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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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john: welcome to the latest edition of the pre-dawn don. ofing to swap out stories trumps dysfunction and fat-shaming. what is he doing in the middle of the night taking of his campaign? his insomnias of when he tweeted -- trump your fell asleep or got distracted, who knows how. at 5:14 a.m. and he started a new round of attack.
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five minutes later, another tweet. he spelled judgment wrong but that is not quite the point. but way, there is more. or worse. at 5:30 a.m. came this tweet. today machado responded calling trumps attacks on women frightening. a stopthis afternoon at in coral spring, florida address the tweeting spree. ms. clinton: who gets about 3
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a.m. to engage in a twitter attack? a former miss universe, really, why does he do things like that? as -- this latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him. it is yet again that he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> trump followed up with a final defensive tweet. donald j. trump, wtf? says forike when he the people who are analyzing. this is one of those days when
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you think to yourself, i just can't imagine, i can't fathom what is going on inside that man's head to cause him to do what he did last night or early this morning. possible, no plausible explicable reason. embers were starting to cool on the story, he just poured gasoline on the fire by doing this thing. >> i am a member of the late-night lucky trump tweet. out of nowhere comes this tweet, typical, -- loser, a donald trump. 10:00 on sunday night, this is what this guy is doing and we saw the tweets here. here's the thing we have to start to do because we could go on and on of how represent -- reprehensible this is. we need to overlay of this as this is january 22.
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what is going to happen with -- starting in the morning with a morning briefing book he is not capable of reading because he says, youus and putin are of the leman, where do we go from here? we have to say this is no longer funny. this man is potentially a president. it is reprehensible and vulgar temperamentalonly issues but stupidity. stupidity to have to use that word. john: it is worth saying. first time we had a presidential nominee invoking a sex tape. there is no sex tape. it is made up. if you are sitting in the trump campaign, he had a bad debate and he made it worse by machado. donald trump to perform better
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and your candidate rather than , i get it, i lost, how do i get better. donald trump believes he won the debate and believe that somehow doing these things are appropriate, it is furthering his cause. if you were working for him you would think you are doomed. he is setup up to fail. you know he will come at her with all the guns blazing and that will backfire, that is why he did not do it the first time. he has been talking -- telling voters to follow the money. stories suggest that there y-pokery going on in the donald trump world. the foundation is not acquire the permit to solicit money.
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conducted deals with cuba, which he disputed with the local granite state station nh1. business in cuba. this guy who has a bad reputation as a reporter, you see what his record is, he wrote something about me in cuba. i never did anything in cuba. i never did a deal in cuba. job -- and miss? adc to what extent do the stories fly in the face of -- and handicap the follow the money hillary clinton bravado? what is making the argument is trump behavior. he keeps getting in his own way.
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there has been so much focus and the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's e-mail, most of it totally appropriate but it is so out of to what we see in the trump foundation, trump university, definitely more. there are just as many if not more, potentially more instances of obvious corruption and illegality going on on trump's part and we are finally in the place where some good reporters, the reporter that trump trashed are trying to focus on trump and those things are making it harder for donald trump to make his argument. trump has two underpinnings of deficiencies. the hatred sticks, the sleaze, we have seen trump university. we have seen the story where he took money out, charitable money and put it in his pocket by paying for legal fees and the hillary thing is a different
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thing. the line is nowhere in the same place but somehow, people let that go. he is a businessman, that is what he does. evenly zero taxes, he is smart. trump. good for reporter, the cons, this disgusting, reprehensible behavior toward the little guy. the stuff does not stick. all trumpthing where is taking on private citizens, those are the things that cause him the most political problems but i will say as he -- when he sees things like that is just business and it is great i did not pay taxes. it does make him seem more like a plutocrat and will not help his white,ut with working-class base. what the polling tells us about the debate and its effect on the presidential race. ♪
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"what'd you miss? we have seen a flurry of polls that have shaped perceptions about the race. hillary clinton was made the clear winner of the first presidential debate by more than 30 percentage point and there are polls out that suggest clinton might be seeing rewards from that debate victory. a two points. and suffolk university has clinton beating trump. in new hampshire clinton is a by seven points of likely voters. the margin is four point smaller than it was this past month but
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higher than other polls we have seen in recent weeks. in detroit news, clinton leads by seven points. we are seeing some conflicting pulls, where do we see this race right now? john: if you think about the polls the have been -- they have been taken in the time since this happened. michigan and new hampshire are states where she is strong and she will likely win. nevada is the state where she has been behind. -- she has seen an uptick. have her moved up two or three points strictly because of this debate. she now has the psychological advantage, the confidence from having won the debate and seeing all this empirical evidence moving in the right direction and see how donald trump's reaction, behaving like a lunatic. donny: the pulse have moved to points in the do not take into account the last three days.
