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tv   Bloombergs Studio 1.0  Bloomberg  May 28, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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list will never get to trump and you have these people on the other side, is this enough to get trump the amount of money he needs? >> it is an amazing and oppressive start. those who are going to give but have not yet given, trying to decide where is a safe, comfortable vehicle? is there a super pac that already exist? folks who-- a lot of are #never hillary. hold, will trump be able to raise enough money? dan: i do not think donald trump -- that will not get him a fraction of what hillary is going to raise.
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the idea that he will be able to compete on resources -- we are at the end of may. romney lost eight of the nine swing states. born was president obama in the united states? did vince foster commit suicide? if donald trump asks you if you he should keep talking about yese things, would you say or no? >> i do not think he talks about where president obama was born. and vince foster was a footnote. he is responding in kind saying hillary clinton -- two hillary clinton saying he is not good for women. 1990's, the main thing he is clinton andt, bill
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women in the 1990's. what people are going to focus on, this is a man in power and he was having affairs with subordinates in the white house. license int his law the state of arkansas. mark: are you concerned about him going to these places? >> it is ludicrous that we are in 2016 and we will have a national election about bill clinton in the 1990's. if i thought the state of the republican party is pathetic, it would take it to a whole different level. >> i believe this speech was stateguns and washington and they did not cover it. they only covered what i said about bill clinton. john: by the time he left
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office, democrats winning in the midterm election, gaining seats, almost unprecedented. an approval rating north of 60% after republicans made a crusade about this. how is it politically savvy to relive something that did not work the first time? >> i hope the campaign is fought on issues. compareas asked me to the health care plans of donald trump and hillary clinton. let's be fair, this is what people are covering now. hillary clinton is explaining more than she is campaigning. on your question about comparing bill clinton as a sitting president with a good economy and peace abroad and hillary clinton is not the president. it is a really weak response for
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her to say, all of a sudden, it is the royal we. royal we.the we reformed welfare, we created 23 million jobs. dan: i agree that this trump tactic will jostle the clinton campaign. honestly, what voters is he appealing to with this message? maybe consolidating the hard right. if he has to do that in late may, that is problematic. who is he speaking to with that? >> i hope eventually he gets her on health care, the fact that she has been in public life for 30 years and has done nothing to improve the lot of women.
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she has improved her own lot. she got millions of dollars to do speeches. she is not even that interesting to listen to. let's force a two way conversation on abortion. let's show who is really extreme. there -- it reminds people of how long the clintons have been around and that is not a subtle point. you are promising to do all of these things, but what have you done? i think she has done some stuff to help the lives of women. >> she ought to talk about it. mark: paul ryan, on the precipice of supporting trump? dan: i have nothing to report.
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mark: you are very close to him. will you be disappointed if paul ryan endorses trump? dan: yes, i will. all republican leaders should think twice about endorsing someone who is trafficking racism and sexism and misogyny and is not a conservative. he is a great personality and they had a great conversation. john: when you see rick perry -- dan: i think it is pathetic. john: rick perry have the same trump,s you on donald
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that now is supporting. dan: paul's thinking on this, he thinks he can actually sway and educate trump to be a more responsible candidate, which will help house republicans. if he is able to get donald trump to endorse the house republican agenda and act like an adult -- i am skeptical. john: how do you think donald trump is going to respond to that paternalistic attitude? >> i agree with speaker ryan. if you don't like something, instead of stopping your feet, go inside and try to help them. dan: just the distinction with rick perry. rick perry called him a cancer on the part me. but he is a -- campaigning to be trump's vice president. this makes trump's point.
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the republican establishment will do anything for fear of missing out. mark: we are going to vegas, we are putting all of our money on who for his running mate? >> i will go out -- i will say tom cotton. >> bob corker. mark: dan, never trump. kelly and, trump forever. john: interesting findings from our poll after this quick word from our sponsors. ♪
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mark: the latest bloomberg strategies poll, this one focusing on middle income voters in the rust belt. michigan, ohio, and sylvania, wisconsin, -- pennsylvania, wisconsin, all being targeted by trump. they prepare to try to win 270 of those electoral votes.
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the managing partner of purple strategies, doug joins us from the washington bureau. support forbout the this key demo. doug: clinton has a lead. she is leading by seven points. swing demographic. if you look at elections from 1992 through 2008, every single election the winner carried this group nationally and in the states, where we can look at the data, the winner carried that demographic as well. in this key swing demographic, clinton is up by seven points. john: let's look at a couple of key segments. white voters, female voters, independents. some realee
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polarization. among women, clinton is leading strong double digits. among men, trump is leading. he has a slightly among independents as well. race is a substantial issue. white voters are supporting him. clinton, she has a strong double-digit lead with minority voters. this key swing group mirroring a lot of demographic differences. the results on the top line works in clinton's favor. just ranthe data you through, if you were trump, what would make you happiest? doug: the thing that would make me happiest, i am leading among independents. that is obviously something --
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he wants to be winning that group. he should be a little bit concerned he is not dominating among white voters in these key states. wisconsin, michigan, ohio, and pennsylvania. traditionallyinto democratic constituencies or swing constituencies in a way that can take away states that have traditionally gone democratic. this brings up the plate that may be is that -- maybe that is not going to be so easy. he will have to build a more traditional republican coalition. mark: thank you very much. we will have more slicing and dicing. the great will leitch takes us to the movies.
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right after this. ♪
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this summer, a lot going on. a lot in terms of politics, but at the cinema, there will be a lot of juicy politically themed movies. will to takegreat a look and take us to the movies. ♪ >> it is almost summer and the air-conditioned movie season of comic book adaptations and more superheroes and robots is upon us. this is not the time for your
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high-minded oscar fare. on the eve of elections, still impact the that may political race. first off, "money monster," directed by jodie foster. george clooney is taken hostage by a man who lost his life savings. ist -- next, there "wiener." remember anthony weiner's attempt to run for the mayor of newark city? .here were documentarians there
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this is not exactly an incident. worst. is the purge, coming soon, the election-year. trapped on the streets of d.c., they must survive an annual night of terror. it is the purge, washington style. >> join me as we eliminate evil. >> this sounds like a movie donald trump would actually write. rebate.the ghostbusters and that is somehow turning political. southside with you, the most overtly political movie of the year.
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it is a political before sunrise. while all of the rest of us are losing our minds, one in these the first couple -- envies the first couples ability to get away from it all by sitting down to watch a movie about themselves. john: you have not seen wiener yet? you have to see it, it is incredible. say,e seen it and i will it is the documentary to end all documentaries. there come moments where you think, i wish i was behind that closed-door. the camera is there at every one of those moments. it is incredible.
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view, viewer's point of you get to see what it was like inside that campaign in a way that does not feel cheated. ghostbusters is slightly overrated. john: the original? it is over. you and me, we are done. our thanks to these great and glorious. we will be right back. ♪
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john: thank you for watching this edition of the best of with all due respect. a brand-new "with all due
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on tuesday back after the holiday. have an amazing memorial day weekend. ♪
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