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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ am mike. john: and i am john heilemann. mike: with all due respect. >> it is good to know. ♪ ♪ john: an old man. finale of the
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night. the summer is almost over, sports fans. after more than a week of extensive outreach to african-american voters in front of mostly white voters, there will be a speech at an effort -- at ann african-american church, his first in front of a mainly black audience, for donald, but this is against some contrasting evidence and some problems for donald trump when it comes to race relations. they've posted a case against donald trump and his bother, where trump management was accused of discriminating against housing, and that another comes from donald trump on saturday, a suite after cousin was shot. shot while walking her
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baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. today, i am joined by the legendary mike barnicle. trump'sven donald history, given everything that tweetppened, given that and all that has happened, and now he is going to talk to african-american voters, is he expected to do well for 2016 among them? could he get something like romney level support? get therehe cannot because of his lack of knowledge. donald trump, his appearances on tv, celebrity apprentice, things like that. that is one thing. are also familiar with donald trump, if they take the time to become familiar with them, and they do not work to his favor. the fact that he has been taking
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-- talking about getting the black vote of african-americans in this country while standing before groups that look like the admissions committee for augustine national, that is one thing. can be thing, his tweets misread by people. john: in front of white audiences, talking about lack voters, sometimes in condescending ways, they say the first thing you need to do is go and talk to black audiences. let's give him some credit, going to talk to some black audiences, and for him, that what they know about donald trump is that he spent the early part of the obama administration attacking barack obama as not an american, and illegitimate , and for americans i know, and i bet for many of across the country, that has put donald trump out of reach as for
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votes for donald trump forever, and rightly so. that single fact that donald trump originated, and he was not the only one who originated it, that it was both rule and stupid. the birther. the trump campaign has another name for hillary clinton. sending daily e-mails to the press, highlighting the days since the last clinton press conference, while posing new questions to her team. the trumped e-mail included questions from michael flynn about the clinton foundation. responded for calls for more press access by saying she has given more than 300 aboutiews, resulting in 2600 questions from the press in 2016, and while we're on the topic of the clinton and the press, "the new york times" wrote about traveling on a plane separate from the plane holding her press corps.
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previously, they had traveled on the same play. there has been some disagreement about whether this is different in this digital age, so, john, do you think -- there is a ton of people who say the only reason you care about this is because you're in the press. some of those things are true. there is some element of that. we have grandstanding reporters all of the time, one of them sitting right here, behind you, over there, but the reality is is that hillary clinton, the people who know her campaign best are the people who cover it on a day-to-day basis, and to put her in a situation where she address those people with some regularity and does not have any constraints, that is a different hang when having an interview where the time is constrained. it is a free-flowing they.
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should do them regularly, always, as presidents should. oddly enough, i agree with you. i think a press conference at this time has little to do with the home server or the clinton initiative. if you have a son or. or, 15, 16, 17 years of age, you want to know from the president of the united states, odds on hillary clinton, what are you going to do about syria and the military forces in and around the globe, these hot button situations? you want to know that because you want to know what is going to happen. logical extension of that, even though she has done all of those interviews, she has not been asked those questions a lot. all right, on sunday night, donald trump called on hillary clinton to release her health records.
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i think both candidates, both hillary and myself, should release detailed records. i have no problem doing so. hillary? campaign said they have already released more information than the trump campaign, and it was a letter from his personal position. the clinton campaign questioned the doctor who wrote his, even , and that dr. described on friday how he wrote that letter. i get rushed, and i get anxious when i get rushed, so i was trying to get four or five lines that they would be happy with, and some of those lines did not come out exactly right. it worked out just fine. there are a lot of
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arguments about transparency going on in the campaign, but on clinton isof health, fighting back. who has the upper hand in this? are you kidding me? we just saw someone there who looked like willie nelson, like the dude." big lebowski." know about their physical health. their mental health? i do not know. i find it baffling that donald trump has decided to make this issue. donald trump can go and say he ,s happy to release his records like the taxes. it is ridiculous, outrageous that trump has not released his tax returns as every major
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candidate has four years going back. but it is true. hillary has released more than he has, and this is ridiculous. mike: was that a real doctor? john: this asterisk knowledge of or whatever, pretending to be his internist. according to that man, the healthiest man to enter the office of president forever. wonder that i also agree with your instinct, having seen that dr. and this discussion. the odds on 10 to be low. this back and forth has become -- john: ludicrous, even that we are having this discussion is kind of crazy. of thatyou think doctor? would you let that guy treat you? he has been my position for many years. look at me. i am the picture of health.
