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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to joell due respect" biden, our gift to you is this one hour show. ♪ [laughter] >> have bp in a butter fudge day, sport pants -- sports fans. first, the database. sounds like a terrible sci-fi movie on deep netflix. it's even scarier. donald trump's seeming approval of the idea that every single muslim living in the united states be registered on a national database. in a close second -- classic exchange with nbc news, trump
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did not seem to suggest much ambiguity about his position on such an idea. [inaudible] be a lot ofuld systems beyond databases. we should have a lot of systems. and today you can do it. right now we have to have a border, we have to have strengths, we have to have a wall, and we cannot let what's happening to this country happen [inaudible] i would certainly implement that. >> how would it work? >> it would stop people from coming in illegally. we have to stop people from coming into our country illegally. >> how do you get them registered into a database? >> good management. you have to do good management procedures. and we can do that. >> your report on mosques? >> different places. our country has no management. [inaudible]
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key is people can come to the country, but they have to come in legally. >> even having said all of that, donald trump tweeted the following, quote, i did not suggest a database. a reporter did. hillary clinton also took to twitter and wrote, quote, this is shocking rhetoric. it should be denounced i all seeking to lead this country. worsee criticism was even from the candidates in donald trump's own party, jeb bush and ted cruz, and god knows cruz never had much taste for attacking donald trump. >> i find it abhorrent the donald trump is suggesting we register people. to a time thatk no one wants to go back to. people'sipulating angst and their fears. that is not strength. that's weakness. >> i'm a big fan of donald trump's but i'm not a fan of government registries of american citizens.
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first amendment protects religious liberty and i spent the past several decades defending the religious liberty of every american. what i do think is important as the federal government be far more vigorous going after radicals and terrorists. >> it takes a lot to get ted cruz to attack donald trump. everybody is attacking him for this. video the read that same way you do. trump was careless, he should have flatly rolled it out, and was the coverage started he should have come out in far more detail than a tweet. even if you take the most charitable interpretation of what happened, he did not do a good job here and he should do more than a tweet. we asked him to come on the show and he declined. he will probably continue to say that that's not what he meant. but it showed a level of carelessness on something far too sensitive for someone who
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wants to be president. >> reporters plie game with people all the time. they put out an outrageous proposal. if the person does not denounce it, they say he doesn't rule it out. he could've answered that question. mark: have his answers to that guy were about a -- half his answers to that guy were about a wall. >> it could have shut it down right then. this is a big deal. suggesting a national database theuslims is a big deal on far right, the far left, everywhere in the middle. if you want to make it clear you're against it, you've got to say what you think about --yes not been stopped in the past by shooting gasoline onto a roaring fire but we will see about this one. >> the super pac supporting john kasich, called new day for america, is planning to try to take donald trump down. the group says they will spend millions of dollars between now and the iowa coke us -- iowa cau cus on an ad campaign.
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it started with this commercial which features attacks on donald trump and ben carson that are actually pretty mild. tougher kasich supporters say a spicier series of attacks against trump and trump alone will be coming soon. despite a mild nature of this first ad, trump's general counsel sent a letter to fred davis and other k-6 super packers and says, we will not immediateo seek action and hold you and your organization jointly and severally liable to the full extent of the law if the trump folks do not like the future ads. izzy super pac supporting john kasich -- and casing will be with us later in a the show -- is it smart of them to go after trump? >> for john kasich given his current standing in the race, it's not a bad idea. that much tove lose. k-6 has already been attacked by
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trump. there's no armistice anymore between the two of them. everyone is still groping for whether there is sub set of the right set of issues. it's possible that on some of these issues where trump has been inconsistent on foreign policy given the elevation of foreign policy, it's possible there might be a bit of an achilles heel here and we will find out if these k-6 folks push the case. >> if you are an establishment candidate, you are basically auditioning to some extent. who can stop him? and who will put their money where their mouth is? the super pac, if they execute, they can say to people, we took down trump, we defeated the king, we should be king. >> trump has been great about counterpunching. >> the most litigious person in
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america. newton's first law of politics is a whatever goes on record must come back to bite you on the behind. just ask the people of newton, iowa where last night trump seized on the quote ben carson doesn't know anything about foreign policy" narrative. >>'s consultant said he's incapable of learning foreign policy. -- ben's consultant said he's incapable of learning foreign policy. they said he was incapable of learning. that's devastating. >> it wasn't just trump, but pretty much every card-carrying member of the conventional wisdom set agrees that carson is done. foreignnsisted his policy proposals are vundebar. ben: actually listen to my policies, my solutions.
