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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  June 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> i'm jared john heilemann. >> i'm mark halperin. >> you're out of order. >> you're out of order. >> now you're out of order judge. ♪ >> all eyes. this show is now in session. donald trump billionaire is hearing objection from all quarters. the presumptive republican nominee is dealing with more
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reaction pretty much all negative for his comments about the mexican heritage of u.s. governor of curiel. some breaking news here. from our colleagues at bloomberg politics. the first report on a red hot conference call that trump held today with some of his top surrogates during which republican presumptive nominee had some pretty harsh words about his own campaign strategy in dealing with this criticism. joining us now to talk more about that conference call and dynamics within the trump world is our colleague from washington jennifer jacobs. this was a call that trump got on himself. tell us what the nature the call. tell us some of the things trump said. >> he convened an emergency call to talk to his surrogates. those people who speak for them. he wanted to instruct them on
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talking points what he thinks they should be saying. in this phone call according to the people who told us, there was no discussion of backing away from this or apologizing. it was all about counterpunching and figuring out how to attack. it was trump saying listen, i need you guys to speak for me. let's go hard at this. we got a strong case here. i think we can use this situation to take it to the next level. he thinks this can help him in the polls. mark: the kind of people on the call what kind of people? jennifer: it was everyone from top level. scott brown the former senator from massachusetts pam bondi from florida as well as people -- there was a former apprentice contestant who was on the call and his pastor, mark burns. various people like that. mark: unusual for the candidate to briefing surrogates on messages.
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tell us specific things. people want to read the story in full can go to tell us specific things trump said. jennifer: jan brewer said listen your campaign sent us a memo last night instructing us not to talk about trump university. you guys are not authorized to talk about. trump fought back and said, who sent this memo. i will tear that up and throw that in the waste basket. you guys are fully authorized to talk about this. fight back hard. he was telling these surrogates, we will overcome. i've always won. i will continue to win. that's the way it's going to be. he said, you know you guys are the reason why i'm having this call. sometimes you guys get information that's not very smart. you guys are getting stupid information that are not very smart. he promise to have more calls with his surrogates in the future.
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he was clearly irritated with reporters, that's not necessarily surprising. he said the people asking these questions, those are the racist. he said i will go at them. he was doubling down, triple down, saying go hard. john: to be clear. the last point. not only trump saying, we should not avoid talking about this but we should amp up the rhetoric and try to do some kind of if i move. for this. claiming the reporters are the assures in this -- racist in this story. jennifer: he said i got at hostile judge. he was criticizing the judge again. questioning the judge's credibility. one of the surrogates, said, we should go after the lawyers on this case. they brought up examples. it was talking points on how to really to go harder.
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john: another thing, you mentioned, i want to amplify it. he says, this is a stupid memo sent to them. he says people that aren't so smart. he's referring to the people that work for him when he says people that aren't smart. he's attacking his own staff with his surrogates right? jennifer: right. he was saying, i need my surrogates out there defending me and talking for me. di disregard this memo. sometimes you hear information from people that are not so smart. he was talking about his own aids who instructed these surrogates they are not authorized to talk about trump university. john: put that in the context of other reporting on the state of the trump campaign. trump attacking his own staff for being stupid. questions about whether or not this campaign is geared up to be a general election campaign. how does that reporting on where they are in professionalizing the trump operation? jennifer: well, we know they are trying hard to
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professionalize it. this one phone call was one case trying to get everyone on the same page. accorded on -- people have talked about, he doesn't have a rapid response team. he's essentialal one man person rapid response team. he was trying to on his own usually. the nominee isn't on these phone calls. instructing them what to say. he said i want to do these again in the future. he said, i don't have a voice without you. he was saying he really needs them out there helping them. mark: just to clarify things how sources on the story characterize the tone of the call? jennifer: sources said it was chaotic.