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clinton worker has announced she is separating from anthony weiner. warrant, this would not our attention on the show, but today, donald trump made it abedin,l, by applauding talking about allowing anthony weiner such close proximity to classified information. ton, donald trump is trying work this into the news. does this have any political relevance whatsoever? john: no. mike: i agree. john: in terms of this mattering to anybody out there in america who is determining who the next president should be, and it does not matter. we will move on.
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john: ok, everything colin kaepernick related. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ john: there are few events in the annals of american politics, where people will not forget where they were. when man landed on the mood, when barack obama was elected, and when colin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem. what he up, here is said about his protest about the treatment of african-americans, when the press asked if the elections played into this. wast was not something that planned, but i think the two
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presidential candidates that we have also represent the issues that we have in this country right now. mean, you have hillary, who has called black teens or black kids super predators. you have donald trump who is racist. we have a presidential candidate who has delete e-mails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. me. does not make sense to if that was any other person, you would be in prison, so what is this country really standing for? >> they elected a black man president twice. can you say why the outrage? colin: it has elected a black president, but there are also a lot of things you have not
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changed. isn: our bloomberg reporter calling this a pivotal moment for the nfl, and there will be many players who do not appreciate the position that put them and. you cannot dance between the raindrops forever. is here. tell us more about your argument here. moments inve had recent history, where we have seen lebron james ordway wade, the porting the family of trayvon martin, and we have seen in activism, but it is like the swoosh, nothing so controversial. as far as trayvon martin, it is salute theng not to flag, or the nfl.
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they have given money to promote on field. you did not have to go to every major black athlete after lebron james were the t-shirt during practice and say, hey, what you think about that? this is a story that seems like it has crossed over a little bit. know what it means not to stand up for the flag. to start seeing major black athletes asked about this. you are going to see cam newton asked about this and others. you are going to see a time of of theses -- a ton guys, and they have been able to avoid it in the past. will, you are right in one respect. the nfl is our religion on sunday in some respects, and the nfl has an in enormous hold on the american public that does
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little else on sunday then watch football games. k has a right,nic and that is what flying the flag is all about, but listening to that soundbite, i just wish he would have come to a. , rather than getting into the country at large, and i am just wondering. enormous riskn with what is left of his career in saying this, don't you think? will: he almost won the super bowl a few years ago, one of the and makingspects, these discussions, like, oh, he is just trying to keep relevant. is best way to be relevant to have strong political believes. that is the best way to play forever. so yes, i think it put him in that situation.
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not stand for the anthem during any of the preseason games. it was only until he was asked about it and that, oh, this is why, that if you have been following it on twitter, this was not if the prize that he did something like this. clearly has strong clinical statements and strong political believes about this. i think he was back into this a little bit, and i agree with you, watching the interview. is anyt think that this question that this is something he is willing to take on. and this is different than the sports speech we normally here, but i think it speaks to what is going on because of his courage to even do it. john halle do you think there is a split about how the other players feel about it and how the front office feels about and how the other coaches feel about it? yes, they started calling
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sources after it, saying across the board come the vast majority of players are like, good for colin kaepernick, good job. and the coaches, they want nothing to do with it. a part of the nfl culture that is conservative, but players are just not supposed to cause trouble, distraction, when it comes to the nfl. the idea that now not only are the black athletes going to be asked about this, other 49ers players are going to be asked about it. this is the last thing they want to deal with. they want to be focused on football. they do not want to hear about this breed this causes a headache for their team it. the players, whether or not they i think theym, like the idea that an athlete is standing for something and saying something when they are very often discouraged. john: all right, the great will
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leitch, joining us. coming up, kellyanne conway. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ joining us now, someone who has sat in that chair with the ted cruz super pac, now donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, the self-proclaimed pollsteress. how are you? kellyanne: i am fine. mike: earlier today, donald trump issued a statement about abedinhony weiner-huma
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relationship, saying that hillary clinton should have done something earlier because of security risks. did you see the statement? kellyanne: i did. mike: did you approve? kellyanne: actually, mr. trump approve his statements. he talked about the close proximity he may have had to highly classified information and that it may have compromised national security. john: a fellow republican said onnt, someone who the basis of this that trump had given over $100,000 to the clinton administration and gave the maximum amounts to the anthony weiner campaigns, and now you have donald trump questioning hillary clinton. so whose judgment is more flawed? are you really going
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to question donald trump's judgment today as opposed to anthony weiner? no, no, no, since you wanted to go there. john: not anthony weiner's judgment. because he gave money to the clinton foundation which does do some work. that hetated many times has contributed to members of congress and other members of the delegation, so that does not mean that he ever wanted anything from anthony weiner. that does not mean that anthony weiner is any less a scoundrel for taking a compromising picture of himself with a child on the bed, so i do not think there is a comparison about a question of judgment. and all he does is attack us all day long. he met with the independent candidate in freeport. i do not know why he just cannot support the republican nominee, a way so many of us supported mitt romney, gave money,
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volunteered our time in support of the candidacy. that is fine. that is his right to not support us, but please do not say -- he is constantly attacking us. ofear democratic friends all the time saying, hey, i am with her, and your candidate is doing his best to make a difference on his terms, but we are just constantly spat at an shot at by people who are "republicans." mike: taking that risk malcolm come the statement injected a of apathetic, sick aspect domestic relationship, a man and a wife and a child, and the man is really screwed up. did that not give you pause for injecting that into a presidential candidacy? kellyanne: actually making donald trump the issue here, this man is a serial sexter.
