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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nicole: i am the cole wallace. if you want people to notice, you need a clever name. -g --weng like water will come back to it later. the show tonight, hillary clinton takes a second day off the campaign trail to recoup from her bout of pneumonia. she was able to call in decent subs to fill in her shoes. president obama was on fire as
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he showed off his stump speech showmanship and issued a warning about the dangers he says would come with a donald trump presidency. the guy you this is want to be championing working people? time showing spent no concern for working people. this guy is suddenly going to be your champion? he spent most of his time trying to stay away from working people as he could. now, he is going to be the champion of working people? he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. >> out here where i am, bill clinton is taking his wife's place in fundraisers.
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we will hear some of that sound in a moment. wallace,time, nicole there are not many days were meaning between -- remaining between now and november 8. with surrogates like these, barack obama, bill clinton, how bad is it really? nicole: how bad was her convention, where every night super surrogate and she came out of that week in the strongest position of her campaign so far. it is not bad. you see her, down with another cold, you might think she didn't think so either. the president is an impassioned surrogate. i liked his performance today better than the one where she set him up. >> hillary clinton she is not a natural campaigner.
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this is no denigration of her to say when they are on their game, president clinton and president obama, they are better than she is. barack obama was fantastic as an advocate for her. challenge right now as we see the polls tightening. the problem for her is not just republicans are coming home for donald trump, but she has an enthusiasm problem. she is getting a big percentage, but there is enthusiasm gaps. if anybody can do something about that, barack obama can. nicolle: there was always y to this.ll not pushing bernie off the stage was to be able to do this. they were aware of her deficiencies with the obama coalition. the plan was to come in in the final months and bolster her
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support and numbers with the peaceful coalition she would need in these days. l on charliehe took rose, it was like the old bill clinton from 2012, when he was a fantastic surrogate. that president clinton was arguing for his wife. those two firing on all cylinders, she is in a good place. she could not have better people in her stead as she is resting up. nicolle: we will come back to her and the way her campaign handled her illness. it is one of the two big stories. it is dominating presidential
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politics today. the other one is the way she lumped half of donald trump supporters in a shrink-wrapped basket of deplorable's. best to trying their get their selves -- to get themselves on offense. today, 24 hours after the trunk trump campaign tried to -- on this. >> you cannot lead this nation if you have a low opinion for it citizens. how stupid are the people of the country? we are building a wall. you have to see this guy -- i don't know what i said. i don't remember. -- you areiting living in poverty, you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to
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lose? pence refused to a white supremacist deplorable. donald trump would not utter the dword, but reiterated neither he nor trump wants --. americans, democrat, republican, everyone. , whetherou vote for me you vote for me or whether you vote for someone else, i will be your greatest champion. slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american
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patriots, who love your country and want a better future for all of our people. there are some people who say hillary clinton would rather be talking about this than her e-mails or her health. can she plan to turn the deplorables gap to her advantage? n: we have had a couple of we havedebates where people arguing about is 50% the right number or not. let's look at the polling. let's see how many would like to ban homosexuals from the united states. let's look at the numbers. that is not a great debate for donald trump. byron pointed out this has set ,p a but -- a diabolical trap
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every time some outrageous trump supporter says something or do something outrageous, people in donald trump's campaign ask is that person deplorable or not. is david duke deplorable? when they say no, because they don't want to use the clinton language, they will get hit with headlines of mike pence refuses to call david duke deplorable. that is a good thing for the clinton campaign. nicolle: there is one answer. is david duke deplorable? yes. this is mind a boggling to me. supporters is a mistake. the people she needs to convert are the ones who share concerns
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about her as well. the people in the bandwagon, they think donald trump contains plenty of deplorable's. the people she needs to convert, they are not warming up to her when they hear her maligned. needs to fire up her own base. she may be taking time off the campaign trail and letting super surrogates pick up the slack for her, despicable the slack for her -- pick up the slack for her. two questions about her opponent's lack of transparency. you knowe everything about me with my opponent. have a medical report on me
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that meets the same standard as mitt romney and barack obama. donald trump said he would be president and that is not even serious. >> a martian came down and unfold, it would be hard to see these pleas for disclosure, which are one-sided. return he released his income tax returns all the time. >> it would be refreshing if there were one thing in life where he disclosed more than she has. planningald trump is to reveal more about his health this week. he continues to be pressed about when and if he is going to release his income tax returns.
