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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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john: with all due respect to amigos.audios -- adios edition, we look at the wild summer in presidential politics and look forward to the fall campaign. the fbi released notes into hillary clinton's in the practices. it includes the interview with clinton and the summary on how her server was use. much of this has been reported. there are a few things we did
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learn. she said she did not know what markings stood for. herfbi has reinforced tremendously bad judgment and dishonesty from the trump campaign. this story has been around for a while. does it change anything? >> there is no smoking gun. the problem is not that it changes the narrative. it reinforces and complicates careless -- her use is ubiquitous. hundreds of people, several hundred people knew of her address. multiple devices. 13 devices in play. trumps water for donald to go after her and keeps the narrative on a story she was to get away from.
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john: i think that is true. the trump campaign says there are 10 things that we learned from the report. all of them are -- some are interesting. none of them are not smoking guns. tiny incremental movements forward in the story. you look at the clinton campaign . it is the friday before labor day. they greeted it with equanimity. he says we are happy to have this out. it's all good. you can tell how troubling a story is by how they react in this was not a freaked out reaction for our them. there is nothing to see their. the problem isn't much to see. >> if they are freaking out they are doing a good job of hiding it. overseas to trip the russian port city where john
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sat down with vladimir putin for a wide-ranging interview. he denied involvement in the computer hack that embarrassed the democratic party but he did throw some shade calling the service-mails a public >> does it matter who hacked it? the important thing is the contempt that was given to the public. they work in the interest in one of the candidates. in this case mrs. clinton. >> the campaign responded with a statement that read unsurprisingly he has joined donald trump in cheering for an interference in the u.s. election designed to inflict damage on hillary clinton and
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democrats. they got that statement out pretty quickly. the clinton campaign jumped all over this. it does extend the storyline of the notion of vladimir putin in league with donald trump at least in principle, colluding to get involved in this american election. how much do you think the statements further that storyline? i do think they are going to continue to play it to the advantage. we will see more focus on the whenmy and domestic issues you see reports of henry kissinger saying they are not going to endorse in this race, when you look at the republicans and national security experts will have raised questions, american attitudes about russia, and wikileaks, the clinton
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campaign thinks this is a winning talking point to raise questions about whether donald trump, because he is not the republican establishment, who he is working for. john: here is the reality. according to every expert that has ruled it seems the dnc leaked e-mails were hacked by russian security services. it has been clear for a long time vladimir putin prefers donald trump. this is a brazen thing he did. e-mails that come ones,specially damaging the question of what the involvement was of russia, how much is going to influence the election, there will be a big question. that will set the stage for an explosive element of the fall campaign area donald trump is
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heading to detroit where he will visit a black church. apparently his campaign is nervous about the trip. his scheduled q&a with the local pastor is going to be reported -- recorded has been entirely scripted. the paper got its hands on preapproved lessons and answers that they were proposing for donald trump including police killings in the perception among some voters that donald trump is racist. after that story was posted they said the plans had changed. he will now address the church congregation for a few moments and visit some neighborhoods around detroit with ben carson. we have been talking about his reach it -- outreach. we understand the politics of it. every time he tries to stake --
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take a step forward he takes three steps back. is this the final nail in the coffin on this? isgaret: it's unclear if he really trying to pump up his numbers. this is too large extent to appeal to white voters in the center were concerned he is not sensitive to racial issues. the problem with scripted questions is it seems like a campaign tactic rather than a genuine interest to have a back-and-forth. he's probably put himself into a difficult corner. if the audience is that centrist bloc of voters who don't like hillary clinton that are not convinced he is sensitive to these issues. joe: if you have a surrogate who puts out a tweet with hillary
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clinton in blackface that is bad. this is worse. i think you are right. a lot of this minority outreach is about trying to reassure white voters and suburban swing states he's not as insensitive as he has been seen. this is the ultimate tell. i'm going into the african-american community and i care so little about it that i need to have the event pre-scripted for white college-educated voters. what could be more offensive? it speaks to the thing being a sham and that puts him in a deeper hole than the one he started out in. john: once you get behind -- margaret: once you get behind this, it is still the united states and you can't win a general election if that is all you've got. , it comes the
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question of african-americans and hispanic voters. back, westwe come coast strategists way and. that conversation and more after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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john: welcome back. twogured i catch up with political strategists. mike murphy ranjit push -- jeb bush is super pac. expected about what to in the general election. >> labor day is the start of the general election. this summer has felt like it started a long time ago. does labor day mean anything?