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it was a conference call. mr. trump was irritated to hear about this memo. from their description, it sounds like it was a little bit chaotic and he was irritated. he was trying to act as moderator on this call. it sounded like it was very interesting phone call. mark: beyond what's published, additional quotes you have i love for to you read to folks. jennifer: there was a lot of discussion about the judge. he was saying he was not a good judge. he was accusing the judge judge making some errors and unsealing documents. he made very bad errors. he talked about either the website, the dedicated to defending trump university lawsuit. 98% approval. he was urging his surrogates to fight back against interviewers who ask them about this lawsuit and to ask media interviewer if they read these 19,000 pages of
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comments. positive feedback about trump university. one surrogate said, grill those reporters. ask them why. he was saying, we have a much better case. we have a good case on this stuff. he said, we have a much better case on everything. he talked about going after hillary clinton. he said that's the next thing we need to do and step it up in attack on the clinton foundation topic. mark: great story with kevin and mike bender. john and i will talk more about this call. over those controversial comments he made about judge curiel right after these words from our sponsors.
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john: welcome back. blockbuster scoop. donald trump conference call today. presumptive republican nominee have been siege for his comments about federal judge gonzalo curiel. after reproach from senior republicans such as mitch mcconnell, chairman bob corker trump saw a fresh wave of criticism from his side today. john say -- john kasich and marco rubio all spoke out against him. we want to highlight reaction from one republican in particular someone who know about controversial rhetoric. that will be newt gingrich. >> this is one of the worst
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mistakes trump has made. trump has got to, i think move to a new level. this is no longer the primaries. he's no longer an interesting contender. he is now the potential leader of the united states. he's got to move his game up to the level of being a potential leader. john: this morning on fox and friends, trump reacted with gingrich who of course some said to be trump's running mate. trump showed no signs of backing down. >> as far as newt is concerned. i was surprised at newt. i thought it was inappropriate what he said. >> does anything like that get through to you and make you reform your tactics when somebody who's been a supporter of yours comes out says this is a huge mistake. >> all i'm trying to do and figure out why i'm being treated so unfairly by a judge. all i want to to do why am i being treated so unfairly. john: we reached ought out 26 26 members
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of congress to come on the show. they either did not respond or said they were not available. big topic and big question. donald trump has comments on this. conference call today, how much damage is he doing to his own cause? mark: a ton. as well as from republican party. from donors and congressional supporters to conservatives on the fence about him. his remarks have been correctly attacked by everyone. they don't like what he said. they're putting him all in bad positions. you got editorial boards writing stories. this is about the worst thing he's done politically. substantively. based on what he said on the call today, based on fox doesn't seem like he's doing to do what he will do. try to unring the bell, at least a little and apologize. the damage has been done.
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john: he lit a fire in the house. he stoked the fire. he poured gasoline all over himself and walked in the house. now is standing on top of the house trying to get a hold of the gasoline to make the fire bigger. i was at an event this weekend in nashville, tennessee with a huge bunch of lawyers. republicans and democrats alike. not a political group. some were democrats and republicans. all horrified outraged, professionals, mostly in the south. horrified by this. not just in the racially charge context, in his attack on the independent judiciary. if you are losing your own party leadership, people who reluctantly came to endorse you, who are being forced criticize you in the strongest terms possible a people like that, the people i was talking to this weekend, mortified, you can't overstate how big a huge mistake
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this is and he just making it worse. just told, he intends to keep doing it. mark: the democrats are taking full advantage of it. in this case they are right. the reality of what he said is so outrageous for so many people sensibility. when he came out for temporary ban on muslim immigration. lot of republicans support that. i don't think this will have much support. one reason that people in the republican party are outraged, they say this is about business. this is about donald trump protecting a law private lawsuit. you are now the de facto presumptive nominee of the party. you're using the platform of being party's nominee to try to win a legal case that got nothing to do with the country. only a person business and your own reputation. john: all of the work that we noted that trump done from the time he became the nominee prior to last week trying to unify the
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party. he's done the surprisingly, so much of the resistance to him and stayed away. all of that work seems has been undone by this. it's exposed the to the people who work for him. it made people doubt their endorcement of him. they're looking at the guy saying, does this guy actually want to be president? these are the kinds of commentary. does he want to be president. is he trying to blow this up? will he actually get nominated in cleveland. all of those thing are probably overstated. that is the nature of the discussion now. when you have that kind of discussion going on, it is bad for you. mark: i would add to that, there are people saying, maybe unendorse him. david french said he wasn't going to launch an independent base. it doesn't look like anybody on the ballot that conservatives can vote for. but this is something that trump
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did, unbitten. he keeps doing it. the reproach that he's getting will continue and should continue because it's an affront to what people think about an independent judiciary, what they think about what a person should say. it's a big problem for him. the conference call, the tone on the conference call, the attitude is not of a guy looking for ways to solve the problem by finesse, or a apology or explanation. people like paul rain, who said -- ryne ryan who said, their hope was once he became the presumptive nominee, he will get better. this is a month the worst things he's said. people across the country. john: that last point bares repeating. it is a case all of them hopes not that trump will be a bore. they thought that some of the rough edges will be sanded down. instead these rough edges are getting rougher at this point.
