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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i am donnie deutsch. mark: with all due respect to donald trump, next time you might want to put the safety on. ♪ mark: on the show tonight, break thatads, polls, and hope donny deutsch does not have a breakdown over the election. a brand-new bloomberg politics survey shows hillary clinton beating donald trump, 50% to 44% in a two-way race. the margin drops when the
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third-party candidates are added. we will talk more about those in a minute. first, donald trump and his campaign dealing with the fallout from his remarks about second amendment people yesterday. the secret service has had conversations today with the donald trump campaign about that comment out of concern that the remark could incite violence against hillary clinton. donald trump and his campaign are still saying that he was talking about voter mobilization, while some republicans, including corey lewandowski and paul ryan, are going with a different talking point, that the whole thing was a joke gone bad. here is what donald trump had to say about this matter at his rally this afternoon in virginia. >> the big part of the rigged system is the press itself, because they can take a little story and make it into a big deal. it happens so much. it happened so much. ,peaking of that, remember this
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we have so many things that we have protect in this country. we have to protect our second amendment, which is under siege. remember that, under siege. much.happened so it is under siege. inlary clinton weighed during her own campaign event and i with. >> words matter, my friends. if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. yesterday, we witnessed in the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that crossed the line. cruelty to a gold star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons, and
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now his casual inciting of violence. every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the anderament to be president commander in chief of the united states. reasons this story is dominating is because many reporters are explicitly dismissing the trump's position as an outright lie. both the clinton and donald trump campaigns are trying to raise money off of this. done any permanent damage to donald trump? mark: not as big as i would have thought, in part because the campaign stuck to its guns, pardon the pun.
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if the investigation leads somewhere, it will do more. this is yet another thing in the public imagination in the fall the republican voters will all be choosing from a menu. it is something i think people could seize on. >> i agree with you. i will put it in a brand frame. -- negative brand positioning for donald trump is unstable. we also have a term called brand support points. on the negative side. it is saying that it is in the issues.h the other it is in with john mccain not being a war hero. now it is probably support point number seven. it does not change the math and
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gives you one more tool to play with. mark: the press should not be the reality is the press plays favorites at time. to be themp used favorite, now the clinton campaign is getting better coverage. one reason this is bad for donald trump is that he has another big fight with the press. the press thinks he is a liar. he is mad at the press for the way they are covering it. the breast is not need him anymore. i think this was basically the story of a generation, 90 days away from the election, and the press by nature does lean more democratic. we know that. voiceis a part of their where their conscious or subconscious is coming up saying we played the game and carried you to that point, but a little pious might be coming out. mark: there was no meeting where conversation never happened to
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tween the secret service and the donald trump campaign regarding what he said yesterday, but we do know that they are concerned about it. all right, let's talk about our new bloomberg politics national poll. hillary clinton has maintained some of her post-convention bounce. she is besting donald trump by six points in a head-to-head race. clinton is leading with independents, women, white women, nonwhite women, young voters, college-educated. donald trump is still up among men, married voters, and voters without college degrees. race, trumps deficit is only four, much closer than other recent national polls as we get further away from the dnc convention. supporters have vastly different motivations for backing their favorite choice. it is 6% of clinton supporters
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say they are more pro-clinton than anti-trump. than is more anti-clinton for the republican candidate. on these topline numbers, what is your biggest take away? >> the biggest take away is that things have not changed much since the post-convention bounce . if you aggregate all the polls, the margin is about 7.3. when i do the cross tabs, there's one thing i found interesting. you said a while ago that if donald trump does not win business, he does not win. poll thinkle in that he is doing worse, their perception of him as a businessman has gotten words. that is a very telling number. obviously he has to sell his business credentials, and there has been stories pushed by the clinton campaign and the
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press looking at donald trump's business record. it is clear the republican convention did not rebuild that, although there were efforts to build that out. askedomberg politics people about their opinions of president obama and the direction of the country. the approved of the job president is doing, yet 68% said the country is headed in the wrong direction. almost half said democrats were to blame, compared to 22% who said it was the republicans fall. sure whothey are not to blame. should democrats worry about that? it is a very strange mix, even as the paul blames the democrats. even if it has been overwhelmingly the case, they still think president obama is doing a good job, getting close to the highest number since the beginning of his presidency. i can't explain it. >> i think it -- the economy is
