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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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reince priebus: this convention will come to order. >> a little frustrated. [cheering] ♪ john: it is here. we are here. and we all need a beer. the republican national
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convention has officially begun at cleveland's quicken loans arena. the city has morphed into a heaving mass of delegates, protesters, and members of the media but this weeklong pageant was about one person, donald j trump. the convention started off with a bang and then came the chaos. anti-trumped elegance made a last-ditch effort to delay proceedings and forced a vote on the convention rules. they thought they had votes to pull it off but rnc delegates shut down the debate saying some delegations with true their support at the 11th hour which sparked outrage for delegates from colorado and elsewhere who stormed out of the convention hall in protest. tell us what is going on in their. >> they have recessed right now until the evening show until the
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headliners come up but this was an interesting moment of chaos. it would not give a trumped show if there were not chaos. hethis is the worst of it will probably emerge unscathed but we should watch very closely to see if the anti-trumped forces have more up their sleeve. what they wanted was a vote on the rules package that would have allowed a conscience exemption to vote against trump if they wanted to and that would not fly because it would have invalidated the will of the voters and the republicans who run the convention. the chairs of the rnc shutdown the effort on a voice vote and they voted on the platform committee package and recessed. this is obviously not all of the delegations but it is colorado and other states including virginia. going forward, what leverage do these people have?
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is her any notion that they may walk out when donald trump is speaking? >> we got reports that the entire colorado delegation has walked out. some in the virginia delegation did as well. there are various points of order they can bring up to force a vote but trump has an outright majority of delegates here. it is extremely unlikely to the point of impossible that a vote against donald trump to block him from becoming the nominee would succeed which is the bottom line here. john: all right, sahil kapur, from the floor of the quicken loans arena. they reported that they crushed never trump dead. what are the implications for
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the rest of the convention? mark: barring big news, this will dominate the discussion. the evening session could wipe it away. it is a manifestation of the unhappiness of a lot of people here. i have never been at a convention like this were you meet so many people -- i've meet operatives on the street all of the time, and i say, are you enthused about your nominee? and they say no. for a lot of republican elites, it's a strange convention where they are not in love with their nominee to say the least. john: what people forget -- this is not the republican grassroots. it's mostly -- it's not just washington elites, but these are people who are serious party voters and has been a long time. for a lot of them, as you say, you run into them and they say, i'm not that excited about trump, but i am one to fall in line for party unity. others are openly scornful. there is nothing like a representative numbers -- this group is not representing -- the people who voted for him. that creates challenges for the
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nominee and for his people. mark: trump has knocked around, and he has done, i think, an extraordinary skillful job of tamping down all of this. but we have to learn more about the colorado delegation and why they're so fired up against trump -- john: the ted cruz ones. mark: a lot of states. but if they walk out thursday night when trump is speaking, it will get a ton of coverage. it will be a metaphor for division. but as you said, trump has a lot of support in america. a lot of support in the party. some of the delegates are not that into him. john: the other thing that is interesting -- the absences of famous republicans. it's an absence. this is actual stuff the tv can show and that is where it gets trickier. mark: right. so, the opening act of trump
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's evening convention, we will your lot about issues like public safety, immigration, and national security. one speaker -- the former mayor of gotham city, rudy giuliani, military veterans who served in benghazi when the u.s. diplomatic compound was attacked in 2012 also speaking. chachi in charge, scott baio. the actor. and melania trump, giving the highest profile speech she has ever given. donald trump in person introducing his wife. john, is this convention tonight and the next three days shaping up to be successful? john: dude, no. it's a very -- as you have said, it's "the trump show," right?
