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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> welcome to "with all due respect". ther days of protests in streets of charlottetown on north carolina, please have not released a video of the shooting of keith scott. nbc news discovered video. the video was taken by scott's wife, her telling police or husband has a traumatic brain injury. she pleas with her husband to obey with authorities and pleas with the police t.
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we are going to play some of it for you right now. >> don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> on the ground! >> don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! >> he does not have a gun. he has a tbi. he just took his medicine. >> drop his gun. >> don't you do it. chief! don't you do it. [gunshots] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he'd better not be [bleep] dead we are over here at 53 lexington court. these are the police officers that shot my husband, and he had better live. because he did not do anything to them. >> frightening.
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you watch that. you cannot react other than your stomach, gutwrenching. we have seen too many of these, whether it is weekly or monthly. how does this leave us? the infusion of the national dialogue into monday night's debate? >> this is already having a major impact. let's set the presidential obligations aside for a second. it's impossible not to be moved by the sounds in the images you see in that video. if you go back to ferguson and go more recently to dallas. you see this continuum. a nationalthere is dialogue, a call for reconciliation and healing and 'reerstanding, and we redirected toward another incident like this. does it have the potential to unite or the potential to divide? it has the potential to turn people out or turn people off?
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i think that will take shape in the next few days. >> when you are a parent you everything through that. i was watching interview with brian gumbel interviewed by charlie rose. he says it is not fair that my son has a higher chance of being stopped are being killed every time he leaves the house. that is the reality. every black man lives with it. are thelipside, they police officers, and his grandfather is a police officer. in the heat of the moment, the tulsa situation, very different situation. this poor guy has his hands up. here, on force play, you do not see what is going on. -- unfortunately. what you to take away, listening to his wife, you get the says the man was ill. she talked about dramatic genetic brain injury church also not seem that concern. obviously she heightens. there is more to come. we are going to need to see the police video. our camera was not on the actual shooting police officer, who was
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african-american and on a different police officer -- we have not seen that yet. there is still more to come. just a situation that does not have a simple answer. towardt: we look monday. dony: i think this dramatically helps hillary clinton but plays into who she is of a candidate. if you see everything that is happened. every time there is a terrorist attack, donald trump, the first, the horrible attack on orlando. donald trump was, i was right. congratulations on his -- i was right. even the other day, his comments about stop and drisk. talk about throwing kerosene on a situation -- his comments and
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forget that it has not even work. but to not have the understanding, do not have the unification gene in tor brain, the empathy gene, know that is not the moment to throw that in there. to me, he is an igniter and hillary clinton is much more a unified. margaret: it has the potential to galvanize this debate. concernclinton's has always been and states of north carolina and florida. can you turn out the african-american vote? because people feel that it matters who is elected. that's one thing, i makes people feels disaffected. happen underlems barack obama, with a happen with another president? it could be problematic. don: the big issue has been, who is got the electorate right in the polling? and where is that african-american vote? they are not emotionally enthusiastic and turning out for
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clinton. we know that. thatcould be -- the thing galvanizes that entire communicate. obligate. were somebody on the fence about voting, this gets me out to vote. this is personal. this is emotional. this is real. both in the debate form but more importantly in the get out the beside thethe -- selection, to me, this could be a galvanizing moment for the entire democratic party. you hate to use the word galvanizes something like this. margaret: does it matter what the video shows? don: when you put this with ferguson and put this with tulsa last week, this is a problem that african-americans live with every day. us white folk, we can empathize but we cannot feel it. and i think it is such a core, primal, self survival issue that i do think this will drive people ou t. coming up, we'll talk about this and more, but first a word from
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our good sponsors.
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♪ the police have a really tough job. if you have repeated instances in which the perception is at least that this might not have werehandled the same way not for the element of race, even if it is unconscious, i think it is important for all of us to say we want to get this right. it should be a concern for all americans. was president obama in an interview this morning.
