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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  October 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> welcome to the program in washington, d.c. in santa barbara, california. and hillary clinton squared off and was moderated by chris wallace of fox news. three weeks er remaining until election day, polls show donald trump losing trailing badly in nearly every state he must win. ere's a look at some key moments from the debate.
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>> i have met with women who ave, toward the end of their pregnancy, get the worst news their health, that is in jeopardy, if they continue to carry to term or that happened terrible has or just been discovered about the pregnancy. i do not think the united states inernment should be stepping and making those most personal of decisions. if you go with what hillary is month you the ninth can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the prior to the birth of the baby. okay anday that that's hillary can say that that's okay but it's not okay with me. also arguing is that bringing undocumented immigrants shadows, putting them into the formal economy, will be good because then can't exploit them and ndercut american wages and
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donald knows a lot about this. he underpaid undocumented and when they complained he basically said what a lot of employers do. ou complain, i'll get you deported. >> from everything i see, she respect for this person. >> well, that's because he would ather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. >> it's pretty clear that you admit the russians have engaged in cyberattacks against he united states of america, that you encouraged espionage people.our >> there are many more important which s in that debate we'll come to out of washington, d.c. barbara, california, joining us in a few moments from las vegas, co-managing editors politics and co-host of bloomberg television w. all due respect, also joining
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us, cbs news political director and joining me here in new york, dan, a senior strategist and a democratic strategist. i'm pleased to have all of them here. begin with al hunt in washington and go around the clock and get response and this hour and a half debate. al? doubt this debate changed a single vote. bases.fied the only thing memorable was donald trump refusing to say hether he would abide by the election. making richard nixon, who actually may have had a grievance, look like charlie rose. it was extraordinary moment, but the rest of the night didn't change a thing. i think the outcome is really vague now. i can't see any way trump can make up what i think is a seven or eight point gap. and this contest, if peter said
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that the trump race is like the daytona 400 driver without breaks and if faulty steering wheel, it may careen from place to place and occasionally you close, but you know it is never going to win. tonight solidified that. charlie: kathleen. kathleen: i don't disagree with anything else. it was very much a non-game changer. i was excited when donald trump created the new word bigly. i heard him say that twice. there was a low moment when he would not necessarily concede the election to hillary clinton should she win. that led to what became hillary clinton's best moments. she gave a very passionate defense of electoral history and how important it is that we have to go on from one to the next with respect. most people that pay attention to politics and are familiar with the positions reiterated tonight, i think hillary came
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across as very steady and serious. to trump, in his favor, i suppose he didn't explode, and he wasn't really as thin-skinned as he has been in the past, although he did occasionally refer to hillary clinton in a way that wasn't quite gentlemanly. at one point, he said, she is a nasty lady. charlie: and now to las vegas. john dickerson. john: i think the story of the night, if they came down to one moment, was when donald trump said he wasn't sure if he would accept the outcome of the i think the reason that's a moment, and there were plenty of other moments, the question of the trump campaign, will it be a change campaign, and a lot of
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the energy behind his campaign, people want to change washington and see him as their champion. but there is also the question of chaos. jeb bush told him the chaos candidate. when you start to question one of the fundamental principles of the peaceful transfer of power, because it helps you politically, then that moves over from just being a change candidate to more of a chaos candidate. it is that's a specific response, and whether it will be legitimate, but also just his habit of behavior that, in a pinch, this goes to temperament is what republicans are emailing with, talking about. this is a chaotic thing to say in response to that question. charlie: jeff in santa barbara. >> i think if you talk about the debate other than that moment, apart from that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play? i would point out al gore in 2000, and you will hear this
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from the trump campaign, this comes down to 537 votes in the state, there may well be a contest. he keeps talking about a rigged system. for the first 30 minutes, i thought he came to debate like a regular candidate. he had a low pitched voice, actually cited some specific decisions like the heller had a good line when hillary clinton was talking about the russian acts. then it was watching something simmer, ove begin to boil up and spill over. he began to interrupt. provoking donald trump inevitably gets the same response which is that he point himself to the where he didn't even remember to attack hillary clinton for elping to discredit the woman who had accused her husband in this behavior even when chris wallace gave him that opening. think what you've got here is a ke bait where, if we had more debates, it's possible
