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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> previously on "with all due -- ect" john: your basic argument is the premise is he will not win all four of those states? but florida and north carolina, i would much rather be her. mr. trump: did you see these characters with the maps? the electoral college? about a month ago, a very small path or trump. today i'm watching, they are looking at all these paths. john: with all due respect to donald trump, you can take our maps when you pry them from our cold, dead ingersoll -- fingers.
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♪ john: 14 of guys with so many often wes amazing how two directionless -- for guys with so many maps. donald trump still facing backlash over his fat shaming of a former miss universe. >> what were the names he called you? >> miss piggy, ms. housekeeping. >> to your face? >> yes! i know what i went through with him, and he does, too. he was really aggressive. he was really rude.
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, ands a bad person with me that is the story that i need to share for my community. insultst accept more for my latin community. no more. i need to share my story. eyes.k i can open a few i can maybe change a few lines. you know, i don't think this person is the right person that can be a president. john: we will talk about how the media has been covering this story in a moment, but my question for you in this hour is if the story is accelerating for starting to settle down. mark: i think the campaign could be forgiven for thinking it would just go away because that has happened in the past when he has had these laps. some of them have lingered, but
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not as dominant. the reason i think this may linger in a pretty hot way is we are in a different phase of the campaign. this happened in a debate, not a rally or not an offhanded remark to fox. and she is someone who, for whatever flaws she might have, what trump said about her will resonate with a lot of people. i think the campaign believes they can ignore it and they may be wrong. john: yesterday on the show, i thought it was nuts to insult someone in a way that has such a resonance with so many people. we learned yesterday 85 million people watched that debate. let's say that is 40 million women. every one of those people know someone who has dealt with weight issues -- mark: certainly everyone who knows me knows someone like that. john: these are issues that are
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not political, abstract, policy issues. these are like the grist of the culture, the kinds of things people talk about over the dinner table every day, and that is very dangerous terrain to insult many millions of people in that way, which is why i think you are right. she has come across quite sympathetically in most of her media. i have not seen all, but in the ones i have seen, she has come across like she is hurt. she has a right to be hurt. i do not know of the campaign will ever apologize to her, but you said yesterday that they should, and i think today even more than yesterday, it would be smart to shut this down by apologizing. she wento not care if out on fifth avenue and shot someone, what he said to her or about her was wrong and rude and insensitive, and a think a lot of people will feel that way. the press is not going to drop this. the clinton campaign is not going to drop it. i'm not saying it will dominate or cost the election, but they are wrong to think that at this stage, the highest profile
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thing, the debate, that this is just another person trump insulted and who cares. john: a lot of people think donald trump is a bully. you can be mean to your political opponents and no one cares because that is expected of politicians, but when you start bullying try the citizens, if it's a gold star family or a judge from indiana, you are in a different terrain. mark: i will just say one more thing -- the dominant meme right now in his campaign is that trump and his campaign are not performing competently. the prison through which this is being seen as incompetent -- the prism through which this is being seen. as we said, the trump campaign has largely been shrugging off the story. last night, trump's spokeswoman was on megyn kelly's set during the story we showed you -- the interview we showed you a little bit earlier. here was her reaction. >> the individuals who participate in these contests
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have a weight clause. >> he is constantly evaluating .omen based on a number beautytrump owned a pageant. that is where some of that comes from. that is also entertainment. that is also television. if you look at winning, for example, like his wife and his daughters -- they say he treats everyone the same, so we cannot say he only does this to women. >> but you cannot be a 10 if you are flat-chested. there -- what is the equivalent of a man? >> everyone has their opinion of what a 10 is. mark: people have been digging 's past.a machado
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the drive-by media, as rush limbaugh calls our ilk, has been giving this story plenty of coverage. the fox network is a different story. they covered it last night, but today, they could not seem to find the time. they did however seem to find time to cover these important stories. >> have you seen this story? a marriage proposal turning into a major ordeal last night at yankee stadium. capricorn, youa may now be a sagittarius according to nasa. you may have always had a different sign and never knew it. >> where this monster storm is hitting and where it is headed. >> local got caught in the carpool lane. >> this ticket is going to be huge. >> a new book on the unsolved murder of jonbenet ramsey. >> he has been obsessed with the idea of getting humans on mars and colonizing mars.