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to say that someone by their ancestry of any kind is incapable of doing their job -- is a fundamental affront to basic american values and for trump to get on a conference call today and say, that people who point that out are the real racist. mark: when he added religion. john: the muslim. mark: we don't know. let's wait to the polls come out. i guarantee you, it damaged his relationship of the upper levels of the republican party. donald trump wasn't only asked about judge curiel on the sunday shows. in that interview on face the nation, trump was presented with statements he made five years ago supporting the use of american military force moammar gadhafi in libya. despite his claims now that he's been against that. here's a sense over the years of
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what trump said about this topic. >> he said i was in favor of libya. i never discussed that sum. >> gadhafi in libya is killing thousands of people. >> i supported libya? >> yes, you supported intervention in libya. >> where did you see that? >> we should stop this. which would be very easy and very quick. we can do it surgically. >> i wasn't for what you have now. >> we would have been better off if the politicians took a day off. instead of going to war. >> we should do humanitarian basis immediately go into libya knock this guy out very quickly. >> you said you weren't for intervention. you were for intervention. >> i didn't mind surgical. do you a surgical shot and you take him out. i wasn't for what happened. i could have seen surgical where you take out gadhafi and his group. >> i was in favor of libya.
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we would be so much better off if gadhafi were in charge now. mark: that 2011 footage of trump supporting intervention in libya was reported back in february. but no one asked him about it until now. what does the fact that this libya thing is getting attention currently amount overshadowed by the judge controversy. john: not surprisely, he's getting more scrutiny as happens with every person who becomes the nominee. it goes up in a way that most politicians do. even if they had a lot of scrutiny. it is the case, i believe, across our professions people looked back on the republican nomination and concluded that not that somehow that the press enabled trump and allowed him to become the republican nominee. we didn't get this point exactly right. we got to figure out how to question better.
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how to hold them to account with things he said in the past. others starting to do totable video for him. mark: you're going to see people from the bush campaign, the rubio campaign, cruz campaign. others say why didn't the press do a better job. part of the answer is, yes, the press should have been done a better job. with 17 candidates, you got to investigate everybody. part of it is, they did not have the research operation and the consistency and discipline to go after trump. i think that you're going to see more stuff about hillary clinton. we'll talk about that. you'll see more stuff about trump. as always the case, it's how you handle it. much more than the underlying video tape and the underlying consistencies. the way he's handling this is deny the truth. john: that is a problem. big problem. coming up, bernie sanders post california primary calculation. will he cash in his chip and go
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all the way to the convention? we'll try to read his not so totally poker face.
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mark: tomorrow night the media will declare hillary clinton the presumptive nominee. bernie sanders and what he does after that is the big question on the democratic side of the presidential race. today joe, he called for sanders to drop out the race. >> we're taking him at his word. senator sanders wants to do everything possible to make sure donald trump doesn't become president. that will entails supporting the democratic nominee and doing it as early as you can and helping to unify the party as early as
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we can. that should happen as soon as it's clear that hillary clinton is the nominee. that will happen tomorrow night. mark: that's as far any staff writer saying, tomorrow night he should get out. the new york times reporting that president obama may endorse hillary clinton. is bernie sanders going to get out? john: i don't know the answer. people underestimate the possibility that sanders within a few days of california and these other states that are voting tomorrow. people forget what it was like in 2008 when hillary clinton and a lot of people around hillary clinton including mark penn and others said, we will fight on to denver. we will try to flip the super delegates. she came here to new york, she gave a speech. the crowd chanted. go on to denver. she woke up the next day, she went to washington d.c., gave a
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speech. went to her campaign headquarters and dropped out. the psychology of the candidate is unpredictable. you look at it cold heart light of day. mark: the guys earn the right to do what he has. let's just wait and see what he does. let's not force him out. lot of colleagues on the trail have been doing that. there's a concentrate come -- conference coming up. there's still another primary. there's still a lot of issues. my hunch is, he's going to go with the middle ground. he's going to stop attacking her. he's going to say, let's go to the convention and see what happens. he wants to see what the superdelegates do. the number one book on amazon is a book by a former secret service officer about the clintons. the bernie sanders between the fbi investigation the moral authority he thinks he has, because of the polls, he wants to see what happens. not just free up delegates. john: i do not think bernie
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sanders will spend the month from now beating her up, trying some aggressive, harsh way to flip superdelegates. he will try to keep it alive or he might just go back to burlington. you know what, i lost. mark: big question clinton and obama went to unity in new hampshire. that's the big thing. does he appear with her. john: up next, lessons we can learn from donald trump and the 2016 media landscape. we'll talk about that when we come back.