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you will find that they compare favorably with anybody. thedon't listen to narratives that try to say, oh, he doesn't know anything and therefore, i can say except with the same thing that some one else is saying and they will say, he knows what he's talking about. it's craziness. >> conventional wisdom bolstered by donald trump is that this foreign policy moment is all bad for carson. do you agree? >> its overstated. carson's strength before had nothing to do with his position on foreign policy. of voters will look at him and say he's not ready to be commander in chief. think they think his moral values would make him a great commander-in-chief. >> i continue to think there are too many people if you take the establishment voters and those on the conservative side who do value genuine national security expertise and experience. i always thought carson would not be able to get together enough coalition.
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this is a real problem. expanding to make himself a credible nominee, his lack of experience and understanding in foreign policy is a genuine problem. >> a could be, and no doubt. again, no one else in this race has broken through on foreign policy. with the carson campaign, which is until someone does, carson may not be disqualified as too flawed. today in our favorite game, who you've got. rubio or cruz? this weekend at the family leaders presidential family forum, an evangelical opinion affirming summit in des moines, rubio and cruz will share a stage to try to win over the churchgoing crowd in iowa, setting the stage this morning, a widely read "the wall street journal" column that says cruz
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does not look so good in the wake of the paris attacks. talked about his record on various national security and intelligence issues. team reveal love that piece so much. direct -- marco's team retweeted it. lots of tweeting going on. john, rubio beat cruz. who you got? mark: they use this twitter thing constantly to push the buttons over and over again. marco rubio -- i think rubio attacks on cruz have been strong. many disagree on the substance of those attacks, but politically, lumping in ted cruz with edward snowden, smart politics by the rubio campaign. the cruz response has not been powerful. >> fascinating to me how aggressive the rubio people have been great you would think they
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would not see their opponent as ted cruz. and're both the same age freshman senators, but their profiles and issues are not the same. they just sent out a long list of things that led with a lot of negative stuff about cruz. cruz -- people seem to feel comfortable hanging back a bit. rubio is vulnerable on immigration. we're yet to see what else the rubio people want to attack him on. cruz's whole campaign is built on the idea that trump and carson will fall apart. trouble and carson may last through iowa. rubio wants us to be able to finish third in iowa. they see their lane is both lanes. they want to go after both sides. we expected them to see them
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spend their money on someone. john: john kasich is coming here to the studio soon. we will talk about some really serious stuff and fun stuff. first, we are unpacking more of the goodies. r bloomberg politics national poll when we come back. ♪
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>> we have been talking about the republicans. now the numbers on the democrats, bernie sanders as well as hillary clinton. let's check out the numbers. clinton leads 55-30 over centers
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nationally. that's a huge jump from our poll in september where she was only up 33-24. she also dominates a number of the so-called trait categories comparing the two side by side on the question of who can get things done. clinton dominates once again. big numbers for her on that important question. bernie sanders -- she dominates in a number of categories, including gun control, better temperament. sanders does ok in a couple areas. one, who can better rain in the power of wall street. clinton is creeping up on sanders' turf in two key areas. cares about people like you, and who will fight the hardest for the middle class they tied 44. john, if you look at these numbers -- sanders does better on honesty and trust -- obviously clinton dominating
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nationally but where is there any good news for bernie sanders? john: there's not much good news sanders.oll for if you look at where he leads, they are the places where you would expect him to lead. things are new. he's not gaining ground on her in any of the other trait areas. the issue said that now her.ates favors on the issues where he was ahead of her, she's basically pulled even. i can't find a piece of news where i would be like, things are getting better. mark: nationally it doesn't matter. got to win in iowa and new hampshire. biden is -- democrats have to think sanders can win for him to have a chance to win. when two jumps to a national league going from 33-20 42 55-30, it makes it harder for sanders and his supporters to
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convince people, this is a contest. democrats basically support barack obama overwhelmingly, right? the one complaint a lot of voters have with him, he was not good enough and working the system, a getting things done. they approve of his executive actions. they like his values. when the nukes -- when they look to the next potential democratic president, they want a democratic president who knows how to get stuff done. hillary clinton leads 66-20 over bernie sanders in that category. among the democrats, that matters a lot. they've had a president they agreed with on values and issues for the last seven years. they want one now who's able to work the system and accomplish stuff. >> the number in here that's not good for sanders but bad for clinton is honest and trustworthy question. these national polls and state polls show clinton losing in some cases badly to some or many of the republican candidates. a lot of that is based on her slow numbers on honest and