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john: there were a few rare instances in which machado did come up on fox, but it was quickly quieted. a woman in a focus group brought immediatelynd was cut off. >> when you go on national television the morning after the debate and attack someone and call them a paid an insult her -- women, your to all response -- >> it's about values, the values of this nation. >> that was not positive for her. mark: the apparent effort by conservative media either to ignoretrump on this or this story -- will it effectively discourage the trump campaign from changing course? john: one of the things that is true about republican that as theis
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campaign gets longer and longer, they get sucked into the conservative media cocoon and stop talking to anyone outside that cocoon. it is understandable. you want to praise, not the criticism. you want the easy questions, not the hard questions. but it is not to your political benefit to do that. if donald trump is just looking at fox news and reading breitbart, he does not understand what kind of residence this is having in the real world -- what kind of residence -- what kind of resonance this is having in the real world. : if they think they are getting a realistic appraisal of how this issue is playing, not just in the media, but with real people -- every reporter i know is being asked about this by people who are not involved in politics -- they are kidding themselves, doing trump a disservice, and if he is watching fox inking they're not talking about it and he does not have to deal with it -- insane. john: we watched the same thing
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happen in 2012 when mitt romney and paul ryan started thinking big aussie was a huge story -- thinking benghazi was a huge story. mark: the other thing is fox can ignore it all they want, but it is getting huge play everywhere else. it is one thing to be in the cocoon when you are trying to win the nomination, but when you are trying to win a general election -- john: even if you think the rest of the media is liberally biased, it does you no good not to pay attention because those supposedly biased media are reaching millions of voters that you need. mark: i often talk about the bias in the media. covering a story with a couple can nominate insulted a woman about her weight, nothing to do with liberal bias -- covering a story where the republican nominee insulted a woman about her weight.
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if that makes trump think the story is going away, i say again, wrong. john: it's like a bunch of monkeys with their hands over their ears and eyes and mouth. when we come back, we will talk about bernie sanders' and michelle obama's millennial hopes and dreams right after this. ♪
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'sup, millennials? ofhave talked about how many you are still lukewarm on hillary clinton, which is why today, clinton is it a college studenttalk more about debt with the coolest white-haired dude in all of politics, her former rival,
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bernie sanders. we have noticed a of the lineal being used by clinton and their team. they're concerned young voters might vote for libertarian candidate gary johnson or green party jill stein or might not turn out at all. her many attempt to inspire young voters to turn up for clinton, many are trying to also scare them, saying that doing anything but voting for clinton could lead -- would lead to a trump presidency. two people out from -- promoting her message, first lady michelle obama, and her presence -- her husband president obama doing a radio interview. president obama: if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. if you vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance to win, that is a vote for trump. mrs. obama: if you vote for someone other than hillary or do not vote at all, you are helping opponent, andry's the stakes are far too high to
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take that chance. too high. remember -- it's not about voting for the perfect candidate. there is no such person. mark: is this a tactic that will turn millennials out and turn them out to vote for hillary clinton? johnit has to be a two-pronged thing. she has to talk about her college affordability plan, making people aware that she and sanders for a key issue for a lot of millennials are really joined up and hit. some of them raising the stakes of the election and making clear for millennials that they have skin in the scam and things could be worse from the democratic point of view if trump wins will be part of the message, but it cannot be all of it. irk: from the millennials have talked to who were wildly enthusiastic about sanders -- they did not like him because he was a democrat. they did not like him because he was a politician. they do not like him because
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they had long followed his career. they like his authenticity and antiestablishment sensibility. if they were forced to vote, i think a lot of them would give up johnson and stein, but the current state of affairs, i think this could be the key thing in the whole election. john: it is the crucial question. very little of that millennial --e parked with gary johnson very little of it i think would go to trump. mark: for a lot of them, obviously -- i talked to some in florida last week and said that bernie sanders really wants them to vote for hillary clinton and that sanders and clinton are almost indistinct civil on issues according to both of them. -- almost indistinguishable on issues. john: issues they should care about.
