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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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game shows with gary johnson: >> this was once the end of this silk road. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding it. >> it is time for celebrity family feud. -- pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico -- i am having a brain freeze --
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[buzzing] >> any foreign leader? >> merkel? ♪ in dealingld trump with two fights. one of them is with himself in that contest is being fought inside his head but tonight we are going to start with the fight within his campaign. cnn reporting that trump aids told campaign surrogates that he is upset at some other things included in a new york times story based on anonymous advisors describing the campaign as being unhappy with his debate performance. -- not only does
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the trump campaign feel like he was unprepared for the debate but that his adult children are upset with the direction of the campaign and its effect on business. the campaign responded saying that the children are happier than ever before and that the business continues to be tremendously successful. trump responded saying it is hard to be unhappy when we are doing so well. his campaign manager went on the asked if shed was expressed any unhappiness about the miss universe winner. >> he has called her and eating machine. i feel uncomfortable with it as a woman. >> i do not discuss people's weight. >> he said, why are you calling women fat? beside theit is point -- he gave that particular woman a second chance. this was 20 years ago.
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she obviously has a troubled past. [speaking simultaneously] >> on a scale of one to godzilla, amash disarray is happening? >> and probably not godzilla level but it seems like it is relatively high. the sun reported comes to our various people. look, there has never been a happy group. it has more turnover than or presidential campaign. -- they arechildren never that comfortable with anything that resembles a traditional campaign. there are moments when he can be pulled back toward the traditional focus but in the end , he spawned a certain amount of chaos because of his behavior. >> one source of friction is his performance himself in general.
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frictionadiates out compared people involved in the campaign who are professionals who have wrote on past campaigns are disheartened by and in some cases freaked out by the lack of professionalism in certain parts -- it is untraditional and they do not like that. leadership changes. the manna for era -- the manneford a red is over. >> when you are seeing stories -- those are m&a from inside the house. when you see stories about the lack of debate preparation, those are emanating from inside the house. there is more leaking and there has been from the prior month's prior. that operation -- it now has leaking. >> it had a bout of leaking.
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simultaneously] trump doesear that not like stories about this. >> and he pays a lot of attention to the new york times. it is a problem. for the past year and attention in his campaign has been between penchant for emotional outburst. last night on the o'reilly factor he was presented with what would normally be a golden opportunity to fly off the handle about colin kaepernick but he indulged in something unusual, a modicum of restraint. >> if it was me, i would not be happy and i do not think i am going to tell you what i would do it. . would not be happy i am not going to tell you what
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i would do. >> if i am in that position i would be a lot different than the way they are treating him. >> it is not like you to not tell me what you would do. >> let's keep headlines to a minimum. >> even bill pointed out that his response wasn't very trumpy or declarative. trump made a point of mentioning kaepernickt -- colin 's right to protest. at this moment, in the wake of ,is attack on the lisa machado the campaign is trying to drive a focus surrounding hillary's corruption. this restraint that we just saw
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is in conflict. what is your read on his internal capacity to control himself and exercise discipline going forward? >> he understands conceptually how it is done although acknowledging that he did not want to do it and not create headlines is acknowledging the fourth wall but it shows that he knows the concept but the data suggests -- not going to do it. >> every fiber of his being wants to light on fire the notion of discipline. he wants to speak his mind and many times when he speaks his or hehe gets in trouble just takes the campaign away from what they are supposed to be talking about and the message and the message that they think is a winning message and he had never before been able to restrain himself -- >> i don't either, i found it hilariously random that he exercised it. >> what do you think if he
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answered the question honestly? >> he would probably fire him. >> have him run over by a car or something? [laughter] >> i really -- i never thought i would hear donald trump in the context of fox news defending the first amendment right of an nfl player to protest during the national anthem -- >> with o'reilly repeatedly dating him -- bating him. >> trump comments -- -- he held himself back last night. >> he keeps going on fox news, you know? whatever. the press, he just keeps going on fox news and there is nothing in it for him. >> we have an abundance of information outlets. >> trump, we are waiting.
