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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mark: and i'm mark halperin. john: i'm john heilemann. mark: and i'm mark halperin. "with all due respect"-- >> coffee in her left hand, mental party in her right hand. one quick simple easy swipe. there are no tokens, but here is how it goes. and i'm in! ♪ mark: there is more from bloomberg later in this episode. we commuted to kansas city, where we set down with the mayor, also a hillary clinton
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superdelegate. we have that conversation later. but first, stand clear of the closing doors, because the democratic race is running express. hillary clinton and bernie sanders now in a high-speed spat over who is qualified to be president of the united states. things kickoff tuesday when cnn reported that the clinton campaign has a new three-part strategy to beat sanders. one disqualify him, two, defeat him, and three unify the party later on. "linton went on "morning joe and was asked about sanders interview with the new york editorial board. >> do you believe that bernie sanders is qualified and ready to be president of the united states? sec. clinton: i think the interview raised a lot of serious questions. sec. sanders: let me just say in response to secretary clinton. i don't believe that she is qualified. i don't think that you are
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qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pacs. [applause] think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. [applause] clinton: i don't know why he is saying that. i will take bernie sanders over donald trump, over ted cruz anytime. sec. sand -- clintonders: secretary thinks they are going to beat us up and go after us in sometimes a really uncalled for way. they think we are not going to fight back, they can guess again. this campaign will fight back. sec. clinton: i think it's a silly statement. he's free to say what he can. >> we know the devil watches
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money in the end. that is the kind of campaign she is running. >> i'm hopeful that reasonable minds will prevail today and that senator sanders and his campaign will wake up this morning and look at the headlines and realize they went too far. >> bernie sanders decided not to be a punching bag for that kind of campaigning. if that is the campaign they want to run, that is what they will get. >> the dangerous campaign is getting increasingly desperate, they are flailing. in spite of the recent victories, the delegate remains quite daunting. they should be focused on winning support in new york. that is a must win for them. mark: as we say, -- say on batman, pow! zap! boom! hillary clinton courted sanders, "clinton would be an excellent choice." huh. so john, this dustup has gotten out of control. we glossed over in question from both sides. but is this fight for clinton --
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is a slight good for clinton or senders? john: in some ways it's better for clinton than sanders. mark: we are in the disagreement zone. john: it is the case that he went further than was merited. he got a little misled by that headline on the washington post. she did not go as far as to suggest that he was disqualified. by implication, she suggested there were questions about his qualifications and begged the answers. but you did not say that he was unqualified. omething you have to do if you are running a primary. you can't say something on camera that the other side can add against your arrival if you become the nominee. the things bernie sanders said last night are things any republican can use against hillary clinton. he went too far given the level of provocation. mark: score that way, yeah. this is to win the nomination fight. bernie sanders is behind. he needs to inspired his
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supporters, who are pretty easily inspired by him. and he needs to create a different mimic in the race. he is as close to criticizing as her. this makes it april in new york. a brawl in new york is what he needs to win new york. john: your argument is that although he twisted her words and went further than was merited, it's good for him because he needs to basically do that. pecans just stay on the path he is on-- -- he can't just stay on the path he is on. he has to do something unfair. mark: if we want to talk about twisted words, we can talk about how the clinton campaign said bernie sanders wanted to get rid of universal coverage. john: the clinton campaign has been guilty of this throughout the campaign. saying that bernie sanders was friends with the koch brothers. mark: they can get rid of their crocodile tears. i have said before, this is good for him.
