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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  January 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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expected to jump by limit when it opens. that could be anytime soon. apple celebrating what it calls a huge sales a compliment. president gauck says the global conditions or unlike anything we have experienced before. let us know what you think of our top stories. follow me on twitter. that is my handle. don't forget the hashtag as well. a positive day on the markets. the industrial profits numbers adding a bit of fitness to what's going on in shanghai. -- of dampness to what's going on in shanghai. >> after 6.4% plunge in the shanghai composite. this is an issue of confidence, analysts are saying. sentiment is very weak right now as we head into the chinese new year holiday. this is the bite the fact that we thought cpoc injects the most cash in more than three years. it investor --
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easing investor concerns. shanghai down 1%. maintaining some of the gains of 1.3%. jakarta coming online .5%. nikkei 2.225 getting closer to the lunch break at 2.5%. leading those gains on the regional benchmark. this is also because of concerns about what happened in the offshore grid yesterday. we saw how that equities dipped and nosedived. we saw that in the offshore as well. the last part of the session, we saw the offshore gain rise. it actually erased close to 2/10 of 1% of a loss within 15 minutes. some strategist saying these are all hallmarks of government intervention. possibly some government moves there.
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the offshore is stable and flat at. in china, one thing that is looking pretty green -- casinos. hong kong shares of galaxy, all rising today. this after a credit sweep saying that january looks pretty solid when it comes to revenue, as well as valuations. they were saying advanced booking for chinese new year is higher than the october golden week holiday. that is looking good today. looking into some japanese movers. this is the financial group. .rofit unexpectedly rose 17% lower bad debts costs helped cushion it from bond trading incomes. suzuki motor and toyota, the one to watch. we have been talking about it all morning.
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rising after that report from the nikkei saying, a possible pileup. both companies saying that is not happening. you mentioned the third one in that triumvirate of companies, which have been having a day countering rumors. heidi easier to make sense of it all. do we know what is going on? very: a lot rishaad, but little so far has been confirmed. it begin with this report in the nikkei review. since then, toyota has said it is considering making them a subsidiary. this would be trying to create cost opportunities, especially emerging markets like india. bloombergpeaking to has been briefed on the matter saying that toyota plans to make an offer to buy the remaining 4920% of -- 49.8% of offers it
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does not have. stocks jumping 7%. consideringit is various options on alliances. this is includes potentially acquiring this company. both saying that no decisions have been made yet. their shares were suspended for much of the morning. that was lifted about 45 minutes ago. they have yet to start trading. they will expect to jump on the daily limit once they do. the other strange that the nikkei promoted toda looking into an alliance with his rookie. both coming out and tonight that is happening. ota has notot -- toy stopped suzuki by doing this. up by 9%, almost at 16% at one
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stage, the most in 16 years. rish? rishaad: we will have more on this through the course of the program. we want your opinion. tweet us your thoughts. please include the hashtag trending business. up-to-date's apples latest results. -- we have today's apple results. our bloomberg news contributed editor, paul. some are saying this is not a growth company anymore. but still, 10 iphones being sold every second, you have to question that surely. paul: yeah, it is a huge number and a remarkable a couple schmidt. by the same token, selling 10 iphones now and the roughly same number six years from now, it is still big numbers, but you are not a growth company anymore. the forecast apple has put out suggests we are looking at a flatline in terms of iphone
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growth. it is a great generator for apple, and if it is not growing, apple is not going. rishaad: i guess we have to wait for the next iphone, the next iteration. the iphone 7. could that change the game? paul: historically that has been what has happened. iphone 6 was the big generator recently. 7 is the one people are looking forward to. the trouble apple has is that is not obvious in the future that it will change things. the market for smartphones is an increasingly mature market with not much innovation. 50% of people never upgraded their iphone 5's. that's the problem apple faces on the 7. rishaad: are investors looking at apple and not giving credit where credit is due, given these record profits? you can't take those away from them. paul: no, you can't.
