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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 14, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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donny: i'm donny deustch. mark: and i'm mark halperin. "with all due respect" to all the other campaign issues out there -- ♪ mark: we are going to get to that as soon as we determine hillary clinton's vitamin b intake levels. ♪ mark: we've got your daily dose of news nutrients for both candidates here tonight. hillary clinton late today gave the world a fuller look at her
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medical background and current status. her campaign e-mailed details about that recent bout of pneumonia she has gone through. as well as her current medical regime. we are informed she has had a normal mammogram and that her cholesterol level is 189. her campaign released vitals like blood pressure and heart rate, all in a normal zone. the release concludes with a quote from her doctor that says , "clinton continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states." so, donny, this document is more information than we had before. it's not the most voluminous release ever. is it enough to quiet clinton's critics? first, let me frame it. they are 70 years old. i have some news for the american public. between 100,000 between the ages , there is a 75% chance they will die. they're not young people. what hillary did today was not only enough to satisfy, but was on the offensive.
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you know, it or the brilliance of the sinisterness of trump is that all he does is talk about the opaqueness of hillary. the contrast what he did today. z," waved that same letter, hillary did not do anything sexy, but she released a lot of very pointed facts and figures about her health. and the donald trump absolutely has to match her point for point or he will be in a difficult position. mark: she put out, as best as i can tell, to satisfy people who are serious about this. doctor,edibility of her whether you believe that are not, statistics say she is healthy enough to serve. i do think she put down the baseline. the conspiracy theorists will never be happy. they will still wonder if they are hiding something. but i think based on the initial rate of the documents, she has met the standard that many past
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candidates have done. enough to say, here are the basics. here is what she is being treated for. here is her medical history. donny: i find it stunning. here we are sitting with papers going over it, and trump's solution was to go on a daytime talk show to kid around. once again, there are no facts. and i think the irony of this whole thing is that whether it comes to charitable foundations, taxes, business dealings -- hillary clinton has been front and center for 30-40 years, and we still know very little about donald trump. and this is -- mark: let me say this about clinton. they put out more stuff today. right? i don't know why they did not do it before. because the reality is they only did it because trump said he was putting stuff back, and because of pneumonia. and for them to act all high and mighty, like now we are putting out more about hillary clinton -- they have should have done it before. donny: clearly. mark: they are pretending they are doing it -- donny: as far as hiding the
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pneumonia thing, they made a mistake. they had to. clearly they put it up for that reason, and they had to. i think they have drawn a baseline. i think we all have to go on the premise they are both 70 years old. and neither one of these, i know we will talk about health and putin-like testosterone levels. but it is safe to say -- i will give you another fact. 70% of all people over the age of 70 have hearing loss. and 40% have erectile dysfunction at that age. so, there are a lot of issues. [laughter] you are not even breaking a smile. mark: good segue. we're going to talk a lot more about what is in hillary clinton and donald trump's releases. donny: we will have more later. we are still waiting for trump to release additional information on his health. he did in incremental thing. he take an interview with dr. oz in which he discussed his cholesterol and desire to drop weight. we know the republican nominee weighs 236 pounds and considers campaigning his exercise. as i said, trump's testosterone
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level is apparently off the charts. it's huge! it's huge! that was the summary of the physical exam by trump's doctor, with the same doctor who said last year that trump will be the "healthiest individual ever elected." ok, now the clinton has drawn a line in the sand, does trump have the matter? mark: did we get trump's weight right? 236? i'm waiting to see. i thought they said it was higher than that. donny: don't dodge the question. mark: wait, we have to see what he puts out. this morning, they suggested they would not say anything. he gave oz the letter. he did something long overdue. they took more disclosure about his health and turned it into a carnival by going on a show. at the same time, i think you should have used a different doctor. i don't know that doctor. donny: he looks very credible. jerry garcia as a medical professional?
