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tv   Bloombergs Studio 1.0  Bloomberg  September 10, 2016 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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♪ >> one is a mountain climber and the other one dabbles in fiction writing. in our next guest, former governor of new mexico, gary johnson. it and his running mate. it thank you for joining us. policy andlk about talk about the u.s. and chinese relationship. what is working and what is not working that you would try to change his president? gary: i think we need to join arms with china. diplomatically, that is something we have to push for. free trade and believe in free
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trade. i believe the tpp does not include china. look, i do not view china as the adversary. i don't view them as an adversary. >> do you see them as a military threat? would not think of it it in those respects. coming from the reformist government. i thought that at the end of the day, he would want to give the country in a more western -orientation for economics purposes. he has decided that the communist party has to be protected at all cost. we had this huge anticorruption probe. and being responsible -- responsive to what the people
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wanted beijing. there is a lot to work with in terms of making him look good. i think we can engage productively on that basis >. >> we are seeing the tube of the iceberg in government-controlled. economy. economy. >> give me a sense of what your posture would be towards russia? engageuld like to vladimir putin in a game of chess. i think bill would like to have the same opportunity. we need to join hands with russia if a medically to deal with syria. that is the solution. did we want to go to war over the baltic sea? i don't believe so.
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ussr -- it broke up. ukraine, part of the ussr. if you want to call that a civil war. i would not call it a civil where, but a division of alliances. to be want to inject ourselves and that? going forward, i would like to strengthen relations with russia and not have a policy of division or antagonism. >> did you feel like russia was trying to medal end the american election? >> it trend that away. that is the second most important relationship after china. what vladimir putin what's to do --wants to do is not in our best interest. while the whole world
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acquiesced, that was an aggressive move. countryas been a great for a long time. nothing would give me greater pleasure than being able to find common ground there. i think syria is exhibit a. chef in the last couple of years -- it is not hopeless. >> current supreme court justice that you would nominated why? >> i never name names for anything. i talk about qualifications, but it is a mistake to name names in governor of-- as new mexico, i was surprised at the people who came to apply for every single job in the state government, agreeing with you governor johnson philosophically on what you have to say. the notion that the print court
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nominee would view -- the supreme court nominee would be the constitution with -- today, we are going to get a briefing on what those words really mean and how we might better describe that. >> it means a lot. original intent -- keep in mind that this is a government of enumerated powers. under the 10th amendment, powers not expressly conferred on the federal government are reserved to the state or the people. >> what is the current supreme court decision on the book that you disagree with? >> i would dialback citizens united. i don't think jerry agrees with that. -- gary agrees with that. and the one taking from public purposes and giving it to a private party.
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it did not work out. about were asked legalizing marijuana and asked about other black markets, like sports gambling, prostitution. you did not into the question. are you in favor for those markets? >> those are state's issues. i am not looking at a federal standpoint to address those. i do believe that the federal government did step in and prevent online poker from occurring. whatever decision, or whatever i might do to reverse that, i would reverse that. shouldou think -- prostitution be legal? inleaving it to the state principle -- look, i have never engaged the services and i have no intention of doing so, but if you were to do so, where would you do that? and the only state where it was
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knew, in nevada where you you would not contract a sexually transmitted disease. but i would leave that to the state. >> fabulous way to end the segment. we will talk more about the challenges they face, coming up.