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but by the same token, it's expensive for a growth stock, because it's not truly growing. it is not achieved as a value stock. 2% yield, something like 2.5 times sales ratio. the company is stuck in the middle. it is transitioning finally for being a growth to a value stock. rishaad: thank you very much indeed for that. paul joining us from san diego. let's take a look at the other stories following for you. it's about japanese motoring. let's get over to south korean motoring. >> we have been talking about those japanese motoring companies all morning. taking it over to south korea, let's look at shares in seoul. that december the company -- that is after the committee released its fourth-quarter numbers. they messed with the numbers in fourth-quarter operating profit,
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$48 million. fourth-quarter sales coming in at $10.6 billion. stake,, which holds 34% released its numbers yesterday. its fourth-quarter net income of all -- income fall for an 8th consecutive quarter. singapore's investment committee considering options this summer after the recent oil slump. that could see investments in non-core assets. buildersingaporean rig are struggling with the gap in crude prices. they might sell its 19.1% stake in operators and paring its new 45% interest in trusts. sources tell us executive at temasek has talked about selling
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stocks and rice offerings. falling crude places clinched demand for drilling equipment. twitter has a new chief marketing officer following those high-profile exits from the company over the weekend. four executive leaving twitter. 37-year-old leslie will take over the role. previously in executive at american express for 10 years. she spent the last four years on it and campaign that included a heavy presence on twitter and facebook. ceo jack dorsey tweeted that she will "help told the stories of our iconic product." she is reshaping twitter after the stock fell 35% last year amid concerns it's no longer able to attract growth of new
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users. twitter shares have happened in past 12 months. -- have halfed in the past 12 months. twitter is set to name two new board members and will also report quarterly earnings on february 10. rishaad: go to our website, looking at hedge fund launchers, dropping to 14 year lows. show, up later on the trade deficits of a different kind. why some of china's exports simply don't add up. apple expecting its les to fall for the first time since 2003. our next guest says there is no reason to get overly worried. find out why. ♪
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rishaad: apple seeing its first sales decline in a decade.
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smartphone sales declined. smartphone sales last year rose by less than 10% for the first time ever. let's bring in vice president of client devices resource. he joins us from singapore. brian, great to see you. let's start by looking at these number and what they manage to do in their latest quarter. these were very, very strong numbers, no matter how you cut them. brian: yep, absolutely. if you look at the historical data and all the activity behind that iphone, it is a tremendous amount of momentum. the worry is where the company goes forward from here, especially as you pointed out, in the upcoming quarter. are they finally starting to see a contraction? rishaad: right. that is just is -- is that anything to worry about? candy reclaim the momentum, or is it gone forever? -- can they reclaim the momentum? brian: on paper it is.
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you can't blame investors were getting worried. you look at macroeconomic headwinds, the smartphone economic market maturing and stabilizing. apple saying that next market is going to be -- next quarter is going to be worse. it is not as bad as it seems. if you peel the layers of the onion, there are some things to keep in mind. the year on year comparisons are abnormally high. this time last year, apple's first launch of the 6 series, there was a lot of pent-up demand. people were clamoring for apple to release a big screen phone. we saw a lot of that momentum in the past quarter -- sorry, in the calendar fourth quarter. a lot of that trickled into the fourth -- into the first quarter of last year. looking at the year on year comparisons, we have to keep that in mind. there is still of that lingering effect. the other thing is china. there is always this concerned that china is slowing down. there is a macroeconomic effect. what we are seeing on the ground
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is the opposite. there is a lot of strong demand for iphones in china. there is competitive pressure. but it is still a case where if you look at the demand in china, you could argue it is relatively immune to the effects you are seeing on a larger level. this is something that will likely propel it going forward, let alone into the iphone 7, which could bring things up further as well. rishaad: but we don't know yet, do we? what gives you this inherent confidence that the chinese market can come back? what about, also, the indian market? that is one which is under-penetraded, rife for smartphones to be piling in there. and it has not really happened. brian: i am less optimistic about india. the numbers will be big, but that is because they are coming from a smaller base.
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the challenge with india is that the sides of the middle class is much smaller. the average selling price between china and india is a genetic difference. -- a dramatic difference. they tend to be $100-150 u.s. dollars prices, which is quite different from what is going on in china. is not to say apple can't address that market either. there are a lot of other conflict of these in india, including just the distribution system, the terror of structure. -- the tarriff structure. that is why i think they are prioritizing more on china for the time being. rishaad: given your enthusiasm for apple, what would it take for somebody not to be including this in their portfolio? up, iason i bring that was talking to it a manager who said it's impossible for him not to include apple. it is too big to ignore at the end of the day. brian: exactly.