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he is standing up to her. he is changing the dynamic. it does not mean it's going to help him win. it could backfire. she may win at york by a bigger margin because of this. she is an experienced fighter. he needs to show that he can take her on. john: this is a good topic. an actual subtlety and nuance here. people point out with hillary sheton that by implication suggested that obama was not qualified to be president, although she did not say it out loud. we are saying the same thing. the place where she benefits from this is, it allows her to get a new place where she has the moral high ground. they are crocodile tears on some level. but it allows or the claim -- they have been trolling him all day on twitter. neither one of us believe that she is not qualified to be president. it's never a good look when you say things that are untrue. members ofll talk to
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the sanders and clinton campaign in just a few minutes. but next, changes in the trunk campaign, and what it means to the front runner on that side, after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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john: donald trump announced changes to his campaign today. one was to give veteran and public player paul more oversight in his washington outreach. trump is opening up in washington dc office next week. there have been less than flattering story about the donald wrangling team, campaign infighting, and a reduced role of his campaign manager. mark, is today's news just a
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national pollution and expansion -- national evolution and expansion of a front-runner campaign? or is the correction happening here? mark: they don't have enough hours in the day, particularly since they almost travel with trump. there is not a lot of efficiency. on the road, you just can be as efficient, with handheld devices. they need to expand. this is in the works and played long before the campaign manager's legal trouble. even before the war in wisconsin. this is a smart move, assuming trump makes everybody's role clear. when you go from a campaign that small to moderately bigger, there are bound to be fights over roles. hehn: whenever you think of t campaign manager, the idea that he spent as much time on the road with trump is ridiculous.
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managing what out should bue a multimillion dollar operation. the idea that trump is taking advice to be more presidential, and by that, building out a real operation -- if you are going to fight in a contested convention, you need people that know the arcane dark arts of delegate simulation. that is not his campaign manager currently. toward aay, ted cruz matzoh factory in brooklyn, and garnered his first time magazine cover. hanging over all this is lingering fallout from attacks on trump's your values ahead of the iowa caucuses two montshs ago. cruz brandished his new defense that he wasn't talking about all new yorkers during the caucuses, just politicians they elect. sen. cruz: let me be very clear,
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the people that i was talking about are the liberal new york democrats who have hammered this state. it is people like mayor bill de blasio, people like governor cuomo. , and trump who has funded the mall. mark: trump criticized cruz last night for "talking to me about new york values, with scorn on his face." today trump posted in instagram video, saying new york values are american values. the super pac setbacks john kasich is out with a new tv ad. >> so when you smear new york values in iowa for votes, we remember that too. now you come here and conveniently say that you love new york. forget about it, ted. so how vulnerable is cruz
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now based on this attack from iowa? was it a mistake that will cost them? john: even if he did this, he will not beat donald trump in new york. this is a dumb thing to say, especially when you don't think the new york primaries going to matter. i will also say, he's talking about new york and its rotation with evangelicals as gomorrah.and donald trump , which is three marriages, that is what ted cruz is talking about. he is now living to regret it in some extent. new york is now seeing -- is now seen post-9/11 as a wholesome american place. mark: given that he is finessing it in a way that plays well to those on the right, i think he is doing this fine. it is taking a lot of the conversation. the new york press is obsessed with the new york values line. john: ted cruz wanted to do anything in new york, accumulate any delegates. the fact that he is still in the state suggest he's trying to
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pick up delegates. this is going to crowd out conversation. i don't think it's the worst thing in the world. it won't hurt him in california. but it was a doma thoughtless thing to say. -- a dumb, thoughtless thing to say. he did not think he did not think you would be fighting this late in the process in new york. he's talking about eliot spitzer and anthony weiner, and their new york values. john: coming up, the clinton campaign and the sanders campaign weigh in on what we are calling the qualification quarrels. they join us next. we will be right back.
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mark: joining us now, someone who is eminently qualified to talk about the latest back-and-forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. hillary clinton's national political director, joining us from carson city. thank you for joining us. -- from gotham city. a lot of democrats saying the back-and-forth between your candidate and senator sanders is not great for the party. is this a bad thing, or does it not really matter? >> at the end of the day, people will look at who is going to get things done, and he was talking about the issues. -- and who is talking about the issues. we hope the conversation is one that can unify the party when the time is right. amanda, earlier in the show we talked about this. mark used the phrase crocodile tears.
