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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  August 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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: we're covering stories from san francisco, chicago, and rio de janeiro. first hawaiian shares climbing in their trading debut, raising almost $500 million. bnp paribas spun it off to his capital. we will be joined from the nasdaq. vonnie: the duke energy cfo is here following the company's better than estimated second-quarter earnings. will the company achieve its full-year forecast and complete an acquisition? is billionaire steve: already planning his return to the investment world? vonnie: one hour from the close of trading. desk.head to the markets david: looking at markets right
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now, they are mixed in trading. they pretty much have been for most of the day. volume has been pretty off, as well, especially as we head towards tomorrow and the july jobs report. earnings are back-and-forth today, and this is what we are getting. training s&p 500 within a band of only about 10 points or soap you right now, the dow is down .1%. let's take a look at the s&p sectors. let's look at the sector health in my bloomberg. generally speaking, a majority of our sectors are in negative territory, financial done the most, by about .3%. energy also down by about .3% to technology is up the most, by about .5%. materials up .4%. taking a look at what is happening in terms of the biggest loser, metlife scraping the bottom of the barrel right
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now, down about 10%. lifeis the u.s' biggest insurance appeared second-quarter profit fell on the order of 90%. it plans to cut costs by $1 million by the inbound of 2019. this is its biggest fall in six weeks. leslie get energy in terms of oil. oil is on the rise. we are seeing a little bit of a pop in terms of some oil dealers. murphy oil, newfield, and devin all up by as much as 2%. other oil agers down on the day, especially with inventories at highs.7 -- david: seems a there is more sure and is one of safe havens. ramy: a little more. gold was up about .3% at last check. nymex crude, 2.4%. let's see where gold is. .3%.out on the other hand, you can look of the other safe havens.
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the 10 revenue yield -- here is gold, finally, .2%. and the yield was falling, down by about four basis points to 1.5%. david: thanks so much. vonnie: now let's check the headlines with mark crumpton. at theresident obama pentagon to discuss with the u.s. is doing to defeat an islamic state. the u.s. and its allies have made recent gains against the extremist group in iraq and syria. now the u.s. has started bombing islamic state targets in libya. after the meetings, the president mauldin a news conference. that is scheduled for 4:15 p.m. new york time, and we will have coverage here on bloomberg. hillary clinton is leading donald trump in florida. in a new university poll, clinton is ahead by six points, 48% to 42%. and a four-we raise, her lead shrinks to 43% to 49%.
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gary johnson gets a 4%. has 11% of voters are undecided. and orlando, florida, survivors and family members of the june poll makeup shooting are learning today how the more than $20 million in donations to be distributed. the administrator of the funds, ken feinberg, is hosting two town halls today. omar mateen opened fire at the gay nightclub, leaving 49 people dead, 53 others interest. machin was killed in a shootout with police. a brazilian surfer carried the olympic torch as he served at the coast of rio today, and sharing fans greeted him as he arrived back on shore at a beach. the flame is making its way through rio ahead of the opening ceremonies on friday for the 2016 summer games. global news 24 hours a day, powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 100 countries.
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i am mark crumpton. this is bloomberg. .avid: things let's turn to ipo news to her chairs of first hawaiian bank are higher today in their trading debut. $23 of these, the high end of the offering range. joining us from the nasdaq in new york is bob harrison, the ceo of first hawaiian. i like the ipo lei. hawaii.are from david: very good to it we talk about how sluggish the ipo market is right now with so few public offerings this year, certainly very few in banking. what is your sense of the marketplace and why go public now? : for us, it was an opportunity to not focus on the market as much but telling a story to potential testers spirit we had a great roadshow over the last week, talking about hawaii in first to land bank and how we fit in the local economy and hawaii and long, as well.