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>> i think it is the end of the election. we are going to look back and say this from the republican convention, the aftermath, the trump tweets, the attacks is ridiculous performance on immigration in that account and in phoenix. we will say that is when the election was decided. he didn't have much of a chance to begin with but this was a faithful. i'm calling him a zombie for a long time. politically dead but still moving. john: you called him that when he was competing with your guy. >> i said he would never because it of the united states. john: you used the zombie thing when he was very much alive. >> i'm going to fight you on this. i thought he would never make it to the president. i didn't think he would win the nomination. i'm sure he will not win the presidency. john: elections do get decided
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earlier and earlier. debate, is there any meaning to that? there's going to be a different character, a different texture to it? >> trump is never going to have it. pivot.t -- he is a zombie when he reads a prompter. he doesn't know how to do it. he knows it. he goes off and says something crazy. he needs the debates. if there is anything he needs or could help him it would be the first debate. he has to pass the threshold of acceptability as a potential president. could make debates his situation worse. preparing is to sit
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around with chris christie or rudy giuliani and laura ingram. john: roger ailes what a crew they've got. that is a fun crowd. ales could help them. >> trump will keep going what he has done. he will react to the daily news and try to say things to make himself feel he is doing better in the polls which are his big touchstone. he will just keep spending like thisas of this crazy trip to mexico. he tripped and mexico is a landmark thing. they previewed it in a variety of complicated ways. they made a big deal about it. this was not a spontaneous moment. they planned this. then he went and gave it. i don't understand. if you was going to be in the same place he always was, why
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did this become such a big deal? >> people and his campaign did want him to soften. they understood he has no path to victory unless he moves on this issue, unless he gets him with tino votes and reassures college-educated voters who tend to vote republican that he is reasonable. i think they spun the press, they said he is going to soften. he suggested it. >> they planted the idea. there was a huge fight in the campaign. and trump one. -- won. >> i think there is a mistake to think there is a strategy or a plan. there is the daily whim of donald trump. you have these advisors to speak to the media. we love process story. whatever that is.
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the media is trained to bark at those cookies. donald trump is not on the same frequency. he is trying to figure out where to take the plane, the toy. he is doing whatever he feels like. there is no them. there is just trump and these people around him. john: we all agree he didn't do much to advance his cause. has hillary clinton done anything right or is she just the beneficiary of his issues, problems? >> the democrats ran a great convention. from beginning to end it was choreographed brilliantly. i don't think they could have predicted the cons would have given the most memorable speech. thing that is smart is she has never gotten the way of a train wreck on the other side. to hasn't felt the need
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chase the daily headline. she has an overall strategic argument she wants to make. they have been doing it. the other thing they have done right is get out there with television advertising early, heavily and in the critical states. go into arizona, open a field office in utah. i think they have had a good summer. john: yet her unfavorable ratings are almost at his level. she continues to have the overhang about the e-mail and questions about the foundation. she can't. it seems to me that they have done various mechanical things will that she remains an imperfect candidate. they are doing all of the blocking and tackling right. >> that's the easy part.
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am frank barry that secret is out. she could make his biggest problem less if she would go to a secret laboratory and get a contrition gene inserted into gene code. she keeps creating this narrative which is the can't trust hillary thing which is real. if there was a donald trump, jeb bush or john kasich would be beating her now. i don't think they are doing that much to win but they're letting donald trump lose. john: why does it feel so tight in those key battleground states? is an iffyrolina proposition. obama has already lost it once. it was going to be narrow anyway. all of those states she could win without carrying a single one of them. there are some new pathways for her. john: i don't understand what it
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is close in nevada where she is up in virginia. >> the main thing i have learned is be careful about completely trusting early polls before the first debate. they bounce around a lot. john: we'll have more after this. ♪
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john: we're back with more my conversation with tim accredit and republican strategist. i asked them to enter into the realm of fantasy if they were hired to work on donald trump's campaign. what advice they give the campaign nominee? you would tell them what truth if he is going to have a chance of winning? >> that he is not going to win.
