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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> so much news over the place. the republican establishment versus donald trump. >> we are going to show you some of our key interviews with the former romney advisor, the actor danny glover, and more. but first, donald trump heading toward super tuesday. forward forthe path republican candidates hoping to get their party nomination. if there is a path for
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for marco rubio, what is it? al: it is not a wide one. it would be nice for him if he can win one of those 12 contest. he has suggested he may not. he has to finish a strong second. he has to come out ahead of ted cruz in the delegate count that day and not that far behind donald trump. then it is winner take all. , hearch 15, if marco wins could be in for a while. if he loses, it is gone, go home. past starts with ted cruz losing in tuesday the last taxes next tuesday. texas weeks later, when and florida -- when ohio and florida vote, if rubio can somehow win his state and john kasich also loses ohio, he would
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have to hold on to that point. if he is the only one that wins his home state, he can survive. if you look at a public polling, he is in the worst shape in his home state. that is why i think people who say he is the most likely are wrong because it starts with winning your home state and he is the least likely to do it at this point. al: i think it would be bad for him if ted cruz dropped out now. more votes would go to trump than rubio. i think he wants to keep him alive for a wild. mark: we will talk more about that as we go over it. in third place was ted cruz who earned the nod in houston of his old friend and governor of texas, greg abbott. he compared donald trump with a circus. ted cruz: we can't be fooled by pt barnum. [applause]
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ted cruz: the time for the wns, dancing bears, and acrobats has passed. [applause] ted cruz: now is the time for texans to stand together. uz talked about how happy he is to be home in texas but texas may not be the saving grace he needs. in a poll today, cruz and trump are basically tied. somethingid before not everyone would agree with. rubio, whatcruz and is cruz's path to victory? would it be better for rubio if
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ted cruz stays in the race? al: i think it is a little different. they both want to stay in for a while if you want to beat trump. cruz's path to victory is harder than rubio's. he has to win texas big. he has to take home about 100 delegates which means if you get more than 50%, you take all the delegates. 50% and over over a dozen delegates. marco rubio has to finish second and maybe beat trump in one or two and come out of super tuesday about even with trump. tall order. mark: i agree. the way he does that is to use the targeted data operation this campaign has, more sophisticated than others to figure out where he can win delegates district by district throughout the south.
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he has invested a lot in the south. think he needs to come out of super tuesday where people are no longer saying he's a dead man walking. third person often left out of the narrative but he should not be is ohio governor john kasich. he did not compete much in nevada and got fewer votes than dr. ben carson. he was in gulfport, mississippi, today dispelling the fiction he is getting out of the contest anytime soon. inn kasich: i am staying because i will accumulate enough delegates to win. that is what i think is going to happen. [applause] john kasich: we are going to come down here and perform well enough to continue. i think we are going to have some strong performances next tuesday. north tooint, we had places like michigan, illinois. a little state, ohio.
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it also sent out a stream of memos and tweets today about marco rubio and claim he did not meet the expectations in nevada and arguing putting money behind the florida senator now would be a bad investment. narrow path tos the nomination at this point? al: he has got to do well in a few seven places. not very many. he has to look to new england and score and upset over trump in either massachusetts or vermont. you may laugh about vermont, but that could he very important for john kasich. i think he will be back there before tuesday. the reason is he wants to have a sense he is still alive going into michigan a week later where he goes head-to-head with trump. if he is competitive and gets in a position to win and it is winner take all week later in ohio, john kasich will be around for a while. mark: i think he needs more media endorsement credibility.
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he is left out. the other candidates are saying it is a three-person race. he needs to change the narrative and convince people it is a war-person race. that starts with doing better in the south than people think and then must-win michigan and ohio. if you were going to bet on one of these guys winning their own state, you would bet on cruz and basic. if he wins ohio, he has a talking point. he has got to start making the electability argument. is there anyone else in the race for not in the race now who somehow could end up under any scenario as the republican nominee? al: ben carson is an easy no. i think it is a real reach for anyone else. only if you have a deadlock were three candidates are going into may, that is unlikely. i think it will be one heck of a
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convention and i can't wait to cover it. mark: i agree given donald trump's success in the number of delegates he is likely to rack up in march. i think he will get over 40% of the delegates. if there is any chance to say it is not going to be trump, it is to hold him under 40%. i think that would require more people staying in the race. i don't think you can stop trump if it is a one-on-one race from getting to 50%. establishment does have that hiccup in the strategy. if you clear the field, maybe it works. maybe by the time you clear the field, trump has run away with the thing. al: i totally agree. i think the establishment has been wrong throughout and a wrong on this one. you have to keep a bunch of people in the race. even then, it is uphill, particularly if donna trump comes out of tuesday with 300 delegates. provocative point
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you're making about white is good for ted cruz if marco rubio stays in. i think the ted cruz grote is more likely to go to marco rubio. if the purpose is to stop donald trump from getting close to 50 or seeing 40, you cannot let him pick up more delegates in alabama, georgia, louisiana, kansas, and states after. mark: only cruz can do that? al: i think so. mark: stay tuned for more after this. ♪
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mark: there are plenty of questions that remain about the republican race, the nomination fight. the one that matters most for now, is donald trump stoppable? here to help us answer that are stewart stevens and henry barbour, who has endorsed marco rubio.
