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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 3, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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congratulations. you survived your second -- yes, second -- summer of trump. we thought we would use this labor day weekend to look at the b-subplots of the summer. >> if you are saying he cannot do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? mr. trump: he is mexican. textbookyan: it is the definition of a racist comment.
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mark: get used to it. there's going to be more of it. will suspend emigration from areas of the world where there is a proven theory of terrorism against united states. speaker ryan: i do not think in muslim ban is reflective of our principles, not just as a party come about our country. mark: a lot of the media, a lot thispublicans think that thing is being cooked right now in a way that would be difficult for trump to recover from. know, the you republicans -- honestly, folks, our leaders have to get tougher. you know what, i think i will be forced to. john: the notion you can go it alone, you can become president with no help from anyone, it is all me, all me -- that is not in touch with reality. >> donald trump used his fired"re line "you're
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today. mark: after months of tension, having two people try to run the campaign, bickering over personnel decisions, donald trump's children and other advisors convinced him he this had to be done now. clinton mayillary be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states. of the themes trump chose about changing the country, not being able to rely on hillary clinton, i thought those were well-chosen. >> the presumptive republican nominee reacted to the brexit news. a. trump: i really do see parallel between what is happening in the united states and what is happening here. saddam hussein was a bad guy. but do you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. as much, if not
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more attention than the stuff he's at about -- he said about hillary. mark: in the republican veepstakes, people are reporting pence. governor pence: i have a great deal of respect for john mccain. >> do you think he went too far? mr. trump: you can say yes. it's ok. governor pence: clearly this man is not a politician. john: you have mike pence saying these things about issues he does not clearly believe. >> she copied michelle obama. this has a lot of republicans back to being concerned about the competence of the campaign. >> stand and speak and vote your conscience. mark: everybody is still talking
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about the fallout from last night, ted cruz's endorsement-less speech. mr. trump: i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. mark: i think it ended the convention on a high note, compared to what they were saying a day before. you'remp: russia, if listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. no upside for donald trump to give ammunition to the democrats in this moment. gold star families are demanding an apology from the republican -- as ifho repeatedly this is not enough trouble for donald trump, the campaign is dealing with a different controversy over the weekend. intorump: he's not going ukraine. just so you understand. ukraine twont into years ago. this is not something you have to be a super expert to know about. mark: make no mistake, while it
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could be worse, below the scenes, there is panic in the republican party. mr. trump: we are reducing your taxes from 35% to 15%. i am going to cut regulations massively. mark: moore than he ever has in this campaign, he said, it here is a coherent set of ideas that republicans -- and he hopes others -- can get on board with. mr. trump: if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. showman.loves to be a let's do joke. it was a joke that was not appropriate. mr. trump: i called president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they are the founders. sarcasm"?y don't get new might explain his
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slogan -- trump 2016 -- could i be any lower in the polls? gets on the conway plane with chuck and keeps them focused, that could change. >> the campaign chair out. >> my father did not want the distraction. and friendly, look at the issues that hillary is facing now. mr. trump: you are living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> the nihilism of what do you have to lose -- give credit to trump for innovating. john: his first meeting with a foreign head of state. mr. trump: we did discuss the wall. we did not discuss payment of the wall. that will be for a later date. we will build a great wall along the southern border in mexico will pay for the wall. john: the weather report in
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was a little stormy, a little breezy, and a little heated. here is a quick recap of clinton's summer non-vacation. dr. carson i believe the person the republicans have nominated for president -- that with pretty good performance skills. last night the associated press reported that clinton had reached the mega-majestic magic numbers she needs to advance the general election as her party's standardbearer. ms. clinton: bridges are better than walls. she started out with a bigger head of steam that a lot of people expected she would. democrats have more confidence in her performance ability than they have had in months. president: i am fired up, and i cannot wait to campaign. mark: the coordination between
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the sitting president and his chosen successor is tighter than any other times in history. ms. clinton: the virus that poisoned his mind is very much alive. her biggest weakness, i started to say, is still the record. ms. clinton: we faced terrorist enemies who use a perverted version of islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. donald suggests i will not call this threat what it is -- he has not been listening. economists on the right and the left and the center all agree -- trump would throw us back into recession. i thought this was solid, sharp, strong. it made the case she wanted to make. not as effective as the first one, the foreign policy driven one. partially because that would have the element of surprise. >> i am here today because i'm with her. yes. look, to you, at
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that event like hillary clinton's running mate? you clinton was smart she would consider elizabeth very seriously. clinton:ton: -- ms. the report today that it found nothing. could notrepublicans have played more into hillary clinton pro hands. the clinton campaign is getting blowback for an ordinary, and in some ways extort her, private discussion between the clinton and attorney general loretta lynch. >> bad judgment. horrible judgment. mark: this will add to the partisan tension of the decision in a way that was unnecessary. >> although we did not find evidence that secretary clinton intended to mishandle
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information, they were extremely careless. we have expressed to justice argued, no charges are appropriate. john: indictment or no indictment. if director komi recommended that, this would be one of the worst days and hillary clinton's life. she may not be the democrat nominee and might not be the president of the united states. ms. clinton: please join me in welcoming the president of the united states, barack obama. president obama: hillary! hillary! of hers,t's a critic now a convert. that is a big, powerful plus. >> should have known, must've known, had to know does not get you there. clinton won the day. they were not ready for the strategy. it was not as bad as the benghazi hearing.