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raisinger keeps questions about his charitable foundation and whether donald trump has given much, if any of his personal wealth in recent years. hillary clinton is planning to release more information about her health in the days ahead. how successful do you think her efforts to jujitsu this broader effort of transparency seem to be? nicolle: there is fairness and transparency. the clinton team finds it unfair, but there is the pursuit of parity that will not come to fruition. is expected to and will benefit from moving towards more transparency. that is her biggest political liability. his is the notion that his depth
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of knowledge is one millimeter deep and he is volatile. put the media of side. toers are holding them different standards. he still maintains an advantage on this question of honesty and trustworthiness. bill clinton points out there has been more information about her released to the public. john: she is held to a different standard. it is the case that it is a smart move for the clinton to focus on his lack of transparency with is epic. reporters have not done a great job of drilling down on him. who is putting himself in contention for a
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pulitzer by looking at the trump foundation, finding out it is unusual and a number of ways. that it takes other people costs money and spends it, calling hundreds of charities that have not received donations, tracing phantom contributions that the trump foundation claims it has given charities and has no record of. the tax law violations. nicolle: donald trump is running as a scoundrel. hass running as i guy who -- as a guy who has worked over a rigged system. he is openly running as a guy who has gained the system. gamedyou as -- who has the system. let's make sure they know how
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big a scoundrel he is. when we come back, we will look at the coverage of hillary clinton's health situation and if there is any gender bias going on right after this. ♪
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>> that was jill abramson on bbc radio.
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she is not alone. others have claimed the sexism, gender bias, misogyny when it comes to how this is handled. my question for you, are they right? nicolle: yes and no. clinton isnk hillary in trouble because she got pneumonia. voters are forgiving. the campaign is grueling. reporters know how difficult it is. forary clinton is in this dickerman because she had pneumonia. , the degree, the specificity with which she was forced to address very personal details about her pregnancy and recovery and when she was in labor and what she did were like nothing i have ever seen working
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for george w. bush and dick cheney, a vice president with a health condition and john mccain who was a camp -- a cancer survivor. any presidential nominee, if they were caught collapsing at eight public event, it would get a lot of attention. the second thing is, there is no doubt this has been amplified is because others around donald trump has been spreading conspiracy theories and donald trump has talked about her in a misogynistic way, talking about how frail she is. it. has amplified there is an element of gender bias. nicolle: women will get the last laugh. women are the deciders. strategy onsing that.
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inn: up next, we will check with our reporters about the state of the race after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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nicolle: 56 days away from election day. we are joined by two people who have all of both and it's nearly every step of the way. kevin cirilli follows donald trump and jennifer epstein follows hillary clinton. when you go through something like this, a communications crisis at best, how is the recalibrated and reset
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from an internal dynamic? jennifer: they go back to what they do, not reveal a lot of information. how they they regret handled the situation i should have been more forthcoming on some day, if not on friday or saturday about her pneumonia. she did think she could work through it. pushing on it. , i have been pushing them on weeks now on this last week when we were on the plane. what happened on sunday shows there is something different pool andaving a close a protective pool that would be motorcade because the secret service wanted to get her out as soon as possible.
