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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  April 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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♪ we are going to take you from new york to london in the next hour. here's what we're watching today. report surprised decline in loans impairments. a boost in capital. shares wiping out their losses to the investors, like what they see in the strategy update. talk withare going to t-mobile ceo john ledger as a wireless carrier adds one million subscribers. sales rise 11% in the first quarter as the company boost its outlook for 2016. bloomberg's exclusive interview with patrice. the company winning one of the biggest defense deals, a $39
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billion contract to build summaries for australia beats out a bit from japan. it is 90 minutes in the trading session in the u.s.. we want to head to the markets desk or julie hyman has the latest on this steep fall we are seeing in the markets. i want: i want -- julie: to mention exxon mobil. the stocks is being downgraded. it is being cut to aa plus from aaa. that is my standard -- the outlook is stable in terms of the rating outlook. we will take a look at the rationale behind this in a few moments. obviously, this would perhaps continue to weigh on the markets as betty said. stocks have taken a leg downward. i'm looking at exxon mobil on the bloomberg here if you want to pull it out. it is bouncing around. the stocks took a leg down. .t hasn't changed we will see how this shakes out early next few minutes as people
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try to figure out what to make of this. exxon mobil, by the way, has yet to report its earnings. we have a lot of energy stocks yet to come out with their numbers, as well. if you look at the overall markets, we have seen stocks take a leg downward. they have been trading higher across the board. exxon now with his earnings on april 29. the s&p, very little change. all of them now in the red. earnings are very much in focus. i wanted to take a look at the imap to figure out what is going on. what is dragging on the major averages. right now, and looks ehealth care. a number of various health care companies reporting today. some are trading downward. information technology, as well. apple's lower ahead of its report after the close. on the plus side, materials and energy stocks leading the gains. dupont is higher after the company reported numbers that beat estimates. raised natural resources its forecast for outlook and
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both of those stocks are trading higher. dow is rising along with two point -- dupont. dupont is said to buy down by the end of the year. pioneer natural in particular up 6%. oil prices have been holding up well today also on the outlook, perhaps for surplus to be worked down to some extent. when you have companies like bp continuing to cut costs and production. you can see that crude oil is of my 2%. when we look at the downturn in the markets, usually, this is one of the first places i look. if you see stocks are going downward, did something happen to oil? that is not the case this time. betty: we are also seeing some capitulation by short-sellers? julie: it looks like that. betty: is that able signal? -- is that a bull signal? julie: it could be. the bottom is the s&p 500 and the increase we have seen. this is net long short positions. here is the zero line. it looks like hedge funds are
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going that long, just taking into net long for the first time since last june. yes, perhaps giving up on some of those shorts. this as the s&p 500 the pairs to become the second longest bull run ever. that will happen on friday. here you have from the bottom back in march, 2009 through now, this tripling that we have seen in the s&p 500. we will continue to look at some of these bullish bears -- sentiment indicators as we get closer. mark: stocks rising for the first time. by the smallest margins, the stoxx 600 of five-year .1%. 1% higher.ers of beat the earnings propelling oil and gas stocks up by .1% year banks being german higher by standard chartered. we will talk to michael more about that in just a second. via is germany's biggest company in order to first-quarter profits that beat estimates. top-selling drug's are also continues to soar. it strategy had burned a bauman
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will take over the reins as chief executive at the end of this month, succeeding mehran deckard. this is a college -- colorful chart for you. can i wait through all of the colors -- wade through the colors? matt miller will be going on -- sighing, cursing me, swearing at the screen. this is for you, miller. these are the big players in the drug industry in the last 12 months. don't forget via is a chemicals group. roughly half of its revenue comes from drugs. the others come from chemicals. the worst performers, all of these companies have seen decline in the last year. glaxo smith down by 6%. the worst of my torrent -- 25%. via down by 25%. the drug industry has suffered in the last 12 months. this is the three big tobacco players in the world. phillip morris and out here.