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that donald trump could behave like a real candidate for 90 minutes but, you know, sharks have to swim and bats have to fly. who donald trump is and it sure didn't seem to me like himself much. >> dan? >> i thought he did better on style. bit 's gotten a little better in each debate. >> yeah. >> however despite doing better and yle i agree with jeff kathleen and john, the comment about -- it wasn't just that he i'm not sure if i will concede the election. he almost made light of it all going to keep people in suspense as though it's a game. to do onenk if he had thing tonight if i were advising him, if he were to do one thing, reassure people that he has the attempt to do the job. i may have said some crazy election but somehow reassure them tonight this is the closing moment last time he'll command an audience of this size and he has the temperament to do the job. willing to concede but
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almost making a joke of the chaos. just think it's a reminder that we're headed after us had hoped of that if jump were to lose the ort of chaos of trump would also sort of fade. i don't think that's the case anymore especially after tonight. reminder that the months after this election are going to make the sort of obama tensions between president obama and the republican congress seem sort of functional. i think we're headed for a stressful period. > we were talking earlier, maybe two separate splits in washington. one with the democrats and one with the republicans. yeah. you can already see it's starting to emerge on the republican side. donald trump seems to be setting up something for after the election that doesn't involve involveesident and does continuing to represent these aggrieved people that supported primaries. >> and share them at rallies. >> many have speculated about be, a new cable
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channel, but whatever it is, what he's based on been doing in the rallies and what he's been saying publicly, ven tonight when he said he basically, or maybe wouldn't accept the results of this to tion, because he wants continue to lead this aggrieved movement. on the democratic side, i think progressives have come in line and bernie sanders has been an absolute trooper and he's there, great in every respect for hillary clinton. i think if hillary clinton tries in et things done washington, which could involve working with republicans, it will be difficult because a lot those progressives will say we're not here to compromise or cut deals. to get nd we expect ours. that will be a difficult thing to navigate for her. i expect she'll win and i expect that, you know, she'll probably have in all likelihood, unless to meltdown, one house of congress that she's still going to have to deal with on the republican side. charlie: if republicans are still in control in the house, still speaker,
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you know. >> he prepared to deal with the boehner had to deal with? >> it will be a much different it us because the size of will shrink, and the freedom freedom caucus, many of the sort of trump troops within congress will actually grow. so he'll have a much different conference to manage. difficult? >> yes. the sentiment, you're hearing more and more, for eight years got roll by the obama administration, we're not about clinton lled by the administration, especially against the back drop of boehner, never had to deal with past year whathe the new republican leadership or the republican leadership that continues on after this election will have to deal with, is constituents of republican congress.f republican constituents, republican members of congress, every ed this narrative day that the election was rigged. the election was stolen.
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so how is the republican leadership going to negotiate with a president clinton when of congress mbers in their own conference are being told every day that election was n's illegitimate? very dangerous dynamic.
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charlie: we have been joined now
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by mark halperin and john heilemann. reflect where you are in las vegas and what happened in the room and how it seemed. mark, i begin with you. mark: i think if donald trump had not suggested he would not accept the results of the election, his team could have come out of your heartened. he had his best debate, which would not have done to change the debate, because she was flawless. she evaded some questions, but she was very positive. she had genuine passion that played quite well for a lot of americans. the problem donald trump has, as effective as he was with his message of change and hillary clinton being a part of the status quo, by saying he would not accept the results of the election, which advisers are trying to walk back, he has left a giant headline that he'll be asked about. out any progress that he might have made on some
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issues. he did: why do you think it? >> i'm certain it's not the answer they rehearsed. that he's constantly gaming things out. mike pence, right before the debate, mike pence did a are under of interviews including bloomberg and others in which he said of course we'll accept the results. this afternoon did an interview and said of course we'll accept the results. so i don't know why he did it it will go down as part of a long string of inexplicable done. donald trump has i thought he clearly had his best debate although she was strong as well. >> i would like to at least azard an opinion or a guess about why he said it, which is that he believes me. >> exactly. in his heart at this point. has spent the ho last week talking about the election being rigged, warning supporters that the election would be stolen from him.
