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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 30, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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john: on the dance floor tonight, donald trump's immigration solo and donny and i show off our jazz hands. first, rehearsals less than a month before donald trump and hillary clinton face-off in a nationally televised showdown, their first of a, they have started the general ritual of debate prep. the new york times followed up with a report about how clinton's camp is tapping device of psychologists and even donald trump's ghost writer to get under his skin on stage. today, as clinton folks try to raise the expectation bar joel , benenson went on msnbc. meanwhile, donald trump is more interested in his gut instincts. he laura ingram on hand to stand in for hillary clinton in one
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session. donald trump opted for a more straightforward discussion of debate topics to express his concern over overpreparing. also present during another debate meeting this weekend, ousted fox news ceo roger ailes who according to new york magazine gave sherman, showed up with a black eye. donny: i am not going to give you a black eye unless you start behaving badly. we will have fun with debate prep later in the show. for now, what are the strategic objectives and challenges for preparing for the debate? donny: the great thing about a campaign and the process is we get to see a dress rehearsal. you see the way these two people would conduct themselves as president. trump from the gut. hillary in the books. i think if there is a crisis in yemen, i would rather have someone in the books and knows what is going on. here's the thing. candidates,at both
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the big pro and that they can't, or big pro is competency, her big con is she is untrustworthy. trump is dangerous with this temperamental issue. in the debate, hillary can play to her strengths. thin trustworthiness is baked in. trump can't play the outsider in a debate. that is a very top 10,000 foot place and his temperament can be in play. so i think his strengths and weaknesses play to hillary's strength. john: they both have historically high negatives. she will clearly prepare for this debate by doing what she always does, studying, being the wonk, knowing the policy, but in order for her, she must try to take his weakness, the temperament issue and provoke them, i think. she can't out-wonk him. no one expects her to go to its own policy. she is going to get under his skin. four trump, heelys to find a way to allay the fears that he is not suited for the office.
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that is harder in some ways. as a matter of preparation because he has been himself. being himself is the problem. we all know, and the psychologists have said this, that he can get pretty easily. when you go after a method assessment, you put pins in them, he reacts. we have seen donald trump on stage to an audience go after hillary clinton. it is going to be a different thing, a tall man, angry tall, belligerent man and hillary clinton. john: i feel like you were talking to me. donny: it will play because of the swing on the suburban women voters and watching him, it is one thing to watch him talk out, and you know he is prep. he has a gloss on and he is ready to go. you know donald trump pretty well. john: what are the three things
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you think she could do that will cause him to blow a gasket? thing, when she uses his works, it drives them crazy. if you notice, in all her speeches, that is what she is doing. she is going to market. -- mock him. well, like you said, and that will drive him crazy. i think we will have a historical moment in that debate one way or the other. john: i think she will try to prosecute the case. donny: the last speech he gave will be the tone. john: that bell went off a while ago. donny: that is about. there is another person on that debate stage, gary johnson needs 15% or higher in five polls selected by the commission on presidential debates. hillary clinton is leading donald trump in a three-way. johnson is getting 11%. johnson also has to get on
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enough state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning a majority vote of the electoral college. his campaign sizes -- his campaign says he is only a few states shy of appearing on every ballot. let's say he is in there. who does it help or hurt more? john: first, i do want to point out something about that poll, which you are having difficulty counting 24. it is a four-way race, not a three-way race. donny: they are in the three. 1, 2, 3. john: i agree. it helps trump. she has all the experience of having done one-on-one debates. one-on-one debates are different than multicandidate affairs. she has debated barack obama many times, one-on-one with bernie sanders. she knows how to do that. trump will have a hard time managing the new debate format. one-on-one. if he has gary johnson on stage, it would allow him to deflect. this would play to his vantage. -- to his advantage.
