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tv   Bloomberg Business Week  Bloomberg  April 1, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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♪ il s icoidednef e stowerfuwon sicon vaey stti h ceeatotol rededeag sengheisofheams ra pne e ca cc's rsce afr seveyes er s i ki a jobt e chine eltr c srtp xt, mi tta othau indurytea,nd cwd rk ocacoetor fm ape ggl ing n, dmree
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waio nt's a o. thk u r ing . at is le incefo the fit me? paase:t aotf n. wod y stf te, esdays, rruitin le. i elike i vewo eaas, o nns,eeng ndat. i ha bn gettg azg tantin o cpa. stf e me ao enon e ragy thki authathe pruc ould babt. emy:ete phselitl wh iitikbeg fit ti ceo wn ur comtir is elonus aute paase: it f. its ilfu i ha aot of spt for on -- he idhibere- antea.
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sotis ge ed tan didu, imo a o e op atea,hohe le tla, fr t earlyay anare stl ere, bldg aminpruc. slis cpa, eyav anged rethgsrouny. rs iwathfit mpy to eabshn ecic mainre vehic. fo tt,ose's reee t cs. tea, ge emret r mang a sio vehic. and th ty det sowa atrm anthe thd ange w ty ma ia to bomny emy:o u ll y en? dmre io t.
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dre mol a ihi ouall thdierent in iava ffen pepeivont. ouvions ffenfr s's. it inonecessiltoui anlerica iiso opmi the eernces aut it emy:hat cabeetter ou e des? dmre iis notoofor passge. ia eacafocafoia d e iv. loofhei d clde beer anthscens detize emy:ouee mketea es notddss. atoeitooli? paase:hi fst e rk igrinfoe's the. dreny e ceiv tt thgornnts vi, t yo tt,he imo coum binpor,oong atuyg tobiles. anthfalyizisetng
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bier becsehey ha ge ayrothonchd li. ily: sthnextevouer, wiialiheleedo il anlectrisurcar osos. paasree:upcar is diert. weill unilt at t e of thye. inddio we are loinat ssarket hies forhi. at wilben the rk sn te emy:hen wi wsee nee's inhe.s paase:tatud. emy:ouren e st of thmost perl womainhe rlanceaiy chnolo. afr u ft cis, u had veurcatastknki o uroo u reald f t twitr o job. i ullo tkn me ou yo pce, at youreand hoyoend wh xt. dmre wn le ccoi
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s t avg sc i s okg r the xt veur fusasoto t ay fr ccouto n somethg at wasxcing. i elhe a tesn e tenogyndtrlicye th big cng are hpeng. ghnoisnef ostis. i nt to bet e giin of msi cngraerha t middl wainrestedn trsportaonndn ucio bo othe duri he not nehroughhae. met wiia ov bakstweertain abt w e tondustrha hu penalorhae. i got cid withisision. is alnewith mthking. emily:haatacd u hi padmre this t third arp idog.
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he is coumer iert enepne. ueran t pinwi icthe mpiemo. h an unrsnding t aumoleart acin cha. anheelveinuiing a ob cpa tt rtein co vues. all ofhe tngarsila my asraons. wa tbuild glal coan alysonded se a glaliten i lie e mpieth ccd e thosth have ep valu. am pasone aboucrti th. eris a l osimilatyn my tnkg d si. il wt s it le ing a ma einr 14? ♪
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♪ elyi nt to lk littl
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rebo y a h y g he. u ewp southn dia. lle ouyo uriin dmree: ireup in sml wnn utrnnd. it iprably aigown no my fatr s laer mom w aath mar t stedomtoakca ous was alysnteresd math d iee owg . would y waa ris, ouemin pcoouchd. i uldoxpimtst me i uldre m czy one mei nt tsewh wod pp iyomeed plasti i tulyit a pst dh re amerfi n tthk d is emy:hat waitike beg ungi iertein styi sm iia wathe teion beeeboys angis? dmre n smu i edatn,utn gierg.
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sciencwadiffert om gineerg. the s not chi woulsa coagen--he we t ma wenngee. the re l owon d rlstudyi sen. ianted ba physis joedy deradeee stteas psi moran swch aerne yeato engierg. th w usu. ha tgi mfaerret. he eouged meo rsue bng anngee caedimndaii nt to ben gierecse wt sehothingsor ats en stcd d went ta rdor-- emily:hendian stute of chlo. paase: it ptty ha-ce. onofhe topngeeringnd scncuniverti. wh ien treerve f won. i nto e mp ine dei.