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aying things that were just manifestly at odds with the truth and even research that's een done about the prevalence of voter fraud in america, making these arguments, throughout the week, a variety advisers, surrogates and so on, have tried to walk that back and saying, he's just the media is biased, and everything they say that he send tweet and repud yates them and says no he's talking about voter fraud so now donald trump and gets asked the question directly. i'm sure, many of the people yawned around him prepared him and say, accept the u won't results. he suggested that he wouldn't necessarily accept the results a the election which is massive transgression goodness any kind of democratic norms that govern our presidential process. something none of in us our lifetimes have ever seen any say.idential nominee ever as mark said the immediate political effect is horrible for him because it's the only thing here y is talking about and the only thing anybody will
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be talking about tomorrow. ut i think that he may keep going on saying this because he genuinely thinks the election is rigged. was, i tary clinton thought, incredibly effective when she pointed out whenever he at anything, he loses the iowa caucuses, he says they are rigged. was isconsin primary rigged. she brought up he didn't win an award and claimed they were rigged. >> your response. reaction. everybody is talking about can't accept necessarily the results -- he'll ction until see. >> yeah. to be ms. good why two shoes. e just see the value of doing the homework. hillary clinton did her homework donald trump didn't. show had very compelling responses on how she could come and he said everything was rigged, she came back with answers for what she in her 30 years many public office. she had a very strong answer to
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health out women's issues and how donald trump denigrates women. hroughout this debate she was prepped. she was ready. i thought it was one of her but in a erformances, sense, that doesn't matter either because all anyone is oing to be talking about here tonight and tomorrow is that donald trump has suggested that he won't accept the results of a election. i have to say, charlie, i've bbc, that's alle they are talking about around the world. the idea for other countries, hat you could have major candidate in an american election say they won't accept when you're held up as the beacon, example, of how one party asses from to another in a peaceful extraordinary day in a cold donald trump hat has suggested that he won't accept that, that's troubling to a lot of america's allies as well as other powers as well watching this. and talk go to jeff about one of the issues that was
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discussed, and all of you jump relationship the with putin. how did you see that conflict coming out. jeff? >> it was absolutely remarkable ecause once again, hillary clinton took what could have been a liability for her, you all those leaked statements about open borders and the various other things hat have caused some embarrassment, flipped it immediately to the fact that russia was attempting to our elections and trump, once again, i don't know he's not a friend of mine, what's wrong with getting along with him, it meant in effect, quite ironically, if you think of the last 50 or significant years of how politics go, the democratic president for president is accusing the candidate for president being soft on russia. that's a flipped from several me, e back and it was, to another example of whereby that was in the debate, trump beginning to feel aggrieved. as people have pointed out, when
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him, substance go out the window and he has to a end himself and it caused situation where hillary clinton, who could have been vulnerable hat about was in many of those leaked documents managed to make crat case of this auto particular particul -- is trying to screw the elections. >> it took her 33 minutes to get donald trump to lose it and that's about as long as in the first debate. had a pretty good 30 minutes and then he got agitated, and badly and then loss it. it was at moment 33 he started to lose it. like a prize fighter and just kept hitting it. prep as working on debate during the primaries, we had a lot of reps, there were a lot of
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primaries and the we saw over time it was like, it as like pushing certain buttons, six or seven buttons that you could push that were an ttack on him that he was extremely sensitive about and regardless of the opportunities e had to move away from the attack and go on offense himself he always england gauged it. of took the bait and she's -- she's figured this ut and you've seen this in every debate including tonight. took a half an hour but she did push the buttons successfully just went down these rabbit holes. >> especially also in the question of what have you been for 30 years, i was doing this for children. discriminating against people. >> i was hunting down osama bin you were hosting celebrity apprentice. >> on the issue of abortion, any there?es >> in terms of the language that trump used -- yes, the language was pretty harsh.
