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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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john: i am john heilemann. mark: and i am mark halperin. respect, i hope the debates do not get picked up for a second season. ♪ on our blockbuster vegas program, smoke and mirrors, and political acrobatics. in other words, it is debate night here in sin city in nevada, las vegas. donald trump and hillary clinton will appear for the third and final time on the debate stage. tonight's debate moderated by chris wallace of fox news.
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behind us here is where the two candidates will face off. like everything in this city, the stakes are high this evening. especially high for donald trump, the republican nominee. our brand-new bloomberg politics national poll shows trump trailing by nine percentage 50%, andlinton is at trumpet 41%. his campaign admits he needs a come back hail mary performance this evening for a chance to win. honi nt the last few days ng his anti-washington election rigged warning. >> do you believe that there will be widespread voter fraud? >> and no i do not believe that. it would not be for me to say that there is. our,u hear reports here in
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but i think his point is a larger one. there is a larger conspiracy and collusion. afternoon, hillary clinton's campaign, john podesta, talked about her statement. it is rigged, even as his own campaign manager this did not thinkhe there would be much voter fraud in this election. every republican officials said that would not be. mark: as for tonight and keeping warfare,sychological trump has reportedly advised -- invited special guests to sit in his area. that includes president obama's half brother come the mother of a son killed in the benghazi attack, and a former arkansas tv accused bill clinton of sexual assault back in the 1980's. today,g to cnn earlier
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he dubbed his boss -- what you looking for? for the onlyoking question that matters at this point. something,trump do anything in this last debate? it will certainly be the least watched of the third debate. is there anything he can do to fundamentally alter this race and get him back in a position where he is not totally out of it? mark: we know that hillary clinton comes in for the third debate in a row totally prepared, gaming out every question from chris wallace in every possible attack from donald trump. possibility tonight is to focus on his anti-washington approach and hope that chris wallace asks hillary clinton tough questions
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that he can follow up on. if hillary clinton is prepared for chris wallace's questions, there is nothing he can do to get her off his game -- her game. he has a chance, maybe, to have a debate to put hillary clinton more on the defensive and he is. john: as a matter of spectator seen the trumpve campaign on full display. trump alleging widespread voter fraud, his campaign manager and a said he will accept the outcome of the election if he loses. at the rational part trying to pull him away from the brink of craziness. and yet stephen bannon says we will bring guests to turn this into another circus, query have people trying to play head games with hillary clinton. it is right down the middle in terms of dealing with the closing days. treatthe media will not
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trump like a serious person if he brings those people. john: it is like a sideshow. the more we look at the polls, the worst things look. underneath that nine point lead, hillary clinton is leading. points ahead, trump among men. she is also up four points with non-college-educated voters. she is also closing the gap among women, and others that trump needs to do better with. when asked how voters would feel 62 -- 62% said they would be panicked if he wo n. new tv ads, this one by clinton, uplifting. mrs. clinton: my vision of america is in america where everyone has a place.