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okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. john: get ready for two. joining us now from washington,
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former communications director marco rubio director. rebrand the donald trump campaign, trump productions. thank you for being here. rudy, here's my question for you. the basic these of your column was trump flooded zone. it's all about volume and not about quality. it's stocks and that has worked for you. seems like maybe the evidence can give the life of that thesis. >> i think that was the argument at the top of the column. then the column twisted around to say here comes general election. john: you think it's going to change why? is this an example what you're saying. the different environment will make it harder for him to continue with that strategy? >> first of all, today what trump content, i don't know if that was the content he wanted out. i don't know. there's a lot more scrutiny now.
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the stakes are higher. someone in the clinton campaign told me, now can he be a president. that said, i will plead the fifth, i don't know if if will continue to work. we're talking about him still. does that hurt hillary clinton? maybe not. quality may matter more. mark: rarely have i seen someone come out of losing campaign and learn a big lesson quickly. two of your former colleagues from the campaign, i think have learned one of the huge lessons. which is from the trump campaign, you need to be present. you can't be out of the discussion. my question is, doesn't quality matter too? trump content has a lot of appeal. it's not just a lot. it's stuff that the media and public generally interested in. >> right. terry sullivan and i all three senior staffers on marco rubio's campaign, we're starting a new time. we're starting it on the premise the way people receive
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information it's different than it was four or five years ago. this one was totally different and how people received information. that means that candidates campaigns and organizations need to deliver information differently. they need to deliver more information. it has to be high quality information. otherwise people aren't going to quite get it. trump to his credit, produced a ton of content during the campaign. i shared with jim during his reporting of this story. we measured on daily basis believe the information flow coming from all the campaigns to our targeting university. there really wasn't a single day in the campaign where trump wasn't the field in terms of providing information to our targeted universe. mark: by a factor of what? >> he would get twice as much of the rest of the field combined. sometimes he was really making news, he was the only one that anyone was hearing from.
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on average, he was getting twice as much attention as the rest of the field combined. john: i want to ask you. we were just talking about ago that the trump seem to get a different kind of coverage now that he got during the nomination. he's been called on the inconsistency on the libya issue. do you think that the media failed in terms of how they covered trump in the context of the nomination contest? >> yes obviously, the media failed to vet him in a serious way last summer. the same way they vetted my boss. the "new york times" last summer, colleagues there did a big story about marco d how he spent his personal money. we never seen that reporting on donald trump until recently. nobody took him seriously. he had 16 or 17 competitors in the republican race. none of us took him seriously.
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we treated him as a businessman and a celebrity. now, however the media his competitors and voters are starting to look at him as a potential president. john: do you see a qualitative difference in the press that's comping trump. what do you think explains the change? >> i do see that difference. obviously we've had a lot of really tough coverage of him over the last few days. it's general election time. it's lessons learned. i think collectively, the news media, my colleagues out there we should have probably treated him the same way we treated the marco rubio. for that matter, people complained on the republican side hillary hasn't been vetted. she's had her share of tougher stories. that said, things have been very tough. now the quandary is, it looks
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like a war between trump and the press. that's a whole new problem. i don't know how reporters will handle that. mark: trump has a good sense of approach. he wanted to comment for your story. >> his theory of the case, as long as we're talking about donald trump he's winning. he denies that. he say he'll take all the good publicity in the world. he doesn't want any bad. on the veterans donation story last week, where he criticized how much he give. 100% good press. he doesn't want controversial stories. i don't know if he will share with me his inner most thoughts. mark: following on what i asked you before. which is, it's all well and good if i'm running for a senate in oklahoma, i want to dominate the media. as you as consultant, get somebody the kind of volume that
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trump gets? >> i think trump is unique in his ability to command media attention. i think for any candidate, if you want to get your message out, you need to provide a lot of content in hopes of reaching people. what people are talking about toad, is what they will be talking about 48 hours from now. the information moves so fast. i will say, if you have a problem, like the clinton campaign had with the report the other week. you need to aggressively tackle the problem. you can't hope that it goes away. in the information vacuum, if you don't fill it, your opponents and critics will. mark: what do you think trump said about judge curiel? >> i think there's no place for that in modern political discourse. i think every republican should condemn it. mark: should marco rubio withdraw his support?
