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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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john: i'm john heilemann. mark: and i'm mark halperin. and "with all due respect" to march, you don't need a bracket to see all the madness. ♪ it is a mad, mad, mad world out there. hello from our san francisco bureau. another big tuesday primary extravaganza tomorrow. some may call it super. five states are voting. at stake, lots of delegates and big batches of momentum. over the past 72 hours, protesters at donald trump's events have collided with his supporters in chicago, st. louis, and dayton. that has become not just the main story but the dominant story of all the campaigns in both parties.
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here's a recap of the weekend from "the circus." >> donald trump was interrupted at a rally in missouri. police say there were 32 people arrested in st. louis. another trump event is coming up in chicago. >> there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of protesters on hand. security does not have a handle on the situation here. >> tonight's rally will be postponed until another day. thank you very much -- [chanting]
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>> please go in peace. >> this is becoming violent. there is pushing and shoving going on inside this arena. it is total chaos. mark: donald trump joins me on the phone. mr. trump, you believe you haven't done anything to create a tone with this kind of violence. >> i don't take responsibility. nobody has been hurt. john: do you regret saying any of those things about punching protesters? >> no, i don't regret it at all. i will say we have had tremendous success with people. the popularity we have in the
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rallies -- it's a love fest. >> just for clarification, you have no regrets about anything you have said? >> we have had great support, and i think we did a good job tonight. a lot of people are giving us a lot of credit. >> before we begin, i want to say a few words about what happened in chicago last night. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. >> donald trump has got to be loud and clear and tell his supporters that violence at rallies is not what america is about and to end it. >> at this moment, i intend to support the republican nominee, but it is getting harder every day.
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>> unlike donald trump, i don't ask people in the audience to punch someone in the face. >> the president -- i have to do it myself. i know it's not -- [shouting] >> and to think i had such an easy life. what do i need this for? mark: today in hickory, north carolina, he appeared with his best friend and supporter, chris christie, insisting that the coverage of the violence at his rallies was getting blown out of proportion. >> you know how many people have been hurt? basically none. other than i guess maybe somebody got hit once or something, but there is no violence.
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we go and these things are so incredible. it's a movement and we love each other and we will do so well. i'm a peaceloving person, folks. [cheering] >> we love peace. mark: at another trump event later in the day, sarah palin blamed the protesters and the "lamestream" media. >> what we don't have time for is the petty stuff going on with these "protestors." mark: amazing how much this is dominating every piece of coverage for the year. is trump helped or hurt by the events of the last three or four days? john: i don't know whether any of this will hurt him in terms of his supporters. that i don't know.
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to the extent that there is an anti-trump movement, that this is a galvanizing moment. there are many republicans who thought he would be a disaster in the general election. there were many who thought he would split the party, ruin the republican party. i think a lot of establishment republicans watching tv on friday see how he has reacted, not only not apologizing, but in some ways inciting things to a greater degree. i think it will galvanize the antitrump movement. there may not be able to stop him, but if there is a way to stop him, we don't want chicago 1968 in cleveland this summer. we don't want a nominee who will lose the general election but spur this kind of violence on the streets. mark: i think it will make it more likely for john kasich to win ohio, and it will make it more likely for the party to take the nomination away from him. john: i agree.
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for more casual viewers, and for the establishment, they already didn't want trump, but there is a sense of urgency now in the voice of establishment republicans that was not there before, having seen the utter chaos and the way in which trump is not backing away, but doubling down. mark: it will cause some people to turn to ted cruz, if it gets down to that. trump behaved over the weekend, in his phoners, with no finesse. he said i bear no responsibility. that worries some people. he might not have enough finesse to win a general. john: i know i just heard the bell, but he has suggested that his supporters go to sanders rally and cause trouble. he talked about how we might take a bill from the guy who sucker punched a protester. those are ugly words. that's the wrong thing to do.