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vonnie: why go public? you have 62 bridges in hawaii, guam, and taipan. why the need to go public? bob: it was an opportunity for bnp paribas to reduce ownership, so all the proceeds from the offer seeing offering what to bnp paribas. david: you have a bridge in a rather small state that we know for tourism. how much opportunity is there for growth? could you see yourself expanding to the contiguous 48 states? bob: i cannot talk about future plans, but we are very happy with what we do. the mp has allowed as to do what we want. we will continue to focus on our home markets, hawaii, guam, and taipan, and continued to build on our relationships. vonnie: what does that mean, open meeting just opening more bridges? what other areas might you going to? bob: we do not see changes to it
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we have been able to grow organically over 10 plus years. really staying within our market and can two inning desk continuing to grow our footprint. david: we hear from big banks that they are shifting to wealth management. that is a trend with big multinationals. at the regional level, what are the trends? what do you see as interesting? bob: one of the things we have done is we have offered a full suite of products for a very long time. about half an commercial, half in consumer. we have offered a full range of wealth management products. the focus is to canoe to do what we do better and improve our process. owns about 85%ll of first hawaiian, so what do you anticipate will happen? bob: what they said publicly is they intend to reduce their investment down to zero, market conditions permitting.
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so you can expect to see that over a long amount of time. but i cannot answer on timing or size. vonnie: the session is not done yet, but you are up almost 7%. any chance you might have left a little money on the table or are you happy with the performance? bob: we're happy to go public. we will have to wait and see how everything works out. it was in conjunction with the group, so i'm sure anything in the green is always preferred. ofid: i see almost a quarter your loans are in commercial real estate, an area that has been under some scrutiny by regulators. what are your plans in the commercial real estate space? bob: we continue to respond to the market demand. in hawaii, we had some time where there were some high-rise residential condominiums go. virtually all projects have been successful. over time, that will transition to other areas for commercial real estate. vonnie: are you under any extra
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pressure now that you are partially public to perform or is this basically because it went back to bnp paribas and it is only a smaller portion of the company, so it is not so different? : operationally, it will not be different. but there is much more structure. that is one of the things we are developing, talking to the street, talking to investors. it is a real educational process. david: may i ask about the state of the hawaiian economy right now? do you have a perspective on that? how is it doing? looking at unemployment and the health of the economy. doing very well. unemployment is below national norms. a very diversified economy. tourism has been strong and was strong last year, this year, year to date. stability,ng good and hopefully that will
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continue. david: thank you very much. harrison, ceo of first hawaiian bank, first day of the nasdaq to congratulations. we have a news exclusive, hampton creek, a vegan food startup known for its eggless m ayo products, has apparently undertaken a large-scale operation to buy back its own mayo, which made the product of your more popular than it really was. david: receipts, cash advances, and e-mails have been reviewed. the ceo defended the project, saying it is to ensure product quality. told to callr store managers pretending they were customers and ask about just mayo, and strong demand for a product typically promise retailers to order more and stock it in additional stores. much more on hampton creek foods throughout the day. raise $200help them
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million. coming up on bloomberg markets, is billion years steve cohen already planning his return to the investment world? we will have the latest. this is bloomberg. ♪
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david: this is "bloomberg markets." theie: time for some of biggest business stories in news good u.s. antitrust officials trying to rewrite decades-old agreements governing songwriter royalties. her music publishers, including universal and sony, publishers had sold changes that would
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allow them to negotiate directly with music streaming companies, such as indoor, bypassing songwriter groups. thec publishers argue offerings demanded revision speared david: a drop in commercial aircraft. dropped 1.5%. they were down 1.2% in may. the biggest setback for total factory orders since february. vonnie: metlife is planning to cut expenses by 11% as low interest rates squeeze investment incomes. the ceo says the plan is to reduce annual costs by about $1 billion by the end of what he 19 . it will include job cuts. metlife has 69,000 employees at the end of 2015. is your latest bloomberg business flash. david: the sec present been on billionaire steve cohen's as a trading will expire, and there
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are indications he might be preparing for that. simone foxman joins us speared remind us of the agreement he reached with the sec back in january. simone: in january, steve cohen and the sec agreed he would not manage outside money until 2018. he and his firm stated a couple times, we do not know if we are going to raise outside assets when we can. yes, i think it is probably one of the worst kept secrets. there is early speculation that he will do that. david: they are being coy. simone: right. it was sort of a victory at the time for him. a few months ago, he received approval to open another firm ralled stanford harbo capital. that is owned by him to not run by him. there is a distinction that would allow it to raise money
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right away if it wanted to. there was some hubbub. alternately, they said we will not raise money until 2018 there. he obviously has not lost his appetite and sometimes engines to get back into it. that is what everyone thinks. iis is the industry, and think everyone would be more surprised if he decided not to raise outside assets than if he said he did. i think it is third of assumed. david: he has enlisted the help of one of his former colleagues from his past fund. what is the relationship? simone: sure bridge capital is a that brokersirm agreements between investors and asset managers. so this is what happens. bridge am ashort former head of marketing and investor relations for sap, this guy who used to work closely
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with steve comes in and says, so i am not pitching this thing and to steve is not involved, but i work for this company that steve owens, and if you are interested in maybe investing in something like the things you think we would do, what terms would you like? what kind of fees would you pay? conditional.of i was reading bloomberg business week and was struck. our colleagues at him with elizabeth warren and is let her greatest disappointment was with administration. she said it is mary jo weiss, sec. this all thing has attracted criticism, looking as steve cohen. of it is not the sec' fault. there were some rulings in similar insider-trading cases that really worked against prosecutors.