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there is a premium on showing donald trump, a different side of donald trump. but there are a lot of speakers -- we have highlighted some of them -- that have never been anywhere near politics or an event this big or on a stage watched by this many millions of people and the question is, how will they perform? all it takes is one of these people to say something really embarrassing, really politically incorrect that the media will seize on and blot out the coverage on any given night. mark: every convention is about the nominee, but this one more so. there is no sense they are trying to make tom cotton, who is speaking tonight, a star. everyone is here in the service of validating donald trump. first and foremost his family. i think the low expectations will help trump. which is to say there will be so much focus on the family, trump himself, i think they can get away with the speakers not being great because they have not passed them off as being pros. they have passed them off as amateurs announced that the last
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minute. the business people, these celebrities, the "athletes," i do not think it will be a problem as long as the family and trump himself makes news every night, i think they will be fine. john: it is the case when someone like clint eastwood screws up and doesn't been crazy at a convention, part of the reason it is such a big deal is he is clint eastwood. he is not scott baio. he is not one of the second and third string players. mark: and you're being generous. john: yes, i'm being generous. but cumulatively -- if the problem for trump is he needs to show himself in a new light, omnipresence reflect the sense that some people have that he is just a narcissist. if he doesn't show and their site it will be the same old donald trump for four nights in a convention. >> i'm betting that he shows a new site because it would be madness if they did not pull it off.
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obviously there is going to be a fiesta on social media with people making fun of all the speakers. >> even some on the right. >> you will see a ton of that but it goes back to how our normal voters getting information. i continue to say if the family performs at of trump performs a notch or this other stuff will get attention. >> you always place a lot of emphasis on the filter. people don't to see this in an unmediated way. part of the problem is clint eastwood got trashed across social media but how the media interprets it matters. but do they perform media agreed at they performed well. donald trump and mike pence sat down for their first interview on 60 minutes. we will break down some of their body language and actual
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>> donald trump castoff the role and his new running mate. in a sit down, the american people got their first taste of the trump-mike pence buddy flick. >> yuan to a reckon that was handled so badly and that was a war should have been and because iraq did not knock down -- >> your running mate voted for it. >> what do you mean you don't care? >> it was a long time ago and he voted that way.
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>> i was against the war in a wreck from the beginning. >> but you use that vote of aslary's that was the same the example of her bad judgment. >> many people have and i'm one of the few that was right on a rock. >> what about him? >> he is entitled to make a mistake every once in a while. >> but she is not? >> she is not. >> do you think that john mccain is not a hero because he was captured? >> i have a great deal of respect for john mccain. >> to you think he went too far? >> you can say yes. >> this man is not a politician, he doesn't speak as a politician. he speaks from his part. >> i speak from my heart and my brain just so we understand. which is maybe more important. with thes man is on american people and he is not intimidated by the world. donald trump is a good man and i believe he will see a great
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president in the united states. >> i love what he just said. >> governor pence and his wife karen are expected to arrive in cleveland this evening. is expected to give his acceptance speech wednesday night here. it has been a little bit more than 48,000 -- 40 hours since the unveiling of pence as number two. how is it playing? the performance of them on 60 minutes was cringe-inducing because you have mike pence saying these things about various issues he does not clearly believe. putting aside whether that is a problem for the ticket is something for fans of people -- fans of mike pence saying some of these things. is nowother hand, it over. clear the bar, ready to be commander in chief. they will probably not see each other again until it election day and we will not hear from
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him until he has another boring event with tim kaine or somebody else. >> i'm betting we will not see a lot of joint interviews and you and i said for weeks, pick someone who is qualified. i haven't seen a single democrat challenge him. they said trump did not brag about how qualified pence was. i think it is done, unless some thing happens in the debate which probably won't. know people cringed, but trump would like to be an charge in that interview shows that trump is in charge. >> i continued to say that i find it amazing that leslie stahl did a nice job wanting up the trump was doing a double standard by letting hillary off the hook but not pence. -- i am interested as pence as an inside player.
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how do they do working over donors who can give money to the rnc. he is popular with -- as an inside player and it remains to be seen just how effective he is in getting people who are lukewarm on trump to be fired about this fired up to put him in the white house. >> this is public reassurance and there is also private reassurance. metaphort, what paul told us over bigs this morning. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. we're just across the street from the quicken loans arena. before things got started our good friend and colleague albert hunt posted a breakfast event for bloomberg politics featuring paul medford and a who's who of political reporters. including andrea mitchell and jonathan martin of "the new york times." we will go through highlights of that conversation with paul manafort, starting with what donald trump's campaign manager said about introducing his legendary traits to the public. paul: it's an important convention. people need to see all aspects of donald trump. not just the parts they have seen. >> [indiscernible] paul: everybody knows about his business career. nobody knows what that means other than trump tower. >> and notable bank.