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mark: that dr., i mean, if you are doing this in a serious way, that guy has been my doctor, i love him. but by doing an interview with cnn, becoming the butt of jokes, i don't think it is in trump's, the doctor's, or the public's interest to have him be that guy. all of these candidates every four years, you rely on the doctor. they were done in a serious way. the doctor is putting his or her credibility on the line. donny: mark, this election comes more and more to the left and right brain. if you look at the left brain, you have one that is factual, one with this goofy doctor. it is a question now are people going to believe trump at his word? most of what he talks about is either not backed up with fact, or is at best highly suspect at worst, or a complete lie. but he has this other thing,
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other strength that allows people to forgive, to overlook. and i said this last week, this will be a bit of an iq test with the american public. do we operate with our left or right brains? mark: is donald trump puts out the kind of statistics the hillary clinton puts out, barring either of them having a health episode, i think the discussion of their fitness for office and her condition, i think outside certain corners of the internet and on tv, it will be put to rest. as it should be. but as you pointed out, i've been saying for a while, just looking at the actuarial tables, 70-year-olds are going to have health problems. donny: what is interesting is he talked about his campaign exercise. if you contrast to hillary, she is doing 3-4 events per day. trump by nature has an event near an airport. mark: he's stepped it up. donny: but still, would you say the veracity -- mark: they are both, for their age, impressive in their interest. i don't want to minimize hillary
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clinton's endurance. because she is out there working really hard. i went with trump in a 100 degree day last summer in the iowa state fair. he walked for 45 minutes in the heat, shaking hands and posing and talking to people. we got to the pork producers tent and he sat down for maybe 20 seconds and got right back up. that guy he has incredible stamina, as does she. more about hillary clinton's health in a bit. and donald trump. but next, we have a brand-new bloombergpolitics ohio poll that is shaking up the race. that is shaking up the race in a practical and psychological way. more on that, when we come back. ♪
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♪ donny: bloomberg politics has a new ohio state poll, and it
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shows this morning donald trump with a 5% lead in the buckeye state. he is up 48 to 43% in a head-to-head race among likely voters. that margin does not change much when third-party candidates were included. amid the bad news for clinton, her unfavorability rating is at a bruising 57%. that's not pretty, consisting of 52% of ohio voters had an unfavorable view of donald trump. but first, big picture, is this a crucial state for trump and his narrow path? how important is this? mark: trump has to win ohio. that is what the clinton folks say. maybe trump wins ohio -- he has to win in order to win. cnn has a poll that says the same thing, trump up by 5. this is a big deal. because if trump wins ohio, it does not guarantee the white house, it gives him a chance. it changes the whole psychology of the race. and every person that i told this result to today gasped or shook their head any meaningful way.
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if ohio goes to trump, it is a huge deal. ohio is ohio. and it puts him in a position. the democrats other argument is we have a ground game that will make up the gap. but five points is a big deal. the senate race, republican incumbent rob portman has been up in our poll. that is a big deal. it would keep the republican party together if their down-ballot candidates are doing well and trump is doing well. donny: i gasped. i have the same reaction. ohio has elected every president since 1964. let's qualify that it was taken from friday to monday, hillary clinton's worst 72 hours. a combination of the deplorable basket, or stumbling. and three days earlier, cbs had a poll that had her up by 6-7%. we have to qualify. let me tell you why this is huge for trump. if you go back to the primaries, trump's club -- nobody does winning, other than charlie
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sheen, better than trump. if you watch the debates, anytime someone challenges trump on something, oh, easily saying this because he is in the lead. every time someone says donald trump, you want to build a wall, look, they are going to say whatever they are going to say, because i am in ohio and i am winning. he co-ops that more brilliantly than any other candidate. so beyond the actual fact of the that toolas not had the last 4-5 weeks. his weapon of choice has been "i'm winning, you're not." mark: you are right. you can look that the polls were taken during bouts of weak . period, the basket of pneumona,s and ammoni that she can bounce back. you can suggest that those two things hurt. they hurt in a sustained way? we will have to see as polling goes forward.