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with us now is the former president and ceo of the naacp. thank you for being with us. >> glad to be here. beginis impossible not to our conversation with the video that is out today and making news. -- i wanttalk to you to talk to you about the presidential race, but first i want to talk to you about the reaction to the video and how you think this will impact the days ahead. >> you see a very courageous woman trying to save her husband's life even as she is trying to video it, fearing the worst. tradition in so many other women, their tradition -- courageously shown what they have done to my husband, brother
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, father. we have to be clear that we are living through a moment of disruption you'd a moment -- a moment of disruption. video is showing the world what the black community has known for centuries. men and women with badges can get away with killing us and have. of the percentage overall force have gotten away with killing huge numbers of black men for a very long time. unarmed, innocent black men. sometimes they are armed and innocent. this is a country where we believe in the right to bear arms. having a gun does not mean the police get to kill you. ultimately, i think there is reason to hope that we will come to a better place as a nation, that he will be painful getting there. for us in the black community, there is reason to hope that perhaps this road we've been on for centuries, this piece of the
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road may be coming to an end sooner than it might have without technology. long still an unacceptably time to -- long time. >> we will all be reluctant to do anything that looks like directly politicizing the tragedy, but will nonetheless be an issue with the political debates. to each ofr question the candidates, and what you think yonder the debates, you want them to talk about? >> i would ask them for their most courageous and bold land. donald trump have been selling ,ear across this country passing on fear as cordage -- courage, and it is dangerous.
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i think many people are voting fearim simply because they what his finger on the nuclear weapon would do. their boot on the negative black and brown men across the country. shilling rudy giuliani's oil.nake it has proven to be a failure and to inflame tensions and undermine the police. only was racial profiling wildly ineffective in new york did not.9% people actually have infractions. period, the rate credit -- case solved rate went down.
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profiling, if you will, destruction of mass and a weapon of mass distraction for the officers. he keeps them from doing their job and important tasks like getting killers and rapists off the street and set of frisking innocent people. >> stop and frisk this not work. my stomach turned way watch that best when i watched that. many play the role of a trump supporter. here is a guy that had been in jail for shooting someone, here is a guy that possibly is reaching for a weapon. this cop, who is african-american is trying to do his job. this is not about race, it is about the heat of the moment. lensing it through that. said it is ason
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sad day when you look over your when you are walking down a dark street, and you're going is not a dark person walking behind you -- a black person walking behind you. like, if you it is , youamongst small -- smog get it in your lungs. racism is the same way. my point is that i am trying to take color out of it from a guy who is not lensing it from an african-american perspective. black officerst can get their sense of danger coded in the same way as white officers. it is not have to do with your
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skin color as much as it has to do with your mind. >> could i look at the video and go, race had nothing to do with it. -- weas a situation continually watch -- i'm not an idiot, i am giving the counter argument. >> i don't think that you are an idiot, i'm sorry if it is coming across that way. justam saying is that because it is a black officer and a black victim does not the race has nothing to do with it. >> it was a white officer, even. sometimes in the heat of the moment, it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with -- >> roll the tape on similar cases where a white man has been killed, find those cases. because we do not see them. that is just it. every time that we hear a five-year-old or six role has been handcuffed for no apparent reason, it is always a black
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kid. any time hear about an unarmed american man has been shot by police, doing nothing you should crawfordor, johnny gun.g a bb >> we have got to go, but we appreciate your time, my friend. >> coming up, we will talk about the presidential debate on monday and issues the candidates will likely discussed. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> donald trump today picked up the endorsement of his one-time rival, the man who was booed
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during the convention, and who donald trump pledged to vanquish. that was ted cruz. ted cruz said that after many months of consideration and prayer and searching my conscience, i decided that on election day, i will vote for the republican nominee. he does not mention the name. suggests donald trump still has a lot of work to do. hillary clinton is up six points among likely voters. only about a third of americans believe donald trump is somewhat qualified to be in the white house. trump and clinton could not be more polar opposites in the way they are prepared for the debates. studying theon is issues and drafting a psychological profile. donald trump prefers the campaign trail to debate class. the new york times put it today
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that he is essentially approaching the debates as a big man on campus who thinks is last-minute paper will be dazzling. let's do some wargames. what do they each have to do? >> donald trump is still behind in most places, so he will do two things. he has to assure people were put to rest the expectations that he is a wildcard or two unpredttable -- too ictable. he has to knock her off her game. will he do it aggressively or not? that could backfire on him. that is a balancing act. to her, she has to attempt poke holes or refute everything he says that is an exaggeration, ally, provably not true, not
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allered, while not sounding of the ways that have hurt her in the past. shrill, humorless. >> i think he has the easier path. untrustworthy, but likable candidate versus a potentially dangerous, balanced -- imbalanced and racist candidate. she cannot all of a sudden become likable. toyou are waiting for him spend his head around and spit soup, he gets presidential points for something that anybody else would do. she has a much higher bar. she has got to pretend. woman seeing a man and face. we've not seen this before. ,onald trump howl at the moon now he is facing a woman.