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>> we will give you in our -- >> trump unveiled a new catch phrase very much on message now, sure to set off a google alert. the phrase is, follow the money. an attempt to portray hillary clinton as a corrupt politician. he is painting clinton as a crooked washington insider who is beholden to donors and other special interests. he held a rally where he continued using this attack and he also added this: people havecan added with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal. corruption and scandal. impeachment for lying -- remember that? they are tired of the lies. they are tired of the trivial
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politics. they are tired of being talked down to, looked down upon, and treated like second-class citizens and they are phenomenal people -- you are phenomenal people. the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the bright and clean future. >> so, is talking about impeachment a way to reinforce his message about general collection -- general corruption? and i do not know the answer but i believe it is much more of a distraction than a focus because the word impeachment in every american's mind is sex. that is what he was impeached over. the whole thing was lying about a sexual relationship. for most people, that is an implication of the monica lewinsky scandal and addressing
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away from the issues around e-mail and money and the foundation around all the stuff trump -- >> i think he has become as good as talking about the issues as he is anything else in framing or in reinforced by press releases and i think the clinton campaign wouldn't knowledge that those are things that can hurt her because they go back to the old corrupt ways of washington. .e cannot be tied to washington if he could do the impeachment and the sex stuff that george b --u he is to say, i would raise my right hand ands restore honor and immediately of a lock since then i think ith might dovetail but there is no way trump would be disappointed at talking about impeachment. he will start saying explicit things to overshadow the message.
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i think that if he can stand and money thing -- that is one of his best chances to win. >> if you remember, i know you do -- if you think about the way that barack obama handled this, the notion of clinton fatigue is a real thing. exploded it toa his great benefit in the democratic primary. it is a real thing. trying to tap into that is correct and smart politically. sex forent just equals most people. he starts talking about impeachment, he is one step away from talking about paula jones, monica lewinsky, all of those things that the way for him -- >> -- to get more graphic than that -- >> he is not going to be able to be subtle -- >> we are on day 2.5 of follow the money. i wonder if this is the message the rest of the way or not because as a setting he is as good as this had anything. >> next, we have drama or maybe not.
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what the hillary clinton campaign is up to after this. ♪
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caucus, donald trump lost. today, iowa is hit into the polling place again -- the beginning of early voting in iowa and they take it seriously. in 2012 43% were cast before election day. hillary clinton spoke at an event in des moines. >> we have a bunch of active
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iowans here. are you to go to the polls? luckily you can start today. lots of folks don't have that opportunity across the country. we have 39 days left and each and every one of you have the chance to make sure that we keep our country on the right path. we have 40 days to win an election that is going to affect the next 40 years of our country and every one of you can make the difference. life orrow, tim kaine's will continue the bush-- wife and bill clinton will take a bus tour across iowa -- visited iowa yesterday for a rally. those are a few of the battleground states were early voting will start. when it comes to this rather
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important and often overlooked subject which side has the edge? is always a lot of bluffs and it is difficult for the oppressed and get out what is going on. i will tell you two things. on the democratic side they got more surrogates who can draw crowds. they have a sophisticated sense of the campaigns. debate thanof the the head is slanted toward clinton. there is more optimism on the clinton site today. is no trump side there doubt the republican committee is doing more than any party has ever done to carry the ball on things like the voting. is that the same as being tethered to a candidate? states republicans have more of the tradition of voting early because it takes more involvement to do that. >> i do not disagree with anything you said except when
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you said that coverage is slanted toward clinton. ground game.a in 2000 12, the obama campaign had an incredible ground game. they were carrying them to the polls. this time it seems like i actually feel that the operations are surprisingly equally matched with the clinton campaign has a more traditional structure. -- rnc is focusing a lot of focusing a lot on early registration. they are closer than people think. >> it is going to be a mystery for a while. we talked about the inner workings of the trunk campaign so let's look at what is happening across the river in brooklyn. in 2008 the obama campaign was
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known as no drama obama compared hillary's campaign was the opposite, settled with the worst political buzzwords you can imagine. this time around, there has been a whole lot of nothing coming from brooklyn especially compared to the trump campaign which seems to be as leaky as leek soup. historically during tough times you are going to see some damaging background quotes and leaks but two weeks ago when the campaign was fighting off negative stories the press was getting no backlighting or criticism of the candidate herself. that would be an excellent narrative element for any campaign but it is positively stunning for a campaign with a clinton at the top. why has there been so little finger-pointing and greek ruminations out of brooklyn? >> three reasons. she is the head --
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she is ahead. she has been the favorite. two, robby mook has internalized the notion of being a no drama campaign and then there is the infusion of the actual obama people who also embody the notion of no drama ethos. and combination of humans being a head has created an atmosphere of peace and discipline. >> number one, there is nobody in the top-tier who has a better personality the way mark penn was. nobody in thisis campaign is trying to get famous . they reluctantly do television
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interviews. despite hillary clinton's reputation at times, she is treating her staff well so they are in the bunker with her. it is a huge advantage and unlike any campaign -- >> she learned some lessons from 2008. coming up, behind-the-scenes at trump tower where trouble may or may not be brewing. ♪
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>> donald trump's campaign has had ups and down. joining us now is katy tur.