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did i mix up you and your brother? did you work on the romney campaign? >> that was little brother, but i was a volunteer helper. mark: let me start with both of you, a basic question, how to stop trump. appraise the state of the race now. you have been outspoken saying nobody is going after trump. talk about the other three and the chances to be contenders. is a straight up cage fight and whoever is the most aggressive contender taking on trial is the most -- taking on donald trump is the most likely to win. it is not very complicated. one guy is ahead. he has a bunch of votes. you have to tell people why you should have those votes and he should not have those votes. i think this race has been the most peculiar. people have been competing to see the order they could lose in
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instead of trying to win. the guy who has been trying to win has won. ted cruz was able to stop him in iowa. when the guy was stumbling out of iowa, nobody laid a glove on him. it was as if they thought he deserved to begin a pass going into new hampshire. had a terrible week in south carolina, trump did, terrible week. yet nobody took advantage of it. i think people have to decide who really wants this. mark: henry, you are supporting marco rubio at this point. do you see this as a two-person race? d think governor kasich and senator cruz are also in the mix going forward? bigy: senator cruz has that on march 1. he needs to dominate on march 1 to prove his campaign strategy makes sense. if he does not do that, it does
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not seem like senator cruz has a path. if you does dominate, he is in the game. governor kasich has a tougher task. he needs to do better in nevada today and find somewhere on march 1 to get at least second place or something. otherwise for him to think he can wait until michigan or ohio, just does not seem viable to me. your question about can we stop part ofo me the key that is getting behind the conservative candidate that can win the primary in general. that is marco rubio hands-down. that is why i am supporting marco. mark: if your candidate does not win tonight and does not win any state on march 1, is that a problem? henry: you have to keep in mind this is about getting to 1237 delegates. what marco has to do is stay where he has been.
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he was at second-place in south carolina. whichese next few states don't necessarily play to his strengths, he needs to stay in that range where he's staying within range of trump. right. stuart is marco needs to go after trump where he is wrong and make those contrasts very plain. where rubio's big opportunity is going to come is as the field thins, he has a lot of upside. he is a second choice for a lot of people whereas trump is not. so he has more upside than trump. when we get into florida and on marchth carolina 15, most of the states become winner take all. that is when marco has an opportunity to hopefully pull away from donald trump. mark: when you faced a threat
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with newt gingrich, you engaged in a tactical assault. there was paid media. your candidate talked about him. you sent surrogates to his event. are you suggesting taking on trump requires that kind of multipronged effort? >> it is the only way to win a modern campaign. we did the same thing in mississippi when we ran against -- with thad cochran against mcdaniel. it is how you win races today. when romney got trounced in south carolina, he did not pretend he won. he realized he lost because he lost. the campaign adjusted. the campaign manager put together a good, copies of plan. -- comprehensive plan. donald trump is a much easier candidate to beat than newt gingrich. he response to everything. i have never seen a candidate so easy to get inside his head.
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i don't understand why these campaigns are not having fun with teams going at donald trump. it is how youyou will take control of the race and get him responding to you. says henry, what stuart makes a lot of sense. i wonder why you think marco rubio and his campaign are not engaged in that kind of effort to stop the front runner who will probably win three in a row tonight. henry: i think it is a given he will win tonight and probably have a very good day on super tuesday as well. stuart and i have worked on campaigns together. i think we usually agree. i don't disagree with him here, but i don't think he has to decapitate donald trump today or tomorrow or next week. he has to hang in close enough. where trump is wrong, he needs to make that very plain. i would say this.