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if you are going to take the pessimistic view, it is a bit of a short-term deal. framing in mind what we just mentioned, the outlook for the next couple quarters, the iphone 6-s, which wasn't as great as the original 6. that momentum is trailing down. in the next 1-2 quarters, things might not look as good. about the iphone 7, if you are an optimist, it might not be as great as the iphone 6, but a much more bigger improvement than what the 6-s was. you will see that pick up in the coming years. the big debate is longer-term. inevitably the smartphone market is maturing. apple has so much revenue. two thirds of its revenue based on the iphone. what is the next big thing apple is going after? virtual reality, cars, is it going to be wearables?
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everybody is trying to figure this out. they are trying to figure this out. to the point you were making -- look at the amount of cash apple has, the amount of talent they have in the company, and their track record. they're not the first to go into these markets, but as they see the potential develop, they are able to figure out the lightweight to make it profitable. -- the right way to make it profitable. it may not be as profitable as the iphone. but everything that surrounds the smartphone industry will be around for a good number of years. it will be a huge profit-making machine. other companies would die to have those kinds of profits that apple is generating today. rishaad: absolutely. thank you so much for that brian. joining us from singapore. a look at thee stories making headlines around the world. the thai prime minister has promised elections next year, even if a new constitution is rejected. in a referendum in the coming pushing forated
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constitutions to be put in place. the first draft version expected by the end of the month, which would be the 20th since 1932. an election will take place in 2017, whatever happens. denmark has approved a law to seize valuables from asylum-seekers to help cover costs. they cannot take valuables for more than $1500 to pay for housing -- can now take valuables while their cases are being processed. the when secretary-general's office has criticized the move, saying refugees should be treating with passion and respect. denmark received about 20,000 asylum-seekers last year. the race is on, in more ways musk'se, to put elon transport content to the test. 3 companies want to build tracts to see how the system works.
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of tubesed a network to transport passenger capsules at more than 11,000 kilometers per hour. now a track is going to be built near los angeles, with 2 more in california's central valley and outside las vegas. powered by over 2400 journalists in 150 news bureaus, this is bloomberg news. ahead, shaking the management with a series of changes. wholatest on who is on and 's out. this is "trending business." ♪
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rishaad: this is "trending business."
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makingve wasting no time his mark. announcing a major management shakeup. let's go over to sydney. who is in and who is out? doesn't represent -- does it represent the wholesale changing of the guard? >> it is a significance shakeup. the biggest surprise is what is not changing. there is no new financial officer for now. the search for a new cfo is "well-advanced." we have a new chief operating officer, the new head of executive institutional banking. the new group executive ceo for new zealand. a new rule -- a new role as well, the head of digital banking. we have beheaded international -- the head of international institutional banking left last
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week, joined by his deputy ceo. smith, a former ceo, he is speaking around, isn't he? >> that is right. he is not leaving completely. he is staying on as a consultant. he will be paid handsomely as this as well. he will be spearheading the push into asia. overseas operation consumed 1/3 of capital but returned only 1/5 of its profits. mike smith will stick around as a consultant to cement the relationships that he formed in asia. there is plenty of work to do for the new ceo. shares are often over 1% -- are off over 1% this morning but it down 27% for the year. the worst of the performing four
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banks in australia. rishaad: looking at a change at anz. other stories making headlines. construction agreement making a jump. receiving unsolicited takeover bid from a china line. the american committee agreed to merge with its finnish competitor in a deal that would create $10 million in sales. aig giving back to the $5 billion to its investors -- $25 billion to its investors. boosting revenue to reorganize business modules, making it easier to sell divisions that underperform or draw unattractive bids. the chief executive has faced criticism from activist investors. he says the plan will deliver results in a sustainable way. >> what we're going to do over
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the next 2 years to make this company more focused, more profitable, and return $25 billion to shareholders. that is talking to all shareholders, policyholders, regulators -- all of our stakeholders. i'm sure we won't satisfy all of them. but we need to deliver a sustainable franchise if w e're we're going to make the right decisions for treating long-term. -- trading long-term. gage looked atar investor anxiety. the biggest monthly surge since august. aroundrs have pulled $850 -- inner $50 million. bid on return's to the markets-- something that selloff has simply gone too far. we are going to take a break. up next, doing the math on
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china's export data. we will tell you why something doesn't seem to add up. you are watching "trending business" and this is bloomberg television. we're back in a couple of minutes. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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rishaad: a look at top stories, stocks rallying, gains in japan driving the regional bank -- benchmark higher. speculations policymakers will for away from plans series of hikes in 2016. ,hip -- shares in's shanghai oil moving to the downside. it is planning to buy out a division.