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none of them were swayed in the end. all five were unmoved. is oldern the sanders than donald trump, he was in new -- he was new. mark: they don't look trump, but they think of clinton is a totally different species than sanders. said as got them engaged and to got extent, president obama them involved. john: his unconventionality and that he wanted to break the system. sheary clinton, even though does agree with bernie sanders, does not want to break the system. finally, we have to turn to some sad news from last night. former israeli president shimon peres died at the age of 93. respectose paying the the person will be bill clinton, vice president biden, and
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president obama released a heartfelt statement that read in part, "there are few people we share this world with who changed the course of human history not just through their role in human events but because they expand our moral imagination and horse us to expect more of ourselves. my friend shimon was one of those people. popular in some ways in america than in israel. he did a courageous and tough thing, when against public opinion and fought to normalize the notion of negotiations to try to bring about peace. he got the oslo accords to be accepted as a touchstone, as a framework, and he did a difficult thing. he went against the public view to try to change the public view, and the peace process, as tattered as it is, would not be anything like where it has gone if it were not for him. john: he had a hugely historic role in establishing the state of israel.
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it is interesting that even his , a guy likeoes benjamin netanyahu, they all inired his historic place israel. the combination of being hard eyed but also still as firing. mark: he will be missed, and it will be quite a funeral for him with a lot of world leaders. up next, we'll talk about the much otto -- the machado controversy and a whole lot more after this. ♪
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john: welcome back. is a columnist for what donald trump likes to call the failed "new york times." tell me about what you think of this 24 hours of coverage. yesterday was basically about who won and who lost. talk about where the debate fallout story is going from the media point of view. >> it is going in, like, five different directions. over a continued fallout comment about a former beauty queen. we have questions about if he will buckle down and prepare more for his next debate. aboutare gender questions how the debate meant for hillary clinton. the debate did not disappoint, and huge ratings, too. the debate delivered more than i have ever seen in my time cover politics.
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mark: your paper has a story about debate prep. is that a big deal? : i think hillary clinton and her seemingly -- ared remarks : i like how you call this seemingly prepared. clearly landed. mark: if you cannot prepare for a debate, how will you prepare to be president? mr. rutenberg: it's a good argument, and that's why trump's campaign is talking about changing how he prepares for the next one. john: all the talk today about alicia machado has seeped into andish tabloids
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conservative talk radio about her negative past. have you seen thus far any mainstream, non-right outlets that will pick those up, and do you anticipate they will if they have not already? mr. rutenberg: i have not seen anyone pick up and run with it the same way. campaign want another story about this tomorrow morning? the candidateif fighting with a third party -- he's not focusing on the things people thought he did well on. mark: the press loves a winner. hillary clinton seems to be the winner, and i have not seen any negative stories about hillary clinton on anything. a lot of negative stories about trump. is that bad practice for the media? : i think what
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everyone has to do is take a deep breath. before the debate, the height was this would change the dynamic of the race. nobody is really feeling that today. maybe in a couple of days, we will see. everybody has got to calm down a little bit. do your job. mark: should part of our job be saying that just because she won the debate, every story about trump has to be tilted in a negative direction and all the stories about her have to be tilted in a positive direction? it does not.: mark: it seems that is happening now. mr. rutenberg: it does, but we are just -- what day is it now? mark: it's just you win the debate, and you get a get out of jail free card for at least 48 hours now. likeutenberg: i don't making productions, but i predict that will not last. john: true or false -- donald
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trump is an unusually savvy -- media savvy candidate. mr. rutenberg: the most media savvy i have seen in my lifetime. john: so, true. what is it about trump that -- we know he did not prepare for the debate, but he blew some of the most basic elements, not knowing what the split screen would do. how does one explain that? mr. rutenberg: i wonder if he, shockingly, was a little bit nervous. maybe he is human in that. i also think there has been so little consequence to him getting basic things wrong you know he could get right in other situations. part of what has made him compelling this year has been the sort of hot mess quality that sometimes takes over. mark: liberals will kill you on twitter for saying trump was human. mr. rutenberg: i said maybe.
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mark: thank you, jim. rutenberg: i will never be on the show again. john: thanks for coming in. you were brave. when you come back, a three some you will never forget live on the set right after this. ♪ . .