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erwe fe womein class 250. itasntidin tethfit eki ll my famy d said wt to co home. ily: wt d eyay paase: g spay om myom shsa iyoarnohay, meom cae w athotr d ofheoury w a difre lgue at waspenhe. did nospk hind emy:elu? paasree:esi grewp spki tug inewel, e nguageos ok w hdi i d t eahii. w aosli minto ffencotr thk gomo le and encoagent ansyat fm myom i t loofovfr mda but gotough ve td y a n cin meet you osyour ph,ndt to yotoake thjoney testg. alwaysember th qte. isothg fe istl
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withe. il tn u ntn rnl to g aastersn chic einri. paase: corct i ca tthu. tdoy masterwi $100 d onwa ck. ats l ha tulya itseulof ok bau ty reheer b iina anhe.s i meo mph my plawato finh phd a eno backndeach aii atasy ury. t en srt wki i e s. andtad. il wt s le trsiong tohe rkrc paase:hawainrein i stteworkininhe sem ndtoinst iaron fstobast tola secoucr. itas gatomnyac th. i arned lo beme mag elyn cee ca aear ppl wch thk naray avat .
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lea amf gieran cided psue mo managentnd learsp le einring. emy:hadoouhi iyo deni lacthe? dmre dngheazwa azg. ithangedhehone io meinth h psoli. op ledt. was aigfor thcoan woeditthth c. weamupitth"hlo mo" mpgn w aingrioofmang degn, maetg, and gierg. th w t hhlhtf re. at g fstteabt s e cthaweou n ansiti t compa tmove to srtho. wead amangecolis rkg,uturusesmol wanowhe e anwa close csumers
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beusweerseinphes to careranwe rov fr t csur peen. anape, csur mpy, chore cle how urs wod keo e eir dece crtethe ipnendptiz thr peens ou tt, whh t sfto e bi teet toy,otola isotne of e g bran. sohatrsionashe. ily: iantoo ck to 84 itas b year r e mac. so yr atompele into whecouters ard beg markedore tordmen. anwon cpur sciee urs ard opng atas it keeing aeme giern 84 paasree:t s a raty itasnef osthgshe
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i lt- w st of aix vi. fe aeekihitoth won gier tohida ieeitas shapedho am, aa man leerndom einri leern e chndtr thk e othethg it out lhti ulsa thfa that iimportt veelcoidce op nicyo ese thgsitr lene emecause h to suiv tougenronmen, learne th bause iwathon w wk, dnoknow. att s en pfod fe leon. emily:o u thinth is meinth s y art omth wenhoerdog ? visly, y svived. paase: i cnosay whher th d odino hpeme. de, fl ke nd to
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ve bacanhelp wen peal wenngee. eyoofoadceik"di st?""what e e thin i ne to do r , dinoha aotf th bk enbeusthe wanoneeainouan shinthr peens. i sh h tt. emy:idouvefe tt you ha tact li aan to suesul paase:hei firsjoed thworkfoe,eoe ulno kee rislbeusi eierooked o ung, w t un iorbrhtols emy: he enoueang ri dmre iove brhtols. so i h thi tseway my rsfew yes rking. wod arla a gy. i re sneer-- i ledhoes ancod t arhe i had l thesehis that
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we nothi tdoitmyob waafidf o wa w i nt tbe i sote dth. wh iece o r tola i nt to e treme te -- wod lomyaigray jt so wldooolr,anou beeve it [lghr] emy:idouvefe le u re treednfairl paase: dfe le pelei thin dnot exct yotoe nfen seh. erislws isou. ople a aays sktil. i vead sittis wher pelerekeic omyit orhai am dngecause a won. inoblenorve. t did see . il is itaifor meo k u w you laed youwo anfalyif dmre ihi iisaito asannehaquti, th
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meanwon. n who veou cldn roh e mehi. e alngisf u e pant, hodooualce hang ceeana mi? fe le e rdbanc sohosues eryinha bpeec yo he s bpeec yo work s be peec i e e rdingrio" yoha to fireuthais importt you a fure ou e aspes portantoou. wh msowayog,bo th te waruing a cty. i haopationareonsibity 7/. wod csttlstss ou i lenei need ttake te fomylf w, mite erda that imyimfomylf pat,hei n,atdays and ekds. ater it y feel u ed dtoneizyose a get urreivjues flong