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nicolle: -- would do that, either. let me ask you to explain the eighth wonder of the world, how donald trump has managed to stay restrained after letting his lines --oss a lot of letting his surrogates cross a lot of lines. have they managed to keep a lid on hyperbole about her health? this was developing, donald trump was notified during the actual service as it was reverberating across social media. he made a key decision not to campaign on this issue at all out of respect for 9/11. cenes, his aides
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figure out how to capitalize and they made a decision to focus on basket of deplorables. monday morning they came out with the attack ad hitting clinton on that comment. they brought up member after member of donald trump supporters, letting them speak. they feel the basket of is the way to attack clinton without having to attack her on the health and overplay their hand. kevin, let me ask you about donald trump and his health. tomorrow that will air on thursday. we do not know who the doctor is who perform the physical. you know about the details of what we should expect for that health care information they're going to put out? kevin: they have not put out
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details about surrounding the doctor or the physical. we have asked them about this. are similarities between the clinton campaign and the donald trump campaign on the issue not only of their health record, but their relationship with the media in return of a protective pool. both candidates, this is another reason trump campaign aides are not attacking hillary through tromp on this issue. has not beene he as forthcoming as previous candidates in regards to his health return records. john: we believe hillary clinton will not be on the campaign trail on friday. to miss four days out there, that is a lot. i don't know if it is
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definitive that she will not be out until friday, but it is not the hope the campaign had. they were doing a speech in california that had to be postponed. that was an effort to do policy speeches that go into what motivates her as a candidate and as a public servant to serve. maybe a way to course correct from heavy anti-tromp theme -- anti-trump theme. now that it is on hold, we are getting close to the first debate that is less than two weeks away. the calendar has become more compressed. to some extent, they had a detailed schedule for the whole way through. you have to think about rescheduling california fundraisers and other things. it gets difficult. nicolle: are you hearing any
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sort of surprise in donald trump 's medical history? kevin: they are keeping the medical records close, so no, we are not. everyone is he early awaiting. donald trump is never one to not have a surprise. we will have to wait and see what dr. oz will find out. nicolle: thank you. when we come back, we are bringing in strategist to talk , health, and the coveted obama coalition after this. ♪
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,l john: welcome back. it is time to talk strategy. we're going to be joined in a minute by democratic strategist
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bill burton. he's going to be with us momentarily from santa barbara but first, from washington, d.c., republican strategist and complum analyst for the "washington post" ed rogers. ed, just to clarify, you are never trump or you are not trump right now but maybe trump by election day, which one? >> i call myself a nonsupporter. i'm not never trump. i've been waiting on trump. the clock is ticking but i'm firm nonsupporter. john: at the moment, ok. so as a nontrump supporter but you're also doggedly not a supporter of hillary clinton. you're sort of neutral. how much do you think that the basket of deplorables plays to donald trump's advantage? ed: it's been a real gift for him. the degree to which he needs something to talk about and to the degree to which he needs a
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gift from rill -- hillary from time to time, this was a good one. it serves at a focal point for people who don't like hillary anyway. it's hard to quantify in terms of what it means for him. that said, the race has bogged down into deplorables, and pneumonia and disclosures of this and that. it's not about the economy, not about what's going to drive votes and that's probably better for hillary clinton than it is for trump. nicolle: riddle me this why sit hard to answer this question? is david dukes deplorable? ed:! question. the press wants you to give him the world. give him the world in his case. that said -- nicolle: isn't he in a category of his phone? why is this so hard? : he's a creature of the national media.