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mark: we have a super bowl photo lineup in the studio right now. ,oining us now is boris epstein
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dan seen or, and former clinton campaign poster, mark penn. delighted to have you all here. i want to show you a clip from cnn last night. >> he was really rude with me. try and to destroy my self-esteem. now i am a voice in the latin committee. man, how do you feel about that? is a personal thing she is choosing to do. really, it's none of my business and i'm not going to weigh in on it too much. things in her background that are a bit questionable, but i will leave those to be out there.
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said to her is not in dispute. a lot of it is on videotape. guest: she chose to be in the pageant and i don't think it matters. i don't think it matters to the american people. they don't care about and interaction from 20 years ago. they care about the national security, they carry about kellyanne conway, or campaign manager. i think the left is trying to portray mr. trump as a monster. but this was two days ago. he went on and attacked her for gaining weight. he accused her of gaining weight. guest: he did not accuse her of gaining weight. john: he said she was the worst contestant they had to deal with because she gained a lot of weight. guest: she talked about other
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reasons -- we are talking about a tiny issue here. the really think anyone in ohio or florida -- you do agree that he did talk about her weight. i think you learn a lot in these situations about temperament. and the morning after the debate, this did not go well for him and his immediate responses to attack a private it is for her weight. himink that's a window into mark: -- mark:if you were a trump advisor, would you say don't talk about it? guest: i would say your temperament is the number one issue from holding you back from president. say that you and her had a disagreement and i'm here to talk about taxes and my tax cut plan. i've been through a lot of anything like that is
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a huge mistake for anyone out there. all it does is bring his temperament into play. that was yesterday morning, but now the media wants to run with the narrative obviously being pushed by the clinton campaign. at his career empowering women, kellyanne conway, she has been a guest of this show. i think what you is simply not borne out by the truth. about mr. trump's proposals and his child care plan, which is revolutionary for republicans. i just want to be clear -- i'm as critical of the media and how they cover republicans as anybody, but it was trump who said she had a weight problem. guest: she herself said the same
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thing. give us your overall sense of the debate. how do you see her chances versus his chances right now. guest: this was getting within the margin of error. i always thought she would come out strong and clearly understanding the issues. i think she came out more aggressive than i expected and i think that aggressiveness against trump or. -- against trump worked. she baited him and thumped him. even though in the first half hour, they were candidate to candidate, in the next hour, she baited him and he lost it. do you agree her chances of winning the presidency are 100%? guest: no one's chances of anything in this world are 100 are sent. john: let me ask a simple,
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straightforward question. there's a lot of questions about people in your world talking about what should be different. does donald trump need to prepare more or does -- did he prepare sufficiently? guest: he will be absolutely ready for the next debate and the last debate. you are saying if he prepares for the second debate exactly the way he prepares for the first debate, he will be look atguest: if you monday's debate, hillary clinton lied to the american people about tpp, new york crime rates, about not saying super predator. she was robotic. mark: i think donald trump won the debate. ago, the weeks republican party was said to be in panic. yeah great two weeks and a bad two weeks and then the debate happened. where is your party in terms of trump at the top of the ticket?
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guest: i think most republican leaders i talked to believe hillary has an edge. it is close, she has an edge and she will probably win, but it won't be so decisive that it would do a lot of damage down ballot. that is anecdotal. 90% of republicans are for donald trump. in pennsylvania, about a week and a half ago, 71% of pennsylvania republicans were for trump. 14 mark:e week, 85%, a point swing. you have been part of the what -- how potent was you have been part of the washington problem for 30 years guest:? with 70% of people saying it's on the wrong track, if we were talking about the message, that might be powerful. if he does to more debates where his temperament gets in the way and he does not appear qualified, this thing is going to snowball in her direction.
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debate, we arext actually talking about maybe we need a change and maybe he could do it, let's look at these tax cut plans. if we are talking about that, that would help sway things. guest: here's what i don't think is going to happen -- guest: there's a snowball of stories coming out of the debate. guest: i felt the first 20 minutes were effective. once he started talking about birther is him and he talked about sean hannity -- should he's -- should he have stayed off those topics? guest: the reason those issues came up is because that's what the moderator asked about. i want to sides say talk about the issue and the other side wants to talk about nonsense. all those days off and she can't even make it to her car.