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if she can print him, not throw the first bomb that we have strength crew people. get him to attack can be belligerent toward her, that will play for the suburban woman voters. jab, get him to throw -- get him to throw first. >> there are always pressures on moderators, but lester holt will be under particular scrutiny. how he handles questions and answers that are loose with facts. what does he have to do? >> there is a debate, do you check, do not check? lauer was an impossible situation. he was not a moderator. beholdeny think it is
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to both candidates to be the moderators themselves. if you are hillary clinton, you cannot be waiting and depending on, you get another candy crowley situation where the moderator cannot be badgering two and three times. it will be up to them to say liar, liar, pants on fire. hillary at some point will say i lying, he will say i am not, and she needs to say, ok, everyone at home, google it right now. >> who is the pressure on? more on her, then lester holt? , we havees not lie seen instances where she is not forthcoming like the e-mail, but on a day-to-day aces, it is not there. he actually uses line as a strategy. he actually will say it, leave it out there. i did not support invading iraq.
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saying in a be calm, deliver way, that is very silly. mamad, that is a lie, be a bear. i think the wildcard for him is that he will throw an molotov cocktail. like, i know your husband was unfaithful, but one of his really good friends is a convicted pedophile. are you an enabler of that? the whole jeffrey epstein thing. i'm not saying that is the case, but throw an incredibly unfair, crazy non sequitur at her. >> that you want to know how she is prepping for that? i do. if she's -- if you start off
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the debate, first of all, i want mean, if he -- i does that, i think it is transparent. if you are hillary clinton, what do you do? i think you should apologize months ago, but to do it opening the debate, it would be brilliant. >> she is not known for her impromptu gamesmanship, do you think there would be a reverse wildcard moment? where she sprang something on him? them have a of bomb, it will happen on that night or 6-7 days before the election. she has the facts, no, we cannot build the wall, that is a silly thing and will explain it in a cogent way. that will seem presidential.
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if she rattles them, she went .pirit -- she wins >> there you have it. >> there you have it. >> coming up, a longtime debate prep do joins us. ♪
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♪ >> jenning -- joining us now is a man who knows a thing about debate prep. he is helped many prepare for
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their big nights. he joins us from washington, d.c. i want to do with a clip from the presidential primary debate. clinton tried to spend $1 million on the woodstock concert reason. my friends, i was not there, i am sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event. [laughter] >> i was tied up at the time, but the fact is -- >> that was a good one. thanks for being with us. you wrote something, you cannot win an intellectual debate but he sure can lose one. explain that for us. winning a think debate will equal winning the election, but certainly performing poorly in a debate can cost you the election. there are some examples in the
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past to show that. ,erald ford comes to mind proclaiming that there was no soviet domination of eastern europe eared there and some others. yet make sure you perform well in, because you can change the overall narrative that can help you get to election day. these debates, i think, will be the most monumental and impactful on the campaign narrative because they will be the most watched and because there are so many unanswered questions about the candidates that the audience is going to bring to viewing the debate. 3%-10% ofe between voters, the rest are locked in. in one thought, each candidate, if you were to woo those undecided, what do they need to say to them? >> donald trump needs to show that he can pass the commander
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in chief test. donald trump needs to come in with the kind of temperament that he had in the exchange over -- new yorkwith values with ted cruz. if he can pass that test, so he is confident on issues, i think he will have a good night and hillary will have a long night. the liquid to needs to show she has a vision for how she will move the country forward. her campaign cannot just be not donald trump, it has to be for something. she has an upper gain on the presentation side. hillary clinton has been erratic in debates, in my opinion. some good, some bad. i liken her to al gore in 2000, when al gore came in, skyhigh expectations, sitting vice president, have been a senator. she comes in as former secretary of state, former state senator, ran for president already,
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former senator from new york. she has got skyhigh expectations. to has to find her voice make sure that she delivers a consistent performance across all three debates or it will hurt her. if you are writing in the woodstock line for hillary clinton, what has she got to work with? what is her wheelhouse? trump, she is been going after his temperament. prove the claim. she has been making the claim that he does not have the temperament, he does not talk to women the way he should. she has got to bait him into showing the temperament that is not capable of being presidential. for donald trump, he has got to stay on offense without being offensive. he has got to make sure that he can go after her on substantive issues without crossing the line and making it intensely personal
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, because in debating and woman, he will be held to a higher standard. to a higherheld standard, as well, she cannot cross the line, either. overly aggressive women, unfortunately, according to studies, are judged poorly. but he has also got to walk the line, as well. it will be interesting to see how they handle each other. which donald trump in which hillary clinton shows up. >>-you're right. psychology is interesting, how americans perceive women. does humor work with women? do people want to see jokes or funny stuff? i don't know if you have a chance to see hillary clinton do ferms," what place and doesn't play? hillary, she has to improve her likability.