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this is the america that i know and love. if we set those goals and we go together, there is nothing that america cannot do. is onlyump's new ad running in three states, ohio, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. single issue message. >> our economy once dominated the world and our middle thrived. today, jobs are gone, factories trade because of bad deals pushed by the clintons that sent our jobs to other countries. toald trump's plan renegotiate nafta, stop foreign nations from cheating us, cut taxes to reopen factories. donald trump knows business. and he will fight for the american worker. i would like you to talk about the logic behind these ads and how they fit into the campaign strategies for these last three weeks of the campaign. talking in ang,
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positive way, i think she will try to do that tonight and in the closing days of the campaign. as for trump, i have heard republicans on social media, saying it has been on the air since the summer. i think at this point, based on the polling data, everything could go right for donald trump tonight and i'm not sure he could close the gap. he has fallen behind into many states. he doesn't have the resources or the discipline to close as strong as he would need to. that ad, while good, the fact that it is running in only three states, it is not good. things, oneare two is consistent with what we said yesterday. that message would have been great for him if he had been hammering it since april and may. secondly, we know in this environment, this free media environment that exists, any individual at four presidential election that comes out this move veryill not
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much. that is true of the clinton ad, as well. starting to to -- believe she will win. she has to start talking in a positive, uplifting way to make it possible for her to shift to governing. mark: it has caused a sea change. he previously said the obama team in 2012 were confident, and the clinton people were not certain. now they are more certain they will win then obama was. they see trumps ron and what the numbers have done in the key states. in everyis the case battle state except for ohio, maybe iowa. they are ahead in those states that obama was in october of 2012. and hillary clinton, a less strong candidate than barack obama was, donald trump is a worse candidate and has more
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trouble than mitt romney ever did. mark: another thing that might come up is the wikileaks e-mail taken from the inbox of the and john podesta e-mail accounts. republicans have been trying to use that against the clintons for a couple weeks. the marco rubio does not agree with this approach. he explained why today from tampa, florida. mr. rubio: i will not be talking about any revelations that come about from the wikileaks. they are not partisan people end of told us this is the work of a foreign intelligence agency. we cannot be a country where foreign intelligence agencies can interfere or influence our political process. what i would say to my republican colleagues, some who made be disappointed by my position, today it is them but tomorrow it could be us. do we really want to be a country where foreign leaders or intelligence agencies can
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blackmail our elected officials and say to them, unless you do we want you to do, we will release e-mails from your campaign manager? your wife, your daughter, your son? unless you want to be embarrassed, you better do what we want you to do. is that what we want? i will tell you, that is what vladimir putin does. mark: will other republicans adopt this position? john: i do not know, i hope they do. where was that marco rubio a year and a half ago? he could have been the republican nominee. we have thought about this a lot. whatever happens, this will be an unprecedented election in this respect. we have never seen a hacked election or an election where a russia, has such an impact on the american election. both parties at should be sobered by this, regardless of who they are pulling for. we are in uncharted territory,
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ugly, dangerous territory. mark: this could go down in history as the wikileaks lesson, regardless of how it ends. they could say, we must stand together and announce this. donald trump has chosen to continued to try to take advantage of it. as have other republicans. good for marco rubio, but amazing that no one else has done this. i totally agree. you mention this earlier today, i am doing a mental exercise area if it had happened in 2008, they would have been as one on this. and kerry would have been as one on this issue. this is the single greatest deviation from the norm. this story, this episode, and what it means for our democratic future. mark: he denies putin but hearts wikileaks. john: watch our pregame the
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patient what a: 30 eastern right here at the university of nevada, las vegas. that will be on bloomberg tv and live streaming on twitter, we will have interviews and have the whole interview live on your laptop. we will be back with the president of planned parenthood. ♪
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john: we're back here at the campus of university of nevada, las vegas. hosting the third and final presidential debate. we are here with the president
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of planned parenthood, a hillary clinton supporter, and daughter of the late governor of texas. in a stunning new poll, has hillary of clinton within the margin of error, trailing trump by only three points in that houston survey. we will get to some news in a moment. can hillary clinton win texas? >> it is obviously within the margin and is interesting. she ran against a guy who was a millionaire who had never pay taxes, who made jokes about sexual assault, and she never had a poll showing her winning, and she beat him. there is an energy and enthusiasm among supporters in texas that is absent among the republican party. and i think it could certainly happen.
