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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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john: with all due respect to donald trump, i believe research you needed an adult in the room. critical of the most counties in the election cycle, it 12-year-old boy is in charge of donald trump's campaign. ♪ john: we have a heavy dose tonight including the influx of donald trump's immigration plan. first, talking about hillary clinton in the uncertainty of 15,000 e-mails the fbi uncovered
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while investigating her home e-mail server. it is unclear what is in those documents. a conservative group judicial watch has suited to make them public. they give the state department until september 22 to come up with a new plan to release them. also, bill clinton's position on the foundation. he will step down and sees fundraising for the organization if his wife reaches the white house. the stories are central to the new discipline. donald trump is trying to refocus on hillary clinton's pressure points. the republican nominee called into fox news and called for the complete abolishment of the clinton foundation. it trump: they should shut down and get the money back to a lot of countries we should not be taking money from. .ountries that influence also, countries that
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discriminate against women and gays and everybody else. that money should be given back. they should not take that money. it is pay for play. if you look at it, it is pay for play. john: beside the clinton foundation and hillary clinton pose e-mail, the democratic nominee has faced ongoing scrutiny of her friend who was for many years and editor at a journal that advocated for positions contrary for what clinton has talked about for decades. meanwhile, it has been more than 260 days and counting since clinton held a proper press conference and at the same time, making from a long history of campaign to court, she is not allowing reporters to be inside her campaign fundraisers. there is some transparency thing going on there. alex, welcome. alex: thank you, john. i have been on vacation for two weeks. john: i will be gentle with you today. the question i have, the clinton
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campaign today for sure is on defense on a whole bunch of friends. in the different -- fronts. in the different areas, where? alex: i think not having a press conference matters not at all to anyone but the media. and i am all for transparency and as a member of the media, i think hillary clinton should have more press conferences as a campaign strategy. for that, from campaign to use, i do not think it makes a difference. we have both worked on magazines and there are a lot of editors that do nothing but are listed as masthead. that is what they say about huma. her mother is the editor-in-chief. things thate said were directly in opposition to hillary clinton and a lot of the values that democratic voters share, and a lot of american voters share in that could be a potential problem. i think the biggest hole they need to fill around the clinton
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foundation. this is been something that has been teed up for years. the fact that the clinton campaign is still taking foreign donations seems highly questionable. john: i want to try to do them one by one also. hillary clinton should have press conferences. alex: yes she should. do american voters care? john: is it important to accountability. 260 days without a press conference is bad. alex: yes. i am called the managing editor and i manage no one and edit of thing. the clinton foundation is a huge problem and it is a problem 53% of with our poll, the people in the country think that the fact that the foundation accepts for donations is problematic. that is a number that starts to get into the area that i care about which is actually
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persuadable voters, people out there that are not already committed to donald trump or hillary clinton, and importantly, a set of voters that i think are another interesting subset which is a subset that is not deciding between clinton and trump but deciding whether it will pull the lever for hillary clinton as a normally would for a democrat or donald trump as they normally would for a republican. i think there are a lot of democrats unsettled by the clinton foundation and they have not clean this up the way they handle it today and the fact that they are scrambling around suggests that they recognize the vulnerability. alex: we did not even get to talk about the 15,000 e-mails. john: let's do that tomorrow. alex: something tells me we will talk more about this anyway. campaign funding tallies for july came up this weekend, and at first glance, it was impressive for donald trump. last month, setting a new personal record, the republican nominee raising $36 million and spent only $18 million and has money still in the bank.