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not in terrible shape. that being said, and he gave a numbers are, the the tell, temperament for president. how does a guy get elected if two out of three people do not think he has to the makeup for that office? even at his worst moment, his approval rating never went below 40%. midas gone from low 40's to 50's, recovering some people who voted for him. he has had success in foreign policy and at home, but it is a problem for the donald trump campaign. who has more than half of the country of proving of the job he is doing, out there hitting the pavement for hillary clinton, it is a problem. trump cometer donald paint that some debates are
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scheduled on nights with nfl games, we asked likely voters which they would be more likely to watch, football against the debates. 69% said the debate. only 26% said they would choose the game. i would be professionally obligated to watch the debates. which would you watch? >> it depends on whether the jets are playing. mark: which would you watch live? >> to all my fans in queens, i would watch the debate. mark: picture in picture with the game? be thee debates will biggest number since the moon landing. mark: i have said they will be the highly watched shows of all time, but i'm not sure of that. they will be big, but i literally thought they would be the biggest tv event of all time. >> people don't consume tv that
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way over all. back, somewe come trump'snews that donald behavior buried and some new clinton controversies after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ over the past 24 hours, at least two headlines that in almost any other election year would have dominated the news cycle. those stories have gotten some notice. once again, donald trump has said something controversial that has crowded out the anti-clinton plot line. this is not a new phenomenon. it is one particularly on sincey during the time
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the conventions. here is a recap of the last week and a half. >> clinton, trump, here is what happened. clinton goes on fox. the washington post says that is not what happened. >> hillary clinton is lying through her teeth. >> it could have been deleted of the weekend. august 1, clinton's work on a russian technology initiative may have undermined national security. >> this has bad national security implications for the united states. >> drop said this and this. august 2, d&c resignations. trump did this, this, and this. clinton repeats claim about fbi. trump said this. >> they have a perfect tape. >> his campaign says not really. trump admits he is wrong. it all overshadows clinton.
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notrt senator clinton did create as many jobs as promised. trump tweets conspiracy theory. the parents of the benghazi victim are suing clinton. trump says, well, you know. todaythat brings us to and new stories about e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. as part of anased investigation against clinton entities. the former presidents advisers seem to be seeking special access and treatment for a major foundation donor. to say they have questions about hillary clinton's ethics. report from cnn suggesting the fbi wanted the justice department to look into the clinton foundation, and the justice department declined.
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i'm sure that we'll get more attention in the days ahead. suggest-mails clinton operated in a way that voters will be suspicious of? again, one more support point for hillary clinton not being truthful. it is very easy and sexy to say clinton made a joke -- i mean, trump made a joke about assassinating hillary clinton versus -- it is not a sound bite your it is not sexy enough. her. all on brand for a level on which this is business as usual. there are allies on the outside and the profit business who work to get special treatment. that is not new. different is that when
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hillary clinton accepted the job of secretary of state, it was clear from the obama white house that walls had to be put up so the foundation her husband was running did not cause problems. you had people raising money for the foundation, getting rich on their own, allies and friends in the administration, and these e-mails show a pattern of clinton doing what the critics suggest, moving stuff along so wins, excepty for the american people. >> as you are telling the story, i was thinking about my dry cleaning. mark: they will need to break through. >> the average person already says hillary clinton thinks she plays above, can't trust her. not a clear, interesting, sexy. agree. they will have to find to breakthrough somebody getting a favor from the state department they should not have gotten that
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helped enrich the foundation or a clinton ally. this does not do that, but shows the way clinton operates. >> i am eating my lucky charms in the morning. another controversy that the trump campaign believes should be a big deal. over was a person spotted clinton shoulder at a rally, the father of the gunman who killed 39 people in an orlando nightclub. a mass he was invited by e-mail and supports the candidate. the clinton campaign disavows his support. going toump campaign have something to play with here? i said there should be more work done on the foundation and ties to the state department. this one, i don't know why the republicans are pushing. guy.have disavowed the bad optics, but nobody has demonstrated they invited him.
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i don't see what the story is. >> the only clearance for an event like this is a metal detector. they are not doing background checks. initial instinct was that donald trump's people sent him there. how is this guy there? go to some major conspiracy, but my instinct was that it was clever. mark: if the campaign invited him, although it would have been a mistake, or if the donald trump campaign sent him, that deserves more scrutiny. in the absence of evidence, republicans are hurting themselves because they party have a candidate who gives them few windows to breakthrough. they had a window and tell donald trump said the thing he said yesterday. push the clinton foundation and or push thisople nonstory? it seems simple to me.
