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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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believe we said you need an adult in the room. in charge ofboy is donald trump's campaign. -- 12 year old oil. -- 12 year old boy. on tve a heavy dose tonight. first going to talk about the
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clinton world, dealing with the uncertainty of 15,000 e-mails whilei uncovered investigating her e-mail server. it's unclear what is in those documents. a conservative group has sued today. also in limbo, bill clinton's position on the board of his position. centralse stories are to the newly disciplined donald trump campaign that is trying to refocus on hillary clinton's pressure points. the republican nominee called for the complete abolishment of the clinton foundation. it down andld shut give the money back to a lot of nottries that they should be taking money from, countries that influenced her totally, and also countries that discriminate against women and gays and
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everybody else. that money should be given back. they should not take that money. and it is pay for play, if you look at it. >> besides the clinton foundation and hillary clinton e-mails, she's been facing her campaigniny of manager. it's been more than 260 days and counting since hillary clinton held a press conference, and breaking campaign decorum, she has not allow reporters to be inside her campaign fundraisers. so there are some transparency things going on there. i've been on vacation for two weeks, so please be gentle with me today. the question i have for you is, the clinton campaign today is on
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defense on a bunch of different fronts. >> let's just break it down one by one. not having a press conference matters not at all to anybody other than the media. i'm all for transparency. hillary clinton should have more press conferences as a campaign , but i don't think it makes a difference. we know there are a lot of editors who do nothing but are listed on masthead anyway. being an assistant editor of this muslim journal, her out -- mother is the editor in chief. this magazine said things that were in opposition to hillary clinton and a lot of the values that democratic voters share, a can votersric
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share. this is something that has been teed up for years. the fact that the clinton campaign is taking those foreign donations seems highly questionable as of this strategy. mark: hillary clinton should have press conferences. donald trump should release his taxes. thelieve -- i called managing editor of bloomberg politics and i managed nothing and added no one and there is that. i do not think many voters care. the clinton foundation is a huge problem because in our last poll we had 53% of people think that the fact it accepts foreign donations is problematic. it gets into the areas that i care about which is actually persuadable voters.
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before not already committed to donald trump or hillary clinton interesting subset, not deciding between clinton and trump. but deciding whether they will will the liver for hillary clinton as they would for a democrat or for donald trump. i think there are a lot of donald estimate her to her unsettled by the clinton foundation and they have not clean this up with a have handled it today in the fact that they are scrambling suggest the recognized phone ability. talk we did not get to about the 15,000 e-mails. campaign fund-raising tantamount and it was an impressive haul for donald j. trump, billionaire. they spent 18 nine dollars and has $38 million in the bank and loan his campaign $2 million that instead of investing into
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the tv ad war and operational ground game most of trump's spending went to war to firm that handles digital ads as well as merchandise, travel, and reimbursing travel on companies for campaign expenses. she spent 36 nine dollars it has 58 million on hand. hillary clinton's campaign has reserved a million dollars worth of television air time in battleground states which will include spots like one of the campaign released today which is his donald trump's own words against himself. of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> you can tell them to go [beep] themselves.
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>> all it would take is one wrong move. >> i would bottom -- bomb the [beep] out of them. mark: the campaign which looks like an actual campaign in terms of its finances, there are some exceptions. as we head into the traditional start of the general election where do these campaigns stand relative to each other? how much weight do they pull? donald trump needs to run ads. spending your money on planes and had does not when you the presidency. there is an article that talks about adsense spending and that
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is where you see a dramatic difference. basicallyters said that trump is running a pre-citizens united campaign. hillary is running a post-citizens united campaign. making the great america pac, that is a major difference. has $49 cash on hand today. million pledge to that. >> i do not think anyone in the world would us agree. operations,ound targeting operations, they are using data in a sophisticated, modern way. all that stuff is true. it continues to be surprising to me although it is unquestionably true that clinton has
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established a new -- a lead nationally that trump is in a lot of places within striking and he is raising money to put him in a position to close that gap. to close that cap will require actually doing more. the hats are special. when we come back i do not own one. alex: could you send him a hat? >> we will have the tbd immigration plan next. ♪
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>> ronald -- donald trump met
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with hispanic leaders who told he was reversingou his position. tim trump has been pushing back on this report is the start week which they intend to be squarely focused on immigration, at least they intend that to be the case. if only they had a new campaign manager who could go on the sunday shows and clarify where donald trump stands on the signature issue of his. donald trump said yesterday differed little from what he has said publicly including at his convention speech in cleveland. "e need a "fair and humane way of feeling. >> will that plan included deportation force which you
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heard in the soundbite in which he talked about. >> to be determined. >> ok. this morning trump took his turn out addressing the confusion but did not make things a much .learer the clinton campaign is working hard to remind voters of his previous statements. they expected speech on immigration which they were talking about for a while happening on thursday has reportedly been postponed for reasons as yet unknown. assuming that trump wants to shift on immigration, if you wants to pivot how much room does he have to do that given the nature of his campaign and what he said in the past? alex: this is different from nafta. this is an issue he has been very public on and used public -- language like we will round up people in a humane way.
