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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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mark: with all due respect to the russians, the chinese, wikileaks, and north america, the danger this whole time was carlos slim? this already unprecedented week in presidential politics reached new heights. allege thaten donald trump sexually assaulted them years ago. the washington post published an account from a woman named kristin anderson claiming trump groped her at a
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new york nightclub decades ago. claimedovered -- she her decision to come forward was after the video of march. >> that explains it. 1990's i was in new york city and in a club with my friends. i am very clear on this. this is the vivid part for me. right, whoon my unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump, put their hands up my skirt. he did touch my vagina through my underwear, absolutely. and as i push the hand away and i got up and turned around and i see these eyebrows, very distinct eyebrows of donald trump. i got up and i moved and i continued to talk with my friends. they said that is donald trump. i was like, ew. he is gross.
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he just put his hand up my skirt. that is not ok. we brushed it off and moved on. mark: after that, another woman named summer who was a contestant on "the apprentice" held a news conference. she said trump made sexually aggressive advances on her in 2007. here is how she recalled the encounter. she said trump started kissing her without her consent. >> i pushed his chest to put space between us and i said come on, man, get real. he repeated my words back to me, get real, as he began to thrust his genitals. continues to strongly denied the accusations of predatory behavior levied against him. he did so today in a rally in greensboro, north carolina. >> right now i am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. .t is a phony deal
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i have no idea who these women are. i have no idea. when you looked at that horrible woman last night, you said, i don't think so. eyewitnesses already debunked the people magazine story. she is a liar. she is writing a story. check out her facebook page. she will understand. no witnesses, no backup, no anything else. somebody makes an accusation that you did something and you want -- you never saw this person. it is a total lie. fabrication. sometimes they do it for fame, maybe to get money. i was with donald trump in 1980. i was sitting with him on an airplane and he went after me on the plane. yeah, i'm going to go after you. believe me, she would not be my first choice. that i can tell you. obama is an incompetent president. he is talking about me like he
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knows me. i don't know him, he doesn't know me. why doesn't some woman maybe, ben say what they say falsely about me, they could say about him? mark: even if there are no new accusers, this story is not going away. a suggestion from mike pence is evidence undermining allegations would be forthcoming. none has materialized. trump said nothing today backing , thats is a conspiracy the women are getting paid in any way, or that it is fabricated. sitting in with me today is jennifer jacobs. as we sit here today, the trunk campaign is not off -- the trump campaign has not offered anything specific that would undermine any accounts. jennifer: all we have is donald trump's word. he went aggressively after this.
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he had the battery of arguments. thereafter fame, they are after money. he basically said these women are too unattractive for him to make sexual advances on. he adamantly denied this and i for hisat is enough to supporters. if there is further proof coming, you think they would want to put it out quickly. mark: mike pence is a careful guy. the only way they could undermine this is if they found a clinton memo scripting it. i doubt that. no one has any connection between these women and politics aside from some of them saying they are hillary clinton supporters, not all. mike pence suggested there is evident they -- evidence they will put out but now there are two new accusers and the woman from "the
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apprentice" is someone he does know. how theyour sense on campaign deals with this now? orthey try to get the facts do you think they will parrot that? jennifer: i think they will parrot that. they have no other choice but to keep denying. mark: trump said my campaign does not want me to talk about it, but i will talk about it. it, ifid not talk about he did not lash out, and we saw this with the cons, we sought with the judge, we saw it with other people, he is driving the story. new accusers these would get attention in the press. donald trump is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but these people are making credible claims with no obvious motive, many of whom have told people contemporaneously. they will get a whole lot more attention not just today, but
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into the weekend, because he responded. jennifer: just to underscore how much his supporters this trust the mainstream media. as reporters were coming into cincinnati last night, a were being wooed tremendously -- duddha from -- booe tremendously. it does not help with the wikileaks dump. ark: i talked to people at trump event in lakeland. some women had a combination of saying these people are lying or i don't care what he did. that is what men do. i agreed as hard-core supporters. he needs more of those supporters to win. two, i don't need polling numbers to know that some people are turned off by this. addition, the way he is handling this, disparaging the women, i've never seen anything like this in my career in