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that has been a problem. 2007-2008, barack obama intimacy: -- infamously called her likable enough. that is the problem she has to cure. she has got to connect with voters in the heart. she is very good with connecting with their heads. she knows policy. but she has got to connect with their hearts. donald trump at times has been good at connecting with the heart. he is got to make sure he can connect with the head. he's got to make sure he knows policy well enough that he can carry forward a 90 minute debate. i liken him to a band that has one great song, but you go to the concert wondering if the rest of the music is any good. say, igot to show up and am substantive enough on the issues, that surrounded by the right people, i can handle the job. he actually thinks he will
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stay with his own game, at least according to reports, there is been not a lot of prep. he says he is showing up that way. julie clinton very on brand and has her nose in the books. thank you so much for being here. when we come back, we'll break down the tv advertising boards. you can now listen to us on the radio. we will be right back after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ >> last night, hillary clinton released a powerful new advertisement that will be running in battleground states and on national cable. take a look. ♪ >> i would look a right in that
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fat, ugly face of first. she is a slob. she ate like a cake. is flat-chested is not attractive. >> do you treat women with respect? >> lucky us, we have our adman. what you think about that? all, as a father of three dollars, i want a punch in the face after that. i think the clinton campaign has run fantastic acts. set him up as hateful and dangerous. they get a moral imperative to vote against him. if you are a woman, and mother, and to see the advertisement, you go, wow. those are his words. there is something so visceral
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about that. if you are a man, it hit you in a different spot. they have done an ad with children watching tv, i think it is incredibly effective. it is not coincidence that they broke that advertisement three days before the debate. they believe that donald trump going at clinton, man attacking woman could be a silver bullet. >> do you think there is a --tle reference to request a to help hillary clinton once upon a time was a different kind of candidate? >> i was hoping to get that moment. thatrick once again, when ad hits, you have to disqualify him. people would love to believe donald trump. everybody wants something new,
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this is not working, that is an easy one. you just have to make the yearning for change. but i can't look at myself in the mirror, i cannot look at my kids. it is very effective. >> it affects white voters, don't you think? withas got a real weakness subgroups of white voters, some of the men, do you think it feels -- appeals on that level? >> absolutely. every election, it comes down to suburban moms. they vote risk-averse. they see this advertisement. everything is aimed at hitting at parents,s at parents, saying, the world can end. what kind of behavior is going to happen in school yards as a result? that is what disturbs me the most about a donald trump presidency. we are setting up proper behavior for our country. if he gets elected, you're
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saying two young boys is ok to be a bully. you are saying is ok to point at a muslim and say they are problem. that culturally, that morley to -- morally to me is the most offensive your -- offensive. >> now let's take a look at donald trump's advertisement. >> it is a movement, not a campaign. its leader, donald trump, is this man, leader, success. donald trump's priority -- you. building bigger. jobs. for families, defined by freedom. standing together, pushing ahead, leaving the past behind. together, we will make america great again. >> that was a really different ad. >> that is a reagan mourning in america ad.
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you have every buzzword in there. that was very smart using that bill and hillary imagery. it brings you back to the 90's. >> to monica. >> to the 60 minutes interview. even if you like the clintons, you go, i don't want to go back there. what i find fascinating is the spin. basically hillary clinton has been outspending him 25 21. donald trump have money but he is not spending it. what they are waiting for, they're going to start with the debate, and then for 10-20 based on one thing. i think they haven't advertisement strategy that is not that, more of a weekend bob. eave and bob.
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i think we will see it saturating the market, because he has the money but he's not spinning. does not have the guttural impact the clinton ad does. crafty, andes is that is not their handiwork. look at this pretty red toyota -- toy over rd a there. you don't see what is coming. we does so in depth in our analysis here. [laughter] >> coming up. we will talk about ted cruz and more with our amazing reporter. after this. ♪
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♪ our bloomberg politics donald trump reporter bought a new suit today, he had to show up. >> it is a couple of days old. >> very dapper. >> i appreciate that. problem --n the prompter. today,trump announced potential supreme court justice nominees. one of them is mike lee. if i am on the crews -- ted cruz part of this, and as a democrat, what do i think of this? >> these are conservative picks.