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there is no doubt that that big a lead has bragging rights. as i said, ohio is ohio. donny: is one more things on the polls. you are 10 days away from the debate. if he has polls in his favor after the debate -- it is a stunning, stunning thing to have. last nightd trump unveiled his child care plan in a suburban pennsylvania. he appeared with his daughter ivanka and they laid out a tax deduction for child care expenses, and called for six weeks of maternity leave by extending unemployment insurance benefits for working mothers. the national media, democrats immediately started poking holes in what trump proposed, raising questions about what it would be paid for, and saying that the benefits would go to those that don't need the help. and it doesn't help those at lower income levels that don't file or pay income tax. but if you are watching television in the philadelphia area, here's the type of coverage you would have heard on local television. >> jim, at one point, in this
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building behind me, we heard one parent yell "wow" in response to donald trump's childcare policy. >> there were hundreds of others not invited sitting outside cheering trump. supporters were delighted with his speech. >> the republican presidential nominee said he does not want moms and dads going broke caring for their kids. parents we spoke to say they are on board. >> now, trump says he was joined onstage by 5 republican women. possibly assign the donald trump is starting to reach out to some of his colleagues on capitol hill. >> murphy says trump's plan for affordable childcare can't come soon enough. >> it would be nice to afford daycare. >> with his opponent down temporarily due to illness, trump is showing no signs of slowing down. >> on another note, we also found out that the new york attorney general will open in inquiry, or has already opened one on the trump foundation. we will keep an eye on that. latest development. mark: as you can see, with the exception of that one bit, very for trump inrage
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that key market. and things continue with the campaign on the offensive. ivanka trump campaigning for her father. on this issue today, she came back out to pitch in the plan on both "good morning america" and here on "fox and friends." ivanka: i have long advocated for professional women my whole professional career. my father has employed thousands of women throughout his life and understand their needs. and he recognizes the challenges with our broken childcare system. and he wants to propose innovative new solutions to those challenges. mark: so, this policy speech is something of a template for the campaign. in addition to now and election day, donny, clearly the campaign was going for just that kind of coverage. a case study for how they are executing. what would you say? donny: very strong and completely demonstrative of the point i was making earlier. the headline sizzle versus what
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is the fact on the bone. he's giving six weeks maternity leave. she says clinton is not doing anything, when in effect she is giving 12 weeks. in effect, this is not for the middle and lower class that need it the most. this is for the upper-middle-class and the wealthy. if you make $60,000 a year you get 15% tax break. to me, if you compare the two, hillary clinton has a stronger plan. but that doesn't matter because trump goes out, and people rest on the headlines. so, it was very smart. same thing, go back two weeks to mexico, and it stops there. open yet yeah, he went to mexico. very smart. mark: we all need to scrutinize both of their plans and look at them. you are right that there is more to ask about what he is proposing. you can also say, just from the point of view on the reality of the next 60 days, that was successful execution married we showed the local philadelphia coverage. i sampled local and state media every day. they had surrogates out there
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reinforcing it. they had ibaka trump reinforcing it. they got the exact kind of coverage that they wanted to get. trump talking about this issue and being on offense. and his performance in the event itself was another strong performance in terms of the mechanics of presentation. so, we've got to scrutinize the policy. from his campaign point of view, they are delighted. donny: absolutely. this was not about childcare. this was about suburban women, who he does not have, that that talks to. mark: up next, we continue to check up on hillary clinton's health care with political reporters, right after this. ♪
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♪ mark: welcome back to the special health care edition of "with all due respect." we are talking more about hillary clinton's release of her medical records, and donald
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trump today in a taping of "dr. oz show" announced his weight. he said earlier it was 236, but there are conflicting reports in the room about that. some say to 67. y 267. we will have to wait until the actual show. we will press with hillary clinton and the release she just made. and jennifer epstein. welcome all. let's break down going through this. what did hillary clinton release about her medical history and present status that is new, and what didn't she put the people were looking for? jen: well, just had a rundown of the same information she released over a year ago. things like her cholesterol level. and all those kinds of things were in the normal level. the only thing unusual was that she has pneumonia right now. and it was described as a mild case. she is taking an antibiotic right now, on a 10 day dose.