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he's never had a toehold. yet the media fixates on him. in this case, give them what they want and move on. ignore david duke all you can and this was the opposite of ignoring it. go ahead and say it, yes, deplorable. my people aren't, this guy is. let's let them have that. they're thinking too much. john: let me ask you about something i'm sure you find deplorable, knowing you the way i do. donald trump's embrace of vladimir putin, the man crush. ed: yeah, what's that about? john: what is that about and do you think voters will care about the fact that trump has colesied up to putin for this entire campaign? ed: it's clumsy and some day i'm sure it will be revealed what on earth it was all about but the notion of having some soft so -- sort or diplomatic approach with
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russia could be the component of a stump speech but this sort of personal admiration and borderline off and oning is weird. is there a business connection. something down the road for some selfish benefit? i don't know but it's weird and it's unprecedented. i can't think of anything close to this i can't think of what good has come from it. it's bizarre, among other things that are bizarre with the trump movement. john: let's bring in bill burton up in santa barbara. great to have you with us. your old boss out on the campaign trail today. we've been looking at the polling for the last week or so and thinking about why this race is tightening. the number crunchers think a lot of the obama coalition is not totally jalingsed up for hillary clinton. do you think your boss, even without his name on the ballot
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can help her with those groups? >> absolutely. as an incumbent president who had such high numbers, his usefulness crosses jockifies and demographics but like you mentioned, it's the obama coalition that needs to be brought on board in a serious way and not a lot of people can do that like the president. she's lucky to have a surrogate like that. donald trump doesn't have anything that even approaches that. scombroism as you point outs, barack obama's approval ratings super high. still beloved by his voters but not many people in the coalition who don't know barack obama is a supporter of hillary clinton but she's not seen the enthusiasm. he's going to be on the campaign trail but what more can he do? >> i've worked for four presidential candidates and one
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president. i've seen a lot of presidential campaigns. i'm not as old as you but i have seen a lot. john: thanks, bill. bill: when i hearned the most was john kerry's campaign. what we saw was on depending on the strength of your surrogate if you put somebody in milwaukee or des moines or minneapolis, you could see a bump in the numbers after they came. hillary clinton has a stable of awesome surrogates led by president obama who can go into a market and get people jazzed up. people may know that president obama supports hillary clinton but that's different from him coming to down, doing an event, getting people hire fired up, leading on the newscast and get that can freerble bounce in the polls target by target. nicolle: bill, you're speaking my language. you and i were both on that campaign of 2004. that's how we used to do things
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in the republican party, target by county where you had to pick up your support to make the state turn in your favor. your bus and mine used to cross each other on the highways in wisconsin and ohio. trump is not playing that game and are you confident that hillary clinton has adopted so warfare? asymmetrical it doesn't seem like the polls reflect that bill: one of my favorite memberships was when in iowa. and -- were nicolle: and we all got bumped off the news because of it. bill: no, she's not adapt tock warfare. trical i don't know that she has, to even though it might look clunky against the warfare that donald trump is employing.
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i think the fact that she's using data. working county by down -- county. that's the path to winning. it's not donald trump leading the press around by the nose with his twitter field like something more and more outlandish every day. it's how do you get in there, talk to voters, be in the place that is matter and move swing states into your column? nicolle: ed, i think i'm in your basket of republican angst. what do you feel more stressed about? make -- waking up and having hillary clinton having won or waking up and having donald trump having won? ed: i wake up to republicans having lost the senate. that's my number one stress level. i don't see a downdraft building. hillary is not building a wave campaign that's going to sweep out a bunch of republicans. it doesn't look like the floor is falling out from under donald trump. so i'm sort of dodging your
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question. i don't know. john: ed rogers, question-dodging ed rogers. young bill burton. younger than me, apparently, according to bill. unfortunately, it's true. thank you both. bill, you're never coming back to the show. coming up, the math to figure out how to win the states after this. ♪
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nicolle: if donald trump has any path to the white house, it probably runs through the rust belt states like ohio and pennsylvania where manufacturing decline could make voters rife for his message.
