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tv   Asia Edge  Bloomberg  October 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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said it was not a good idea to go after miss universe at 3:00 in the morning and ask people to look up sex tapes. but i thought he might be listening to mike pence. visit knowledge meant that he and mike pence had not even discussed an important foreign policy issue and more portly, him and saying, i have not talked to him and i disagree with him. there was a guest in the room. p in the room. gas >> and of republicans, the main question is what donald trump meltdown completely and would we haven't completed conflagration tomorrow. do have the sense cap has survived the debate? do you feel he is done enough? you will still be the person who hillary clinton is running against a week from now? >> i think he is definitely going to be the person she is running against. the expectations were so low for donald trump. especially on top of the weekend he had. lot of republicans
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abandoning him. i do not think he stuck that tonight with the stunt people before the debate began. i think the stunt was very bad. >> you are seeing the clintons getting ready to make their departure from the debate. you can see bill clinton about to jump in that car and exit the debate site. senator, my question for you is whether you had a sense, and i think there are a lot of republicans here who are critical about him. he had a difficult time the first 30 minutes, but after that he seemed to exhibit greater preparation for the debate than he did the previous debate. he seemed to have done some degree of research. to sidneyeferences blumenthal, a variety of places where you can get a sense he had been studying. did you think so? >> once again, very low expectations, very low bar. i will admit he said the same
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phrase over hand over hand over again but he did throw in a new research points but at several points he failed. he did not understand the chinese deal. clearly, she had a better grasp of energy policy. foreign policy, he showed weakness. another widespread perception was secretary clinton was on defense for a decent check the night in the middle of the debate. do you think she held up relatively well which is taking tough questions from the audience, the moderators, and donald trump? >> i think she held up very well. i think there really was a contrast. i think people forget that donald trump, whereupon used to donald trump saying the same things over and over again. i'm great, i am wonderful, i will get along with m pidgin, i will defeat isis. it will be great. i don't think people realize a little substance there is. it is like we don't realize he does not say much. not say much tonight. >> would you think will be talking about tomorrow?
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you have been in a fair amount of debates. usually there are two or three things we chew over for the next 24-48 hours. what will we be doing the about an aftermath of this debate? >> the defiant, desperate, tacky attempt at a stunt before the debate. putting the women in the front row. trying to somehow unsettle hillary clinton. i think people will be talking about that. i do not think that helps them with republicans, by the way, that are really cautious about having anything to do it this guy now. it was also it was -- tough, offensive, and the whole thing about him not even talking to michael pants. -- two mike pence. think there is a chance missouri will be in play? >> missouri is in play. >> missouri is in play at the
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presidential level? >> it is. >> thank you for being here. >> we're going to cut to mark halperin right now. if we can get him in the spin room. he is out there trying to get some guests. what do you think about, john, in terms of what the senator was just saying? do you think hillary did enough tonight, particularly i was surprised that she really did not ram at home on women, especially the videos. john: i don't think hillary was at her best tonight. again, these moments, curiously theatrical. people were still distracted by donald trump sniffling. i thought it was worse tonight than it was in the first debate. i think the notion of trump claiming he was going to throw his opponent in jail if he became president of the united
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states was a pretty dramatic moment. i believe with mark elsewhere in the spin room. mark halperin out there. man, partner. he usually doesn't have a trouble talking. >> it does not upset me to see her, it disgusts me. but yeah. he is such a bio person. -- vile such a bio peson. >> who got you out tonight? >> i think it was breitbart to give me the invitation. [indiscernible] >> an extraordinary moment in the spin room to have someone who is coming here to accuse the
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former president of the united states of sexual assault. she has done it in the past, but to come and do it as part of the republican nominee campaign is extraordinary. emotional for anyone watching to see the kind of accusations being made. started making accusations about physical acts versus donald trump's words. it is quite something. the spin. trump in room here. there is a lot emotion hand and intensity here. let me go back to you. john: that was market alpern in the spin room -- that was mark halperin and the spin room talking to when either broderick. to --king to one knee talking to juanita' >> i don't think trump did
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anything tonight to separate himself from the comments made on friday. he was more prepared tonight. he had positions on the obamacare. he actually had the beginnings of a foreign policy on something like syria. he was able to talk about taxes. it was a more policy-centric debate in the middle lower than people expected. there was nothing that really would have gotten independent voters but he was not think car crash that people expected. he will be able to move on tomorrow. question that looms is the question of mike pence. trump'sht tonight of performance was bad enough, the question was, would mike pence big -- stick with him. bondsy accounts, transfer was poor but not disastrous. but he threw mike pence under the bus. from mikesome report
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pence's camp that they are apocalyptic. lactic -- apoplectic. what does mike pence do tomorrow morning when he wakes up and thinks about the way he was treated by donald trump in front 79, 80 million people? >> i want to remind you the moment we are referring to is when donald trump basically said in an incredibly decisive way, i do not even talk to mike pence about syria and i disagree with what he said as a policy. that was quite a moment i think and we will have to watch whether he can move forward. has already been morally censured about this video and how he can move or word. >> we saw the dismissal of mike
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pence is a running mate and we saw donald trump take a position on syria which is at odds with the addition that mike pence put forward at the vice presidential debate. defending the sure sign onstage? we will get a lot of discussion tomorrow because it is obviously a huge foreign policy issue and an issue on which donald trump contradicted his running mate and it will be an issue with a lot of republicans. >> the top-tweeted moment of the debate was the exchange on syria. halperin. back, mark >> the top-tweeted moment in the debate and the most tweeted debate in history, we put so much emphasis on the first debate and how big the audience would be but all the debate over the weekend, at least among twitter followers, this was a bigger debate than the first debate. peoplealked about trump when he went to the spin room.
