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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 24, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> we are here in cleveland wrapping up some high points of the bend in the end, the grand old party concluded with closing remarks from the official nominee for president, donald j trump. >> beginning on january 20, safety will be restored. nearly 180,000 illegal
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immigrants with criminal records ordered deported from our country are tonight roaming free to threaten peaceful citizens. nearly four in 10 african-american children are living in poverty. are inon more latinos poverty today than when president obama took his oath of office less than eight years ago. $800rade deficit is billion. think of that. isis waspre-hillary, not even on the map. libya was stable, egypt was bigul, barak was seeing a reduction in violence. iran was being choked by sanctions, syria was somewhat under control.
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-- problems we face now poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad will last only as long as we continue relying on these same politicians. my plan will begin with safe yet home, which means safe neighborhoods come a secure borders and protection from terrorist. prosperitye no without law and order. politicaljoin the arena so the powerful can no longer beat up on people who cannot defend themselves. every action i take, i will ask myself does this make better for young americans in baltimore, in chicago, in detroit, in ferguson who have in every way the same
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right to live out their dreams --any other child in america anyone who enjoys his -- endorses violence, hatred or oppression is not welcome in our country and never, ever will be. made billions of dollars in business making deals and now i'm going to make our country rich again for top we will never, ever sign bad trade deals. america first again. comes the reform of our tax laws. we are going to lift restrictions on the production of american energy for top with these new economic policies, trillions and trillions of dollars will start flowing into our country.
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improve thelth will quality of life for all americans. we will build the roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, air words and the railways of tomorrow. this, in turn, will create millions of more jobs. voice.ur to every parent who dreams for their child and every child who sayms for their future, i these words to you tonight -- i am with you, i will fight for you, and i will win for you. john:, -- paul medford is next.
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welcome back. we are just across the street from the quicken loans arena where republicans kicked off their national convention today before the things got started --, albert hunt hosted a list event for bloomberg politics featuring the trump campaign manager and a who's who of local reporters, andrea mitchell, john martin.and jonathan we will go through some of the highlights of that conversation starting with what the campaign manager said about some of trump's lesser-known traits top -- lesser-known traits. >> people need to see all as
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that's about trump. hisybody knows about business career for top no one knows what that means other than trump tower. his caring about people, his focus on little things that he sees and how he tries lives. one of the stories reported in the past was one of the young kids dying of some disease, he sought it in the newspaper and it was a michael jackson fan, so donald trump called michael jackson and said let's go visit this person. they made an impromptu visit. not someone he knew come but that's the kind of -- that's what he does with his employees, the newspapers -- you don't want to fix the problems,
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have a story written for you in the new york times. he's a softhearted person. people will see different parts. private donald trump. manna for says you will see some extent of that at the convention. how much does he have to do to counteract the perception? he is cool and dismissive, all of this, what does he have to do to fix that? don't think trump could do anything to win pete over, but i think some republicans paying close attention, i think you hit on the right words. cool,otion that he is that he is a bad person, i think he needs to show the he's a good
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person. i think it is less about a recitation of charitable giving. that will be counteracted by some of the stuff. it is said and i have seen it that he has a close relationship with his children that is loving and nurturing. they need to put that on the stage. john: we have seen these ads -- ct the with trump mark: he says they are not effective because they have not affected the battleground state. think recitations of charitable giving will do nothing. that michael jackson story, who cares? it's all about can they give him something that we have not seen in those worst images? mark: there are thousands of republicans in this town for the convention this week that some anti-trump figures are mia, including members of the bush
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party, john mccain admit romney and john kasich, the hometown governor. he is in cleveland all week but has out not to step foot inside quicken loans arena unless trump changes his ways. don't hold your breath for that. here is what he said at our breakfast when asked if governor kasich's absence this week would be harmful to trump. >> john kasich is being petulant. he's just embarrassing his party. in ohio. he's violating his pledge. third.cause he finished we reached out to him and donald trump as we are willing to work together and the negotiations wrote down because they think they will have a better chance. yes what -- that's exactly what
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it is and that is a dumb thing. how is that going to hurt us? we will take care of the party and ohio. we will work with rob portman and make sure rob portman get select it and we will win ohio. there is no backing off on either side. what is in it to go after kasich ? why is that in their interest? john: i find it more genuine than the tents pick. i can win without you, if you don't want to win with me, screw you. that seems to be his attitude and i believe his political analysis, i believe he has