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possibly they would have been able to do much more ahead and not come back and really cut the teeth out of the law. that said, however, i think there is a lot more to go after. if you're going to go after wall firms or as it management than just insider trading. frankly, there are things with more victims, bigger issues. i think this focus on insider to see thejust want sec and other people do something more. vonnie: any idea whether he would change strategies or he will continue the way he had been? simone called the expectation is, you know, steve cohen, stocks. that was his real area. , butdid two other things stocks were always successful. right now stamford harbor will run some illiquid securities,
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but i think the expectation is certainly that steve cohen will do it he does. david: thank you vy much. vonnie: you can see her story at david: still had, activision blizzard reports earnings after the bell. ♪ this is a bloomberg. -- this is bloomberg. ♪
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david: this is "bloomberg markets." vonnie: more breaking news. golfsmith has about 150 stores and this hired al gore them to aid in restructuring. it is owned by a canadian private equity firm. it has hired jeffries this week,
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new owners. that is on the heels of the nike news, that nike 1 -- david: time for options insight. ramy: thanks. senior marketthe strategist at trading advantage, joining me from the cboe in chicago. good to see you. look at markets. they are mixed right now. i feel like i have been saying that for the past week or so, off of earnings, looking ahead to the job report tomorrow. what are you looking forward to? you know, not a lot right now. the market really is waiting for this number tomorrow morning. quite frankly, unless we get a big outlier either on the downside or the upside here, i think we continue any's summer doldrums with low volume, low volatility. you get some moves out of stocks that have earnings reports, but
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if this numbers anywhere within is expected what tomorrow, i think we see more going into the weekend, a continued crash. vix going down to the low 12's. volume is typically at a summer low right now. not a lot of momentum either way. of ank there is a somewhat backstop to the downside. we saw the bank of england lower rates again. people are just coming in anytime they can and into this marketplace here, which i think limits any sort of downside movement. ramy: you are looking at activision. that is one place that has some positivity, up year debate 5%, 5.3% or so. earnings are coming out right after the bell, the next 40 minutes or so pier 1 are your expectations? optimismis a lot of built into this stock. a lot of investors may think
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that that is priced into the stock. i think there is coming -- continued growth. there is really no resistance of the above here. they just signed some deals with nintendo. they hope to bring a pokémon platform into the gaming arena. who knows how long that will stay hot for. from a fundamental and technical standpoint, it is all positive for activision. that side to play in call spread for tomorrow options, those that expire at the end of the day tomorrow. 44 and sell 60an do that for 45 cents to cents. risk. my downside i expect, given with the option market is pricing in in the move in the stock, which is about 3.25 or so, get that to the upside in that puts us at the 44
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spot. is clear onptimism activision it last week, the stock was downgraded to neutral, saying valuations were stretched. you do not agree with that? >> it is not that i do not agree with it. but i think they are going to report positive news, great second-quarter numbers. i do think we are coming into the part of the year, especially with christmas right around the corner, where they are going to lay out some guidance. with the platform they have built, they can build on that. looking ahead to trends in the gaming industry, you mentioned pokemon go. i did try it myself. pretty fun, stopped playing it. what is it signaling in terms of activision moving ahead? >> they are in the mix with everyone else. nintendo's platforms have not done well in the past, the ds and such have gone up with the
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wind. this is now really a revitalization for them. hangis pokémon craze can on at least through the christmas selling season here, and activision is one of the big platforms that nintendo is working with on this, that is going to be a major push for them. ramy: all right, we will leave it there. stephen: donald trump speaking right now in portland, maine, at a town hall even hillary clinton speaking a little later this afternoon and you can watch both of those events on the bloomberg. we expect president obama to speak from the pentagon at a news conference this afternoon at 4:15 wall street time. this is a bloomberg. ♪
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♪ you're watching -- let's begin with a check of the headlines.