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trustworthy. any poll that continues to show that her own party has trouble with her is a problem for her down the road if she's a nominee. >> we set it on the show many times, one of the biggest general elections problems she has is more than half the people in the country don't think she's honest and trustworthy. these numbers are striking for being with her own party, who generally approve her overwhelmingly. she has 77% favorable rating among democrats. >> we have talked about this for a long time, how poorly martin o'malley is doing. he had a great debate in iowa, he's the only other candidate in the race, he's differentiated on age and executive experience, and yet he goes from 1% to 3% rate it is stunning to me that voters are not turning to him in any real numbers given again, there is some differentiation. >> there is some differentiation, but it's mostly generational. >> he's been a governor. >> in terms of -- his problem is ideological. conventional
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liberal, you like hillary clinton. if you are further left, you are for sanders. where is the middle ground? 's more conservative on some things and more moderate on others. >> john kasich and a whole lot more coming up on the program. ♪
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>> the affirmation bernie sanders has a pair of piping hot iowa and new hit hampshire tomorrow could take a look at the first one, titled, works for all of us. >> if you're doing everything
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right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. people work longer hours for lower wages. almost all new income comes to the 1%. my plan, make wall street banks and the ultra rich pay their hare of taxes. insure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together we can make a political resolution to create an economy and democracy that works for all. >> is bernie and number one. bernie at number two is called, this is how it works. these ads.h it does include bernie's favorite topic, the billionaires. >> it's called a rigged economy and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. if the system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires by elections. my campaign is powered by over a
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million small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is, you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. >> it's the case that the center's did not advertise for a long time. the whole bernie phenomenon took place without any support from the air. a couple weeks ago they decided to go on television and start spending some of that money. this is the second wave of advertising. tell me what you think about these two ads. >> they transition, they had a bio spot and then they had a bio spot that was more issues. these are good. he's good to camera, it hits on his core themes, they are interesting to watch, they are not gimmicky but not totally traditional. from a matter of evaluating it on a gut level, i think they're good and there on his message and he comes across party well, and ending with the big crowd
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scene is good because he needs to be seen as exciting, leading as he says, a revolution. >> people assume if you watch a show like this or political table in general, bernie sanders is a pretty known commodity. in a lot of places in the country where they are paying attention, people still don't know very much about bernie sanders. in his firstspots month of advertising, what they're doing is introducing him -- i think all of these ads together, if that's the only thing they're designed to do in this phase, they're doing a very good job. i would like a little more bio from centers, but in terms of these issues that have animated his campaign, i agree with you, they do a strong job of showing you these are the things he cares most about and they do present him in a less caustic kind of mode, not funny, not -- there's a little bit of a grandfather element to
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these ads. >> we've seen him a lot here with us and on television and in person. it was softer and almost conversational. it was brooklyn prelate -- brooklyn pleasant. those ads going up in those states coupled with his on the think sanders as much as he benefits from traveling around the country he's going to have to be on the ground in those states. the airwaves will be crowded. of effective ads for him. he needs to be close to her, not let her get away from him in iowa and new hampshire. when of the things we've talked about sanders being, the most market will achievement of his campaign beyond the fact of us, that he's anywhere in the discussion given where he was a year ago, is how much money they've raced and how much
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they've raised from low dollar donors. they go into these two states as well equipped financially as hillary clinton. they can match her gross rating point for gross rating point on the air in iowa and new hampshire. they can go head to head with her. the question and thing you're raising is, can they go boot for .oot i'm not sure they're all the way there. >> can we run that second ad again with no audio? i want to see the part where they show all the faces of the donors. i wonder if those are actually pictures of his donors. >> i don't like billionaires. >> he says he doesn't like billionaires. if these are the pictures of the donors, i wonder if they're .oing to do anything else
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those are very compelling pictures. if these are pictures of these donors, this looks like an incredible pool to use because that is a kaleidoscope of panorama. that was an incredibly improvisational move. we will have more with "with all due respect" after this word from our sponsor or sponsors. ♪ ♪
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(the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> welcome back.