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instead of investing the cash into the tv ad war and operational ground game, most of his spending went to a firm that handles digital ads as well as merchandise, travel, and reimbursing trump locations. john: hillary clinton raising $51 million and spent $36 million and has $58 million in cash on hand. as the model for girls of his first act, the hillary clinton campaign says they have reserved thatillion worth of ads will include spots of the campaign released today that uses donald trump's own words against himself. americames of crisis, depends on steady leadership. outtrump: knocks the crap of him. i know more about isis and the generals. >> and judgment. mr. trump: you can tell them to go -- themselves. >> all it takes is one wrong
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move. mr. trump: i went on the -- out of them. >> just one. john: i like the sound of that yet taking off their --jet taking off there. as a matter of campaign mechanics, you have these two campaigns and the donald trump campaign looks more like an actual campaign in terms of his finances. as we head into the traditional start of the general election, where did these campaigns stand relative to each other? alex: this is the question we have been asking. how much did the traditional levers of the campaign matter? how much weight do they pull? i think donald trump needs to run ads. spending your money on venues, planes and hats does not win you the american presidency. however, there is an interesting
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article that talks about the outside spending and that is where you see a dramatic difference in the two candidates. one of the reporters who wrote the piece says basically that donald trump is running a pre-citizens united campaign and hillary clinton is running a co-citizens united campaign. that matters if you look at the spending totals today. $131 -- $131 million for a hillary clinton super pac. that is a major difference. john: apple said that the other piece which is the -- i will set up the other piece to that. pledged inllion addition to that. john: i think there is no question the clinton campaign is
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in a better state as operation. they are better with ground operations, targeted operations, using data estimates in a modern way. they are on the air and all of that is true. it continues to be surprising to me that although it is unquestionably true that clinton has established a really nationally and a lot of battleground states that donald trump is still within striking he isce and that raising money to close the gap. that will require a lot of changes on the part of the candidate and doing more with that money like normal campaign operational stuff.
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alex: although the hats will be collected. half?u send him a t? john: donald trump's integration plan, when we come back. ♪
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♪ john: over the weekend, donald
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trump met with hispanic leaders that told news outlets the republican nominee was reversing course on his nomination fight, campaign position of the estimated 11 million undocumented workers in america sent home with a become president -- if he becomes president. at the beginning of the week, the tended to be focused on immigration. managere a new campaign going on sunday shows talking
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about where he stands on this biggest issue. >> what he said yesterday in the meeting. differently from what he said publicly. way of a fair and humane dealing with what is estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. >> will that plan included deportation force, they kind you just heard in that soundbite in the when he talked about during the republican primary? >> to be determined. >> ok. john: ok, indeed. this morning, donald trump took
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n address in the confusion and the clinton campaign is working hard to remind voters about his previous statements. policy speech in colorado they talked about happening for thursday has been postponed for reasons as yet unknown. alex, assuming donald trump wants to shift, if he wants to shift and pivot, how much room to see have to do that given the nature of his campaign and what he has said in the past? alex: not a lot of room. this is different than nafta and arming japan with nuclear weapons. this is an issue he has been public on using language like "we are going to round people up." , what heike eisenhower did in the 1950's, operation went back. that is the kind of stuff american, hispanic americans remember. that is a big flag he has planted into the ground. the campaign, there has been a discussion about this for rememberme and people off the record conversation talking about his lack of seriousness toward the wall. no, he has said he will build the wall and he is deploying these people. is there a way trump could give a word salad speech that allowed him to posture, use a word like climbing",d "wall
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could he get that speech? what a matter? probably not. alex: donald trump has been making a broader, concerted effort to reach out to nonwhite voters. they released low-budget web videos in english and spanish, one making the economic case for donald trump. we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes. that is all they care about, not as individual human beings worthy of a better future. four out of 10 african-american children are living in poverty. i will not rest until children of every color in this country are fully included in the american dream.
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what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? [applause] mr. trump: and at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. [applause] alex: over 95% of the african-american vote. what does donald trump's running mate, mike pence think about that? by 2020, he will have 95% of the african-american support. why are you laughing? alex: a number of public polls show donald trump getting 2% or less of african-american voters. john, 2% or less. what is up with that? john: i am not a statistician but i believe that is within the margin of error which means it could be zero in places or negative. i measure how that is possible. i think this goes back to a
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previous topic in an important way. i do not think this is a novel thesis of mine, but i do think that the people that are aroun them october trying to calm down. the reality is, for most black americans, the day donald trump took up the birther cause is the day he lost those voters. there is nothing he knows that. this is about projecting a cal inclusioneffort of and more importantly, sending a signal to suburban republican leaning voters who have been freaked out by his stances, making them feel a little bit more comfortable. the group i talked about before, do i vote for donald trump or do a stay at home? maybe they will become more comfortable if they hear him
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sounding like a normal candidate. alex: the nihilism of, what do you have to lose? that, as arguments go, you have to give it for donald trump. what do you have to lose? i took the bait. it is a questionable line of strategy. up, jason be right back. ♪
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♪ john: welcome back. as hillary clinton's e-mail slugger continues, they are
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accusing her of perjury, claiming she was not truthful during the 11 hour hearing with the house benghazi committee last year. our next guest sent a six-page letter to the u.s. attorney of d.c. outlining a potential case against clinton. jason chaffetz, the congressman from utah. thank you for being here. >> thank you. john: and for being the second-most famous utahn i have heard of. >> but cassidy. john: one thing i learned in the cassidyrview, but famous --ssidy is the most famous from utah. there are 15,000 new previously undisclosed e-mails as a result of some of your questions. what does this mean?