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seen ahey have not democrat and a good long while. if she won, what would it mean for the politics of texas? hillaryreat thing about clinton is, she knows how to work across the aisle and bring people together to solve albums. i think people are desperately looking for that. not only in the election but for the next president. i think texas is a state that is trending more moderate. ofre is a huge growth different populations there. it would be a good sign and create a lot of energy into the democrats in texas will been looking for a victory for many, many years. john: about an hour and 45 minutes from now, we learn there will be a press conference nearby here held by danny williams, the gentleman who -- theto be the son abandoned son of bill clinton, he will be at a press conference
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demanding a dna sample from bill clinton and approved paternity. is this another trump-related stunt? that,s your comment on these kinds of incidents and this one in particular? whole campaign by donald trump has been one of negativity and it is discouraging to see when there are so many issues the american people care about -- job creation, health care. but instead of talking about those in the debate, he continues to go into the got her. this debate tonight, many people, given how hillary clinton is doing and how young people and moderate voters go to toward her, they are seeing her as the future president. i hope we will have a conversation about issues and not just about these tactics that are not related to what the election is about. is your view that bill allegeds past and the
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sexual abuse on women has no place in the campaign, totally irrelevant, completely out of bounds? i think people know everything they need to know about bill clinton, the important thing is that hillary clinton is running for president. people are evaluating her on what she needs to do or the american people. she has been clear in laying out her plan. veryd trump has been incapable. he ran a campaign where you do not know what he wants to do or what his policies are. he has just run a campaign of negativity and personal attacks, going after women, immigrants, muslims, disabled people to read i think the american people want something more. i believe hillary clinton hasn't shown she goes high when he goes low. i certainly hope that is what we see tonight, donald trump finally talking about plans and issues and not personal attacks. mark: he proposes limits for those going to corporate interests, is that a good idea?
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>> i do not know the exact particulars of that. mark: trying to put more limits on those in government who then become lobbyists. -- wehink citizens united have seen money in politics as a corrupting influence. i have to be honest, one of the things that is important to me in this debate, there are real differences between donald trump and hillary clinton have not been covered in the debate. i care passionately about women's health care. we at planned parenthood server 2.5 million people for health care and donald trump says he wants to end that. he wants to overturn roe versus wade by appointing justices that would do that. that affects everyone. he is against equal pay for women, he is against the minimum wage. hillary clinton has put forward specific proposals about how she would improve the lives of wetland -- improve the lives of women and families.
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i hope that is what we get to tonight. john: thank you for coming on the show, it is great to see you. we will get a trump side of the story from one of his advisers after these words. ♪
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mark: we are just hours away from the third and final presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. here tonight in las vegas to preview how mr. trump is preparing and what is on the line for him on the support -- on this important evening is his advisor.
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what you know about donald trump plans for tonight on the debate stage? >> the plans are a of what we saw in the first two debates. deliver a message on the economy, national security, and prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. he will talk about the quid pro quo information that just came out in the collusion between wikileaks and her campaign in the media and the server. differente are 10 messages, is the one he will emphasize more than the other? >> i think it is important as we talked about before. there are two paths to an election victory. they need to know why you are the person you should be president, and for that we talk ethics,tional security, but also why the other person should not be president. and in this case there is such a sharp contrast between the two.
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we just got a word that in an hour and a half there will be a press conference with a man who demands a dna test from bill clinton, claims to be his son. does donald trump's campaign know about this? >> i do not know. john: you do not know if a sponsor that event? >> i do not have any information. john: is that the first you have heard about it? >> i have been in the cox pavilion. they said there would be special guests arriving to hillary clinton, he said that on record to a cnn reporter. is that a guest of mr. trump? >> like i said, i am focused on
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the issues. i am focusing on the message we will be delivering here and for the next two weeks. i could not give you specifics about that. what we are talking about today and focusing on our those issues that people are care about. the john podesta e-mails and wikileaks, is there one you would point to, if i could get everyone in america to focus on this one e-mail of hillary clinton? >> the one that says take the money with the exclamation point, from foreign governments. at really is a slogan for the clintons from the last 40 years. from one ofat was her advisers. you think it represents the ego's -- ethos? >> take the money, take the money at the expense of everything else. take a two under $40,000 for a
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speech where you talk about tpp or how great the banks are. why did she have that in her private server? i am confident and positive the reason is because there is such a connection. it was all about taking the money because that is what the clintons have stood for for the last 40 years. john: your view is that if the american people understood the clintons are rich and only just sit money, that would be the end of her campaign? >> they have to know that hillary clinton is not interested in the coming resident to make this country better. she did not make the country better as secretary of state. better influence federal access, and that is what she will do in the white house. not that long ago, --
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>> only three bills with her name on it. john: you disagree that she was a great senator? >> she was an inconsequential senator and a terrible secretary of state, look at iran, libya, syria. she says that she cannot even work with russia. mark: good luck with for you tonight. we will break this down. ♪ . .