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-- [inaudible]. paul: his generosity, his caring about people, his focus on little things he sees, how he tries to fix people's lives. one of the stories reported in the past was one of the young kids dying of some disease -- i don't even know -- he sought in the newspaper. he was a michael jackson fan. donald trump called michael jackson and said, let's go visit this person. they made an impromptu visit. no publicity, nothing else. that is the kind of guy he is. this is not somebody he knew. he was not some celebrity. that is what he does with his employees. the newspapers -- i will fix the problem for you. he is a softhearted person. that part is the story that needs to be told. john: all right, so mark -- there is the private donald trump.
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you have seen some of it, others have seen part of it. manafort says we will get to see it on display at this convention. how much does he have to do to counteract the perception of even republicans who write he is -- who he respects, people like pete wehner who says he is cruel, dismissive, divisive, all of this public persona? how do you counteract that? mark: i don't think trump could do anything to win pete over. but for some voters saying close attention, i think if he shows -- again, you hit on the right word. it's that notion that he is cruel. the notion that he is a bad person. i think he needs to show people that he is a good person. not just through -- i think it is less a recitation of charitable giving. i think those stories will be counteracted. it's more stylistic. it's more -- i have seen it as others have, that he has a close relationship with his children. that he is loving and nurturing. i think they need to put that right on the stage.
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john: we have seen those ads with the clinton campaign. they are effective. trump abusing people, mocking people -- mark: they are not effective because they are not affecting battleground state numbers. john: i mean stylistically. they make an illustrative i point. agree with you. a recitation of charitable giving will do nothing. that michael jackson story -- who cares? it is about a different side of him than we have seen in those worst images. mark: there are thousands of republicans in this town, in for the convention this week. but some anti-trump figures are mia. this include members of the bush family, former gop nominees john mccain and mitt romney, and of course john kasich, the hometown governor, the home state governor. he is in town all week but will not step inside quicken loans arena unless trump fundamentally changes his ways.
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don't hold her breath on that. here is what manafort said when asked if governor kasich's absence would be harmful to trump. >> john kasich is being petulant. he is embarrassing his party. he is embarrassing his party. in ohio. and he is violating his pledge. all because he finished third. and still didn't have that many delegates. we reached out to him. donald trump said, look, i'm willing to work together. negotiations broke down because john really thinks john kasich will have a better chance of being president by not supporting donald trump. guess what. >> [indiscernible] paul: that's exactly what it is. that is a dumb, dumb, dumb thing. it will not hurt us will stop -- hurt us. we will take care of the party in ohio.
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we will work with rob portman. gets reelected and we're going to win ohio. mark: there is no backing off on either side. john: no. whoo! mark: he went right at manafort on a personal basis. what is in it for manafort to go after kasich and kasich to go after manafort and trump? why is it in their interest? john: i find it more genuine than the pence pick. i am for party unity. trump all along has said i don't care about party unity, i can win without you. if you do not want to be with me, screw you. that is manafort's attitude toward kasich. his political analysis is -- i think that kasich has genuine, profound problems with trump. i also think he wants to be president in mark: the trump 2020. people have said in the past they are working with rob portman, working with the state
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party, they do not need kasich's operation. kasich has been elected governor of the state twice, they beat -- he beat trump in the primary here. it seems like they would like to have him on board. but he's not interested in supporting trump. john: do you see him standing alongside rob portman in this election? we'll see. mark halperin, that man right there, he asked paul manafort to weigh in on the ever that hillary clinton and her allies have two brand trump negatively. -- have to brand trump negatively. >> the side running negative ads against donald trump, what do you think about the strategy to win this election? paul: i hope they keep running those negative ads. they are spending a lot of money. i don't think this election is about hillary clinton. this election is about donald trump. the last two months have proven that hillary is being discounted by the american people. this is an election about change. change.