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profound problems with trump and i think he wants to be president in 2020. mark: he said they are working with rob portman and the state party, they don't need kasich's operation. he's been elect is twice and beat trump in the primary here. it seems like they would like to have him on board but he's not interested in supporting trump. finally, we asked paul to weigh in on the efforts hillary clinton and her allies are weighing into brand trump in a negative way ahead of november. mark: besides running negative ads, how do you see their strategy? keep runningy negative ads because i like the impact and they are spending money. i don't think this election is about hillary clinton. this election is about donald trump. provent two months have
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hillary clinton is being discounted by the american people. themately whether it is in black community, hispanic community, all of them are going to their own issues. we have a candidate everybody recognizes as a change candidate. we are running against the academy of establishment. i could not pick a candidate off-the-shelf better to show change versus establishment. aboutwhat do you think that? he referred to their own research and that's his big defense, but the public polling is not quite as emphatic.
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but i think there is no doubt clinton is a more familiar political figure than trump and when he says i want this election to be about trump, that's counterintuitive, but if he can prove to people he is acceptable, game come a set, match. i believe donald trump could win this election, but if three months from now, if oregon and connecticut are in play, donald trump is not going to win. i think he could win but he's not going to win in a landslide and only a landslide would make those two states in play again. ♪
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s tonight next guest are here. that on the podium last night with his wife, rachel, geeking well, i thought. did you ever contemplate starting with four score and seven years ago, like you are going for one of the classics and claiming it as your own? guest: i thought someone might catch me if i pulled the language out of one of text. my wife and i wrote this beach ourselves and we had fun with it. john: were you nervous and how much guidance to get? wast: the trump campaign pretty good. they gave us some runners thought it was security and safety night but they gave us some approval but did not have
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any critiques or changes. they let us do what we wanted to put together and we had fun for business people in our say what happened last night basically wrecked the first day. the first day had problems and she kind of fixed them -- was that overstated? think they were overstated. we are going to come out of this convention more united than we came into it stop she did a fine job. i don't know who wrote the speech but they ought to be gone by now. you make a mistake, you move on. donald trump has this thing going on the right path. working with pence him and we've got republicans coming to cleveland and we want to elect a republican president because we cannot day on this barack obama-hillary clinton path.
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trump'se is donald wife, delivered a nice speech and portions were lifted that she's not the candidate. barack obama has had his own problems in the past with lifting portions of give all patrick's speeches. this is a political thing, when theyely on speech writers, rely on things and republicans and democrats have had issues with it, but no one can say as on stageump goes unscripted is pulling anything from anybody because he's so unconventional and the media has andet beyond and over this we have to talk about the issues that truly matter because this is about security and growth and family and wages and feeling safe in your community. trump westis donald idea about creating jobs? there is nothing new
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under the sun if you look at presidential candidates. say the tax code is to complex? ideas?o no new guest: there is a debate over too much or too little in the tax code. you can only be on the left side or right side of that debate and that debate drives us into what kind of government we have in our lives. one thing that is new and washington is not good at is that he has the back of the people stopped sick and tired of nobody having their back and donald trump is fired up. sometimes he is in the ditch, but he's rolling with the current of this river and hillary clinton is paddling upstream, working against us. i think donald trump has this
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thing moving in the right direction and has to continue to make progress. guest: no one has said they want to build a wall and have mexico pay for it. this is a question i've been asking for the last couple of months. you have reservations about donald trump, what separates you from other republican strategists who are not for him? guest: everyone is on a different timetable. when indiana did their thing, the voters have spoken and this is where they want us to go. he was not my first, second or third pick. going to take a little longer. i'm convinced a lot of folks who say they are never going to vote for donald trump, i think as they think about supreme court
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appointments, they are going to get there. it may be august for some, it may be november for some. is unacceptable and after seeing the guys from benghazi, i think she got to be -- ought to be disqualified. i look at my district and they love donald trump. they say this guy is fighting for me. arekly, they think they just like each other. they think they live the same life. more votesp has had than any other candidate and had 17 opponents in the race. as we philosophize and pontificate about everything happening, he's touching a cord in the politicos, which we all say we are, are eventually going to get on board.