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mark crumpton is any newsroom with more. another republican says he will not vote for donald trump. adamois congressman kinzinger says is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable and politics. he told cnn he will not support hillary clinton either and may just write someone in at the polls or skip voting altogether. u.s. secretary of state john kerry's is a $400 million payment made to iran was not related to a settlement of the nuclear deal or the release of four americans being held hostage. speaking in argentina, secretary kerry said the payment plus an initional $1.3 billion interest was tied dispute over failed military equipment deal dating to the 1970's, before the islamic revolution in 1979. brazil senate of -- impeachment -- ittee
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remove these the way for her permanent ouster within months. the report accuses her of taking credits without congressional authorization and through state banks of violating the constitution. it now goes to the floor of the brazilian senate for a vote on tuesday. wildfires and with a california have expanded by crews have made some gains. the blaze into the scenic big sur region has chart almost 73 square miles but is now 25% contained. a grass fire in a popular recreational area that has burned more than seven square miles is about 10% contained. global news 24 hours a day powered by more than to be 600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. i am, this is bloomberg. back to you. close in just under 30 minutes. let's go live to the nasdaq to see with the action is like.
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stocks ision in tech very similar to yesterday. is almost like groundhogs day. the nasdaq is up ever so slightly. investors are treading water and of tomorrow's jobs report. as for those tech stocks, similar to yesterday we had lots of big movers. ,n the plus side, the winners facebook, amazon, microsoft and intel are all helping the nasdaq. microsoft is on pace to finish at its highest level in 16 years. there does not be are to be any new fundamental news behind this but our team was told that it a sloppy market investors are looking for proven growth. inside of the letter, we are looking at lots of health care names. , its schein is on paper worst days since november 2008. it did lower the high end of its
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earnings forecast for the year. biogen also down. it is well off the load. sticking with biotech we have over the last week or two really been tracking a reversal in the year-long downtrend in the biotech index. just recently we have the biotech index now in a bull market come up 20%. within a beares market. nasdaq biotech index still down 25% from its record high. what are the experts saying here? reached out toam two experts. he says this is a new bull market period. strategists,hnical she agrees.
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she is not talking in bull or bear market terms but in terms of seeing a bullish reversal of the year-long downtrend of the started in 2015. ,ut we look at the fundamentals he said he is a that he is hesitant to call a revival. we'll just be watching what happens with these biotech and text that spirit -- with these tech stocks. >> i want to bring you a bloomberg news scoop. gans is a "startup -- a ve startup. product appear more popular than it really was. the company defender the project saying its objective was to ensure product quality. in addition to buying up
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hundreds of jars of the product, contractors were told to call store managers pretending they were customers and ask about just mayo. it typically prompt -- in olivia celestin wrote a story in joins us from san francisco. this is an incredible story. sounds like a plot line from the "silicon valley" sitcom on hbo. what is happening here? what we founded weeks of investigating is that the company was running a large-scale and very secret in which it sent contractors to purchase hundreds of jars of its own product at stores across the country. e-mails, receipts, expense reports, various records to show this as well as several sources. is this isnd actually very remarkable and very strange. reason for the purchases was quality assurance.
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but according to experts that is not how one would do quality assurance. >> explained that further. you see any documents that you saw that distinguish it from quality assurance purchases? a quality assurance purchased you usually buy if you want to test the product -- you would buy one jar then test that jar within the batch. usually that is done before goes to the store, not once it is in the store and has been sitting there. that is the common practice we have found. what we saw with hampton creek is they were purchasing 20 jars per store, which in many cases with the entire shelf. the remarkable part that did not have to do with testing is that after the purchases they would then have contractors call the store locally and pretend they were customers. we have scripts that the phone inrs read on the
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which they pretended to be customers. some of them had identities as if they were a caterer or a phone in which they pretended to be customers. teacher planning for a school event and they would have them call the local store asking for that product so that then the store managers would order more. >> the company's ceo is very colorful and charismatic. has come out against you and taken a firm stance that the purchase you found were all related to quality control. read the e-mail it seems that they're are trying to get big sales and be out the, how do they say, the hellmann's factory farm a -- farm egg mayo. >> i want to be clear, he invited us and we approached him about this story. he had us over and we sat down with his quality assurance team. he went above and beyond to make the case and we really appreciate that he invited us in and was quite transparent. he also provided us with a database of their quality assurance and he said that that
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was proof that all these purchases were part of the quality assurance program. but what we found and we triangulated are documents we had -- we found that none of the purchases we found were in this database. there was clearly no connection there and were very much two separate programs. direct quote this is the next important step is huge sales out of the gate. >> exactly. you cannot deny that. there are several e-mails of that nature. responsibly gotten come if at all, from retail partners, investors? what is the next step for the company? >> people really do not like to talk to the press, it had left community. we have not gotten comments from the current investors. we are so reaching out to them, hoping they will comment on this. the same with the grocery stores. >> what about now?