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it was a moment on stage and next day, the real brouhaha has happened not in these holes. we will continue to see this lead widen. when trump is going to feel like he is losing i feel that she thinks you can unwind these things in a matter of a few weeks and there will be more of this nasty step two, that will make it worse. hillary clinton has been vetted for 30 years by republicans. this is the beginning of the end for trump. >> you came into that first debate with a lot of pressure on hillary clinton. the polls were tightening in donald trump's favor. democrats were freaking out, a lot of pressure on hillary think if heuse many becomes president it would be the apocalypse. tuesday,aveled
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wednesday, thursday and this friday morning. the damage he is doing with groups who are looking at this and going, i do no one any part of that. hillary clinton trying to summon her inner jfk. she unveiled a plan to inspire public service including expandls and opportunities for volunteers and scholarships. clinton wanted to grow the peace corps and create part-time national service reserve modeled after the armed forces reserve. this clinton: i talk a lot about how america is an exceptional nation. we are not exceptional just because of the size of our military or the size of our economy. we are exceptional because of the generosity and ingenuity of our people. 39 days left. this is the choice.
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we lift each other up or do we care -- terry each other down? down?r each other was the echo of bill clinton's new democratic movement. clinton: you must pay back from your paychecks or better yet by going back home and serving your community. just think of it. ofnk of it, millions energetic young men and women serving their country by policing the streets or teaching the children are caring for the sick or working with the elderly and people with disabilities, helping young people to stay off drugs and out of gangs, giving us all a sense of new hope and limitless possibilities. that is what this new covenant
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is all about. john: that was bill clinton and his nomination speech in 1992. you hear hillary clinton playing the national service card. you think this kind of proposal is harking back to her husband's themes and making the call to service will have residence? donny: he will see the female suburban tract voter and we know what is going on. thathat is ironic millennials are not turned onto, campaign, this is oldsmobile.ents' she is more progressive than her husband or any other democratic platform. the fact that millennials based on free tuition and based on the global warming issue alone are not rushing out, it is stunning
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and it is a pure perception thing. it is your father's candidate. this is a step in the right direction because all miles are about giving back, community. john: the millennial thing is a challenge for her. we talk about it a lot on the show. expanding which wants to do as president, tying it to some themes and aspirations and putting her policies together as a narrative is all good but the biggest problem she has without the voters is going to be, this is talking about government in a way that feels like it is old hat, it still feels like status quo. it is not have the revolutionary fervor that bernie sanders had and it will be hard for those voters to attract those who are interested in that kind of message. free college tuition. what else do you need to know?
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seriously, millennials, i you kidding me? john: we will talk to a donald trump surrogate when we come back. ♪
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john: joining us now is a donald trump supporter. m were talking about alicia archado. in what universe do you think it is helpful for donald trump to do what he did this morning and decide to attack?
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guest: i understand what his feelings are hurt by this kind of controversy. it seems the can ambush to me. we know donald trump has a campaign manager, a married woman with four kids, it has offered enormous opportunities to women who work for him and trick, as like a dirty dirty campaign trick. pity -- called her miss peggy and fat-shame her. -- attacked her for being overweight. guest: there is no evidence he called her miss piggy. john: he attacked her again today. try to answer my question. what is the political purpose it serves to attack her again? >> the us trying to set the record straight about what happened then which is far less relevant than what is happening now. let me just say in one sentence what happened then as far as i can see which is that she was a beauty contestant, something
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mrs. clinton sticks her nose up at, not politically correct anyone but -- anymore it back then it was. she signed a contract she would weigh a certain amount, as a jockey has to weigh a certain amount or male model who has to fit into a suit of sick -- a -- certaine area size. when she no longer fit that description some people want to fire her and he said no, let her workout, let her try to regain the job qualifications. as far as i know and i have no intentions of attacking her because like all women, i have settled the bulge, my children have had many battles with weight, i have to dunk -- two granddaughters, i am a household of lots of women and we'll get it. donny: the last thing you said was an outright lie.