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we know late-term abortion is a emotional divisive issue. and, but hillary clinton, i hought, made a really good point, when she said, look, they force women to have babies in romania. they force women to have china.ns in the government has no place in that decision. and i think that's a pretty hard to disagree with, frankly. even if you're pro-life, that's point.timate i do think his talking about, ou know, ripping the child out of the wound and all of that, you know, it's intended to cause emotional response which it would among the people who are on -- who share that position know that donald trump has not always held that osition, and the idea that he would appoint supreme court justices to overthrow roe v. ade, this is what the wrote life movement has always wanted, but i don't think there are a
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whole lot of people in this country do want that, as a matter of fact. you send it back to the states and you see how difficult women have trying to get the healthcare they need and i'm a pro-life person myself, by the way. i'm not in favor of government intervention. i think education is a much to changing the way people think about abortion. the supreme this court. trump did have an awareness of decisions.portant what about that debate? >> i think, charlie, i hate to broken record, he did. he knew what the heller case was i don't think that changed anything. you know, look, there is a whole body of political science that elections, general elections don't matter. it's all the basics and fundamentals. agreed with that. i think going from gerald ford 2008,76 to barack obama in the campaigns really do matter. i think this is the exception. at the bloomberg poll donald trump's negatives this week are 62%. incredibly high. 12 points higher even than hillary clinton. 61%.r ago they were
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"wall ing in the nbc street journal" poll. i don't think anything has changed because trump can't change and everything that's said about him by jeff and others is absolutely right and herefore i think tonight, even if he a had not made that just ridiculous assertion about not outcome, i don't think it would have been a good night for him. e would have been right where we were beforehand. she's ahead by seven or eight points. don't see he can even cut that. >> one little thing, charlie, say that heould not would concede? >> i think honestly, accept the this man -- he couldn't actually entertain the be the t she would winner. and even in saying this, he ould have to somehow look at her or have an expression on his was somewhat humble and somewhat offering no resistance. do ink he couldn't possibly
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that and it's not only because his political foe but because she's a woman specifically. >> where does this election go now, this being the last big bet? well, i think donald trump will spend at lowest a day to clean this issue up. various advisers have come into said, of oom and course, we'll accept the results if there isn't any fraud and we not to be careful about prejudging it. he'll have to deal with that couple of days. the data from most states, public and private, shows the state polls are catching up with national polls, that show trump with a lower ceiling than many people thought he could clinton h hillary expanding into a handful of red states, and the trump campaign from a narrow path to today no path. and having not, i don't think, with tionized the race this debate. ay perhaps more advertising, perhaps trump will write a check to increase his advertising.
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it will be difficult for him without the forum of major event.l it will be difficult for him to do what he need to do which is to cut at least five points off national polling lead. >> charlie, as mark -- as mark both said, we came into this debate, donald trump was very far behind. a little bit behind, he's been a little bit behind throughout the entire race. he's a lot behind. he came into this last big debate. it was his only fundamental job, to try to give the debate performance of his life, and in ome almost magical way change the fundamental dynamics that have been working against him for the past several weeks. hatever you think about this debate he clearly did not do that. in fact, for the reasons we iscussed earlier, created more problems for himself going forward. to think that, it's hard imagine apart from some gigantic earth shaking tectonic plate movement, i can't imagine what trajectory that
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we're currently on. of ugliness but that's where we're headed charlie: go ahead. >> remember what happened after the first debate. me ofy ways this reminded that debate. actually more substance than the this debate ur of than there was in the first debate but it was after that saw debate that we really the drop-off in donald trump's poll numbers. than the so it seems release of the access hollywood tape. to not implausible, then, extrapolate from that, that we could see the same thing again see donald trump's poll numbers decline even further as a result of this debate. he needed to turn it around. i'm not sure coming out of this one whether he hasn't done harm.lf more >> john dickerson, what happens becomes more desperate? >> well, we've seen a trajectory, more desperate he he seeks to ore
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destabilize. had igged talk came as it in hillary clinton had -- the facts on her side, when she talked about the previous instances. the rigged talk is about not only questioning the outcome, his t's about inciting supporters to go look at the polls in the community, as said. trump has to try and put pressure and around the mosphere election. but i think what -- the next a ediate thing we'll see are number of republican leaders will now have to decide again what their response is to this. ryan going to say? what's mcconnell going to say about the ability of the system? got to figure out what they will say and when they espond will donald trump then respond? he spent a couple of days after the last debate responding and attacking paul ryan. not only takes him off message but takes another stitch cause the republican that's been ripping in this election. so that rips further and there races going on that also have to deal with this and
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then i guess the final thing is, a cumulative because this is for those republicans, they think if he were to become it will be moment after moment like this, and you can't have these constant the sense of unpredictability has been throughout his campaign and so reups that fear about that unpredictability. someone's voice. >> i was just -- i spent a few philadelphia an where according to the latest polls trump is running 28 point in those four counties. duplicated, d it's i think in state after state, in this really uncomfortable whip saw. he's neither endorsed trump nor renounced him so the hard core places like n wilkes-barre are saying, if you aren't going to vote for trump you.on't vote for while the suburban philadelphia voters who used to vote republican are saying, you've from distance yourself trump or we don't want to support you.