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did not have the strategy. senator sanders: hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her today. a raucous,s already rollicking convention and we are just getting started. sanders supporters infuriated by revelations in the wiki leaks leak. just sayverman: can i to the bernie or bust people, you are being ridiculous. senator sanders: i nominate hillary clinton as the democratic candidate for president of the united states. ms. clinton: i accept your nomination. john: that frame is why they will be more successful than the cleveland convention. y saidinton: director come my answers were truthful. john: she has paid a big
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political price. mark: these e-mails show a pattern of clinton doing what the critics suggest -- moving stuff along so everybody wins, except in some cases, critics would argue, the american people. the mostderstands damaging thing to a parent is to look at a child, a sick child, a child in need and not be able to do anything. the clinton foundation has been teed up for years. the fact that the clinton campaign is still taking foreign donations at this point seems highly questionable. today, the ap reported more than half of hillary clinton's meetings with people outside of the government while she was secretary of state was with individuals who gave money to the clinton foundation in some way. it was clearly a case if there was ever a quid pro quo that gets established where a donor thed for something and
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state department changed policy, it will be explosive. there is still something seedy. ms. clinton: donald trump has based his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking a groups -- hate groups mainstream. john: they have gotten very good at flipping the bit. donald trump gives them so much ammunition. ms. clinton: you do not do this by going off like a loose cannon. you do it with the slow, hard work of building relationships. john: our favorite moments from the past few months -- that is up next. ♪
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john: over the course of this past summer we have heard a lot of different voices from politics, media, and culture. here are some of our favorite moments.
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there are an incredible array of good stories in this book. what is the most relevant story in the book understanding what is happening in 2016? >> you have to go to wallace and 1968. wallace tapped into the anger with regular blue-collar workers and the elite and got to the crux of it, which is the fancy pants he leaves make all of these decisions that you pay for and where not point to stand for it anymore. i feel like that is a very similar intimate. then you get the idea that wallace -- the voters always said, he speaks his mind. there is the sense that wallace said something other people weren't. mark: mark: the first presidential candidate i covered was bill clinton. and i thought, wow, presidential candidates are interesting and hours a day. what is it like to cover trump 20 hours a day? >> it is a roller coaster ride, or a hurricane makes landfall on a
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daily basis. you never know what his point to happen. you could be doing one story up 6:30, the, and at nightly news comes around and he will tweet something or say something that up in steep process. i never thought i would hear someone running for president say that someone was "s chlonged." weyou will see more of what in the movie business call pre-aware titles and move into the place. but i think maybe a kardashian is not a good idea, but someone who did their homework, like a clooney on the left or gary's in nice on the right could be an attractive candidate. you were not thrilled by that topic initially. what turned you around? >> the idea that they came to me with the smarter canvas, which was we want to do five hours. as soon as we got to be five hours part of it, what i was
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reluctant to do was a story about his guilt or innocence or a regurgitation of the trial. as soon as it happened that i had a bigger canvas to work with, i said, oh, i can tell a story about l.a., race in america, race in los angeles, who oj was from a racial identity standpoint, a story about the lapd. feelry about things that i it been overlooked in explaining the events of 94-95. >> is donald trump were not our nominee and hillary clinton had had the couple of days she did, we would be up. we have these two very flawed candidates and i think it is tragic for the republicans that we are reminded of yet another missed opportunity in the cycle. how thealuate convention has gone from the point of view of uniting the party behind donald trump.
