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tv   Bloomberg Business Week  Bloomberg  May 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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john: welcome to this edition of the best of with all due respect. republican party got to taste test two new brands. we also took a brief trip back to the 1990's. >> so you think you are a 1990's fan? ok, donald, can you handle this?
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they were the best of friends. but now, is donald bluffing or is he holding a full house? will hillary be saved by the bill? tonight, mark and john explain it all so you will not be clueless. >> as if. >> we have all that and more on this special edition of wadr: i love the 90's. mark: the state department released a report on hillary clinton's use of the world's most famous private e-mail system. the scathing report confirms a lot of things we already knew. like it violated state department rules. she was not the only secretary
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of state to do government business on a personal account. this very tough report told us some new and important things. some of clinton's aides and clinton herself did not cooperate with the investigation. when some staffers raised questions, they were told it had been reviewed and approved by the department's legal staff. the clinton camp says, nothing to see here. the republicans were quick to jump on the news. those questioning her judgment include donald j. trump, billionaire. donald trump: as i say, crooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today, as you know, from some reports.
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not so good. inspector general's report, not good. i want to run against hillary. i do not know if you are going to be able to comment it could be we would run against crazy bernie. mark: not good, says donald trump, about this report. let's start by asking the basic question. what does it become now? john: it raises a couple of new things. some follow-up reporting, like that story about people raising red flags. being told, nothing to see here. i think the ball of wax rests
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with the fbi investigation. will there be some criminal charges? that is the big kahuna. this brings it back to the surface. it will not be the last time donald trump talks about this, i am sure. mark: it is an indictment of her judgment. we will see if the clinton campaign decides to attack the investigation? i will say this, she should cooperate. if she wants to be president, if she wants to have a commitment to getting all the facts, she should have cooperated. john: for a year, we heard, this is not all that unusual. this report makes clear that it was very unusual. they admit a big point of saying she wants to cooperate with everyone. she is willing to testify before
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the benghazi committee. her being willing to address these issues is an important political talking point. mark: the hacker who claims he breached her server pled guilty as part of a deal. the report says there was an instance of the server being under attack -- under the threat of some attack. john: if there is a proven instance where that server was hacked and some classified material was exposed to hackers, that is a big political problem. the donald trump -- the republican side of the race has been a tale of two trumps.
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one of those storylines is the new trump brand hitting stores near you. yes divide conventional wisdom uniting -- he has divide image in a wisdom -- defied conventional wisdom by uniting factions of this party. that is where demonstrators clashed with police outside a trump rally in albuquerque, reportedly throwing bottles, setting things on fire. protesters repeatedly interrupted trump before being removed. trump did what trump often does. he inflamed the tension. >> get them out. get them out. bring them home to mom. go home to mommy. get them out of here.
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he cannot get a date, so he is doing this instead. this is so exciting, isn't it? still wearing diapers. look at this kid. john: today, trump tweeted about those events last night. today, at a rally in anaheim, trump was again interrupted. looks like this is back. the disarray at some of the trump rallies. it is a different world. how problematic are the optics of all of this? mark: i'm a big fan of the first amendment. if this continues, it will be part of the clinton campaign trying to paint him as a chaos candidate. i think his conduct in those clips is not a winning formula.
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it is trump being trump. it is a net negative in a general contest. john: i think his base is already rallied. i do not think that helps them. who are the persuadable voters? who are the people on the fence, who are movable? they look at that mocking -- do they look at that mocking donald trump, regardless of what you think about the protesters, but the bottom line is that is inflaming it rather than trying to tamp it down. mark: i agree in the first blush that is correct. this is a guy who has said and done many things even more
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outrageous than he just did. on the margins, probably not helpful. john: i am not obsessing about it and i do not think it will be decisive. if you think about the way the clinton -- images like this, if they play out, are going to get worse. mark: the images -- john: his reaction is not helpful and the images are bad. mark: donald j. trump, billionaire, working on another image these days. he has been successful at consolidating support inside the party. the latest news reported by our bloomberg colleagues.