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either i am with donald trump or i'm with hillary clinton. aislek our side of the will consolidate and will also be at the polls because they don't want to have hillary clinton is the next president. although you guys are coming through loud and clear on television, there's a lot of noise and that's these protesters yelling outside. you think donald trump can win the election? guest: yes. john: music it's going to be a close election? guest: if he performs well, it will be close. thinkneither of you donald trump is going to win a a tout? guest: if you get point when you are a republican, that is close. what is the key problem donald trump needs to address?
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guest: he has to stay on script. when he gets up there for 45 minutes and says what's on his mind, he can get in trouble. looking for crazy things he says and sometimes will take it out of context. i think he's right. don't put him in these settings with 10,000 screaming people where he wants to feed the beast. put him in small groups. let him sit down with a bunch of reporters. have him go in hispanic communities. send a message that he cares about all americans. he has to bring all americans together and swing voters, when they see that, i think he wins votes and maybe we can win a state like wisconsin. mark: give me one end and
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statute you were in the room with donald trump, give me one thing you would say to him. guest: i would tell trump to be patient. i would tell kasich to -- i would tell kasich what are you doing? about i would say think hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. get on board come the train is leaving. if you want a future in politics, you have to be part of this team or you will make a lot of people angry. john: coming up, we hear from the other side of the aisle. ♪
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hillary clinton: when i was a little girl, i went to see when they reissued it, the movie "the wizard of oz."
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there were similarities that appeared to me. lots of sound and the fury, even a fog machine. when you pull back the curtain, it was just donald trump with nothing to offer the american people. mark: that was hillary clinton speaking about the republican national convention here in cleveland. she was here today in north las vegas at an event. here with us now and cleveland is the democratic national chair, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. your convention starts on monday in philadelphia. tell me, what to think of tom vilsack. rep. wasserman schultz: he is a wonderful governor and his been doing a great job as our secretary of agriculture. mark: is the liberal conservative moderate what is
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he? rep. wasserman schultz: he is a moderate public servant that would be centerleft. mark: tell me about tim kaine. rep. wasserman schultz: he did a fantastic job as the governor of virginia. now, the united states senator has a lot of experience with foreign policy. he lived abroad and is fluent in spanish. mark: if either were picked, how would your delegates react? rep. wasserman schultz: i think anyone has been talked about on the short list with secretary clinton is not revealing it would be a great candidate. mark: do you have any doubt in your mind that the selection of elizabeth warren would generate more excitement?
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rep. wasserman schultz:i think there are different assets that eat person being considered would bring. there are other potential candidates that would bring other -- different kinds of excitement. mark: putting people on the ticket is one way of addressing the problems you have. do you think hillary clinton has an enthusiasm issued to get people excited? rep. wasserman schultz: i think hillary clinton on her own is going to be able to really excite our base. leave a chance to make history by electing the first woman to president. beyond that, she is the most respected and admired woman in the world. she is the most prepared candidate.
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next week, i think we'll see that she will generate a tremendous amount of enthusiasm all across the country. mark: given all the horrible things you've heard about donald trump, why is this race even close? rep. wasserman schultz: first of all, it is july. i know a lot of you obsess about national polls. in july, polls do not mean a whole lot. what does mean a whole lot is your ground game. the ramp up to the ground game. the republicans are very far behind us. donald trump has no staff here to speak of in ohio. he has a very paltry staff in florida. we are out organizing and out mobilizing them. it will make a huge difference when it comes to the home stretch. mark: there was a controversy last night with melania trump. normally, your campaign would jump all over it. there has been virtually no reaction to that controversy. why is that?