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his republican opponents are still saying he is at least partly to blame for the violence. we have been talking at all of them. john kasich that he created a toxic atmosphere and lamented that his kids are watching the campaign and are horrified. marco rubio says he is stoking voters' anger for political game. ted cruz says he will still vote for the republican nominee, he told "meet the press" on sunday that his party has created an environment that only encourages nastiness. paul ryan said that candidates must accept responsibility for conflicts of their campaign events. mark, my question for you, of the three republican candidates challenging trump, who's dealing with this in the right way, not just in terms of the ethical right, but in terms of ways that might give them some political edge? mark: kasich has the best chance to benefit. i don't think marco rubio will find a way to win florida, and he will likely be out. agonizing how
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to react over this. kasich has been relatively consistent. it fits with his brand. john: i agree. i think they have all handled it pretty well. comparatively speaking, cruz potentially benefits more. he's more likely to be the nominee than kasich because he has more delegates. cruz has more concerns to assuage. cruz has spoken out strongly. for establishment republicans trying to get comfortable with the idea of ted cruz, he has done a lot this weekend to make them think he is rising to the occasion. mark: this is a volatile situation. it depends on how he does. does trump modulate his behavior, does he change the rules? i don't know why he wouldn't call the man who was punched. when not just call him and say i hope you're ok? john: he does not seem to have a fingertip feel for the situation. mark: he does for his supporters.
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john: for the people who are now freaking out, he is not doing anything -- mark: he could win every state tomorrow, and there was a chance before that if he swept every state, he could start coasting to the nomination. that will not happen now. this topic of donald trump and the protesters is an easy target for the democrats. in ohio last night, hillary clinton claimed that his rhetoric amounted to "political arson" while bernie sanders pulled the "pathological liar" line. here are some of their comments. mrs. clinton: it's clear that donald trump is running a very cynical campaign, pitting groups of americans against one another. he's trafficking in hate and fear. he's playing to our worst instincts rather than the angels of our better nature. he actually incites violence in
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the way he urges his audience on, talking about punching people, offering to pay legal bills. mr. sanders: mr. trump says he is prepared to pay the legal costs of an individual who sucker punched somebody at a recent event. what that means is that donald trump is literally inciting violence with his supporters. that is an outrage and i would hope that mr. trump tones it down big time and tells his supporters that violence is not acceptable in the american political process. mark: john, is this a smart fight for bernie sanders and hillary clinton to pick? john: there are too many questions that are easier to answer. let's be clear, they aren't picking a fight. this is a big moment, they are reacting to it in the same way republicans reacted, to try and
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point out that trump is doing something dangerous and wrong. do they get political advantage? sure. the extent to which they make trump look unacceptable is -- they're standing up to him now, and we will see it play out in the general. mark: one of the realities that bernie sanders faces is he has to prove that he can be a stronger general election candidate. he needs to prove to democrats that he can take trump want more effectively than hillary clinton. this is an audition, assuming trump is the nominee. john: it is a rare moment, worth noting as we move on, that we have really seen -- what bernie sanders had to say, what the republican candidates had to say. they all could have said they are interchangeable in their condemnation.
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up next, he's back! why mitt romney is returning to the stump today with john kasich. we'll be right back. ♪
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john: mitt romney was in ohio today with john kasich. not exactly an endorsement, because his thing is to vote for whichever candidate can stop trump. but he also mentioned trump at the event, but also talked about john kasich's record on jobs.
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he has also done robocalls for kasich and marco rubio. my question for you is what does this mean? what does his decision to go out mean? mark: i suspect he was invited, and he still wants kasich to win ohio. he would like rubio to win in florida. i continue to be stunned at the lack of people getting ready to coalesce around kasich. it's possible mitt romney might endorse him. that i still here so little from establishment republicans saying it looks like rubio might lose florida, kasich might win ohio, let's go for kasich. i think there will be some of that, but not nearly as much as he will need to make this a three-way race. john: you and i discussed this extensively. it freaks me out. i find it -- he's a governor, a successful governor, politically and substantively successful i can't imagine that if you are a governor in republican party -- what choices there? marco rubio is almost certainly dead. why are you not already --
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mark: the only three people who got in the race were trump, kasich, and cruz -- the whole establishment would be for kasich. john: and john kasich is too moderate -- donald trump is arguing for expanding medicaid, for obamacare. he wants to start a trade war. mark: and don't get me started on electability. john: if you are a republican establishment, deficit reduction and trade -- mark: just assume, as the polls suggest, that rubio loses and kasich wins. what happens will tell the tale of whether it's a two person or three-person race. but the fact that it is to person is extraordinary. ohio is an important state. john: new polls suggest that donald trump, barring surprises,
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will have another super tuesday tomorrow. he's held consistently in florida and north carolina polls, and to a lesser extent missouri. ted cruz and john kasich are in a tight race for second, but trump has a lead. a new poll out shows trump is losing to kasich. the hometown boy is up in the latest poll. at this point, based on everything we know, who on this planet after trump is the second-most likely republican nominee? mark: i could construct the case for why john kasich is, but i'm a simple man, and i look at delegate count. john kasich has very few delegates. ted cruz has a lot more. john: they may have even more after tomorrow.