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i think, as you talk about the weeks, if the feeling grows that now this race for the presidency is really got the control of the senate that's going to hinge on how these republican manage to walk that tightrope and it's really going to be, i think, one of the more dynamics of the last couple of weeks. >> one thing i know, a real to republican members of congress, and the republican arty committees, is if trump continues with this election is poll workers hen and all these people who make our elections work, are etermining the outcome of elections at the precinct level and county level, they are not for the g it presidential race, they are doing it all down the ballot, so t is true that donald trump will probably lose this election. it's also true that the republicans will probably retain the majority in the house. saying the system is rigged, does that mean that the epublicans re-elected to congress, that their elections are illegitimate and invalid?
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florida.tate like so if trump loses florida, which is likely and rubio wins his e-election in florida, also likely, does that mean that rubio's re-election is also de legitimized? here are a lot of incentives for republican leader to shut down this message that he's pushing. shut down mean? >> distance himself from it. you're seeing it. portman the other day in his senate debate spoke out on this, rubio in the last couple of days his debate, you're seeing -- speaker ryan has spoken out on it, this is one i would. many of these republicans have bit.ed around trump quite a republican electeds. on this issue they are not. this one makes them nervous and it down. to shut >> what should hillary be doing in consideration of everything so far? i actually think she was doing it tonight. we've spent a lot of time talking about what donald trump did well. he prepared better but he had a very bad moment.
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he'll spend two or three days cleaning it up. had an outstanding debate. she needed to do two things. clock ded to run out the and not make negative news on her side and she did that. to begin to give people a sense of what it might be like if she's president of the united states and is it to lift her her vision above the attacks and the partisanship. goated trump quite a bit but she also talked about coming together as a country and doing she's starting to turn the corner rhetorically and starting to give people a sense look like and t feel like when she's president of the united states. i think that was a big moment it i want -- a dog fight or a cat fight in this debate as as it was, she goated trump but state on message. very well prepared and very reassuring. >> i also want to come to the vote. of suppressing the john dickerson, clearly, there talk about t to
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depressing the vote. that failed? do we assume that effort will have any impact? >> well, you know, i mean, a things.f certainly democrats think when donald trump talks about the election being rigged and voters deep an eye out, that what he's trying -- to up et them to the temperature for any democrats voting, to say, you know, if a democrat things, oh, gosh, i don't want to go to the voting booth because there is going to be this tension and will be watching and it will be chaos, that's certainly the way some democrats read it. now, there is actually some, you know, at least the political scientists will tell you, that actually when they feel their vote is being threatened, they will work harder to go harder than they would simply to vote for whoever the candidate was that can work ways. so i guess we'll see how this sort of all plays out. a ways to till got go. one other thing, you bring this is beingie this debate
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watched in states where the people are already voting or can in tomorrow, i believe north carolina, early voting starts. so you know, you have a six-week in iowa tion process and ohio, and here in nevada it starts on the 22nd. a lot of this is different than debates we've had in the past. people can take their and move on them right away in terms of voting, and in the campaign, certainly, in north carolina are working very hard to bank he women's voters -- the women's vote in north carolina as fast as possible, to take advantage of the difficulty and you ump is having saw hillary clinton speak twice, both in the abortion section and talking about donald trump's comments on the videotape to women. it was just main lining right to test constituency. talking about what it feels like to be a woman and have these said about women defending abortion rights in the supreme court decision. ou felt there that this was really narrow casting to that constituency. >> was anyone surprised that
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-- go ahead, somebody? >> i agree with john. looked straight into the camera and spoke directly to women voters. message she had was that donald trump could not be with their health. that he degraded women, he felt them and when under attack he turned on women. i think that was -- a very powerful moment. had, trongest moment she's possibly in any of the debates given everything that we've gone 10 days ver the last with the allegation of abuse and sordidness that this campaign has sunk to. she did a very good job of toe women and saying you can't entrust your reputation dignity with trump, and your health. i think that was, you know, john them trying to
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rally women voters, they will be doing that tomorrow with that clip.