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i would tell him he is not going to win in the way he conducts himself is going to have an impact on how he is perceived for the rest of his life. beginning tomorrow all the way through the concession speech where he can't stand up there and say it was rigged, i was robbed. >> it would never happen. the honest answer is a boring answer. i would say you lack the character to be president. you should drop out to save the party. john: debate prep. >> this is easy. stop acting on instinct. you have to actually learn what you're going to do. you have to have a strategy. you have to practice and learn issues. he would not do any of it. >> no shouting. tried to present a picture about fromveryone benefits
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the presidency. john: your heart with hillary. >> you seem to think you were supposed to have a different persona when you are in public than in private. your private persona is terrific. let more and more of that show. b less guarded. >> get out of the defensive stop putting the be who you are not. tell your debate team is no audience. so donald trump is alone. take away his oxygen. start with well written. and short. -- frame him as a bully and put him back on his heels. >> richard nixon won the flip to decide who will go first in the 1960 debate. he said i would like to go second. he thought i can refute anything
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he says. kennedy one out there and said out his theme, his message. nixon ended up just responding. what she does in the first minute is critical. joe: do you think she should try to play head games? is that a reasonable thing? >> he will blowup if you start winning. john: what is the scenario, there is some small percentage that he wins. what is the scenario that haunts you. what kind of thing could happen? >> the nightmare is a flying saucer lands and alien says bring us your king.
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, somethan that scenario sort of late terrorist attack where there is a rage impulse and donald trump is the hammer. the other impulse would be sober leadership. -- if there is a national theory at the right time, is donald trump the instrument of rage. >> the problem is people might say we can't in this kind of volatile situation rely on donald trump. he proved that case. as he did after orlando. by tweeting out i told you so. i'm right. everything is about him. it is never about the people who lost their lives. >> who was the most valuable endorsement out there right now?
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: powell would be viable for hillary clinton. that may be problematic. i don't know him very well. i can't imagine powell endorsing donald trump. >> i'm not a big believer in pivotedents, but if he ,nd all the dreams came true george w. bush saying this guy can be president would have a huge impact. records, if hillary clinton wins the election, how many electoral votes? >> 348. >> 326. that is relatively tight. that has donald trump in the 200. >> i just see it losing.
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i haven't looked at the details of the rubble. neither one of you sees her surpassing barack obama in 2008. >> if donald trump keeps behaving this way and she doesn't encounter a big in the row she could win more than 340 electoral votes. right now he is not ahead in any battleground state that i know of. in arizona it is a tie. >> he has put some republican states in play for them. back, aen we come season of hot weather and hot takes after this. ♪ . . .
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♪ ♪ john: congratulations. you survived your second, yes, second summer of trump. for us at bloomberg politics,
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the last couple months flew by so fast, we thought we would take a moment on the eve of labor day weekend to reflect back on the subplots and sub -subplots of the republican nominee's summer. >> if you are saying he cannot do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? mr. trump: i don't think so. he's a mexican. we are building a wall between us and mexico. >> claiming a person cannot do a job because of their race is the textbook definition of a racist comment. mr. trump: when i am elected, i will suspend integration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the united states. >> i do not think a muslim ban is in our country's interest's. i don't think it is reflective of our principles, not just as a party, but as a country. >> a lot of the media and a lot of republicans, mostly ones who don't want trump to win,
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including some who do, think this is being cooked right now in a way that will be difficult for trump to recover from. mr. trump: the republicans, our leaders have to get tougher. this is too tough to do it alone, but i think i will be forced to. >> the notion you can go it alone, that you can become president of the united states with no help from anyone, it is on the, all going to -- it is on the, it is all going to be the, is not in touch with reality. >> donald trump used his signature line "you're fired" today. >> why did trump get rid of corey lewandowski? >> after months of tension, two having people -- having two people trying to run the campaign, bickering, donald trump's children and some other advisers convinced him this had to be done now. hillarydamr. trump: the most corrupt
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person to ever seek the presidency of the united states. themes of not being evil to rely on hillary clinton to change things, they were well-chosen, and he will keep those up. >> our billionaire republican presented nominee happened to be in the united kingdom today and reacted to brexit. mr. trump: i see a parallel between what happened in the united states, and what happened here. mr. trump: saddam hussein was a bad guy, but he killed terrorists. thing has gotten as much attention as the stuff he said about hillary clinton and e-mails. >> speculation has reached critical mass. there are a lot of news outlets, including cbs news, reporting pence is the choice for trump. he is a steady influence. a policy guy. the opposite of trump in a lot of ways. that will reassure people. >> i have a great deal of respect for john mccain. >> did he go too far? mr. trump: you can say yes.
