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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> with all due respect to the reference -- the revolution, which will not be televised, this presidential election will be subtweeted. ♪ >> he is with her. today, president obama made his full throated endorsement for hillary clinton to be his successor as president of the united states. here is the general outline of what took place. fresh off a bruising election night on tuesday, bernie sanders
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traveled to our nations capital and traveled to the oval office. he then met with president obama and then spoke to reporters on the white house lawn, saying that while he will be competing in the d.c. primary next week, he will also do all he can to from becomingump president. i spoke briefly to secretary clinton on tuesday night. i congratulated her on her strong campaign. i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of us and not just the 1%. a couple hours after sanders spoke came the big news today. in a three minute video, president obama expressed his unequivocal support to his 2008
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rival and former secretary of state. >> i want to congratulate hillary clinton on making history for becoming the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. i know hillary will be so good at the job. i do not think there has ever been anyone so qualified to hold the office. she has the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done. i say that as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times. i am fired up, and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. president obama and hillary clinton are expected to hold their voice -- first joint campaign event on wednesday. presumptive nominee had this to say. much to haveans so a strong substantive endorsement
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from the president. obviously i value his opinion a great deal personally. and as i said repeatedly on the campaign trail, i think he has been a very successful president who has made our country stronger and fairer. it is just such a treat because over the years of knowing each other, we have gone from pierce competitors to true friends -- fierce competitors to true friends. what doestion to you is you think the immediate implications are of this endorsement for hillary clinton and her effort to unify the party? >> and makes it harder for bernie sanders go forward in any way. it allows hillary clinton to going tot week battleground states, with the president to be creating big splashy news events that will be
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difficult for trump to match. it is a big important move for her. the president did it exactly the way she would have wanted. the coordination between this president and his chosen successor is tighter on a staffing level than anyone in modern times. >> it is my understanding that president obama has been itching to do this. he talked with bernie sanders. he wanted to talk that she wanted to endorse, but he was he wanted to endorse, but he was very deferential. there was some degree of negotiation with the sanders campaign. they wanted to give him some time and space. prettyency of this is high. 48 hours after the elections on tuesday, we are exactly where barack obama wanted to be, exactly where the clinton campaign wanted him to be, and
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sanders performing in a pretty cooperative place. i don't think you could imagine this whole thing could have gone any better from hillary clinton's point of view, or the democratic party's point of view just 48 hours after we got the result of the california primary. take long for donald trump to respond to the news of president obama's endorsement. the presumptive republican nominee turned to his social media microphone and treated just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama, but no one else does." withry clinton responded "delete your twitter" which is a millennial this. duiss.ennial
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what are the implications for the general election from this endorsement? >> it is worth saying this. were was a long time where thought the republican party was in disarray and the democratic party would be united easily. then it looked like donald trump was uniting the republican party and the democrats seem the gulf to disarray. now we are back to the status quo. the democrats are moving swiftly towards unity, and the republicans are exhibiting more of unityommunity -- that they have in recent weeks. nothing about this is good for the republican presumptive nominee. againstu are running the successor of the present, there are two peers of psychodrama. first with the campaigner, then with the president. in one new cycle, hillary has ended those two psychodrama's.
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>> donald trump has been suggesting bernie should run as an independent. that is not going to happen now, quite obviously. that is another element of why this is all good for the democratic side, and nothing good for the democrat -- all and nothing good for the republican side. as democrats begin to come home as republicans have for trump. >> bernie sanders and half is donors -- happy obama and half the obama donors give to hillary, that will help her. it puts even more pressure on donald trump. clinton will now have bernie sanders, the clintons, the bidens, the obama's, all out there. trump will have
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surrogates, but not the level that she will have. >> i think the money thing cannot be overestimated. we'll talk later about trump's funding situation. good for us. we will have more from our --omberg politics the you interview with hillary clinton. ♪
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♪ off the campaign trail, bernie sanders had a very busy day in washington ec today. he took -- washington dc today.
