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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> 70 killed in nice as a truck drives through an area of people celebrating bastille day. down live tokyo debut. techs jump 27% following biggest ipo of the year. welcome to daybreak asia.
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breaking news 20 south of france. a truck has driven into a crowd killing 73 people at least according to the prosecutor's office. they are calling the incident a terror attack. live from paris. . fluid situation what more do we know? >> the latest thing we have is barack obama is coming up with a statement condemning a horrific terrorist attack. saying it is as terrorist attack on the heels of u.s.'snch -- saying the thoughts and prayers are with those killed. news first broke on the event in
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nice. 73 people killed very the numbers may rise based on what we are hearing in terms of how long that driver had driven that van across -- the the promenade where revelers were watching fireworks. july 14 is bastille day. why nice may have been targeted? unclear as tot is why could have been targeted or any any good have been targeted. in paris i was watching fireworks and that is where the news star d -- started coming across.
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when news started to happen here. were more on alert there were fireworks explosions across the city. , thinkinge looking was that explosion down the street a bomb or another firework? here in paris everyone is on alert. most are likely at home or on their way home because fireworks did in an hour and a half ago or so. november 13 of last year, the bataclan happened. definitely terrorism on the minds of many. this was an area where we saw 10,000 people, locals as well as
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tourists celebrating. talk us through the level of security around that area. >> the state of emergency, he would lift the state of emergency at the end of the month. it is an interesting coincidence. as to your question with regards to the safety and security situation i spoke with a taxi driver who took me here. is the situation worse than before? less of a force here and there was more of a force because of the year finals which ended. through the lens of what has
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been happening. a state of alertness. they have been and continue to be up and about. >> more breaking news coming out. president of the european -- he iss saying speaking. he stands united with france in the fight against terrorism. this was in fact a terror attack. the french president francois hollande is attending a crisis meeting. what kind of response should we expect? well right now with him paris, the into
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expectation is he will likely revisit the extension of that level of emergency looking ahead past the deadline. the believe possibly growing that it could be extended beyond the end of this month. outt now we have to figure what's going to come out of that meeting to have that. >> thank you. we will be bringing you the latest developments as we get them. killedth toll, 73 people and being called a terrorist attack. turning to the markets now. stocks, how they are faring. areerrible news but we
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looking at fundamentals here. the rally continuing in the wake. gain.ifth trade.een them start the it is up 8% so far this week. breaking through and holding on the point level during thursday's session. is higher by a third of 1%. once we show you the japanese slumphe worst weekly since 2009. a little bit of a strength coming in.
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noting it's going to be the slew of data coming through now. asian never much coming through on these china numbers. quite a lot for investors to get through. china data will be coming out once. thee are waiting for japanese messaging company. , currently outweigh the selloff by 5-1. still untreated. you are taking a live look at the stock exchange. the biggest tech ipo of the
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year. he joins us from tokyo. ryu up watching this? continue?ect that to >> isil the opening in new york last night. it had gained throughout the day. the performance will probably mirror that. the investors i talked to, will it rise? it gained in new york as you said. right now we don't have the trade. we don't have a trade. we expect that an balance once it stabilizes we will see a trade. that may not come for a while longer. several hours. depending on how severe the imbalances.
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it is pointing us and the direction that gains will be large. day, i saw the price of ¥5,000. it will be a jump. hovering around the ¥5,000 mark. >> we will have to watch that. a lot of hype right now. what is going to be the focus after the ipo? ipo, user growth is slowing. app.'s biggest messaging is not superstrong. the focus will be on how can they monetize the existing
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users? one of the strongest segments has been advertising. investors when they have their latest quotas, which are expected, investors will be looking at which segments are growing. gains have been pretty weak for a while. stickers are ok. sticker usage has been down. people are still using them, just not as much. it goes back to advertising. if you think about facebook or revenue comesf from advertising. the question is can the push and's or what will be strategy be? what will be strategy be?
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we will see. much for joining us liveas we wait for trading. nintendo shares are surging again. they will come preloaded with games including pac-man. it will build on pokémon success. suit maker largest is seeing stronger than expected earnings. will rally in asia after 40% in china. they are now looking like this.
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shares topped estimates. it says it remains strong and expects impact be limited. eu is not aeave the financial crisis but a challenge to take time to resolve. >> next, markets are underestimating the effect of brexit on the uk's economy. this is bloomberg. ♪
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scarlet: more breaking news out of france.