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>> we are trying to get the truth. it is soon becomes and that created this in the first place. the inspector general got involved, found there was classified material. i was stunned when i found the testimony of the fbi director that as they did this year-long probe that they never looked at the testimony from hillary clinton on capitol hill when she raised her hand and was under road. you cannot lie to congress. john: the fbi has now sent you a bunch of material. i know there has been some confusion about different briefing books. what is the basic deal with what you think is wrong here? do you think the fbi is in the tank or hillary clinton? >> i have the greatest respect for the fbi. my grandfather was a career fbi agent. i do not think mr. conley is dealing with a political situation but i have come to another conclusion. he is caught up on intent. i think there was intense, the fact that she set up a server on the very day she said a person it confirmation hearings. i saw evidence that she did not
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want to report this information, never make it public but when you are disagree -- when you are the secretary of state, yours or official records. it is one of the biggest breaches of national security i have actually seen. that is the worry. tot i want people back home understand is, there is not just one e-mail service, hey, i forwarded on to gmail, no, there is a separate, secure system for classified material and then a nonsecure system. datas it she is extracting or those around her, extracting data and transferring that onto a nonsecure system? john: i want to talk about the perjury question because that is very serious. john dean, famous for his watergate time, now a republican , drifting a little further to the left, but really issued a scathing broadside against you and saying you are engaged in
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the horribly, disgusting political effort to smear secretary clinton. it seems to me on all of the four charges, a lot of what the dispute comes back to is the question of intent. you must know you are lying, you must be intending to deceive. is it your argument that that does not matter, that that is not what perjury is about? >> the statute says intent to house the classified information and a nonsecure setting. that is clearly what you get. she gave between two and 10 people access better. have security clearance, the properly secured clearances access. it did not start with the house republicans. john: none of those things go to the perjury question. the perjury question is about what you said in the benghazi hearing versus what you said to the fbi. in every one of these instances, she could have -- there is no intent to deceive in any of them
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as evidence in the record. >> but what the fbi director testified to is that he did not look at her testimony under us. , but it is aie whole another level when you come to congress under of and give a sworn testimony. i did not go into the hearing thinking i was going to ask for that, but the fact that the fbi never looked at it, asking for a referral. john: you are a politician. are you lying to me right now? ok, just want to be clear. you just said politicians lie and you are a politician. >> i said they live. law. a matter of john: why is utah in play? it is one of the most republican states in the country. >> we have our large libertarian streak that runs through me and a lot of others in utah. donald trump did not help
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himself way back when in the primary when he came and challenged the mormon credentials of mitt romney. i do not think that was well advised and it needs some cleanup. mike pence is coming to utah soon. reunitething that will republicans is the dislike of hillary clinton. i think when given the choice between the two, donald trump is on message. he is going to have to reach out. john: how do you feel about the fact that the ceo of the donald trump campaign refer to you as a sniveling, little sh'? how do you feel about that? >> i hope he has more important things to worry about. i was a placekicker once upon a time in college and you sort of get used to that sort of stuff. john: are you fully happy, confident and excited about the nominee of your party?
