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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 26, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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john: i'm john heilemann. mark: and i'm mark halperin. and "with all due respect" to donald trump five word message today, you may have been under ,udget and ahead of schedule but you are a little low on word count. ♪ mark: a schoolyard fistfight. and hillary clinton message finale. less than two weeks away from the election, donald trump did what every underdog presidential candidate would do in his position attend a hotel , ribbon-cutting with his family and washington, d.c. there has been some head scratching over this move, with critics accusing trump of foolishly taking time away from
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his campaign to promote his business interests. eckstein says it is a perfect example of his management and leadership ability. for his part, trump gave what some are calling the most focused speeches of his entire campaign, in which he touted his hotel and said the project was finished under budget and ahead of schedule, and promised to bring back kind of ethic to washington. interview for "the circus" produced in conjunction with showtime and bloombergpolitics, i asked donald trump about what was for him a very personal speech today. mr. trump: i was just trying to say we built a great building. we took it out of the doldrums one of the great structures in , the country. we built it under budget and ahead of schedule. to me that was important, mark, because our country -- we can't build a highway. we can't build a bridge. we can't fix a tunnel. we are in such trouble.
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i am happy with the way that it all worked out, but this building turned out to be so amazing. mark: how does the building connect to your presidential aspirations? mr. trump: on budget and ahead of schedule. you look at what is going on, we are $20 trillion -- now, i wanted to come and stop and it takes an hour and a half to do it, but it really says is that you can still go under budget and do great work. this will be one of the great hotels of the world. under budget, ahead of schedule. our country has to do things under budget and ahead of schedule. mark: we will have more of that interview later in the program. after our talk, trump talk went back out on the campaign trail to north carolina. john, was going to this hotel opening a distraction or a smart political move? that ifwould say, mark,
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donald trump had spent this entire campaign talking about his prowess as a builder, then this event today would have been on message and effective in making the argument he was making today. as it happens, it seems random, and was tailor-made to generate coverage where where people say this is donald trump is focusing on his business interests and not spending time focusing on the battleground states. mark: they think the press is hostile to them. they did not do a good job in advance explaining it. i really think it was one of the best speeches he has given. it was thematic, calm and optimistic about the future. it was not particularly critical of hillary clinton. if he had given a version of this at the convention and had driven that message into the fall, i think he would be doing better in terms of message and style.
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it was one of the most natural and heartfelt speeches i have heard him give. getting off the campaign journal, people are making too much of it. candidates give big focused speeches in places like new york and chicago. washington, with this hotel he is very proud of that does represent an accomplishment for him makes sense to me. , john: maybe candidate get off the campaign trail and give focus speeches. they usually do it in may or june or july. they don't usually do it in the last two weeks, especially when they are behind. look, like so many trump speeches, we are saying essentially the same thing. he gave a speech the other night on ethics reform. if he started giving that speech in ay and given consistent, disciplined may, he would be in a better position. but he didn't, and so he is not. same with this speech. mark: too little and too late to be a game changing speech.
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well-written and well delivered, which isn't often the case for donald trump. john: you can say that again. joe biden and donald trump have been engaged in spirited mano a mano trash talk. is started on friday while the vice president campaigned in pennsylvania. over the past few days, well, see for yourself. >> the press always asks me don't we wish we were debating him? no, i wish we were in high school and i would like to take him behind the gym. i want to make it clear, i understand what assault is. i am not in high school. if i were in high school, i used to be -- i used to have a temper in high school. i used to have a temper in high school. now nothing ever bothers me. [laughter] look folks, no -- mr. trump: did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn? i would love that.