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politics. he thinks he is going to handle it. jennifer: i interviewed republican women and asked them. they said they are tired. we're voting for the supreme court. we're voting for the gop platform. this is the man the party gave us. we will vote for him even though this is disgusting. we don't want to hear about it anymore. , it is will say again the case. one of the stories ends up being made up? most of these people come across as people who don't have an ax to grind. they don't come across as eager to do this. he has yet to do anything to undermine their arguments. trump'spart of donald
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land to fight against these allegation is to continue attack "the new york times." they publish one of the first stories. two women came forward on wednesday. today at that rally in north carolina, trump leveled a new attack claiming there is a role for carlos slim, who is a major shareholder in a more -- shareholder and a major donor to the clintons. source is more corrupt than the new york times. they are really bad people. the larger shareholder is carlos slim. carlos slim come as you know, comes from mexico. he has given millions of dollars to the clintons and their initiative. carlos slim, largest owner of the paper from mexico. reporters at the "new york times," they are not journalists. they are corporate lobbyists for
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carlos slim and the clintons. we're going to let foreign countries and their ceos decide the outcome. mark: the times have dismissed trump's attack. a spokesperson for the paper -- four slim says he does not get involved in politics in the united states or anywhere else. pretty skeptical of how he is handling the attacks on the women themselves. how is this likely to play? jennifer: it is more surprising that he did not bring up carlos slim earlier. it fits well into his theme of conspiracy theory. mark: and a dangerous mexican trying to ruin the united states. jennifer: he has a lot of cartoon or real villains, the international elite. it fits into his narrative of this whole people. idea,ught up this
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reviving the whole rigged election theme. he is trying to deflect. if he does not win this race he will blame so many people. mark: this comes if not right out of rick van and, this is right out of breitbart. there is no better way to rile people. this argument is safer. there are some things that could work. it is safer than attacking the women. there is that old saying, don't theck people who buy ink by barrel. i don't think the "new york times" is cheerleading for trump. reporters will rally behind it. i know he thinks it is unfair, but it is the case that the press is cheering for hillary clinton for the most part and that will exacerbate that. jennifer: do you think his supporters know who these people are?
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he is not good at explaining. ,ark: he does not explain it not just to the people in the room but the soundbite on tv. let's go to one week ago. that is when trump's access hollywood video tape came out. many republicans started to abandon trump saying he should not be the nominee or they were not going to support him anymore. some of the defectors from last refected. the dis-and george from gop officials have been halted. speaker ryan, paul ryan, who did criticize trump and say he was no longer going to campaign for him or work for him, gave a major speech in wisconsin but he did not mention donald trump. he talked about policy. ends, where does trump stand vis-à-vis his
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republican party? jennifer: he has gone full circle back to the beginning of the campaign, where he is being rejected and disavowed by so many in the leadership. i talked to campaign aides. they do not care. they have no concern about this whatsoever. they had dealt with this before. they have dealt with naysayers. they told me they have heard this over and over again, that donald trump has no chance. they have heard the same criticisms over and over again. mark: some donors have abandoned the republican national committee because they are horrified about what happened this week, but he does not need that money. he will not win based on outspending hillary clinton. the fact that a handful on endorsed him -- unendorsed him over the week. a few people reendorsed him.
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he knows igo republican in the wake of these charges who said i'm throwing my support, they are cowed. a few heard from their constituents. a lot of them are said to have regretted it. many republicans made it clear they regretted it. he has the party afraid to cross him. in some ways he can beat them up and they will say can i please have another? he is the biggest force in republican politics. jennifer: we are not hearing that any major donors have asked for their money back. have not donated for at least at auction cycle -- an election cycle. the trump campaign says we are waiting to see whether these next few weeks play out. mark: i don't know if anyone knows how the next allegations will play. when we come back, hillary clinton is warning voters not to take donald trump's bad
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week to me this race is over. ♪
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mark: as donald trump continues to fight accusations of sexual assault, hillary clinton has been laying low. she has no events scheduled between now and the final presidential debate in las vegas. -- withbeen high-profile democrats on her behalf. president obama took the stage in cleveland where he took on donald trump pretty directly. hillary clinton did one interview today with al and generous.