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get involved in other people's relationships, but i tell you something. i looked at "the new york who doesarticle, and this? the idea that we are going to divert attention away from this issue -- mike: because of the national security line. the same: she uses words about her e-mails, and donald trump is saying that maybe it compromised her national security, but hillary clinton had one of her worst weeks, and we are having some of our best weeks, and we have an economic ad that talks about our economic we feel really good about taking her case to the voters, and we feel great about these new polls showing us tightening in all of these swing states, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, and one poll shows us within a margin of error. we are up by 17 points in one in
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ohio. if everyone was quoting the polls three weeks ago, it was over, you cannot recover, and now, we are tightening. let's have a conversation about the polls. aboutody wanted to talk the polls when we were down. i tell you, the last thing i want to talk about is anthony weiner, because i find his conduct disgusting. john: well, we are going to be back with kellyanne conway and more, right after this. ♪
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♪ ♪ john: we are here back with donald trump's campaign manager,
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kellyanne conway. anne, there is this new ad that you have coming out that will air on the cable network in nine states. let's take a look. announcer: in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed, spending goes up, taxes go up, hundreds of thousands of jobs disappeared. same, but of the worse. in donald trump america, working families get tax relief, millions of new jobs created, wages go up, small businesses thrive, the american dream achievable, change that makes america great again. donald trump for president. mr. trump: i am donald trump, and i approve this ad. john: finally on the air, and that seem toings get in your own way in some respects, but that the ask you about donald trump questions about hillary clinton, releasing
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her health records, given the relative transparency. he raise that issue when, a, has been less transparent than her, and b, his own? kellyanne: i do not think it gets in our way. with the ad, especially as you point out, john, it was critical that we had run know as, and hillary clinton and her super pac has zillions of dollars, and look at the polls. what has it gotten? we are very happy. actually, we added a 10th state, wehigan, to the ad buy, and are happy we can make our case to the voters about the middle class tax package. actually, you can compare the two economic plans. i think you will find very few issues in the way they would rebuild the economy. we will be talking about energy, infrastructure, and things that affect everyday people. and he is just saying, great, more transparency.
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let's have it out there, and he is challenge her to do the same. isn: what are the records he wanting to put out there? know.nne: i do not i am not familiar with his medical records, nor should i be, but he said he is willing to put out his medical records, and she can do the same. i know she has been hiding most of the time when she has not been saying things about him or raising money with her hollywood friends. could send it over to you, the media, if she would like. why not put it out there? i think americans have a right to know. john: what are the odds of him putting up his tax returns? one day, here they are. said, and hishas lawyers and accountants has said to me that he should not do that right now because he is under audit, and i defer to them and to his doctor. john: have you seen trump's d
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octor? kellyanne: i have seen pictures of him. in any event, i think mr. trump would say to you, mike, i will put out my taxes after the audit if we can see her 32,000 missing e-mails. he is going to detroit on wednesday. kellyanne: saturday. phoenix on wednesday. mike: immigration. kellyanne: right. tell us how he is going to clear up this confusion about his immigration plan and the 11 million or so people in the country illegally. onlyanne: he will do so wednesday. it will be and there, and i can say that there are many tenants to his plan. it is important for people to remember. build the wall, which has been a signature of his campaign pretty much since day one, no amnesty,
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note sanctuary cities. mike: no amnesty. no amnesty. century cities have become a big emphasis in this campaign. standing on the stage with laura and michelle, these are what we call angel mons, their children theired -- angel moms, children murdered by illegal immigrants. enforcing the law, and then he will talk about the 11 million, as you said, on a great network last week, it could be early million, we do not know, but we do not know what happens when you enforce the law, because nobody does. john: deportation. has not talked about that in a very long time. john: so if the in favor of that? kellyanne: he has not talked about that in a very long time. john: you understand you are not answering the question. asking hillary
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clinton's campaign manager the same thing. they do not talk about these issues. the same campaign that refuses to give you the respect you deserve as journalists, will not hold a press coverage, will not wee speeches on the issues, go into the ring and do that, albeit by ourselves, and by the way, her plan on immigration is scary as heck. she has told the open borders, catch and release, sanctuary cities continue, amnesty -- it is really very radical. she has been critical of president obama. she thinks he has not done enough. to ask you this because you both talk about each other. you talk about them, and they talk about you, but here is the thing. has been calling her a bigot. what does that word mean? what that you know