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>> all i have heard is what i have been told. she said things from 20 years ago. donny: i want to go to to the last thing i said. i have seen you around and you are a mom. you use the words, this is a man who is running for president of the united states, this is a latina woman who is in every person he called her disgusting. >> i never heard that. donny: he tweeted that. he referred to her as disgusting. >> now you are attacking me. said i felt terrible because he fat-shame to me. have you ever used, i have never called a another human being disgusting. that is not a word i use. >> let's put this in a context. we all define context differently. all the viewers, all the voters have a right to know what is going on and we were talking
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just before the show about where this accusation fits in the debate, that we are reprocessing and reassessing. i was disappointed in the debate. not just because of the issue of o being raised because i do not like to see women use that way. the purpose of the debate is to inform voters, to shed light on things in that debate did not do that at all, there were no follow-up questions. i will give you an example. ms. clinton goes around the country and at the debate said she is going to make corporations pay their fair share. so why didn't the moderator say the what is a fair share, let me finish. why didn't the moderator say, what is the fair share of corporations in the u.s., the already pay the highest rates in the world. you are proposing hiking corporate tax rates and the federal reserve has warned us if they are raised it will cause "a
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substantial decline in wages and growth." so please explain that. the candidates were able to engage each other. trump could have raised that point if he wanted to. i want to come back to the thing that happened most recently. you're comfortable with the idea of having a person in the white house who is a bit 3:00 a.m. tweeting things about their political opponents. alleging circumstances that there is a sex tape involved that does not exist, that no one has been able to find. news organizations have spent a week looking for and not found. you think temperamentally speaking you are comfortable with that? >> i am. john: that would be behavior on -- on behalf of a
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president? quick stumbling me. john: i am not bullying you. >> a thing donald trump has a lot to offer this nation. ms. clinton is trying to change the debate from a debate over the economy, she does not want to own that because people are earning less than they did in 2007, she does not want to talk about foreign policy because isis is threatening so many parts of the world and she left the state department in a shambles. what are we left with? she wants to redefine -- john: we have a hard break right now. appreciate that point, not really on the point of whether donald trump has the temperament to be president. donald trump's weekend war after this. ♪
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. donny: welcome back. we are joined by a democratic strategist.
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miller, former communications director for jim 's campaign. bush who is your favorite world leader? >> merkel. donny: let's went back the clock four days ago after the m erchado moment. make it just nothing. he is eating his frostie-o's and they tell them what is going on.
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the war roomere in or in the boardroom, what would i have told him to do? i would have said, i made some years ago.regret 20 they do not reflect what i am fighting for in this campaign. i would have told him not to do the exact opposite of what he did. the thing about it is his initial comments were very bad, very offensive but his response has been even worse. and it plays into his biggest weakness, the view that voters have that he is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. john: there is a time when you were part of the never trump movement and until this debate, there was a definite consolidation happening. a lot of people who were uncomfortable said we are not comfortable with him but we do not want hillary clinton. he was starting to get close to 90% of republican votes. what do you see happening on the
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basis of the debate and the fallout two republican levels of support for donald trump? hope we have seen the last of people getting on board who were not on board before. , out of the cruz regular rank-and-file republicans i thought that after the debate he had not lost any of them. he had not had a good night and it wasn't so bad that he lost some of them. his behavior since the debate if we were looking at the college-educated suburban women, this is the group that we have the most success with in the never trump at campaign during the primaries, i bet you would peel off some of them because of his grotesque behavior over the past two days. >> we have also seen motivation like you have seen searches for how to register to vote surge heavy areas.ino john: the thing about the
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clintons always is having watched them for a long time everything is a cycle with them. when things are going great it goes great for a while and then something happens that turns things around, they go off course. what would you be worried about because it is your job to worry about hillary clinton. >> i would be worried that you let the sideshow get in the way of presenting a more affirmative, positive, aspirational message. sheehan asked very bold national service plan and you barely read about it because everyone is talking about donald trump's tweets. what we have seen is she needs to motivate millennials, to motivate latino and black voters and to do that you can just run as not donald trump. she needs to offer some big, bold ideas. i would worry that if they get back into the cycle of attacking donald trump. and complacency. i think they go hand-in-hand. donny: during every campaign there is a moment in time when you feel the train leaving the tracks. to me this week has felt that
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way, that the toothpaste is at at the tube and it is difficult back.ump to put it do you agree with that thesis? >> i do. i thought the train had left the track after the convention. the left, was on the show was back then and i said that. it was not that had a 0% chance to win but it was very weak -- bleak. he needed to run a very good campaign until then. he had to consolidate the juice turnoutse, and keep hillary's turnout down. the only big question mark is due the a lot -- millennials, african-americans, hispanics turnout in the way the turned out for obama, there is no mathematical path for trump to be the nominee. that is the big challenge for the clinton campaign and trump ofs week has receded a lot
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the ground that he gained between the conventions and the first debate. being defiantly against your party's nominee, you are otherwise a good republican, a stock trade -- conservative. tommy or assessment of republican prospects to hold onto the senate. >> it will be interesting to see what polls look like. what we were seeing is during trumps lowest at following the controversy. some senators and their numbers were hemorrhaging support and it was going to be a big problem. as trump certitude narrow i thought that launch as of last week, at the election in last week the republicans keep the senate. nevada,legrounds are new hampshire, north carolina, pennsylvania, and misery and we need to take three of those. i think that it is probably a toss up, maybe a slightly to the democrats but i have a lot of faith and -- in the good campaigns are being run for --
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by senate republicans. >> it is challenging and this is why. one way that i think trump has hurt democrats on ballots as we have seen on the outside money, all the outside groups being poured into senate races. in ohio ted strickland has had money spenth against him than hillary has nationally. straight --thers go the state to state trying to destroy democratic candidates systematically. think the evil koch brothers will be a problem. >> we are seeing it in indiana with evan by. they think they dispatched strickland in ohio, i do not think they did and they are going to indiana to do that. it will be challenging, i'm optimistic.