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-- ellen degeneres. >> obviously, there is a lot that is coming out which is distressing on many levels, but i don't one anybody to think this election is over because it has been so unpredictable up takingw that i am not anything for granted. we have to work really hard for the next three and a half weeks because who knows what can happen. everybody who is watching and everyone was followed the selection, please, turn out and vote. mark: it is not just hillary clinton. her surrogates don't want to go out. their only two stories the media is interested in, wikileaks and donald trump. they are staying out of it completely for the foreseeable future. jennifer: trump is filling that void beautifully. people argue that clinton is not great about defending herself on controversial questions. one of the risks of not doing
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interviews right now is that she is maybe building up some pent-up a manned that will have to be released during the debate. mark: chris watts is going to have to ask her. she can spend that time preparing. she loves to prepare. she does not have to be on the trail. the obama's have done terrific jobs as surrogates. she can raise money and prepare for the debate and not have to worry about doing big rallies that are a strain on the schedule. they are going to stay out of this. you will not see a lot of clinton surrogates out and about. they are happy to leave the field to john donald j. trump. we will talk to the lawyer of one woman who accused donald trump of grabbing her two decades ago. ♪
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mark: joining us is an attorney who is client who sued donald trump back in 1997. she is the daughter of glory already. lisa bloom joins us. i am wondering how you feel about the way donald trump is handling these allegations and the way he is speaking about these women and if your client has a thought about that. jill hart was the bravest one of all because she was the first one to come out using her face and name three months ago and the mainstream media essentially ignored the story. it went viral and got over one million likes and no one really wanted to talk about sexual assault allegations against donald trump. my client filed a case against him in 1997.
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you say why didn't they do something at the time, jill hart did. she felt vindicated by the tape where he brags about sexual assault and she and i appreciate the women coming forward now. in thise of the factors case is people are going to say are there mitigating things that might undermine their story? your client, after the alleged events, went on to date donald trump. is that kind of factor, do you think, something that donald trump could point to in the case of these other women? other factors that could undermine their story? lisa: this is a story that spans 24 years. it is hard to tell in a brief segment. she was sexually harassed in 1992 and 1993. she has a corroborating witness all and has told us
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that she told them about it at the time. in 1994.he filed a case jill hart added her sexual harassment claim in 1997. donald trump into the bargaining table three weeks later and settled both of them. said heter donald trump wanted to invite them to his home, bury the hatchet. they were surprised and guess what? donald trump behaved very nicely. it was very appropriate. she and her husband said let's go forward. for 19 years, they had a cordial relationship. she said i am a christian and i for gave him. when she and her husband got divorced and donald trump invited her to a party, she went to the party. it was a very brief dating thing. she said it was very disappointing and not for her. jennifer: talk to us a little
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bit about statutes of limitation. which you have any expectation in these other cases that local prosecutors's would bring forth charges and how would that affect donald trump if they did? lisa: we learned from the bill the statutes of limitations are very, very short. the time that most women come forward is many years later. i have another woman who i am speaking to who is also a trump accuser that was also more than 20 years ago. there is no criminal statute of limitations that is going to help her. i don't know any accusers who want to sue donald trump now. they seem to be motivated now to come forward because he said to anderson cooper in the last debate that he had not groped anyone. for many women, that is the breaking point. they're calling me and saying now it is time to speak out. jennifer: what is the calculus for some of the women to? come forward what would it take for them to go public at
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this point? lisa: fear. most sexual assault victims are afraid to confront their perpetrator in general. he has millions of followers. people don't want to be in the media glare. they just want to live their lives. i have spent hours and hours talking to women over the last week who are really scared and i have to tell them these things could happen to you. you will be vilified on social media. can you handle that? once you walk through the fire, you can feel very empowered. for all the victims i represent in high profile cases, they stand taller afterwards. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. mark: i take your point about this being a limited segment. less than 30 seconds to go. i just want to ask how you feel
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about how trump is fighting back. lisa: i think it is shameful. he is not addressing any of them. confessed on who tape who bragged about sexual assault. why doesn't he come clean and apologize to people? lisa: lisa bloom, thank you very much. appreciate having you on. when we come back, we will talk more about the latest allegations against donald trump. we talked to a political analyst who has handled his share of tough situations. more on that and what is going on on the trump trail after this. ♪
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mark: welcome back. joining us now, former campaign manager for ted cruz a veteran of a lot of presidential and
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other campaigns. he is out in houston, texas. jeff, welcome. i want to talk about the human aspects of this as well as the sort of the inside politics of it. say you're the campaign manager for donald trump and an accusation comes up and he says, jeff, this thing is just false. are you comfortable without knowing whether it's true or false saying then to your spokes people, everybody go out and say it's false? or would you want to figure out for yourself whether it was true or false? jeff: i would probably pull him into a dark room and have a real serious conversation. but that's all you have to go by. you can only take a word and after being in a campaign for a couple years together you really know if they're the truth or not. that is really all you have to go by. i would have a very serious, private conversation, and let them know if this isn't exactly the truth that we can't be caught so let's defend what we can defend and not go any further than that. mark: i want to get you on the record on two things just as our conversation continues so the viewers know where you stand.
