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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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john: on the suge knight, donald trump's new running mate and the donald trump movements heads trumped. the world is stunned and grieving after further violence in the city of nice, on the day in which reports of a military coup underway in turkey. 84 were killed and 200 injured by a truck that clout into a crowd celebrating bastille day. the attacker was identified as a 31-year-old delivery truck driver from tunisia. no terrorist groups have claimed
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responsibility. today president obama gave a somber statement about the house, where white he spoke about efforts to combat terrorism around the world. pres. obama: are going to keep taking out isil leaders and push them back in syria and iraq. we will stand with our partners and will destroy this vital terrorist organization. and income trust to these terrorists who only know how to kill and destroy, we are going to win this fight by building. by never giving up on a diplomacy to end the syrian civil war. by working with partners around the world, including muslim communities, to push back against hateful ideologies that twist and distort islam. a religion that teaches peace and justice and compassion. . john: president obama also had things to say that relate to the
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political debate here at home. pres. obama: in the wake of last night's attacks, we have heard more suggestions that all muslims in america be targeted. tested for their beliefs. some deported or jailed. the very suggestion is repugnant. and an affront to everything that we stand for as americans. we cannot give in to fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life. we cannot let ourselves be divided by religion, because that is exactly what the terrorists want. mark: within hours of the night's attack, details were still unfolding in southern france. hillary clinton and donald trump both weighed in on the horrific attack. on display were opposing messages about national t -- security, and global war on terro. mr. trump: cannot going to have a world anymore. inton: we have to be smart about how we wage this
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war. we have to be determined we are going to win it. mr. trump: what are we doing? we are so weak. linton: one of my priorities is to launch an intelligent search. we still do not have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries. mr. trump: we can't let people from terrorist states for intercountry. it only takes one or two people to create havoc. stronginton: we need diplomacy starting with our friends. to search up: i am the law and order candidate and hillary is weak and ineffective. she greeted isis -- she created isis with her stupid policies. what do their responses tell us about the national security after a debate going forward? john: not much new, i think. those responses were pretty much two nominees playing to type.
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hillary clinton trying to be mature and responsible, the former secretary of state adopting that foster. donald trump of being donald trump. that is what you would expect him to say, only with this new thematic law and order thrown in. but that basic reaction, we are at war, i am the tough guy. that is the way he has played every instance. suspect if there continues to be attacks and if trump continues to say that we need a declaration of war, that clinton will feel pressured to be more hawkish. that did anyone notice president obama has been seeking authorization for force from congress for six months, ended the republican controlled congress wants no part of getting a declaration of war to president obama? presumably they would be no more interested in giving one to presidents cup. -- president trump. mark: she has dropped the topic. -- he has dropped the topic.
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john: there is not a lot of appetite for that kind of responsibility in congress, in either party. trump canhe donald win this race, it will be as an outsider and a visceral strongman. i was surprised at some of the words hillary clinton used last night -- reasonable, study, diplomatic. by talking about summits and saying she would agree to go to things, i was surprised at how tentative she was. maybe her view is that she needs trump,easonable and beat who is being i hotter figure. i feel like if this continues, she will be under pressure to be a little bit more black and white. john: can we take a moment to pause on the thing president obama was criticizing, newt gingrich's comments, which were some of the most outrageous things i have heard. they are more outrageous than things that trump has proposed. mark: outrageous that newt
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gingrich walked it back today. john: he basically said anyone of muslim belief should be rounded up, questioned, to find out if we believe in a sharia law, and if they do, we should support them. that violates at least three parts of the constitution. he said it should be a felony to look at a website that has information about al qaeda and isis. that would basically put most of the cia and a fair number of journalists in jail too. insane. mark: many people thought putting newt gingrich on the ticket risk having the running mate read the story. john: did you assume he was doing that because he thought he could still get on the ticket and was trying to be the tough guy and show trump that he could be on his side? mark: are not going to analyze newt gingrich. john: the big story was donald trump's announcement that mike pence will indeed be his running mate. just about everything about this entire process in trump world has been unconventional after delaying a plan in the city last