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british american tobacco is the world's number three by market values. lucky strike among its brand cigarettes. first-quarter sales growth beat estimates and gave market shares and countries like indonesia, russia, ukraine. cigarette sales right here in western europe jumping by 13% german by a drop in illicit tobacco sales. they have been rising amid the european refugee crisis. so,he last four months or we have phillip morris up by 11%. 5%.treo roughly up by p.a.t. coming in second up by 9%. there you go. a bit easier to view. there you go, miller. stick that in your pipe and smoke it. those are fighting words from mark the shark. down to bloomberg first word news, more for the news desk. front runner hillary clinton could pull off a sweep and is
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suggesting the end is near for the center's campaign. sanders says if clinton is the nominee, she will have to convince his supporters to vote for her. meanwhile, today's race in next week's indiana primary may determine donald trump's prospect of winning the republican nomination. he has called on rivals ted cruz and john kasich to quit. the organization the names tropical storms and hurricanes says it over -- retire the name africa, walking, and for tricia. -- theld meteorological name is retired after the name is so deadly or costly that its future use would be insensitive. france 18 $49 billion contract to win a dozen separate for australia. the french company won the bid, beating out companies from germany and japan. president francois hollande took an active role in lobbying for the deal. the subs will enter service in the 20 30's. somewhere down the road, the
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national football league may become international. nfl commissioner robert was on tv earlier today. you ask of the legal ever do more than play a regular -- a few regular-season games in london. >> we playing a few regular-season games. this will be our 17th this year. there is a great potential for us to continue to grow, probably with more games in a short-term. at some point in time, if we continue to be successful, and we can work out the logistics and competitive issues, we think we will have a good handle on a franchise. >> the league is considering a game in china and a couple years. global news 24 hours a day powered by our 2400 journalists in more than 150 news bureaus around the world, i'm to the race. betty: thank you so much. i want to get back to julie hyman. i want more context on at some mobile losing their top credit rating which is a big deal for this company. >> exxon mobil has had the
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triple a credit rating sinks 19's -- 1930. it is astonishing. there are only two other u.s. corporations that have at this point. this downgrade looks like a big deal for this company. it is going to aa plus over at standard imports. it had a warning. it was but a in february and had tried to keep that top credit .ating s&p said credit measures will remain weak through 2018. that is what it said when he gave exxon mobil this morning in the first place. why is this important? mobil'sraise exxon borrowing costs, and it could also affect its status among oil-rich governments in terms of negotiating drilling licenses. exxon vice president of investor relations said it is time of this warning, the aaa rating have been a key selling point when competing for those licenses in oil-rich nations. that is why -- that is the context and white is so important. that said, it looks like it wasn't entirely unexpected by
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analysts. something else i want to point out -- stocks not reacting a much. >> the stock is not reacting. i want to point out the stock is generally held up well. there is a great chart on the .loomberg, a story about this is exxon in. stu gravity? -- impervious to gravity? your oil prices. one of the things that has protected it has been the status , also its relatively high dividend yield. we will see what happens now that it loses this rating. bp shares rising. the company reported surprise profits. oflysts estimated a loss $245 million. the world's first among the big majors could be an indication of how others welfare. bloomberg news ryan chilcote joins us now. ryan: there are a couple of
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things. they didn't do it by pumping oil at a loss. perhaps we are seeing concern about that over at exxon. three reasons to explain this. one, cost cutting care cutting costs more aggressively than the market was expecting. refining. there was a lot of concern going into these earnings that the refining margins one strong because we had a mild winter in the united states. people were buying heating, fuel. they did ok. the earnings were better at bp that wasn't dissipated. there are trading business, this is something people don't normally think about when a think of oil companies, but they trade oil in addition to refining it. pumping it did pretty well, as well. betty: compare what we have seen what bp, the declining or deteriorating situation at exxon, what do you read into that? more is clearly very much focused on the price of oil that perhaps even bp?
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there was one negative in bps earnings report today that analysts could point to, it was the company's gearing which is increasing. rightsomething like 23.5% now. it is not in a position where people get too concerned about it. all of these oil companies, the big fine, -- big five, and exxon included, have more or less the same business model. they are all integrated, they'll have refining arms, they'll have trading arms. they should get this natural hedge from the refining operations. maybe, we will see. we will get earnings tomorrow. we will get the rest over the next week. maybe we will see a little positive surprise. maybe they will get some of the support that bp got from their trading arm and from the refining arm. we will have to see. >> ryan, thank you. ryan chilcote in london for us on bp. europe's bank earnings season kicking off today. standard chartered so far so good.