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>> i hope that trump repudiate those statements. it is bad for his candidacy. it's bad for the country for a major nominee of a party to say things like that. john: alex, jim ruttenberg, thank you for joining us. both of you are great. next up, remembering the greatest, muhamad ali. if you're watching us, you can listen to us on the radio. bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back.
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mark: there are legends. three-time world heavy weight champion, died last friday night at the age of 74. here to talk to us about the greatest of all time. obituaries about ali in both the "new york times" and special commemorative decision of time magazine. i want to start with one the great moments probably in your career looking back. which is the day you were there when the beatles met muhamad ali. >> i wish i had been more attuned to history or can look ahead and have appreciated it more. i just remember that these guys were kind of in the way. he to do to fight. i sat down. i got the assignment to cover the first liston and clay fight in miami in 1964. the real reporter didn't think
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it was worth his time. clay was going to get knocked out in the first round. liston was unbeatable. i was told, as soon as i get to miami, rent a car, drive back and forth between between the arena and the closest hospital. i will waste no deadline time following cassius clay to intensive care. that was what was in my mind. i went to the gym where he was working out. he had not arrived yet. right behind me were those four funny little guys. like around my age. they were wearing matching white jackets. we were all pushed into addressing to wait. what had happened, they were on their first american visit. they had gone for a photo op with sonny liston.
8:42 pm
he took one look at them, i'm not posing with them sissies. they were stuffed back this a limo. the last time you stuffed the beatles anywhere. they drove to clay's camp for a second. mark: when they finally meet him. the five of us gasped. >> we have never seen such a beautiful creature in our lives. he said, come on beatles. let's make some money. they went into the ring and this is on youtube now. i think they choreographed it. the beatles stood in a row. he tapped the first one. they went down like dominoes. they formed a pyramid. to try to hit him. pretty much it was over. mark: they put on a show and what does ali say to you? >> he said to me who were those little sissies. i don't feel so bad.
8:43 pm
john: i want to ask you a question about politics. ali he was a political figure. you think about him joining the nation of islam and changing his name and refusing to be inducted in the armed forces. how just in the context of that time, how much of a political earthquake did those series of things cause? >> they were enormously important, politically and socially and religiously. i think that what gets forgotten, here is this emotionally stunted insecure, 22-year-old kid. but younger. out of abusive home. who goes to the nation of islam for security and father figure. suddenly, he's caught in a turbulence -- most politically charged time in my life and he's against civil rights.
8:44 pm
he's turned his back on the main religion of america. he's cast off his slave name before roots came out. we really knew what that meant. he is suddenly representing millions of people. is a polarizing figure. i don't think that he entirely knew what he was talking about at that time. john: how much do you think it had an effect. it was a huge moment for politics and sports. suddenly you had athletes who saw themselves as needing to our wanting to for them to take these kinds of important stands on important political and social issues. >> but very few came close. later on, jim brown, the football player, kareem abdul-jabbar. tommy smith. partially in protest to ali losing his title.
8:45 pm
john: billy jean king. >> yes. not to the extent that he seems to have done it. he became a political symbol because he was -- there was an instance of blank speak about him. it was easy for everybody to put their banner and magneton muhamad ali. he was really in the process of changing it. i don't believe he really fully understood what he was talking about. until he was forced stop boxing. spent 3.5 years going to college campuses. which was only way he can make money. in the give and take with students he began to figure out where -- here's a good example. i just happen to have been there.
8:46 pm
1966. the senate hearings on the war. he calls the senator a traitor because he's not behind him. the same day, ali finds out he's been reclassified 1a. the first thing he says, the moment he heard this from the reporter, he said why me? heavy wake champion of the world. i pay all of these taxes. i buy all of these bombs and airplanes and helmets our soldiers. why don't they draft poor boys from louisville at the end of that day he would say, because somebody 100 person saying, how do you feel about going to vietnam. in that day, he put a white paper out.