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the clinton and trump campaigns are useding the same basic voter formula. >> campaign strategists divide voters into three main groups. the base, party loyalists who will turn out november 8 no matter what. then get out the vote targets, people who will probably back you but are unreliable voters and need extra engaurgets to get to the polls. in pennsylvania, democrats have such an advantage that clinton can technically win the state without a single vote from independents but in ohio, it's all about persuadebling? s, the undivided voters who both campaigns are trying to woo through tv ads, campaign events. if your base, gotb's and share of persuadeables add up to the estimated win number, you win. nick: joining us are two guys
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who will be crumplinging those numbers. they started with the rust belt. and what would it take for trump to cross the anyone line in each state. sasha, bloomberg politics contributor and one of john and mark's brilliant producers. let's start with you. you're the first one who gets me through these hours. i'm totally lost without you. now it's clear why. you're the star of the show. that was amazing in 2004 and -- 2000 and 2004 it was florida, florida. clearly now it's ohio, ohio. >> and there's a reason. the reason is because like we showed you. hillary clinton, donald trump start with very similar bases. them very similar gotv, get out the vote targets that they're trying to get to the polls and the group of per stwailedblings and pretty large. about 500,000 persuadeable
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voters and whoever gets the larger share of those wins. obama lost the independent votes in the state by a huge 10 points. he got creamed by romney yet he still won because he was able to turn out more of his g.o.t.v.'s. hillary clinton doesn't have that advantage this year. if she lost by the same margin that obama did in 2012, she would have to run the ground game of a lifetime. nicolle: most of the nads ohio are targeted to that group. >> that's why the clinton campaign is spending $13 fnlt 9 million. the second state they're spending the most ads in. nicolle: ohio, ohio. my question for republicans is what are you doing in pennsylvania? it's a giant head fake for republicans. what are we doing in pennsylvania as republicans? is there something differently happening from? >> what we tried to do was look
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at the smart -- part of that democratic coalition that in those states where trump would have to eat into the democratic base, where should he look for defecks? we mapped in white men without college educations who are historically democratic are likely to be voting and live in communities directly affected by factory or plant closings. we found that pennsylvania has about 300,000 of them. a little over 200,000 in ohio. a little under that in michigan. so hillary clinton -- sorry, donald trump, has to eat into hillary clinton's base but that's where he would go to do it. those non-college white men. they're pittsburgh market, to a smaller degree, erie and scranton. nicolle: i cut you off. >> it's a totally different situation than ohio. hillary clinton's base, you add those up, she could win without
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winning any persuadeable voters and the persuadeable universe in pennsylvania is so much smaller than neighboring ohio. it's about three times larger in ohio. trump could do everything we can to -- he can to turn out his base and it wouldn't be enough for him. and this is why people say pennsylvania is such an uphill climb for him. it's still a really important state for him to win. he has to peel off those democrats and these are the most vulnerable for him to convert, we think. jon: if pennsylvania is a reach for donald trump, michigan must be well out of his reach. >> yeah, we see spectacular economic dynamics but the mix of the electorate is really difficult for him there. there are about 189,000 of working class white democrat men who live in communities hit by localized plant closures. 70% of them are in the detroit
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media market. that may be one reason why frump is spending money in michigan. i think the second highest state by his ad spending even though clinton and her super pacs aren't there at all. places like colorado and virginia, where he has a difficult challenge that he thinks that's the place where he can maybe pick them off. john: we're going to be doing this series with you and steve all the way through the election. why is the voter file better than vote something >> this is what campaigns do. they count up individual voters instead of trying to divide the electorate by percentages. a large part of the campaign is not about changing people's opinion but getting your own coalition out to vote. it's a much better way to look at who the voters are and where
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they were by going straight to the voter files than just relying on polls. nicolle: thank you both. up next, we're going to be talking about a political revolution. and no, we are not talking about bernie sanders. find out after this. ♪
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john: with us now is larry kudlow, economic advisor to donald trump's campaign and co-haw author of the new book "j.f.k. and the reagan revolution." thank you for being here. my question for you is this you basically argue that john f. kennedy, who we know was a tax cutter and a supply cider. please explain? >> during the eisenhower years
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the economy didn't hardly grow. notions of prosperity under ike is not true. three recessions. kennedy ran a 5% growth but he didn't tell you how. he ran it in the campaign, beatniksen. he believed as president if he didn't get 5% growth he wouldn't be re-elected. initially the economy got worse nd a republican in his cabinet named douglas dylan was treasury secretary and he talked him into lowering marginal tax rates across the board. high end, low end, corporations, you name it. they wentz from 91%, which was outrages to 70% and guess what, it worked. to connect the dots, john, 20 years later as a young deputy in o.m.b., ronald reagan followed the same policies as john f. kennedy. john: here's my question about that. he certainly cut taxes across
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the board but did reagan look to kennedy for inspiration or is it just that they implemented the same kind of tax-cutting policys? >> he looked to kennedy for inspiration. jack kemp was kind of the go tween, the last -- late jack kemp, my mentor. they said we need something to get us out of the inflation. jack said let's use the tax cuts. 30% across the board and kemp sold it to president reagan and by the way, from day one, reagan gave j.f.k. credit. constantly had him in speeches, major addresses. when he sold it to the nation in early 1981, you have to remember my dates, he mentioned kennedy and quoted kennedy, a rising tide lifts all bolts. yeah, kennedy was kind of the pioneer and president reagan because follower, what kemp called a duply cat. he was a duplicate.