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thank you for joining us. tell me the story as you have observed it. how do you see the ark of his attitude? usedthink that he was so holt did a lester good job. once he started seeing the reviews he started lashing out at the press saying that lester holt was not fair, saying that it was rigged. we heard talk that the preparation was not as good as it should have been, that he should be doing similar traditional preparation going forward in that he did not focus enough during the preparation sessions, that they were just telling old stories -- they were just shooting questions at him instead of turned to focus on issues and focus in on ways that
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hillary clinton 93rd offer game. i have from a number of sources saying that going for they are going to get a little more traditional. mockare going to do debates, have him stand behind a podium, get a debate coach to talk to donald trump, find ways to get under hillary clinton's skin, ways to turn the conversation back around, and then i got after that some tremendous pushback from the trend in saying then that it is -- from the campaign saying that none of this was true. somebody called one of my upagus. snuffle donald trump is pushing back saying, we cannot have this narrative. >> to be fair, we both have eupagus as one of our resources and he is reliable yard tell us what you know about the question on -- how secure --
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>> listen, i think they are very secure. that is not to say that they were less happy with them than they were with paul manafort. they had no love lost for corey lewandowski. the frustration that i was hearing was more in line with them not being able to keep their father on track when it comes to things like debate preparation. larry's going for that how this might be affecting business because they have the business to an arid they want to make sure that their business is going to be in as strongly place as it was before the campaign season. that story came out and i have been hearing from people for quite a while -- that got tremendous about of pushback as well not only from the campaign but from the kids.
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trump sent a personalized message to me saying that my are fired in that they had never been happier. the kids have ever been happier. this is the happiest they have ever been. listen, i think the trump campaign wants to betray themselves as having a together as any campaign would want to do. they do not want to show any infighting especially when it comes to the family. they want to seem like a united front that doesn't have any issues. up, we will talk more about the presidential campaign with two senior strategists. ♪
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the trunk campaign is signaling that they are poised
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to get personal about the past. how will you respond? >> he can put his campaign however he chooses. that is up to him. i'm going to keep talking about the stakes in this election, my agenda. i am not going to comment. we have two more debates. >> that was hillary clinton speaking in chicago this afternoon. right now, we are going to washington to talk about the chairman [indiscernible] of >> and also, the democratic strategist and communications to i'mer under barack obama, going to ask you guys a conjoint set of questions. doesn't make tactical sense for donald trump to talk about bill clinton's sex life. >> no.