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their attitude is, they won the debate. i think they are right, they live to fight another day. he put the brakes on what could've been effectively the end of the campaign. >> i will ask you this, we thought the trump performance was not horrible, but he did throw mike pence under the bus. what does mike pence do tomorrow? >> he will probably have a hard-to-heart with donald trump about that. he has put up with a lot more than that. >> megan murphy, mark halperin, and me, we would like to say thank you to twitter, our exclusive partner with tonight's debate. be sure to tune into to our show "with all due respect," tomorrow. i say from megan, mark, me, sayonara. ♪ >> tonight's presidential debate
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is brought to you by aarp. asking the candidates to take a stand to keep social security strong.
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grimes is 12 minutes past 11:00 in hong kong. i am angie lau. ♪ >> no here to shake as the war of words turns personal. clinton says trump is not fit to be president, he says he would put her in jail. smartphone, top carrier is dropping production. >> still smiling, bank of japan governor tells bloomberg he has plenty of ammunition left in the fight to revive the economy. >> and raising more than one billion dollars. unit shares are surging in singapore. >> is burned during the u.s. presidential debate.
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certainly the focus. in asia, china coming back after holiday. drugs very interesting point to make. when you look at what is happening across the market in asia, the equity market, let's have a look. the gmm function. very interesting and quick way to get started. china is outperforming right now. property,xception of every sector is up. from investors. half of 1%, biggest drop in the currency since the brexit vote. the other thing i want to point out, look at the bottom side of what is happening. thailand, 2.3% down. of decline. day the longest streak going back to
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bond, 10 year the yields, up six basis points. 2.3 in your five-year. we're looking at china, looking at highland. we'll talk more later. let's get to first word news with heidi. from whatking up you're saying, china's central bank has allowed the u.n. to weaken the dollar. weakening the reference rates for the first time in six years. after the holiday. foreign exchange reserve shrinking. the dollar strengthening. china has been managing the decline. it is exacerbating capital outflow. the bank of japan governor kuroda says they have no plan to give up on the policy and still have room to increase stimulus. speaking as closely to bloomberg, he said there is no intention to reduce the bond-buying program until the 2%
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target is achieved and stable. >> i do not think we will reduce the program soon. i mean, we will have to maintain tos low level of introspect stimulate the growth and to achieve 2%. frome pound could turn worry that the government approach to brexit could access the single market. sterling has extended the decline since the vote to leave the eu. pushing the economy. continued weakness may undermine the role. 18 peopleknown that were killed when hurricane matthew hit the southeast united states and the last five more unaccounted for.