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it would be smart for us to foreshadow what the democrats might do it their national convention next year. if donald trump is our nominee, we will abuseaybe people with disabilities night. the next night, it will be about donald trump hates women. the third night, maybe he hates hispanics. mark: those seem like good points. i spent the day after the south carolina primary with your candidate flying to three different states listening to his speeches. he did not mention donald trump. you're making a case of good points about what the democrats might say. why is senator rubio sitting back and saying i will stay close? why not go directly at him? henry: i will tell you this. rubio has a lot of room to grow with republican voters. to pass him or
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decapitate him. take your pick. mark: stuart, it seems to make sense to me from a matter of logic. why is it smart people working for other campaigns, why do you think people are not saying what you are saying? why are these campaigns not doing what you are saying? what could be the countervailing argument? >> i suspect it is denial. i thought donald trump would lose. he lost in iowa. i thought people could jump on that. look at what donald trump did in south carolina. he called george bush a war inminal and attacked a pope one of the most religious states in the country. you basically have a guy running in republican primaries a combination of michael moore and christopher hitchens. that is an opportunity. you should be organizing faith
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leaders to attack him for not respecting the role of faith in the public square. you should be sending iraq vets to his rallies to confront him for calling george bush a liar. he is not going to self-destruct. you have to frame the argument. people will listen. this idea that donald trump has 35% or whatever and those people are not going to move, i don't buy that. he had 10% a few months ago. there is nothing magical about this. people will listen to arguments. whoever makes the most aggressive, logical, compelling argument is going to win this race. mark: name three states you think marco rubio could finish first in between now and the end of the nominating process. henry: florida is one he has to finish first in. midwestern states, he could do well. states like virginia, you could do well. name name tw could win --
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two he could win. henry: i think you have florida, virginia. colorado is a state where he could win. there is three for you. is the secondwho most likely nominee now? know.-- i don't i think the race is in a real state of flux. in theory, ted cruz has been well-positioned to do well in these primaries. but he has been stumbling. i can't tell you the answer to that. most presidential primaries come down to battles of well and who will endure pain long enough and be willing to do it to win. i think that is the stage this race is in now. s campaign is
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unraveling. he has been caught in so many underhanded tricks the whole trust ted thing is not working out well. mark: thank you both. when we come back, john's conversation with danny glover. right after this. ♪
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john: in the race for celebrity endorsement glamour, bernie sanders has fought hillary clinton to a draw. sanders also has another celebrity secret weapon. maybe that should be a lethal weapon. last night, i spoke with one of the stars of that franchise, danny glover, outside the american theater in downtown charleston. i started by asking mr. glover
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why he is supporting the socialist from vermont. to supportme here bernie sanders because i think he is an extraordinary statesman, an extraordinary citizen. and certainly i believe in his message. it is not about bernie sanders the personality. it is bernie sanders and the message he brings here. john: did you know much about him before he ran for president? danny: yes, i remember him as mayor. i remembered him in congress. i remembered he always stood up in the face of enormous odds. when you think about the issues he advocates, what are the ones that matter most to you? danny: certainly the issue around inequity in this country. he has identified the prison system and mass incorporation --
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incarceration as a breakdown in the justice system, and he is willing to tackle that. the numbers don't lie. the number of african american and latino men and women who are and whatincarcerated, that means in terms of them being full-fledged citizens. we know that, those stories. i think he stands up for that. those are two. we have so many issues. he is not just a one-issue politician. the issues around climate change. the issues around wall street seem to get a great deal of attention. we saw the great recession and impact that had on families, particularly young, single black women. they lost their homes in the housing crisis. tableese issues on the are issues we cannot run away from. there is the issue of race as well.
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dr. king identified this when he talked about the triplets of materialism and racism. even though his voice was prophetic, it is time we listened to it. i think bernie sanders campaign is the appropriate time for us as citizens to take on our responsibility as citizens. that is why i am supporting bernie sanders. john: we are in south carolina, the first aid there will be a democratic primary or caucus. if history holds, more than 50% of the electorate on saturday will be african american. part of the reason people think secretary clinton has a great chance of winning this race a lot is because she has so much support from the african american community here. the polling shows it. the clintons have a long history of support from african american voters. why do you think bernie sanders would be better for african americans that hillary clinton would be? danny: i think the issues bernie sanders deals with are not only
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issues around african americans, but all americans. the working men and women, those who believe in participatory democracy and engagement. african americans have always been at the forefront of expanding the notion of democracy. democracy. look at the civil rights movement. the buildings right at that the voting rights act in 1965. all of those actions were put into action by african americans and citizens as a whole. i think that, for one thing, there is turned that certainly a sociality -- this is not about personality. about how do we change and reform the system that we live in. the system of politics, the way that we vote, the system that we
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disengaged citizens -- how do we engaged citizenship? i think this is the best opportunity to do that. >> you find hillary clinton wanting in some way? there are some african-american voters that look back at welfare reform and crime policies that she and her husband advocated for, and they say -- if you go back, they were responsible for some policies that were not advantageous to minority communities. are you one of those people that find them wanting in some way? clinton with the ministration -- let us look at what the clinton administration has done. let's not put it all on them. she has done a great job in talking about lgbt writes in the rights of women -- rights and the rights of women.