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donny: i agree with you. he is larger than life. when it is three, he becomes larger than life. when it is too, it is one to he one. has never gone mano a mano. if i'm the donald trump people, i hope johnson is on stage. her playing the role of prosecutor, it's hard to prosecute someone on the witness stand when somebody else is there. john: even if you accept that trump has some political skill, which he clearly does. what he does not have this policy depth. one-on-one means more minutes to fill, the deeper the conversation goes, the more trouble he is in, because she knows more than he does. donny: this is what we have never seen. we are going to see granular. the media does lean towards hillary. whether they consciously or subconsciously make it granular, they will not let him off the hook. john: right. pavel. we agree. that is amazing. i never thought we would agree, so let's move on. donald trump is ready at last to make his major immigration policy speech in phoenix,
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arizona tomorrow. still unclear is what trump's position will be on the 11 million or so undocumented people living in the united states. his team has been all over the airwaves contrasting his immigration plans with those of hillary clinton. one thing we can be sure of is that donald trump will emphasize an idea he has not wavered on, the wall. why? here is his campaign manager in our guest yesterday kellyanne conway on fox news radio today. >> a wall is very easy for people to understand, physical, tactile, visible. if you build the wall, you are putting boundaries between us and a country where drugs are flowing over the border, people are coming over the border. we don't know who is living among us. and by the way, it's for their safety as well. john: my question for you, donald is in a political pickle on immigration.
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is there anything he can say tomorrow night that could get him out of that dilemma? donny: no, he is a sour pickle. you know what, there is an irony here. he started out as the outsider. hillary clinton is the typical politician. yet what trump has been doing, particularly on this issue, he keeps slipping up. the average person in this country is not stupid. the latino voter is not stupid. he has shown his cards. for him to come out, it does not matter what he says. we feel in our guts. we know how he feels. we know what he believes. the average person knows it 75 days before the election. he did not just see the light. the very thing that he accuses hillary of, following the polls. listening to the pundits. he is doing it and it is obvious. i do not think it matters what he does now. john: kellyanne conway says he will enforce existing law. that has not happened, right? that is her or.
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-- that is her argument. of course it is the case that barack obama has deported more people than any president in history, undocumented immigrants. the law says those 11 million people, most of them should be deported, right? we have taken a more humane posture towards that, but if trump wants to enforce the law as she says, he has got to start supporting people -- deporting people in larger numbers. this is a problem for all republicans. everyone is in favor of border security, the wall is a con era in will never happen, but then what? 11 million people. what are you going to do with them? donald trump was like, a deportation force. that is the only solution. of course, that is something solution politically. it is not possible to do. donny: he has put himself in a quarter. people vote for people, not issues. he has shown his lack of conviction here, and that is the tell. the same with the muslim ban.
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john: he looks like a politician. donny: 170 policy changes. john: he looks at a politician. donny: ok. primary voters will decide today whether john mccain and marco rubio get to move on to the general election. we will talk about those races and what they are up against when we come right back. ♪
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♪ donny: it is primary election day in arizona and florida, where three high-profile candidates are trying to keep their jobs and advance to the -- in advance to the general election. marco rubio and debbie wasserman schultz are defending their seats. out in grand canyon country john , mccain is campaigning hard in
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arizona. where does mccain's primary contest sit now and how tough has it been for the senator? >> it has been tough in the optics and politics of this heated campaign season but , polling shows mccain far ahead of his challenger. she is very conservative. she is a donald trump supporter. kelly ward had served in the state legislature and a physician by profession. she has been hammering mccain on his age, incumbency, issues but mccain is out front, according to polls. so that creates a challenge on primary day, not wanting voters to sit home because they think it is an easy race. that is true here and in politics and lots of places. arizona gets hot in august, and getting people to the polls, turnout did not look particularly strong but then you have to factor in early voting were voters have been able to do
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that for the whole month of august where they are able to send in their ballot and that could have a real impact. when we spoke to mccain today, he said he is feeling confident in part because they have had a lot of young supporters that have been trying to get people to the polls come into the phone banking, trying to get them to turn out. john: casey, same question to you across the country in the southern part of the world in florida. marco rubio has a primary. a lot of people do not know if you would run for reelection. how does that primary stand? it seems he is pretty safe. >> i have to tell you. i did not expect to be covering the senate primary with marco's name on the ballot based on what he had told us earlier this year. quite a litany of reasons why he was not interested in returning to the senate. obviously, he changed his mind after the primary did not go his way. he is facing someone who has a little bit of a trump like profile but is running far behind rubio. he is expected to win tonight and expected to face patrick