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he told reporters he would do whatever it takes to defeat donald trump in november. to meet for the two. democrats, harry reid and chuck expected to is replace harry reid at the top democrat in the senate. tonight, sanders is holding a rally at rfk stadium. center says he is still going to compete hard in the next tuesday's washington dc primary. after the obama endorsement of clinton, and as sanders clearly begins to ratchet down his campaign, what does you now want and what can he get? >> we have come full circle on the sanders campaign. we are now back to the original impetus that got him into the race in the first place, which is trying to press forward on the progressive issues he cares about. in particular, the way that is difficult from what he started,
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he now has profound convictions on how he wants to change the democratic nominating process. he wants to have same day, easy registration. he wants to eliminate the role of superdelegates. i think hillary and the democratic party are likely to give him what he wants, both because they realize those things are necessary in the new age, and because a lot of them do not have a stake in holding onto the old system. >> hillary clinton has gotten into this important part of the campaign. he has now gotten his issues mainstream within her campaign and within the party -- raising the minimum wage, true universal health care, reducing the influence of money in. i think he is going to be a part of the democrats holding the senate. i think if the democrats can goodthe senate, he has a
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chance to be the head of a in -- of unimportant committee. -- of an important committee. >> if he handles this right, as ,e seems to be handling it bringing the party together, he will have a lot of chips to call in on capitol hill. he will have a lot of gratitude from people like harry reid and chuck schumer and others. muchll be able to be a bigger force in terms of actually making policy than he has ever been in the senate. if the democrats do take control of the upper chamber. is a big meeting of his supporters in chicago later in the month. how does he want to get his message out there? does he want to continue to do big events? social media? >> hillary clinton is expecting another endorsement sometime in the very near future. massachusetts senator elizabeth
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warren is expected to back the presumptive nominee any minute now. warren's -- 's name has been bandied about as a potential vice president. here is what clinton had to say about worn today -- about elizabeth worn today. >> of course i have spoken with senator warren in the last few weeks. we have stayed in touch over the campaign. i am very much looking forward to having her good advice and counsel as we move into the general election campaign. i have the highest regard for her. i also believe that my plan to rein in wall street was the top list -- the toughest, most comprehensive on either side. i will be consulting with elizabeth warned and others -- elizabeth warren and others.
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one thing i am focused on is protecting the consumer protection bureau and also and theng dodd-frank regulations that were put on wall street after the great recession. >> elizabeth worn is giving a speech tonight at the american constitution convention in washington. she will escalate her tax on donald trump and public leaders who still support him. after that, she will be on rachel maddow's show, where she is expected to offer her endorsement for hillary clinton on air. --t do today's developments the obama endorsement, sanders statement to the press, and warren's coming endorsement -- what do these mean and the election had? bernie sanders has eclipsed
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her for the spokesperson for that side of the party. running he is no longer for president, she can possibly come back on top as the person that people look to. she's expected to go after donald trump and paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. ryan's office has come back at her. -- i think she will be a big player with sanders in the fall, trying to produce -- prove if she can raise money. as you know mark, i have always thought more than you have that elizabeth warren could be on the ticket. here is why. although bernie sanders is now moving into a position where he is going to be a unifier and not
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a divider of the democratic party, it still remains the case that a lot of supporters of bernie sanders will not exactly tellst bernie sanders them to. just because he endorses hillary clinton does not mean they will flock to him. hillary will have to solve the problem with progressives. i can't think of it easier way to solve it and putting elizabeth warren on the present -- on the ticket. next, more on that hillary clinton interview. ♪
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♪ joining us now are two amazing people, jennifer epstein