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john: larry, take off your author isles halt and put on your televisor to donald trump's hat. yesterday the republican normalee was on cnbc and advanced a conspiracy theory where he said they were keeping interest rates low in order to help keep clintons elected. e previously had said hi liked janet yellen. what does this have to do with political motivation? >> as an old fat guy, that's how i started my career. presidents don't dictate to fed chair men. medicine -- fed people are very consistent they have disagreements among themselves. they're they're having one right now within the reserve as to whether or not to raise rates or not. no, i don't see a con cease-firesy. i think yellen is doing what she
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thinks is best. brandon, whatever he name is now from the treasury, now at the fed, she said no, let's not raise rates. i don't think president obama has a thing to do with it. jon: why is trump advancing this theory? >> i think that the fed should be criticized. i think the fed needs a lot of reform and restructuring from top on down in a whole bunch of areas so i don't have fully problem with criticizing the fed per se and i don't think this q.e. business has worked very well if at all. in recent years i think it's done more harm than! . that's my personal view. however, again, the fed is an independent central bank and you talk to the president, i was in meetings like that years ago but the president does not dictate monetary policy and that's a good thing. nicolle: so donald trump is your pupil im. you're advising him on monetary
5:54 pm
policy. he said the real rate of nincomplete is 4.2%. instead of 4.9%. when you hear something like that do you speed dial him and donald, donald and how does that go down when you hear something like that? >> please don't ask me things like that. nicolle: well, you're his advisor. >> it's the truth. however, there will be discussions and there have been ongoing discussions about this i honestly don't know where that number comes from. nicolle: do you call him and say what are you talking about? >> i did not. as i said, there are ongoing discussions. he's speaking to the new york economics club on thursday. it's a very important speech and what i can assure you of, it's going to be a powerful economic growth speech, as trump has a
5:55 pm
terrific tax cut plan which is very much like j.f.k.'s and reagan's and he has a good plan to roll back regulations, including obamacare and the country needs economic growth and you'll hear from -- that from mr. trump. john: we have to go and i know there's no way you think the real unemployment rate is 42%. we'll be right back.
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john: thanks for watching and until tomorrow, sayanora. ♪
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mark: you are watching bloomberg west. president obama and bill clinton hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton, who is recovering from pneumonia. in philadelphia, the president
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fit tonald trump is not lead in any way. mr. clinton is attending events in california and nevada. visit flint,will michigan, on wednesday. donald trump said the 2014 drinking water never would have happened -- drinking crisis never would've happened if he had been president at the time. -- is sedated and on a respirator following a stroke. 1994 nobel peace prize for his work in reaching an interim agreement with the palestinians. wasssian hacker group behind a cyber security breach that reportedly compromised private health records of u.s. olympic athletes. simone biles and the williams


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