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there is a lot of hillary clinton scandals that many republicans would like him to focus on more at the debate and we think that those are fair game. the extent to which there is a general feeling that the clintons constantly get into scandals -- focusing on bill clinton is a mistake. jobarack obama did a good of making political hay out of clinton fatigue, is donald trump on to something when he focuses on clinton corruption and the ?attle days the specific question of the clinton years were bad. i think that he misses a point which is that the majority of voters in the country feel that the clinton years were actually very good on the issues .hat voters care about it was a time when manufacturing jobs were being created in the middle class was actually rising
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. it is a mistake for donald trump make this a race about the past. theperson who wins if person who makes it about the future and he is making it about everything except voters. >> have you heard of any polling data to give you insight into whether the debate had an effect on the race? obviously, i think it would have a problem sharing it on television if it was private. what you saw in the debate in with the public polling suggested is that you are going to see a shift toward secretary clinton but it is still a tight race. democrats cannot get complacent off of one debate performance. it is a tight race. >> if your candidate performs the way he did in the first debate, will you be satisfied with the performance? actually we are not going
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to see a big change after the first debate. --re you had the most voters >> i am certainly that you are dodging my question -- was he good enough in the first debate? >> he needs to get better. then the answer the question. in the first 30 minutes, he owned that part of the debate. i would like to see him do that for 90 minutes but he owned the most important issue in this election, what are we going to do to get the economy going? >> that to a similar question, does it make sense for donald trump to go back to commenting on the weight of the former miss universe? >> i think it was a smart move for hillary clinton to bring it up like that. everybody was talking about it. a mistake -- anytime
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hillary clinton can get the trump campaign talking about , amp versus some american gifted off the economy and terrorism. everyday trump is not talking about that is a day he loses. republicangree that senate candidates in battleground states look strong? >> i think that republicans from the beginning of the cycle -- incumbents have known that they are going to have tough races. these are people who got elected in 2010. many of them got elected in states that are blue in .residential years the republicans have gone into this cycle knowing that they were going to have tough races. we have a huge number of extremely tight races out there and right now senate races tend to tape one way or another. >> do you agree it is possible
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that hillary clinton could win the white house and republicans could keep the senate? >> i think it is unlikely. it will help tip senate races -- let me go back to one thing. important. post-debate is more important. has decisively lost the post-debate context and it is impossible to imagine who over there thinks this is a good idea. >> one last question. you have a lot of debate prep including the presidential level . you thought hillary clinton did well. what can she need to improve on? >> the second debate is going to be different.
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it is the one with the voters get to ask their questions. one thing i would like to see more of is connecting directly with people, connecting programs with way people think the country needs to go. the first debate did not go that way. a town hall is a different kind of debate which will present unique challenges. >> thank you for being on the show. up, the head of clinton's super pac joining the conversation. ♪
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we are back with a chairman of the american conservative union and the cochair of the pro-hillary clinton super pac. for a while, republican donors were not doing much to help donald trump. what is your view on how much they are giving compared to how much you will race? are they getting close to parity? >> not yet but there is no question that there have been increases. there was a report that the raising $70ly was million because they want to provide a home for donors who are embarrassed to give to donald trump publicly. intend to be on the air
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through the end of the election and we are also expanding our operation on the ground. >> what states? inwe have field operations florida, nevada, and ohio. you went off the air with much fanfare in colorado in virginia. : is showing that the two states are tighter. any chance you will go back on television in the states? >> right now we have no plans for virginia but we had always planned -- we had planned in colorado. it is something that we reserved earlier this year in large part because in colorado most of our voters vote by mail. we will be on air there. >> hillary clinton rolled out a
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few more prominent republicans who are saying they are going to vote for her. give us a sense right now of what the state of republican unity is behind donald trump? the last polls i dived into showed that donald is in the 9-10 of romney voters terry terry -- territory which is high. hillary clinton was lacking a little bit with obama voters. if you look at virginia, it is tough for donald trump. it is no question that within the d.c. area, virginia is going to be a tough state. if he wins virginia, he is going to be the president.
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that is what john warner's message was. ,s far as of the republicans they are not all 100% what about donald trump the most republicans i talked to, compared to hillary clinton -- it is getting easier and easier to make the decision -- >> putting you on the spot, is there a question you would like to ask guy? >> i think it is more for him to go back on the air in colorado. colorado and nevada look like trump territory and i would like to hear why i am wrong. that won a race in a tough election in colorado, you are wrong because when you look at voters that only vote in presidential elections in colorado the president has an approval rate of +30. hispanic voters turn out in larger percentages.
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theher you were looking at fact that colorado has above-average number of college-educated voters, whether we will see increases in the -- all signs point strongly to colorado. by is there such a difference between barack obama's approval and hillary clinton's? >> the disparity between barack obama and donald trump is larger than that of the presidency than hillary clinton. history,en true in there is a disparity between those running for office and those that are in office. the trail of hillary's career has been that when she is in office, her approval ratings improve. that was true when she was secretary of state.