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mark: and he has a demonstrated ability to raise money. i think that cruz will have a hard time facing up to trump. but i will say, between the two of them, i picked ted cruz as more likely. john: he we'll have more delegates after tonight if he wins. here's the thing. if kasich can't fight his way into a three-way, then it's cruz. i continue to believe, more than you do, that even if cruz doesn't do well, even if trump wins all five, cruz could start winning. and when and if that happens, the answer is obviously cruz. that is a most likely way to stop trump right now. -- mark: what she could do in a three-way as well.
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john: one thing we are having to learn and repeat over and over is that this race is superfluid and volatile. as much as we have seen violence and conflict building up, some people have sensed that what happened was a game changer. given how donald trump is, what will happen? i don't know. today in california, trump versus cruz, i say trump wins. mark: maybe he has another endorsement. john: maybe. hillary clinton's messaging conundrum, when we come back. ♪
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mark: after hillary clinton's shocking loss in michigan, her campaign said she would sharpen her economic message. that will be particularly important for the midwestern states, which are voting tomorrow. john, the clinton campaign says she will talk more about her economic message. is she? john: she's doing a little bit. she's tried to respond to the trade front, she had a couple of ads where she has talked about gdp, but she has found herself wandering off into other things that have not allowed her to be as on point as we were given to believe she was going to be after the michigan upset. mark: some of the things that have happened are just the way to be a covers it. she made a mistake about nancy reagan and aids. the trump thing. but it is the most cautionary thing in a while i have seen in
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her campaign. she's talking about the economy in such a mottled way. they're trying to claim her trade position is misunderstood -- no, it is understood all too well. if this is her speaking clearly about her economic agenda, she will have a tougher time winning a general. john: the only caveat i would add is that she would get to speak her heart. both obama and clinton in 2008 veered to the left when the race got to these states. this is one example of a place where bernie sanders is in a better position relative to the base. he can talk about trade as a full throated protectionist, because he believes that. she cannot go there -- mark: i'm just talking about basic candidate performance. she's in danger of losing some of these primaries tomorrow.
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her message on the economy is not there. i don't know what to think she is getting done by talking about trade the way she is. john: it's hard for her, because the kinds of things she would say -- all right. here's a huge number. 797. that is the number of delegates at stake tomorrow. polls have been showing hillary clinton with a strong lead in states like florida and north carolina. the race appears to be tightening in the midwest. in illinois, bernie has been trying to use rahm emanuel's unpopularity to his advantage. a new online tracking poll shows him moving ahead. in ohio, a new poll shows clinton's lead shrinking to within the margin of error. so my question is where, looking
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at the five states in play, which of them does sanders have a chance? mark: looks like illinois. may be ohio and missouri. if he won three of five, that would be a big deal. it allows him to go forward and win bigger states. one of five or zero is a tough time for him. john: she's going to win florida by a crushing margin, and north carolina pretty comfortably, which means that she will again come out with a delegate bump. i think sanders can win those three states, but all of them will be close. he won't win by a lot; missouri is a place he has the best chance of winning for sure, but not by 20 points. she'll win in delegates, he will win in states. he needs -- you are right.
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he needs to do better than one. two would be ok, three would be big. mark: he needs a hold tomorrow, and that is two or more wins. when we come back, marco rubio makes a final pitch in florida. we will talk to his contractor about what is going on in the sunshine state. ♪ find fantasy shows.
