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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  October 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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business andending we have a look at exporters getting a boost. lawmakers are investigated general practices and high fees charged to customers. still have stories to
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follow on the top economies and kong getting --erway and call him poor call lump or -- >> we are seeing some markets losing and others gaining. the foundation day holiday and we have new zealand you want to keep the eye out on the miners. orcould see the largest iron oreducers -- iron
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we are keeping and i on the australian bonds that are plunging and we are asiang from a traitor in about positions with deutsche market wase bond closed and they have the settlement between the bank and the settlement with the bond yields. we have the asia-pacific and they chief executive with this and we will the out more with
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headmaster commentator. and this isput well not the end of it. banks are being investigated by you have banksnd questions over a series of embarrassing reports and theyonwealth bank ignored this and this was an a bad look.
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, it is something of a political will compromise. >> that is right and the opposition labor party has been pushing hard for a wider ranging they said it was not necessary and that they only one with a fair bit of traction and with 12s those examples million australian dollars and the bank announced a profit of eight record $9.5 billion as
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-- refused to pass on to there are people who do not expect more uncomfortable moments for the banks and you have cash rates later today. >> that is right and it is a record low in response to the inflation with the incoming change theoking to conversation around the inflation targets with the analyst view that we will not see anything today. a look and here
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is what is up. >> she said there was a compelling case to raise the rates. threes one of the officials who want to hike, instead of leaving this of. they said this should be considered for policy decisions and growth is expected to pick up with the targets over the next couple of years and she thinks it is better to raise things sooner rather than later. aheady should be looking i think that we will wait
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until we see the inflation get back to the goal and there is a with other it does not and turn out to be a good outcome. sales ands to drive this is the second fastest pace the numbers were fored by incentives vehicles last month and there have been worries about the auto sector expanding with concerns posting strong profits and consistently high volumes. smartphones for chinese lenders
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demandrofit dive as the slides in 2016 with the expectation of the worst on record and customers will depress the demand with the year.e lower this .> thanks for that the bank of japan signals they will not hesitate to cut the interest rates and it will not sit well with the government. confusing and we have heard different voices from thatovernment that say hold and it is a
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source of support for the government and it lobbies with the low income groups and it is fairly important. you look at the current path and they have achieved something and this is causing a lot of confusion among the depositors. you look at where the rates are and they are expected to be and a net benefit that outweighs the economy. this and it is interesting to hear this from the coalition partner.
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it could cause more properties. it is in tokyo and we have retail sales that are not exactly ideal and it has this and that is in the bubble burst. what can the boj do? this could be a problem.
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down andll the way theymanaged to salvage and not a lot of people willing to that further. >> the mortgage rates are near record lows. andt is a demand problem
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to go as low as that and they are not getting the same traction and there is a toand problem going back withand it should help this losing money, theoretically. the next policy decision will be the first week of november. >> thank you. and it isting this half of the with
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shares under the market. the is pharmaceutical-producing subsidiary and it is getting approval. coming up later, we have the take guns and the indian startup grabbing messaging shares and we go to the cleveland president saying the fed rate hike is on the table. this is bloomberg.
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>> we have a look at the market consensus for payroll growth and the chief pickup with
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incutive of ameritrade singapore. give me the thinking of the market for his offense. >> thank you for having me on. had the jobs created and a a slightonomy with wage increase around that and it picture int good the feds raising rates by the end of the year and they do not move on rates before
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general elections. notbsolutely and i do remember the last time this actually happened, but you see the 17% chance that they look to we arehe rates and looking at the 61% chance and for the fed to maintain credibility and that the fed will raise rates here at the december meeting. >> absolutely. we have the relief and the debate with trump a week ago. is it better than not risking things?
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the investors like clarity and they use this to see which candidate will be in office and people know what they are getting with clinton. trump is more unknown and we thismore chances for coming this weekend and the first one was a disappointment with the hype and it ended up being a well-prepared clinton from -- victory over over donald trump, who was unprepared. the campaign manager says they will follow a script going into the next one.
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yeah. and me about the investors where they are concentrating. >> investors are looking for we have seen an , like in financials barclays, goldman sachs, and wells fargo. even with the black marks, wells fargo is actively traded and we are seeing other areas. what is the deal? we see a lot of customers
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diversify, without picking individual stocks and we and more of a0 gold speculation with a possible flight to safety. another place is facebook amazon netflix and google. all those other stocks are near all-time highs and our customer base has been aggressively adding. >> it's a great acronym.
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we have chinese gasoline for the first time in nine years and a group is shipping barrels to new york from china and hong kong after the september spill on the colonial pipeline in alabama. a potential takeovers of the entire division with billions of dollars and a slowing demand from china and oil-producing country. microsoft has cut executive compensation with them outperform in the s&p 500 --
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outperforming in the s&p 500. the programjected at the last two annual meetings and microsoft has gained through the end of june. raising the alarm and wipe iron ore are facing discipline.
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>> a risk of a meltdown in froms and we will get more melbourne. we thought we were over the this hasthis and
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people worried. >> right. and it ishe decline still up with the price retreating in april and overnight. are, it seems like we seeing whether and prospects for more supply in australia and and expectedng up with somee target balance and prospects against are seeing thewe
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and a of deutsche bank continued drop through the end and -- ecade >> you mentioned this and producers responded with a little more discipline. seeing aeals they are could yearsthat it for the project there. we're talking about the process tax for iron ore.
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have the hong kong shot and the opening numbers coming your way.