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francois hollande will hold a security and defense counsel at 9:00 a.m. friday. beingesident of the euro counsel speaking about this. he says he stands united with france to fight against terrorism. attackth toll from this has been at least 70 people killed. let's go back to markets. >> we're looking for this figure of course but beyond the headlines. clear interest. .e solve this set of numbers
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consumption, private sector investment. accelerating. it means the last few months, june, july, august they will be even lower. of the government intends to do is create balancing to control the deceleration. mitigate what seems to be an accelerating trend. >> it could get worse before it gets better. the rates onay enough. they have to give more flexibility to the banks. they provide more credit eventually.
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economy, supply-side reform taking ways. there is a window of opportunity now. the fed will probably raise rates. now is the right you have to make a move in the coming months. what do you think about this stock rally? is or anything that's going to keep this rally going? you could continue to see people chasing yield bearing. coming to china, first of all
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outperforming are the traditional names. is a traditional market. further list and segment forming. people continue to yield. the money has not flown back. which means the money continues to yield. >> all right. we're going to leave it there. check ofa quick headlines. net income of $427 million for the year ending in august.
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that is 25% from the forecast in april. it he wrote of the overseas earnings. includes $351look million. buyers have raise the bid for monsanto. the german company updates offer by three dollars per share to $55 billion in cash. it was reported he may strike a deal with another german chemical giant but investors are skeptical. of what shares are 3% buyer had offered. the nine-member policy committee said more time was needed to access the brexit impact on the
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u.k. economy. most expect a loosening of policy. the yen is heading for its biggest loss in 17 years. headlines. this is bloomberg. ♪
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remain and are ready to review. sterling has climbed to its highest level. they surprise markets by doing nothing. speculation.pting the decision to hold a trump rally against the dollar.
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the most affected currencies are on the mend. forecasters say there is little prospect of a rally in currents for another year. you the six-year low adding to the economic concern. china's gdp coming through. imports signaled a slowing demand. this is currently looking at a three-month chart down 3.2%. let's have a look at the dollar trading weaker today down by a 10th of 1%. this is after the rba. phillip law will take over the rba indicating lowering the rate
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comingose effectiveness under a little bit of pressure. >> let's bring us the latest. francois hollande will hold a security and defense counsel at 9:00 a.m.. presidentan council stands united with france and his fight against terrorism. that truck rolls into a late-night crowd in the mediterranean coast. they have called a terrorist attack. we have learned donald trump says he is postponing his running mate after the attack in france. he is watching all of this for us. it appeared we were closing in a we will have to wait longer now.
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>> he was postponing the announcement tomorrow because of the attacks. he went on live television and said he had not made a final decision. those are his words. they suggested a sunday interview that was expected with the vp candidate may not do it because of these events. all of which is rather remarkable given that there are reports he has flown to new york for tomorrow's announcement. >> we have some headlines saying the france attack did not change his mind on his vice presidential choice. as we update our international viewers, tell us who he is. >> he is the governor of indiana. he served in congress. onfaces a new deadline whether he will run for
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reelection in indiana. >> what benefit would trump be in a race? >> we solve the former house speaker and one of the people being considered for candidate saying if he was picked he would roots. from his midwest he would appeal to people in the swing states and help trump amongst those critical voters. we will have to wait and see. >> thank you so much. stay with us. the latest on the trap attack, we are hearing from the nice mayor saying 77 are dead after the attack. more to come. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> we're half an hour away from the opening of trading. >> france is on terror alert after trucks loaded with weapons plowed to crowds killing 77 people. it was a terrorist attack. injured. people were the truck driver was shot and killed by police. the president has returned to paris for an emergency meeting. after raising $1 billion in the
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biggest tech ipo of the year. shares rose 27% valuing the company $8.6 billion. proceeds will be used to expand across asia and into america. retailing has jumped the most since 2009 after third order profits beat estimates despite for a thirdcasts time in six months. the forecast is down 25% due to $350 million in foreign exchange losses. global news powered by 2600 journalists and 120 companies. -- countries. >> looks like it will be a fifth day of gains. up 4/10 of 1%.