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murphy. he is the democrat in the general election. he has a primary as well but he is expected to win them. -- there. rubio is running ahead of donald trump here at the moment, but he has run into a couple of speed bumps when reporters have asked him about some of the things he had to say about donald trump in the primaries. of course, rubio has now endorsed donald trump and set the liberty and should vote for him. -- andsettler radians said floridians should vote for him. the miami herald asked him whether he stood by the statements he made, whether he still believe donald trump is a con man. marco says he stands by everything. it will be interesting to see if he sticks to that line through november if donald trump continues to slip in florida with hillary clinton in the lead. john: let's take a look at the general election. if john mccain wins today, he will likely face ann kirkpatrick in november. the latest poll has mccain leading 52% to 39%, so give me a sense of what you think the
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challenges are going forward for senator mccain. >> when you talk to his allies, what they are concerned about is a hillary clinton effect. if she is doing well in arizona, and democrats are trying to target arizona, one of their target states and they looking at changing demographics, so with clinton at the top of the ticket, could that help another woman candidate in democrat? mccain says he has 100% name id, voters will judge him on who he is and who he has been over time, so he's making it personal about the kind of service he has provided to arizona. at the same time, his allies will say donald trump is this unpredictable factor. if he is a drag on republicans in arizona, could that hurt mccain? the math is therefore it to be a problem. as you point out, he has an advantage in polling. money is not an issue. they also know the democrats have other high target states
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where they spend most of their resources before they get to arizona in terms of trying to flip the senate to flip this state for hillary clinton, so it will be a tough fight. expect mccain to grit it out. he likes a fight. the kind of brings up the old warrior in him. they see ann kirkpatrick as a formidable opponent, someone who has gotten a lot of attention and could be helped by hillary clinton if she does well here, and especially with latino voters, who they are trying to register if they are not already on the rolls. donny: we know the history of senator mccain and donald trump. now that we are in the general election, what is the donald trump strategy. how does he play it to the electric? >> my expectation is john mccain will not spend time with donald trump. he can do that on several levels. he has been the nominee of his party. he made a promise to support the nominee of the party, so he will keep that promise in terms of
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supporting him, but it does not mean he has to appear with him or campaign with him. mccain gets irritated when he is asked about donald trump day after day. he knows the questions are coming, but he will try to separate himself on issues when necessary. when i asked him about trying to navigate this sort of difficult thing where he does not want to alienate the donald trump voters, does not want to risk his place with the party, needs those voters to turn out, and at the same time knows he is running against a moderate democrat, how do you do that? he goes back to his personal brand and trying to sell that. will there be trump unity with other elected officials in arizona? i certainly do not see that now, so there was some talk about trump having a unity event here in arizona. i don't see people lining up to do that. john mccain will have his campaign trail going in a different election. donny: thank you. we lost casey hunt who was
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important but is not with us right now. john: we have not actually lost her. donny: she is there. she just lost us. ♪
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♪ john: welcome back. we have missed him so much on the show. we are joined by a guy who has advised mitt romney and other folks, including his dear friend , paul ryan. in the short you block, we will have you back after the next commercial breaks and we can talk long about the campaign. i want to ask you about pastor martin burns. if donald trump circuit. he tweeted this blackface cartoon of hillary clinton, defended it, then apologize.
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d. the big question, it seems every step forward is taken by sometimes three steps backwards. donny: 20. john: this is something that you feel has any chance of going anywhere good? >> no. there are strong conservative arguments for how minorities have been ill-served by democratic and liberal policies, education issues, welfare reform debate, crime and justice issues, but the way to wage those arguments is not to accuse your opponent of being racially prejudiced. i strongly disagree with hillary clinton on a range of issues. i do not think she is a bigot. i do think there is residents for making this is not the way these cases. this is not the way for donald and his surrogates to do it. i think the way they are doing it is reinforcing the perceptions that voters have.