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they cannot waste their time on things that are not going anywhere. story, i spenton my life communicating, tough story to tell. it is funky, and there is some nasty quid pro quo there. hillary clinton is not a believable, trustworthy person. mark: particularly because this her people. aid there is no evidence that the tax payers lost out or someone got a job, but it does show the way her empire operated. coming up, more on what is up with donald trump from a reporter who covers him pretty much around the clock when we come back. ♪
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♪ mark: trump campaign has still not made an ad by for the general election. hillary clinton is spending in severaly, ads on battleground states as well as olympics and national primetime purchases to the to know $4.2 million in the past month alone. both candidates have super pacs and interest groups helping them out. we are starting to see pretty interesting down ballot ads. we thought we would show you some of the most interesting and potentially affected spots. we start with this new anti-clinton ad run by the nra. it starts today in nevada, pennsylvania, ohio, and north carolina, national cable and broadcast, part of a $3 million ad buy. she is one of the wealthiest
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women in politics, combined s thee $30 million, tour world on private jets, protected by armed guards for 30 years, but she does not believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. >> i fully appreciate how hard life is for americans today. >> she would leave you defenseless. the nra isight, so stepping up big with that ad, and that seems to go to the theme we talked about before, clinton being out of touch. interesting stuff. >> it seemed like donald trump more. interesting, political ads go under less scrutiny than an ad if you are selling cheerios. is not hillary clinton, which it wasn't, but artfully done. the most important thing, less
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regulation than anything else. mark: i remember when bill clinton was in third place in 1992, the clinton campaign peopleh showed thought he was born rich. he wasn't. doneclinton campaign has the same thing, a lot of the convention was telling a sad and tough story of her mother's life and her life, and yet a lot of people will buy into the imagery of this nra ad. the clintons have lived a pretty highflying life since the white house and beyond. >> multibillionaire pointing to how detached she is as he's sitting on an airplane eating kentucky fried chicken. george bush did it against
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michael dukakis in 1988 when he convince people he was more in touch with people. i believe these outside groups often do not make good ads. my guess is, i have not asked the trump campaign, my guess is they are happy with that because messageails with their and is a well produced to spot. >> the ads about the conservative people saying donald trump is unfit. they have done artfully some of the best political ads i have seen. the early political ads against sanders did not get great reviews. one of them did, her hugging the young kid, but most of them did not. i think you will see people say what you said, that the general elections but so far -- i want to check in with our fortspondent in
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lauderdale, florida. you spend most of your time in front of trump tower. climbingere is a guy trump tower while you are in florida. >> i heard about that. on the one day i'm not there, there's a guy climbing up the side. what a day to miss. mark: trump has done one event today, coming there to do a big rally. what do they want to talk about today? what is the trump campaign pushing today? >> they want to talk about hillary clinton and e-mails that seem to show a link between her and the state department and the clinton foundation. mark: got to go. sorry to cut you off. we will be right back. ♪ . .
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. mark: with all of this news about donald and polls today, we
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decided to call in someone who knows about those topics -- kelly and conway, ag of poster in senior adviser to donald trump's campaign. you have been talking about what he said yesterday, which we are continuing to talk about. do you think people are willfully misinterpreting what he said? you think people are doing it on purpose? why do so may people interpreted as joking that my supporters could rise up? why are so may people getting it from your point of view wrong? atst: people tend to look the news through their own political ends already. if you are for donald trump commie see them a fundamentally different way. go to any social media feed and you'll see that. i don't think this is different from anything going on. but then again, people are not playing the entire clip.
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may be second amendment people can do something about that -- i interpreted it the way the people at the rally interpreted it because i saw a bunch of them interviewed today where they he's mobilizing 90 million gun owners across the country and today, the nra started their media by where they are trying to mobilize gun owners. part of thatrst statement where he says hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, it not true. it's just not true. -- hillary clinton you are saying has come out and said i'd don't think anyone in america has the right to their arms? guest: she has been asked about her position on the second amendment and has done her usual said she agains
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-- is against the heller decision. she's for an individual's right to bear arms. that came from a majority of the supreme court. she said very clearly that she disagrees with that decision and wishes it would go another way. she would have the opportunity as president to execute executive orders the way this president has done. the idea that she is not hostile to gun owners, that's her people clingo said to their god and their guns and religion, making fun of all of the unwashed. mark: do you see the difference between wanting to pass a additional restrictions as opposed to saying you want to get rid of the second amendment? guest: but what is her position? mark: she says i'm a supporter of the second amendment. guest: what does that mean?