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he's back to talking about 9/11. who think that's a good line? let's -- john: is it a smart move for your loss to be impugning hillary clinton's health again? ofst: stamina is a big part being president. you took one line from that speech. want to suggest that's all he said, but it goes to this issue. we want to talk about issues and substance, you are saying she couldn't make it to the car when she had pneumonia. guest: this is a good example of why we talk about a subset of issues. if you want people to focus on these issues, you should not make these kinds of comments that are going to get attention. guest: it is an observation. john: do you want to talk about
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issues or do you want to talk about her health? guest: i prefer to talk about issues. typically a bad sign when people like you and me come onto every television show, and i see it with others or against for the trump campaign and their explanation for everything is the media is asking unfair questions. campaign does not want to focus on the issues. guest: the next two debates, no way hillary clinton does not have to answer for e-mails, libya, the clinton foundation. and about the issues, i would love it if the next question was what is the corporate tax bracket going to be like? john: the issue of stamina have just come up. the were fair number of people who seem to think hillary clinton was very strong for 90 minutes while donald trump seems to fade through the debate.
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what was your perception of the relative stamina? have more stamina and it was completely ridiculous for trump to say that when the living contradiction of what he was saying was right there. she had a bad video and she had something happen on that day, on that moment and even today, what is he doing? thinks that's a great strategy. i don't know what paul would show that. who looked like they had better stamina monday night at the debate? really did think she did. i'm not biased in favor of hillary clinton. i thought she was energetic, brimming with optimism. i thought when she went on the attack against him, she was almost that are on the attack than she was talking about her own ideas. itn she would prosecute him, was concise, and was a sink and powerful. when she asked him why he didn't pay taxes or reveal his tax returns and he revealed he
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basically pays no taxes and he's smart and listed the four reasons, what he said -- in a: he said you do it way that minimizes what you have to pay in the rules and regulations. guest: she said you pay no taxes and he said that's because i'm smart. mark: i think the literal reading of what he said, you are right. it's part of the tax code, i'm sure you do the same as a business and i'm sure all of us do. she had five days off before hand? i was with him on thursday and we flew out early in the morning , pittsburgh, two stops, philadelphia, three stops, on and on through saturday. he was in virginia at huge rally on saturday. maybe she was a little more rested, but we are now focusing on who took time off. not take time
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off. she went to school and donald and go to school. donald has to go to school if he's going to be president. what america said he didn't go to debate school, he just showed up, is he going to go to school to be president? mark: what are the three biggest things in trump's favored to win this election? guest: 70% think the countries in the wrong direction. 60% think both candidates are untruthful and don't like either of them. and there are a lot of angry voters out there, particularly white male voters who really support him enthusiastically. mark: how big a dangerous gary johnson to her winning? guest: i don't think it will be decisive. as long as he's not in the debates, i think it will fade and won't be a big factor. john: clarify the tax thing real quick. are you saying unequivocally donald trump has paid income
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taxes in the last few years? guest: mr. trump has always followed all the rules and regulations. i'm not his tax attorney. saying -- has: no one in the campaign been willing to say i know he has paid taxes. guest: i know he wants to simplify the tax code to three tax brackets, lower the toporate tax bracket from 35 15. you helping with debate prep? that's a good answer. i -- why can't t say that? guest: it's up to him what he says. a businessman, of course he will play with the texted says. guest: what he should have said is i hate every single cent due
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to the added states government, including the taxes on my thousands and thousands of employees and my properties. we have to go. guest: unless that's not true. mark: when we come back, a look line the scenes at hillary clinton's campaign both north and south. inyou are watching us washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio, radio on 99.1 fm. we will be right back. ♪
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john: as you probably know, mark and i used to work at another television program called "the circus" in conjunction with bloomberg politics. to sity, we got a chance down with two key players on the clinton campaign.