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first of all, are you supporting mr. trump for president? jeff: i am. mark: okay. i'm sure you're familiar with at least some of the allegations and some of the accounts these women have given. do you find them credible, not credible, or don't know? jeff. . i think they're credible enough that they need to be handled, pivoted, and get away from them. when you wake up in a presidential campaign every day you get to decide what your message is. you don't get to decide what the press will cover. you don't get to decide what your opponent says of course. you do get to decide what you're going to say that day. so for them to spend so much time really, i mean they need to handle the "access hollywood" -- frankly the debate gave them an opportunity to do so. he had not had a real public statement, not had a chance to really address that until the debate so goat to tell 80 million people all at once his answer and that was fine. these allegations you need to pivot and get back. we have 76% of the people in the country that want change. hillary represents change. and for them to spend day after
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day after day, not necessarily them as much as him, the principal, to continue to litigate this in front of millions of people as people are actually voting, he is a vessel for the party at this point whether they like it or not. for him to spend that much time litigating these criticisms and charges is not the right way to go. he needs to address it and pivot and get to his message, which actually frankly is a winning message. jennifer: jeff, what do you make of some of the vulgar things we're seeing at some of the trump campaigns, women wearing t-shirts that say, trump talks dirty to me or trump grab mae here with an arrow pointed down to between their legs. but also not just about this articular topic but just using various explicit phrases in speech and talking to the press, yelling at the press, on t-shirts and signs. what do you make of the whole idea of them really using this vulgar language? jeff: it's rough stuff to be
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sure. you don't control everybody at your rallies, but it's disappointing to see. i think it's because the topics have gotten so disappointing to see. and because they believe, let's put yourself in mr. trump's shoes for a second and his supporters' shoes. if this isn't true, imagine how angry you would be. if there is absolutely no shred of any truth to this, imagine the anger you would have. so to a certain point they're getting whipped up and it's for sure a little bit out of control. but he's got a motivation among some folks who have not been participants in the political process before. they've never been to a rally. some have never even voted before or infrequently vote at least. you're seeing a lot of passions that run very high. right now in this moment somewhere in this country somebody is probably getting pushed or shoved or hit in a debate over who they're going to vote for in this campaign. i was just in an event not long ago where we were sitting around a bon fire, a wonderful scene. two people had no idea about each other. both talking about the presidential, in their own
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little groups, and the guy looked over at the lady and said you're a bigot for supporting donald trump. inflamed tensions and alcohol was involved. people are whipped up. that is the way presidential campaigns get. i think we're seeing it on a new scale now. mark: let's get back to how the campaign is handling it. he says the allegations are false. we need to undermine the accounts. what do you do? do you have your opposition research department look in their background, hire private detectives, what do you do to try to undermine their accounts, their credibility if that is what donald trump seems to want to do? jeff: they have a secret weapon. maybe not so secret weapon. but they have his wife. they have his daughter. they have tiffany his daughter. in a way they even have his son. during the republican convention, that was -- what i took away from that convention and what actually hillary, i think mistakenly so, when they said say one good thing about each other, when she talked about what role model he was for his kids.