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>> much more so than hillary clinton, absolutely. i find hillary clinton to be one that will look into the camera and thlie to the american peopl. i disagree with what am a cop has said that that is far better than hillary clinton. john: jason chaffetz. always an extraordinary pleasure. a man that is extraordinarily well known, it's not quite as famous as butch cassidy. up next, the political pros join us after this. ♪
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> it hillary clinton's america,
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the system remains rigged against americans. illegals convicted of crimes get tuesday, skipping the line. a reporter system is more of the same but worse. isald trump is the america secure, iteris a dangerous criminals cap doubt. the border secure, our families safe. change that makes america safe again, donald trump for president. alex: that was donald trump's latest and only general election and which was released friday and will air in for final round stays. breaking down this ad in so much more is fred davis, a republican strategist who joins us from santa barbara. we are also joined right here in new york city by elizabeth smith, democratic strategist and the director of rapid response for president obama's 2012 campaign. how do you grade that add? ? >> i will grade it an f. i know that is rough. look, the donald trump campaign
8:31 pm
is trying as you said earlier with her outreach to african-americans and hispanics to try to soften his image. it is not about winning over their votes, it is telling white, suburban voters, it is ok to pull the lever for me. i am not that races. what it comes down to, so it uses some of the ugly imagery and ugly language "syrian refugees overrunning our country." that goes back to jesse helms doing race baiting in 1994. so, sorry did not mean to go all the way back there, but my dad is from north carolina. is,, one thing i would say the bigger problem for donald trump is the temperament issue. i think the contrast with this
8:32 pm
is pretty rnc ad stark and it shows a multiple personality disorder of his campaign right now. donald trump's biggest problem is he is addicted, an addict in addicted to personal insults. you know what? his campaign, aides and family have had multiple interventions with them. this is that behavior but he keeps repeating a, insulting people and keeps alienating the people he needs to come over to his side. now switching over to davis who i have had multiple interventions with myself. my question to you, we have been waiting a long time for the first real donald trump at. you are a fan of controversial as. ds. grade this on a piece of art and
8:33 pm
a piece of strategy. >> first of all, it is hard to imagine lis is in the rapid response business, isn't it?> the only thing i thought was seems tos on it, there be a bit of a steel from jonathan edwards. i thought it did what he needs it to do. i think, john, you and i have talked about this a lot. i think this race comes down to old versus new. if you like the way things are going out, the last eight years, vote for hillary because it will be the same, but most people, a lot of people in this country do not like the way things have been and, you know, donald trump may be a bit of a role of the dice, but he is something different, something new, and i think it was probably a pretty good start. unlike lis, i think it was pretty calm. she is talking about the difference between the ad in his personality. i will give her points there, but i think that is what the campaign needs to do and that is probably some influence from kellyanne.
8:34 pm
aboutwhat is new grievance politics? >> what is new about blaming our problems on immigrants? i do not see it appealing to anyone outside of his base and people he has already won over to his side. i respectfully disagree. alex: can i ask you about the language he uses when he talks about the system being rigged? in 2012, after a lot of legislatures passed a voter id laws, we had to be really careful about the way we talked about that with their daughters. if you tell people the system is rigged, it actually depresses turnout and what donald trump is doing is not in service of his e goalnd which is to become --end
8:35 pm
goal which is to become president. this is not serving as a motivating factor. do you think that is fair? >> good luck on your story. i have read quite a few like that. i think for trump, donald trump does not like to lose and right behind,ost polls he is and i think that is his way of saying, i am going to give it my the shot, and if i do not win, it is not my fault. i think that is way down in the weeds for the average voter though. sounds like a sore loser. i think it plays into the temperament. john: today, we are in a moment ad ae donald trump h press release where he said hillary clinton had a horrible day. you read the press release. it is not been a great day for hillary clinton. if you look at the range of stories. how do you think they are doing, that campaign at handling the e-mail, the foundation, conspiracy. how are they doing? i am sorry to my fellow
8:36 pm
democrats, but i would not give them a good grade on it. alex: are you hovering in the f territory? know, i would say a this is why. idioms, theiggest biggest lessons in life whether politics or not, when you are in a hole, stop digging. her staff need to take that shuttle out of her hands. i was shocked over the weekend to read this report that she is; how under the bus. why are you picking a fight with: how right now? he was a big endorser of barack it was probably going to be a hillary clinton endorser and now he is an adversary. it does not make sense. you cannot get in a time machine and go back and undo all of her public statements and all of the refusal to acknowledge her initial wrongdoing. withare continuing
8:37 pm
obfuscation. it is troubling. it prolongs the story. john: there is a little bit of shooting at the clinton site. if you had to focus, would you focus on the foundation, the e-mails, going after other matters of transparency? where is the place you as a republican see her as the most vulnerable? words i would say, the crooked or questionable character side. i would not use his word but i would use all of those as arrows, john. i would like to have a common theme in the common theme is something about untrustworthiness, iffy, questionable. i do not go over the top generally. [laughter] john: i do not know where the top would be.