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>> we are about to go to a meeting with lily adams and her team. she's been with a clinton campaign from the beginning. grandmother was an richards, former governor of texas. voters get most of their news through local news, so the group she works with here, these guys are in the trenches fighting market,ote, market by station my station to make sure they can win where the margin is small. over how to go yesterday went and how the philly coverage looks. >> it's difficult because of the terrorist bombing. front pagesple of
5:48 pm
and 13 radio interviews today in north carolina and florida, throughout all the battleground states. >> can we make sure they have the registration deadlines? about the way your relationship with your family animated your interest in politics. >> my grandmother ran for governor in 1990 and i was on the campaign trail starting from the beginning. she's always a presence. the secretary reminds me of her a lot. she doesn't complain, which is a hallmark of my grandmother's time in office. aboutesn't complain things being tough were trying to break up a good old boys club. it would infuriate her critics and rally her supporters. describe not even the environment you work in but what -- has feltight
5:49 pm
like? >> they call these states battlegrounds for a reason and we compare for a competitive race and every single one of them. barack obama won florida by less than a percentage point. it's going to be a close state. i don't think anyone is preparing for a landslide. clinton's is hillary headquarters -- there's no sign that the headquarters is here. it is a nondescript building. significance of the vote on the i-4 court or? >> the i-4 court or is a good sample of america. there are middle-class and here, people from puerto rico, people that are african-american, a large scale will a deal population and that .s a really good melting pot that's part of the reason we are here, because it's a good
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example of all the voters need to connect with. mark: i want to tell you about the millennials i just talked to. i was in a coffee shop talking to 224-year-olds, one lifelong floridian and one here for school. both were huge bernie sanders supporters. both of them are undecided about who they are going to vote for. iny are totally interested donald trump and not even interested in gary johnson, but if they vote for hillary clinton, it will be with all to no enthusiasm. is that something you have confronted? a problem? >> we working hard to get the millennial vote. where at the same point president obama was four years ago and we are lucky to have had senator sanders endorse us. it doesn'td this -- affect them that senator sanders is enthusiastic.
5:51 pm
that if iems to me were running hillary clinton's campaign in florida and i was sitting with those 24-year-olds, i would say what's wrong with you people? hillary clinton and bernie sanders same issues on a ton of things. how can i not have your votes bank? >> i think the reality is you have to work for every vote and we're not going to take that for granted. beneed those 24-year-olds to voting for us like they were supporting bernie sanders and that's why said terry clinton is asked -- that's why secretary clinton is asking for your vote. onn: you can catch that show showtime. we'll talk about one of the biggest tells and: -- in presidential politics when we come back. ♪
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mark: over the past few weeks as
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hillary clinton's fortunes have ebbed and flowed, you can see how the campaign is feeling about the race -- look at the handsome face of her traveling press secretary, nick mural. was a constant press -- constant present minor and would usually have the face we call sad nick. after the debate, things have changed, she's in a good mood and so there is happiness. nick behind her and just look to see if you are getting sad nick or happy nick. with,the people we deal they think people try to spin is a lie to us, but you look at their faces and you can often tell what the truth is. mark: there's a scene in the documentary, "wiener" and she says that on a happy face. thanks, and it. we will be right back.
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nick.nks, we will be right back. ♪
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john: had to bloomberg for the latest installment of our battleground 2016 segment where we break down hillary clinton's millennial math problem. we will talk to them about that this week. coming up, a roundtable with venture capitalists on "bloomberg west." until tomorrow, in new york city, we say sayonara. ♪
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mark: i'm mark crumpton. let's check with your first word news. i-72 to 26 vote, the u.s. senate passed a 10 week stopgap measure
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to ensure no lapse in government democratsfunding wanted to address the water crisis in flint, michigan, will be handled in a separate water bill. the house could pass it tonight. , kratz joined with republicans to and president obama's first veto override. both house and senate voted overwhelmingly to allow families a 9/11 victory -- 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for its alleged backing of the attackers. the president has argued it could open the u.s. to lawsuits around the world. bernie sanders and hillary clinton made joint appearances at the university of new hampshire. sanders called clinton's plan to provide free college tuition to middle-class families revolutionary. want youngders: i people to leave schools excited about the future, the new businesses they will open up, getting married, having kids, being a house, not saddled with tens of thousands


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