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charlie: john heilemann, were you surprised hillary clinton would like to see the nomination of judge garland go forward? john: i was not surprised, charlie. one of the things hillary clinton knows is the most pragmatic political sense.
10:40 pm
barack obama nominated merrick garland to supreme court. she does not want to annoy him at this point. and the last thing she wants in the early going of her presidency, given everything going on and what is shaping up to be a bitter first term in office, given the rawness of this election, she does not need a big polarizing fight in her first 12 months. so because she wants to stay on good terms with president obama and try to avoid what could consume her first 100 days in office if she had to nominate someone herself, she means it. she will have other chances to nominate, and she would be happy for him to fill this one seat. >> very quickly, i think this is why you will see money being poured into the senate races by
10:41 pm
pro-clinton packs. if republicans hold the senate, they could be asking staff for a recount. john mccain said we would be united for whoever holds the senate. s, to desperately try to gete of the senate democratic, may be as important as what she does to elect herself in the next couple of weeks. charlie: i think president of united states, barack obama, was quoted saying it is not over until it is over. that is true in politics. looking at what looks like a clinton victory, how big could this victory be? what are your thoughts and concerns of where his feelings might be at this time, if nothing changes? >> trump's feeling? >> i think she is on a path right now to do probably at
10:42 pm
least as well as obama did in 2012. hillary clinton is. and she has the potential to do much better. charlie: what obama did to where johnson did? >> if you take all the obama states and add a couple more states, you add the possibility arizona and you add the possibility of georgia, youed -- north carolina. if you just add north carolina and arizona, and you keep you know, georgia starts getting competitive, it blowout. a real >> charlie, can i jump in because i think she's going to barack lot more than obama won, by four points in 012, and i think danger for republicans is if it gets close to double digits, there is no keep ey are going to control of the senate and the house even could be in jeopardy. size of the but the victory in that sense doesn't
10:43 pm
matter. there is not as much ticket as there used to be, on the to go to green field's think n pennsylvania, i what republicans worry about, is this negative campaign that trump is running might end up their vote more than it hurts the democratic vote ecause you're going to have those suburban women in philadelphia who are saying i'm sorry, i'm not going to vote for him, but those who might have voting and in ot wilkes-barre, people that are embracing fully donald trump, i'm blank him. i think trump is playing a dangerous game that goes beyond doing to, you know, a democratic system. i, who am pretty panicked right now, or bed about i'm not worried the house. i think we could lose some seats in the house, but had democrats known that the top of the
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icket -- that they would be in such a strong position a year ago they could have raised a war chest and really recruited great to run in many districts that probably could have come into play because the top of the ticket will do so badly but no one anticipated this so the resources weren't raised and the candidates recruited, so there are a lot of tickets that could come into play but there aren't candidates. >> dan, i agree with you, i don't think the house will switch but the fact that it's topic of discussion today shows what this race has become. i nancy pelosi was here and to say, that she -- ks >> if it goes to eight, nine,
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10, 12 points you're looking at totally different race. it patrol won't happen in the house. it could happen if it does, they be in play. >> was that kathleen? >> yeah. thing i was going to say, hink of the irony of the scenario that yule are painting potentially like an election where she wins bigger than barack obama. yet, she's one of the most unpopular presidential candidates that we've had in history. isn't that extraordinary, that hillary clinton, who is known by country, who, even many democrats feel ambivalent of t, is on the doorstep this massive electoral victory. it's extraordinary. god knows what republicans are thinking. me t they must be thinking to had elves, if only we had another candidate. if only she was -- she was was absolutely --
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>> just about any one of them would be up 10 points right now. absolutely astonishing what a missed opportunity this is. -- so >> go ahead, jeff. i know three people, and they are on the left, who swore, they don't bibles because they are on the left, but they would never vote for hillary clinton what, and all of them, one of the things they most dislike about the other party is been forced to vote for somebody that they absolutely did not want to vote in their view, a threat to everything. >> will the democratic this asration interpret a mandate? what this is, is a clear and iation of trump everything he represents.