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john: you are both great. let's do this again. lathered, reince, repeat. you can listen to us on bloomberg radio 91 .1 fm. we will be right back. ♪
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john: two words could decide the next leader of the free world and those are ground game. i went to vist the national
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republican committee's headquarters to see how they are building their infrastructure in a major battleground state. on capitol hill in front of the republican national committee, always important but important issue because the trump campaign is not financially close to being on par with hillary clinton's campaign. this is -- we follow that to the republican national committee. whether that will work or not, who knows. this is like the wall of history. us. we have the wall of prieb a lot of priebus. about the unusual things this cycle is the trump campaign does not really have a ground game. it has outsourced it to you and to your field operations. >> we have been doing this operation in a serious way after
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we lost in 2012 and realized you could not have a national party three monthsng up before an election. we have been on the ground now for three years. we think that the hillary clinton campaign is playing catch-up to us. this is our narrative that we own and so we take it personally when people start commenting about you have 24 offices here but why don't you have 32? we have the biggest ground operation put together. just on full-time paid staff we are at 1100 paid on the ground but when you add in something that we call the republican leadership initiative which is a trained program where we have 6000 people that are working full-time, sometimes they work harder than the paid staff, sorry, guys. our team is incredible. we have over 6000 people doing that. we put a huge emphasis on
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knocking on doors. one thing we learned in 2012 is we were centered around phone calls. not great.nes are we are much better face-to-face. we're breaking records and we feel good about where we are at. makes you think that you are ground game is. to the clinton game? >> they do not have a bleed through. one thing obama did that we try to replicate is everyone argues about one good example, everyone is arguing. they had 380 and you have treat -- 320. the offices are not where the action is. hanging out in an office in making phone calls, they were meeting at starbucks with their neighborhood group, finding people that live there and work they wrote their standard and that is what we have been trying to replicate. we think we're bigger. we know we're bigger on the ground. we have been doing it for longer than they have.
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john: just talk about how much you are messed with the trump campaign and how well the court nation is working. >> as we sit here our directors -- is at trump tower. it is one operation at this point. they are working hand in glove, it is true, we do carry the load when it comes to the ground it is fortunate that we took this initiative to -- had time when we had a candidate that was a little bit thin but it is working out. good morning, guys, saddle up. let's go around with division leaders. >> in four-day week trained 3000 people. brings ourdiana, it trainings to 470.