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to do like eisenhower. he did this with operation went back. -- wetback. flag has planted in the ground. >> has been a discussion about this for a long time, forgotten that donald trump went into a new york times editorial board and had an off the record conversation that is claimed by trashed the he has new york times and said i am building that wall and we're deporting these people are you he said it over and over. is there some way that -- trump can give a word salad speech that allowed him to posture and use words like humane and law-abiding and fair, is there some way he can give that speech? you he can. would it matter to hispanic voters? i do not think so.
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alex: he has been making a concerted effort to reach out to nonwhite voters. they released him fairly low budget videos. thesehave noticed not-so-subtle additions to the speeches. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton which panders to and talks down to kennedy's of color as he's the only as votes, that is all they care about. not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. nearly four in 10 african-american children are living in poverty. i will not rest until children of every color in this country are fully included in the american dream. to lose?ou have you have told jobs, useful as a noted, 58% of your youth is hell do youwhat the
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have to lose? four years, i of guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. are 95%. havee said by 2020 he will 95% of the african american support. why are you laughing? polls show him getting support from 2% or less. not a2% or less, i'm statistician but i believe that is within the margin of error which means there could be in or negative.ero i think this goes back to our
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previous topic in an important way. i do not think this is a novel thesis. i do think that the people who are around trump are trying to calmed down the public and establishment. doing these things are not about trying to get african-american votes. for most black americans the day he took up the birther cause he lost those voters. there's nothing you can -- he can do. this is about rejecting a caller, more -- calming their pelican establishment down and sending a signal to suburban republican leaning voters who have been freaked out by trump's seeming intolerance, making them more comfortable, maybe there will be more comfortable if the hair him sound a little more like a normal candidate. alex: that as arguments go, you have to hand it for -- to trump for innovating.
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i took the bait. it is questionable light of strategy. john: coming up, public and congressman jason chaffetz. we will be right back. ♪
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john: welcome back. as hillary clinton's e-mail saga continues as republicans are accusing her of perjury. sent a six page
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letter to the u.s. attorney d.c. outlining potential case against clinton. jason chaffetz, august went from utah. thanks for being here. and being the second most famous utah, i have heard of. which cassidy, the most famous utahn ever. you're up here talking e-mail. this morning some news broke previouslyare 15,000 undisclosed e-mails of the fbi has discovered as a result of some of your questions. think thatt you means. >> we are trying to get at the clinton. it is hillary clinton that created this in the first place. the inspector general got involved, found that there was classified material in a classified setting. it -- i was stunned when i heard
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didtestimony that as they this year-long program they never looked at the testimony from hillary clinton on capitol hill when she had raised her hand and was under a. you cannot come in like a congress. john: the fbi has sent you a bunch of material, i know there is some confusion about different briefing books. what is the basic deal with what you think is wrong here? do you think that the fbi is in the tank for hillary clinton? think mr. komi is not dealing in a political situation. i have come to a different conclusion but remember the law. intent.ught up on i think it was intent, the fact that she set up the server on the day she started her senate confirmation hearings. she did not want to have to put this information wherever make
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it public but when you're the secretary of state your official dealings are public record. biggest reaches of national security that i have actually seen and that is the worry. what i want people that come to understand is there's not just one e-mail service and i forwarded here to gmail. there is a separate secure system for classified material system.nsecure how is it that she is extracting data or for those around her extracting data and transferring ques?o a nonsecure system a public andan is nominally. he issued a scathing broadside against you and chairman gavotte saying you guys are engaged in the horribly disgusting
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political effort to smear secretary clinton and it seems on all of the four charges a lot of what the dispute comes back to is the question of intent. to perjure yourself you must know you were lying and you must be intending to deceive. is he your argument that that is not matter, that is not part of what perjury is about? test: the statute says that intent to house this classified information in a nonsecure setting and that is clearly what she did. she gave between two people and 10 people access who did not have security clearances, access to classified information. the inspector general -- john: none of those things go to the perjury question. the argument is that in every one of these instances she could have -- there is no intent to deceive and any of the evidence that is in the record.