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could you make a defense that at one point they had to engage in some questionable tactics to get the ball rolling -- is there a sign -- >> this is a company that they came -- they claim is backed by peter thiel, some of the biggest names in silicon valley have, according to them, the company. very well-known, -- backed the company. i would think and hope that they that engage in practices are more transparent and do not revenue, perhaps, on the books that is not real revenue. when you purchase your product, that is not real revenue. >> thank you very much for having us. congratulations on breaking that story. revenue, perhaps, on the books that is not real
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revenue. hear fromup, we'll bank of america's ceo next. ♪
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♪ >> this is "bloomberg markets." or look at the business stories in the news right now. lending club is in talks with western asset management to set up a fund that would purchase up to $1.5 billion in loans overtime. that is according to people familiar with the matter. would commit to purchasing a certain amount of the landing platform loans each month. buyer may increase its $50 million takeover according to people familiar with the matter. they signed a confidentiality
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agreement. this is a process that could take a few weeks. last month they rejected a offer from bayer. they would be the world's largest producer of seeds and pesticides. golfsmith is considering bankruptcy. people from other with the matter say that sales could come as part of a chapter 11 filing. it is owned by owner's private equity has about 150 stores. that is the bloomberg business flash. >> duke energy reported second-quarter earnings this morning beating estimates and reaffirming its 2016 forecast. the largest u.s. fertility -- it is pursuing growth through the utility and pipeline business as well as the generation powerplant business. joining us is steve young, duke energy cfo. thank you so much for your time, really appreciate it.
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in a sense i just answered my own question i was about to ask. as far as electricity generation, your revenue there was flat to down, even know you added more customers. peak energy sales in the u.s. was almost a decade ago. that is a strong headwind to work against. what are you doing to make up for that? >> we're doing a lot of things. we're really excited about where we're headed. one thing i would point out is down,ur revenues maybe part of our revenues are fuel costs and fuel costs are down because the natural gas pricing. the real revenues that are key to us are the non-fuel revenues. we had a very strong quarter in the second quarter. we grew some topline revenues. inexpand its offerings energy efficiency and got profits from that. we have also got some increased profits on energy infrastructure
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in our midwest operations that came through in the second quarter. we had some strong results in our regulated operations. >> 11 adding a lot of solar farms and your competitors and region are going to same. why now, why are we seeing this pickup in investment? verylar is certainly a viable resource. it is intermittent, that is an issue. but its costs are coming down, it is carbon-free. in north carolina where we have added a lot of solar farms, there are added incentives, tax incentives at the state level in addition to the federal level. so, we have been adding solar in our various jurisdictions, florida and the carolinas in particular. additionally we have a commercial renewables group which has been adding solar and wind generation across the country. it has been a good business for us. >> you have been at duke energy for decades. you are there when it was duke
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power in 19 80. you have been cfo for 13.5 years. during that time utilities have become something of an attractive area. right? you have seen people flock to it because a steady earnings growth. how theus about investor base has changed during your tenure as cfo. i you know, you mention started in 1980, it has been a long time, as an it? -- hasn't it? it was a tough time and we started but we got through that and did a great job as an industry and certainly duke led the way. now as you move forward, over the past decade or so, i think we had been very recently a very dttractive buy with win interest rates being so low, we often trade relative to interest rates. our dividend yield is very attractive at 4%. that makes us look very good.