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agn,ouavtoo at emy:owo u e e rk fose dvi cs ayg t? en is isainstrm? wi mki neravtori emlves? ♪
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♪ emilysohat isou asseme of thste of wen inilonaly da wth its g chvcsttu? inanwa, ere isma prress a iother yst s ken sts ckward paase:t dapinng weavnoma a pgrs. weeetoaka lot re is heteng to areoe lkbo imo onl ioko y ia probm. pelereckwlgi iis obm d gunguthawe ne tdo. bui n tnke veee anreltorovenye
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emy:hy havweot see ogsset dmre io t ow i n kw warju sayi tngs th a not dng thgso an. mae it ianpportutyor uso rkoghetoivou w are ts. spe mroftinl, quco, en w at cio. peapwe neetohink, a inst, ate edo . emy:ouavanpptuty at nexv build derse wofoe omherod . atreouoi tbud e lte d strongomny fr t binng? paasree: aeady hedy fit maenne. she joedwo dayag shismang thhe ocoore deloenis wan stfo gd. e in a fewayago. shisown sffndy
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adsh tm. wi ctie dth. i nto ve vy vee teamha more me b ao --heeai nto il i wa to beulcultur. ltleomns wa tgepeleroth au iusy,eople t om e to indtr to wo geer anmui netial emy: nexv s a bi chlee. u e yi tbrk to mark wre tes ests, g d adiol toke ilnglericars. th you he ple angole trngo t . ub. howi ntestd t? padmre it isoosoan coans e ttg tohe eltric vic marke its old iusy. e tondtrislmt 0 yes d. ia gnraitn ll happen u oblyawt s,he
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s loofalabt to its usl r compieto lkbo delent at nserlerocsho rind h cl on mpiewe tki ath nserlerocsho t changth will ve beenn e topa wl prab bin theig dictn. meomni wl cuon automo drivi. men eangn . oufos ocreati a hie ats reffdae. t stup eenveor rtn asofeoe. emy: howffdable i paase: morafrdableha a sl emy: is at50,000 less dmre wha n dcled e icye b iwi be mo aordabl colybrg l t bi intert inkingn.
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tizehexpiee wt u uldoita r,he rveshawod dived onheobe teet brging t tnsitioinhe cout wlditmolend ouin t ft e hie wi be anv. coing e o, thaishat wereocedn. emy:reouoi two o aunous dringehicle padmase:e llbuth i t the ntl ec emy:heod soeha automo featus. wh dyothk i dmre iis gathi. mef esadnced ftus llecome anrd oveti. a w arag a a rot or ent we new uf w,osca he at its t al autne ate thnog b h
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doouptizthexrice ou t c. e r ou kw o u e, atouprerces ar ithould ow pfetoak 28anno10 bau ery ti iri fm eri ve s fnccoth ith roe ta. ithod arth. th ithki fm e bi inrn sce il firstf l, howo u sethe maetoreldrin ca pyi o? wh ith mnsea lly dsev he dve emlv? paase: it lle re on tn tnk there aegulatn tt th cpaesreigin llutoms ivg,ou dsilprab s tt. we wilseit soo emily:owo you e e do duryei dfent0 yes omow wi the b pyers bgole, ape,es, xt, wl g fd,oya?
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amot sayg ose coans llispe, t lle e a ffent hiary? dmree: y wl see we ays atilbeigfint ays. ia g dury wl vebe wierak-a iusy. aitn cs,heal ain itlfill chge it wi bome mo oa nserrin odt ent tay the ll be henew pler rhs,ndomofheld ayers lligure t w to an tmsve il pmaeearriorthk yosouch fojoinus ♪
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> omurtuo n yk, th i"crl re. chli wben thur coinng covagof eleio 16. doldru m wh e c and in prebutoy. flo t cmes at won ould bpush f geinanboioanhi reacon. po read iseek shed ted uzeadingy %. beieanrsas nrole


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