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when you see bernie sanders and his team going after you this hard, is that the kind of thing you take genuine offense to? is the kind of thing that you think to yourself, he looks like a hypocrite and we are going to make hay with this? amanda: when you look at a comment like unqualified when you talk about the secretary, you have to wonder what is going on in the campaign. so we look at it and understand it, but we also recognize that at the end of the day, we have to talk about the issues people care about. we have to make sure that we have got to win this election against the other side on the republican party. we have to make sure that we bring people together, stay on message. this is a campaign. it's tough. we know that too. mark: if you've got to focus on the issues, and we are delighted to have you on, but why doesn't your campaign just ignore him? that has nothing to do with the
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issues. amanda: it has to do with the work the secretary has done her entire career. i have been there in the middle of the night as she asks tough calls -- tough policy questions. all the time she spent, not just in your career developing those, but now that we started the campaign. a lot of people say that she spent too much time a policy, this or that issue, not talking directly to the people. well, she spent a lot of that time because she believes in governing. she believes in having policy solutions. something like not qualified is a real big deal to her. it is who she is, bringing solutions. part of that is having the kind of proposals and experience that she brings to the table. john: amanda, part of what started this was bernie sander'' interview with a new york daily news op-ed editorial board, where he answered a variety of questions, someone foreign
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policy, and some signature issues, in ways that some people found wanting. clinton went on "morning joe" and when asked if he was qualified, she says the interview raised a lot of questions. what questions were raised by the interview that senator sanders gave? amanda: when you talk about what you will do for the country, and you have no policy or path on how to do it,. that is a big question throughout this campaign, we have talked about not just sa ying free college tuition. how are you going to do it? certainly the secretary, whenever is asked to question about her policy or proposals, people died in and go deep. -- people dive in and go deep. that is something different about senator sanders and the secretary. she has given a lot of thought to her proposals. it bodes for her experience and what she can bring to the white house and her vision for the country. when the secretary said that, i
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think there is a difference here. time input out a lot of how she's going to get things done. i think both candidates to be asked that question. the fact that senator sanders could not answer that question is important for people to know. mark: would bernie sanders think -- sanders make a good vice president? [laughter] amanda: we have to make sure we are winning the primary in new york. we are taking one contest at a time, earning every vote at a time. mark: would you expect now fully there is any reason to think this contest won't go until june? in other words, bernie sanders will be contesting every primary all the way through june? amanda: it feels like it's going to go and while. and we are planning for that. we are working hard in every state. we want to win by the numbers in new york. we are trying to get to all the different boroughs. at the end of the day, we need a plan.
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we knew this from the beginning. we always have a plan for a, b, and c. when i was with the last, that was exactly what i said. we are going to try for every single pledge delegate. at the end the day, we feel confident we will have those delegates and the popular vote, and the excitement around the country. isn: amanda, yes or no, senator sanders qualified to be president or not? amanda: senator sanders has brought a lot of issues to the table. at the end of the day, we would not say that he is not qualified. that has never been where this campaign has said, or what the secretary has said. i don't think any of us say that. john: okay, thank you amanda. joining us now from washington, from the other side of the argument, another qualified individual, a senior adviser to bernie sanders. senator sanders seemed to be keying off a newspaper headline
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that said that secretary clinton said he was not qualified to be president, four questioned that. -- or questioned that. she did not actually say that in that interview. is your sense that she is questioning his quotation? >> it certainly is, just hearing amanda's hearing. hillary clinton had three opportunities to answer a simple question, does she believe bernie sanders is qualified to be president? she refused to do it three times. matt lauer, i saw the accident from her interview with her. they refused to answer. amanda just gave the house answer, which is oh, you know, they refused to answer a simple question. is he qualified to be president? let me tell you why. they decided after wisconsin that they were going to run a negative strategy. they were going to disqualify bernie sanders. they were going to defeat him, then worry about putting the party back together.