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it affected more than 5000 homes with more than one million and the in georgia carolinas. flashlight as much as 100 miles inland from the coast. weakening hands moving east. global news 24 hours today powered by over 600 journalists -- analysts in more than 100 one hundred 20 countries. i'm heidi, this is bloomberg. >> the second presidential debate turns personal is hillary clinton and donald trump clashed in st. louis. >> trump dismiss the controversy of her comments about women and tortured hillary clinton over her e-mails and our of sexual misconduct by her husband. clinton fired back pricing trump was not fit to be president and calling on voters to show him that this is not "who we are." clinton: what we all saw and heard on friday was donald
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trump talking about women. when he thinks about women, what he does to women. and he the video does not represent who he is. but, i think it is clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. that atp: i did not say all. i don't think you understand. it was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. family, ie to my apologize to the american people. certainly i am not part of it by this is locker room talk. politics reporter joins us now from st. louis, kevin, no doubt everybody is trying to figure out who came out on top. was it even the moderators question mark they got attacked a few times by trump. kevin: you know, i think what was remarkable is that donald trump came into this debate with his back up against a political wall. under two hours before
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the debate even started i was in a room with him as well as his traveling press corps watching him with three of bill clinton's accusers and he went politically nuclear against the clinton machine. he pushed back, he fought back, he brought up numerous accounts of their infidelity as well as accusations against the clintons that have well-storied over the years and he went after them hard. the word i am heard from the trump campaign people i'm speaking with those they feel hillary clinton clinton was quote unquote rattled. of course, whether or not this does anything to stop the bleeding, to stop the republicans who are denounced they jumped in to see over the 48 hours remains to be seen by clearly donald trump showing tonight he is not going to back down and he is not jumping out of this race. >> right, kevin. in hong kong as well, when you look at the currency market, one of the parameters we use. markets determining whether
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trump was successful. what stood out as well was that it was more discussion and debate on policy and platforms. i think that and was quite remarkable, really, because after the first 20 minutes or so, after the political could fight was out of the way and make no mistake, these are misogynistic comments that needed to be discussed but then the conversation did turn policy, particularly foreign policy were donald trump said in essence he did not consult his running mate, mike pence, on issues of foreign policy and particular on how to deal with terrorism. we also saw donald trump on the attack against hillary clinton on the use of her private e-mail server. hillary clinton continued hammer donald trump saying he did not have the temperament to be president, and clearly, this clinton campaign really forcefully pushing back saying he is simply unfit to be
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president. this is a debate that will be studied for decades to come to say the least. >> all right. thank you kevin. like tonight in missouri. the second u.s. presidential debate. korea, -- we are looking at what? still had this hour, we will take a look at why china chinacernible -- at why -- >> not such good news. advisorhe presidential what he's these for currency next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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>> chinese stocks are gaining after the holiday. remains positive. joining us in the studio. greg specifically where, andrew? >> i don't think anyone pays any attention to them. in thailand and indonesia. hello! then worth about nine, and taiwan and south korea we are up . so just about five small markets are doing consistently well. andrew you know it turns into high risks, right? >> yes. high returns. s&p is about 4.5 410-year today.
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u.k., something like four or 5% by in your terms it is down. that is not what i buy equities for. remember when i used to be an investment manager, i cannot help my clients 20%, 15% are not paying you for 15%. ] aughter >> but he did not. >> an interview with the governor of the doj. the key take away is that they are going to become more aggressive. a handare so polite to kind. >> my question is actually, when does the market stop believing or are we passed that point? >> no, no, no. we're not going to stop believing him. yes you can. so if you have minas, i am just making this up, ok?
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10%, they cannas -10% and minus 20%. all of these huge capital gains. and that is why continues. why in god's name should i buy jgb. ok, it is yielding. >> because corona just said he is going to continue buying jgb. >> what he is actually saying is, don't worry you will get a negative yield but you are going to make a positive gain. thank you very much. so people buying, if they hold it to maturity, they are going to make 2%. i'm just making this up -- that's crazy. so if the yield continues to fall, the prices go up. >> speculative asset products. >> what happens if the market snaps? well, again, you are going to make capital losses.
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>> andrew king right there for us. we're going to bring in the rest of the gang. coming up next, billion dollars. an energy unit will accelerate a turnaround. ♪
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♪ the top stories this hour. the political debate was personal. locker room talk. donald trump try to deflect the issue by talking about hillary clinton's e-mail use and talking about sexual misconduct allegations against her husband. news reporting samsung has temporarily halted production after the leading u.s. carriers suspended sales and exchanges of the device. several reports have emerged
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about replacement phones also overheating. at&t and t-mobile have stopped selling note 7's over the new safety concerns. heading for the longest stretch of losses this year after issuing a statement saying the king's condition is quote unstable. the bond hitting a one-month high after closely monitoring monarch'sos condition. global news 24 hours a day powered by 2600 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. writing, this is bloomberg. >> and i am juliette. a look at the market that is a little bit of a mixed feature. of course we have china trading for the first time in a week. tracking the ultimate spin we saw during the share index in the hong kong market over the week. of last
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hong kong of course closed for a holiday wheels of japan and taiwan" to coming through,. king's stocks with the condition is stable. looking at them again on the shanghai. thet of good work done by steel producers. we have seen property development coming over pressure. this is following a number of home prices.g also in focus today, the chinese run. thes the onshore tumble to lowest in september 2010 in about six years. this as we saw a comeback following the week long holiday and weakening the daily 6.008 therate to lowest point we have seen since september 2 thousand eight. a quick look at some of the stocks we are watching in the region today. , this after it announced it would sell its u.s.