8:47 pm
i don't think so. mark: bob thank you. incredible story. we'll talk more about donald trump and whether the size of the campaign matters. after this.
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john: we're joined by one the favorite people. correspondent katy tur is outside of trump tower. he cab hurting his run for the presidency. thanks for coming on the show. we gathered you had pushback from trump world regarding bloomberg politics story about that conference call today. tell us about that. >> we got a little bit of pushback. this was given to us by cory
8:50 pm
lewandowski. he refuses to dismiss this case which should have been dismissed. he's pushing back on the accuracy of the report. he's not going to go into a detail. he gave the individuals on the call. the background in the case and it should have been dismissed on summary. they're pushing back on it. they're not saying exactly what they believe was inaccurate about bloomberg. pretty sizeable report. john: doesn't seem like there's any particular thing they're pushing back on with evidence there. seems like a generic pushback. katy: same thing i got from my story. it's generalized. you don't know what you're talking about. you don't have no access. which is kind of the problem with the campaign and
8:51 pm
encapsulated in one tweet. the campaign doesn't seem to give reporters what's going on behind the scenes. in light of that they don't have communication staff. they have about two people working on communication who answers hundreds ever e-mails. then cory lewandowski who directs some of the responses to the reporters he chooses to respond to. that is problematic. it's also problematic as we've been talking about for the past couple of weeks, donald trump doesn't have the ability to get -- spin things to his advantage the way the hillary clinton machine does. donald trump comes out with a foreign policy feature pour tweet, hillary clinton team comes in and they say, look what donald trump said. here is why it's wrong. they can do with all of the donald trump's past statements. hillary clinton has a foreign
8:52 pm
policy speech, donald trump does not have the ability to counter that with the same full-court press. they do not have the team in place. the rnc is trying this. they're pushing out their own rapid response talking points. but the reality is the rnc's priorities and trump priorities are different. they may respond pretty quickly to hillary clinton foreign policy speech, they're not necessarily will respond to the trump university case, which was a big story last week. quite controversial. and the story that keeps ongoing with donald trump continuing to call out this judge and adamantly saying he does not believe calling his mexican heritage into question. he was born in indiana and is refusing to acknowledge that is racist. he's been accused of that by a number of people now. mark: i was struck by two pieces of data along the way here. first, that over the weekend,
8:53 pm
from hillary clinton's thursday attack through the weekend and controversy over trump's judge comments. almost no one come to his defense. lots of criticism. then trump on this call that our bloomberg colleagues reported on, said when the clintons do. where are my people. who's defending me? i never known trump feel like he needed people to be defending. this is the new phenomenon saying i need surrogates. katy: i've never heard him say this either. it's interesting to see if the surrogates do defend him in that way and do come oand say, we believe that donald trump is right to call out this judge for his mexican heritage. somehow not being able to be unbiased for donald trump. if they do take a step further and call the reporters who are questioning it a racist themselves, if that happens, then donald trump has surrogate operation that will go out and deliver his message.
8:54 pm
so far we haven't seen that. nbc news has been trying over and over again today to get anybody to come on the record to defend these comments and so far, we have run out of luck. mark: i'll buy you an eggnog for every surrogate who comes out and follows trump's orders. everyone. katy: what are you talking about. john: katy tur you're awesome. mark you're hallucinating. coming up, republicans have a new proposal to overturn dodd frank. we'll tell you all about it right after this.
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mark: chairman of the house financial service committee. he unveiled a new proposal to
8:57 pm
overturn dodd-frank today. here's what he said when he's asked whether he talked to donald trump about the overhaul. >> listen, there's a lot of things donald trump has said and done. that i don't agree with. one thing i do agree with is that dodd-frank has failed. it has failed miserably. it has to be replaced and we need to promote economic growth. i know he's interested doing that. my crystal ball is fuzzy who will be our next president. if it's donald trump i hope to be able to work with him and actually sow dodd-frank replaced with the financial choice act. mark: thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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it is tuesday the seventh of june. this is trending business. rishaad: let's have a look at what we're watching for you. the asian markets up for a third day. janet yellen saying that the


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