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paul ryan telling confidants he is ready to end his standoff with trump. today ryan says he has not made up his mind. a spokesman said the speaker and trump are going to talk by phone this evening. mitt romney is still being mentioned as someone who might consider jumping into this presidential race as a third-party candidate. if ryan does endorse drop, how will that impact any calculations romney has about getting into this race? john: i do not know how seriously mitt romney is thinking about getting into this race. people are courting him to try. it will make it harder. it would make it easier -- having ryan as an ally would make it easier for him to get into this race.
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having paul ryan be on his side would make securing the presidency a lot easier than having ryan being an official trump backer. mark: the deliberations have been more detailed than have been reported so far. it is still difficult for him to do. it is already hard for people in the anti-trump movement to say, i am this, but a lot of people i like are endorsing trump. for romney to say, this is a moral outrage, when the guy he picked as a running mate endorses him -- john: the clinton campaign's joins us. so much more, after this break.
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john: welcome back. joining us is the press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. which bridge did you come over? >> the brooklyn bridge, always. john: can you tell us some of what hillary clinton's innovative economic ideas are? >> her answer was just fine.
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our infrastructure proposal would put a lot of people back to work -- mark: what is original? >> some of the first speeches we gave at the new york city was about raising wages. she talked about a profit-sharing proposal that would incentivize companies for rewarding workers. mark: that is not part of the of infrastructure plan. anything original about the infrastructure plan? brian: the level of -- how she would pay for it. so, sure. would she pay for it? asking the wealthy to pay more, as well as closing corporate tax loopholes. i heard the discussion in the earlier segment. we put out a raft of middle-class tax cuts. including terms of -- targeted tax credits for prescription drug costs and childcare. we have not revealed the whole extent. mark: so more is coming? brian: absolutely. we did that on purpose for preserving it for the general
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election campaign. mark: how does tax policy relate to economic growth for families? brian: hillary clinton views the tax code as a vehicle for helping incentivize responsible behavior by corporate citizens. you have the profit-sharing proposal, she has also use the tax code to diss incentivize some of that irresponsible corporate behavior we have seen. she would impose an exit tax on companies who tried to invert themselves and register themselves as having their headquarters abroad. that is something we have seen president obama crackdown on. but she is going to go further. we will tax them as soon as you try to leave. she has a clawback proposal. if you close a factory in the united states and move jobs
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overseas, we will clawback the value of your tax credit which helped you subsidize your research. mark: how would you characterize her philosophy towards -- brian: our story we will tell is that president obama has done a herculean task in terms of lifting the country out of a great recession. the prosperity we are starting to see is not fully shared and we still have a stacked deck where too much of the rewards of the improved economy are flowing to the top in terms of ceo pay, shareholder dividends. not enough of that money is flowing down. mark: take money from the people who are currently well-off and move it down the ladder? brian: that is what it is all about.
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it's a carrot, not a stick. we think it would be a significant inducement towards more responsible -- and we think it is smart corporate behavior. if you look at chobani -- we think that is the type of smart, forward-looking approach to running your business that we should incentivize. mark: at the end of four years, how would middle-class families be doing? brian: her number one goal is to see wages rise. mark: by? brian: our goal is to achieve something we have not seen since the 1990's. not just putting more people to work, to see more people paid higher wages. john: she has talked about how president clinton is going to have a role in her white house as economic advisor. is he an advisor on the economy now? in what ways? brian: he has got a wealth of
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ideas at any given time. john: are there ideas that she has put forward that come from him? brian: it is not some official role where he would be the chair of the nec or have some cabinet post. focused onticularly regions of the country that have seen a lot of disinvestment. i will not credit any of these proposals exclusively to him. that would not be accurate. she has had a raft of individuals she solicits advice from. these proposals are her own. mark: she has taken some criticism for this. the notion, the two for the price of one thing. is there political risk involved in that? brian: i think she was just speaking sincerely about the role she expects to play.