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we're still here where earlier today, donald j trump
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skipped his scheduled walk-through of the debate stage . we're here to wildly speculate about what we can expect tonight economist of the "washington post." put the what is going to happen? don't know what's going to happen. based on the first two debates, it's going to be nasty and ugly and all the adjectives we can use. we may be surprised by some seriousness of the debate. i'm sure there are issues chris wallace will raise that the two have differences on but the tone is likely to be the same as we have seen in the past. donald trump's donald trump and
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he's shown no signs he's going to go in a different direction. mark: what role would you say wikileaks is playing in this campaign? guest:donald trump's donald a lk ago when this first popped up. of donald trump and women was the dominant story and two things happened. he veered off course to go in the direction of claiming this is a rigged election, in essence, a divergent from a problem that he had to create the conversation that he had and as we have seen for months and months, he's a successful at that. it doesn't mean the issue goes away, but he makes conversation different. ,hen it is a steady drip, drip drip and hillary clinton has not been confronted in a sustained and serious way with some of those questions. i would expect chris wallace would have a number of those -- chris is a good question her and a fair-minded questioner, so he will have things that will put both in an uncomfortable position. if everyonesked
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paid attention to one of the wikileaks disclosures, what would it be. as you have looked at many of them, beyond campaign phil final, -- campaign gossip, is her stuff that is problematic where of everyone is focused on it, it would be a huge problem for hillary clinton? dan: huge, i don't know if that's the right word. we saw her move to the left during the campaign against bernie sanders. what herhat is not roots are as a politician. we know she is both a pragmatist and centrist than a lefty. she's always been more to the left than her husband, but on some of those issues, it is a question of what she really comeves and how she would down on these issues if she were president. trump campaign is a technology that he needs to come back to win. what would the elements of a
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trump come back be? dan: it would require a disciplined argument against her, absent the theatrics he brings, absent greg elections, absent -- absent elections, absent republican colleagues, whether it's paul ryan or jeb bush, stripping away. having said that, we know what the odds of that are, so that would be one element. the second would be to figure out what is the one path he has to win? he has very little options, very few options on the map. a waynot campaigning in that suggests he has any idea what he wants to try to do. we see more of that in the
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clinton campaign. there concentration on florida, north carolina and pennsylvania and now trying to make it play in arizona shows a strategic sense of what they want to do than anything we have seen from the trump campaign. pencewe have now had mike , kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, say there is not widespread voter fraud and you have a funk a trump saying my dad is going to accept the outcome of this election. do you think donald trump is going to back off the fact that this is a phenomenally rigged election? is there somebody winning a power struggle in the campaign? then: that -- dan: it's not one faction or another, donald trump will end up doing what he wants tothen: that do. i don't have any real information, but i assume he
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will moved off the rigged election when he finds something he would rather talk about that might be more provocative, more interesting or more inflammatory. i think they all want him to move off of that. they want him that if he loses to accept the result and concede graciously, but who can predict what he in the end will do. aboutpeople are talking texas potentially being them play. is that plausible? dan: we did a 50 state poll at the end of august and we were the first ones that found texas looked competitive, a surprise to everybody. i used to report out of their years and years ago. it is a very red's eight. we said here is the results and since then, there have been any number of polls. we went back in last week and had it a two-point race, another has it at three and another at
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four. my gut tells me donald trump will end up winning texas but it looks like it's going to be closer than we have seen in any recent election. it would be seismic if she won. dan, thank you for coming in today. we are happy to see you. up next, we will ask our campaign beat reporters what the candidates have in store for this evening. from las vegas, nevada, when we return.