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it's been one of the busiest weeks in recent news memory, following the paris attacks. we will talk about how the events of this week have steered the presidential race into lots of new directions. american politics has acquitted themselves well since the events of paris? my week inrted out paris and flew over on monday and found the country -- politics in not a great place. we can talk about more who hasn't done well. hillary clinton acquitted herself very well this week both in terms of trying to find the right balance between muscularity and tolerance, the way she talked about the refugee situation on a tolerance side and the muscularity in terms of foreign policy. on the republican side, the guy we sat within columbia, south carolina, jeb bush has acquitted himself pretty well this week compared to some of the people in his party who have engaged in pretty unhelpful, sometimes incendiary, sometimes ridiculous
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rhetoric. bush has gotten a few things slightly wrong. he found his way to the right place on that. i think he ended up in a good place this week. mark: bush is kind of triangulating. he saying clinton has a judgment ,hat is that she's too liberal and trumpets to unqualified. he's taking them both on it once. there have been periods in the campaign where he has taken on one or the other and not necessarily found simultaneously on both. he's been very solid and big on the policy questions for the most part. handling his politics simultaneously pretty well. in terms of who do you think this week, either in terms of in -- actuallyngaging
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contributing to a rhetorical climate that is either not helpful or incendiary, to -- who do you think has been the biggest villain? >> i continue to hear from republicans and democrats about president obama's performance. showing the kind of leadership while he was overseas and a time at this country -- a time this country was looking for leadership. when president obama criticizes republicans in an intense way, there's always a case for it. i understand what's frustrating him. even some democrats close to the president have been taken aback by the level of frustration he has shown, not big, bold leadership about beating isis. >> there's ways in which i generally -- i think the president's tone has been at the wrong place for the same reasons you say. to make the argument that republicans and some of their rhetoric is unhelpful and it should be opposed, there's a way to make the argument for his side that
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does not seem so petulant and quite so partisan. if you compare that to someone on the republican side, if you compare that to donald trump symington find a place at the end of the week where he's endorsing a database for muslims, ben carson using the phrase rabid dog in the context of refugees coming to this country. some of that rhetoric and some of the stuff we've heard on the congressional level, those are the places where the rhetoric has the danger of becoming most damaging not just in terms of american values, but in terms of actually fighting this war against isis. we cannot allow this to be turned into a religious war. that gives the terrorists what they want. mark: raw politics, hillary huge gaffe about 9/11 and did not pay the price for it because it got overshadowed.
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the arab countries virtually silent about what has gone on in america. john kasich, our conversation with him about all sorts of stuff after this. ♪
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>> we once played "name that tune" with john kasich and it did not go that well. governor k-6, thank you for coming back on the show. we were talking about paris before we started this. it's been a week since the attacks in paris. what has changed in the world in the last week that matters and should matter? john: increasingly people
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realize this is an attack on our way of life. we looked at 9/11, chattanooga, fort hood, charlie hebdo, the attack on the delicatessen. this one just kind of, wham. this is the final straw where people in the western beginning to understand this is really an attack on who we really are. it's not anything new for me, i've been talking about these things for months. i was in iowa talking about the the threat to humanity and way we live. on tuesday i spoke in washington, laid out a comprehensive program that would keep us safe and also begin to rebuild our economy. hasou asserted that this produced a change different from the other texts. what are the manifestations of that? ch: i'm saying that is where this is going to lead. if you take europe, we see everything happening there and we add mali to that today. you think in the middle east and you hear quiet conversations
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with some of their arab friends about the fact that this is existential for them too. the saudi's have to be very nervous and worried about what this means if isis goes unchecked. understand why we don't put a coalition together, go there and take care of this and destroy this organization. >> you wanted to defeat isis before, you want to defeat isis now. as paris changed you -- has paris changed your mind? gov. kasich: you remember back with the first gulf war, i remember when the arab ambassador to egypt or injection ambassador to egypt was in the rose garden standing with the united states in terms of the first gulf war and i was an invasion of the country. this is an attack on humanity. saying, of people are wait and see what the french want to do. gov. kasich: i think the president of the united states should have been over there