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their disqualify strategy through surrogates attacking bernie on a broad range of issues, from guns to foreign policy, from the secretary refusing to answer his question about his qualifications. i saw barney frank 3-4 times say, bernie in that newsday editorial board, he was wandering, he was meandering, he did not seem to understand what was going on. we understand what is going on with their campaign. they are trying to question his capacity to be president of the united states. they are trying to say that he's not qualified to be president by refusing to answer that question. let me tell you something, we are not going to go into new york and let them run that kind of campaign against bernie sanders. they may think that because he is from vermont, he cannot handle the rough and tumble politics of the new york primary. we'll find it in the several days who can handle it and who cannot. mark: and which is worse for the democratic party? you have one candidate seeing
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the other is not qualified, and the other saying it is up to the voters. which is worse? the will tell you mark, decision of the clinton campaign to launch this negative campaigning new york against us is the worst decision. that is what is worst. mark: you are not responding to what i asked you. you're taking great umbrage that they are not saying she is qualified. but your candidate is saying she is no. that seems to be more divisive. >> what bernie is doing is reacting to an attack, which they launched against him and his goal of it is to be president. these guys wanted to have this attack. they wanted an opportunity to go against him, in a hard but subtle way. i went to law school long time ago, and i think secretary clinton learned the same thing, how to answer a question without saying the words. she's very good at it.
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that's why they don't say the word qualified. the truth is, we know what they are doing. we love to have debates on the big issues, a rating economy held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance. that is the fundamental issue in this campaign. we look forward to that debate. john: tad, your colleague jeff weaver said that secretary clinton made various deals with the devil. what are the seals, and who is the devil? tad: in a colorful way that jeff had expressed the fact that hillary clinton has decided to rely on a corrupt system of campaign finance to phone her campaign. the super pac raising tens of millions out of her behalf -- and by the way, spent millions of dollars earlier in super tuesday states to pump up her delegate totals, are part of that system. that is what the reference jeff is making. they are relying on bundlers, big money. they have a dark money super pac out there. we have no idea where the money
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-- every citizen counts. published reports has said its raised over $25 million. we have no idea where that money came from. that is what jeff was referring to. a corrupt system of campaign finance, special interests that paper campaigns, and a windows special interest -- and owing those special interests when you get into office. he is right and that reference. mark: does hillary clinton owe the family that lost loved ones in the iraq war and apology, as your candidate suggested? tad: what bernie suggested is that we are going to -- is that if we are going to quality -- going to question his collocations-- mark: we have to go to a heartbreak. thank you tad, we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> our next guest is to guests
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that two -- two guests. great to see you both. casey, let me start with you. you think offenders campaign was looking for a fight here and that's right that's why senator sanders reacted the way he did? do you think he's generally angry? >> i think it is both. you have covered sanders enough to know that so much of this is driven by him. people have been pushing him to go more directly and hillary clinton for months now. seens resisted and we have an evolution from him. he went from last year call me down any boos and not going after hillary clinton. we have seen him take sharper jabs at her, mostly on policy. this is the first time we have seen him go all out on something that is essentially character
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-personal attacks. it was very delivered the put in his stump speech last night in philadelphia in front of a crowd of thousands of people at temple university. i was surprised this morning. he did what he usually does when it was clear that the reporters wanted to talk about hillary clinton. he said i want to talk about the topics we are here to talk about, trade, and we will get to political gossip later. then he says now that we are on political gossip, let me give this tirade that includes a new line of attack. essentially you heard him say i don't want to be dismissed. i will not be this guy from a small state you can walk all over. you can really sense the personal frustration on his part with the turn this has taken. undoubtably he has discussed this with his inner circle. there is a sense he needs to do something to push back harder at her as we go into new york.
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i think it's hard to overestimate how much of this is driven by sanders and his personal feelings about how the campaign is going. john: abby, you just read what kasie had to say on the point of view covering the clinton campaign. do they like this fight? are they entering this fight unwillingly? abby: i think there is a lot of anger about this line of attack. it seems to really be at the heart of something they have started to get annoyed with the bernie sanders campaign about him going after her in a deeply personal way. the way they think is unfair and unfounded. at the same time the clinton campaign has been trying for months to get bernie sanders to a place where democrats can finally see him for what they say he is, a standard politician. one who is willing to lots personal attacks when it benefits him politically and say things they believe are untrue.