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theor a lot of people, performance on "60 minutes" was cringe-inducing, because mike pence was saying things about various issues he clearly did not believe. >> melania's speech. twitter says she copied michelle obama. > this has a lot of republicans concerned. they have done nothing to turn the page on a narrative that is killing them. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. >> everyone is still talking about the fallout from last night. endorsement-less speech. mr. trump: i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. >> i thought it was pretty good. it certainly ended the convention on a high note, compared to what they were facing just one day before. mr. trump: russia, if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> there is no upside for donald trump, to give ammunition to the
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democrats at this moment. >> gold star family's of u.s. servicemembers killed in combat are demanding an apology from the nominee for repeatedly khan's motherain and father. as if this were not enough trouble, the campaign is dealing with another issue. mr. trump: he's not going to go into ukraine. >> russia went into ukraine two years ago. this is not a headline you need to be an expert to know about. >> the campaign is in good shape. we are moving forward. >> make no mistake. it could be worse, but behind the scenes there is panic in the republican party. mr. trump: we are reducing your taxes from 35% to 15%. regulationso cut massively. here is a coherent set of ideas that republicans, and he hopes others, can get on
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board with. mr. trump: if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> he looks to be a showman. he loves to joke. it was a joke that was not appropriate. mr. trump: i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. the founders. >> calling president obama and clinton "the founders of isis and m.v.p. -- they don't get sarcasm?" could explain the new trump slogan -- could i be any lower in the polls? >> trump has shaken up his senior staff. if kellyanne conway gets on the plane with trump, goes to events, keeps him focused, that improves his chances of winning. >> paul manafort, out. >> my father didn't want to have the distraction looming over the campaign, and looming over the issues hillary is facing now. mr. trump: you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs.
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what the hell do you have to lose? >> the nihilism of "what do you have to lose," that is, as arguments go, you have to hand it to trump for innovating. >> flew to mexico city for his first meeting with a foreign head of state. mr. trump: we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment. that will be for a later date. mr. trump: we will build a great wall along the southern border, and mexico will pay for the wall. a special "with all due reflect" hillary clinton's summer when we come back. ♪
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john: the weather report in hillary land this summer was a
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little sunny, a little stormy, a little breezy,, and definitely heated. here is a quick recap of hillary clinton's summer non-vacation. ms. clinton: i believe the person the republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. >> it was a sustained attack on trump, and she showed she can do it with humor, and i would say elegance, and despite what from said about her, a pretty good performance. last night the associated press reported that clinton had reached the magic number that she needs to advance as her party's standardbearer. ms. clinton: bridges are better than walls. >> she leaves this race now with a bigger head of steam dan a lot of people expected. >> democrats have more confidence in her ability than they have had in months. president obama: i am fired up, and i can't wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> the coordination between this
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president and his chosen successor is tighter than anyone in modern history. ms. clinton: the orlando but thet may be dead, virus that poisoned his mind remains very much alive. >> she's playing at a very high level now. she still has room to grow. her biggest weakness is still the record. ms. clinton: i have clearly said, we face terrorist enemies who use a perverted version of islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. suggests -- what donald suggests, he has not been listening. economists on the right, the left, and the center all agree. trump would throw us back into recession. >> i thought this was solid. sharp, strong. make the case she wanted to make. not as effective as the first speech, the foreign policy driven one, only because that had the element of surprise. >> i am here today because i'm with her. [applause] likees she look, to you,
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hillary clinton's running mate? years andore than two $7 million spent by the benghazi committee on attacks, they reported today they had found nothing. >> republicans could not have played more into hillary clinton's hands on the thematics of how you investigate clinton. >> the clinton campaign is getting blowback today for an ordinary, and in another way to extort neri private conversation on monday between bill clinton and attorney general loretta lynch. >> bad judgment. horrible judgment. >> this will add to the partisan tint of the decision. >> although we did not find clear evidence secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless.