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let's take that. use that. i don't think you can -- i think you have to pivot optically. mark: i understand. maybe they will come out though so far most of the public comments they've made haven't been particularly helpful. i'm asking about the claim mike pence made this morning that donald trump made yesterday that they're going to have information that undermines the accounts of some of the accusers. if donald trump wants that information how do you get it at this point in the campaign? private detectives? google? jeff: you can't -- i mean, you can but i don't think that's what you would do. you would certainly spend a little bit of time doing that just to see if they're on the payroll or have a history of doing this. you'd want to know immediately. so walk through the technical process when that happens. but, for instance, when it was discovered that ted cruz's father, you know, participated in the jfk assassination you spend a little time to see where he was at that period of time. you absolutely need to know all the facts of the campaign not just through the principal's eyes. then if there is something aggressively apparent that you can use to dispute this then
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you use it. they weren't in the same area. if he actually wasn't on the flight, let's take the facts. if it's he said/she said you get away from it and handle it optically. you address it. make a statement. or a press statement. doesn't have to be on camera. but you then get away from it. that's why i think they are mishandling it. mark: i want to be sure we're not leaving a little news on the flar. were you just saying when the allegation was raised that ted cruz's father might have been involved in kennedy's assassination you looked into it to make sure it wasn't true? jeff: oh, sure. called rafael and see if he knew lee harvey oswald. you figure out what the truths are. mark: what did he say when you asked him? jeff: we can't discuss that on open air. no. so he said no. but you have a team of people, research folks in a presidential campaign that they are rapid response and they're paying attention and get it to the research department and the research department spends some time doing it. the campaign manager is typically in a very aggressive tone trying to get the
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information. when it's done you settle on a course of action and you move. you don't let this define the candidacy. mark: right. jennifer: jeff, do you think it is a good idea for hillary clinton to be laying low and not having any events until the debate? jeff: this prevent defense she has conducted since i guess since the event i think is a real mistake. you can't beat somebody for president in july and august. the fact that donald trump is having more events per day and -- more rallies than their entire ticket in a day, at this point everybody drops the presence of trying to reach across the -- the pretense of reaching across the aisle. a little over three weeks out you now need to be motivated. you can actually increase, the data we have, this is peer reviewed academic research, shows you can get two points out of a visit. that's why we travel in a
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presidential campaign. you can get up to four points depending on how the local press coverage goes and how directly you engage them. and so for her to be off the field, i think they have this idea that when you're -- when your opponent is slitting his throat don't take away the knife. i think that's their approach. i think it's a mistake. she needs energy. she needs excitement. she needs passion. they just don't have it. i'm happy for it but i don't understand the prevent defense they've put on for so many months and i don't know if it's because they don't want to talk about wikileaks or don't have anything to say. there could be those two things. the way they're conducting a campaign is not a way to put a candidate away in a week they just had she should be everywhere this week pressing the case. not just using surrogates and mrs. obama did a great job yesterday pressing the case. but he's become a candidate. that is a rallying cry for her own voters. mark: jeff roe down in houston, thanks so much for joining us. we'll have you back again soon. appreciate it. we're going to talk about the
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republican party's chances on the down ballot races in november when we come back right after this.
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mark: we are joined now by our bloomberg politics reporter. he has a story up on our website now. even if clinton defeats trump by a wide margin the house and senate may not change hands. a lot of democrats are trying to argue otherwise. in fact, if you look at all the polling data and the body language of democrats, the house still looks pretty safe and the senate is an open question. >> i think both houses theoretically can be in play if there is a way that
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materializes in the final few weeks and it does happen only the last week or two as we know. it is not clear what is going to happen. but republicans in the senate have taken the step of differentiating themselves from trump even if they are supporting him. they are running on their own profiles, folks like kelly ayotte in new hampshire, pat toomey in pennsylvania. they're not trying to ride the coat tails of the top of the ticket. that is probably a smart move. as a result they are running ahead of him even someone like richard burr consistently ahead in north carolina when trump is a little ahead a little bit behind in the polls. they made the smart calculation. in the house it is even more complicated for democrats. republicans have the deck stacked in their favor because of geographical advantages and redistricting. what democrats need to do there is very, very tormenting when you think about it. they need to win 190 seats that are -- that lean in their direction according to the political report. they need to win all 17 toss-ups. then they need to win 11-12
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races that lean republican. republicans are up 10 to 15 points in those. they need something like a miracle. mark: a miracle or a wave which we've seen in the past. jennifer: that is a lot of trouble for the democrats. can they pull that off? is there any way for them to succeed? sahil: i think one thing they need to do is reduce trump's margin with hard core republicans. these are dark red districts where republicans tend to be safe. there are a lot more republicans than democrats. what trump has done in the last couple weeks even as he's been sinking in the polls with other democrats, like minorities, millennials, college-educated women, he is doing very well with regimes. he is up to somewhere 85% to 90%. so i think the path for democrats involves a wave that cuts into his support not only with these other demographics but with traditionally republican leaning voters. mark: the biggest success story is probably at this point rob portman the candidate from ohio running way ahead of trump. what are the keys as to why portman is doing so much better than trump in ohio.