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think iteople would was phony if she acted like she was not going to be taking his advice. at mark: you are a former justice department spokesman. has secretary clinton be interviewed by the fbi regarding the e-mail investigation? brian: i do not have an update on that. mark: has her counsel been contacted? brian: to my knowledge, no. mark: when she is, will you announce it? brian: one way or another, i am sure everybody will be apprised. mark: as for as you know no preliminary conversation. brian let me be clear, because : sometimes our political opponents try to parse words. since last august when this review was first announced, david kendall has been in recurring touch with officials at the justice department, as anybody would. nothing that has moved toward, can we schedule an appearance? i'm not aware of any. mark: terry mcauliffe is being investigated. do you know anything about that?
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brian: i do not. the: what do you and campaign think about terry mcauliffe's ethics? brian: i have nothing to say on that. mark: do you have any reasons to believe he would do anything wrong? brian: i have no average of the report. mark: i'm just asking you to say what a great guy terry is. john: i am sure you are aware of the instagram video donald trump posted. mark: you have not looked at a -- brian: i watched it. john: what did you think of it? brian: this is the latest in his strategy to try to distract from and issues based campaign. which is what we intend to run here. to be honest, i think it is bad strategy. i have seen smart republican operatives go on television and say they have tested these lines of attack and they alienate independent voters, especially women. every day he spent engaged in this type of stuff is a misspent opportunity for him. john: is it the campaigns plan, when he raises these issues,
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your plan to go through the whole campaign and respond in this way? we will not dignify that with a response. brian: these allegations were litigated two decades ago. i do not think donald trump himself sees these attacks as having some political upside with independent voters. rick wilson and others have said, we have tested this. this is bad. here is what i think he is doing -- i think he is trying to practice the politics that worked for him in the primary. which is just throw stuff out there and try to get under people's skin. try to get in people's heads. take whatever collateral damage it will bring. his negatives are hard-earned at this point. people talk about the negatives hillary clinton and him being those areapples -- his own words that have added up
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to those negatives, whereas for her, those are the products of attacks directed at her. i think he has courted these -- the downsides of accruing these high negatives because he thinks this is a way to get inside his opponent's head and site them out. hillary clinton is not going to go for that. she can't be psyched out. she sat for 11 hours before the benghazi committee hearing. this is somebody who has a steel backbone. john: we will see if we can crack you. thanks for coming in. up next, we have two republican strategists. we will be right back with that.
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john: our first guest tonight, two guests tonight, and they are chatty, too. thank you for being here. we've been talking about the trump donor score today.
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how did he do it? >> he does it through charm. he vanquished 16 opponents. a very successful first outing with the rnc. it shows the party unity starts from the top. mark: you are for trump -- and you are not. you have knowledge this is an impressive list. if he can put together a list like this, why not say -- >> donor's fall into basically two categories. most major donors are staying out of it. open to funding an independent candidate or they will sit on the sidelines.
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the other group, some of them are saying i am on board. others are saying, i do not want to be seen as being disloyal for the party. push comes to shove, if this race is truly winnable for trump, he has the capacity to fund it. mark: update us on where the search for a third candidate stands. dan: no update. i would say the odds are -- kellyanne: i think you would find amelia ehrhardt before you find -- john: i want to ask you both, if the people on the new york times list will never get to trump and
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you have these people on the other side, is this enough to get trump the amount of money he needs? >> it is an amazing and oppressive start. those who are going to give but have not yet given, trying to decide where is a safe, comfortable vehicle? is there a super pac that already exist? let's not -- a lot of folks who are #neverhillary. john: if they hold, will trump be able to raise enough money? dan: i do not think donald trump -- that will not get him a fraction of what hillary is going to raise. the idea that he will be able to compete on resourc-


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