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we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. >> the story, indictment or no indictment. if hillary clinton was indicted, or director comey suggested charges should be brought, this would be one of the worst days of her life. she might not be the democratic nominee, and might not be the president of the united states. ms. clinton: please join me in welcoming the present of the united states, barack obama. >> the crowd here was in love with what they saw on stage. and the clinton people were in love with it, too. they think that's very powerful, that he was once a critic of hers, now a convert. >> no reasonable prosecutor would bring the second case in 100 years focused on gross negligence. should have known, must've known, had to know does not get you there. >> hillary clinton won the day. lot, but so dida
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the republicans. they did not have a strategy. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i am proud to stand with her today. >> already a rocking, rollicking convention, and we are just kidding started here. sanders, infuriated by revelations of the dnc's wikileaks e-mail leak. >> can i just say, to the bernie or bust people, you are being ridiculous. i move that: hillary clinton be selected as the nominee for the democratic party. ms. clinton: i accept your nomination. >> all those speakers, prosecuting that case, that frame, is the reason why it was more successful than the cleveland convention. ms. clinton: director comey said my answers were truthful and are consistent with what i told the american people.
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>> e-mail thing has taken a huge toll. she paid a big medical price. >> e-mails show a pattern of suggest,oing what they moving along so that everybody wins, except in some cases, critics would argue, the american people. >> hillary understands that the most damaging thing to a parent is to look at a sick child, a child in need, and not be able to do anything. they need tot hole fill quickly is around the clinton foundation. years,s been teed up for and the fact the clinton campaign is still taking foreign donations seems highly questionable. >> today the ap reported more than half of hillary clinton's meetings with people outside the government when she was secretary of state where with individuals who gave money to the clinton foundation in some way. it is clearly the case, if there ever is a quid pro quo established, where donors ask for something and the state department changes foreign policy, it will be explosive.
5:45 pm
we don't have it yet. but there is still something scathing -- skeevy. ms. clinton: donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> they have gotten very good at getting people to focus on trump, because he gives so much ammunition. ms. clinton: you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends, for acting like a loose cannon. thedo it by putting in slow, hard work of building relationships. john: coming up, almost scintillating, fascinating -- our most scintillating, fascinating summer interviews. if you are in washington dc, you can also listen to us on the radio at 90.1 fm. we will be right back. -- 99.1 fm. we will be right back. ♪
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john: over the course of the summer, we heard from a lot of different voices. politicians, writers, entertainers,. here are some of our favorite moments from the past couple months. >> there are an incredible array of good stories. what's the most relevant story in the book to understanding what's happening in 2016? >> you have to go to wallace in 1968. he tapped into anger with blue-collar americans with the elite, and got to the crux of it, that they make decisions that you have to pay for, and we will not stand for it anymore. than you get the idea that wallace, the voters always said, he speaks his mind. there was a sense that wallace said something other people were not. >> the first candidate i covered was bill clinton. i thought, presidential candidates are great speakers,
5:49 pm
who worked 20 hours a day. your first president of candidate, equally unusual, trump. what is it like to cover him, day-to-day? >> it is a wild roller coaster ride, or as i said, a hurricane making landfall on a daily basis. you never know. you can be doing one story until 5:30, 6:30 when the nightly news comes around, and then he will tweet something or say something that upends the entire process. i never thought in my life i would hear somebody running for president say some deals was "schlonged." >> i think he will see more pop-culture moving to the political business, what we call pre-aware titles. but voters will develop more of a filter, were maybe a kardashian is not as good of an option, whereas summit who did their homework, like clooney or sinise, could work. >> you were not thrilled by that
5:50 pm
topic initially. what turned you around? >> the idea that they came to me with this broader canvas, which was, we wanted to five hours. the thing that appeal to me about the five hours part of it, what i was reluctant to do was a story about his guilt or innocence, or a regurgitation of the trial. so as soon as i realized i had a bigger canvas to work with, i said, i can tell a story about l.a., about race in america, race in los angeles, about who identityom a race and standpoint. a story about all the things i actually am interested in, that i feel have been overlooked in expanding the events of 94-95. >> donald trump were not our nominee and hillary had the last couple days she did, our nominee would be up 10 points. if hillary were not the nominee, and there were another democrat, she's obviously very flawed, running against a guy like trump, the democratic nominee would be up 15 points.