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that ultimately is what is lacking in the white community, the hispanic community. all of them are going through their own issues in crisis, for whatever reason. we have a candidate who everyone recognizes as a change candidate. and we are running against be a against the epitome of establishment. you tell me any candidate -- i could not pick one off the shelf better than hillary clinton to run against, change versus establishment. john: so, what do you think about that? that was his answer to you. what were you thinking? mark: he referred several times to their own polling, their own research and suggested rates like oregon are potential in -- are potentially in play, places like connecticut and clinton's ads will hurt her if that is his big difference why they have not gone on tv. the public polling is not quite as emphatic as that. i think there is no doubt that clinton is a more familiar political figure then trump is, and when he says i want this election to be about trump, that's a little counterintuitive, but he is suggesting if trump can prove to people he is accessible -- -- acceptable, games, set,
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match. i don't know if that is right, but that is their theory. john: i got to tell you. i think donald trump can win this election. if oregon and connecticut are in play -- donald trump is not going to win connecticut easily. that's not going to happen. he's not going to win in a landslide and only a landslide would make those two states in play for him. mark: i will say paul manafort says that he thinks that he can win easily. he does not agree with you. his views that clinton attacks are not hurting is interesting. we'll see what happens. coming up, a trump party unity project with two great minds, right after this. ♪
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former chairman of the conservative union and the former chairman of the florida republican party and former advisor to meant -- to mitt romney. current unofficial advisor to paul ryan. thank you for joining us. your reaction to how the selection of mike pence changes, if at all, your view of donald trump. >> he is a good candidate, a good choice. a man of good judgment, a serious policy observer. he has intellectual curiosity, a welcome addition to the team. my sense is that if this campaign needs to go through the midwest to have a chance. someone from the midwest makes chance. mark: al is bullish. dan? >> i am not. he is pro-free-trade. he had an opportunity last night to talk about it.
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trump bulldozed over him. it was embarrassing to watch. >> tell people about your tweet. i have known mike pence for a while. i have encouraged him to run for higher office. i know he was as skeptical of trump as i was, as many people are. john: as skeptical as you? >> was. >> you are never trump. >> i am still never trump. john: your posture was he is a cancer on conservatism. you say he was that far? >> he was not that far. he was definitely in agreement trump was a bad fit for the republican party. in his public statements, i will not quote what he said privately was that some of what trump proposed was offensive and unconstitutional. you would be hard-pressed to find a vice presidential candidate that described the presidential nominee's policies
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as unconstitutional and offensive. it is not clear to me how he brought the reach of the campaign. are they still trying to fight the primary and unify the party? >> this is as narrow a path to a win we have ever had. states like colorado and virginia are out of the equation. it is hard to make up that gap for the diversity vote. you have the midwest and have to pull a rabbit out of a hat in florida. there are no more opportunities or plans b or c. there is planned letter a -- there is plan a and it is a lane with sixth states in it. you are in the "never trump" seat. i am in the "not yet" seat.
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but i am here to keep an open mind. it may come around to where, i think he is surrounded by enough people i trust that i will vote for him. i am not at that john: what was point. your first republican convention? >> 1976. i was a field man for romney in florida. i drove to kansas city. it is still the best convention i've ever gone to. >> does this program look like it is shaping up to be a successful convention? >> you do not want to be a doomsayer the for the think it started but looking at the list of speakers and the agenda, it sounds like, where is the cheering going to come from? let's give him four days. >> today was a circus. it's not exactly what you want day one of your convention. unify thes there to
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republican party and they have a fight like today that underscores how much disunity that there is, this is not how you want to be. you want to appeal to 90% of republican voters. >> yesterday they said there are more hispanics playing in the final than the british open and speaking at the convention. that got more responses than i have had an a long time. ex-wife are you here if you are so opposed to trump? hy are you here if you are so opposed to trump? i am a kasich delegate. i was trying to participate in a vote of conscience, allow people who are bound the opportunity to vote for someone else. i think a large number of them would have. mark: it is a pretty contested thing. you have people protesting your nominee, basically. what was the energy like on the floor, with the chanting back and forth? the pro trump and anti-trump forces. was it pleasant? hostile? >> i would not call it hostile. it was spirited and intense.