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night. the presumptive nominee made his move official this morning in this tweet. a joint event is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. tomorrow in. today their logo was unveiled. hmm. it's kind of interesting. i'm not sure-- are we allowed to show that on tv? but six that. worke put up if safer for version? in the meantime, mike pence has been held up at the instrumental -- at the into mental hotel where he took brief questions from reporters. >> do you have any comment? >> governor pence, how are you doing? gov. pence: very excited and grateful. >> what is your message now that you have withdrawn from the governor's race? gov. pence: we love indiana and
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we love our country. my family and i could not be more honored. to run with and serve with the next president of the united states. >> are you worried that donald trump is going to change-- john: last night on television, donald trump said about fox news that he had still not made his final final decision. desk this morning he apparently had. this has been an incredibly eventful 24 hours. do you think that the way in which they handled this rollout has in any way harmed the pick? mark: no, it will rise or fall on its success. it is a falsity to say that trump' endgame processs is more chaotic by their errors as compared to others. i remember many, the selection
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of sarah palin, that had more twists and turns. for the last 72 hours, people thought it would be mike pence. and it ended up being him. other reports suggested that trump was changing his mind. but nothing that happened at the end will matter.mike pence will rise or fall on whether he turns out to be a good pick. john: i agree with the last part. everything else i disagree with. everything was a wild, uncontrolled rodeo of the highest caliber. you had the leaking of the pens name, the reporting that mike pence was the pick, than the walking back of the name, than the cancellation of the event, now the scheduling of the event. mark: get on google and read about what happened with sarah palin. what happened with joe lieberman. john: i cannot believe that less like the men was saying, we cannot possibly have a press conference tomorrow out of respect for people in nice, and this morning he is tweeting that he made his big earlier than the scheduled press conference.
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that is a respectful way to treat the tragedy? mark: why would that have an impact on whether mike pence is a good pick? john: i told you that will rise or fall on substance. but i still don't think you can say this was your average conventional rollout strategy. do you think this is how they planned it? mark: to think the sarah palin or joe lieberman plan was like that, the dick cheney one? of them had me get twists and turns that the campaign could not control. john: i remember this takes, and none of them seemed quite as control at the. mark: on going to get you google for your birthday. we're going to break down donald trump's vp pick. more on what mike pence means to america after our sponsors.
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mark: the early returns are in on donald trump the running mate. the republican side, the club for growth, marco rubio, haley barbour and others have applauded the pick. house speaker paul ryan tweeted he can think of "no better ."oice for the slot than pence many leading conservatives have been overjoyed that one of their own is going to take it. and culture called the decision -- ann coulter cold is positioned "trumps first mistake." and a supporter of ted cruz and other conservatives look at mike pence's reversal on indian is reverses -- on indiana's religious freedom law and concludes that mike pence was not a conservative. they did not like his decision to expand medicaid under the affordable care act. john, it is clear that the trump
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campaign manager mike pence to consolidate suspicious conservatives around the ticket. it hasn't worked with everybody, buddies that goal on track? bring in elite and grassroots conservatives towards trump? john: i'm sure this will get some measure -- people are paul ryan are saying this is a good pick. there are some republicans leaders that want to see signs from donald trump that he cares about republican principles. they are willing to believe that he is a conservative. mike pence goes some way towards doing that. in the same way that there will be a lot of people-- in the end, it will move some measured force during that. for those that doubt donald trump's real ideological conviction, the second person on the ticket won't solve the problem. mark: it depends on whether mike pence is influential within the campaign. to the stress some of these conservative issues that trump has not stressed?
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we will see how much grassroots, work pants has done reaching out to influential groups. i think if mike pence spends more time worked with groups, unlike mitt romney and john mccain, of consolidating conservatives. might indications are that he will and they have a notion of how to deploy him, not just in cleveland, but beyond. john: there's a chance of that. i have been baffled by the way that any people on the right have dealt with the trumping for a long time. i'm still baffled that paul ryan can say she makes racist comments, but i'm still going to endorse him. mark: he may be a racist, but he is our racist. [laughter] john: i think it helps to some extent, but at the top of the ticket, we know it matters more than anything else. if you have profound concerns about trump as a conservative, does mike pence sold that for you? mark: there are a lot of conservative leaders who today made clear they like this pic.