8:38 pm
you went to the top i have never heard of. it works. it works. i just think you could easily go to the top on hillary, but these millions of things that keep coming out is a constant drip. the question is the mainstream, normal, typical press. will they continue to be on hillary's side? right now, they are a great asset. if you think about the e-mail thing, everybody i run into, forget the e-mails. why do we keep talking about e-mails? it is a pretty serious charge. the press is not exactly laid it out as a real serious charge. with these little missteps, and i agree with everything lis just said, this time, will they begin to fall off the hillary trying? alex: i just want to see more
8:39 pm
ads with demon sheep. i need more or this election cycle is a failure. >> i have a few coming. i have a few in my pocket. alex: ats. lis smith i hope i never get graded by you on a paper. take you both for your time. we will check in with both campaigns and the reporters following them in just a moment. if you are washing to the schiff
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you are listening to us in washington dc, you cannot listen to us on the radio. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ john: our next guest tonight are two more reporters covering
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opposite sides of the aisle on opposite ends of the country. from the west coast, investors kasey hunt from my hometown of los angeles, california covering hillary clinton. in the east, katie turr out of akron, ohio. i have to use good diction to distinguish between you two. donald trump was going to pivot on immigration this week, waiting for the big speech on thursday but now not so much. this speech, what is going on? >> yes. a campaign source says the immigration speech has been postponed, unclear to win, unclear to lie. we know it is a public event in las vegas on friday has also been canceled. i am not sure we can say donald trump is pivoting on immigration. i think it is telling he did not outright deny the idea that he could be thinking about amnesty for undocumented workers here in
8:43 pm
america, neither did his campaign, but to say that donald trump is officially coveting, i think that would be jumping the gun. after all, we are still unclear where he stands with his muslim ban. whether it is just a territory ban. i think at this point we need to chalk up this immigration policy to just one of the many issues that we just are not very clear on when it comes to donald trump's platform. alex: you are out west were all of these things are happening. the clinton campaign is focused on, they have to focus defense on a number of fronts, you know, the list goes on. where are they focusing right now? >> i think the clinton foundation has become the center of this. obviously, the e-mail issue is
8:44 pm
something ongoing and extremely distracting. it is one of those things where you never know what might pop up, and i would actually add something we have not talked that much about, but the hacking ,f the dnc and the dccc something in the background to worry about moving forward. i think the clinton foundation, it is clear they have gone through this in a methodical way, working on this for a long time and decided the second to last week in august is the best time that they are going to let everyone know this is how they are going to handle it. you have these issues coming to a head with the new judicial watch e-mails showing communication between huma and editors. no smoking gun so far. the clinton campaign saying there was never any special treatment for donors of the curren clinton foundation. if something like that were to surface, i think it would be problematic and it is for a clear that the clintons are all. involved in trying to figure out how the foundation does not present a problem is hillary clinton is elected.