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this kind of helped him do that. as justes across factually inaccurate. they are happy to make the point that president obama has said that hillary clinton is incredible he qualified, and by criticizing her qualifications he is also passively criticizing president obama as well. i think you're happy to have this fight. it helps to make the point that have been trying largely unsuccessfully to make about bernie sanders for a long time. my colleague john wagner spoke to senator sanders this afternoon. he kind of characterized this as self-defense. he believes the hunting campaign has been ratcheting up their attacks on him. he will not take that line down. there is a lot going on here. this may be a case for the sanders campaign is strategically decided to go a little bit further. it remains to be seen whether it will help them. i believe the clinton campaign -- you heard this from some of
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her allies today are prepared to make the case this is a little bit sexist. bernie sanders saying she is not qualified enough has some sexist undertones they think it hurt her. that could hurt her. john: everyone agrees that the conventional wisdom is right in this case. new york is a must win for sanders. why isn't he just pondering down in new york for the next two weeks? kasie: he is hunkering down in new york. we are in new york city now. if you look at the schedule of events they are planning of the course the next or the eight hours it looks like he might hit most of the boroughs. brooklyn, queens, back to manhattan, a couple of different places. you can see him in upstate new york. some people forget they know him well because some of those media markets in vermont do bleed into upstate new york. i think you will see him functionally camping out in new york over the next 10 days.
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is the clinton campaign worried about losing the state? abby: i think the unworried the state might flip under the radar. i think what kasie just mentioned about the vermont media market is important. that is one of the reasons why hillary clinton is spending a lot of time upstate in western new york in those kind of places. places where there is not a huge amount of population but where bernie might have a chance to make some inroads among white working-class workers and people geographically closer to the vermont border. there is a lot in new york working in bernie's favor. they want to make sure no voters are flipping under the radar. if this is the way things are going to start, we have almost two full weeks, do you think it will be -- will they take their feet upbeat celebrator on the sanders campaign or will they go deeper and deeper and harsher
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and harsher in the next two weeks? kasie: that was my question of the press conference this morning, whether or not we would see him reacting to the weight media reacted to this small change in his some speech considering the stump speech is so long. he had a chance to back off this morning. it's pretty clear from the way he leaned into it and said more than he said previously, it tells you what their attitude is about the next couple of weeks. they are all and in new york. you are saying the idea that it's a must win for them is true. they know that and they feel like they have got the money and the time, he set the background. they are going to give it all they have got. that is what is driving a lot of concern along the clinton campaign. kasie mentioned -- secretary
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clinton has done some tv interviews but has he done in new york tradition of the traveling press since this started. abby: this morning she took the subway and before that she took some questions. she did focus a little bit more on her new york media. some folks she are pretty familiar with after two senate runs. i think he is making a concerted effort. she talked a little bit about paying more attention to her traveling press. i think us in the traveling press would love to see more than that -- more of that. she does talk to the media in traveling national media less than bernie does. smart.h is hunt thankp, kasie you for coming on. we have the real treatment in kansas city today. our conversation with the emperor of the planes, meier
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slide james. -- mayor sly mjames. you can listen to us on bloomberg 99.1 fm. ♪
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♪ mark: john and i put our own personal new york values to the test today. as nice as we are we do at this point. we sat down with one of the world's biggest kansas city royals fans, meier -- mayor sly james. after we got done chatting inevitably about baseball we talked politics and what it's
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like being a hillary clinton superdelegate. >> we came out from new york city. we are both democratic sanders -- candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. things are getting a little heated in that primary. we know you are a clinton supporter. we will talk about the superdelegate situation. given the escalation and the rhetoric we have seen from both candidates suggesting neither is solified to be president, far this race is not gone down that path. are you concerned things are going to get more bitter and it will be part of the party together after the primary? james: the one thing that separated the democratic primary season for the republican season has been the town of the rhetoric and the fact that the democratic contenders were focused on the issues and offering solutions and substance, and talking about