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the pro-trump forces were energetic. the anti-trump forces were equal -- they first tried to do a voice vote on the rules. if the chair had been honest and measured who was louder, the anti-trump forces were louder which is why he went to do it a second time. >> this whole thing, whoever gets elected will be the one who is least disliked. we will have to see the purpose of this convention. hopefully it is to be less disliked now than by the base. it's not that difficult to figure out what the strategy is. youan donald trump -- mentioned a couple of places,
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can donald trump win florida? >> i have seen some people tell me they are outliers but they seem competitive. the only chance they have to win florida is how poorly hillary could do. he could win florida by default occurs hillary is continuing to implode. and 2012 gotmney approximately 40% of the latino vote and he still lost. the it has increased by 2.5%. from new were running into got the same percentage would have lost by a larger number? trump can donk better with reagan democrats than working-class. >> at this point what is your fondest hope for how this week goes? a continued bumpy road for
8:37 pm
the next three a half days. continued perception which is reality of disunity source of ant it encourages independent candidate. to get in the race and give republicans at alternative. >> that would be my hope for this week will stop -- week. i will not mention names. >> why? i asked, who would you like to see? >> my first trust would be mitt romney but he is not doing it. i'm still on the hope certificate circuit. i'm hoping to see enough people of conscience say donald trump is still finding himself as a political candidate. let's see if he finds himself in a way and surrounds himself with people that get me there. i'm not there yet. >> last night during the 60
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minutes interview, leslie stahl asked mike pence about the iraq war. trump said he was misled. he used a code pink left-wing talk. this is not pence influencing trump. this is trump dismissing this guy. the iraqump oppose war? >> he claims he did. he was a strong advocate for it. mark: two very optimistic men. thank you for joining us. we will talk more about the surprises mr. trump is planning for convention week after this. ♪ ♪
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>> this morning after our breakfast conversation with chairman paul manafort, jennifer jacobs pulled mr. manafort aside to get a preview of what is to come for the convention here in cleveland. us what is here to tell he said but before that, you are on the floor in the midst of the chaos. iti don't know how chaotic was. it is something who gave those people who are anti-establishment and antitrust a little bit of thrill to show they had a little bit of muscle. that's the message they were trying to send that not every person in that room is pro-trump or for the establishment. it did get a little bit rowdy. the party bosses turned up the music really loud to drown out some of the protests. the tv camera immediately ran down to interview the people were shame and the pro-trump
8:42 pm
forces started yelling back, we want trump. so it was an interesting scene but it amounted -- amounted to very little. >> but here the chanting behind us at home and that is protesters marching right past the quicken loans arena. >> it runs counter to the identity want to eliminate hillary clinton. how do you decode that sensibility? >> manafort really laid out what he wants to do to win the election and one of the things he was talking about was how he thinks that hillary clinton is this terrible candidate. he said she has this terrible profile and he laid out various ways. he talked to the unrest in the
8:43 pm
u.s. cities and thinks they can use that against her. like you are talking about with john kasich, he talks about with jeb bush. he said we would like to have george bush on board but we do not need them. he talked about all of the states that they will bring into play. he was talking about all voters want change. it was fascinating to listen to him rattle this off and it was all of these things put together that he thinks will take down hillary clinton. he said it takes one moment, we need to convince people to see donald trump as presidential. they need to be able to see him as president and what's that moment comes the flood gates will open from their. bitt is a little theatrical, but we said when is that going to happen and you could not point to when that moment would happen but he does think it is coming.
8:44 pm
it's fascinating to have him layout the argument. >> the first debate will be big. the kids have disabled the well watched. >> more coverage from our on the ground bloomberg politics here in cleveland after a word from our sponsors.
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>> during the break, we pulled up two chairs for two chairs. former rnc chairman mike duncan and current chairman joe nosef.
8:47 pm
you have been to a lot of these. does this feel like past conventions? or different in any way? >> much different. this is more like 1996 than any convention i have attended. we probably knew the outcome sooner in 1996 -- sorry, 1976. i was a reagan delegate in 1976. 1972 was my first. it is much different. mark: a little uncertainty how this is going to unfold. how does your delegation feel about donald trump as nominee? >> i look at the uncertainty from a relative way compared to what we thought was coming six months ago. it is such a pleasant surprise, i was in the credentials committee meeting with chairman duncan. what we had to deal with compared to what we thought we might have to deal with and the floor action was a very small immaterial minority who were unhappy but it was nothing like we saw.
