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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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donny: i am donny deutsch. >> with all due respect, it seems fox news has moved on. >> see, we are worth something. we brought you mystery phone. ♪ mark: we will ask all our guests tonight about the mystery phone. -- foam. friday is newsday, my friends. on a day when donald trump has changed course and agreed to settle the donald trump university lawsuit, the administration announced three major job picks.
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one of them is mike pompeo to be cia director, well received by both parties. the other two picks are creating controversy. jeff sessions for the job of u.s. attorney general, and michael flynn for white house national security adviser. the first requires confirmation, the second does not. both have records of accomplishment and were among trump's earliest supporters. this is reward for that loyalty, but they are both under fire for statements considered racially charged, a problem that has plagued three out of the first five people trump wants to hire for his administration. let's start with jeff sessions, denied a judgeship because he made inflammatory statements and disparaged organizations such as the naacp and aclu.
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elizabeth warren said instead of embracing the bigotry, i urge president trump to reverse his apparent decision to nominate senator sessions to be attorney general of the united states. if he refuses, then it will fall to the senate to exercise fundamental moral leadership for our nation and all its people. it is rare to use such language. the democratic congressman from south carolina followed with his own scathing statement saying, "his civil rights record is appalling and should disqualify him from senate confirmation." cable news is suggesting there could be a fight over sessions. >> he is expected to be a major player in enforcing donald trump's immigration policy. >> he is a fierce combatant, a
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little partisan. >> troubling given his background. >> accused of using the n-word and saying the kkk was ok. >> i think he believes in the rule of law and will probably get confirmed. mark: he got support today from his republican colleagues in the senate, including jeff flake and lindsey graham. given the senate rules, a majority would confirm sessions, so is this a good pick and how controversial will it be? donny: he will get confirmed. three out of the five first picks from trump have a genuine history of racism or anti-semitism. i will always talk about appointees, and talk about steve bannon, now we have jeff sessions. very simple, a history of it.
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he did not get appointed -- confirmed as a federal judge because of it. i don't know when we got to the point where somebody who could not be the ceo of a company or a principle of an elementary school based on things they have said and done. we are now, well, but, well, but. politics aside, just as a dad, i am disturbed and concerned. mark: you say he will be confirmed, and i suspect he will be, he will be present at hearings to explain the statements he has made in the past that kept him from being confirmed. i think, as i have said about bannon, he will have to explain himself. i don't think his answers that he gave will be good enough for this. i think he will have to give better answers. we can run through what these
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statements are, but people can read about them. he said i don't remember saying that or i did not say that. he should not be the attorney general of the united states unless he shows people that in his heart that whatever he said in the past, that he believes in equal protection under the law and will not treat religious statements casually. he will not make them himself. if he performs poorly in the hearing, he will not be confirmed. donny: there is a fact that hate crimes are already up, particularly in schools. he has given air cover, and we will talk about flynn, has given air cover for this, and if we can behave properly with each other, we -- there is an alarming pattern happening here. mark: it is stunning that they sequenced the announcements this way. stunning.
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donny: the hits keep getting better. moving on to michael flynn. that position does not require confirmation, but he is taking flak for anti-muslim rhetoric. the lieutenant general tweeted "the fear of muslims is rational." his consulting business has reported ties to middle eastern countries, and he took a paid speaking engagement with a russian television network. mark: the president is entitled to someone who he trusts. if you took these controversial things away, you just look at his record of military service, the fact he has challenged authority, the fact that donald trump trusts him, i think he would be a good pick. there are questions about his temperament, and if donald trump trust him, donald trump's temperament is similar, these
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statements must be explained. when he has been asked about these things, he has been evasive. he should explain forthrightly. he should have the confidence of the nation and not hide behind the fact that he's not required to be confirmed by the senate. donny: on twitter, he has re-tweeted from people, crazy alt right, his son tweeting, "so african-americans can have bet, but whites can't have their own dating site." i am terrified that one week into a trump presidency we get attacked because they want an overreaction. i think the jihadists are salivating because they want to get the party started, and we need restraint.