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whocome at the white house, covered the meeting with obama and sanders. we already played stuff from your interview. they are about to head out of the campaign trail. where they going to green bay, and how did she feel about the process of getting back on the campaign trail with barack obama? >> wisconsin is one of the states that trump really wants to put into play. it is still a state for both parties will have to campaign heavily. she is trying to go after working class, white working-class people. that is a good place to start with that. that a specific city donald trump has mentioned as a
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place that he wants to try to reach out to voters. they are going and hillary clinton said to me that she is really excited about it. she has come from having barack obama being her biggest rival to being friends with him, and she seems to be looking for to having some fun and joyful times on the campaign trail with them. the stateobama won and sadly in 2012 even though paul ryan was on the ticket. she losto state that to bernie sanders. done in washington today, tell us a little about what you witnessed there with sanders. obviously what he watched his statement to the reporters. what behind the scenes orchestration and drama was the itund sanders and obama? >> was quite the choreography. we knew that senator sanders was coming. a few hours ago, there were 75
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reporters gathered outside in the burning sun to wait. it was not really clear until this morning when they began moving the press back and back that something was about to go down. this meeting with sanders, which sanders had requested, was the last remaining obstacle to president obama giving his endorsement. he had wanted to several days ago when he spoke to senator sanders on sunday. president obama was prepared even before tuesday night, but certainly after tuesday night, to get out of this and moving forward. it was the clinton campaign that wanted to wait, and president obama understanding the feeling to that senator sanders wanted to have his own time to make the decision that he has not articulated yet, but that he is coming around to slowly but surely. the matter of giving him the deference, talking about grassroots and senator sanders's ideas.
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talking about the president's experience seeing the present of nominee, what he needed from hillary clinton eight years ago, and have that conversation to show bernie sanders a lot more perspective that will allow him to go forward as part of the team. he is not quite there officially, but things are certainly moving in that direction. >> talking about the human ,eality of the clinton campaign two of the top officials in her campaign used to be top officials and obama's campaign. >> going back to even before this campaign overtly launched, poe desta and paul merry left -- palmeri left the white house. we're going to see seamless cooperation whenever and however
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president obama can be used, and michelle obama, and the bidens can be used to hillary clinton's advantage. the legacy of all the people in the current administration being able to be carried on and ensure that things like the affordable care act do not get repealed. if anything else, have it be built upon an improved. >> so margaret, and hillary de facto heir apparent vice president. what you know about the role that joe biden has played in brokering this or being part of the discussion about how team obama goes forward easing bernie sanders out and helping burning -- and helping hillary clinton get elected. -- eric led to get elected? >> we will see both vice president biden and senator warren speaking at a gathering of progressive legal activists and lawyers.
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we are not expecting either of them to make their endorsements there. we do understand that senator warren will make it endorsement tonight -- will make an endorsement tonight. think hillary clinton was best positioned as the democratic nominee. he wanted to run himself. he might have run himself if not for the. of time and grieving for his son. this is been a slow and steady path for joe biden to come around to being supportive of hillary clinton. he kept his thumb off the scale. i don't think he will much longer. he is wanting to make this his own moment while the then -- rather than getting grounded with the rest of the news. when it comes, it will be special because it will offer something different than what senator sanders can and even what barack obama can. it will offer a working-class white man's boat -- vote.
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most importantly and potentially in the rust belt. >> we talked before about the power of having two of the greater -- greatest fundraisers in the history of fundraising about to be out raising money for hillary clinton. just talking about how the hillary clinton campaign is going to start turning to this, how they're trying to get donors together this month and start raising big money to take advantage of trump's weakness. talk about that. >> there have been some early meetings. hillary clinton will have another meeting at her house with the big dollar bundlers. i think that what they're going to try to do is have a big shock and all month in june -- shock and awe month in june. they looking at $1 billion plus for all of the democratic fund-raising.
