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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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tonight, mark and john explain it all, so you won't be clueless. we have all that and more, on this special edition of wadr, i love the 90's.
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>> welcome, you've got mail. john: talk to the hand, sports fans. on this time traveling, throwback episode, forget y2k, we're talking about donald trump and his rhetoric over bill clinton. he is now escalating his personal attacks on hillary clinton by dredging up 20-year-old allegations of sexual misconduct. he released audio from two women who accused bill clinton of sexual assault years ago. also, other conspiracy theorists are calling the suicide of the vince foster "very fishy."
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he says people continue to bring it up because they think it is absolutely a murder. this is of course not the first time trump has released these suspicions. it is not like the media gave him much attention in the last 24 hours, right? >> he is bringing forward allegations against former president bill clinton. >> it features the voice of monica lewinsky. >> he is also providing conspiracy theories about the 1993 suicide of vince foster, saying there could be foul play. >> he is going all the way back to the 90's in order to escalate his personal attacks against bill clinton. not hillary, but bill, his behavior with women. >> his message here, every time you bring up the economy and bill clinton, i will turn the conversation to this other thing, every single time. >> i think we will see it all from him.
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if we are in the gutter now, by the time this is over, we will be in a subterranean a simmer -- sewer because there is nothing he will not say. john: various hosts have been asking whether trump has gone too far in his attacks. and bill reilly, no stranger to clinton-bashing, told trump he should probably ease up. donald answer was "as if." >> you put stuff up about hillary clinton and bill clinton, it is tawdry stuff. i am not sure it is a good thing. to do that. >> i am only responding to what they do. she has been very nasty. >> i understand what you're trying to do is inhibit mrs. clinton from attacking you personally, i think, if you play that game, i can come back 10 times harder. i understand that. but you know it makes the
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country look bad abroad, and things like that. that is what worries me. >> i don't like doing that, but i have no choice. when she hits me on things, i have no choice. it is unfair. they have been dirty players, historically, and i have to fight back the way i have to fight back. john: mark, there's been a lot of spin on this issue from both sides. so frame the question before us, from the lead singer of the 90's band, spin doctors. >> is bill clinton's history during the 90's a pocket full of kryptonite for hillary? [laughter] mark: is that really the question? john: yes, what say you? mark: this is also complicated. a lot of them are fair game, but many are allegations and conspiracy theories that the internet will go wild on, and
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people on broadcast tv can use as an excuse, it is all over the internet. so, we must stand for truth, and we should say that what he is doing, he should not be doing. just as he should not have been the leader of the birther movement. we have to analyze this from the view of politics. trump is jamming the system by doing this stuff, it makes it hard for hillary clinton to get up a head of steam. is talking about vince foster more disqualifying than talking about the birther movement? some will say it will cost him the election, i am not so sure. john: i'm not sure if it is disqualifying, the vince foster thing is nuts. the bill clinton things are real things, and there is an argument that the left and right have put forward over her complicity in that. so it is an issue. the question is, whether it is effective.