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mike lee is friends with ted cruz. i think you cannot separate those two points. tos is donald trump thing the conservative base, saying to ted cruz supporters, you may not like me and be excited by my candidacy, but on policy issues, if you want a president who is going to appoint conservative justices, your got to vote for me. >> let's go back to the debate. he is right around and has not got his head in the books, nor what he -- would he able to. i do think he can focus. is the campaign concerned they will get the question about a city in syria where he is like, what? hillary clinton is very smart. she will turn to him at some point and say what you think about city x? >> they want to avoid that "what
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is aleppo?" moment. he is at risk for that. but my sources are telling me that he is been prepping for troopor several weeks by trump form, he is doing it on air force one. he is having aids help him. aides helping him. he will have a solid day of debate prep. >> can i go back to ted cruz? i was shocked. >> it took everyone by surprise. there is no question that there is tension, to say the least, between donald trump and ted cruz. but there is also some
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interlocking of the ted cruz and donald trump world. case in point, kellyanne conway. before this role, she was running a ted cruz super pac. you have a melding of conservative minds, that helps give him some news cycles. but voters who do not like donald trump or hillary clinton, i've got to be honest, i'm not sure ted cruz is going to make a difference. >> this is not an endorsement election. these candidates are so clearly defined and polarizing that there is no one figure up there, certainly not ted cruz, that one way or another. any establishment candidate he uses to his advantage. >> it is not like he is doing this because -- >> he thinks he is going to win. >> based on his previous
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discussion on donald trump, this will mean that ted cruz gets anything. it is highly unlikely that he is changed his mind about everything. is this an insurance policy so donald trump does not go after him? what is his goal here? >>'s donald trump winds, i think this gives ted cruz some influence in the administration. if donald trump loses, i think this is an attempt, i'm not sure it will work, i think it is an effort for ted cruz to win over and build a bridge with the millions of supporters who backed donald trump in the primary and who chose donald trump over ted cruz in the primary. everybody thought those voters were going to go to ted cruz. >> what is donald trump's worst nightmare for the debate? isthat he has a "what
5:52 pm
aleppo?" moment. the best case scenario is that he is able to reach out to independent voters who are displeased with the choice between hillary clinton and donald trump, and that those voters take away from monday night that this is a candidate who has continued to grow into his candidacy while hillary clinton is defined by the past. >> i think his nightmare is that , i think he has out in the geography game, he could say he could hire someone. i've -- but i don't think he has an out on the temperament thing. if he does it, my initials there my initial theory is that he did not want the presidency. yesterday we were in my hometown of philadelphia, and
5:53 pm
donald trump went to a restaurant, but the reporters, we were asking him questions, and he seemed poised to answer questions, and instead of engaging with us on barbarism, he walked to the car -- cash register to order a cheesesteak. about much to me know clinton's standing on goading in the prep sessions? have saidy sources there would be a standing -- none of my sources have said there have been a standing. he wants to have the moment he had against ted cruz in march, where he essentially responded to ted cruz on new york values. bipartisan support.
5:54 pm
if you can confront clinton in a way that shows a more measured demeanor. >> i have a theory. i actually think it will be a nonevent. i think they are both smart. >> i want my money's worth. >> i think we might be underwhelmed. to both of their credit. nothing new is going to happen here. i don't know if much will move. >> i can't wait. >> i'm not even watching football that night. >> we should talk about that. what do you think? >> 100 million. was 100 time there million, it was "mash is quote in 1983. ♪
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♪ >> bloomberg politics is partnering for special coverage of the presidential debate on monday. they will be pregame and postgame coverage. follow our twitter. west,"up on "bloomberg you will have to sit through us anymore. before we go, not so bad. >> i think we wrapped it. >> we will see you next time, thanks for having us. ♪
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♪ >> let's start with your first word news. senator ted cruz is changing his be voting for donald trump. in a post on facebook, he said
6:00 pm
that the hillary clinton would be unacceptable as president. he has withhold -- withheld his endorsement until now. president obama has vetoed a bill to let families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia. law couldent says the >> a>> man admitted to smuggling firearms and explosives into germany days before the paris terror attacks killed 130 people. german prosecutors allege the man knew what the weapons were used for. the man denies that claim. the un security council adopted a nuclear test ban resolution. the move likely to anger republican lawmakers. nearly three dozen gop senators earlier wrote to president obama expressing concern that he would go to the u.n. to sidestep said opposition. global news 24 hours a day,


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