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♪ my father is in this to win
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this. my father is in this to win this. i'm not interested in talking about alternative outcomes and i think my father will always do the right thing. that's the type of person he is. but when you ask me if it is rigged, i think from a media perspective, it's very hard to get an accurate portrayal of who he is as a person or the business he has built, his professional accomplishments. it is borderline impossible. or he will in either win won't win and i believe he will accept the outcome either way. mark: that was a funk a trump earlier today at the fortune most powerful women summit. section, we are going the debate tonight.
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hillary clinton has been virtually invisible over the last five days doing debate prep. how is the team feeling about it tonight? confidenty are because of how the debates have gone. she has been able to handle anything trump has thrown her way and i don't think they see these things as any more than a tryingand they are just to get into voters heads about who she is and how she not only will run for the last three weeks but governed. big know this is the last and that she is the credible choice for commander-in-chief is where they are going. mark: any other campaign going badugh bad news cycle after news cycle and cratering numbers, there would be panic and dissension.
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is there panic and dissension in the trump camp? there's not. some of the senior staff members have had to give pep talks to junior members that think it could be the end, but senior staffers have confidence and say trump has confidence and has been in good spirits on the campaign trail. i know he prepared by spending time with family and friends and skips the walk-through at the debate hall. he had a finance event at noon. john: what has put him in a good mood? been: his touchdown has the polls. yesterday in colorado, he said i don't believe polls anymore. i believe we are going to win based on the populist movement. we're going to have a groundswell. media has been writing the obituary on his campaign for months and every single time the media is wrong and he has
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prevailed. that's what he has in his head that he will prevail again. the danny williams press conference -- is this a trump campaign event? is guest: he here on trump campaign path dime? i'm not sure who is paying his expenses but it is not a trump campaign john: expense. they had nothing to do with it? guest: who knows if they had nothing to do with it. guestsho are trump's going to be? guest: he has a few moms,vatives, some angel barack obama's half-brother, the mother of a man who died in benghazi. i'm told there could be a few other stunners that we don't know about. anything that digs into hillary
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clinton's pass, so expect something unexpected. this that all getting at the clinton campaign? the craziest thing we thought we would see happened -- danny williams being here -- is that trouble people in the clinton world? guest: what i have heard in terms of bill is he may be a little irritated that this is the fraction people are going in with his wife and she's not being judged on her own but is being judged in terms of his past scandals. the clinton people in general always claim she's an unflappable person. trump people were saying that she seemed slightly rattled by having those women in the crowd. the clinton people said she was not rattled at all. nervous or upset
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and was confident the whole time and i think that's what they expect she will do today regardless of who trump brings into the crowd. she has heard everything and anything and is ready to go for it. that is a question that requires a sophisticated judgment about the media. they have put out a bunch of wikileaks stuff, but none of it has been game changing. if the people putting the stuff that are really sophisticated, do you think they have miscalculated? seene press attitude we've a bunch of stuff and it isn't that big war is the press open to some big revelations? i think they are open to a big revelation. everyone is aware that this is past material, it's not an stolenonal leak, this is
5:45 pm
. the fbi seems to be saying it is the russians. but i think there's a question of is there something bigger coming stolen? we asked about this on the plane yesterday flying out here and she said we are not worried about what is going to come out. andre still 20 days out they have been parceling this out day by day. it seems like most of it is inside the beltway discussion rather than anything that shakes the core of the campaign. we could see something different in the days to come. campaign the trump react to a marco rubio said about the wikileaks stuff? guest: we are waiting to see if he will ignore marco rubio and delve into the wikileaks stuff or skip over it. john: any normal candidate