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and there are people that had nothing good to say about mr. trump before. amongst conservative elected, where mike pence is well-known, he is not just a standard issue conservative who used to be in congress and is now a governor, he is a leader in the conservative movement. question,ve a larger when joe scarborough said that mike pence would be on the ticket, he said this was so off brand. to beat it feels like a huge capitulation to the republican establishment.just be entire idea of unity . when o'brien called out trump on unity, he said i don't care about unity. the party should go with me, or i will go on my own. feet seems very inconsistent with the kind of strength that trump has exhibited in the past. mark: the pickup mike pence to appeal to donors and conservatives shows that trump went with his head and the advice that said you need to do this to win. you can go with the guys you like.
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and he did that. john: i'm wondering for the antiestablishment, whether they will like the pick. this is not breaking news. donald trump and mike pence do not see i die on every policy issue. there are discriminate between companies and their the people x. people -- people often overstate them. first of all, mike pence does not support trump's muslim bam. is."lled it "offensive" it they differ on trade and exceptions on abortion and how same-sex marriage should be legislated. mike pence wants a constitutional amendment ending gay marriage. he expended medicaid during his-- a lot of commentators discussed these differences today and whether white house secretary josh earnest has any comments. earnest: you mean the tpp
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expanding mike pence? no, i have no comment on it. [laughter] john: which ones do you think could actual potential problems? mark: josh earnest is going to end his run at the podium engaging in comedy. [laughter] the democrats are largely not challenging mike pence's qualifications. they are saying use extreme and had other -- i have added another extremist to the ticket. this is a way to so discord between the running mates. there are no two people that agree on everything. that disagreement that is the , the question of the muslim ban, which mike pence denounced in no uncertain terms. i think trump continues to move the center on that. more than the original proposal. i think that is the one that is the most dangerous. if mike pence is asked about
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trump's fundamental judgment on the original position, i think that's problematic. i don't see the others being a huge problem. john: by fighting back of the alert problem. it was start in terms of his condemnation of that. trump has modified it in some ways. according to our bloomberg politics colleagues, there is an internal memorandum out about how they are supposed to walk their way through this difference. i think that is a problem. either the trade thing is a problem. trade is so much as the core of trumps economic message. mike pence is a bona fide lifelong free trader. mark: when newt gingrich was trying to get a-- john: it would have been a problem for newt gingrich too. mark: trump says i just want good deals. i think mike says, i am for good deals too.i trust donald trump to get in, and i don't-- john: that is just word of salad. 20% if you are thickeni
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export on china, you are not a free trader. free-trade means something. you can say i am free-trade but i want good deals, but you're not actually for free-trade. mark: if this were being scored in a debate, but in the rough and tumble presidential politics, i don't think any of these things are hard to reconcile. every time there is somebody on the ticket, the press gets obsessed about these things. almost anyone trump could have picked would have been for nafta . john: but that does not mean is not a problem. my question is whether you can have questions where people will say hey, here is a critic of nafta, and here is the guy that voted before it. mark: he said he's going to get as good a trade deals to get us back to america.except for the muslim ban, i don't see this as a big problem. john: if we let him off the
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hook, i think we are pretty weak. mark: this happens every four years. dick cheney had a disagreement with george bush. just like the press of this is about him. it all goes waway. usually by the convention it all goes away. up next, we will talk more about the stock trump movement and how it stops in cleveland right after this.
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in clevelandght the republican national committee is part of a long list of potential rules changes.