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donald trump says now he may not even raise $500 million. democrats want to have a field operation that is strong. the fundraising is all part of that. they can get obama, sanders, and vice president obama -- vice president biden, that your long way. her campaign is already made it clear they're going to have are mostly focusing on the stump and not fund-raising. >> thank you for coming on the show. up next, john kasich, republican governor of the state hosting the republican convention next month, is not yet ready to endorse trump. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back. over the past 24 hours or so, --ee leading republicans
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scott walker, john kasich and paul ryan repudiated the presumptive nominee over his over a judge. this appears to be at another new normal. milde spectrum of criticism to scathing rebuke, here are just some of the sound bites that say that the nominee is at odds with topic that is of the party. >> my personal interactions, i find that there is no justifying those comments. i was very clear about that. not just republicans, but everybody. we should just disavow comments like that. this is a long campaign. he has a ways to go. >> i am frustrated right now. wrong. it is just
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it has no place in american society today. as americans, if you want to be viewed as a credible candidate, you need to make it clear that you do not associate with those beliefs. >> the fact of the matter is that the qualities that we need in a leader are important to me. this is not a game for me. i cannot go for dividing, name-calling, or some of the does not really embody conservative principles. >> this is some remarkable stuff. is it sustainable for the republican party to have trump speak out and people repudiate him, orders of the have to give? >> i think it is sustainable and that it could go on through election day. is it sustainable in a context that would allow him to win and republic imparted to maintain control of the senate and house? i believe the answer to that is no. there is a chance that if trump remains the nominee and trump continues to be trump, that this could become not just a new normal, but it could become our
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way of life between now and november. >> i would make a prediction that at some point soon, leading figures of the party are going to speak out and say this has got to stop, he is our nominee. you're going to just have to be supportive of him, and you cannot make every new cycle answering the president's questions about them. they're going to be people like paul ryan and john kasich and scott walker who do not want to stop answering. >> they'll continue to answer because they see political benefit for their members. and ryan's case and mcconnell's case, who is good at tell them to shut up? who are bigger parties that you are bigger figures in the party than them? top republicans who will say this is not sustainable, not just that we cannot win, but that it will hurt everybody, because it will be the only public and message answering for donald trump and
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things that he said. how far does it have to go? for usuld he have to say to no longer have to answer for him or people start flipping? it's just a messy situation. as you can see, leading figures in the party continue to talk about it. fromshould note that ryan the new yorker just tweeted that susan collins said that she may vote for hillary clinton, which is something we have not heard that much from figures in the senate. a lot of people saying they would not vote for trump, but not many openly saying they would vote for clinton. team ofonal finance donald j trump, billionaire, gathered at the four seasons here in gotham city today. it is the first official meeting of the joint gop fundraising theree, at a time where is skepticism donald trump will beat his stated $1 billion goal fundraising for the election. one of the most rested groups in
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the republic and has been big dollar donors. what is the state of the health of donald trump's fundraising operation as of now? -- then healthier as some of the coverage suggests. a lot of people there are now engaged in this and trump is a pretty big draw. they are so far behind the mechanics of this. they do not have the kind of help from a barack obama or bill clinton that hillary clinton has. it has a chance to raise enough money to potentially be competitive, but they have a long way to go. >> we talked a little about this yesterday. do not see a-- i way for trump, given where he currently stands in his fundraising efforts, to raise enough money to run a real, sophisticated, modern presidential campaign. not just enough money to put ads on the air, but real ground operations are in two dude ada
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do data,geting -- to to do targeting. i just don't believe that you can win a presidential election without somebody -- >> 70 pointed out that this is the kind of meeting that a republican mick domine would've had three years ago -- a republican nominee would have had three years ago. can trump start raising internet money? can he get those low dollar donations that have been more cheaply and which bilby grassroots movement which, certainly, any candidate would like to have? >> he has mastered the new media .nd is a huge browned -- brand he is a multibillionaire by his own accounting. a lot of people don't like giving money to multibillionaire's. >> some republicans are once again fretting about eight
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contested national convention in cleveland. we will talk about some of the longshot party rule changes that would have to occur, and the politics of all that after this quick break. ♪
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♪ >> donald trump's comments about judge curiel have a month and ice.- have put him on thin people are suggesting that maybe delegates at next month's convention should change the rules and stop trump's coronation if he does not change his coronation. by two amazing
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ginsberg and tim miller. gentlemen, good to see you. then, you have been on television, rules maestro that feet --and it electoral thief. you have been on television saying this can't happen, won't happen. tell me why you are so pessimistic even as the voices for a dump trump convention it louder. >> this is simply the political reality. itself is notge mechanically difficult. the political will to make