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thees are searching despite bank reporting pretax profit dropping 64%. it managed to boost its capital ratio. for more, let's get to bloomberg's michael moore who covers u.k. financials for us. what happened here was standard chartered? a little bit to be of a relief rally. it was not quite as bad as some people had estimated. the loan impairments were lower than expected. you mentioned the capital increase. the capital question has been a big one for all of the european banks. anytime they can make significant progress like standard chartered it this quarter, investors feel some relief from that. >> the winters, the ceo is shuffling of the top. trying to restructure, exiting $100 billion of risk. how is he doing? >> he seems to be making progress and try to turn this around. they have a large portfolio of assets they are either looking to wind down or get rid of.
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they took some write-downs on that come about in a nearly as much as you saw on the fourth quarter. the underlying business, the loan impairments were not as bad as expected. you had some from the commodities area. i think there was concern given that they are so focused on the asian markets that it would be broader than that. it seems so far to be somewhat contained. betty: what about -- since we were just talking about oil prices a moment ago and oil companies, what about standard chartered's exposure to commodities? is still a significant story for them. 37 billion in total. that has come down by about a third over the last couple of years. they have been significantly reducing that overtime. it is still a big story for them. mad because loan impairments this time around. to had bill winters say analysts, we are not -- we are not announcing all clear. we are not taking a victory lap
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on these impairments. there are still some concern about the broader loan portfolio. that former ceo bob diamond is sniffing around the african business. the man who pushed into africa. it is an interesting story. >> he championed this, now he has this atlas -- he came out today and said the rumors are true. i'm interested in barclays africa. i am working with carlisle. he seems to be making a significant push to be in the running as berkeley sells his unit. >> michael, good to see you, thank you for joining us. bloomberg's michael moore. speaking of standard chartered, tune into bloomberg tomorrow for bloomberg from francine lacqua. exclusive interview with the man himself, mr. bill winters. the chief executive officer of standard chartered. coming up on bloomberg markets,
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the busy show, t-mobile adding more than a million users in the last quarter. we will have more on another strong quarter from chief -- chief executive john ledger who joins us in the studio. that is next.
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♪ we are live from london and new york. i'm betty liu. >> i am mark barton. this is the european close. >> t-mobile's earnings are out. beating estimates for adjusted earnings and revenue. here to dive into those results is bloomberg west anchor emily chang in san francisco and t-mobile ceo john ledger.
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us.s here in new york with emily. >> think you so much, betty. thank you, john, as always for joining us. you added more than one million subscribers for the second -- seven quarter in a row. you raised your forecast. how long can you keep it up? >> we had it slightly more than a million. we added 2.2 million which, by the way, is the 12th quarter in a row over one million. six of the last seven over 2 million. what you are referred to as we added a million postpaid per's -- subscribers. 877,000 postpaid -- post paid phones. a new wrinkle, the cool part was service revenue was up 13.6%. adjusted, 98% year-over-year. we still have less than 20% market share and our main competitors all are -- otherwise known as dumb and dumber, are just not adapting to the ontario revolution and the things we are doing to change wireless for consumers. this can and will continue.
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we won't stop. >> you send up verizon's earnings -- you sound of verizon's earnings. how would you sum up t-mobile takeaways? >> i am try to help verizon. verizon's earnings could be summarized as we lost topline revenue, we lost postpaid phones. we walked back on 5g, we're still longing for millennials. that was everything you needed to know in a form that is absorbable by the millennial group. i put it in an auto rep format. i did even better. and put hischama words in. t-mobile's summary is 12 quarters in a row, we group post customers. the model is working. we are now generating huge is leadingenue which to cash flow growth. this machine is working, stay out of the way because we won't stop.
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>> week another new talent to the list of things that john ledger can do. although you are leading the industry on growth, we talk about postpaid subscribers earlier. you predicted a slowdown. what is driving up? >> i talked about a slowdown? think about it, we have just about 66 million customers. when you and i started having these conversations, we had 29 million. we have less than 20% share. i did raise my guidance for the year. my guidance going into today for postpaid subscribers was 2.4-3.4 million. i raised that to 3.2-3.6. for this year, i have raised my guidance. what i also did was raised my 9.129.7--- 9.7 210.2. pretty much steady as she goes.