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article saying invoke five. the french have decided -- ultimately they invited us in. toshould stand shoulder shoulder and do every single thing we can, including the critical element of intelligence where we have not had the kind of human intelligence we really need and also the issue of signal intelligence which involves encryption and our inability to hear about these plots before they happen. >> every presidential candidate talks about two things. , and better intelligence getting arab partners to put boots on the ground. and no one does it sufficiently in the first case or at all of the second case. gov. kasich: we did it in the first gulf war. what they're doing in yemen right now. they are beginning to realize -- i think they are beginning to realize how important it is that they be involved and we deal
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with this thread and destroy this thread because it can't be negotiated with. about leadership and experience. i've been able to demonstrate getting people to do what they don't really want to do but they know they should. as a matter of leadership, a matter of being over there, involved in diplomacy, convincing them of the threat, and convincing them the things we say are for real. the redline and walking away from the redline in syria showed a lot of doubt and discontent with not only our friends, but also with our enemies. encourage them to not trust us or not believe us. between republicans, between some democrats, there seems to be disagreement about the right sequence of things. it does one one to get rid of assad -- gov. kasich: isis first. we should have been supporting the rebels. i served on the defense committee for 18 years with some
5:41 pm
of the greatest minds. great people. you learn from this when you spend your time. no, the critical element right now is isis. at the end it is assad. assad should have been affected by the opposition groups, which we ignored. in the shortest run, a no-fly zone with sanctuaries to be defended by jordanians and kurds. it's all in their interest to cooperate with us. but first it's isis and then it's assad. the saudis said they were willing to hold a meeting and structure a new kind of government. that is their job, not ours. >> if the pentagon said to you, we can go in and take assad, when you authorize that mission? gov. kasich: i would have to hear what the plan is. >> is at the right role for the u.s. military? gov. kasich: it is my feeling
5:42 pm
that we should be helping the opposition and if somebody came to me with a credible plan to depose him, i would listen carefully to it. i would want to hear from the cia, all the intelligence community. i would also want to hear from the traditional military experts and those who think differently, including the civilian. i fundamentally believe the situation in syria is a civil war, not for us to be in the middle. is that a proper role for the u.s. military? i don't want to be in the middle of a civil war. i oppose the civil war in lebanon. i don't think we gains with that and i'm not going to get into a hypothetical unless i knew exactly where we were. askedcians always get questions. sometimes they are hypothetical. >> did you support the removal
5:43 pm
of saddam hussein? gov. kasich: yeah, but we thought he had weapons of mass destruction. i'm talking about a nuclear weapon, and that's what we thought saddam had, which threatened our direct security. toad is not a direct threat our security. i would be hesitant unless somebody could come in and make an argument i'd be willing to listen, but i don't want to engage in a civil war. i don't support these people that the president has put in syria. i just would not be there because i think we get drawn into a civil war which we have no business doing, but yet in syria we could have boots on the ground for the purposes of removing isis as part of a coalition. back and going to come ask other stuff about politics. ♪
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>> lutz going on -- lots going on. tell us about what's going on with you and donald trump right now. gov. kasich: i'm not involved with my super pac. apparently they put something out questioning experience because i think after paris, before paris but it accentuates it, it matters that people ought to have experience. from what i understand, he started attacking me personally. my problem with him is not personal, it's a matter of the policies he promotes, things like we are going to have a
5:46 pm
database on muslims which we criticized and i guess he reversed himself, these are policies that bothered me. we can't win the white house if we don't win ohio. these kind of things are not conducive to winning ohio. i would rather his priority be winning over hillary clinton. >> when you see her super pac starting on a negative assault that'sp, do you say helpful, that'sseful, i'm happy to be going hard negative against trump on the air? gov. kasich: don't guide what they do. but i have question his policies, whether it's a department the grade -- a brigade or we don't need to care about what happens in ukraine, or that russia can destroy isis
5:47 pm
and we kind of go in and except a victory -- i think these ideas reflect a lack of experience and a lack of knowledge of how these things work. >> as a general matter with the notion of having a super pac that is focused primarily on doing negative ads against other republicans, that doesn't give you any pause? it's fair to say that probably my effort has been the most positive and the most of producing ideas than anybody else. the last time i was with you guys -- i was with mark -- he said, do you have a plan to balance the budget. i said, not yet. now we have one. go to and look it up. i laid out the significant plan for keeping the country safe. every once in a while it's fair to compare ideas and that is what this is all about. personal attacks are an .cceptable to me
5:48 pm
if your super pac -- if they started running negative ads you felt across the line -- gov. kasich: i can't tell them what to do. >> would you call on them to pull down the ad if it was to negative? gov. kasich: if i think it gets into a personal attack, in all likelihood i would do it. >> another question about trump. jeb bush said to some donors that by december when you all have your next debate, trump will be in decline. will he be in decline in the coming weeks? gov. kasich: i'm running for president, not fortuneteller. i ultimately think people will turn to experience and will turn to people who have not just domestic policy experience, but foreign-policy experience, which i happen to have both.