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i say that you should look at both her career as a senator and as a secretary of state. i just know the history of the man, since he was a mere -- mayor, to the time he was a congressman and in the senate. he has been consistent. money for hisd campaign from small donations, not just people who would try to hijack american democracy. campaignllary clinton pointed out that bernie sanders once pointed out some critical things about how president obama has not gone far enough, that he has not gone for more radical solutions. how do you feel about that?
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danny: i had doubts about obama. the first thing i said about his that the candidacy of a black president is not a movement, it is just the candidacy of a black president. --is a legacy againstebs, who was world war i and ran for president. all of these kind of things in history. this is a historic moment for this country. i think we have to candidates here, and it is obvious that these two candidates represent, in some way, the desire and yearning for a greater, participatory democracy. >> we'll be right back after this great -- this. ♪
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is overng us now congressman tom davis of virginia's 11th district. a big e on his sweater for establishment and expertise. do you have as much as tom does on republican politics? this donald trump have it wrapped up? >> he does not have it wrapped up, but march 1 is looking pretty good for him right now. on the 15th of march, we start winner take all. if you does not stop by then, it would be very difficult. >> what should the donald trump that's 80 donald trump movement do -- what should the anti-donald trump movement do? >> if you can stay in long enough, you may have some shot at him. the way he is rolling right now
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-- on march 1 or march 15, he could wrap it up. >> we discussed this earlier, would it be better for a few to get out and just have one person on?ng on -- take him >> i do not think so. they need to divide up the pile a little bit. say, you take the states and we won't campaign in here -- , if you still in would go to misery -- missouri? >> a little bit of that. the thing is, if you are being chased by a bear with a friend, you do not have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friend. a lot of the ads have been against the more establishment candidates. they have gone after each other, and not donald trump. he has just come up at this point, and he has put himself in
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a good position. >> marco rubio has said that he is not going negative. that does not work on donald trump, does it? >> at this point, it does not. everyone felt that he would self implode, that he would make some comments that would take him, and i have not happened. i think you can go right at his record. he has been all over the place. you can go right after in terms of his bankruptcies, there is a long litany of things. you have to go right after him. you'll still have some people him, but-- clinging to he has not been very well that it. everyone that he has put out of a job, when he closed his casinos, they will be on the tv telling their stories. >> we will learn what the term
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and it domain means -- eminent domain means. nomination,in the can he make peace with the establishment? or, rather, can the establishment make peace with him? >> certainly. you have the supreme court on the line. i think most republicans will rally behind trump. they will stay with them at this point. i think that we will see that he is flexible when it comes to doing the things that he needs to get done. >> let me take your state of virginia. first for the primary, is donald trump a big favorite? >> he is been doing well in the western part of the state. it is proportional though. john kasich has some strong pockets of support in northern virginia, in the tidewater area. marco rubio has some people behind him. ted cruz has the party
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establishment. the pro-life conservatives, social conservatives with him. it is proportional voting. at this point, donald trump may not win. >> how would they look at a general election? >> it is tough. virginia, all caps comments on muslims and hispanics -- prince william minorityan -- has a majority there. it is a very multiethnic population. that is what he has to overcome at this point. is it doable? you never know. northern virginia is pretty sophisticated with its voters. he appeals more to the noncollege educated. i think he will come out of there in the hole.
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he may do better than most republicans, coming down the western part of the state. but, it is tough. if he is running against hillary clinton, she has her own that of problems. he has a long way to go. i think you'll see more negative ads at this point. i think hillary clinton, generationally, has the problem of not knowing what to do. do you bring in the bernie sanders people? loop ofrump has a whole people in the electorate that have not participated before. >> tom, if he in the establishment make peace, will they do it on his terms? are there any issues that would worry you? >> it is the trade issues that were the establishment. how he has been on trading, which is one of his signature issues. i think he wants to be president , he is a businessman and he knows how to negotiate.