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from the polling we discussed yesterday, the fact that he is consolidated republicans and independents, i think they are parked with him. but they are still kicking the tires on donald trump. these are not available for persuadable voters to help trump to eventually become the president of the united states. that is my argument for why it is a dumb argument. mark: he is never been a general election candidate before. does he have a great feel for america? he has some. leaving aside the repudiation one must engage in, you cannot deny he has defied people's expectations about what works and what does not. he has gone after things people care about, but some voters will tune it out. john: we all ignore knowledge this is a different electorate. one of the things the clintons have done well, i think you will
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agree with, the people who win the presidency and the u.s. when it by talking about the future, and not the past. mark: well, clinton campaign is talking about the past, as well. we're going back to 2000 six, -- 2006, the clinton campaign has released its own blast from the past. a video about donald trump. it includes audio from the real estate mogul's, saying he hopes the housing bubble will burst so we can make more money. today, the clinton campaign dispatched in army of surrogates, including congressman ryan, to hold a conference call with reporters and blitz their media markets with criticism of trump's remarks on the financial crash. here is the talking point on the immediate call. >> it is very clear to me that donald trump is only out for himself, at the expense of
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working families here in tampa, florida, and across america. i am not sure you make america great again by rooting for to fail so you can make a quick buck. >> these are real human beings in real communities that are just trying to get ahead. they need a president who will root for them, not root against them. mark: when it comes to messaging and tactics, this is a very clear example of asymmetrical warfare we can expect between the clinton campaign in the trump campaign, at least for the for seeable future. trump tweeted his video about the 90's and got gobs of free air time, while the better organized clinton campaign followed the playbook. you disseminate opposition research, send out a press release or two, send a video, and dispatch surrogates with one, unified, coordinated message. what the clinton campaign get a
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big bang up for their buck using the old model, or is it outdated against the strategies of donald trump? john: they are both important. the clinton campaign will try to turn donald trump into mitt romney. i don't know how successful that will be. a heartless businessman. mark: or as a man out for himself. john: not on your side. and made gobs of money, a plutocrat. we will reserve judgment on whether or not it will work at this point. what they have, trump has a huge advantage in terms of how he plays a free media. what the clinton administration has is a financial and marketing advantage in the way obama did in 2012, and how most do. they will find the swing states and communities and districts and make this stick in a targeted way against trump. i think that is their advantage, just as trump has another advantage in being able to get all the free media attention. go watch the evening and morning
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newscast. mark: which is going to get more attention? donald trump tweeting about bill clinton's personal life, or the targeted messages about trump and the housing situation? i'm not sure, but the media well at least put part of this story. either targeted messages with a lot of sophistication. eventually, we will be back up by direct mail and digital advertising, where trump is way behind. john: way behind. and this is the place where the story was missed by a lot of people, where obama gutted romney in virginia and other places. mark: we will see if it works. trump is more from animal on -- formidable on twitter then mitt romney. john: we are now back in 2016. donald j trump billionaire is out in new mexico today, where he is holding a first official
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fundraiser for his campaign. "the new york times" broke the news last night, that a financial chairman would be raising money for trump. the rnc announce that what he johnson and some of the parties most influential donors will be part of a committee that plans to raise as much as $1 billion for donald trump and other republican candidates for the fall campaign. that list includes many of trump's primary rivals, including jeb bush and chris christie, folks who raise a lot of money for them. mark, you have the time story. just focusing on today's news, to what extent do you think that today's news it suggests trump is breaking through what seemed to be the final wall of republican resistance to his candidacy? mark: this is a super impressive list. it parallels the political
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situation. you have your romneys, your bushes. it is an impressive list of people, and this is an establishment list of huge republican bundlers and supporters. john: it has been staggering to see the way in which elected officials and others in the consultant class, intellectuals, and now these donors, who three weeks ago said never trump. they are all collapsing. i am stunned by it. it is still the case that donald trump is a huge financial hill to climb. even if he gets half of the most impressive donors, he is still missing half. that other half will mean money that is not coming through the door for him. let's see how the koch brothers, where others end up. mark: there are others i said would sit out the cycle. but donald trump now have a
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party that is pretty unified on the financial side and on the political side, and maybe on the voters side. that is quite achievement in a very short period of time. corey lewandowski and trump deserve credit. he has been charming people in the room. he has an underrated skill, working with donors. speaking of trump, the presumptive republican nominee, posted another video on social media today, defending himself against criticism that he reportedly has not donated enough to veterans groups as he is claims. that is nothing compared to the backlash by the veterans affairs secretary, bob mcdonald. he compared long waits for veterans to the lines at disneyland. hillary clinton spoke with fallon, we own more for veterans than the excessive wait times we've seen at the v.a.