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i would love that. mr. tough guy. vp biden: the point i am making is that he is insulting everybody in the neighborhoods i come from and the people that play ball. that was the point i was trying to make. this is just absolutely unacceptable behavior, period. john: mark, joe biden started this fight, and keeps stoking it. he finally got trump to respond yesterday. biden's gameoe here? mark: it is 50% elizabeth warren and hillary clinton to some extent -- he likes getting under trumps' skin. i think it is 50% that joe biden doesn't back down. and having made the first remark probably off the top of his head he is not inclined to back down, , particularly after donald trump came after him. john: there is no doubt from a democratic side that he wanted
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to provoke him and get him to lash out in some way that he should not be in the oval office. i agree with you, we talked to biden after he brought it up the second time in toledo on monday. i got some sense that part of the reason joe biden keep saying this is that he would really like to kick donald trump's butt. mark: and this is the most direct engagement. he has been a critic of trump. maybe one of the only a few times donald trump has responded to him directly. we all know joe biden would like to end the cycle as a big player. john: that is a huge thing. the reality is that biden is doing yeoman's work on the campaign trail, but often in front of relatively small crowds. this put him squarely in the national news narrative this week. that is where joe biden loves to be, especially in the closing
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two weeks of a campaign. mark: it provides watchers a lengthy appetite what would have been had biden been the nominee. it would have been quite something. john: a donnybrook. mark: there are some new polls out today, like yesterday. a national survey shows donald trump leading hillary clinton by nine points amongst likely voters. that is the exact same argument that another poll has clinton up in new hampshire, while the two candidates are tied in nevada. the most important poll of the day is a brand-new bloomberg politics poll of likely voters in florida. despite trump's national dip, the race has been tightening in the sunshine state. our survey shows it is razor thin with clinton leading by two points amongst likely to 43%.45% two candidates are deadlocked in our survey with independents. that is a group that barack
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obama won in florida in 2012. clinton leads amongst early voters. she is also ahead amongst hispanic voters. that is a smaller margin amongst hispanics than some other polls have elsewhere in the country. in part because hispanics in florida include conservative cuban-americans, a longtime republican leaning bloc. clinton is campaigning in the sunshine state, where there is evidence that her team has the edge in the ground game. john, at the moment given our poll and other factors, who would you give the upper hand to in florida? john: we have some breaking news on the polling front. there is a new ap poll that has hillary clinton of by 14 points, 51% to 37%. let's take that into account. but focusing on florida, i think the race will be close in florida. i think the democrats continue to have a small advantage there
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because of the nature of demographic change in florida, because of the superior ground game democrats have, because of the early vote. i think they have a small advantage still. the trend line would be worrying for me if i were hillary clinton. the race keeps getting tighter and tighter in florida. if she does not turn that around, she might lose that state. mark: you would have to say that given all this national data, hillary clinton would be the favorite there, but there are two things that cause me to think that trump could well win florida. one is that rick scott is the governor. that shows you a conservative business outsider is someone who appeals to florida voters. the other is that every time i have gone to the state and all parts of south florida i sense , intense enthusiasm for trump and less for hillary clinton. , and asch a mega-state strong as the clinton ground game is, it is hard to organize a state that big. john: there is no question about that. we going to see the early votes,
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she will do well there. really this is one of the state that i think is close to a tossup state. that 14 point lead in that ap poll, another national lead for hillary clinton. incredible. all right, now a message from hillary clinton. ♪ mrs. clinton: far too many families don't earn what they need and don't have the opportunities they deserve. i believe families deserve quality education for their kids, childcare they can trust and afford, equal pay for women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me, what will be different if i am president? well, kids and families have been the passion of my life, and they will be the heart of my presidency. john: that was one of two new ads the clinton campaign put out today outlining her closing arguments at the end of this long and arduous presidential race. here is the other ad. >> our children they look up to
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, us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they are looking to see what kinds of leaders we choose. who will we in trust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? the one with a deep understanding of the challenges we face, or the one who was unprepared for them? a steady hand, or a loose cannon? john: all right, mark, we heard donald trump's closing argument in gettysburg last weekend, which was overshadowed by his threat to sue all of the women who accused him of sexual assault. my question for you is how well do you think these clinton ads will translate into her and the closing argument message? mark: her messages against bernie sanders were not given high marks. i think these close on a more positive and more unifying
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message. i think these are pretty solid to turn up the kind of voters -- turnout the kind of voters she will need to keep the lead she has got right now. john: i agree with that 100%. they are closing on two tracks. tracks. two one ad that is about real people, and one ad that is negative about donald trump. the scary faces trump is making. it was almost like he was making an unpleasant salute with his hand that will conjure negative images for people. i think those ads can make an effective 1-2 punch. they have a lot of money behind them. we know that ads don't matter that much in general elections. donald trump has shut down his fund-raising operations. if she takes those arguments from those ads and makes them effectively on the stump, that is a good way to end the campaign for her. mark: we don't know what the spending mix will be. we don't know how much of these
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ads will run. they may run them equally or change up. we don't know. in terms of content, those are two strong spots. up next, we will go back and show you more of my interview from washington dc today with donald trump right after this. ♪
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♪ back in our nation's capital earlier today i covered , donald trump's ribbon-cutting on pennsylvania avenue, the new donald trump international hotel. in an interview for "the circus," our new showtime documentary series with bloomberg politics, i spoke with trump and asked him what people have been saying about his new building.