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history at a convention is much more difficult. >> forget about the political will. just in terms of the rules, and terms of what may be required coming your thing that is not the hard part? >> there are a couple of ways being floated. to me, the easiest way is to take the war you need a majority of delegates and you would make that a super majority of ballot.s for the first delegates would then be about of the second ballot. >> tim, to the question that been just raised about political the pulse on the never trump and the dump trump movement, tony what you think about that? is there a will to change at the convention? >> i think it is unlikely, but there is an increasing interest. the mechanics of this are easy enough. polling will his take over the next few weeks as hillary clinton unites the democrat party and begins to
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give bernie supporters into her fold. i think the will could be there. i think at least one or two members of the rules committee have interest in this. if you're of the view that donald trump is just a standard republican nominee in the old of mitt romney or ronald reagan, i understand ben's point, it is too extreme to do. if you believe donald trump is a threat to the party and the republic, he is anti-constitution, why would you not want to make a change that would give every delegate the option to voice their conscience? i think trump would still be the nominee, but i think it is the right thing to do for the party and the delegates. i'm going to engage in a hypothetical, i don't want anyone getting mad. i just want to test the system. trumphis away from donald and the things he's done that have created so much controversy, clearly if the
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republican nominee killed a person right now, that the delegates and the people of the committee would say of course we have to find a way, even though this person got a majority. they would have to take them in -- take the nomination to somewhere else. >> or someone hypothetically got indicted? >> leaving aside the political environment, the media environment, what kind of that could actually be committed by this nominee might change your judgment about whether it is possible? >> i am not sure there is any. what i'm talking about is you need the leadership to be able to organize not only the rules committee at the convention, but the 2472 delegates themselves. that group does not even gather together until the convention starts. number one, you would need to see political leadership and
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somebody who the delegates would actually listen to, and i'm not sure anyone has actually identified with this people are, combined with the need and hot atmosphere of the convention to actually be able to form a flip system to get the delegates -- a whip system to get the delegates to do that. >> my answer to that is that ben, with all due respect, is being limited by what is mechanicalom a perspective. this has been an unprecedented year. donald is an unprecedented candidate. if the deli of themselves -- i know ted cruz has over 800 delegates -- they could organize and themselves and have enough power to make that happen. i think donald trump has already done everything that would need to be done for this to be on the table. the only thing that would have to change for this to become his viability. his poll lovers are basically the only reason why there are not more prominent people
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talking about this. >> tim miller just accused you of having a deadly lack of political imagination. are you just totally limited by conventional thinking? >> i would like to think i see the entire horizon, although not quite as wide as to missing right now. i have worked on the rules committee, i have worked conventions. i think setting up a whip operation to achieve something historic is just really difficult. you need the leadership from the top and across. i have not seen it for the leadership in the republican national committee, or enough elected leaders that actually have enough influence with the delegates. >> i think ted cruz would be the one who could do it. >> let me ask you this question. we have a lot of efforts that went around in the never trump movement to find a third-party candidate. there was discussion about romney, about david french. where does that stand now?
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is there any renewed interest in trying to go back to the original people, or to others and say that we need this more than ever to stop trump? is interest ine it. speaking on behalf of our principles pack -- our principles pac, they were never really interested in a third-party bid because of all the challenges to go along with that. the texas deadline is now an issue, having passed. there are major questions for a third-party bid. never say never in this political environment, but it seems unlikely. despite how rude you are to ben ginsberg, it was great to have have you. in fact, because of how rude you were it was great to have you. have some we
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understanding that trump tower. ♪
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♪ >> as we said, today donald trump met with top gop bundlers to discuss his fundraising efforts. here to tell us about that meeting and all things trump is katie turner, who joins us from outside trump tower. katie, i have heard mixed things about the meeting. but one person who is usually pretty reliable suggested that
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the donors were actually pretty upbeat and they like the schedule that is coming together. they liked trump's seeming enthusiasm about raising money. >> i heard the same thing from people who are inside that meeting that said they felt donald trump had a pretty warm reception from the donors. someone from the trump campaign was positive when they left. they felt they would raise the amount of money they would need to raise. corey lewandowski was talking about how good the chicken was at the four seasons. donald trump talked about the electoral map and the states he wants to put in play, maryland being on it. rights previous strut -- reince priebus stressed that any money you are not giving to trump is money given to clinton.