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it is considering possibilities including making it a fully owned subsidiary. it is cooperating with toyota and the buyout is an option. shares are on traded in tokyo, but they are expected to soar. apple shares dropping in extended trading after forecasting the first fall in sales and more than a decade. at nearly 76g billion dollars. apple expects that to dip as low as $50 billion. concerns that the smart phone market is saturated and a push in china would make global slowdown. let's take a look at what is going on. japan closing up its morning session. a mixed bag. higher, generally speaking if you take out shanghai and sydney. yvonne: almost grain across the board. 1% down in shanghai. saw, theof the lows we
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industrial number falling 4.7%. that was a big, big loss. something weighing on the sentiments today. this is the seventh month where we have seen companies lose profits. shipin shanghai, but the -- 7/10 of 1%. nikkei 2252 .5% up. sprint posted better-than-expected results. slower than expected loss for the quarter. it has more cash reserves. that is boosting sentiment. saw0.5%, off the highs we about a possible tie up with toyota and suzuki. both companies declined that
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that is true. 2900 was thesaid psychological line in the sand. now 2500 is the line that investors should be watching out for. 2716.90 right now. 2500, this is the time we saw the start of when this whole seven-year high, the trajectory started. around june, when we reached the high. 2500 is the line in the sand. throw intomore, -- more, 2635. that is one we could do, more math. the moving average, 2614. now, what we see right further days to go according to analysts. let's send it back to you. rishaad: rumored denial and counter remark, toyota and
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suzuki. they are caught up in this. what to whom about whom and said they didn't say that? and the other person said, you didn't. haidi: we are tracking the rumors and statements that have come out. there is a lot going on. 52% by toyota. this one we know about. basically to get some cost energy when it comes to the compact car market, which has expanded in japan. the minicar market. despite the broader market pulling back. the idea is, there would be a chairenefit, some cost holding structure, perhaps. and a push into emerging markets. said, it is considering a lot of options.
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it is considering a broad business restructuring. a number of alliances. that, potentially, making i had and option.atsu is open to collaborating with toyota. talking about emerging markets, the compact sector is popular. cost is key. looking at india, the fastest-growing auto market in the world. one that toyota is focusing on. cost is key in markets like that. analysts say toyota owning and having full control of her a company like daihatsu is different. there are things you can't do when it is an independent company. cost expenses you can get rid of. roadmap isg market what is playing a big part in
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this. rishaad: the other carmaker you haven't mentioned? suzuki is a competitor in the minicar space. there was a nikkei report that kick this off this morning, saying toyota will be building an alliance with suzuki for the benefit of gaining traction in emerging markets. both those companies has said, there is no truth to the report. that hasn't stopped suzuki stocks from doing well, up over 10%, 16% at one stage. the highest some of the most in in 16 years. both those companies say there is no truth to the rumor, but investors are feeling otherwise. threed: thanks, haidi. carmakers creating a stir in the market in tokyo. checking on the other stories,
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forecasting to reveal the strip -- the slowest growth in four years. the presidential candidate says growth of 67% is attainable. believes his gdp target can be reached i next year. he is running on a platform he says will continue the legacy of containing corruption and boosting economic growth. be attainable. there will be a bump up from the elections. but sustainably, beginning, we can approach it beginning in 2017-2018. high as globalde turnout reached a record number of successful candidates. 43% in december with more than 52 thousand people participating. the certificates are more sought after in this part of the world.
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applicants in china, india, hong kong and singapore. it is jumping 1.3% on the year. china gold imports from hong kong at their highest in two years. shipments surging 67% as market turmoil boosted demand. about 13%s dropping over the past year as investors -- let's talk about the trade numbers. let's talk about the gold shipments. a tiny proportion of the overall trade between hong kong and china. healthygenerally situation. it could be a little bit too healthy. there is a discrepancy, david. david: a big discrepancy between what china reported and exported andheck -- to hong kong what hong kong received. it was flagged by economist. those are two different numbers.