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>> we are back with gary johnson and bill wells. the big question you are facing is 50% threshold to get into that first presidential debate. is that threshold too high? >> the issue is that we are not included in any topline poll, meaning johnson, trump, clinton, that does not occur, period. 100% of polar trump and clinton, and we are the third name down. if we were on the top line tomorrow, we would be a 20% minimum. i have said this humorously
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before, if mickey mouse were the third name included with trump and clinton, mickey would be a 30 because mickey is a known commodity. but mickey is not on the belly -- but mickey is not on the ballot in all 50 states, but we are. abouthave a story talking -- a lot of western and mountain states, why spend money advertising in states like that rather than going national to drive your number of? 20 3%, 25% inhat those states. maybepublican coach said running well above 50% in swing 15% in swing states would be good. he was at 13% yesterday at the washington post. he leads among active military
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and millennials and second among independents. it is not like we are way down there. the 15% figure is arbitrary. the annenberg commission recommended that they lower that to 10%. the overwhelming fact is that 75% to 80% of the electorate wants us in debates. the presidential commission is a tax-exempt, nonprofit sole purpose is to educate the citizenry of the presidential election. johnson/wellsay, should not be in the debate. they are answering the wrong question. they are answering the question, who do the like as the president of the united states? questionanswering the of who should be president instead of --
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>> if your poll numbers are high and they reach a decision and they are not quite high in a certain timeframe, are you prepared to take action to reverse their decision? >> i think there will be consequences to that. did you take action to try to change that? >> they took a lot of heat for it. i think there will be a lot of heat that will go a long without not putting us in the debate. legalernor wells, any action? beingy are not nonpartisan which is a condition of their tax exemption. they will go out of existence. >> that would not get you into the debate, right? >> not in time for the first debate. >> would you do a lawsuit?
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>> public opinion would be better than any lawsuit. a lawsuit buries the issue. i will make a lot of noise between now and november 8. are you beyond the powers of your charter? are you answering the long , ortion -- wrong question being faithful to your mission? suggested thatls -- if you don't make it into the first debate, do you continue to press on? >> absolutely. you could have a situation if they announce the debates in seven or eight days, that could reverse itself. nothing can be in concrete because this is a moving target. i will just tell you, we have a lot of momentum going here. if you were to choose anything
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happening in your candidacy, it would be momentum. momentum does not reverse itself. >> when you said announce the debates, you mean announce who will be in the debate? who was playing donald trump in your debate prep? >> he does not know what yet, but that person is sitting here. >> who was playing hillary clinton then? [laughter] are you feeling --we would love to have you on all the time. to you think the media is giving you enough access to make your case on issues? >> there is an insatiable appetite on current media right now. have you seen abraham lincoln political video, which is now the most watched lyrical video of all time? it came out 10 days ago and there have been 18 million views. >> you don't feel like you are being the night access to the
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airwaves? >> more would never hurt. >> we promise to give you more. governor gary johnson and bill wells. thank you. we will be right back.
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♪ >> it has been a rough day for the libertarian candidate for president, jimmie johnson. the answer -- gary johnson. here is a quick guide to the last 24 hours for governor johnson. >> george washington university battleground survey, gary johnson has 11% support among likely voters. plus.tes at 10% mitt romney tweeted it, i hope to see gary johnson and bill wells on the debate stage.
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we need to join arms with china. >> what would you do if you are elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> it is going to be a platform -- a big platform. >> i am an incredibly frustrated with myself. >> what do you think will happen? >> i have to get smarter. and that is part of the process. aleppoou don't know what is, you can't be president. >> cary johnson had no idea what aleppo was. >> his response was, what is aleppo? >> did you have a brain freeze moment? >> no excuse. i was digging in terms of acronym --aleppo. >> when governor johnson left here yesterday, we were pretty
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bullish on the progress of the campaign. this is the worst moment in the most attention after the days passed. how do you think he stands? two, bill wells has more policy knowledge then gary johnson. it is a big problem. this is a key moment and will get a lot of attention, and it is the wrong kind of attention. i don't know if it is strictly speaking disqualifying because trump has done 10 things that are worse. it is problematic. it is not great. >> he was on "the view." he is handling it ok. we need to hear more from governor wells. -- i thinknk conventional wisdom says he is dead. we have two candidates in the race under --in the reset has