8:48 pm
so it has been a time, as corny as it might sound to get unified behind the candidate in a way that a lot of people didn't think was possible if you months ago. >> how does your delegation feel about donald trump? are they enthusiastic? >> absolutely. they are very enthusiastic about the two or three people that were not as enthusiastic decided to sit it out. we have a pretty thorough trump delegation from the very beginning. >> do you to take widespread enthusiasm for donald trump? >> there is. >> there is. i agree with what you said. we had 20 something contests in 2012. we only had five this time. the committee had an easier time. i did not get booed this time. delivering the credentials report. i did four years ago. john: we could boo you here. [laughter]
8:49 pm
>> all the committee's work that way. mark: after the convention, one -- nuts and both are going to matter. one of the big concerns i hear from republicans is not raising money fast enough. not building organization. i had somebody from new hampshire. i said, who is running new hampshire for trump? i have no idea. is there concern amongst party activists at the campaign doesn't have their act together in terms of building the battleground states? >> there is always a concern that you what more resources and more party building. but what's going on is you have more reliance on reince priebus in the republican national committee -- committee then you have had in my lifetime. trump will bring his people in and he is doing fundraising. the first few weeks they had was pretty outstanding, particularly small donor fundraising. trump has turned on something we have not had in the republican party. >> what's interesting to me is the talk from a month or two ago
8:50 pm
was the rnc and trump campaign are not working together enough. talkt the convention, the is that they are working together too much. they call it collusion, we call it unity. it's not perfect, but it never is at this point. i have been here for about a week and a half. i feel much better about the nuts and bolts of the campaign going forward. there will be more challenges than there normally will be, but i am convinced we can pull it off. i mean a strong campaign. john: what are you most looking forward to this week? >> i think i am most looking forward to hearing some of the family members. i heard today, i think mark said on the program, that he thought donald trump would show more of his real self. i am interested in seeing that. i am interested in seeing that
8:51 pm
and look forward to it. john: in terms of what paul manafort said about showing a different side of donald trump, what do you think he has to show? >> as chairman, i wanted to buck for my candidate coming out of the convention. i wanted to nominate someone who could be elected. and i wanted to make sure we did not have a walkout. we are seeing the sausage made now, but it is all about thursday night and donald trump appearing presidential. john: manafort said he has to show a different side of himself. what is the side he is missing? >> i think he started this week with his choice for vice president. people want to see he is a serious decision maker. before that, he put out his list for supreme court. it has been fascinating to watch. this guy is presidential. we will see it in his thursday
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night speech and the first debate. people will wake up and say, just like with reagan, this guy could be president. he could lead us forward. mark: if john kasich asks, should i come to the convention, what would you tell him? >> of course you should come to the convention. you want to put yourself in position for future consideration. we have always looked at people twice except for donald trump. look at our history. typically, you run once and you get known and you come back and do it again. there is a lot of jockeying. you are seeing people jockeying for the future position in 2024. we letchairman, before you go, the tradition is that you do a haley barbour imitation. >> [imitating haley barbour] bill clinton is the only person i have ever seen that can cry out of one eye. mark: ready? do it again. >> another one? mark: that one.
8:53 pm
>> [imitating haley barbour] bill clinton is the only person i have ever seen that can cry out of one eye. maybe you will get my name right next time. mark: thank you both. coming up, some of the sights and sounds from today in cleveland after this. ♪
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john: national political conventions are full of politics and breakout stars. there is so much that goes on outside the spotlight. in cleveland today, we got a
8:56 pm
good look at a crush of visitors touring the streets around the convention hall. with a smattering of merchandising, this afternoon, one of many protests tracked through downtown cleveland. black lives matter, immigration, and general anti-trump sentiments. we got a close look at the nba championship trophy after we spoke with cavs owner dan gilbert. i ran into trevor noah, and may have said a few things that were not fit for family-friendly air. then everyone stopped what they were doing as a young woman took the stage for sound check. >> ♪ and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ john: seriously, she had a set of pipes on her.
8:57 pm
if she, like these other speakers, that are not well known, turn out to be as good a performer as her, trump will be in good shape. for more on the convention, head over to our whole team will be covering the convention all week long. coming up, cisco ceo chuck robbins will be on "bloomberg west." until tomorrow, for mark and me, as we like to say here in cleveland, using the local dialect, sayonara. ♪
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>> it is tuesday july 19. i'm rishaad salamat. this is "trending business." ♪ be taking you to tokyo. a look at what is in stock. the most after a $32 billion takeover of armor holdings. carryingce sheet is over $100 billion of debt. misreporting test rts


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