for a resetting panel to be set up which included nominees from the government. is iselieve that this innocence taking away powers from r.b.i.. this is why they are going on a strike. it is unclear as to how -- unusual, really for the employees of the bank to be questioning the policy of the bank for the first time ever but it will be an interesting one to watch. rishaad: will the be any impact on the markets yet cope reporter: --? it is still unclear on that one because it looks like there has been no can vacate -- official communication to say that they have a contingency plan. most people we spoke to said they believe there could be a
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settlement. there is no confession communication yet. .- official communication yet we have seen settlements affected a wee bit. we focus and clarity on that later in the day. rishaad: thanks very much, indeed. --we look at the officials r.b.i. going on strike for the first time in six years. protests continuing on the fringe of the apec summit. labor unions, women's groups, its,nts, and dish and international activists are getting together. they have already in the last 48 hours had protests against of course apex for promoting -- in the interest of well, multinational companies which, indeed, make poverty and
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inequality worse for people in the philippines. does the protests taking place in manila. that is it for trending business. will recap edge, we the biggest stories of the day in asia so far. ♪
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♪ announcer: from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charlie: we begin with continuing coverage of the paris attacks that killed 129 people. france has carried out airstrikes against isis targets in syria for the third consecutive day. security forces revealed there might have been a ninth suspect in the attacks. questions have been raised about the ability of crisis to commit several attacks in the u.s. joining me is john miller, the deputy of counterterrorism of the new york police department, and a former colleague at cbs news. i'm always pleased to have him


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