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things they actually had experience with for the most part. that was not true on the other side and that is unfortunate. the main thing i am concerned about is that the american evil deserve to have -- american people deserve to have leaders who are able to articulate the issues and offer reasonable, pragmatic, doable solutions. i also understand the real challenges of campaigning. i don't think people really understand how difficult and how tiring and exhausting it is to be on and on stage every single minute for a year or year and a half. it takes a toll on you. when people are tired they get a little testy. i will write this up to just being testy near the end of fighting for every single vote. i think at the end of the day bernie sanders in hillary clinton will find a way to get together on these issues and support each other. it's in the best interest of the people of this country that they do. >> i will give you an opportunity to bring them together as a hillary clinton
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supporter. you like some of bernie sander'' ideas. mayor james: i think it's impossible not to like the concept or free college tuition at state universities, or to do something but student debt and student loans. i think those are all very admirable. i think it would be nice to work towards those. but i'm also very caucus of the fact that this is not being done in a vacuum. this is the same republican congress that is vendor trying to sort -- that has been trying to fort president obama every step of the way. i am looking for things we can actually get time d that -- done. it's great to see things about free tuition. that's a whole different deal for making it happen. >> hillary clinton had a great march. to build a delicately bigger than barack obama ever had overheard in place delegates. yet he continues to raise millions of dollars and he's on a winning streak.
5:44 pm
what is going on with your candidate that she is being outraised and bernie sanders is beating her in primaries and caucuses? mayor james: i think it's obvious. bernie sanders talking about the issues he is talking about is going to attract a certain type of voter. it will attract the younger voter, the idealistic voter. it will attract a voter that loves listening to those really good, lofty idealistic approach is about life and government in this country. hillary clinton has been around for a long time. i will not discount the fact she is a woman. i think people are often very much harder on women and minorities than the are on white men. i also think that one of the issues is that hillary clinton has been in the public eye, in the spotlight for decades. i don't care who you are. in this game of partisan politics they will find a spot here and there. they will blow it up as big as
5:45 pm
they possibly can. the good news is she is still standing. she has been consistent in what she has done. she is pragmatic. she served on so many different levels that she brings a huge amount of experience to the table but nobody else will be a will to duplicate. although it is great to march behind bernie and do those things, and that's one of the nice things about it. it's aspirational and good and everybody likes to feel good. it is great that he is brought people into the system that way. the reality is now he asked to do something and hillary clinton is the best person for. -- to actually do things >> let me ask you about your role as a superdelegate. what do you see -- what is that mean to you? what is the role and responsibility of that job? mayor james: first of all is to support my candidate. secondly to help convince others to do exactly the same. pivotale this is a
5:46 pm
election cycle for this country. i will be doing everything i can to convince other delegates and make sure that the superdelegates are holding the line in order to make sure those of us that support hillary clinton are loyal to that support. >> it's easy to be a superdelegate if the candidate you are in favor of is the head of the pledged delegates. you get to the convention and you ratify the will of the people in some sense. a's tougher if you have to be superdelegate and the other candidate is ahead. a hypothetical question. if somehow, and this is unlikely given the math, if bernie -- ahead ofthe hillary clinton in the pledged delegate count and he went off the philadelphia, would you -- she won but by a few votes but would you still feel comfortable being with hillary clinton if bernie
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sanders had the lead in pledged delegates? mayor james: my support of hillary clinton has nothing to do the delegates. my support had to do with her last years of experience and my belief she will be the best possible president for this country. that will not change based on the delegate count whether or not bernie sanders is ahead or hillary is ahead. i will remain a superdelegate for hillary clinton until she releases me from that obligation. >> the argument that someone make that superdelegates are anti-democratic, overturning the will of the democratic populist across the country. you would say that is my job? the system seems to be working and has worked in the past. alone flyink i needed the need to jump in and change it. these rules were established by the democratic party. all the people who are delegates and superdelegates and people in the party have tied into and participated in making this rules. as long as it's within the rules