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he is doubling down. i am terrified. i am not an expert. i'm just a guy who watches people. mark: all right, there was less one controversial pick donald trump made today, mike pompeo to be cia director. he is not as prominent of a figure, but his resume is impressive, west point, harvard law, and a seat on the house intelligence committee. he was also on the committee that investigated the benghazi, libya attacks, where he accused the obama administration of a cover-up and was one of the harshest critics of hillary clinton. >> why was heaven and earth not moved at the initial sound of the guns? maybe even putting tankers in the air from o'connell air force base? it was clear that you did not
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know how long it would continue or the risk would remain. >> congressman, you will have to ask the defense department these questions. mark: so, pompeo did get some love from democrats today despite his benghazi hearing performance that some have criticized. nancy soderberg, adam schiff, both had reservations about his hard-nosed, partisan path, but called him a respectable choice. >> pompeo could be a perfectly fine cia director. he knows the agency, and that is a good thing. >> i think mike is a bright guy, hard-working, so he is a solid pick. mike can be partisan, as you saw in the benghazi hearings, and he will have to set that aside, but
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i am confident he can do that and is a capable choice. of the three today, he was the most solid pick. mark: good pick on the merits and how controversial will he be? donny: when i was hiring people, i started with one thing, smart. i like that he is relatively fresh face. he seems to have a great reputation. he seems to have the right demeanor about him. he still thinks benghazi was politicized. if it was up to him, it would still be going on, but i think it is a good pick. mark: if being aggressive on benghazi, donald trump would be disqualified. i knew he was on intelligence, but i did not know about his background. it is really impressive. it is helpful to have members of congress in the administration. one thing that has hurt our foreign policy is the failure to have good bipartisan relations
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between the executive and legislative branch. this seems like a good pick. it is curious that he made this pick without announcing who secretary of defense and secretary of state will be. you want a team that can work together. donny: it is his management style. he likes to pit people against each other and see where that math leads. mark: i guess i don't get the logic of clustering these three today, but maybe there is no logic. donny: eric schneiderman put out a statement saying donald trump has agreed to drop -- pay fraud allegation lawsuits related to his trump university real estate seminars. this was a big issue during the campaign, and trump touted himself as someone who would rather fight litigation. mark, what does it say that he settled this case? mark: it is a big surprise to me.
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he said he would never settle. to me, it is a good sign. donald trump is someone who not in the past looked at the kind of distractions a normal president would see and say we have to get rid of this, attacking john mccain, attacking megyn kelly. this is potentially a good sign. he needs to be less encumbered as president from distraction. this to me is a sign today that maybe he gets that he needs to clear the decks. donny: he says when you settle, you lost. no, you made a business decision. let's say there was some really nasty stuff in there, certainly not good for his presidency. even if he felt he would be exonerated, it was still the right thing to do. even if it cost him $25 million, he has to get this out of the way.
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you have an obligation to get it out of the way, and i think you did the right thing. mark: based on the news reporting that was done on this, he owes those people some money. that university was a scam in many ways, and while it may not have been as worthless as the critics said, he owes those people some money. all right, coming up, a preview of donald trump's weekend getaway plans and what it means for your weekend traffic and weather right after this. ♪
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>> there are some things that you just can imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. i am so honored and pleased to have his endorsement, and of course i'm looking for the endorsement of the people of nevada. mark: that was mitt romney in 2012 accepting the endorsement of one donald j. trump. we talked about donald trump's planned tete-a-tete with mitt romney. the meeting is on. several sources say this is not for show and will be a serious discussion about a possible cabinet position, secretary of state most mentioned. so far, the reaction to the prospect of mitt romney as secretary of state has been met with very favorable views, including capitol hill, though one source said this meeting is in fact just for show. i'm not sure where it stands,
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but as i said, the reactions have been positive, so what is your gut on whether this is real and whether he might end up with the job? donny: someone very high up told me it was very real. they were very excited about it. we talked about this yesterday. this would be such a tremendous gesture, put so many people at ease. the godzilla factor keeps going up. some very scary figures. a guy like romney, his biggest deficit was his calm. it would give a lot of people pause, comfort, and if it is just for show, a head fake, that is frightening in and of itself. mark: if he doesn't pick someone that people are comfortable with, it will be a problem.
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i can't tell you how well people have reacted, democrats, republicans, foreign-policy types, and the reality is mitt romney is not soft on foreign-policy. he is aggressive on foreign-policy. his views deviate from donald trump's, but not the fundamental ones. donny: he was the first one to say correctly that russia is our geopolitical enemy. the reason it feels so good is we are dealing with such an unknown now. everywhere we go, wow, that smells kind of funky, and to put someone in there, ok, he's a grown up. he is smart. he has been around. it is comfortable. mark: it will be interesting to see what kind of reporting comes out of the meeting. if trump wants to pick him, he will pick him pretty soon. donny: my only question is, if he is not going to pick him, it would be a surprise.
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mark: coming up, we will show you how donald trump's meeting with the japanese prime minister was covered in japan, right after this. ♪
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donny: it has been a madhouse at trump tower. reporters are watching the people go up and down those gilded elevators. we went over to get a sense of what it is like at a trump stakeout. this is how the media is coping. >> i am here at the trump tower to learn all the new rules on how the press can cover donald trump. rule number one, live shots must be across the street.