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guest: what the fbi record testified to is the fbi did not look at her sworn testimony under oath. politicians lie but it is a different level when you come to congress under oath and give sworn testimony. i did not go into that hearing thinking i would ask for that but the fact that the fbi never looked at it, he said he needed a referral and i said i will give it to you later this day. john: you are a politician. are you lying to me right now? guest: no. john: i want to make sure they -- that you're not lying right now. guess: it is a matter of law that they do not do that. john: hillary clinton is in striking distance. >> we have a large military and street that runs through me and others in utah. donald trump did not help himself in the primary when he
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came and challenged the mormon credentials of mitt romney. i do not think that was well advised and need some cleanup. mike pence is coming to utah soon. the one thing that will unite republicans is there dislike of hillary clinton. twon a choice between the donald trump gets on message, reaches his handouts and -- sort of the three states community did it. john: how do you feel about the chair referred to you as a snivelling little [beep]? -- i do not think much about it. john: are you fully happy, confident and excited about the nominee?
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much more so than hillary can. i find hillary clinton one who will look into the camera and lie to the american people. i disagree with several things donald trump has hidden her he has said that but that is far better in the context content as compared to hillary clinton. : always a next her night pleasure. command who is extraordinarily well known if not quite as famous as butch cassidy. the ad man then rapid responder to political prose.
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>> hillary clinton's america, the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees plug-in, illegal
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immigrants get to stay. collecting social security benefits, skipping the line. more of the same but worse. donald trump's america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. chains that makes america safe again. donald trump or president. alex: that was the latest and only general election at which was released this friday. now you're with us to break down us and is fred davis joining and we're also joined by liz smith, a democratic strategist. great to see you both. how do you great that ad? at -- will grade it and an f.
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the term campaign is trying with their outreach to african-americans and hispanics to soften his image. it is not running over the votes, it is about telling white suburban voters it is ok to pull the lever for making i am not that racist. what it off -- ultimately comes down to here is in that completely contradicted because it uses that ugly imagery and ugly language that the syrian refugees art overrunning our country. that is ugly imagery that goes back to jesse helms doing race baiting in 1994 with the white hands crumpling the pink paper. but -- i went all the way back there. one thing i would say is bigger problem here for donald trump is the temperament issued. andcontrast with this ad
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the rnc ad is pretty start and it shows the multiple personality disorder of his campaign right now are you donald trump's biggest problem is that he is addicted to he is an addict and he is addicted to personal insults. his campaign for his age, his family have had multiple interventions. he has agreed to this is self-destructive but he kitchen feeding it. he keeps insulting futile and keeps on alienating the to come over to his side. perfectat is a transition to fred davis. we have been waiting a long time for the first real donald trump at. you would a sometimes controversial at hand. graded on a -- as a lease of art indicates a strategy. --d: it is hard to amend imagine that liz is in the rapid response business. it only thing i thought was a
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thele mysterious is it was john edwards campaign think mother seems to be a bit of a steel there. i thought it did what it needs to do. we have talked about this a lot. i think this race comes down to old versus new. if you like the way things are going now, if you like the way some gone the last eight years rotor hillary because it will be the same -- vote for hillary because it will be the same. bit of aump might be a roll of the dice that he is something new. i think it was a probably pretty good start. i thought it was pretty calm inc. -- and i think calm is what he needs to do. was talking about different between the ad in personality, i will give her points there. there is some influence from kelly and has been there longer
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than she was just until recently. she has elevated the campaign. cap fleming all caps on immigrants? i do not see it is anything that will appeal to people outside of you as one of his side. i respectfully disagree. i ask you about the language he talks about the system being rigged? aftergist said in 2012 strategist -- after voter id and you telled, people the system is rigged it depresses turnout. not in his service. telling people the system is against you is not a motivating people -- factor.