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word means, and yesterday, he was called a psychopath. like the sun comes up in the morning. what did she call him? john: what does he mean when he calls her a bigot? kellyanne: her policy has helped keep people down. they deserve the same opportunity. mike: that is not what 'bigot' means. it mean forhat does tim kaine -- what does it mean for saying the values are the same? ask him that? is what donaldon trump means when he called hillary clinton a bigot. a bigot is somebody who discriminates against a set of people, a group of people, so he is claiming hillary clinton is a discriminatory person. he discriminates in a systematic way against certain groups. daysanne: and what he said before that, john, is that the
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policies are bigoted, that they hurt people, and you cannot argue with the facts. this campaign to be about temperament, and the facts do not help her at all. i every network where you up here, he is called everything in the book before the sun rises every morning, and then he says one thing one time, basically the day before she gets an entire speech on the topic, and everyone's hair is on fire. one more question about facts and figures, talking about the angel mother's, who you say are the face of the campaign. is donald trump going to put facts and figures to the number of americans who have actually been killed i in this country illegally? he may.e: i do not know. he certainly will have the facts and figures that tended to this very complex issue, mike, but this is what presidential leaders do. they talk about issues.
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they put out plans long before they are elected so people can go ahead and look at them and say i even like your plan, or you do not. it would be nice to have a conversation with hillary clinton before we get to the presidential debates. don't you think the voters deserve to have a discussion on important issues? the bloomberg poll and the msnbc poll, the issues that matter most to them, before we get to the 390-minute debates? to find out what -- before we 90-minute three debates? to find out what their plan is? john: who is going to play hillary in your debate prep? kellyanne: no one. john: so will you do mock debates in the traditional style? the most: he is one of unconventional candidate, and
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they have gotten it wrong every time. john: i can just asking the question how you guys are going to do the debate rep, and is somebody going to play hillary clinton? friend of the campaign has got a lot to offer, laura, and i am buried happy that she has been giving counsel, given her life. look. mr. trump is prepared for the debates in many different ways. the best way he prepares for debates is two things, the way he prepared for the debate in the primaries, where he took center stage from the very beginning. and he never left the center, never left the number one position. number two, he prepares for the these policyving speeches. we would suspect that will be asked in the debates. they are not going to ask, do you think it will rain tomorrow?
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they will be talking about the affordable care act, how you would destroy isis and terrorism, so that is the way he prepares, and i have to say, i think the clinton campaign is taking a risk by keeping her in so much hiding, because you get good at practicing and doing it readily. were nothink if you the campaign manager, you would have been a good stand-in for hillary clinton. i think you would be fantastic. you can still do it. thank you for coming on the show. coming up, someone from "the new york times" about breaking with the press on the campaign trail. you are watching bloomberg. also on fm. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ lord, daschle welcome aboard, and breaking a camping tradition that has been in place since the 1960's, letting the press corps traveling on the plane with the unit. clinton, on the other hand, flies in a separate jet. times""new york editorial editor. how are you? >> thanks for having us. we were talking earlier, whether it is a thing of the past, digitally or whatever, would you like to have someone stand up and ask donald trump and hillary clinton what we're going to do about aleppo and syria? have foreign policy,
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asking these questions, and what is it, almost september, and we have not had those kind of policy issues, and that is what the selection should really be about. john: you have been out of the reporting business for quite a but you preside over a bunch of reporters, right? what i see all of the time with editorial reporters, why do we care about press conferences? why do press conferences matter? how is that different in some categorical way than doing interviews? the point that jim made, it is a danger of the press to talk we on thebout are play or not, but the real question is the one that jim got to. is she being forced to address questions or not, and i think there is a risk of focusing a too much on the proxy, which is a proxy, not talking about the important thing, which is the question, which is what the
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press is rightly concerned about, not about setting ourselves about the candidate. it is about making sure we play a role that we have traditionally play and make them accountable to the american people. i mean, that is our role in this process, asking them questions that they might be uncomfortable asking. they might not be interested in talking to each other about it, as you were pointing out in the last segment. it is the main call. john: do you think it matters? matter.hink it does when you're on the plane, you are getting a question in here and there, and policy is being talked about, and by the way, it is robbing history. it is about the people, what it takes as part of the campaign, what is sorely lacking here. i have been on those planes, probably before you were born. jim: a tough job. also, the candidate gets