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i am press. can i come through here? can't go this way. >> as we were walking down fifth avenue, we saw all the press vans. it hit us like, this is why the they are here. >> it is a public space, foreign dignitaries, cops, big guns, trump america, right? >> we had to go through some security. >> a bunch of press were camped out waiting to see who is who and if anyone important is coming. >> could be a celebrity, could be a tourist from oklahoma. >> are there any rules? >> no, and there is a lot of us here. one reporter was trying to sit on the floor, and they are not allowed to. there is inadequate seating. >> are you using starbucks wi-fi? >> yes, blazing fast wi-fi because of starbucks.
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mark: new yorkers think we are the center of the universe, and in some ways, we are. this is the most important city in the most important country, and the press is grappling with logistics there. it is untenable. donny: it is. here is the reality. i'm talking after the inauguration, i'm hearing that donald trump is thinking about spending weekends here. it is not built for this. he has an obligation to new york city and his voters. once again, you come here once in a while, but this cannot be his home away from home. mark: not a skyscraper in the heart of midtown manhattan.
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it is not just disruptive and a security problem, but it is not a rational thing. there is nothing sensible about it, except he wants to be home. all right, the president-elect has fielded congratulatory calls from all over the planet. yesterday, he held his first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader, with the lucky or skillful japanese prime minister shinzo abe. we could show you how the u.s. networks covered that tv sit down, but we were more interested in how it is perceived abroad, so let's take a look at trump japan style. >> in order to meet, prime minister abe arrives, we have our reporter live in front of trump tower. prime minister abe has just appeared, heading to trump tower for the first face-to-face meeting.
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cameras captured a horizontal long box wrapped with a ribbon. could it be a president for mr. trump? what could be in the mysterious long box? media coverage was not permitted. furthermore, the time and place of the meeting were officially announced by mr. trump only after the prime minister departed japan, adding to the list of unusual arrangements requested. when prime minister abe shook donald trump's hand, interiors are adorned in gold. this is donald trump's residence. >> i have been convinced that president-elect mr. trump is definitely a leader that can be trusted, that i can trust. mark: a very big "domo arigato" to our colleague helping us to translate that news coverage. i think donald trump's
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personality gives him a chance to have instant rapport with foreign leaders. donny: absolutely. interesting. this is a worldwide celebrity becoming a president, and even world leaders get taken with celebrities. trump has this way, after the iowa primary, he called to thank me for predicting it. by the end of the conversation, i am saying, how can i help you, buddy? he is a charming guy, huge presence, and i think that it will serve him well. mark: if there are two people who like him and 98 don't, he talks to the two who like him. world leaders, as you said, not just because he is famous. he has a big personality. why did hillary clinton say she went to donald trump's wedding? because he is fun to be around.
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donny: if you are barack obama, it's like you're the kid in the room. he is a guy who fills up a room. he is presold. i think his status in that way helps him. mark: a lot of these world leaders are unsettled now. when they get in the room with him and see that he is a calm presence -- ahead of mitt romney's meeting with donald trump, we will check in with some reporters who covered his 2012 race, right after this. ♪
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♪ donny: welcome back. we're joined now by phil rocker.
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we have global op-ed columnist scott lehigh. let me start with you. just from your reporting, a scale from one to 10. 10 it is happening, one it is a pipe dream. where are we on romney? >> may be a four or a five. it doesn't seem very firm. something could happen. my understanding of this meeting it is more general conversation. he wanted romney's advice on the transition to power. certainly they are going to discuss the position of secretary of state, but this should not be seen as a job interview meeting. we will see if trump actually decides to even offer him the job, or if he would be willing to do it. donny: you covered romney. i am sure you did not cover our national security advisor. how do you imagine a temperament like romney, those personas working together? >> not particularly well. i think they have very different
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approaches how to be a diplomat. they have different patterns of behavior and views on issues like muslims for example. i think if romney were to be secretary of state he would try , to be cerebral and diplomatic. that would be a clash with the national security advisor. i do not know how they would work that out. one point in particular is in 2012olicy, romney an cited russia as our number one geopolitical foe. clearly there is disagreement. mark: what about his background, his interests would make him , want to give up the grandkids and travel the globe as secretary of state? >> very hard for me to believe he would do it. it seems to me what they are doing is offering and all of branch to the establishment wing of the party by bringing in people for meetings.