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donny: i had a thesis in the last segment that basically voters are not stupid and they hear enough over time. the registers. my feeling is there is nothing he can do with the minority vote at this point. working with mitt romney, was there a certain moment in time where it is transparent, it is clear, that you are not moving those needles on some core issues? >> once you are on the eve of labor day, the idea, small issues, maybe. big issues on the eve of labor day, you can make a massive transformation? absolutely not. for this entire campaign donald trump is made among the centerpieces of his campaign trafficking, ethnic tribalism, boulder a choice and is him. those of the big names -- themes of his campaign. to change the way segments of the electorate perceive those issues now is externally
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-- extremely difficult. particularly by the way if you have no organization, no real media capacity, no real ground capacity, no circuit operation. how do you marshall the army you need on television and your service to convey that? i think it is difficult. john: i know you were on the french riviera on the aegean sea why week, so that is you might have missed this. donny: i wish the audience knew how you mocked him. john: you missed a lot of discussion last week. none of it is about wineries. all he is trying to do is reassure white, suburban, republican leaning women. is that working? can it work? >> no. first of all, i do believe that is probably what is going on. what they are really trying to do is calm down upper-middle-class whites in the
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suburbs. again, you cannot spend a year campaigning aggressively with such aggressive rhetoric and dominate the media discussion, the media landscape with one position and then just flip it late, whether you're trying to reach minority voters or another segment of the electorate for whom you think it will resonate. donny: there is not many statistics on this. donald has been putting out the health conspiracies. two women voters and voters, does that backfire, where it is just, you kind of see through it, it seems below the belt kung fu fighting? does it start to register? i have not seen numbers on this. >> there is no evidence it is breaking through. i just think donald trump, if anyone wants to make the argument that a particular candidate is not being totally transparent on record, trump is not the person to prosecute the
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case. the fact that every single day someone is making the point that he is still perplexing, still won't release his tax returns. john: it is not perplexing. donny: he cannot. he pays zero and taxes and gives very little to charity. >> what is perplexing is that a major nominee is not releasing his taxes. that's amazing. so that he's making that argument seems absurd. donny: i disagree with him on everything. your passion about him releasing his tax returns, and i feel the same way. john: stick with us. we will continue this conversation right after this break. ♪
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♪ john: we are back with dan who has advised mitt romney and paul ryan and many others.
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dan, i'm going to ask you to do something that is akin to me for asking donny to be humble. not likely it will ever happen in the real world. pretend that you are running donald trump as he debate prep. >> i would love that. i would just love it. john: what would you do? take it seriously. what do you think the challenges would be and the strategic objectives? dan: the first thing i would say is don't take the wrong lessons from the primary debates. because what you are about to experience is nothing comparable. the primary election, he was on stage with 13 people and while those debates were an hour and a half to two hours, the amount of actual time he was unfortunately , -- cumulatively, 10, 15, 20 minutes? he had a lot of debate during those, he had debates when ted cruz and marco rubio were fighting. donny: it is not even the brakes. he gets to be king avail.
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it is not just the time, the dynamic. dan: i was struck when i was doing debate prep with rubio. even when you would see trump backstage and i was talking to someone who would say he was exhausted. he did not like the debate process that much. he liked his moments were -- which were often effective but he did not like being out there for hours in dealing with fatigue associated with that. now, he's on an 100 million people are watching. it is him against one person. there are no breaks or distractions. actually, hillary clinton has had much more debate experience that is relevant. her debates with bernie sanders are much more similar to what she will be dealing with with trump. her debates with barack obama in 2008, she has experience. do mock debates. he said he does not want to do these. just in terms of getting into the rhythm and knowing what it is like. donny: he does not want to do a
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lot of stuff you have to do for the job. i have a feeling regardless of what is on the docket, there may just be one debate. if somehow donald trump wins the debate he will say drive safely and if he gets humiliated, he's not going back up there. i have a feeling this could be the only debate. any thoughts on that? john: it has always been my view that everything is up for grabs. dates of the debates, how many there would be, everything else for the reasons you are talking about. the trump campaign were not committed to all three of these debates, so i think there is some chance that are the first debate, things could change. dan: he would have to do so well for him to bail. even if he does well, i don't think he does well enough that he says, i am done. in this debate, the best thing he could do is ring most of the -- bring most of the republican voters home.