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and as long as it allows me to be loyal to my beliefs as to who i believe will be the first and best president, first woman and best president in this country, i will stick with that. i don't believe just because the numbers change you want to change what you believe. we do that too often in politics. >> just to finish with attention -- with the tension. what would he say to the two of them today? mayor james: why don't we go have a drink in calm down and talk about this? shake hands and ratchet down the rhetoric a little bit and remember we are all on the same side trying to get to the same place. regardless of who comes out at meatgrinder, we will need each other's support. i am not in favor of any other republican candidates. they are far too volatile. i think you'd be better to have somebody who is either aspirational and able to look at those kind of things and
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somebody who was aspirational and able to implement those aspirational ideas. . i think that is hillary clinton bieber, bruce springsteen, the start of baseball season. every thing is up-to-date kansas city. >> base of the mayor sly james. up next, the most familiar voice in all of gotham city is here to help hillary clinton and bernie sanders with their subway problems. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> the next stop is the subway.
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you got to ride the train. unfortunately for bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they got caught in the turnstile. a big apple scandal. somewhere between eating pizza with a fork and not hitting cabbie.-- tipping a we call the voice of the new york city subway system. our man in college, charlie pellett. charlie: the new york city subway. a hyper fast labyrinth of metropolitan might. 24 hour claustrophobic democracy. everyone in there together, every passenger equal. i have guided millions of souls over the years. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for riding with mta new york city transit. in a way it's like running the
5:53 pm
government. jeff to be quick and decisive. most importantly yet to be know where you -- you have to know where you are going. some of us who have circled the city in these tombs for decades bes for decades my forget how it works. >> have you read the subway -- ride the subway? that's why every passenger needs a golden ticket to ride the bullet train. a metro card. even if we need a little bit of practice. too slow. almost. here, let me show you. it is this easy. one quick simple easy swipe. there are no tokens but here is how it goes. and i am in. the next stop is april 19. the new york primary. the city might not extend the
5:54 pm
red carpet to every candidate. that is rough. we willen of goodwill, have the the presidential candidate passing through this metropolis one final piece of advice. just a member, courtesy is contagious. stand clear of the negative attacks please. are infinite thanks to charlie pellett. coming up, which campaign surrogate dropped the ball this week and how it will affect your weekend commute. ♪
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5:56 pm
>> time for everyone service segment. >> you had one job! ♪ >> this week, ben carson,
5:57 pm
surrogate for donald trump. his job is to go on cnn and say your candidate is the man. dr. carson, take it away. >> you think there are better people out there to be president? dr. carson: there will always be someone who is better in virtually anything. that does not mean you are not good. >> it does mean you are not the best. come on, ben carson. trump circuit. you have one job. tonight, the u.k. start up and multibillion-dollar title lagoon. until tomorrow, we will be back with the latest in both mega primaries. thank you for watching and we will see you then. ♪
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>> you are watching bloomberg television. regularlypt our scheduled programming to bring you a historic event. engagingng fed shares
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in a conversation on the state of u.s. economy and the global impact in monetary policy. janet yellen and former fed chairman ben bernanke, alan greenspan and paul volcker will share their thoughts at the international house here in new york. i want to bring in chris, economist at bank of tokyo. you have had the privilege of meeting all four fed chairman. what are your thoughts? chris: it is pretty remarkable. whostart with volcker wanted to keep inflation low. now we had janet yellen at the end he wants to boost inflation. it is quite interesting. very, very different styles from all four. almost humorously you can say is this an intervention? the former fed chair, one chairman, they want to talk to janet and say what you doing in terms of your policy right now. it will be quite remarkable. the only


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