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things like binge on music freedom, 220 million songs a day are streamed free by t-mobile customers. now, twice as much video is consumed, 70% of which is zero rated. of what itnnings means to be a t-mobile customer are changing drastically. i think there is a huge population out there that is still considering the move from dumb and dumber and even yellow over to t-mobile. >> let's talk about that. verizon has put in a bid for yahoo!. what do you make of their interest in focusing on media and content? do you understand what they are doing? >> there are a lot of things verizon is doing that make more sense of what they are running away from them what they are running two. if you think about their attempt to betray 5g is coming tomorrow -- portray 5g is coming tomorrow when consumer applications will be 2020, they have lost their edge. two mobile has -- t-mobile has
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94 million low band. they are participating right now in a low band podcast option. it takes their old edge. we have parity with them for my network standpoint. they are attempting to create a new brand for themselves. if you look at the last three years, his postpaid phone subscribers, here are the numbers. if you just assume consensus for at&t and sprint that didn't report yet, sprint has lost almost 3 million postpaid phones. at&t has lost a million and has an added one since the third quarter. verizon has added 4 million. we have added 10.5. they are trying to find a new future. things like go 90 are the biggest. content. nobody asked for. $5.5 billion so far on junk that nobody wants. who knows what they will spend. i hope they drop a boatload and continue running this -- down this line.
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it is all good for me. owns a stake in why the -- in yp. do they know something you don't? is this. i have said to you before, emily, my simplified view of the world is all content is going to the internet. all internet will be viewed on mobile devices. that is the future, whether you are in content or mobile. we are really good at one of those components. at&t and verizon have tried and use their balance sheet to drive in a wholly-owned way into a continuum that they are not successful in yet. you will see similar moves from the cable players. you will similar moves from the content players. if you keep that in mind, you can think of binge on was really a first shot about touching into the content area. disrupting some of the data monitor is asian strategies --
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monetization strategies that at&t had. continuing to think about this brand and our customers and how we may anticipate over the next 70 that several years as a component of a broader strategy. >> let's talk about binge on. your land allows users to watch things like hbo and netflix for free. >> and torrance, by the way. >> you charge for other video services. what if the fcc destroyed -- decides to crack down on zero rating plans like yours? >> if you think about what has happened since the announcement, the chairman of the sec was very clear. we have been very clear that we are pro-net neutrality. all of the things associated with binge on, with content neutral, there is no charge to the provider or the customer. this is very consistent unlike some of the net neutrality issues on zero rating are really big and bigger in table, trying to use some of their dominance.
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what been john is is an ingenious realization that the device you hold in your hand doesn't need altra hd in order to watch a very high quality dvd video. at 480 p which is much faster than the other guys have, not only do you get for free zero rated, but we save tremendous amount on the network costs. it is a big win-win. >> john ledger, we will have to leave it there. john ledger, ceo at t-mobile. as always, thank you for joining us to record iq, emily. >> emily chang, as you mentioned with t-mobile ceo. mark, european markets are about to close. >> they are. have a look at the board. it looks like stocks are going to finish the session higher. the closes next.
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mark: live from london and new york you are watching the european close. i'm mark barton with betty liu.
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let's take you through all the action. stocks were closed higher for the first day driven by earnings results from standard chartered and bp. up byoxx 600 of by 1 -- one quarter of 1%. expected refining and trading performance helped mitigate the lowest crude prices in more than a decade. bp isexecutive of continuing to drive down costs so it can pay its dividends. 600 oil andhe stoxx gas index high today. up by 4% -- big day for the banks. standard chartered first-quarter profit.
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revenue sinking a bigger than estimated 24%. however, standard reported they surprised drop in the loan impairment and capital increased by more than analysts estimated. i've got another beautiful chart. big banks here in london on the ftse 350 banks index. today'sast 12 months, 10% decline has done a little bit to shave off losses for standard chartered in the last year. all the big lenders are lower. hsbc down. barclays releases results tomorrow. down by 30%. the manufacturer of aerospace and defense technology, biggest drop ever. trading behind expect haitians. announced a two for seven
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rights issue. they finish down a mere 18%. betty: in the u.s. with the markets, we had started off pretty well. we pretty much lost all of those gains. abigail doolittle has more from the nasdaq on the big tech movers. we are watching apple shares. abigail: we will be watching apple shares. we have seen a reversal. the nasdaq is trading down slightly. drags, sharesst of the chinese internet retailer this could seem somewhat isolated but when we plot, we see a highly correlated trading past.