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let's be honest here. hours, as of this morning, there was five times more coverage on what donald trump said about mobilizing gun owners versus covering the fact that omar mateen's father sat behind her at a rally. where would you feel more safe? at a rally where the speaker who is running for president says you have a right to protect or would you feel more safe at a rally where the man who perpetrated the worst mass murder was standing behind the candidate? mark: he was the father. i want to go back to the first point that you made which is if you support hillary clinton, one would have a different
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interpretation. look at what some people on fox said. >> even donald trump's most rabid supporters may be shaking their heads tonight. >> he didn't mean he wants someone to kill her. >> that was the clarification rum the trump campaign. but you can't do it with a straight face. >> it's a matter of character. i don't think a man of that age one year in a few months into the campaign is going to become responsible. thaton't say stuff like that can be seen otherwise. this is a self-inflicted wound. >> imagine if someone had said that about donald trump, that some he would assassinate him, we would all be going crazy. mark: so many of them are not supporters of donald trump, but
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that is on fox news. i'm trying to understand. >> that would never be funny. -- 10ould challenge you focus groups of apolitical voters from a poor -- from a pure communicative point of view would take it that way. i want to ask you a personal question. am going to talk to you as guy who knows donald and as a voter. i'm going to tell you my story and it's a lot of americans tory. when he started out, i was like this could be really good. he called me after i predicted he was going to win the iowa caucuses and i said to him what can i do for you? i said this is really cool. i don't love hillary clinton. this is ronald reagan, guy
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who will be a statesman and surround himself with the right people. then over the last month, a string of things and we don't need to repeat them at aussie them, whether it's the mexican judge or the and on muslims. myself as a person who knows them and as an educated person said what a lot of the polls are saying -- i just don't think this guy has the temperament. i used to get unsatisfactory in man-control and this is a and ie always liked him was talking to a guy at the bar, he scares the hell out of me. donny: and yet hillary -- guest: and yet hillary clinton -- the media only wants to cover one candidate. donny: convince me am wrong. guest: you're going to the ballot box and the ballot boxes going to say the following --
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donald j. trump, hillary rodham clinton, gary johnson, jill stein and evan mcmullen. choose.going to have to no one is saying yes or no. it's not a referendum on donald trump. it's a referendum on hillary clinton and they find her to be someone who lies for a living. why doesn't anyone care today that her e-mails show the state department was for sale when she was there? go read the news reports -- this is relevant to americans. don't -- i don't blame the coverage at all -- he's much more fun to cover. she's a boring she lies for a living and are trustworthy and honesty numbers have only gotten worse. atan argue why is this woman 65 percent of the female vote?
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why isn't she at 52% in these swing states that president obama carried? she's fundamentally flawed in the eyes of voters and the idea we are not covering what's shaping up to be a pretty bad week for hillary clinton if you looked at it objectively with omar mateen's father cheering her on. -- y: you are right mark: we did talk in this show about both of those things that i want to clear up one more thing -- it has been reported the secret service has reached out to the campaign. do you know anything about that? guest: i can't comment on it. mark: what do you think about the service looking into it guest:? i think that's typical. the secret service is an incredible group that is very discreet and i don't think we should look at that through a political lens. mark: so we should not read into
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that because they take everything seriously? guest: i will say this. the idea people have been parading around on cable and network tv suggesting donald trump was calling for any kind or jokingus action about it i think is very disturbing to me. it just goes on and on. donny: i think it's accurate. it was a bad joke. guest: can i ask you a question as a woman? world is elizabeth warren thinking? why do certain people get away with saying things? mikeis a senator who after pence was nominated, saying they deserve each other, that they are small man and that donald trump is a pathetic coward. donald trump has called
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women sat higgs. how are you comparing -- guest: everyone thinks that's fine and when he tries to fight back against people like elizabeth warren -- donny: no one has talked about all the names he has called everyone. guest: the clinton people are spending zillions of dollars -- mark: i think you make a fair point about elizabeth warren. explain to people who are not following the latest of elements , what did she do wrong in conjunction with people asking for favors question mark guest: there's a couple of things. she said she would do things like communicate with her daughter and exchange recipes and yoga moves. people asking for favors while
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she is secretary of state that were not secured. she's not responsible for what the people below her do? mark: she's responsible for her staff doing what every administration i have ever covered has ever done. favors -- guest: her husband speaking fees went like this. maybe a coincidence. he had been the resident and was a pretty noteworthy guy. why did that happen? why do some of these friends get these waivers? it's because your candidate can't stay on message. mark: i understand the accusations -- guest: people already believe mrs. clinton cannot be trusted.