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they debated whether or not delegates could be unfound from voting for donald trump at the convention next week. that was the last effort to try to stop trump. that amendment and others offered up by the antitrust delegates failed to pass after members of the establishment on the committee and trump supporters teamed up to keep the meeting in session late into the night. never-trumpers with less time to move the vote. that had a relief for the trump campaign manager, who did a victory lap on morning tv and twitter and said he was never all that worried that the stop trump movement would gain speed. after the vote, utah senator mike lee on the rules committee, who supported ted cruz, predicted that would be a backlash amongst delegates on the floor because the outcome did not free the delegates. john, was it politically smart for the rnc and team trump did in college in the hardball
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tactics, basically squash the effort within the committee and not let there be a debate on the floor? john: i don't see how it could be smart. there's some argument that letting the never-trump people have their voice, by not letting them have it, this will alienate them in some permanent way. i think those of a threat to trump's limitation. you have to squash it and make him the nominee. mark: they played inside politics and they want. most of those argued -- most of those engaged in this work in a bit of trickery. oh, it is good for donald trump because he can prove that the delegates love him. no, they were making mischief. the present would have focused on this. this clears the decks for next week to be about what they want it to be about, which was attacking hillary quentin and is saying that trump can change america. john: those delegates that are never trump, there is some
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likelihood that losing on the floor would not have made them happier. to me, this is one place where i am with the trump campaign completely. so that tried to stop your guy from the economic, crush them and move on. nominee,eing the crush them and move on. mark: is getting a good reaction in the party. they had their victory in the rules committee. they are lining up speakers for the convention. is not an orthodox campaign. they are feeling pretty good about the last 24 hours. and some of the polls look good for them. john: the other thing is that there are a lot of things that can go wrong at this convention. even with this now put away between the unconventional speakers list, protests, over things that could go haywire. getting rid of one potential thing that could go haywire is good, because at least they can
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focus on the other things. [laughter] mark: we all know that distractions at conventions is something that the press loves. and this would have been chaotic, even if it was just a debate of a minority report that would not get out. ding. enough. staying with the hat, mark mckinnon joins us to talk more about the trump and clinton battle right after this. ♪
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♪ mark: mark mckinnon is here.
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tie. the wasought that chaos something more, something less, but was this an endgame? >> i don't think so. just the opposite. if he's going to be the law and order candidate and make a save from international threats, we have to know he has a pause button. that he realizes there are international infants we are seeing. also because of the pic he made in mike pence. i think it sends the right signal. about, he talked needed somebody who people look at and say the sky could step in is also asident, but
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cool hand, sends a good signal to the conservative base, foreign-policy experience, so the things that were needed. old: in opposition to your friend who work with you on to bush campaigns, he asked you why not go out and stand shoulder to shoulder with your running mate and announce you are the team to fight terrorism? -- i disagreee completely with that. the criticism of donald trump that he jumps out and fires before he aims. you want to sit back, understand , and understand what is going on. that it is all about him. a lot of people are seeing that as he cares more about his vice president joe pick. mark: they did not know all the facts. it for saying they did
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news management reasons, but a match and if isis put out a video tape saying this is the first of such attacks. i think they waited to see that if we do it a day later, are we going to get a cleaner shot. >> i remember at the beginning of this week, thinking about all the things that might happen, then the rollout of the vice president. this kind of thing could happen any week all the time. john: my position was not that delaying was a problem. it seems this entire thing has been uncontrolled. that donaldrts trump made a phone call at midnight, trying to figure out if there is a way to get out of the pic. -- pick. now we have an event scheduled.
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now the event is delayed. now he's making phone calls, thinking about dumping mike pence. notinformation flow has been well orchestrated, well-planned, button-down rollout. i will argue that next week it will not matter. he picked a guy and made it through the next 48 hours. mark: you look at mike pence as a running mate, he has got to quickly prepare for this event tomorrow, give a speech at the convention, and do some press interviews, 60 minutes and others. does mike pence seem like a guy who can do all that stuff? >> we know that chris christie could do that. we know that newt gingrich could do that. mark: i don't know that new gingrich could do that. >> he could absorb the heat. hotterger stage,
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spotlight, how does he handle it? mark: i was over at the intercontinental today. , he people in that position stopped and took questions. were brief and not particularly compelling. he is not afraid. he has people around him now who are people who have been involved in national politics, and not everybody brings that to the table. john: do you think there is anything to the argument that the pick is offbrand, that either newt gingrich and chris christie would have been more like donald trump and not carry about the establishment, party unity, and conservatives. >> that's not what you want in a vice president. you want balance.