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and that is really the only thing that really stands out . that is immediate. but there is a new piece of information we had not learned before. back in january, she had sinusitis and an ear infection, and had so much pain that a tube was put into her ear. so, that is a new thing we have not known about before. i think it is a standard thing for people that get your infections. but it hadn't been out there. now, it is. mark: in the washington post newsroom, how are you analyzing this so far? >> i think, as jen said, this is an update of the health existing information released by her doctor last year. it is in summary form. it is about as detailed as most presidential candidates and the sitting president himself have released in recent years. but it is far from exhaustive. and i think, you know, for
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somebody that has been the subject of as much speculation, baseless entirely according to her campaign, this is not going to settle or answer all of those conspiracy theories by a longshot. donny: was today a good or bad day for the american public? and that we have 60 days to the election. today was spent on cholesterol levels. i can't remember any presidential race with this much time. obviously, they are both 70, but they are both in fit health. are we wasting too much time? >> i don't know. because i think the hang-up is the willingness to disclose information. i know you mean. much of the american of the things that. at the same time, why is it difficult to get this information? mrs. clinton health records, it's wait until something bad happens, and we give you information. we don't want that from our leaders. donny: the reason it is hard is because they are 70. and when you are 50, don't get
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an mri because it's going to tell x, y, and z. we are going through the things she has. they will both be in a defensive position. they are both 70 years old. health will not be their asset. period. mark: she is supposed to go back on the road tomorrow. do we know that she has recovered? >> bill clinton says she has recovered. he says she looked good when he campaigned for her in las vegas. so, you know, we have to kind of assume he knows what he's talking about. to know, she kind of wanted keep going all the way through. and it was only because of the incident on sunday that she stopped campaigning. and i would guess that other than a couple brief mentions, maybe taking questions from reporters tomorrow, she's going to move ahead as normal and not dwell on this. because that was what she was attempting to do when she had the incident. mark: and before the world changed with baskets of deplorables, hillary clinton was talking to the traveling press almost every day. she goes back out tomorrow. can you expect her to resume that?
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>> well, we have no specific indication of it. but i would think it is likely. she will certainly want to be seen walking, talking, behaving like the democratic presidential nominee, in full, tomorrow. and part of that should be talking to the press. it will be the first time she has been back on her plane. and the press is with her tomorrow. so, the setting is natural. kind of the it is time in the campaign -- in the election, where the campaign had already set aside making it about her rather than about donald trump. focusing on her policy positions, for her, that means she has to talk to the press, whether she wants to or not. now, they have to make up ground for the days they lost and get back to that point in the election. and the calendar they have set. donny: we mentioned earlier that hillary putting out her health
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info obligates trump to do the same. i am giving a bit more thought. does trump skate at a different level, with his followers he has the ability to say, my doctor said i'm fine, and he has a different level of accountability? >> i think he is. by the way, he is presenting his medical records on television. i don't want to quite call it a reality show. almost the same different. right? is that how it will work in the white house? going on dr. oz? i think he is held to a slightly different standard. that has been driving the clinton people nuts. they are trying to hide behind it, too. hey, we released more than trump, but let's take a look at what day it is. the belated information on your condition. >> when you go on the clinton campaign website looking at hillary clinton and tim kaine, the media pop-up is we are doing so much transparency, and donald trump has released his medical records or tax returns.
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mark: that was a message not just for the press? >> no, that was the pop-up. mark: i am never seen anything like that. real quick, we have less than 30 seconds. if you could ask donald trump one question, what would it be? >> when are you going to release your taxes, and why haven't you so far? mark: and one hillary clinton question. two second. >> what is your... uh... [laughter] donny: thank you for playing along. mark: we will do more during recess. that is all for tonight. rending business" is next. sayonara. ♪
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