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that is what happened with romney after the first debate. his numbers one way up. when you dig down what happened, he just brought home skeptical republicans. i think donald trump to do the same thing. donny: but if he does it in the absence of a negative going forward. let's say he wins the debate. i think people start to come to think differently. i think people start to think a little differently. i think he has one more ignorant gaffe, that one explosion, that howard dean moment. the absence of a future negative. john: we've talked before about gary johnson. what are the implications? if johnson gets in the debate, it means what were each of them? dan: i used to think he was just problem for trump. that he had a chance to give disaffected voters somewhere to go. you watch the positions he has taken in the arguments he has
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made, there is a lot that could appeal to hillary voters and could appeal to bernie sanders voters. i actually think and being there is potentially a problem for both of them. i think that should be going to both of them they could wind up going to johnson. if i were either one of them, i would not want him there. john: i agree. donny: if you had the gotcha question for each of the candidate, john, i will start with you, one question for each of them putting them on the spot. john: i do not know. that is a really good question. i think you would want to test trump on substance and policy in a way that doesn't feel ridiculous, like asking him to name the capital of some obscure country somewhere in the world. i'm not sure he could name the prime minister of britain. you sound very condescending. basic yarder, some questions
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about the constitution. you know, he has been confused about the number of articles in the constitution. trying to get him to reveal some glaring flaw that anyone should know the answer to. dan: i don't think you need to do a true gotcha. if you remember one of the last debates that rubio and donald trump orton or he started to press donald trump on policy. it was on the health care plan. ruby is that, i will give you my time. imagine if hillary said, i will give you my time, explain my health care plan. he kept referring to the lines. you do not have to do gotcha. press him on basic policy. and yield your time. john: what do you think for hillary? dan: i think dissecting the
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first term obama national security legacy. i would stick with policy and make her own that time. the best shot against hillary is to make her the third term of what many voters think is at worst a fail and at best and unsatisfying presidency. make her own that. ask questions that deal with your policy legacy when she was secretary of state. it is not pretty. john: you saw that romney struggle with immigration and the hispanic vote up close in and not being able to solve the 2012 deportation question. getting tagged as a self deportation advocate. what can't can't do to solve the problem he has between what the general electorate wants on immigration and what his base demands? dan: i don't think much. if you believe he's trying to say something to reassure latino voters as opposed to just white, educated, suburban voters, if
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you believe he's trying to reach tina voters come i think hillary clinton, the dnc, all of the super pacs have a massive amount of resources to just for my the electorate that regardless of what he says, this is what he actually has been arguing for the past year. i think we who follow these elections from minute to meditate to think this speech is important, this cable appearance, at this stage in the election, if you are a voter in ohio, are you paying that much attention to donald trump's immigration speech? what will have a bigger impact, that or the 20 or 30 ads reminded you donald trump is -- uses xenophobia rhetoric? i don't think one speech -- it's all about math deployment of media and one speech doesn't make a difference. john: just to be clear if it was not already clear, he is famously never trumped.
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donny: he uses a lot of big words. john: dan balls is up next. if you are watching us in washington, ec, you can listen -- washington dc you can listen , to us on the radio radio at 99 .1 fm. ♪
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♪ >> he did not change his stance on anything. what he did is what he is done all along, he is speaking with the people. he is not lecturing them like other politicians. he is having a conversation. he surveyed the room and asked, what are your thoughts on this, because i want to take into account what the people say, unlike our opponent will take into account only those who contribute millions and millions of dollars to her campaign. he is having a conversation with the people of this country.