5:49 pm
the other thing about being executive that is important to we facet, all the time crises as executive. the state of ohio is 11.5 million people. orther it is an ebola scare school shooting or the arrest the other day of someone in akron who was sympathetic to a water crisis, you begin to grow as an executive when you go through these experiences that would unsettle you. the longer i've been in this job, i don't get very unsettled. i'm calm and confident about what we need to do. that is invaluable when you're trying to take on the job of a thing like president of the united states. clear that made it he thought donald trump was pretty much not the right person to be commander in chief for a variety of reasons. make the argument for why it is that you think donald trump has
5:50 pm
been at the top of the polls for the last four months, across the as to whye a theory that guy should not sit in the oval office and you should. gov. kasich: i've already described the fact that his foreign-policy pronouncements are not very good and some of them he has to take back. we can't have a do over. we can't have a mulligan when he's president. in addition to domestic policy, and i've been highly critical of the plan to go into neighborhoods and try to deport people, and i'm concerned about his tax plan which would bring up the national debt by another $12 trillion. i do want to spend all my time on him. for -- don't want to spend all my time on him. i understand national security. today in ohio -- we grew 36,000 jobs.
5:51 pm
we have balanced budgets. we have school choice, strong credit, our pensions are in line. if you do it in a state like ohio, which is a microcosm, it's a microcosm of america. if you can do it there, you can do it in the nation. if you don't win ohio, you won't win the white house. >> who's your favorite actor who's ever played james bond? craig --ch: not daniel sean connery. daniel craig is doing a good job. single biggest misconception about john kasich is -- blank. gov. kasich: that i like mark halperin. >> there are people who think that. who would play you in a lifetime movie about john kasich? gov. kasich: probably harrison
5:52 pm
ford. david to company some people say -- david to company, some people say. >> this is a complicated one. gov. kasich: you haven't asked me how i'm doing in the polls. >> we never talk about polls. iowakasich: we've got coming and new hampshire. we are going to take those midterms. it will be really fun. i'm going to get a really high grade. >> if you were stranded on a desert island and could bring one fox news host with you, who would it be? gov. kasich: i'm not going to pick a host because i want to go on their shows. >> john kasich spirit animal is? gov. kasich: what does that
5:53 pm
mean? >> do you identify with any woodland creature? jungle creature? chipmunk? gov. kasich: you guys are just weirder's. -- weirdos. >> ideal set of pizza toppings. gov. kasich: just pepperoni. >> how do you feel about double pepperoni? gov. kasich: that's like double cherry pie. no. >> are you going to be the next president of the united states? gov. kasich: i am. >> how do you know? gov. kasich: our organization, the hard work and experience and record will come together at the right time to get me there. after we do really well in new hampshire, you guys are going to have a lot of trouble ever getting me to come on this show. >> this could be the last time we have you. governor, thank you. ♪
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>> the show is on the tube twice a day, 5:00 and 8:00. how about mark and john? pretty good. >> that wasn't that good. >> it was all right. >> where you going for thanksgiving? >> boston. >> i'm going to be with my family. where are you going? >> i'm going to an undisclosed location. >> get ready to bow. here we go. >> sayonara. ♪
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hours after gunmen affiliated with al qaeda fired weapons dropped 170 people. two gunmen were killed, one an american citizen. france has voted to extend the state of emergency. for three more months. french police conducted nearly 800 raids since last week's attacks. cdc says that and e. coli aaa --k at aaa has -- at chipotle. interim police chief of ferguson, missouri will resign. he cited family reasons. the former chief resigned in march after being criticized in ferguson. a passenger on an american airlines flight was removed before takeoff.


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