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we know that newt gingrich is impulsive. we want summary who is not impulsive in the white house. most voters look at that and say i trust that somebody is in there who will hit the pause button when he does not. john: that is a positive for him. mark: how does mike pence fall short of the perfect pick? dog you not the attack sometimes imagine and a vice president. confrontation with president obama wants did not handle it that well. mark: his speech and indiana when he did the joint appearance, i thought he was pretty good. >> i think he has evolved and grown, and we will say. more of this? more of that? >> i don't think so. it happened with dick cheney. they will hang all the eye
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logical -- the ideological stuff. they just care about where the top of the ticket is ideologically. non: you think there is question that he will clear it quickly with the press, ready to be commander in chief? >> that will not be a problem for him. john: i agree with you. >> not that i see. mark: it is such a groundhog day thing. all the speculation about trades, different things, age, and then in the end, it is binary. does it clear the bar ready to be commander in chief or not? i am looking now. does anybody plan to go after mike pence and say he does not plan to be president? 800 with all due respect. calm steady, central casting,
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looks like a good vice president. mark: look at you. mark mckinnon, thank you. o'donnell, the story she reported earlier today about donald trump allegedly having second thoughts after offering the job to mike pence. we will talk to her about that right after this. ♪
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john: joining us now bloomberg politics super stud reporter out in cleveland.
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kelly o'donnell had quite the tweeted today about what donald trump was up to late last night. , again, i'm going to try to get back to a time. i got shut down and i have my own views. how do you think this rollout has gone? >> what rollout? there has not been a rollout yet. this will happen tomorrow at 11:00, john. to be the toughest 24 hour stretch for donald trump in the last few months. this is not how he wanted to do it. i think he did want to tweet it. him delay is not ideal for by any stretch. get: kelly o'donnell, let's to the heart of the story here. last night, donald trump according to you and sources speaking to you, may be trying to get out of the mike pence pick. >> we have been reported that
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donald trump was frustrated watching the coverage unfold, that the leaks have gotten out. we know it has been a difficult choice for him because there were different views within the inner circle, different voices coming from the party. have been told by multiple sources that he was on the phone , which we know is a donald trump trademark, sourcing a lot of opinions and talking to a lot of people, and he was expressing some concern about being backed into a corner on his vice president joe pick and wondering -- his vice president pick and wondering if there is a way out. presidential pick and wondering if there is a way out. calls, any wavering, and they do it knowledge there were calls between donald trump in the office about those planning to roll out.
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they say that was only about the events in france and not anything else. we all know that when vice presidential picks happen, there is stress involved, relationships, newt gingrich and chris christie, who have long-term relationships with donald trump, publicly and privately supportive of him, then mike pence has not endorsed donald trump in the beginning, did so after he won indiana, and many in the party think he is the ideal choice because of his skill set, but he is not as well known to donald trump. it is not about not liking mike pence are having doubts about him. it was about comfort level, about wishing he could pick chris christie, or wanting to be able to go with his got and finding the circumstances would not let him do that, so what we know about donald trump is that he does like to talk and sources are saying that in this conversation he is airing that
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anxiety about not being able to do what his heart told him, feeling like he was compelled to do the politically expedient and professionally-advised thing of picking a more conservative, traditional republican. in the run-up to the convention, you have to pick your running mate. that is done. you have to put out a speakers list. that is done, but a little bit and flocks. you have to deal with platform fights. that seems to have been straightened out. the donald trump acceptance speech of week away. will he be writing one? will he practice? mike first, then kelly. >> there is nothing normal about this campaign so far. the speech is being worked on by the same folks who have been doing his speeches, and the practice so far has been the handful of teleprompters beaches which donald trump has given,
8:44 pm
which have been an improvement. i don't think we can expect anything normal, and i would set at the speeches he has given so far. if he can exceed that, that will be a victory for donald trump. mark: kelly? >> there has been a lot of talk about speeches and passed around from donald trump, his family, wanting to get the best ideas and going over it. it is obviously a high bar for everyone in the family. also, other members of his family who we not -- of not seen before, maloney a trump will be present at the convention, so work is going on and some of this is new territory for them. mark: if you look at the last republican nominees who loss, they kind of under perform. john: a lot. mark: bush, i think both of his acceptance speeches were pretty