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john: that was donald trump junior talking about his father's immigration plan on cnn. that interview airs tonight. right now, the balls are in our court, so we are joined by dan balls from the washington post. also simone sanders, both in washington dc. trump immigration. can trump get out of the political pickle he finds himself in? >> not easily. he has got to try to do two things. he has got to reassure the people that have cheered him for his very, very hard anti-immigration stance from the beginning of the campaign. he has got to reassure him he is not really move. at the same time, he has to convince people who believe he has been too harsh that he is a little bit more open to some softening, if you will. you will not use award that that
8:42 pm
is what he will try to convey. that is not easy. it is very difficult. i think he has his work cut out for him, frankly. donny: what does he do? i could not disagree more. what are you going to do with the? at? >> he will concentrate on enforcing the law in this stuff away as he can while he will be probably somewhat vague on what you do about the 11 million. i am reminded of some of the things he has said over the past few days that sound very much like what rick perry used to say months and months and months ago which is, you deal with the border, you saw people were problem and you do not worry about anything else until you have done that. that does not mean you are not continuing to deport criminals or violent criminals who are here illegally, but that in one
8:43 pm
way or another, you do not make a first priority the deportation piece of what, trump said from the beginning was a key part of his policy. john: that bse this question. we were talking about pastor mark burns and his tweet that showed hillary clinton in blackface. donald trump is trying to do minority outreach to african-americans. when you have surrogates like that, should he at this point just sort of give up on this or is it still appreciated among african-americans that he is going to try, go to detroit, give a speech to an actual african-american audience and try to talk to the community? >> number one, i think it is ok if you went to disavow some of your surrogates and perhaps the donald trump campaign should explore that. i think his outreach by republicans and republican party is appreciated, but if we're talking about african-americans hard-pressed i am
8:44 pm
to find how donald trump can actually make inroads. i did what to give credit where credit is due. i have been saying for weeks that if donald trump really wants to reject to african-american voters, he wants to talk to african-american people so he should probably go to an african-american church. i am happy to hear he is coming this weekend, but i am wondering what we are going to hear donald trump say. we have not heard any real policy prescriptions from donald trump when it comes to african-american and a minority committees. again, i am interested to hear what he is going to say in terms of immigration. he really is walking a tightrope. do african-american voters believe him, the painted? i do not think so. donald trump is still running ae same race he is running year ago. i think you has on different shoes. next week, he could be hitting up a barbershop, but he still uses the same divisive rhetoric and we have not seen any real policy prescriptions. donny: there were some
8:45 pm
surprising numbers encouraging for trump with independent voters. hillary's lead has gone from 8% to 4%. he is making inroads with independent voters which means he is probably starting to slay some of the sanders people which is surprising to me given the previous numbers. in terms of your year to the ground, are you hearing any sanders people giving donald trump a second look? >> i am hearing a couple people giving donald trump a second look in terms of what he has done recently. again, this pivot, if you will, that donald trump is made is not of your pivot to get african-american or latino voters, but it is a realtor that to get voters that were leaning republican or that were maybe dollar from supporters but really, really moderate democrats that have now said, i just cannot possibly vote for someone who is fueling such divisive and racist bigoted rhetoric. i think that is what you see with these numbers. when we get to the debate, i
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think that is where the rubber meets the road. that is where people will be tuned in. we have been tuned in for such a long time but a lot of the american people have not. what donald trump says on the debate stage, is he going to go out there and be himself or be policy focused? we do not know. i think double make a difference in the numbers. john: i am going to ask a similar version of the same question. the new york times editorial board comes out with a tough editorial about the clinton foundation saying they've got to cut ties in a significant way and stop taking corporate and foreign donations right now. tell me what you think of that and where do you think the story or even ahere, liberal boys is where it is on this issue? >> i do not think it will sway the people at the clinton foundation about what they do about foreign donations. i think they're feeling is you cannot cut something like that off immediately, that there has
8:47 pm
to be some sort of transition period. whether it is smart or not, that is a different question. i do not think they feel that is practical or advisable. i think the editorial was another flashing light for the clinton operation that they have to think even more seriously about what they do if she becomes president. i think it is clear there is a building support or building consists is that the -- consensus that they have to go further than they are willing to go. we will see. i think this will be a continuing issue into will be a big issue if she is elected. john: similar question. a congressman from arizona, big supporter of bernie sanders came out in says hillary clinton has got to break ties with the foundation to make this issue go away politically. do you sense and the democratic party that there is some drift in that direction? >> i think what there is, nobody
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likes a distraction. we want to be focused on the election and the issues. at this point, the conversation, not the foundation itself but the conversation has become a distraction to the issues. so, yes, the conversation currently around the party is we would like to get back to talking about the issues. there are a lot more things that play then what judicial watch has dug up in a controversy they have helped create around the clinton foundation. that said, i do think the clinton campaign realized it has become a foundation -- distraction. that is why you saw the foundation coming out saying with a new set of guidelines if the secretary is to become president, that they will change the name. i do not think in terms of the york times editorial board they have to cut ties run out. the clinton foundation does really, really great work, work no one else is doing not only in this country but around the globe. we need network to continue. that work is important.