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>> i think belgium does not like to lose and right now in most holes he is behind and i think it is his way of saying hey, i am going to give it my best shot and if i do not when it is not my fault. i think that is way down in the weeds for the average voter. it ways into the temperament. donald trump sent out a release that said hillary had a horrible day. you read this and is not when you -- you look and say it has not been a great day for hillary clinton. if you look at the range of stories. how do you think they are doing that campaign at handling the e-mail slager the foundation onslaught, the transparency questions, just treat them as a practitioner. to my fellow
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democrats do not give him a good grade on it. that -- i will say a d. one of the biggest lessons in life is when you are in the home stop dating. the staff needs to take that shuttle out of her hands. i was shocked over the weekend to read this report that she is throwing: towel under the bus. why are you picking a fight with: powell right now? powell? is an adversary. you cannot get an anti-machine and go back and undo all her public statements and undo all
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the refusal to knowledge her initial wrongdoing here. their continued obfuscation here is troubling and it prolongs the story. a lot of-- there is things to shoot at. if you had to focus, would you focus on the foundations, would you stick with the e-mail, would you go after other matters of transparency, where is the place where u.s. republican see clinton as the most vulnerable among these controversies of thing out? the crooked oray questionable character side, i would not use trumps words that i would use all those as arrows but i was like to have a common theme in the common aim is something about untrustworthiness, iffy, questionable. i do not go over the top generally. john: i do not know where the
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top would he. you have been over every top i have heard of. fred: it worked. i think you could easily go over the top on hillary. i think the constant drip of all these millions of things that keep me out with a question to me will be not john thain market the mainstream normal typical press, will they continue to be on hillary's side? because right now they are a great asset. if you think about the e-mail things, everyone i run into, let's forget the e-mails, why do we keep talking about e-mails, it is a pretty serious charge. the press has not exactly laid it out as a serious charge. with these missteps and i agree with everything was just said this time, will they begin to fall off the hillary train and maybe get a little more recent, i do not know.
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need more demon sheep this election cycle or it is a failure. fred: i have a few in my pocket. alex: thank you both for your time. we will check in on the campaign and other reporters following them. right ♪
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john: our next guest tonight is to more guests tonight. oppositeters covering
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parties. i have to use the addiction to distinguish between the two of you. donald trump was going to give it on immigration this week and we were waiting for a big speech on thursday. now not so much, what is going on? >> the immigration each has been found unclear to win on why. we know that his public events in las vegas on friday half been canceled. i'm not sure we can say that donald trump is hurting on immigration. it is telling that he did not arrive tonight i did a he could be thinking about amnesty for undocumented workers here in america. neither did his campaign. to say that donald trump is getting or moderating think that
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would be jumping the gun and we are still unclear on where he -- ds with his muslim band, ban. we have to chalk up this immigration policy, one of the many issues we are not clear on when it comes to donald's platform. alex: you are out west were all good things happened. the clinton campaign is focused on -- they have to focus on e-mails,ith her it is where are they focusing triage now? it's the clinton foundation has become the center of this. the e-mail issue is something that has been ongoing, that has been extremely distract you it is one of those things we never know what might happen. dnc,acking of the dccc something
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to worry about. the clinton foundation, it is clear they have gone through this in a methodical way, they have been working on this for a long time. they decided the second to last week in august is the best time to let everyone know how they will handle it. e-mailou do have the issues coming to a head with these judicial watch e-mails show communication. no real smoking gun, it is one or two lines back-and-forth and the clinton campaign saying that retrowas never any quality special treatment for donors clinton foundation. if something like that were to surface it could be particularly automatic and it is clear that they areon just that very involved in trying to figure out how to make sure that the foundation does not present a problem with hillary clinton is elected. they have been grappling with this problem for months now. do you feel like your campaign is under pressure to get the foundation to stop taking
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foreign donations before november because right now it is predicated on hillary clinton becoming the next president. frexit were not for kelly and -- the trunk campaign was getting some traction on an issue they wanted to talk about. you saw this breitbart style e-mail go out about increasing pressure. robby mook had some trouble answering questions on the sunday shows. i struggled to find a really clear answer from him as to why it is it would make sense for them to continue accepting foreign donations while she was secretary of state through this time. if it would be inappropriate to do it after november. we will worry