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he says he disagreed with what the secretary outside. he says it is not worthy of the veterans that serve. in an interview today mcdonald , spoke back and said, he was misunderstood, and added that wait times are important, but said there is more to the veterans' experience than wait times. john, did this put this thing to bed, or is it something republicans will continue to talk about, as trump surely will? john: no, he did not put it to bed. other republicans are calling for his resignation. that was not even a decent apology for what was obviously a gratuitous political misjudgment. i think the guy has to go. president obama's approval rating is up,. mark: and that is a blessing for hillary clinton. but, there are still some areas in policy, is it a disgrace on
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policy grounds? any candidate that prompts the veterans administration, rightly so, these are heroes that deserve the best possible treatment. obama spent some time on it, the department has gotten good marks, but he messed up here. this is only going to make the issue more front and center. john: the wait times are not the totality of what they have experience, but when they wait in line for months, that is the totality of their experience at that moment. this guy has to be attentive to those people at all times. mark: hillary clinton has good relationships with of the top of the pentagon. veterans and veterans of families, lets the see how donald trump does with them. john: bernie sanders wants to read canvas total vote totals from that close primary a week ago. i comes the day after hillary
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clinton refused to debate sanders in california, head of the primary there. we will talk about the big-time discord in the democratic party, after word from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ john: by now, you've probably heard that federal authorities are investigating democratic virginia governor, in part on whether his donations violated the law. they are looking at his time of board member of the foundation. today, he told reporters he was shocked by news of the investigation and that it has nothing to do with the clinton foundation. he is, a longtime ally and fundraiser of the clintons and the very big way. for those not aware of his reputation as the most aggressive muckraker of the
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modern era, here is how he described his own modus operandi in a speech. >> what makes me different than any other candidate, i am farther over on the spectrum of fundraisers because i will stop at nothing to try to get a check from you. if someone says no to me, i won't raise $10,000, that is only the opening gambit of eight to her three-week process. i love it when people say i won't give you a check, i hate you out, i hate your candidate, get out of my office. to me, that is the beginning of the negotiations. john: there is a presumption of innocence, we don't know the details, it is all murky. my question for you on the basis of what we do know, what is the worst case scenario for hillary clinton in this investigation. mark: i have read the stories
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and talk to some folks, i don't know what this is about. clearly, there are some buzzwords that are bad. clinton foundation, chinese money, tax returns, etc.. i will say, he has played politics exactly as suggested, as fast as hard as anyone in the country. he has a lot of lawyers. if, however, this investigation continues, it is just bad news for her, because it takes the symbolism, and you have an ally, the governor of virginia, i stay -- estate she is counting on to be elected president. john: mcauliffe, that video does not even do him justice. there is a video of him wrestling and alligator for president carter. he pushes everything to the limits. i don't know if he broke the law, i have no idea. but he is a huge ally for her,
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and if he is distracted for the next six months, that is bad for her. on top of that, he is being sued right now, over felons being able to vote. it could be a real mess. mark: republicans who think it is politicized, this is a democrat investigation over democrats, which is not something you see in a lot of countries. it is quite something. john: members of the same party. mark: when we come back, strategists to talk about the unity project, after this quick break. ♪
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♪ john: our first guest tonight is two guests. we have dan senor and kellyanne conway, thank you for being here. we have been talking about the trump donor score. how do you do? kellyanne: it is impressive. i think mark is right. he doesn't through total charm. he vanquished 16 opponents. these are businessmen who deal in the free market. mark: and a lot of women on this list. kellyanne: they went on their very first successful outing with the rnc. it is important and impressive because it shows that party unity starts at the top. mark: you are for trump, and you are not. mark: you acknowledge this is an
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impressive list. shouldn't you give up, if he can put together a list like this? dan: i think right now, donors falling to basically two categories. most major donors, are just staying out of it. whether they are open to funding a candidate, or sitting in the sidelines. the other group, are people who are signing up. some of them are saying they will do more work, others say they don't want to be seen as being disloyal to the party. so i am giving my name and him on board, but of not doing real work. for either one of two reasons, either i don't like trump, or he does not need my money. push comes to shove, if this race is truly winnable for donald trump and he is short on resources, he has the capacity to fund it. why do these guys need to raise money? mark: update us where the search for a third candidate stands. dan: no update.
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kellyanne: i think you will find beforelionaire heart -- you will find a third candidate. dan: i would say a 30% to 40% chance that a third-party candidate will margin next few weeks. john: we'll he have a minute, i want to ask you both. if the people on the new york times list who will never donate, and those that will, is this enough to give trump the amount of money he needs? kellyanne: it is an amazing start. there is a binary view, that those who are going to give have not yet given. they're trying to decide, where is the safe, comfortable vehicle to put my cash. does it exist for me, or should one be created? let's say the magic word here, a lot of folks are for hillary, -- r for never hillary and will come off the stump to help the democratic nominee.