8:49 pm
i think it has become a distraction and currently that distraction, we are trying to take that down. john: who should play donald trump in debate prep? >> i do not know. donald trump is a special character but mark cuban said he wanted the job. john: are you ready to second the, mark cuban? to go with barnett. donny: i will throw my hat in the ring. john: coming up, what happens when donny impersonates the donald? we will find out in a mock debate when we come right back. ♪
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donny: as reports emerge on how the candidates are paring for debates, hillary clinton is considering an interesting cast to play donald trump. i would make a plea, hillary, pick me. i'm from queens, i've known trump for years and i'm a natural self promoter. john: also that hair. donny: you might be reluctant to take me seriously so i asked john heilemann to stage a mock debate with me. he will play the part of hillary , and i will be mr. trump and our colleague, joe weisenthal offered to be the moderator. joe: please welcome hillary clinton and donald trump. [applause] john: your hands really are a lot smaller than average. joe: the biggest threat to the next president is likely to be isis. donald trump, how do you plan to
8:53 pm
deal with isis? donny: while mrs. clinton was fussing around for three e-mails and lying down because she's got no stamina, i was making my isis plan and we are going to bomb every isis icer there is. joe: secretary clinton, your response? john: mr. trump, first of all, let's discuss the question if you whether no -- if you know what isis is. what do those letters stand for? donny: our president then know because he always throws in the isil. constantlyccuse me of having profiteer from my speeches and foundations. i think the american people know we have saved millions of lives, we worked on aids and malaria. if i happen to get a little rich in the process, at least i'm actually rich. donny: can i speak about foreign policy question mark john: of the various countries that border france, which is the greatest threat to american security.
8:54 pm
can you name the countries that border france? donny: this is not a quiz. i'm not here to answer quizzes. we sailed them out in world war ii and we will do it again if we have to. joe: i would like to ask another question. hillary clinton as alleged that you lack the temperament to be president. how do you respond to that accusation? donny: we've heard a lot about my temperament and the keyword his temper. when i think about the clinton foundation, my temper rises. it certainly does. when i think about those e-mails, my temper goes through the roof. john: what are your issues with article 12 of the constitution? what are your problems with article 12? donny: it's a beautiful article. it's a beautiful article and everyone knows how much i love the constitution. speaking of constitution, do you think you have the constitution to stand up for 90 minutes because we heard something about your health issues. john: there is no article 12 of the constitution. you more on.
8:55 pm
--moron. [crosstalk] john: mr. trump, i have your mcdonald's. donny: none for you. on behalf of john and myself, we apologize. ♪
8:56 pm
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♪ john: thank you for doing the show. until tomorrow, from donny and me, we both say sayonara. ♪
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♪ >> it is wednesday come the 31st of august. i am angie lau. this is "trending business". ♪ angie: we will be live in singapore this hour. but first, here is what we are watching. japan at a one-month high and set to wipe out the losses for the month. will shopping, ever grande continue acquisitions despite debt that sword to $54 bli


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