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we are seeing the yen weakening. we are seeing them, the biggest loss and weekly numbers since 1999. equity rallyl continues. let's go back to breaking news. a truck is driven into a crowd killing 77 people in the city of nice. the prosecutor's office is calling a terror attack. learned that the death toll continues to rise. >> that is right. 77 at the latest. several hundred in terms of those who were injured. we are coming up on our three. 2:00 paris time. , a man in nice was
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driving a truck. wasdid see pictures, it apparently filled with arms and grenades. basically it was hitting many ,eople celebrating today bastille day. as far as two kilometers according to news reports. the promenade down in nice is as long as four or five kilometers. thisan imagine how long driver potentially drove hurting people in his path. >> just terrible. can you talk about how the mood has then in france? as we get details of this? just months after what we saw in
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paris. have we seen in terms of security, has that been ramped up? >> in terms of what i have been seeing it doesn't seem as if things have been ramped up. from my vantage point, to hear there bloomberg office, were sirens here and there but nothing that seemed out of place. we have been hearing explosions here and there but that was not anything other than revelers themselves setting off fireworks. speak to my taxi driver who came over. i was with him for 15 minutes asking him whether he thought security was increased. he told me security was not as intense as it had been even last
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week. for people who don't follow football here or soccer, it was the euro cup. there was more secure -- security around the country then. we can expect there are increased security forces across the city, across many cities that we will have to wait and see what the current situation as. >> and more details of who the driver, who he or she is. thank you. live from paris. mckinsey is in the mongolian capital. good to see you. any comments on this attack? in the last hour we've seen leaders come past here and have
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given comments from belgium to say we're thinking about the victims. we stand with france. he said they had come to talk about radicalization and now that will be top of the agenda. belgium had in a terrorist attack in brussels. aey will be pushing this has discussion topic. response is what they are trying to put out. the french foreign minister he has not given any comments. we may hear from him later in the day. he said he stands united with france, united in the fight against terrorism. terrorism coming to the top of the international agenda at this
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summit. out.agic news coming what else is on the agenda? the south china sea is going to be a topic of discussion as well despite china saying this is not the environment to discuss the issue. we know the philippines foreign minister wants to address the issue here. leaders have been in malaysia and indonesia. they may want to weigh in on this subject. that. be getting we know when they had their summit in china around a month ago they were divided. they put out a statement and then retracted it.
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other events, north korea. they want to push their concerns about the nuclear program. tensions are high over that antimissile system being put in place. russia as well. it is possible we have heard rumors there may be bilateral .alks between chancellor merkel the focus may likely be on sanctions. and topics of trade have been dumped down the list. there is a drive to encourage asian investment in infrastructure. >> plenty on the agenda. is that going to be another
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concern? >> that will be a topic in discussion as well. britain has not sent a foreign minister. the ambassador was here. the foreign minister's poorest johnson. there may be discussions about his ability. we heard fairly strong words from france accusing him of lying to the british people. the spanish foreign minister maybe commenting. the spanish gibraltar is an issue. the brexit vote means coke control or co-ruling of gibraltar is a possibility. the british will take a different stance on that. china will continue to get more answers about what the brexit means.
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somewhat of an ally pushing china's case. clarity onwant more what this means. brexit will be a focus though the delegation, we don't have any top leaders from the british side on this issue. it is one people are interested in. >> thank you so much. joining us from the 11th asia europe meeting set to take off. the eu has widen its trust against the google saying it has evidence they favored its own comparison-shopping service preventing customers from placing ads with rivals and restricted how other ads were displayed. the european commission laid out a case last year. apple supplier has raised its sales forecast ahead of the
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latest iphone release. they applied chips for more than half the world smartphones and with chinese startups. a thumbs-up from investors this week. exchange 73% of shareholders had approved it so far and it needs 60% to seal the deal. investors gave the green light in a near unanimous vote. the exchanges may face opposition from regulators. the singapore exchange will open today after failing to follow three -- follow through on promises following a technical malfunction. it has a market cap almost $500
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billion. let's go to our southeastern correspondent. how big of a problem is this? >> it is a huge headache. the view is that it could be a bigger problem facing the banking systems. they may need scrutiny. clarity ofill little what really happened. , sayingeased statements it was caused by duplicated trade messages but during suspension, orders can be taken in or amended. they will match when the market reopens 9:00 a.m. this morning. they have been under a new ceo. he took charge exactly a year ago yesterday. the technical malfunction marketing his first anniversary.