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energy units. cost.forming the up by over 4% and of course your sing that dump-in samsung down by about 3% there. that is how markets are trekking across the asian markets at lunchtime. >> thank you juliette, this is bloomberg markets. >> i'm aging you well. china's central bank has lowered the reference rate to its lowest level in six years. trading below 6.7 since they first time since june. we have our chinese correspondent taking a look closer. what are the details? just mentioned, this comes after a weeklong holiday on the mainland. this widening gap we are seeing between the offshore rate and the onshore rate, this cap whitening. the largest gap since june in that has spurred the
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strengthening u.s. dollar. policymakers hear very much focused as many people are on the glowing expectations of a rate hike by the federal reserve changinger and that the mix as well. one economist telling bloomberg he thinks that now this fixed rate is an indication of the future to be more event-driven. >> right. of course, the shanghai up. back to the currency. chinese has promised a more market-giving rate. >> absolutely. they have got the balance to try to appease the manufacturing sector and keep slightly weaker you want to help they backslide but also to maintain and control those capital up close.
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we suspect's for china coming in for the month of september last week at 3.1 7 trillion. that was down 3.1 7 trillion and that was the low analyst estimate. it is continuing and that is of course a key concern for policymakers hear if you look at the onshore. the u.s. dollar over the last year is down 3% but first there is that basket of trade basis which of course many alan us -- many analysts say is down 7% for the air which would suggest the manufacturing sector is part of the play for this one policymakers are looking at how they manage this currency. to depreciate the currency. , one of the key analysts say, they expect a gradual situation through the butof the year of the u.n. they think it should give it some kind of support, the currency.
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>> right. life in beijing. been a friend of japan. yuen has been rising remorselessly. japanese prime minister kuroda says he recognizes its affect on the economy. prime minister corona: it extenuate's the good effect on our monetaryut is targeted at the exchange rate. the inflation rate. iting said that, of course could extenuate a good effect on the economy so we carefully monitor the exchange movement monthat is agreed upon a
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the certain countries is that the exchange rate should be fundamentals. wouldcessive movement extenuate or excessive movement would extenuate the economy growth economy. instability. of agreement by the way, i am quite sure that i received a communique on this kind of -- yes. uan every day, sometimes 10 times a day. there is a point where it makes me feel uncomfortable. isn't 100? is at 100? is a 95? is it 98 was mark >> i must say that there is kind of
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appropriate gains may be, yes. moment, we have monitoring the exchange of movement. andspeed of gains and so on so forth and as far as monetary growth is concerned, exchange [indiscernibleis ] -- how did you feel when you saw that flash crash in #thursday? to understandcult downse after the falling depreciated,ound
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very stable and other markets including stock markets and other markets have been performing very well and they .k. so i was a bit surprised why suddenly a gain. mis-trending. i don't know. really, i don't know. thei understand after shock, they respond and recovers extenuateo i hope to and stay relatively stable. laughter]
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>> do you ever have any concerns? prime minister corona: no, not if japanesese companies have invested heavily in the u.k., i understand the second-largest in the u.k. and banks operatenese ,n london but on the other hand that trade between japan and the the is not so large so not have soe may economypact on japan's in the short run. and like the yen rate word euro
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is important for the japanese economy. >> so you don't feel lack of liquidity is a bigger problem? kuroda: iister coron think market liquidity in terms andinancing by u.s. banks iton and so forth, i think is going to be quite enough but rate of, interest been rising. have there are changes in the u.s. and someone and so forth. on the other hand, if you are bond,ng to regarding the
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this is a.m. issue that we very much. but as you know, the bank of japan has about one third of j g p. still in the market, so i don't think the market has --, iity regarding the don't think so. >> that was a very illuminating interview. coming up, trump goes on the attack as he faces up with hillary clinton for a second time. aboutl talk to an advisor who he sees going all the way to the white house and the impact. this is bloomberg.