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he gave me a thumbs up on how donald trump was doing. other than the donors who are in the room, i talked to a big-time money manager to her -- manager who works with a lot of the bundlers. some people do not let their names associated with donald trump at this moment. especially those who have stakes in public companies that can't have their names associated with someone accused of racism. it is not only morally reprehensible, it is bad for business. >> there are all these areas were people are saying maybe it was good enough to win the nomination but not for the general. endorsement obama for clinton, the usa today story about trump not paying people including workers. most of the responses either no response, or some trump tweets.
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how do you think the campaign views its rapid response operation? today is a perfect example of have aald trump does not communications team or a rapid response team in place. trump's tweets were candidates.o the romney or even hillary clinton right now would have a whole team of folks trying to spin their version of the message after the usa today article, which is extraordinarily damming. hundreds of and a trump has a history pattern of not paying small businesses that contracted with them, even having to put out a to go toaker who had
5:52 pm
bankruptcy. donald trump did not pay of about $83,000 for work on a casino. this is damming for someone whose messages that he is for the little guy. his message is trying to make america great again by giving folks what they have not not in the past decades or so, which is that are paying jobs. responseot had any from the campaign, and there has been on the story. it is a very good example of how caughtpaign is still flat-footed with our negative stories about them. >> do think there are examples of that with the hillary clinton to be today, instructing or suggesting that trump delete his twitter account? do you think they handle that as astutely as they might? >> i think they did. pe tweets from both reince
5:53 pm
riebus work quite good. they have been talking about this e-mail scandal for a long time, it is one of the things they're going to hit on as they possibly can. they will try to paint her as someone who is not only on trust with very, but who has broken only onaint her as not trustworthy, but someone who has broken the law. be cohesiveness between donald trump and the campaign. circumstances, if this for the hillary clinton campaign, they would be coming out with a lot more. there was certainly just flooding the zone of this issue. >> really have about 30 more seconds. give me a sense of trump's giving a speech about personal enrichment.
5:54 pm
he says he is going to do that next week. do you know anything more about when that is going to happen and what will be in it? >> we are hearing that will happen in new hampshire. it could also happen in washington dc at his golf course. we do not know yet is far as what is in the speech. we have asked the campaign for more detail, and all they have told us is to look into the clinton foundation. we asked what specifically about , and anton foundation response from corey lewandowski was that we were a big organization and could figure it out. >> thank you very much. don't forget, if you're watching us on washington dc, you can listen to us live on radio on bloomberg radio 99.1. ♪
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go,ne last thing before we i earlier mentioned a tweet about susan collins being open to voting for hillary clinton. that story has been posted. that she wouldid be voting for clinton, but then said she would never say never. check out more stories about the negative ad war we can expect in the upcoming election. west is next. until tomorrow, we say to you sayonara. ♪
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mark: president obama endorsed hillary clinton. on ag the announcement
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video that appeared on her twitter account. president obama: i am with her. i am fired up. i cannot wait to get out and campaign for hillary. mark: they will campaign together next week in green bay, wisconsin. this endorsement followed the presidents meeting with bernie sanders. trump responded to the endorsement saying -- obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama and no one else does. the associated press sites two oficials saying that -- two -- political opponents are speaking out against brexit. john major and tony blair warned leaving the european union could jeopardize the unity of the u.k. and threaten peace in northern ir


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