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path. it may be worth wondering whether or not this recent beline suggests there could some kind of risk off ahead for the index overall. betty: it is such a small way to of the entire index. the one we are really focused on is the big one, apple. absolutely. i have the index's biggest apple is the index's biggest member. it could be neutral or positive for the stock. investors are really looking ahead to the june quarter. pacific crest thing they expect apple to miss and guide down.
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sort of a bearish view in the near term could help to explain why the stock is trading back down in a range. those continue it could weigh on the index and perhaps we will see some of that risk off that is perhaps showing in the chart. betty: thank you. let's check in. taylor riggs has more. u.k., jr. doctors in the national health service are beginning a two day strike against a new contract. they will refuse to provide emergency care. they are unhappy over their pay and condition. foror doctors will cover their colleagues. in france, train service has been hurt by the third strike in two months. it has to do with private companies offering private rail service for the first time. kiev they are marking the
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third anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster ever, the explosion at the chernobyl nuclear power plant. crews will remove the reactor and its radio and if waste. johnny mandel has been indicted on a assault charges. he attacked his ex-girlfriend in january. the assault charge carries up to a year in jail and a $4000 fine. he was recently cut from the cleveland browns and dropped by two agents. raikes.or a major win for france and its estate controlled industrial dynasties cns.
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they contract to build 12 for the french company. it is also a victory for the company that owns about 35% of do dns. patrice caine is the chief executive. he joins us on the phone. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> good afternoon. mark: how did you win this contract? stiffid you faced competition from japan and germany. >> it was fierce competition. i think three ingredients or to winning this competition. the first is the industry and -- andogy excellence i think the french
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government and the australian government have created the proper environment to be dressed and confident in the defense contract is rarely important. thirdly as we are one of the leading defense companies in austria and france, we have a rich industrial average between australia and france to give confidence to both parties. what proportion of the work on the sorts and barracuda sub will actually go to tell as? what can you tell us when this is all over, what work they will be doing on this? >> what the australian government announced today is the selection for the hull.
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competitionther which is still underway. it is for the combat system. this combat -- competition is --ween lockheed martin and water is chosen. betty: this is betty. i'm curious about the artistic participation specifically in australia. are you going to be sending engineers to australia? are you going to be involved in the design of the submarine? >> the first that will be ns and itss dc partner, the australian shipyard
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that is involved in the construction of the submarines. we are already present in australia with more than 3000 -- we're already a worldwide center of expertise in acoustics and sonar. we will be involved in the construction and design and supply of the sonar. given this very significant contract coming from cns, do youd the plan on increasing your stake in the company? topriority zero would be book the contract. secondly the challenge will be to execute perfectly the
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contract. it is not the question of the day. at least for me. mark: thank you for joining us, patrice caine. thatclusive interview on massive deal that took place today. huge a deal. not so great for the japanese who had tried bidding for that. let's move over to greece. former greek finance minister out with a new book called and the weak suffer what they must. abouterg spoke with him eu's economic issues including brexit. >> the european union is a work in progress and it is disintegration in progress.
11:41 am
and brexit would speed this up. and this would create a gigantic vortex within continental europe. the brits can vote to get out that they cannot leave the mess that will be left behind. that the eurozone's architecture was unable to withstand the earthquake in 2008. we move from bailout to bailout. here we are in 2016. on there been enough focus reinforcing that architecture so that if there is another shock the eurozone could withstand it? >> no. in name, we have done all the right things. we created the banking union. it sounds perfect. except that if you look behind the european
11:42 am
mechanism is destabilizing. the banking union exists only in name, not in practice. care whetherlly your money was in a portuguese bank or a german bank. talk about common currency anymore. the european mechanism is being woreced by eurobonds everyone of them is compartmentalized with different chunks being backed by different states with different interest rates and default probabilities and a vicious correlation between the default probabilities like a lehman brothers ceo. responded to some crisis within europe by creating new institutions and new dna of the the
11:43 am
problem was embedded within the solutions that we found. this is what i explain in the book. there has been a comedy of errors in the last six or seven years. mark: the former greek finance minister. you can catch more of that interview throughout the day. coming up in battle of the , ken of volatility in the pound score a win over consumer confidence? botc is next. ♪
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betty: it is time for our global battle of the charts where we look at the most telling charts
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of the day. you can access these charts on the bloomberg. let's kick things off with joe weisenthal. tells us thechart big story for the last decade. data on consumer confidence out of the u.s. and brazil. to 2006.back both brazil and the u.s. had similar consumer confidence measures. than the u.s. developed economies completely collapsed. everybody was talking about how great brazil was. how sustainable the economy was. let's skip ahead to today where we have brazilian consumer confidence at its lowest reading in history. came insumer confidence
11:47 am
a little bit down. you can see how much it is up compared to the recent years of the recession and how far it is above brazil and other emerging markets these days. it really tells the story of the divergent fortunes. brazil now in the gutter. how things have changed over the last decade. it's incredible. your turn. brexit concern is starting to look a little bit overdone. the asset that has reflected that fear the most is sterling. look what has happened in the last few days. the white line is implied volatility for the next three months sterling pound.