10:47 pm
>> the alternative to interpretation as a mandate. a repudiation of trump. she's got to actually really work to bring people together as opposed to saying, this country is getting behind in major numbers the way they did with elections behind obama's agenda. dan makes an interesting point. i take another chop at that, charlie, is that, so the if there is a clinton administration, do they the mandate is one question but the other is, do they press that the republican party created donald trump? in other words, that this is -- nd hillary clinton has been pushing this a little bit on the stump in order to help democratic candidates. if she really grinds this in afterward, okay? nd tries to de legitimize republicans by saying, here is a bad candidate but it grew out of party that allowed this to wouldr inside of it, that be a real hardball.
10:48 pm
the alternative is that she doesn't do that. allows people like ryan and rubio if he's re-elected, to their embrace of donald trump. then that's perhaps a way that she begins developing a who ionship with people will have a hard time working with her because there are still these voters throughout who are happy if their lawmakers on the republican side do deals with hillary clinton. appointing some republicans to her too.istration if she wins, >> could be. >> by the way, i suspect, if you look at what hillary clinton did ith she got to the senate, she basically said i'm going to go and work across the aisle and i'm going tole actually try to some things done. i'm going fwould relationships and have trust on the other side o that when we have to cut a deal we can cut a deal the fact is, most presidents come into office with an rating of in the 60s and sometimes 70s, when they get there on day one. he'll ry unlikely clinton's approval rating on the day she gets there will be even at 50. going to be in a different position in terms of
10:49 pm
her ability to claim a mandate, for her essity really to try to figure out how to move some things forward. because the republicans will be want to, to just dig in and do what they have one for the past four years to barack obama and basically waste an opportunity to get some progress made for the country. they won't do that and i'm hopeful that hillary clinton, you see it tonight, a like to tryhe would to get something done as opposed to falling into this gridlock. --kathleen >> the problem is, the problem she has is that anything that paul ryan, if he's the speaker, to agree with, bernie sanders and elizabeth going to agree with so she'll be caught in a terrible squeeze. it's just going to make think, nearly impossible. >> by the way, anything that paul ryan agrees to, he'll get side.zed on the other that's why we started this - -- rsation by saying -- there are now effectively two left and two patients on the right and they
10:50 pm
ill have to learn how to live each other. >> paul ryan will regret taking speakership. people will not do anything. they don't believe in leadership. they don't believe in governance. believe in opposition. and that's the way it's going to be as soon as -- if hillary does become the president. they won't cooperate at all, and who i assume has always had higher aspirations, much stuck.k pretty meanwhile, meanwhile, by the most hing that i think is oncerning to everyone, but out traveling and talking to voters what they are so concerned about afterward.ppens i don't think hillary clinton as much as she wants to unite the ountry, will have that immediate effect. and donald trump has already paved the way for this up, we've to rise heard people say, we're going to take our country back one way or the other. one woman was quoted as saying,
10:51 pm
pros, all second amendment i don't know what that means, if they will hit the streets with case, uns but in any craziness begins next january. if not before. on think you've suggested this program, last time we had a debate that maybe she should be out to the trump voters early. >> yeah. things i think that has been missed here, and it may clinton campaign's calculations, is i would have thought it would have made sense a her, at least to spend couple of days, you know, with people that she knows aren't going to vote for her. of saying to tent them, i think i did say this last time, we have to blew with ithat we a significant segment of the american people. a thought trade would be win-win for everybody. it wasn't. actually a couple of million jobs lost that they can these o in the case of trade agreements and some
10:52 pm