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when voters make a determination of somebody who has a plan for the country versus somebody at -- theues and women people of colorado, virginia, florida, north carolina are going to choose hillary clinton. >> that was in a speech. matt a are going to ask question. thinksuld ask why he that according to the story that republican donors decided they needed to form a c4 because they are embarrassed to be associated with donald trump? >> that is a nonprofit under the irs, something that the clintons know a lot about. that is how they sustain their own lifestyle. supposedly for the benefit of society -- i assume you agree with contributing to a c three
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or c4. itt is great about it c4 is underlies the message that in america, we have a first amendment and he can spend your money in any way you wish. i am glad the donors are coming on board. >> i think you both agree that c-3po is pretty cool. >> thank you for coming in. >> coming up, we are going to talk about hillary clinton's millennial problem. ♪
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the next segment is woke, on fleek, and involves brooklyn. team clinton has been dispatching -- many of whom supported bernie sanders. -- men [indiscernible] taking a look at the voters that are calling bernie tendons -- who they are in where to find them. sasha, thomas were hillary clinton could have the most trouble with bernie sanders supporters. >> he did well in the primaries not really among traditional democrats but among independents who had the opportunity to vote we sort of looked at the
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bernie., the states stretching from maine to washington. caucus exceptand for new york -- these states are andwhelmingly white, small, they often have high turnout already that poses a challenge. hillary clinton cannot decide she will win by going out and finding african-americans or .atinos and registering them she probably have to keep voters from winning a third party. pendantse these bernie and where will the matter? >> they are people who are not affiliated with the parties, who voted in democratic primaries. we look particularly at new hampshire, a place where bernie sanders one by quite a bit. we said, how many were there?
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who are they? people whohese worked throughout the state who had voted in the primary and found that there was a lot of them -- 27,000 of them. what are the challenges to reach out to this group for hillary? clinton'shillary broad persuasion message focused at soft republican, center-right -- that is not something that these sanders holdout want to hear -- >> i got to dispute that. i was at a hackensack tournament and all they were talking about, where is what are to go? the super pac has
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done some research showing us they care about climate change, they care about college , which is the thing that clinton brought sanderson talk about. she is having trouble running on two parallel channels. if she wants to trot out theysements from bush -- might just not appeal to millennials. was in durham, a college town. they have been visiting college towns in new hampshire. one out of five voters are these bernie pendants. do they matter in the bigger battleground states of florida and north carolina? >> there are progressive groups tracking them and as sasha said, a lot of them are younger voters.
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so, they have been tracking and throughout these battleground states and in a lot of states including florida, ohio, the margin by which -- not that hillary is losing, she is not winning by as much. so, the margin by which hillary clinton -- the number of sanders holdouts for hillary clinton -- that is larger than her margin in these states. obamahave seen michelle and hillary clinton in new hampshire. how much progress is the clinton campaign making with these voters yo? >> what they call the sanders holdouts went from 20% of millennials to 15% of millennials from july to august.
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but, the fact that they are still doing this as we approach october is a surprise, suggesting that they have worked to do it they did not expect -- they might be forced to go to a hard left message to appeal to what they thought was a core part of the democratic coalition. --sasha eisenberg [indiscernible] thank you for doing this segment. ♪
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>> what is the deal with all of that sniffing donald trump was doing? our producers have been assessing with that and we think that they found the answer. >> what was all of that sniffing? >> maybe it is the weather. .> it was definitely sniffing >> sniffing, what do you mean? >> sniffing, with his nose. >> he probably had a cold. what are you saying? >> what if -- >> drugs? >> i don't know. made and sniff. i told you he wasn't a drug addict. [theme from "seinfeld"]
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>> check out we will give a review on how they performed in the first presidential debate. maybe.e pro-clinton, talks the emily chang president of skyworks solutions. we will be back tomorrow. same time, same channel. sayonara. ♪
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>> you are watching "bloomberg west." officials are investigating the deadly crash in hoboken, new jersey.
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one person was killed and over 100 injured when the train crashed through a bumper at the end of a track coming to a stop on the train platform. >> the most important thing is the structural safety of the building. the one fatality was not somebody on the train but somebody killed by debris that was created while they were standing on the platform from the crash. >> the national transportation safety board says the engineer has been released from the hospital and will be interviewed . a cambridge university study says the use of body cameras could lead to a change in modern policing. the study shows a decrease in the number of complaints made against police when using the devices. in southeastern china, dozens missing and hundreds were evacuated following landslides triggered by a typhoon. elise five people were killed from the storm in taiwan. th


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