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you close behind him, and then you negotiate afterwards, to some extent. >> give me a sense of some people that you would recommend as his running mate? florida, he has got to carry ohio and florida, so marco rubio and john kasich are good choices. you have three other candidates that are in there at this point. john kasich or marco rubio would be a very strong choice for vp. >> we will add you for encyclopedic to that sweater as well. >> more coming up after this. ♪
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♪ what joining us now for a deep dive into the data of our online -- doug arthur.
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doug, thank you for joining us. let us start by talking about the methodology. this is an unusual poll for us to do. it is an online survey broken down by the totality of the southern states voting on tuesday. doug: we want to take a look across the entire geography, to look at what is coming up in the and get to look across a quick, efficient look. resurvey, people did and how did we find them? doug: we used an online panel. 1200 respondents to the survey. fairly large. do, weof the things we sent into this group of -- we said to this group of southern republicans, if you're only true was donald trump and ted cruz or donald trump and marco rubio, who would you vote for?
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donald trump came out ahead. that i think it signifies you can see that ceiling disappeared when he is in a two-way race. he's in the high 40's, topping 50 against john kasich. >> if you look at those numbers -- we tested ted cruz first donald trump in iowa, and ted cruz won easily in iowa. do you think the changes are from his run of three victories? doug: i think there is a lot going on with what we have seen with donald trump and some of the state polling, is that when you had the real focus -- ted cruz spending a time of time in iowa, he did a little bit better. with things moving faster and with less time, donald trump's way of campaigning seems to be
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paying off. the combination of degrees was his strategy seems to be doing him very well. >> i want to talk trades with you now. part of the reason why we talk about this trunk doing well for donald trump was his stance on trade. so just walk us through donald ismp traits, where he leads candidates by a lot. --g: he is seen as the place the least conservative. yet, he is still winning. having said that, he is building his coalition on authenticity, protection from terrorism, and the fact he can win indy general election. general election. here,k, really important
9:50 am
everything that we thought we knew about southern republican primary voters, that they care about the most religious and conservative candidate has now been turned on its head. >> doug, talk to me about marco rubio and ted cruz in that order. if i him sitting in the marco rubio campaign and the ted cruz campaign, i am digging through ll, what do i po see here that gives me a sense of hope? doug: not much. the fact that donald trump leads across some of those active attributes, and the fact that he has a positive view on the future -- the other thing is the question of trustworthy. while he is considered authentic, i think there is a question about whether or not people can really trust what he believes. we see some high negatives in
9:51 am
some pockets of the population there. there might be an opportunity. i did not know if there's time before march 1 though. >> we asked the respondents to look at what the pope said about donald trump, and what donald trump said about the pope. while it is not the most religious region, how did donald trump first the pope do -- versus the pope do? doug: in this war of words, after hearing from both sides, donald trump one with 64% against the pope. the pope only getting 18% in terms of people agreeing with what they have to say. it could be the fact that the pope was talking about immigration, which is such a hot button issue. i think it is telling, even , ang cap flex, -- catholics majority sided with donald trump on this question.
9:52 am
>> well, the pope does not have a ground game. doug: i think he has a pretty good organizing game in the world. >> but no ground game. trying to put together a line of attack on donald trump, is there a line that comes out of this? they don't think he is the most conservative, but they still support him. that suggests to me and other republicans that going after donald trump as too liberal is not the way to bring him down. doug: i think that is right. i think the problem now is that too many people are looking at trump and thinking there is a silver bullet to take it down. folks in other campaigns are saying he is pop this, he is not as rich as he says he is, but they need to be concerned about his attacks. the problem right now is strategic. you have too many people aiming to many different guns into many different directions.
9:53 am
the problem is that these campaigns cannot seem to courtney. ,s soon as one -- to coordinate as soon as one draws a beat on donald trump, they start fighting amongst themselves. they need to stop thinking about looking for a silver bullet. , unless therework is a strong, directed effort. that is the problem right now. there is a real coordination problem with the campaigns. >> doug, thank you so much. we will be right back after this.
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♪ in deed. week donald trump and hillary clinton are the big winners this week. there is a lot of talk of what the republican establishment is going to do now that super tuesday is right around the corner. be sure to get the latest on >> also, you can listen to us on .he radio at 91 point fm
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we'll have more on monday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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♪ emily: he is the owner of the world's very first model s, and an early backer of elon musk's tesla and spacex. a fast talker with an unconventional investing philosophy, who once shadowed steve jobs. he has amassed one of the biggest private space collections in the world, and spends his days pondering the future of artificial intelligence, genomics, and self-driving cars. joining me today on "studio 1.0," venture capitalist and partner at draper fisher jurvetson, steve jurvetson. steve, thank you so much for being here. it is great to have you. steve: thank you.


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