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about her getting elected. it could continue to cause problems. how much it does depends on how jim --stractions clinton gins up herself. john: the notion of kellyanne conway saying to be did term and -- to be determined about the deportation force. something was a foot. does the trunk campaign believe that there is a way in which it can improve its standing with hispanic voters or is this just part of an image thing that is more about white suburban republicans and it is about actual hispanics? am not sure what they believe it when are trying to do is figure out how they can amend their deficit among monitor public and voters and more with holes as of late. athersys among
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potential latinos. support among minorities is very low. from theoving away deep partition plan i am not sure that would be enough to change the minds of hispanic voters after this 14 month campaign where he has said repeatedly that he wants to undocumented immigrants and build a wall and talking about judge curiel not being unbiased because he is of mexican heritage. i do not think they have any in their arsenal to get hispanic voters back on their side. it is making white suburban voters more comfortable that donald trump makes more sense. we saw him trying to appeal to african-american voters at least on the surface but he is doing , to very large white crowds
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where very few minorities are and in very white neighborhoods. it could be the idea of the campaign trying to convince these voters that he is not the racist that he is being made out to be by some in the hispanic committee or the minority community or on the left. hispanicse with donald trump have to tear down the wall before it was even built. thank you. when we come back, the doctor is in or maybe the doctors are in. making house calls after this. ♪
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>> he thinks hillary is tired. when i saw hillary at the press conference sitting down with the democrat appointed place chief pretending she is the police, one of the most pathetic press conferences i have ever seen. >> what you mean? >> she looked sick. was rudy giuliani on fox news this morning questioning hillary clinton's health. in the trunkew campaign. it started this month with a video for trying hillary clinton as a stuttering, short-circuiting robot. a week later trump questions clinton's strength and stamina. katrina pearson offered her own medical diagnoses. quick she does not have the verygth or stamina for a long time. that part is nothing new.
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what is new are the other report of the observations of hillary clinton's behavior and mannerisms specifically with what you just showed in this previous clips as well as her this asia, the fact she has fallen. john: the trump campaign has been getting some direction from the conservative media like the drudge report. they posted an old photo with the headline "hillary conquers the stairs." and attacking the media for starting -- staying "strangely silent" on this issue. they to make it seem legit brought props. >> the picture you showed speaks of million words.
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if she'dtigued, dehydrated? one of the reason she fell and had the concussion was severe dehydration. they're holding her and going up stairs so she may be dehydrated, she may have arthritis, she may have back pain. there are a lot more questions that are unanswered. active theseuliani wild assertions with one source of medical knowledge no one should ever question, the internet. campaign is defending her saying there's nothing factual to the claims about her health. it is speculation. >> go online and put down hillary clinton illness and take a look at those videos for yourself. that taking a cue from helpful tip we decided to jump in on the old internet machine and we looked at hillary clinton illness and we found multiple articles debunking these wild eyed lunatic conspiracy theories and why we were moseying around
5:54 pm
we said what is up with this ready guy so we google julianna -- rudy giuliani dementia. as i remove my surgical scrubs i feel like i should be like this. are with the anatomy of a smear/conspiracy terry. -- theory. please. texas has been going on for a long time. there is a panoply of things tot the trunk campaign has choose from. john: if you do not have a medical degree, shut up. especially if you have -- also
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showed up. we will be right back.
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john: head over to bloomberg for more on hillary clinton's woes. tv, more on bloomberg on bloomberg west. i have to say sayonara. namaste. ♪
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mark: let's begin with a check of your first word news. former president bill clinton says the work at the clinton foundation should continue if hillary clinton wins in november. and his statement -- he said he
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will step down from the board of the clinton health axis initiative. donald trump said the clinton should shut down there terrible foundation "immediately." mr. trump -- promised to be fair but firm toward the estimated 11 million illegal government -- immigrants. he said he is not puffing on his earlier hardline position which included calls for construction of a wall along the u.s.-mexican border. a federal judge in texas has walked the obama administration order requiring public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. the ruling applies nationwide through the judge said federal officials failed to follow rules requiring an opportunity for comment before such directives are issued. german chancellor angela merkel, france holland and matteo renzi promised to increase joint european security effos


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