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a gap of $22 billion. .here is always a gap two different bodies counted. there are counting errors. statistical variance come all these things. but it is too big. can we get the next chart to show viewers why the gap is? it is the second highest on record. the one that happened was 2013, during an adjustment in the currency. this typically happens to that point, when the currency starts to adjust. we have a spread. rishaad: it happens around chinese new year. these are december numbers. theoretically, how do exports, without inflated numbers from hong kong? david: they don't look much worse, but they are in line with what economists were thinking they would be. economists thought it would be an 8% drop in december. italy dropped by 1%. if you take that middle bar and
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use that in the equation, so 202 billion dollars instead of what was reported, you get the next graphic. that puts exports at a 10% decline from the previous year. the inflated number coming out of china, because of these inflated receipts. companies.s that puts it in line with what economists thought. growth slowed, but it did not follow a cliff. rishaad: thanks, david. we have to take a break. we will get a full market rundown when we come back. china has made it back into janet yellen's worry list. how that reaches markets and may sway decisions this week. this is "trending business." ♪
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>> making headlines around the world, presidential candidate donald trump says he will not take part in thursday's republican debate, blaming fox news. his campaign says he will host a rally in iowa for wounded warriors. they don't plan to treat trump unfairly if he becomes president. brazil mobilized troops to eradicate mosquitoes that may carry be vica virus. anywhere large crowds that gather will be sprayed with insecticide. set make -- may spread through the americas. italy is facing ridicule after statues byup nude
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fidget -- during a visit by the iranian president. it masked works after an order from the prime minister. drew derision from politicians across the spectrum. the left says art and culture are misunderstood as universal concept. right-wingers say it's a -- surpasses limits of decency. around the world, this is bloomberg news. rishaad: the turmoil in china's markets may weigh more heavily on the federal is it meets this week. economic adviser says beijing's policy missteps will be a challenge for the rest of the world. the well-worn economies are getting contaminated. i keep saying, it is hard to do neighborhood. china is making uncharacteristic
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policy mistakes. it is very hard to be a good house in a challenged neighborhood. you end up getting contaminated. theou would say, which is most robust economy act up with the u.s. up there. lift or escape velocity. even we are struggling. put india up there, but that's about it. a the other end, you have growing number of the economies that are struggling and could tip much more quickly into a very bad area. >> mohammed, the bank of england governor made comments yesterday. what was interesting was, i talked this week about how he seems to be talking more about how u.s. monetary policy affects the rest of the world. let's run what he said. >> the start of the tightening of u.s. monetary policy could global a tightening of
9:45 pm
financial conditions particularly for emerging economies, and could accelerate this. we have seen some of that. it is a contributory factor to these developments. >> is that surprising to hear? >> no. he is pointing out something important. if you look at the most important central banks in the world, you have one bank that is easing its foot off the accelerator, the fed. and the other central banks, the european banks, the people's bank of china, bank of japan, that are putting their foot on the accelerator. emerging markets are on the back of the car. believe me, it is very confusing when you have the most important central banks, and what you end -- with is greater volatility that undermines financial markets. you have seen them trying to cope with the volatility and having difficulties. >> when you think the fed will say tomorrow? >> it won't do anything. it will neither continue to raise rates, nor will the panic --
9:46 pm
>> that is the consensus. >> i think it will mention the market volatility and it will mention the weakening of conditions, but it will not make a fuss about it. it will say, we don't have evidence that that is contaminating us. we are keeping a close eye on it. it will not do with the ecb did last week. it will not try to signal that it will loosen policies. it will try to strike a balance. >> why not? do they lose credibility? x they don't want to be forced by the markets interchanging policy. what will be important is, in the minutes that will come out in a few weeks, co much division there is within the fm a seat. fmoc. i expect he will get a sense now that the hawks remain hawks and the doves are becoming more dovish. talk about janet
9:47 pm
yellen's worry list. china probably at the top of the list? >> it is interesting listening to that interview in terms of what the fed does with communications in terms of how do you reference emerging markets and china? and whether china is the big factor in the worry list. sits down tollen look at china, she sees there is turmoil in the stock market. the selloff has been going for six months and showing no signs of ending. she looks at the r problem, negative for china. on the other hand, she may also look at the economy, which is showing signs of stabilization on the services side. all told, the signals from china are mixed at rest. china is not giving her much room to signal a hike in the
9:48 pm
near term. biggest what is the risk that she will probably highlight from china? >> i would imagine over the past few months, the big thing that is changed in china is exchange rates regime and where do you want to go from here? causing confusion and investors. some complain they do not have clear signals on china. will it be a sharp depreciation? will it be gradual? how should we measure the you want? yuan? a weakerhe responses fromr bright -- rival trading partners. a lot of uncertainty, that has to behind on the list. rishaad: any signs to an end from the outflows? about $1 trillion leaving china? >> no sign of a circuit breaker.