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john: if the koch brothers and others stay off the field, will trump be up to raise enough money to be competitive? dan: i don't think so. hillary clinton will raise north of $1 billion. it is a good start, but not a fraction of what hillary clinton can raise. in a primary you have to get a ton of our and media, which i am skeptical of. if he can compete on resources this late, this is may -- mitt romney had all the money that he needed. john: guys, we are not done with you yet. we will talk to you in a moment, right after this. ♪ okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> we're back with two republicans.
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thank you for staying after that. was president obama born in the united states? >> yes. you have gone trump. would you say yes or no? >> he hasn't done that in quite a few years. ande foster was a footnote he is responding in kind to hillary clinton thing is not good for women. he is responding in kind. >> what i'm saying is in the 1990's, they mainly talked about bill clinton and the women. i think what people are going to focus on is this is a man and
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power and he was happening an affair with his subordinates in the white house. he lost his law license in the state of arkansas. are you concerned about him going to these places? ludicrous that we are going to have a national election about bill clinton in the 1990's. i hope not. >> even trump said recently that nobody covered it. these are a couple of facts. inse articles world located 1990. by the time he left office, you had democrats winning in 1998.
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he left with an approval rating north of 60%. how is it politically savvy to relitigate something that didn't happen in the first time? >> it's totally different now. tv every day. these are what people are covering now. cycles, onteal news your question about comparing bill clinton as a sitting president with a good economy and peace abroad and now hillary clinton is not the president, it is a weak response for her to say that in the 1990's we. it wasn't even in her announcement video.
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royals three. we reformed welfare. she was not the president, she was the president's wife. can i ask you a question question --? i agree this will jostle the clinton campaign. honestly, what voters is he appealing to with that message? maybe consolidating the heart right. -- hard right. who is he speaking to? groups.nk several i think eventually he gets her on health care and the fact that she has been in public life for 30 years and has done nothing to improve women. she is improved her own lot. she got millions of dollars to give speeches, she is not interesting to listen to.
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let's force a two way on abortion and see who is extreme. he is a ridiculous record on abortion. it reminds people of how long the clintons have been around. they have been around so long and you ask yourself, you are promising to do all these things. what have you done? >> i think she has done some stuff. she should talk about it. ryan.l i have nothing to report. this is my disposition. you are close to him. would you be disappointed if paul ryan backed him?
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leadersall republican should think twice about endorsing someone who is and is not aacism conservative. >> he said we share a conservative agenda. he still withheld it. i'm not going to comment on this. when you see rick perry's views , now he hasump endorsed it. pathetic,l that is why would not be equally pathetic if paul ryan did that? is hel's thinking on this
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thinks he can actually sway and educate trump to be a more responsible candidate in the months ahead which will help house republicans if he's able to get donald trump to endorse a house republican agenda and act like an adult. how is donald trump going to react to that fraternal attitude? >> i hope he endorses the nominee and i agree with speaker ryan that if you do not like something, instead of just standing outside go inside and try to help. there more politician better like rick perry. he called him a cancer on the party and is now came -- campaigning to be donald trump's vice president. the republican establishment will do anything for opportunity and for fear of missing out.
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's lecture of the 11 million voters who supported donald trump? who would you put your money on? >> i will say tom cotton. all the money on your friend. mike pence. from forever. back, we're going to head west and check in on bernie sanders. us.cannot listen to we will be right back. ♪
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>> joining us now from riverside california where he was campaigning today. we have jennifer jacobs joining us. i want to start with you out in california. senator sanders and his campaign clinton hasy happy denied him the opportunity to debate. i'm curious why the sanders campaign is not making more of that she is not saying no. >> it is a curious question because not what we have seen him hammer on.
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there really should be a discussion of these issues in the context of what it means to california. he is speaking right now behind me at this california mission here in riverside. there are many people who are wrapped around the block. they are encouraging him to go to the next stop. sanders campaign also has a california ad and is trying to work this by adding more of events and trying to highlight that difference. he wants to talk about these but he has not hit him on this point. he does talk about the all are oligarchy that is not an everyday word you hear in politics. he suggests the clintons are a part of that.