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♪ mr. trump: i did not think i would say this, but i am going to say this. instruct i am going to my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into you. there has never been so much lies, so much deception. there is never been as much is that. sec. clinton: when i was your voted toi could -- close loopholes. i tried to close one of them that he used to avoid paying taxes. >> welcome back. joining me is david. on this show, we shake hands. >> thank you very much. >> this goes to show just how really they are digging deep in the trenches and going after
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each other. >> he says, i really hate to say this. >> and then he says. >> and if you do hate it, why say it? >> i know. awkward without being holier than thou because returning to the supposed morality of the great american republic. philandering. groping women is horrible. being unfaithful to your wife or your husband. it is lethal territory in this particular case. hillary's husband who was repeatedly unfaithful to her and she never did divorce them. it.umably, she tolerated >> come on. >> i know, you enter into that ring. -- of course he would be stupid
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not to enter into it. >> she is her own person, not her husband. >> clearly, i am playing the doubles advocate. ok.g unfaithful, being a womanizer. if it is not perfectly all right, why is she still married to him? we're going to that level. i do not want to be at that level. >> was there anything in today's debate -- >> i will be quite honest -- >> absolutely. because frankly, i am not interested. the future., into >> from what i can see. i would definitely like to see, not at 5:00 in the morning, i will do it when i want to do it. not one they want me to do it. will it have impact? again, what i am not concerned is the -- all these things
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-- how do not all matter?t is it too early to tell? a hillary victory? if trumpictory? >> wins, there is going to be a huge expectation knee-jerk reaction. wins withf clinton this change, nothing changes. in that respect, yes. if donald trump wins, immediately they will wonder what he is going to do next. what he says he is going to do and what he is going to do. about this.o talk
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the weakest level. has the dollar strengthened? >> the chinese are perfecting the art of doing the expected unexpected. words, it is going to be manipulated very gently. not quite sure people won't get comfortable. that the foreign exchange is falling, don't onlyt it accumulates not because of capital movement but also because of trade movement. the trade to china has weakened. it is going to strengthen again. the parent account is sort of iffy. say you likeou asia, do you include china with that? >> when you say you like
11:49 pm
asia, do you include china with that? we have five that have been doing very good, why ignore hem? >> you like india, right? >> look, i don't like india. presumably, what i don't like is the equity market in india in relationship to the absolute avoidance of any concrete radical economic reform. the last big radical reform, the unified the gst. and i said, ok. >> but didn't the new governor just enforce, reinforce the commitment to grow? >> that was my the last one was thrown out.
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>> doing the government's bidding. e-voting because of that. -- eroding because of that. makepital interest rates some kind of sense. >> ok. let's take your five little ones. >> there is nothing structural happening there. >> why should i did my fingers in that? a i will explain it to you in different way. what i do like about indonesia, for example, that is one of the two best, the other one is thailand. is the commodity cycle, particularly cold. favorable, i like that. thailand is a huge positive negative. they have military government coming up on three years.
11:51 pm
the governor says, i did not like that we will have another one. they will finally tell us what we want to hear. crabs -- thee have an update saying king is unstable. whether we like it or not, that could shake up the market. >> he is 90-years-old. willis to come as a huge surprise if he passes away? no. however sad and mournful we will be. >> the bond market getting wet. whacked. ound went down p again.
11:52 pm
>> it is not just what was announced in the palace. nobodyselloff when else's? i would like to know more. in the same way, they will tell you nothing a lot has happened. growth.o gdp >> which is also one of the little ones you like. -- the one you like is last time i checked not doing so good. >> excuse me. your telephone keeps blowing up. >> they make other things. is, there are lots of things they are doing. >> andrew, we're going to leave it there. thank you so much. >> shaking hands. >> we started and and did well. coming up, movie magic.
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youe will have details for next. this is bloomberg. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to bloomberg markets asia. let's turn to a marquee matchup right now. asia's richest man costarring with hollywood's grossest -- highest grossing movie erector. highest grossing movie director. the dream team. former dreamworks studio now inland partners. the big studio in hollywood backed by steven spielberg. alibaba pictures, kind of conservative and selective so far in its selection of movies to invest in and partnerships,
11:56 pm
it is going to buy a stake in am blin partners. a big win for jack ma because he is teaming up with the biggest name in hollywood. before.een suggested the latest investment and the mission impossible film and they tied up so they can use the various platforms in china. but now they are looking at making between 6-9 movies. alibaba tying up there. let's look at the box office receipts. hollywood cozying up with china, up with box office in 2015, 11 $.1 billion. a good year for the box office and north america. six .8 billion. they will be at the same point -- at some point the biggest box office in the world. >> let's see how they write
11:57 pm
about in this turf war. of the richest men in china going head-to-head as far as their positions in hollywood and building out movie businesses. entertainment, he has bought a number of things. back to you. >> we talked about it. >> thank you for that. >> well, bloomberg markets middle east coming up at the top of the hour. istanbul.y in when you have for us today? is stillorning, it dark here but we will continue to digest reaction from the second u.s. contenders the bait. what a debate. we will get reaction from the middle east and see how that affects the market conversation.
11:58 pm
see what isard to happening with the world energy congress. plenty to look forward to as always. for this edition of bloomberg market
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>> no handshake. the war of words turns personal. herp says that he would put in jail. expect a they do not deal this week. the reports that say thatth


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