9:49 pm
there won't be until we get a bit of clarity in terms of the yuan, where it is heading. if investors were confident, they would know where they were are going and may not rush their money in the country. but if there is uncertainty, both investors, households, companies, looking to get money out of china and way higher currency. -- into a higher currency. rishaad: we have to take a break. afterwards, a look at an airline losing a lot of altitude. a look at india's biggest airline as we get over to mumbai for the details. "trending business" continues after this. ♪
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rishaad: we are back with "trending business." we have a look at how much time we have left for the indian session kicks off. looking at one company, you can see what we are looking at. 6.8% decline last session for indigo. the world's worst performing airline stock in a matter of two months. what has gone wrong? it happen in the last few days. otherwise, we were up 50%. >> has been a matter of four
9:52 pm
days that we have seen the stock fall from grace. one of the biggest blockbuster ipos in the season in november. but the start of the year has been tough for indigo, like the rest of market. humbled,ays, stocks losing $1.6 billion in market gap. the worst-performing airline tracked by bloomberg. what has gone wrong? results, therterly indigo management has declared that they will be -- there will be a delay in delivering jet fuel efficient airlines to them, which puts a damper on the earnings estimates. from goldman sachs to a local broker, getting skeptical of the numbers working out for the current financial year for indigo. there has been a scale back on price targets for morgan stanley, 1300 scale back to 1100
9:53 pm
rupees, higher than the current market price but below what the market has been working with. all in all, optimism at indigo going down. rishaad: thank you very much. india. right. a look at what is going on social media, it appears the weightffect has seen watchers hefty returns. there we go. .> off the scales iould go on, but i won't. according to opera, you can have your bread and eat it, too. she tweeted she lost 26 pounds of the weight watchers diet. thehas a vested interest in stock. have a look at the share prices when she tweeted that she had done so well in the diet. $ were up to this continues a trend of weight watchers stock riding -- rising rah'sopera -- when op
9:54 pm
weight goes down. in january, with her and campaign debuting, we saw another spike in share price. let's take a look at oprah winfrey's tweets. she says she can do whatever she wants. rishaad: it is a video tweed? >> it is a video tweed. go, eat bread, lose weight. rishaad: she is going, i love bread. every bread a good endorsement. it has it -- had an impact on share prices. a look at followers reactions, we had one of the people coming oprah, iaying, look, believe in you and weight watchers. instill confidence and raise stock prices after a tank.
9:55 pm
you do something like this, give me a hint 30 minutes beforehand. i would rather be making an 18% profit rather than losing weight. other the ethics of all of this. >> interestingly, we have seen shis spike in due to oprah' announcement. one of the most expensive stocks in the u.s. index to bet against. effect indeed, profits coming through. let's take a look at what is going on as far as the trading day goes. japan closing out its lunch .reak with advancesere nikkei up 2.5%. hang seng up to it when he six points. shanghai composite brought down by industrial profit numbers,
9:56 pm
suggesting we have serious weakness and a slowdown in the old economy in china. three quarters of 1% in singapore. taipei. in the case of a mixed bag for those apple suppliers, they are trading in taiwan. this is the market in jakarta, up a fraction and manila, up higher. that is a we have. that is it for "trending business." stay tuned, it is asia and. -- asia and. ♪
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♪ announcer: from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charlie: mohamed el-erian is here. he is chief economic advisor at allianz, the corporate parent of pimco, where he was previously the ceo. he is a columnist for bloomberg view and a contributing editor for the "financial times." his latest book examines the impact of central banks across the world since the financial crisis. it is called "the only game in town: central banks, instability, and avoiding the next collapse." i'm pleased to have him back at this table. welcome. mohamed: thank you. charlie: why the title?


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