11:48 am
look what's gone on in the last few days. this is an indicator of how much volatility investors expect there to be in this cross in the next three months. we have seen the biggest falls since may last year. that was after the election which produced inconclusive result the other line is the risk dollar three-month reversal which is moving in the other direction. this tells you the next cost of three-month risk hedging against sterling losses. and just 10 days ago. what's happening is since the official referendum started on april 15, bloomberg's brexit tracker puts the probability of a breakfast at 20% before the official referendum got underway that remain and the leave camp were net and ask which leads to
11:49 am
the question, is exit concern starting to look overdone? there you go. betty: i'm really glad. your chart looks really clean today. you have reduced the number of lines. . i'm going to give it to him today. i'm really glad you did that. you got more out of your screen today. mark: there you go. i listened to what you tell me to do. coming up next, it's the big one. top of the premier league. one win away from securing a defying title. the magic and the money behind the team with a very special guest next. ♪
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from new york and london, i'm betty liu. mark: i'm mark barton. it's one of the most remarkable stories in sporting history. iscester city football club one win away from security in most unlikely of english premiere titles. just one matche away. one leicester supporter has been left brewing what might have been. john mikel's with joins us now. is for 50 years you have been on them yet of forex for 50 years i have been alive. gone andars i have rituals of pleasure and a
11:53 am
diversion general uselessness for leicester to win. this year because i came to work at bloomberg i didn't. that turned out to be a huge financial mistake because if i had done it in august of last year as was my norm. betty: every year is 20 pounds. to bet 20ear i use pounds and it used to sit on my desk to be mocked by people who support more successful teams. and this year because it was bet would have been worth 100,000. mark: you are playing my team on sunday. i'm hoping we beat you and you win the title. rooting for you but not on sunday.
11:54 am
put in perspective how unlikely it is potential triumph is in a global context. wrote an article about my incompetence this morning. the interesting thing about is how unlikely it was. to give you some idea, if you follow baseball, if you look at , theg training philadelphia phillies and the colorado rockies are pretty useless at a small but yards on them winning the world series were only 500 to 1. was 10 times worse than that. the odds of bono becoming pope are either 5000 to 1 or 1000 to 1. leicester had just gotten rid of their manager. you had that perennial problem
11:55 am
in britain where you had four big clubs and one thing for the previous 20 years. i compared it to the dirty dozen of reject and people who had come from other clubs who had been spotted and not bought for much money. does this shakeup the hall premier league model? title ander win the what you spend on players tend to reflect your end of season position is this sort of a moneyball type moment for the english premier league? >> i think it is a bit. i think leicester have been lucky in some ways. the bigger teams have had a lot of injuries. have been lucky to have been knocked out of cups early which means they don't have to play as much.
11:56 am
there was some degree of scientific method behind this. they bought unbelievably well in terms of players. poundsid only 400,000 for him. they focused on statistics. they spotted these quite obscure players. looked at the statistics of how many interceptions they made. how many people they went past. that turned out to be a very reliable way of picking. thank you, john mikel waits. i will never have a nicer reason to be there. ♪
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in new york,noon 5:00 in london, and midnight in hong kong. welcome to bloomberg
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markets. ♪ scarlet: i'm scarlet fu. : and i'm tracy alloway filling in for alix steel. corporate earnings setting the tone in equity markets. apple day and glitter all that to release results after the bell today. a look at brazil. will the bets on the regime change payout for investors? we are about halfway through the u.s. trading day. let's check in with julie hyman. it's it


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