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if nobody has that, then it is up to the delegates in cleveland to pick the republican nominee and there is plenty of precedent for this. it's not unusual for the party, it is not commonplace in modern times, but it isn't unheard of that the delegates would pick the nominee. and it is not always the one who has the plurality. there are examples -- i believe in 1940, they candidate with the third number of delegates ended up emerging as the nominee. who knows what is going to happen this year? who knows what is going to happen this year? a lot of states have yet to vote and we have a long way before we get to cleveland. if we go to cleveland, it will be up to the delegates to decide. john: thank you and good luck tomorrow. coming up, the former mitt romney supporter who has not chosen a site in the cycle.
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we will ask him why after this. if you are watching us and washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio on bloomberg. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ john: joining us now is the sun microsystems ceo, scott mcnealy, a longtime silicon valley republican donor. he's not supporting any presidential campaign in this cycle so far. he joins us from down the road apiece. thanks for joining us. scott: i did support carly and i think that extends my long-running streak of not supporting anybody who wins. mark: i stand corrected. you supported someone from your
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industry. but of the remaining candidates in this race, before still in the race, do any of them give you hope that they would be a strong nominee and a strong president? scott: i think any of the four are far superior in terms of ceos, i would say most ceos are a thousand times better than the best politician. in terms of understanding what makes america great. but i'm a little biased, having been on the inside and seeing how the system can work incorrectly and how it can work properly. i'm worried -- it is fascinating to me that when i grew up, socialists was one of the bad things you can call someone and now we have millions of people supporting that. i think integrity and character, honesty and transparency are all things that used to be something we tried to look for in politicians and we don't seem to care anymore.
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i think there are three reasonable candidates and a huge wildcard. the donald, obviously. john: let's talk about the wildcard. how may people among your friends in silicon valley are trump supporters? scott: none of them overtly. they are out there. i think all of them are in the camp that i am in. we've got raccoons in the attic and who's the most likely to have a chance as opposed to being part of the problem? the democrats -- everyone is inching it in the wrong direction, some faster than others. maybe someone is very smart and understands that if you tell somebody what you are really going to do -- there's no way i
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could get elected because i would tell everybody what government sectors i wanted to shut down and would want to get government out of health care and nobody would vote for me. donald is doing quite the opposite. john: he is pretty negative on immigration. he's an out front protectionist. he doesn't want to reform title and and -- and title meant. which one of those issues is not a deal killer for you? scott: if i had to pick out of the four donald, maybe, maybe not. he is aggressive enough that he might be able to get something to done. getting back to the constitution, the one in line is ted cruz.
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can he move congress and get it done in congress? does he have enough momentum to get it done? anything is better than what i see on the other side for sure and that is because i believe as a libertarian that your personal financial freedoms and liberties are critical to ensuring you have personal liberties and freedom. that is not what the left is all about. i don't think you end up down the road with personal freedoms and liberty. that's why i'm with anybody on the right. mark: you have some kindred spirit in silicon valley, but there are a lot of liberals out here. in the general election that saw hillary clinton versus donald trump, how do you think silicon valley elite support would divide? scott: somebody asked me why do people who do so well in a capitalist environment want to vote for a socialist set of
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leadership and there's multiple guesses. some people have told me they want to vote for a more socialist and progressive tax and then income equalization strategy because they want to buy off the people so they don't revolt and i find that revolting. we think you can buy off the plebeians out there and i don't think that's great for self-esteem or great for stability and its certainly not good for people to get something they didn't learn. other people are feeling guilty they did so well in my view of that is if you feel guilty about that, give your money away because you are going to be far more effective than the government. mark: you are a keen observer. who do you predict the next president of the united states will be? scott: i don't predict the future.