5:51 pm
but right now we have two very flawed candidates, and it's tragic for the republicans that we are reminded of another missed opportunity in this cycle. >> evaluate how the convention has gone, from the point of view of uniting the party behind donald trump. >> we are moving in the right direction. this week, we will be largely united, if not entirely. that's important, because in the end united party is not enough. republicans do not make up a majority in this country anymore than do democrats. we have to be ready to appeal to moderates, independents, and disaffected democrats. >> where do the bernie people from your state stand? >> we have had an incredibly positive mood in our delegation. we worked really hard. maybe we are a caucus state and we're kind of used to this. nothing is always rosy. whokeith ellison, introduced bernie as a congressman for our state, we announced our delegate count together, and we both worked
5:52 pm
really hard to make sure that we come together. i think you will see that. of course he will have people yelling here and there. if the convention. it's the democratic party. but overall, this notion that people who want to do something about climate change are going to vote for a guy who says it is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese, or that somebody who wants to do more with diplomacy is going to support a guy who just says, you know, basically told russia to engage in espionage -- this doesn't feel like the bernie supporters to me. >> was there any time during the democratic nomination fight that you thought you might lose to bernie sanders? >> i can't say i was nervous. it's just like in the general. people say, you see this? you get nervous. you have this much of this, that much of that, and then i don't get nervous. >> this makes me qualified.
5:53 pm
one of the biggest challenges this country faces is the threat of islamist terrorism. i am the only credible candidate who has any experience whatsoever, firsthand, fighting terrorists. i know exactly what needs to be done to defeat isis and other such groups, and on day one i can start that process. i have 100% confidence in that. i have zero debt. this is my wheelhouse. >> i will make you a deal. i will look you in the eye, tell him i will look him in the eye, and, if hillary releases all the transcript from the wall street speeches -- >> there is no precedent for that. >> i want the 30,000 e-mails. some smart kid out in silicon valley, they can get them for us. you are on. i will pay you. >> what is the chance trump will win? >> looking at the august polls, 20% or less. >> 20% that a major party candidate would win? >> when i look at the polls today, taking all the swing states, hillary clinton is winning. but i will say exactly what you
5:54 pm
said, to be fair. it is august. >> you are both numbers people. what his trump's floor in the popular vote? >> 40-some, 42%, 43%. >> with gary johnson and jill stein in the ballot? her ceiling is about 47%. >> then you will win, probably. >> could win. >> eventually everyone gets tired. everyone gets exhausted. once the election is over with, nobody wants to be involved in your. a show likeis that "hamilton" keeps that interest piqued, and those 16-year-old kids pay a little more attention in civics class, figure out a little more about what happened before i was born, so i can have a context for what's happening now. john: we will be right back.
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♪ john: many thanks to my friend in washington for helping the close-out the summer. go to right now for all our coverage of bloomberg's exclusive interview with vladimir putin. margaret, what you doing this weekend? margaret: lots of poo timel. trying to stay off the campaign trail. john: sounds like a good agenda. from all of our colleagues at bloomberg politics, we say to you "sayonara." ♪
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taylor: you are watching "bloomberg west." let's start with a check of your bloomberg first word news. the fbi released details of its investigation into hillary clinton's use of private e-mail
6:00 pm
while secretary of state. clinton has denied she was using private e-mails v tooi -- to void federal open records laws. donald trump met with african american leaders in detroit today. the republican nominee is working to appeal to minority voters. the president of his pakistan -- uzbekistan has died of a stroke. islam karmov was 78 years old. brought storm hermine scattered reports of flooded roads and power outages, but no major damages. tropicaleakened to storm strength as it moved across the southeast. the system could hit connecticut and rhode island through labor day. global news, 24 hours a


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