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sahil: a money advantage. a very good campaign. democrats will admit it. he has run from the start not trying to be flashy one way or the other in favor of trump or against trump but he's just kind of hunkered down and done all the right things you do in a mechanical sense in ohio. he's up double digits consistently as much as 17 or 18 points. mark: sahil thanks very much. his story is on our website bloomberg things are getting nasty out on the campaign trail for the press when they're with donald trump. i've seen it with my own eyes. we'll talk with two reporters who go out on the trail right after this. ♪
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mark: joining us from the tar
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heel state in charlotte, nbc news correspondent katy tur who covers donald trump and here in the nation's capital, chief national correspondent for the "new york times" magazine. i just love your macro 40,000 feet sense of how the trump campaign and donald trump himself is handling the allegations leveled today, the two new ones. katy: well, he did promise evidence that would dispute these allegations yesterday and governor pence promised that evidence as well this morning, but so far we have yet to see any concrete evidence that shows donald trump did not do the things that these multiple women now are accusing him of doing. instead today he got on stage in greensboro, north carolina. we'll see if he does this again here in charlotte in a few minutes, and he basically pointed to a plot against him i guess you could call it between the media and the clintons and a mexican billionaire named carlos slim, who is a minority shareholder in the "new york times."
5:48 pm
he called him a majority shareholder. he is not. but he does own quite a bit, a large stake in terms, in comparison to the other shareholders minus the solesberger family. basically saying this mexican billionaire is somehow influencing or what the reporters are reporting on and suggesting negative headlines against donald trump in order to get back at him for something. it's unclear what. he is continuing on this conspiracy theory track we've seen him put forth the last couple days saying there is this global system in place, shadowy global system in place that's trying to tear him down so he can't effect the change that he wants to if he were president. that involves the media. it involves the banks. it involves the clintons. and it borders pretty closely according to the antidefamation -- they antisemitic
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cautioned him against going further with that. donald trump so far has not offered anything besides that as irrefuteable evidence that he is innocent in any of these cases. mark: mark, two-part question. one, what do you make of the way trump is handling these allegations and when carlos slim wants you to write a story how does he communicate that? >> it's funny. i was just consulting the carlos slim memo of the day -- no. he is actually better paid than the others. actually he owns larry king's network also. if you're going to blame larry king for going to russian tv --. anyway. mark: what is your over all sense of how trump is dealing with these allegations? >> you could argue he could make some sort of blanket denial. the fact that there is an argument he could make in his case, how do you prove a negative over and over again? you could just say i don't, you know, this didn't happen. it was a long time ago. i'm not going to comment. this is about the economy and hillary clinton and pivot to there. i don't really know what he gains by just sort of getting
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up there and doing what he's doing. but, yes. an interesting strategy. very quintessential trump i would say. jennifer: you recently spent a lot of time with hillary clinton. what are your thoughts about her health? is there any reason for voters to be worried at this point? did you see any evidence of any sort of concern? guest: i didn't see any and i didn't examine her. mark: did you arm wrestle? guest: we did not arm wrestle. she actually proposed it but i thought it would be inappropriate. no. she seemed fine but worn down. i think she is still getting over pneumonia. it's been a very tough campaign i think for everyone. but, no. she seemed okay. one of the interesting things about running against trump for her is it has allowed her in a way to hide, which is not -- not hide but he is monopolizing so much of the spotlight, so much of the oxygen in this race has been given over to him. i think no matter who wins it will be remembered as the donald trump campaign just because he has defined so much of it and in a way that she has sort of been in the shadows. mark: katy, i want to ask you about wikileaks. is trump himself or the trump
5:51 pm
campaign pushing any particular aspect of what is in the latest batch of disclosures from the e-mail inbox? katy: you know, i have not been able to get further on that angle as of now today, john. i did not hear the entirety of donald trump's greensboro speech because i was doing a few other things. but they are trying to seize upon wikileaks as much as they possibly can. i do know that. they've been trying to get trump to hit on it as much as he can during these rallies because they think it is an effective message for them. one of their most effective messages that hillary clinton is not working for the american public but is working for herself and there is something shady going on behind the scenes. i'm sorry. it is so loud in here and it is hard to keep my thoughts straight right now. basically they're trying to paint hillary clinton as somebody who is not trump worthy, who is working for herself, not working for the american public, not trust worthy, and they hope the e-mails can prove that she somehow rigged the election so