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rep. wasserman schultz: she composed yourself very well at the podium. it is up to the trump campaign to defend the content of her speech. mark: you would normally jump whenever they showed some weakness or a problem. do you think spouses are off limits? rep. wasserman schultz: this is a story that is between the donald trump organization and the people who hold them accountable. they have had a full day. mark: and donald trump speech there were lines that were lifted from president kennedy. would you leave that alone? rep. wasserman schultz: of course not. there is a huge difference between the person that has their name on the ballot in the person at the podium. the trump organization has to answer for it. they've not done a very good job answering work all day long. mark: we will hear from some of the journalists from on the
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ground here in cleveland. ♪
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♪ mark: joining us is jonathan friedland. he is a keen observer of american politics. his latest dispatch from the convention is titled a vicious campaign. also with us is senior national reporter for bloomberg politics jennifer jacobs. she wrote a piece today about donald trump junior's political ambitions. tell me about your impressions of his performance last night. jennifer: he seemed intoxicated about being on stage.
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he came on stage very calmly and then he just kind of ramped up the excitement. you could tell he was loving it. at a breakfast this morning, he was asked about his political ambitions. he said, "look, i have five kids. perhaps when my hitter out of school. i am a patriot though, so this is something i would like to consider." he said this is something he would like to consider. mark: what is your impression of him? jonathan: he is much more like a professional politician than his father. what was so extraordinary was with the teleprompter and delivering a speech, he was even better at that than some other people that had come before. he looked as if he is been doing it a long time. he fits the profile of a conventional politician much more than his father. even more so than his father.
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it was written. it wasn't just ramble. he is donald trump 2.0. jennifer: he doesn't like talking points. it is said that most politicians have marbles in their mouths when they get off the talking points. it was unusual to see someone doing that. john: among the weird things in this convention, people say things like the reason donald trump could win this election is something called "brexit." the polls seem mysterious. you lived in britain. do you see parallels between the donald trump phenomena and the brexit phenomena? jonathan: all of the data said britain would vote to remain.
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we didn't. i can see why that would give heart to trump people. there were people who would not tell pollsters how they felt and it was a cultural taboo about saying it. therefore, we have shy or hidden trump supporters. the notion of world stage and being more isolationist, i think there is a global phenomenon here. there is a rage against elites. they are turning on the establishment they feel has failed to protect them from globalization. all of that would point to the success of trump. the demographics of britain, you could win with white working class people and win. this is a very more diverse society here.
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mark: you have your reporters notebook with you here. what is the most tantalizing fact you have written? jennifer: i was asking some of the people at the ted cruz party if they think he is going to endorse donald trump this evening. they said yes. they said they heard he was going to. i asked them how they felt, and they said that they were sad. they loved ted cruz, but we are over it. i actually said is there going to be a boo in the room? jonathan: i think it will be a technical, legalistic endorsement. i would guess he would air on the more of checking the box without showing any love. jennifer: he was hoping to give the speech at thank you party without talking about the
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nominee. he just wanted to a knowledge that we would have a different nominee and then change the subject. trump has that uncanny ability to just step over his rivals and steal the show. mark: the main goal is to show more of what is multi-dimensional about donald trump. we are halfway through. have you heard something that could give people a better sense of him? jonathan: the speeches from his family members have shown them in a good light. melania trump performed quite well. she was quite likable. donald trump junior give a really distinguished speech that shed some light on him. the most telling humanizing thing came from tiffany. i think they did it quite well for themselves. maybe that's a trump lesson, you look out for number one. i am not sure they showed what humanizing light on donald trump himself. if you think of him as an alpha
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male business guy, then you probably still think of that. they did not give you much to go on. jennifer: i think that's exactly right. it seemed like donald trump juniors speech was clinical. i'm not sure many of this reaches have appealed so much the people in the middle. jonathan: if i were a regular politician that came here, i would be thinking about what has happened here. each one of them is getting into the spotlight. they are looking quite well. you could just see the energy in the room. there is a star factor when they come on. i chose a political career. was going into politics a mistake? host: welcome to the trump show. john: joining us at the table is
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our friend, al hunt. it's been an eventful three days. al, you've done a lot of these conventions. give us the big picture. al: i've never seen anything like it. i suppose the old rules do not apply. if they did, the convention would be a near disaster by now. that is not the case. they stepped on their lines every day. somehow they stay immune from that. mike pence came out and did exactly what he wanted to do. the kids did very well. some things did not work so well. i don't know it made a huge difference one way or the other. mark: what is your sense of what trump world thinks about how this is going? for them, everything is great and has been fantastic. what is the real view?