5:46 pm
to know the press corps other than in a standing press conference, and part of the issue might be -- not might be, it is -- the clinton campaign has clearly made a decision because we are so disliked, the media, they can make a conscious decision not to have a press conference as a good political strategy. and i am question i think whether it is critical strategy, because it is humanizing. want to runople who our country. john: one of the things you hear from people, and, again, there have been argument from people, supporters of hers, that this is a trivial issue, the question of press conferences, when you set it against the issue of donald trump and his taxes. it is my view, of course, that you want both. between the two. what do you say to people who say, you must do more? must"the new york times,"
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do more? what do you say to that question mark james: i think we need to do more to explore these candidates and the way they see , and this is the most important job in the world, and there are a number of issues they're going to have to grapple with that go beyond the question about whether or not one candidate is a bigot when they are actually in office. what to do about syria is a great idea. what to do about housing, the state of our infrastructure, how they really think about our tax system, and we are still in an age when citizen journalists have many more tools than they ever had. we still play a very important function in drawing out with some depth and new ones and complexity how they actually think about those questions and if they think about them at all. john: this is some highflying
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talk run this guy, all of which i agree with. i agree she should do press conferences. i think robert should relieve his taxes, but again, playing devil's advocate, there are a lot of new say all she can do is give press conferences. she is not going to the questions like that. she is going to get hundred and 20 questions about her e-mail and her foundation. you are going to harp on the same subjects over and over. you are not going to ask about aleppo. what do you say about that? one, what is your opponent going to say up there? and two, you cannot argue for less access. journalistically, it is a nonstarter. mike: i think you would be surprised if it was held in pittsburgh with some local and national reporters, and she might be asked, tell us, please, secretary clinton, what impact
5:49 pm
you think nafta had in terms of income inequality, and i want to hear the answer to that. as a citizen, i would want to hear the answer to that, and i think she would be asked questions like that. james: it is a great privilege. a crazy is kind of campaign to be doing this. james: it is a crazy campaign, and i think part of the issue for us is to be writing stories where the -- candidates are not necessarily having that conversation, i think we play a role. rutenberg, james bennett, we appreciate your coming on, because you are so much smarter than we are. and coming up, some special magic that is going to make john heilemann disappear. and special magic for donald
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trump, right after this. ♪
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♪ ♪ guest appeared on our show, a famed magician, penn & teller.f he was on to of "the -- on two episodes of "the apprentice." jillette ofam penn "penn & teller." i know how he works. mr. trump: penn, you are going to raise a lot of money.
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his money, his campaign. a deck of cards. say the campaign is a card trick, ok? and i have been asked by trump to pick a card, and he fans the cards out, like so. this is an old magician's trip, and you have to be nonchalant. here.k this card, right let's say they pick the? parts, does not know that, and then they put the card back into the. the? cartes somewhere in the -- cards somewhere in there. s,d there is a deck of card and you shuffle a little bit the first amendment is
5:54 pm
essentially here. we give it another little shuffle, more in this direction. : i could shoot somebody. lee harvey also walled. i do not remember. probably she was not allowed to have something to say. you tell me. penn: all of this shuffling and the handling of the cards, there top, and they produce it, and you say, is this the card, and it is the jack of cards? because he is an idiot. he will never get it right. mike: we will be right back. ♪
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john: we got some sad news today, mike. the great comedian gene wilder passed away due to complications of alzheimer's. saddles" i think changed the genre. mel brooks. gene wilder, he was funny. was great in that, and in "young frankenstein" and in "willie want and the chocolate factory." and i hear, we say sayonara. ♪ and you will see ♪ ♪
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mark: i am mark crumpton. result suspended president dilma rousseff today.
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journey to defend myself from impeachment, i got closer to the people. i had the opportunity to listen to the recognition, their love. i also heard the schism towards my government, for the mistakes made and measures and policies not applied. marks: president roosevelt is accused of illegally -- to heidi deficit trait a vote could come as early as tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. and bangladesh will work mostly together to fight extremist straight at a said itnference, kerry is clear islamic state is gaining in southeast asia even as it weakens in syria and iraq. the united states today met president obama's goal of admitting 10,000 syrian refugees into the country. able tonistration was hit the goal in month early and just weeks before the president convenes a summit on refugees during the 71st session of the u.n. general assembly.


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