8:45 pm
good. donald trump is to give a great speech. john: the thing with donald trump is that things -- the moments that are most memorable are least scripted. there's going to be a tension there. what do you think is the biggest thing that could go wrong? the never trump thing has been put down. is the biggest thing they have to worry about now? >> staying on message. when it comes to the speech, how well he can stay on message and his eagerness to grab headlines by eating outrageous, if he can keep that ripped up, i think that is the biggest challenge for him right now. mark: kelly, what is your sense of how the pick is playing at least in the republican party? thehere is exactly what team wanted, a sigh of relief, a sense of reassurance, predictability in the mike pence because of his service on
8:46 pm
capitol hill, work in the governor's mansion. as far as his real relationships with social conservatives, certain key donor groups, there is a sense that he is that kind of do-know-harm canada. -- candidate. whoight not the someone would wage the war as effectively down the line, but a real sense that this is donald trump looking like a serious candidate, and that is really the early feedback, and that should put donald trump's mind more at ease if he is trying to win over the party. the hard part is that this is a the that steps away from donald trump brand, may add to it, but that is where some of the discomfort has been. john: do you think they will campaign together a lot? it's not necessary, right? barack obama and joe biden hardly ever campaigned together. will they be together a lot or basically never see each other? to imagine donald
8:47 pm
trump wanting to campaign with him that much. pence, kelly mention this mike pence is so buttoned up that i can't see how he and trump can play off each other at the same event. john: mike, kelly, loved having both of you, especially when one of you brings news. convention, city, a and if you happen to be watching us on washington dc, you can listen to us on the radio. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: next week, cleveland
8:50 pm
becomes the center of the political solar system and the timing could not be better. cleveland coming off a boy and nba season -- buoyant in ba season. that could be just what the republican party needs next week. ♪ >> sports and cleveland has long existed solely to make the people in cleveland unhappy. vague, unceasing unhappiness like a dull ache that never goes away. one fan summed it up this way, we respectfully request six lehman brown's pallbearers to let him down one last time. they have always understood the deal, that is until now. ♪ with lebron james, cleveland cavaliers stunning the world, cleveland already feels different.
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the indians are in first place, the browns have new management, including the guy jonah hill played in moneyball. somehow the sun is shining in ohio. when cleveland was selected as the rnc convention site, it was hoped for a rust belt poignancy. the city and decline fighting to come back, fitting stage for a republican party trying to resurrect itself, make cleveland great again, that sort of thing. out of nowhere, cleveland turned into the geekiest town in america. remind thent had to star cavaliers guard to put his shirt back on. the point is that republicans are arriving to a profoundly different place. certainly the city is bracing for conflict and protest over donald trump, but that backdrop we are so accustomed to has given way to a sports-enthused
8:52 pm
land of champions. will the gop adapt? will the rnc tweet the script? will lebron be in the stage? suddenly we know one thing for certain, cleveland sure is. ♪ many thanks to will leitch. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: two weeks ago, our friend mike elliott, ceo of the one campaign, as a guest here on the show.
8:55 pm
mike has been battling cancer bravely for two years. last night, he passed away at the age of 65. mike had an unquenchable aniosity about the world and unmatched dexterity at explaining everything to his readers. john: mike dedicated himself to the cause of ending extreme poverty and disease in the developing world. as a husband, father, and friend, a man of integrity and generosity, time, advice, and his spirit. timeyour time working at -- mark: loved working with him. a great journalist. he did the two things that journalism is about, holding power accountable and love stories with great characters. him in 1990 when i was first starting in the business. a lot of the things that i think are what journalism is all about
8:56 pm
i learned from mike. his curiosity was boundless. he was interested in everything. you could talk about anything, wanted to know about everything, and was always incredibly interested. there were so many young journalist he took under his wing and brought them into the world of journalism. mark: if a great story came up, he got a gleam in his eye. john: our thoughts and prayers go out to mike's beloved wife m honors --incredible daughters. --o said that above all's all else he wanted his life to be useful. it was that and more. mark: our colleagues have a scoop on about the donald trump campaign strategy to sell mike pence to the public. check that out. on bloomberg tv, the latest news from turkey. we will see you monday from cleveland. thank you for watching. sayonara.
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