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  Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  March 15, 2016 10:06pm-10:09pm EDT

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time to cover, but donald trump once to make sure that does not happen because anything goes at that point. rishaad: he is talking in florida at the moment. thank you. trump: as a country we did not win any more, they ask, is there anger from your people? they are not angry people, but they want to see the country properly run. they want to see borders and good health care, they want to see things taking care of. they want our military is in a bad state. they wanted to rebuilt. very importantly, and they want the second amendment, by the way, protected and attempted strongly and that is going to happen. and you know what they want so badly? they want our veterans taken care of. our veterans are treated so badly.
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, we started and something happened called paris. paris was aned, and disaster. there have been many disasters, but it was paris and then we had a case in los angeles where was in california where 14 young people were killed. on.oes on and on and what happened with me is this whole run took on a whole new meaning. not just good trade dealers, i am going to make the good trade deals, the best you have seen. we have smart people in business and these people are going to be negotiating our deals and a are the best in the world, we have the best negotiators in the world. we are can have such good deals, where can i do so good with trade, we're going to do good on the border. it took on new meaning. the meaning is simple.
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we need protection in our country. the poll numbers shot up. i am proud to be part of this. i think we're going to go and we are going to do a lot of trips over the next month but i think we're going to have a big victory and more importantly than anything else, we're going to start when he. this country is going to start winning again. we do not win anymore. [applause] mr. trump: we do not win with our military. we cannot be isis. we are going to knock the hell out of them. we don't win at trade. china, everybody, japan, mexico, vietnam, india. name the country, anybody we do business with beats us. we don't win at trade. we are going to win at trade. we are going to make our country rich again. we are going to make our country great again. to we need the rich in order
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make our country great, i am sorry to tell you. [applause] -- trump: so, rishaad: palm beach, florida there. rubio, marco rubio suspended his campaign. win.of course, online to that is trump speaking