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>> there is a lot of frustration. it started on monday, when donald trump called in to fox news to do it interview during the convention. this angered the people at the convention. soon after that there was a controversy over mrs. trump's speech. it was very similar to the speech that michelle obama game back in 2008. so, there has been this ceiling of, even when they think they're going to have a great moment -- when they are going to put his wife out there to speak for him and humanize him, something seems to happen to blow that up. we will see how tonight goes. this week was supposed to be about unity. we have seen shades of that. the whole arena broke into boo's when ted cruz did not endorse donald trump.
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al: let me jump on that. we went to a breakfast monday morning. one of the first things he does is blast john kasich, a popular governor of ohio. it's a great dichotomy that seems to exist. this morning, mike pence was very good last night. the leading story was the interview he had with the new york times when he was talking about donald and nato. he said tellingly, people know how well like i am. mark: put the ted cruz thing in perspective and does this have implications going forward. al: i do not think per se it does. i don't think it helped unify the party. it was not diabolical in that sense.
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we will find that out later. i think going to the point about unity being the purpose of it, maybe it doesn't matter. a convention where the second and third place finishers won't endorse the nominee, where prominent governors aren't here, you don't have the brightest young women house members, that's a disaster by conventional sticks. mark: hillary clinton has been aggressive this week in public events. any idea what the republicans and donald trump plan next week? >> i think they are looking to be just as visible and upstage hillary clinton whenever possible. if there is one theme that has hung over, there is the campaign theme. "make america safe again." "make america work again."
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the real theme of the week has been we can't let hillary clinton be president. that has been the theme of every speaker who has been getting up. the clinton campaign was fighting back against that. i have to think that messaging is going to continue next week. this is one issue that republicans can rally around. whether they like donald trump or not, they don't like hillary clinton. john: trump will do the same thing next week in philadelphia. for the democrats, have you spotted a rising star on the stage? al: you think of the kids to begin with. they looked good on their first test. there is nobody that i say gosh, they were so good. they are going to be terrific in the future. do you guys see a rising star here? mark: tom cotton is interesting. the reality is there are so many
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people skipping, so many of the best people aren't here. normally, you walk around me see -- and you see some prominent politicians. mostly, they're now it is just rank-and-file delegates. al: my highlight last night with south carolina with lee atwater's wife. i think that's about one third of the convention. there's a third the just accepted trump. there is a third that will make it quite clear that they are very unhappy. mark: what do you think the probability is at the end of this campaign that he actually will shoot someone on 5th avenue to test his principal? >> i've given up trying to predict things with his campaign. al: he will give a slew of interviews next week.
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john: there is a 0% chance he will shoot someone on this avenue. mark: will roger ailes become part of the trump campaign? >> maybe not officially. >> she does seem like she knows something. >> i do not know anything. more of the best of "all due respect" ahead. ♪
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♪ john: thank you so much watching the special edition of "all due respect." we will be back next week with a show on the democratic national convention in philadelphia. you can head to for coverage of the election. if you are watching us and washington, d.c., you can also find us on the radio. sayonara.
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>> welcome to "bloomberg businessweek." erdogan presses down. >> peter thiel goes to cleveland. also, hillary clinton's foot soldiers. >> all that ahead on "bloomberg businessweek." we here with the editor of bloomberg businessweek. the failed coup against president aragon last week. there is a massive crackdown on journalists and teachers and different folks. >> this is a story we had in works before the coup.


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