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he left a few months after he was forced to make a public apology because of trading disruptions. they were reprimanded by the authorities for that and now another incident. --the reputational will be it was hit by power outages. one in august, the one in november of last year. they say this should have been sorted a few years back. communication. handling could have been better. ifwill not be surprising investor confidence is heard. they don't recall the last time hong kong had to suspend trading.
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they are not alone in facing these issues, these glitches. reliabilityut the of technology. expecting that 9:00 opening after that holds. watch out for that. thank you so much. we will hear from his founder and cfo about what lands they have in store. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> welcome back. here is a quick check on the business/headlines. economist surveyed by blumer
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expects an expansion from the year earlier. that was the lowest case is the first order of 2009. far from the hardly and feared by observers. retail sales and industrial output around recent levels. chinese yen is trading near the lowest level of the concerns of the economy. exports fell for a third month. the yen is heading for its biggest weekly drop in 17 years, down against the dollar. investors await details of the stimulus plan. considering helicopter money and ben bernanke has an idea of issuing contractual bonds.
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27% jump in the u.s. pretty company raised a billion dollars in the biggest tech ipo of the year. spoke with bloomberg from the new york stock exchange floor. >> i'm very happy. we are very happy. we're going to strengthen our service. service is everything to us. >> see you are the numbers man. tell me where the investment is going to go. we will be focusing on four key countries. japan, indonesia, thailand and taiwan. we will use money with
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investment opportunities to strengthen that. at all of the investment opportunity for technology. >> what might that look like? growingtries that are 2-3 times, what investments are we talking about? acquisitions, organic growth? we are making a joint venture. we can do investments also. >> how about the u.s.? how important is the u.s. market going to be? it is a small part of your business. >> the u.s. market is our dream. terms of service.
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service, -- we need the u.s. market. next, singapore's environment old minister wants to see that hates free city. what is being done to achieve that goal.
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>> the latest on the terror attack in france. a truck plowed through a crowd of bastille day revelers killing 77 people according to the city's mayor. the prosecutor's office says it was a terrorist attack. several hundred other people were injured in the city. the truck driver was shot and killed by police. the president has all the emergency meeting while world leaders have sent condolences. let's do a quick check of the markets around the region. we are seeing continued gains all week from japan. a live look outside of the imperial paris. .alf of 1% the biggest weekly loss we've seen in 17 yearsw as we head to
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those left. r we are seeing the global level, a third of 1% out of australia as they try to experiment or look into unconventional ways to boost growth in australia. let's see how things are looking. we are continuing a third of 1%. singapore starts trading in 15 minutes. happense if it actually as they headed to a halt trading after technical malfunctions. we are waiting for details on that one. they will be set some open -- to open. fire sent thick haze across country lester triggered health problems and financial losses. the environment minister has said they are willing to walk rate with indonesia on solving the problem.
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>> indonesia is concerned. they have to put in regulatory oversight. they are to make sure not cleared by burning. i'm happy there are good steps taken. to body that is going rehabilitate is taking good steps. naming and shaming companies that would not share permission with them publicly. >> is there enough political well? becausell be either they have done a good job or because the weather is not on our side. the longer term is what we're worried about. there is a cycle that happens. clearpens every time they new crops.
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over the long-term we hope to see them working together by 2020. that this will be a peace treaty. >> singapore has made clear it was to prosecute those responsible for the haze. it has yet to be successful. how difficult is it? >> legally, a country can take hurttask anyone who has the environment for people or property on our land. we have a number of these directives to give us the information to show we're doing something. already result financial prosecution but i am sure from the signals we are getting. >> majority of those who received notices have yet to
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respond. not apprehend them and bring them back. we have to have the cooperation orindonesia to bring them wait for them to come to .ingapore that is it for us in daybreak asia. what is coming up? what a day of bastille celebration turning into a night of terror in nice. 77 people killed as trucks plow through celebrating bastille day more than 100 injured. francois hollande traveling to
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over what is being called a terror attack. we will be watching the latest details for you. data.a big economic data second quarter gdp expected to come in at 6.3%. 6.5% but willthe this stability and growth we're seeing able to be sustained? the jpmorgan to chief. tokyo isp of here in not trading yet but it may. ♪
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♪ it is friday, the 15th of july. i am angie lau. this is "trending business". ♪ we will be live in paris, tokyo, melbourne this hour. here is what we are watching. hundreds injured by a truck driven into a crowd in nice, france. prosecutors are calling it a terror attack. asian stocks rising for a fifth day


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