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just what i think we are moving the right direction. i think we will be largely united, if not entirely. is not enough. we have got to come out if you're ready to appeal to moderates and disaffected democrats. where do the people of minnesota stand? ?hat is their mood >> we have had an incredibly positive mood and we worked really hard. used to protest. nothing is always rosy. keith ellison, who introduced to bernie, they announced to the delegate count together, and we worked very hard to make sure we come together. and i think you will see that in our delegation. of course, you are going to get people yelling here and there. if the convention. this is the democratic party. but overall this notion that who want to do something
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about climate change will apport a guy who say it is hoax perpetrated by the chinese or was to do more with diplomacy is going to support a guy who basically tells russia to engage in espionage -- i mean, this does not feel like the burning supporters to me. john: was there any time during the democrat nomination fight you thought she might lose the bernie sanders? >> i can't say i wasn't nervous, but i never thought she would lose. once i thought about it, just like in the general -- oak him a did you see this. i would come back and think about it. well, this much of this and that much of that. i don't get nervous. >> one of the biggest challenges this country faces is the threat of islamist terrorism. i am the only credible candidate who has any experience whatsoever firsthand fighting terrorists. i know exactly what needs to be done to defeat isis and other
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such groups and on day one, i can start that process. i have 100% confidence in that. i have zero doubt this is my wheelhouse -- >> i will make you a deal. i will look you in the eye. 30% -- excuse me, 30,000 e-mails -- 30,000 e-mails. [indiscernible] some smart kid out in silicon valley, they can get them. you are on. what will it take for come to when? >> looking at the august polls, 20% or less. >> 20% less that a major party candidate would win? >> hillary clinton is winning. i will say what you said, to be fair -- it is august. there is plenty of time. mark: what is trump for floor in the popular vote? >> 40-something percent. the ceiling and the
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popular vote? >> with gary johnson? >> about 47%. mark: oh, then you will win. >> once the election is over, everyone is exhausted and was to be involved anymore. but my hope is that a show like "hamilton" keeps that interest those 15-year-olds and 16-year-olds -- i'm going to find out a little bit more about what happened before i was born so i can understand how the context works out. john: coming up, we talk about the controversy around san francisco 49ers were that colin kaepernick. stay tuned. ♪
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john: there are few events in the annals of american politics
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no one will ever forget -- where they world -- where they were moon, man landed on the when barack obama was inaugurated, and when colin stand for refused to the national anthem. notn kaepernick: it was something that was planned. i think the presidential candidates represent the issue we have in this country right now. >> [indiscernible] : i mean, youick have to worry who have called black teens or black kids super predators and you have donald openly racist. we have a presidential candidate who has deleted e-mails and done and a illegally presidential candidate -- that doesn't make sense. if that was any other person, they would be in prison. what is this country really
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standing for? >> [indiscernible] can you see people say, why the outrage in a country that has done many things -- colin kaepernick: it has elected a black president, but there are a lot of things that haven't changed. and contributor will each has a piece calling this "a pivotal moment." says a lot of players will not appreciate what he did because he forced them off the sidelines, even if they agree. you cannot dance between the raindrops forever. go into more detail about your argument here. will: we have had moments in recent history with lebron james
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and they wore hoodies to support the family of trayvon martin. there has never been anything too controversial. this is different. it is one thing to wear a hoodie in support of trayvon martin. it's another thing not to stand up for the flag, particularly in the nfl, where the military gives money to nfl teams to promote them on the field. what this did was -- you did not y major black ever athlete after lebron james wears t-shirt andbreathe" ask what is your stance on that? this seems to have crossed over. they may not know all of the details of the "i can't breathe" shirt. they understand this. the: thank you for watching latest edition of the best of
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"with all due respect." and if you are watching us in what, d c, you can listen to us as well. we will see you back on tuesday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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♪ emily: i am emily chang and this is the best of "bloomberg west" where we bring you the top news in tech. coming up, the iphone maker coughs up $18 billion. is europe putting tech giants a notice? plus, shares jumped off a conversation with ed williams. we will bring you the interview with the twitter cofounder. it is go time for commercial drones.


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