5:52 pm
she can take it from bernie sanders, that sort of thing. if there is any evidence that comes to light in the wikileaks , they'll try to use it as much as they can. the issue is can they keep their candidate on that message? he is known to go off script quite a bit, go off prompter quite a bit. and he has been pretty bogged down with trying to refute these allegations going off script to not only deny them but insult his accusers by saying that he doesn't think that some of them -- they don't look like the type of people that he would do that to i guess is what he said earlier in greensboro. mark: you are one of the few reporters i know who has been able to spend time with hillary clinton lately. your time with her was how long ago? mark l.: about two weeks ago. a few days before the access hollywood thing. mark: you spent time with her over the years. how does she seem in terms of her mood? i know she said some sassy things about she wasn't going to lose. does she seem confident genuinely or is that for show? mark l.: i think it's always
5:53 pm
for show to a point. i think they are a very worried campaign as you should be at this stage. like a lot of people in both parties they don't, you know, quite know what they're dealing with here. there's just not -- there is a playbook to running against a mitt romney or john mccain or george w. bush. i think whether she wins, whether you know it is advantageous for her to be running against donald trump it is a very wearying experience, a sad experience, no fun to have your husband's accusers from so many years ago dragged to a debate. yeah, it's new, uncharted territory which has become certainly a cliche' in this case but keeps being true over and over again. jennifer: what surprised you most? was there anything she said or did that startled or surprised you? mark l.: i think what was clear up close is her contempt for donald trump is even more palatable than it is on the debate stage. i think she is quite sickened by the race that he is running and by some of the things he has been doing and saying about her. that was pretty clear. again, this was a few days before the second debate and the "access hollywood" stuff.
5:54 pm
i don't think i was surprised by that. she is usually a better poker player than that, usually a little bit better at hiding her emotions. mark: it's been an eventful seven days. the debate is next wednesday. i'm not asking to you predict but what is something you're looking at between now and the debate? mark l.: you don't have the competing drum beats. you have wikileaks on one side, the women coming forward on the other side. i do think as katy was saying the wikileaks narrative is potentially very effective for donald trump because it makes a case that this is a politician. i am not a politician. yes i say some things that are maybe troubling to people but this is not who i've been for a long time. she's been in politics for how many years. and this shows how she is not on your side. she is working for the any number of people who are in on the conspiracy whether it's the media or carlos slim, the debate moderators. mark: take your point. although the question now is not just did he say things but
5:55 pm
did he do things. that is being adjudicated all the way through wednesday inc. thank you, mark. thank you, katy, for listening to us along with donald trump's sound track with which you are hauntingly familiar. we'll be right back with "all due respect" in a moment. if you're here in washington, d.c. where we are you can listen every day at this time to this this program on 99.1 fm in the nation's capital. we'll be right back.
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mark: any time, check out bloomberg for more coverage on this wild race. thanks for watching. up next bloomberg technology. sayonara. ♪
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triggert's begin with a first word news. the obama administration is easy more sanctions against cuba, including eliminating a $100 limit on cuban rum and cigars
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american travelers can bring home. limits are also being lifted on cargo ship travel between the two countries and on some joint medical research. the changes take effect on monday. in north carolina the death toll from hurricane matthew has risen by 2, bringing the total in the state to 24. flooding forced thousands from the home straight at least 40 people were killed in the u.s. and more than 500 died in haiti. the uk's exit negotiations with the eu will be controlled by a select group of 12 ministers from prime minister theresa may's cabinet, most opposed to increasing powers of the 28 member bloc. that is according to unpublished documents obtained by bloomberg data could be another sign the prime minister is planning a clean break from the union prayed in thailand tens of thousands of people lined the streets of bangkok to pay final respects to tehe king. the


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