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that withng to break his vision of change in campaign finance and then wall street. so far, we have not seen him go after secretary clinton as hard. from the clinton point of view, they are trying to move on into a general election. him another opportunity like he still has a chance in this race. by foreclosing that, they hope that voters will see that she is inevitable. sanders is trying to build some kind of momentum. perhaps even winning in california so you will see him on the ground here a lot. we have seen him adding events to make that point. are they looking for unity?
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>> they are not there yet. they say their movement have to be respected in a way that they don't deal it has been done yet. person after person will say to me that eventually they do not see themselves voting for donald trump but they are not ready to sign on with clinton yet. there is an emotional lack time especially in california where there is a first chance to see him and feel the experience. >> you broke last night of one of the financial supporters woody johnson was a huge fundraiser for mitt romney.
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what is your sense of the reaction in a political world of this list of impressive names. >> there's has been a lot of reaction today. they think this is a sign that .aybe the dam might break there may be a few republicans who witnessed because they think he is a menace to the republic but you have big names like woody johnson and this whole list of 20. it is a who's who's list. , an impressives list. it is a wide variety and does
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send a signal to people that you have his whole nucleus that is helping to raise money for trial. there is some awkwardness who think the other donors are going to start all in mind. one of the things that we saw in , they were going to be more rigorous about their giving. what are they asking from the trunk campaign -- from campaign? >> it is interesting that it gives some of these donors some cover. thatcan tell themselves they are giving money to the republican national committee which will support national and local campaigns. that does give them cover. right now, there is a lot
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debate. what is your sense of whether the trump campaign manager say they -- thinks they are on track? they have the structure of the campaign right where they wanted to be. they have figured out who is on top and who is answering phone calls. they have a schedule planned out and a policy speech and nebraska plans. they have their fundraising schedule. they have a second one tomorrow in california. one aide told me they have $500 million of commitments so they are very pleased with that. the aids i talked to today were
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very pleased with where the campaign is going. is the sanders campaign making progress with hispanics? and whata big target of the big things we find is that sanders speaks about speaking to their issues explicitly. certainly in california with some of the labor overlap, he is trying to make inroads there. clinton has historically had strength in that area. it is a delight to be with you always. when we we come back, we will take you to a battleground. ♪
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>> if donald trump wants to be president, he has to do better than mitt romney did four years ago. in ohio. the numbers four years ago, the vote was split right down the middle. sent our tourwe to see what it's like to live in a battleground village and a battleground state. >> i have pictures of when the main street was by the tracks. i was born in 1924. >> it is a nice, quiet place to live. friendly.
8:51 pm
what brings me here to this village is that in 2012, bill electorate was evenly split. >> that's funny. right in the middle. we talk about how we can solve our problems. >> there are three things in life you should never argue about, when his politics, religion and women. >> or perhaps this is the perfect battleground village. voters are willing to cross party lines. >> i don't see either one of them is great candidates. if it comes to that, i don't know what i do.
8:52 pm
we have always voted one way and now we have changed the way we vote. hillary has a long way to go to get me to vote 10 of -- democrat. donald trump tilde like it is with an attitude which you like but sometimes you don't. >> i am not a heart-to-heart register as i did republican so that i could vote against mr. trump. >> when i look at trial, i think he has good ideas but he needs to tone it down. work and ieople to don't want all of these illegals coming here that are getting free everything. i think it is killing our country. is i will vote for trump and 2016.
8:53 pm
if the major bombshell happens or he says something way outrageous. >> her husband was not a good example as a president. >> i would have to stick with the democratic side of it this time which is sad. >> i don't know what they would have to do. i think it is like the rest of the country. jobs and national security are important. that seems to be that if you do in this area. -- attitude in this area. mark: that is a town removed from the northeast and daily media.
8:54 pm
it is incredible how this election is going to permeate every town and city in this country because of the personalities. seen some incredible elections and our careers but we have not seen two candidates as famous and polarized as these two candidates. to be thelso going middle. given a little frustration, there are a bunch of people in the middle that are up grabs. you hear it there in his town. searching for people who are not happy with these two choices. great people.the we will be right back. ♪
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>> would you most miss? i don't know, i can't remember anything from the last century. hey macarena. this is a great story about how the unions are not taking sides. coming up on bloomberg tv. that is on bloomberg west until tomorrow. ♪
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