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waythis matters because the one comported herself as is the best state view into how she would operate as president and this administration promised to be the most transparent administration ever. she was part of this administration. people want accountability and people should care because everything they hate about the rigged and corrupt system that is not accountable or they think the insider benefit and there is a special set of rules applies to hillary clinton. mark: your honest it -- you said her honest and trustworthy numbers have gotten worse compared to donald trump. but she is now roughly even. this: the question in election will come down to distrust of her versus does taste for him. that's the question. donny: i would say untruthful
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versus unstable. guest: that's not right. peopleur opinion, but out there are really struggling. we are blessed around the table but people out there are struggling. landsant to hear economic like the ones mr. trump introduced on monday. this election will come down to economic security, job creation and every day affordability come in national security, it will come down to ethics and a lot of people out there are tired of clinical correctness. mark: come back more often. when we come back, a look at hate media and the so-called liberal media, right after this. ♪
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mr. trump: i've never been a big fan of john mccain. i hate the way our veterans are treated by john. hello -- i said i support the nominee. >> if she gets to pick her judges -- nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> 50 times. >> are you comfortable with donald trump possibly having control of the nuclear arsenal? >> if i change my mind, i will let you know. >> the only thing that has changed is john mccain. onk: that's a new ad going
5:47 pm
by theevision today person running against john mccain. here to talk about the state of the ad wars is our polling analyst and professor of politics. not very common for are unpopular to link a candidate on top of the ticket to a candidate -- you think it's a republican state -- what would -- what is the effort aced on? sayt: i always like to advertising -- everyone is saying arizona's going to become a perp allstate or even a blue state and when we are starting to see national numbers in the double digits, that means arizona is going to be competitive in the presidential
5:48 pm
race and that means that's going to make that senate race more competitive. that's what the ad is saying. the message in general is a great message for kilpatrick, the challenger to mccain, but it's also our first initial sign that some states we might not expect to be in play the presidential race are coming into play and if they are in play, they will make those down ballot races in play. donny: i want to talk to you about spending. trump has$58 million, spent zero. you can't just push the button and start this big it and i'm stunned there has been no spending. he gets past labor day, i know what he is waiting for, a sickly. guest: i'm speechless. trump only spent $20 million in
5:49 pm
the primary. he has not spent a sent on paid advertising since mid april and this is completely unprecedented. the one of been august coming from one side, the democrats. we are completely in uncharted waters when one side has up and one side has been up that fairly heavy levels. the other side has not then up at all. mark: does it make sense to start in august when people are on vacation? guest: that's a good question. -- not to be ads flip flopper, but i would typically agree with what you are saying that with the olympics going on and the dog days of summer and not the time to go up with a message or new
5:50 pm
message. that said, given the fact he has not been up at all and this race is starting to feel eight to me -- we've all gone through bases -- three races and we say that was a week or two when things started to take in, this race is starting to feel that way to me. i think there will be another bite at the apple when we see the debates, but even with the caveat of be careful of going up in the dog days of august, you've got to get up in some way. mark: thank you very much. when we come back, we are going to talk about donald trump doing the foxtrot. to us you are listening in washington dc, you can listen to us on the radio radio. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: last night, when donald trump wanted to defend his controversial remarks, not surprisingly, he went on fox news. republican presidential candidates, trump has favored fox, but since the con family controversy, he's only done one interview with a non-fox network, with abc news with george stephanopoulos. the only five interviews trump has done, they've been on fox news. this pattern has been owing on for months, so not atypical for republicans to favor fox, but at this point in the general election, is it smart for him to hear his appearances to fox? donny: of course not. the media is usually
5:54 pm
biased left because they are educated. i think the media has brought him along and been co-conspirators. at this point we can bash them, we don't have to play up to him anymore. everyone was beholden to him until recently. we brought him along and have carried him along, we don't need him anymore and i think that's what is happening. you get easier questions on fox if you are a publican. they are nice if you do an interview with hannity where no one gets pick up whatsoever because it doesn't make any news because the questions are so easy. trump needs the multiplier effect. needs to come on this show and make news, stand up to a tough interviewer and have that message radiate out. donny: but all of them have had their hands tied. now they realize they get the
5:55 pm
ratings without him by simply going at him. made this a mistake. he have to go to the tougher places, not just to fox if you are a republican. ♪
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mark: there's more on her latest national poll online. west" up on "bloomberg brian o'malley. thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow same bat time, same bat channel. sayonara. ♪
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mark crumpton. you are watching bloomberg west. let's begin with a check of your first word news. an unidentified man is scaling the all glass facade of the
6:00 pm
trump tower in manhattan. police have lowered scaffolding and broken through windows and ventilation in an attempt to reach the man moving laterally using suction cups, ropes and harness. a justice department report says baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against lax, repeatedly use excessive adequatelyre not held accountable for misconduct. >> the problems in baltimore did not happen overnight or appear in a day. the pattern of practice results in long-standing systemic decisions. mark: they report says officers make large numbers of stops in poor black neighborhoods and are arrested for speech deemed disrespectful. the brazilian parliament has moved to go ahead with the suspension of the president. the trial is expected to start at the end of the


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