5:44 pm
>> over 4000 volunteer prospects. >> 210 veteran volunteers. >> we have a table set up to do voter registration. >> 6042 doors. the team is doing well. very proud of them. andistorically traditionally the ground operations are in-house. mr. trump campaign manager light has relied on the rallies. i tell you what they do have, they have an army of volunteers. army ofhe biggest volunteers i have ever seen if not the biggest. our challenge has been to corral all the excitement in the volunteers that flock to all these rallies and train them and activate them in the field. this is what we have been working towards is the turnout. john: our thanks to the recovered can national many. we will talk about how much round games really matter this
5:45 pm
year after these words from our -- sponsors. ♪
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>> if the -- the polls showed mr. trump winning. poll hadt scientific him winning question mark those are fan polls. those are a snapshot of people -- what people are thinking. >> you have been doing this a while. you know those are bogus. >> i will take the seven plus polls that showed mr. trump winning big time. >> you can't be a 10 if you are flat chested. there is no equivalent for man. >> he has not very little credit
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for how gracious he was at the beginning and end of the debate. he said i was prepared to say some rough stuff but your family is here. it is not nice that you are running hundreds of millions of dollars in negative ads against me and that is not nice. >> they are running for president. of course she is going to hit with negative ads. when -- that he she is running use his words. those are some trump surrogates tangling with reporters on tv. greatest see some hits, we have been talking about that all show. tease to shift to what we out of the last segment on the ground game. i remembered hearing david p
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louffe saying they knew where every vote was. credit goes to the rnc that had to fill in a huge vacuum where the trump campaign -- doing the work that the trump campaign should be doing. they have come in and if they are doing a lot of work but take florida where they are operating at about a fifth the capacity of the clinton campaign. they have 80 people down there, the clinton campaign has 500. trump is one point behind in the latest polls of florida. i think it leads to the question, how much does ground game actually matter? trump is running, he is not getting crushed and the conclusion that one can draw is that ground game is about harvesting supporters that already exist. it is not about finding new supporters who are out there. and trump has a lot of
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supporters but the conclusion is he is not really building, creating new supporters in the campaign. that is what the rest of the campaign is about. that will be trumped problem. >> and want to ask you the question i asked tim miller earlier. -- polls were tightening and republicans were consolidating around trump. given his made performance and his performance since the debate what are you hearing and seeing from republicans about donald trump? >> i spent the day with my colleague talking to a lot of republican strategist and operators -- operatives and lawmakers and there is a great deal of concern, mounting anxiety that trump is letting it go. it is not just a rocky debate performance but it is the week now where he has been attacking this latina beauty queen and his erratic behavior including the tweets overnight in the sense
5:51 pm
that he is not been focused and disciplined and cannot concentrate. on what your focus see as the effective message which is that he is a change agent and clinton has bad judgment. we are hearing tweets about the beauty queen. there is an urgent desire to -- for him to change urgently. they are already voting in iowa. in other states are going to start early voting here soon so the time is precious. democraticafter the convention when trump went after family and then it subsided for the last month has the polls tightened as i said. what level do you see that, what is the level of republican freak out on this friday evening? >> i think it is about 60% of level.n the miss universe contestant is
5:52 pm
not exactly the unimpeachable were.n that the khans this does show that trump is exhibiting the political instinct, he is the only candidate who could turn a losing 90 minute debate performance into a four-day long national event. that is what is really concerning here. it is not his attacks on this contestant who is not a model citizen but it is the horrible political instincts that he has been displaying and i think it is unlikely that he will have better instincts on display in the next two debate performances which is the concern. john: clearly the two best moments for trump in the -- and the talking points is hillary, you will be doing this for 30 years and trade. is that the consensus within the republican folks that you're talking to? >> it is. that there are the things that he could be doing.
5:53 pm
there is a sense that there were a lot of missed opportunities in that first debate. he never really might have to hurt on the clinton foundation. the comments that the e-mail. >> when it be tough right now given the latest events in terms of cuba and his foundation things, isn't that a weak punch to be focusing on her foundation? >> early. a lot of for tokens want to see him doing everything he can to make that case against hillary clinton not getting distracted by these old grudges, these personal issues, counterpunching every time he gets hit by something coming in from the side. they want to see their nominee focused and executing every day and he is failing to do that right now. john: you mentioned the fact , it makes youvior wonder about whether trump will be able to pull it together. everyone in his world thinks they must do better and that will require work and focus and discipline. just seeing this behavior, the
5:54 pm
3:00 a.m. tweets, what conclusions would one draw about what that means for what the next two weeks will hold? >> think the real concern is that he could be district appeared candidate or the best prepared person in the world but he walks on that debate stage baited,e is dated -- all the preparation goes out the window. he was moderately prepared and he did get out a couple of answers and he arguably won the first 20 minutes. he is incredible he thin-skinned and he follows every rabbit down the hall and that is a real concern, his lack of self discipline. >> will be watching a week from sunday. thank you, you're both great and we will be right back. ♪
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john: if this weekend i am up late and i see a tweet from you at three tim a.m. -- 3:10 a.m., what should i conclude? head to about the saudi bill override. we will have coverage of the vice presidential debate. great weekend and sayonara. ♪
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mark: i'm mark crumpton. let's begin with a check of your first word news. a woman whose husband was killed at the pentagon on 9/11 is suing saudi arabia. comes days after
6:00 pm
congress enacted legislation allowing above filing in such cases against foreign governments, overriding a veto by president obama. saudi arabia denies any connection to 9/11. texas has formally stopped providing aid to refugees. they havebbott says federalo meet -- the government has failed to meet demands for stricter refugee venting. federal investigators have questioned the engineer of a transit train that crashed in hoboken thursday, leaving one person dead and hundreds others injured. investigators say they also the recorder that can indicate how fast the train was going. the ntsb says the investigation could take up to 10 days. on sunday, voters in colombia are expected to approve a peace plan that and save 52-year-old war with rebels. it calls for rebels to hand over their weapons to the ud


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