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done a lot worse. he needed momentum to get into the first debate. as he said, he needs to get better known and he is better known now. he will be on broadcast network news and talked about in social media more than ever before. he has to figure out to parlay it into positive attention. >> given the way of million -- given the way many millions of americans feel about donald trump and hillary clinton, and this makes them export gary johnson more, they may forgive the fact that he is not the other two. >> mary, it is great to see you here. we have a history of you and your libertarianism. your party's candidate, gary johnson, may have had a moment. what you think about the question mark -- dead? >> the problem is that he really
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is not a libertarian. issuet think the aleppo will give him. know,s election, as you the two major candidates, 50% of their support is due to not liking the other guy. hillary supporters don't like trump. supporters areis predicated on they don't like either of the others. but if you are a libertarian -- >> in what ways is he not a libertarian? >> he is the equivalent of a cafeteria catholic. religious liberty is the essence of liberty, at least american liberty. he is not on point on things. , and i lovely fellow hope he does get to the debate, but i would rather austin pearson with the candidate. >> i don't want to oversimplify
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what being a libertarian means, but he is for lower government, less taxes on the fiscal side, and for less government for social issues. he doesn't have it in his gut? >> relative to the one party, which is two parties representing one interest, he is more libertarian than that. classical not a libertarian. >> he is not an intellectual -- >> you are making me say something mean about him. >> i agree he has some positions a little bit off and he won't remember the party for more than 20 minutes. i just don't get the span of -- apparently, there is no temporary adaptation of libertarian principles to trade to foreign policy.
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>> we are not going to solve this. the polls show trump within striking distance to get to 270. give us your general handicapping. trump have a 20% chance? >> he has a 100% chance of winning. >> you think he is deadly -- you think he is definitely going to win? dumpingte hillary hundreds of millions of dollars. >> you think hillary clinton has a 0% chance of winning? >> maybe 10%. i just think he is going to win. the senate races in those particular states are turning out every cell under every rock. -- he is coming
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back to the right places and is in the margin of error. rnc in the senate races in the down ballot races -- people are being nervous about the house now -- that will be his -- >> he has a 90% chance of winning. a miniou know, i have puppy in this race. he is not a conservative, not a republican, and most importantly not a progressive. what he is is he has an action for bias. the concern for republicans has james:2:17. he is a man of action, i guess. >> mark has talked about this --can you explain what possible political rationale donald trump has for speaking so kindly of vladimir putin over and over again? >> yes, i can.
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-- kellyanne conway, who is really, really brilliant. she has escalated his maturation rate. notink he thinks he is complementing putin. i think he thinks he is attacking obama. i think he sees everything a little different. psychological rationale, not a political one. no one thinks that it is in his political interest to speak favorably of latimer putin. --vladimir putin. >> we always have the same conversation. we think how we think. they think we are all nuts and they think the essence of what he is saying is true even though
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there are completely two different systems. is a true that putin better leader, stronger leader than obama is in this country. i would not say it. i think it is a distraction. but distractions for trump have had no impact. >> i have to go back to your bullishness on trump. let me ask you about some states. do you think he is going to went to michigan? >> not necessarily. >> wisconsin? >> i think he will be competitive in the state he needs to be competitive in. with the senate race is pushing him up, florida, ohio, possibly pennsylvania. >> in pennsylvania, there is almost no chance. >> but you asked. >> you city -- you said he has a 90% chance, but then said he will win pennsylvania? fundamentalsng at
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even though i think this is a -- l >> there is nothing more fundamental than the electoral college. >> we made fun of the rallies and who was turning up at the rallies. >> we never made fun of that. >> ok, well good for you. she does not have something he has which is more critical, which is enthusiasm. so, yes, but i will say pennsylvania. then. new mexico, nevada. he is going to went to states like that where he is within the margin of error, not just outlier polls. thanks for watching this edition of the best of "with all due respect." remember, if you are watching
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this on moscovici, you can listen to us on the radio. we will see you monday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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♪ emily: i am emily chang. this is "best of bloomberg west." coming up, apple unveiled the iphone 7 and a new watch. will this really revitalize sales? we will discuss. for billions less than they paid for it. it is official. the playstation 4 lands in november. we will hear from the sony chairman about what to expect from the latest hardware. but first, a new suite of


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