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my gut is i'm fairly pessimistic because i thought we had the best human on the planet to vote for, one of the greatest humans i've ever had a chance to vote for, mitt romney and he got the buy a second turn barack obama -- second term barack obama. i don't get it. i'm hoping the world's eyes have been opened and that's one of the things donald trump has done. he's gotten a lot more people engaged in the conversation. mark: up next, a reporter covering donald trump who has seen a lot of his rallies up close and personal. katie couric joins us from the campaign trail at these words from our sponsor. ♪
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♪ >> bimbo, dog, fat pig, real quotes from donald trump. a person who is very flat chested is hard to be a tent. look at that face. what anybody vote for that? she had the height, she had the beauty, she was crazy, but these are minor details. >> if you think america deserves better, vote against donald trump. john: that's a new ad from the anti-trump super pac called our principles. coming to us now from a trump event is abc plus correspondent covering the trump campaign. a lot has happened since we checked in with you friday afternoon. now we are checking in with you monday. give us a sense of what the tone is like after such an eventful
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and in some ways ugly 72 hours. katie: it is as is has always been. it's just as bombastic and aggressive and denying of the violence around it. but it has gotten a lot more intense in the past few days. after we spoke on friday, violence roque out and blood was shed in chicago as protesters and supporters group punches on the floor of an arena donald trump was supposed to take the stage at. after that, secret service surrounded him in dayton, ohio, as someone tried to jump to get donald trump on stage. people were pepper spray in kansas city. there were nativism taunt going on in cleveland and today, we see more efforts to disrupt every trump rally so far today. most interesting thing i am seeing come out of the news cycle -- coming out of the news cycle is the potential news that
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north carolina police are looking into filing charges against donald trump for inciting a riot. right now, there are a number of outlets saying they are filing charges and looking into it. some outlets are saying they are not. the reasoning behind that is what happened in a until last week when a 78-year-old man sucker punched a protester who was leaving the arena and afterward, basically threatened to kill him if he saw him again. that man was arrested and on meet the press, donald trump said he was considering paying that man's legal bills, looking into paying the attackers legal bills, not the guy who was sucker punched and that is emblematic of the tone of this entire campaign. if you are with us, you are great, if you are not, you are wrong no matter what. it is a whole new level when you see the candidate for the
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presidency of the united states offering to pay the legal bills of someone who threatened to kill another person. mark: trump and john kasich have an interesting relationship. if he can find a way to win ohio, he can and this thing yet the attack on k-6 -- on john kasich, he criticized him for watching the golf channel and now msnbc. but why hasn't he gone personal? why no caustic nickname or a new attempt to take him down? katie: that's a good question and i'm not entirely sure why. there were rumors he was looking at potentially running with john kasich. those were the rumors before things got really tight in ohio but he's not going after him personally and that could be because john kasich is such a popular governor in the state. it wouldn't be a good idea to
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consult the man they like to gain votes because it would not work in donald trump's favor. voters seem to like john kasich a lot but they also seem to like donald trump and i think he's going after his record and going for the personal attack to bring voters away on a more substantial level than he had with someone like marco rubio. i think donald trump is good at sensing weakness and he sensed weakness in marco rubio and sensing he is robotic as chris christie called him. with ted cruz, there are the fraud charges and the potential not trustworthy factor. some people say that has resonated with them. john kasich is pretty well-respected and pretty well liked. it might be that he doesn't have a glaring weakness donald trump
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can go after, but it is closer than it has been in the past. that is why you see donald trump in ohio tonight. originally they were planning on being in florida but they changed it and are having this rally here. that's an indication of how close it is here and how much donald trump is trying to win this state. john: thank you for being with us again. we will be right back with some ideas about what to call tomorrow's primary contest. ♪
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♪ john: i ask you as i must who
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wanted? governor john kasich of ohio, new polling suggesting he's got a small but stable lead in ohio and is proving yet again he is not afraid of donald trump. he's not a deer in headlights and it's going to come in handy. john: on the basis of the polling, it looks like bernie sanders has won this day. people are starting to wake up to the fact that bernie sanders could be a contention in illinois or ohio. by our count, there have been two so-called super tuesday or days that people call super tuesday, but tomorrow is also a tuesday and it looks like it's going to be super. so what should we call this? we decided to ask our friends in local news to help us figure it out. >> good morning, idaho. let's welcome back. it is super tuesday three. >> people are calling it super tuesday three. >> what they call super tuesday three.
8:57 pm
>> the sprint to super tuesday three. >> it is the sprint to super tuesday three. >> the sprint to super tuesday three. >> the sprint to super tuesday part three. mark: just call it a election day. check bloomberg for an article about how to steal the nomination from trump. coming up, emily chang talks to us. thanks for watching. sayonara. ♪
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