8:45 pm
alex: you mentioned they have been grappling with this problem for months, but do you feel the campaign is under pressure to get the foundation to stop taking foreign donations before november? right now, it is predicated on hillary clinton becoming the next president. >> i think if it were not for kellyanne conway in the immigration speech we were just talking about, i felt like the donald trump campaign was having a little bit of success getting n issue theyn on a wanted to talk about. you saw this e-mail going out about increasing pressure on the clinton foundation to shut down entirely. i think robbie luke -- robby mook had some trouble answering these questions on sunday. i struggled to find a clear iswer from him as to why it
8:46 pm
that it would make sense for them to continue to accept foreign donations why she will -- while she was secretary of state. , well, we do not want to get ahead of ourselves, we are going to worry about getting her elected and then take care of the foundation on the backside of that. i think it could continue to cause problems for them. how much it does depends on how many distractions donald trump has for himself. john: you are right. i did not want to go too far. the notion of kellyanne conway on tv this weekend saying, to be determined about the deportation force. a report coming out of the meetings with hispanic leaders over the weekend suggested something of a shift. does the trump campaign believe there is a way it can improve its standings with hispanic voters or is this just part of an image thing more about white, suburban voters than it is hispanic? >> i am not sure what they believe but i think they are trying to figure out how they can amend their deficit among moderate republican voters that is hurting them more and more with the polls as of late, but also the emphasis among
8:47 pm
potentially latinos. that is a very steep hill to climb at this point. donald trump's support of minorities is very low at the moment, in some cases, 1%, 2%, 3%. just moving away from the deportation plan, i am not sure that would be enough to change the mind of hispanic voters campaigningnths of where he says repeatedly he wants to deport all of the millions of undocumented immigrants and build a wall in talking about a judge not able to be unbiased because he is of mexican heritage. i am not sure the donald trump campaign has anything in their arsenal to get hispanic or latino voters back on their side. the idea of making white, suburban voters more comfortable .ith the idea we saw last week trying to appeal to african-american voters, but he is doing that to
8:48 pm
the best majority, a very large white crowd where very few minorities are and in very white neighborhoods. it could be the idea of the campaign trying to convince these letters that he is not the racist but he is made up to be by some in this hispanic community or the minority community or on the left. john: may gives you will have to turn on the wall before it is even built. thank you. when we come back, the doctor is in or maybe the doctors are in making house calls, after this. ♪
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♪ >> i think hillary is tired.
8:51 pm
i do. when i saw hillary at the press conference sitting down, the democratic appointed police chief claiming she was pro-police was one of the most pathetic press conferences i have ever seen. first of all, she looked sick. mayor,hat was america's sorry, one-time mayor of an american city rudy giuliani questioning hillary clinton's health. this is not new in the donald trump campaign. it started this month with a video for training hillary clinton as a stuttering, short-circuited robot. a week later, donald trump questioned her strength and stamina. someone who is not a medically trained doctor, katrina pearson, she offered her own medical diagnosis. >> he has said she does not have the strength of the stamina for a very long time. that part is nothing new.
8:52 pm
what is new on the other reports of the observations of hillary clinton's behavior in many resumes specifically with what you just showed in this previous clips as well as her dysphasia, the fact that she has fallen-- john: the donald trump campaign has been getting some direction, the conservative media. this month the report posted an old photo of hillary clinton with the tagline "hillary conquers the stairs." was seann there hannity who brought the fox news medical-18 for a full clinton physical, and to make it seem legitimate, he brought props. >> you know, the picture you showed, going up the stairs
8:53 pm
speaks in again words. if really fatigues, dehydrated? one of the reasons she fell in 2012 and have a concussion was severe dehydration. they are holding her and going up the stairs, so she maybe really dehydrated, arthritis, back pain, may have fallen again. there are a lot more questions that are unanswered. alex: well, as it turns out, we can buy costumes as well. rudy giuliani backed to the wild assertions that no one should question, the internet. >> there is nothing factual to the claims about her health and that is speculation at best. >> go online and put down "hillary clinton illness" and take a look at the videos for yourself. john: taking our cue from that helpful tip, we decided to jump right in on the old internet machine. we looked at hillary clinton illness and we found multiple articles debunking these conspiracy theories. we also thought, let's see what
8:54 pm
is up with this rudy guy so we googled rudy giuliani dementia. we came up with that he may be suffering from dementia. they have about as much medical expertise as we did. this, as i remove my surgical scrubs. alex: you need to keep your hands sterile. smear,he anatomy of a conspiracy theory. alex: putting on costumes was a questionable decision made very very quickly during a commercial break. john: i think these claims are ridiculous and is garbage. alex: this has been going on for a long time. i do not think, there are a bunch of things that trump campaign has to choose from, the magic, dysphasia, of the medical therethat begin with "d"
8:55 pm
are other things they can focus on. john: if you do not have a medical degree, shut up. be right back. ♪
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♪ [laughter] john: head over to bloombergpol for all of hillary clinton's woes. cbo atup, we have the bloomberg west. ♪
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♪ rishaad: it is tuesday, the 23rd of august. this is "trending business." i am rishaad salamat. let's take you to singapore, shanghai, kuala lumpur, and melbourne. equities declining in early trading. oil


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