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would you be surprised at her that hillary clinton has already criticized the hotel? mr. trump: i would not be surprised. it's the same old story. relied on undocumented workers to make it cheaper. mr. trump: let me say that we had no undocumented immigrants. a false report was written that they found a couple out of the thousands that built it. we had no undocumented workers building this hotel. in fact, we used e-verify for every single worker. every worker was e-verified. a newspaper came over and said, i think a person is undocumented -- every single worker was documented. mark: are there foreign products in the building? mr. trump: i would like to make it so there weren't. but unfortunately this country doesn't make any things anymore. if you look, our country does not make things anymore. things you buy, whether it's a
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carrier air conditioner, just moved to mexico. china, mexico, germany -- they are making all of our products. this is one of the reasons i running because i know how to , turn it around. when you build something like this, so much of the bidding has to go to other countries because we don't make products anymore. i would love to buy television sets made in the united states, but they are all made in south korea and in japan. mark: let me ask you about the speech. did it feel like people reacting in a different tone? mr. trump: it didn't really. it's different when i'm speaking in front of 25,000 people last night. we have amazing crowds all over. we have maximum crowds. last night, we had and we had 25,000, 15,000 people that could not get in. the reason they told me is stampede. mark: people say this is a great trump speech. mr. trump: i love that you say this. i think they are all different. that speech would not be well
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received in front of 25,000 people with the spirit to make america great again. that speech would be opening a great hotel that employs a lot of people. i think that speech was appropriate. mark: you have redefined how candidates talk about polls. ,ome polls, now you're winning some you are behind. what is your general sense of where you are in the battleground states? mr. trump: we are winning iowa, i think we are winning ohio. so do you. i think we are winning florida. i think we are winning florida by much more than your polls suggest. i think we're going to do fantastically in pennsylvania. i think we are winning north carolina. i think we will soon be winning new hampshire. we are going up there today. mark: we polled today, it showed you were close. mr. trump: looks, it is jobs. fix our military take care of , our vets. don't let the world take advantage of us. i don't know if i emigrate messenger, but the message is the right message. mark: you are going to get 270
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something a literal boats? mr. trump: i think we are going to win. mark: wikileaks has been covering the clinton campaign. what do you want the world to know about the message out of those? trump: wikileaks shows how dishonest the whole thing is. you know what else it shows? i don't know john podesta, but he says terrible things about hillary clinton. when he says she has better instincts, honestly i wouldn't , want anybody talking about me the way he talks about her. he comes out strongly that she has bad instincts and she doesn't know what she's doing. mark: you think your team has ever sent e-mails to each other -- mr. trump: i hope not. between bernie sanders with bad judgment -- when i look at an e-mail sent by john podesta, and hillary clinton, who he works for, thinks she has bad instincts, that is a terrible thing to say. i don't want my president to have bad instincts, that i can tell you. mark: dial-up room service or
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something because we will have more of my conversation with donald trump after this. ♪
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mark: welcome back. here is part two of my donald trump interview in the nation's capital. are you under the weather? no, you are feeling good. mr. trump: i am feeling strong. look, i made eight stops yesterday. i'm doing 5 -- so far i haven't. don't talk about it. don't put it in my head. so far i have not. that is not me. we are going to win. i really believe it. i would say that we will try to
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win. there is a big difference. we are going to win. if you look at state-by-state, you are the first one to comment today -- florida we are up. that number is a low number, i really believe it. mark: you are not worried about arizona? mr. trump: arizona will be great. obamacare is going up 100% in arizona. who in arizona -- and i want strong borders, which they want. they are having tremendous crime problems. mark: the polls show it is closer there? mr. trump: sure, and i have a third-party person running, which doesn't help me. without that, we are winning. arizona, i have done great. i think we are going to have a great victory in arizona. we're going to have strong borders and terminate obamacare. it is a disaster. arizona, just about higher than anybody else, over 100%. hillary clinton wants to keep it. she wants to make it even more expensive. we're going to win arizona. don't forget, we were going to
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be doing a massive tax cut. she is going to raise taxes. mark: you were criticized for not explaining how health care worked well enough. do you want to revise and extend what you said? mr. trump: i said obamacare is a disaster. mark: you were talking about private coverage. mr. trump: no, i have so many people. obamacarepanies with contractors with obamacare. , those peoples are suffering. i wasn't referring to the people there. i did not bring them to talk about obama care and health care, i just wanted to show what a great place that his. obamacare -- people are suffering. number one, it doesn't work. number it so expensive they two, can't afford it. number three, it is closing up businesses. mark: re: going back to a battleground state right now? mr. trump: i'm going back to north carolina. mark: good to see you. john: mark, we watched both segments of the interview. well
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done. what is trump's body language like? a pot of people seen him in the left few days and thinks that he understands he is losing, lashing out. he seemed pretty calm in that interview to me. mark: he seemed to have a quiet confidence. there is no doubt that his team knows he is behind nationally by more than they acknowledge. but has we discussed yesterday, hope springs eternal with every behind candidate we have ever covered if you can see your way to 270 electoral votes. right now he has a poll from new , hampshire showing it is closer. they have always been a little bullish on that one district in maine. i don't think the data gives him as much confidence as he claims to have, but he did not seem to be anything but comfortable and eager to get back out. but as i said we have seen it , with plenty of candidates we have covered when the data was like this. john: yeah, i would be a little bit, if i were him i would be , taking a deep breath and looking that i need my running
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mate in utah this close to election day if i were a republican. nonetheless, i am struck by his calm. i have not seen him that calm in months. mark: he was both calm and fired up. it was interesting. like i said, every behind candidate does that. more of our interview with donald trump that will air this sunday night on "the circus" on showtime. you won't want to miss that, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. bloomberg markets asia is up next. sayonara. ♪
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