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way they works, the profits they earn, the fees they charge. executive faces lawmakers and there will be the attempt to stave off the demands from the impending inquiry. they may start unwinding the sale of condominiums and there
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month 32% in the first downwages keeping profits and a deflationary mindset. the six-year growth spurt could be less. at ahave been looking a arise, despite the expectations of no change. they both missed the analysts. let us have a look at what is going on. >> nine you. and oileeing the gain in the leading the games
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mainland market and the trading of the global reserve currency was not doing much with the chinese investors out this week because of old and we -- because of golden week. warned that income have 2.3%e i am there the stock halted with property sales and we are hearing that there will be a restructuring and a reorganizing going on. currencies at these
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and it has a lot to do with what you are seeingd with here in asia of the chineseng say they carried the liquidity and they are not , thatto see a big outflow they are expected to be manageable. they lost a round and the
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actionc makes a case for in november, despite the election. >> i think it was compelling and the came in and anticipated median run and i would consider that compelling. and, if the at this ada comes in as consistent as what we have been seeing, i think it would remain compelling. we will see in the meeting, but the case would be compelling. >> it is a few days before the election. markets would notice the
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hurdlekes, but is the different? >> you said that we are not lyrical and we have then all anng, designed to have independent monetary policy and i have been going to these since i was the director and i have then in the federal reserve. politics to not come into the decisions and we do our best to evaluate our dual mandate goals. >> you will push and you think other members will vote for this, even six days before the election? >> i think that we are not political. based on the view of the
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economy, where are they rates going? realistic path or do you risk under delivering? still? >> it is not a promise. we see ittogether and we will medium run and and itt the path will be will be moving around. is an exclusive to bloomberg television. lovely and heild
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said the federal reserve is limited in its ability to ,espond to the recession "tepid."he response, sources are telling bloomberg that the british government will not give special favors in the and they would trade here. bousquet out is accusing you can see the
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bilateral relations since the cold war. market wouldon brett shot in the arm and with -- looking half and a week first andsee the big volumes another strong year last year.
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we have the equity marks and a with thelection company summaries. >> why is this coming to the equity markets now? >> the performance is over 50% and there are strong valuations this being listed and a
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utility. he has another partner and there that there are specific reasons this is up. it potential listing. investors who get taking --ll and they ity are taking a listing and is very expensive to buy.
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there is the option and they want to be a bit discerning and this is the worst in the cap happened. this.ill look at >> right. potentialand commerce with about 5 million a year and .he southeast correspondent it sounds like a huge opportunity in the region.
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you are right about that. expects indonesia to be 2020 and i want to show you this chart. this is the urban consuming and it is not surprising. the president has visited the headquarters last month and he wanted indonesia to address this and be the biggest digital economy with models.
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uber and it now offers vendor to door delivery. there is investors in the latest this notfinancing with being alone. we talked about it and this has been paramount. >> we are talking about 17,000 islands and you can imagine challenges with terrible road helptions and it doesn't
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restrictedowth is and him $1 billion indonesia is the most important and difficult market. this indianbout startup and we will hear from a founder and chief executive.
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>> facebook is a target that has challenges. and wenger has backing
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.re going over to new delhi thank you for joining us. .ell us how this works >> absolutely. this would change the way people operate in the mobile market and , referring to the and that you can message the local the home a lot of new content
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i mentionede and that. >> right. you can use it off-line. >> yes. i message somebody who is not in my address book, but does have makeon the internet, but i reference to all sorts of users transferred the data with a powerful feature going down the market. this and you monetize
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where is your revenue stream? spend about 5-6 years and andee both models out west transacting out to the east. games, stickers, content and these business models do exist. the question is when you get them and time will tell. >> you have users and you will have to take it, because they do not have the same cash. >> yes.
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you will see this drop further in the next 5-6 years and it with peopleer coming actively onto the internet. we will grow this model in the next months. >> ok. tell me about the critical mass .nd if you exit what is the exit strategy? iswe believe the opportunity there to shape the market and we wake up every day with this opportunity, in the it's for the hard to sayd it is , but time willa
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tell. my guess is in the next 5-6 years. >> how will this help? >> this is the father of the messaging and having someone use this will give confidence and it is tremendous. ande is a scale of users this will help us provide our time and it is very powerful in this competitive space. >> thank you for joining us here. we have time for a look at
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asset manager,e who may start with consolidation, triggering more mergers and acquisitions, grappling with the competition. asset inecome a big the quarter next year. million with$700 340 million in cash and shares, according to the acquisition with the growing competition from bigger rivals to help marketeers engage with customers. netflix is coming up and could become a takeover target with the quarterly earnings set to be
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released in the next weeks, offering little chance for a deal. the shares are jumping in new , thisnd they have fallen year, so far. his abilityraising to use the system on social media.
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taxesking at the trump and the bloomberg poll has candidates neck and neck in north carolina. 1995, a report came that trump has claimed losses
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and it means that he exempt -- is exempt from taxes for about a decade. trump has been addressing supporters, saying he did nothing wrong, just understands a complex tax system. you -- iusinessman, i legally used the tax laws to my andfit of -- to my company my employees. brilliantly used the laws. >> a lot of people who support trump are at the rally and giuliani came through, saying ,hat he thinks it is genius saying that he thinks a man with economic genius is that are than a woman. >> clinton responded to that.
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a he is saying the only thing woman has produced his work for the fbi. clinton has come back hard and said, what kind of a genius loses $1 billion in a single year. there has been reaction with a republican saying that the clintons have tax issues with this foundation and they fly planes that are paid by the government and they are worried about trump. one advocate says that the immigrants that trump wants to get rid of pay more in taxes. to oilre looking ahead holdings and the opec
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commitments. and thetalk about this range with barrels. this is bloomberg.
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>> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." charlie: the 12 year flight of the rosetta, the first spacecraft to successfully orbit a comet. early friday morning, it landed on that, and power down. joining us from washington, rachel feldman of the "washington post." hernandez ofniela the "wall street journal." welcome one and all. it is so goodo


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