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giving a speech about government ethics reform, that would be a huge part of what he would do on stage tonight. then we hear he's going to go after hillary clinton on health. there's a campaign inside donald trump pothead. which side of the tug-of-war will prevail tonight? guest: his campaign ceo talks about how he likes a head fake. disciplineden very and very shackled and stuck to the teleprompters, talking about lobbying reform and term limits. froms geared away attacking the women who has accused him of misconduct. so will the continue to do that? probably not. it could be a tablet fest. up next, rigged systems meets oceans 11 in vegas when we come back. ♪
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john: there has been a lot of talk lately about whether this election is rigged or will be rigged, most of it by donald trump, of course. to get to the bottom of this rumor, we sent alexander to to tryall over las vegas to pull off the heist of the century. >> you want to knock over a casino? >> do you believe this election could be rigged? >> the presidential election? a $2.5 is going to be billion presidential campaign. >> do you have any idea how
5:50 pm
impossible it is? >> you have to get past the bipartisan commissions at every poll station. >> then there are the party lawyers. >> it has been rigged before, it can happen again. next that was 80 years ago for a louisiana state ballot initiative and they got caught. you elong did not have a computer. >> millions of people are going to be watching this. >> to intrusions have been confirmed. >> you are talking much work here, 10,000 voting jurisdictions. >> that is your opinion. >> that's the opinion of the director of the fbi. to hack theneed entire system. we just need one on ability. >> it takes just one swing state, and in that state, just one swing county. >> many precincts use computer
5:51 pm
equipment without a backup paper trail. >> some of these systems are still running windows 2000. one area they were protecting it with a five character key. >> the paperless voting machine. friends at argonne national laboratory, it only takes $26 to hack this baby. >> it's getting way too expensive. >> the most-watched debate of all time and what a show it was. >> fox news calls it the brain room. questionbinders, every , every position have taken. >> how do you know that? >> i have a man on the inside. the binder, control the moderator. >> how do we control the binder? >> into 312, 90 3 million did
5:52 pm
not take part in our democratic process. >> i don't know why you are going through all this trouble. district.r the then you can keep our people in power. turnout never goes about 53% >> looks like we are going to the debate. ande are just as to walk in feel the election without getting caught? >> yes. >> do you guys know how to get into this debate? >> why do this? what because the house always wins. only two major parties and one national narrative that tells me everything wrong in my life can be solved at the ballot box. >> this election is not eating
5:53 pm
rigged and let me explain why it's not eating rigged. we have 67 counties, each of which conduct their own elections. there is not a 67 county conspiracy. >> i'm in charge of elections in ohio and they are not going to be rigged. >> our elections may not be completely perfect, but they are legitimate and they have integrity. everyone needs to respect the outcome. if you watch this show ever, you know that that piece was shot by griffin hammon. that guy is so good and so are the people and his team. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: watch the big debate tonight along with our pre-and postgame shows here on bloomberg tv. if you are looking for a mobile way to catch the action, never trowbridge has this very important public service announcement about how you can follow all of us this evening. alex: everyone is talking with the final presidential debate but you can figure out how to watch it. there's got to be a better way. the solution. bloomberg politics is live streaming the debate for free on twitter. it's easy. phone, computer, on your join the millions of people watching. our pregame special starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern. on the actively comment debate and whatever these guys are saying. perfect for the multitasker. debates. it'd three -- it is free. mark: we really don't know what
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is going to happen. i like how he went from being the brad pitt character to being the macintosh guy trying to do tech support. mark: the big debate tonight. we will have all the action here . the full 90 minute debate and in our post game show. thanks for watching. steve at 8:30 eastern time. until then, sayonara. ♪
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politics shows hillary clinton ahead in a four-way matchup. mark halperin and john heilemann atl host a pregame broadcast 8:30 p.m. the mile and settlement is being overbillingor medicaid for the epipen. quicklyppened so without an investigation and full fact-finding and accountability. mylan can take a pretax charge against its quarterly earnings. mark: a spokeswoman for mylan .eclined comment russia's threatening to retaliate after a british bank terminated the account of a russian state tv channel. the kremlin warned moscow would respond in a practical matter. r


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