3:47 pm
our investor base really has not changed very dramatically. we are looking for long-term holders for our stock. our dividend is strong, our earnings are strong, we are a very reliable long-term investment. one of the deals you have recently done for piedmont depending on how you measure it at 20 times -- you see these evaluations across the spectrum in energy -- is this because of chief debt that is fueling these high evaluations, or is it just because earnings are currently so low to any headwind to talk about natural gas? >> i think it is a combination of things. in our case with the acquisition of piedmont, that was a very strategic for us. they are a premier franchise and there are not many around. we know them very well, they overlap our service territory. there was a competitive process. they are going to lead us as we
3:48 pm
build a gas platform going forward a both local distribution and midstream assets. so, we are very excited about that acquisition. certainly the low financing cost helps in these areas but for us it was a very strategic by for us. ask you what the sale of your international business, see if you could give us an update. you have sit in the past with a to sell all of your international holdings as a unit. is that still the goal here? >> yes. are exiting our international business and we are moving through a process, if you will. we have narrowed the list to selected buyers. we have a good group of assets in latin america. brazil, chile, peru, other countries. we would like to sell the entire portfolio at one time. that is easier to manage and more efficient. but certainly at breaking the portfolio up as value, we look at that as well. idea, dealon this
3:49 pm
type in the utility sector is the highest since 2011. give us your 30,000 view from the seat perspective. you see this case continuing? contionuing?e have a lot of utilities out there as a legacy from decades ago when the industry was broken apart. m&a can make sense. you have to understand you will have to work through regulatory processes. it takes time. we have certainly done that in the past. i think it will continue. but the pacing is hard to predict. i was going to say thank you. >> sorry. steve, thank you for your time. the cfo of duke energy out was better than expected earnings
3:50 pm
today. >> tomorrow is joel's favorite day of the month. plus, we look ahead to july's report that shows the job market is getting tighter. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ ." this is "bloomberg markets we have linked in reporting today after the closing bell. this will be the first report since the takeover offer from microsoft. this kind of puts into perspective the price tag that microsoft is pain. linkedin had 344 million registered users. microsoft is paying $60 registered subscriber. facebook ago when
3:53 pm
bought whatsapp at paid $42 per user. that is a premium of more than 40% over teo years. -- two years. >> that's true but on the other users arenkedin engaging in commerce. >> are they? i remember and i do not use it at all. -- i am a member and i do not use it at all. the gauge meant would argue is much higher on whatsapp. linkedin, iber of never use it. facebook's price or whatsapp is the measuring stick by which we measure all ridiculously overpriced transactions. >> now you have a new one. >> i have a very cool chart. icause of the nike story,
3:54 pm
think will be talking about this a few times but nike is getting out of the golf business. they're just going to stop making golf clubs and golf clubs. they will keep making the shoes and shirts because they make shoes and shirts anyway. >> what are golf shoes? sorry, this is a dumb question. basically cleats. a huge see there is reliance is on the clubs in the balls. that the white part of the chart. the blue part is the other stuff, gloves, shirts, shoes, bags etc. callaway is going to get a huge boost. that leaves a very few players left. >> the golf industry is gloom and doom. ever since tiger got into that car accident in florida and we all found out what he was doing -- various back
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injuries would allow them to compete. >> that coincided perfectly with the infidelity reports. >> the car accident, yes. >> i'm sorry, we're calling it a car accident. big story is slack in a labor market continues to diminish and theoretically without slack you get inflation. let's take a look at the spread. u3 is the headline unemployment rate we all site all the time. >> i like it because politically it is important. >> i am a big u3 fan. is a broader definition of unemployment that includes people who may be working part-time but want a full-time job. in really want to look at is 2090 spread between the two indices really blew out. what that arguably meant was that u3 did not mean as much as it usually did because this
3:56 pm
other measure of unemployment was so much higher relatively. that has come in a lot. that is going down and it is a sign that probably u-3 means something again. you want to look at that spread tomorrow when the jobs report comes out. >> maybe less slack will mean higher wages. >> absolutely. >> that does it for "bloomberg markets." >> stay with us for "what'd you miss?" here are the major indices. lesson for me to go until the new york stock exchange. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ >> we are moments away from the closing bell.
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>> stocks closing mixed this afternoon. >> the question is "what'd you miss?" >> we breakdown results in minutes. unleashes aey package of stimulus including a rate cut as britain feel the effects of the brexit vote. >> we look ahead to the brexit jobs report. ♪ >> we begin with our market minutes. a mixed close is generous. the much little change. the dow down two points. 6.5 points.aining if you look


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