acknowledgment there is work to be done. we have failed. and that is why donald trump was able, i think to get as for as went. i certainly think it's critical to try that after the election. look, if the republicans do what obama, then literally, gather on inauguration night at a and sayse in washington he gets nothing, then at least know that's the terrain she's fighting on. coming into office as somebody with lower approval ratings than any president elect gesture, to be a real and as her own campaign said in --icki leaks about have le learned the podesta leaks? >> that she's a very cautious
10:53 pm
and careful politician. the system that sounds her is cautious and careful. fuzzy ey were trying to up her views on trade that they her trying to divert from views on the keystone pipeline email it pretty much tracks with -- that there was confusion over moderate or a a progressive. email exchange there, here -- podesta is asking why she would say shows a moderate and podesta asked her at it and hillary clinton says she doesn't remember and he writes back and says i'm not sure i believe her. for the difficult public to understand whether she was a moderate or progressive, echoed a little bit in those emails but they track with what has been sort of the public view of hillary so i don't think -- i think we get to see it in a
10:54 pm
uch realer way, something that feels very, you know in her speeches, excerpts from her speaches to wall street. conservative than the person who ran in the democratic primary. kind of knew that. -- so we see -- kind of yeah. we see what's been the kind of her, but it's just been very much in black and white. quickly, so what's going to happen, assuming that the lection turns out the way it what like it is now happens to donald trump? >> we've heard reports that he to set up a tv umpire. he's performed so badly in the course of this election that always presented himself as somebody who is a winner, who could potentially about to be a loser, what does that do to, you
10:55 pm
know, trump victorious? him.oesn't help you already are hearing reports of people cancelling rooms in hotels. conference bookers start cancelling conferences in trump hotels. his brandng to impact and his business. think,ot a long period, i of rehabilitating himself, not just in the public eye but potentially in his business as well, just because his reputation will be damaged. the way he's behaved but by losing the election. >> john, if you by chance were a book about this -- if you by chance were writing a book -- >> can i? charlie: yes, on trump, go ahead. to disagree, but the trump brand has been transformed by this. i agree with her a hundred percent, that the old trump and some the hotels of the other things trump stood for have now been undermined, to be he wanted to try the old trump, he would try to
10:56 pm
rehabilitate the brand. trump, the old right trump, bright bart trump, rump that's been campaigning for months now, as if all he is his base, not doing the things normal presidential nominees do, out do voters you need to win the election that donald trump is positioning himself to something.der of i don't know if that's a television network or an on-line else or r something just a movement but he's building a point base of tens of millions of people who he's to say, hillary clinton is the leader of criminal international conspiracy, and the election is now being stolen from me and from you. an environment where you have a very, as everyone has oted on your panel tonight, your wise panel, when you have hillary clinton coming in with uch high negative ratings, donald trump is on fertile ground for trump to be the oppositionof clinton in the next phase, as we go
10:57 pm
forward and i see him clearly to do that afterwards. the one thing i know is that go ld trump is not going to quietly into this good night.
10:58 pm
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mark: you are watching "bloomberg technology." a check of first word news. an iraqi military commander says special forces have driven islamic state out of a town east of mosul. in the meantime, officials say an american servicemember died thursday from wounds received in a roadside bombing. it was the first american combat death since the mosul operation began. more than 100 u.s. special forces are embedded with iraqi units. the u.s. trained forces expected to lead the way in the coming days. british prime minister theresa may is telling european union leaders there will be no turning back from brexit, according to two senior officials. they say there will be no second referendum on leaving the european union.


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