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it is hard to see how ideologically,, geopolitically what he things about russia and what donald trump things about russia. also, trump thinks that global warming is a hoax. in his latest iteration mitt , romney has flip and flop a few times on it but the last speech , he gave, he said it was a serious problem we had to address. i cannot see it happening. mark: scott i hear your point of , view but i ask this question, , you are telling me if donald trump offers it to him, he will turn it down? >> i can't see donald trump saying to him given his view of russia and global warming, i don't see why trump would offer it to him? mark: his cabinet is going to
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have people who support free trade, who support nato as it stands. you say these are fundamental. >> i think that the view on russian is so diametrically opposed, that unless you work out some agreement you can't , have a foreign-policy team that has completely opposite views on what our nation's relationship or posture towards russia should be. trump seems to see russia as a strategic partner. as does flynn. romney sees russia is the biggest threat to the united states. i don't see how you reconcile that. i don't think it is one of those differences you can meet in the middle. donny: i want to go back to you on flynn. he was fired after two years at the dia, supposedly for a contentious management style. any kind of inside baseball on what he was like?
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>> there was a change in his behavior based on what his former colleagues say. he was a decorated intelligence officer and regarded as highly credible, efficient and good at , his job. his behavior changed in the last few years, especially since he left the government. he has gravitated more to these fringe elements. feed, look at his twitter it is like donald trump's twitter feed on steroids. it is a lot of breitbart articles and conspiracy things you would not expect from a retired three-star general and intelligence officer with the kind of background and gravitas that he had. mark: any sense of are other people in donald trump's camp who are viewing this as a
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positive and real prospect than others? is there somebody who is the mastermind to this? >> it is unclear to get real information about exactly where donald trump's head is on this. people around him have been saying this is not real. but it could be. there is potential here. clearly they are going to be meeting tomorrow and discussing something. back to the point of whether romney would want this, mark i , think you were there a a year and a half ago, he did a slideshow presentation about foreign policy, about how he would reorganize foggy bottom. and what he would do around the world in all these hot spots. this is something he has given thought to. his friends tell me he is interested in getting back into government service. if he did, secretary of state is the one job he would want. mark: if romney does not get offered it do you think he will , stay supportive of the administration or if he is not inside he is going to be a , critic? >> i think he will try to be a
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responsible, bring trump into more what mitt romney thinks of as responsible republicanism rather than toward the french fringe elements where he seems to lean. i think mitt would say let me try to mold this guy, be supportive and nudge him towards the policy he thinks is prudent. donny: you have been great. we have to rapid here. thank you so much. we will bring in some cool strategists next. watching us inwashin washington dc, you can watc lisn to us on the radio. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: we're joined now by a triptych of smart strategists in our nation's capital. adam hodges the communications director for the democratic national committee. up at fair harvard, former senior strategist for jeb bush's campaign. i continue my obsession whether mitt romney will be secretary of state. you know him well. does the prospect make sense to you? >> it makes a lot sense. i think it would send an amazing message to the world, a comforting message to the world, which has been shook up a little bit about this election. i think it would make a lot of sense. he has a deep and abiding sense of history. he believes very strongly in the goodness of america, and the goodness america represents to
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the world when it is strong. he would be a great secretary of state. i have no idea if it would happen. i am certain his love of country would motivate him to listen to the conversation, to provide feedback and see if it would be , a good fit. i think it would be a genius stroke for mr. trump to bring in someone like governor romney. it would send a strong and powerful message to the world. mark: my guess is when we discuss the picks today you are , not going to be big fans. how would you feel? >> i would love to be a fly on the wall for that first meeting in the oval office between the two of them. or when donald trump and mitt romney go back-and-forth about all the terrible things they said about each other a few short months ago. i think that is going to be tough conversation. mark: as an american and concerned about america's future and security, would you welcome mitt romney as secretary of state or not? >> mr. trump would be best
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served having as many adults in the room as he can get. mitt romney has his own challenges from his past, and his own record that i think would deeply concern a lot of the folks on our side. we will have to see what happens with his nomination and his confirmation. a lot of people are going to have some tough questions. mark: if donald trump said should i take mitt romney what , would you tell him? >> i would say yes. jeff sessions is going to be the most powerful attorney general we have had since rfk, and that is a great sign for conservatives interested in the judiciary and care about the rule of law because we will have an attorney general understands our issues and has the air of the president. for someone like mitt romney named secretary of state is another great sign for conservatives who are looking to these decisions president trump
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makes as to whether conservatives will have a real voice in this administration. i also think it is a powerful message within the republican party. we criticized our nominee. hillary clinton had all of these scandals. democrats were lockstep and would never criticize her. to come together with someone who criticized him quite strongly would be a magnanimous and powerful message that the republican party is going to lead this country and will help americans fix some of these problems that have been plaguing us. donny: i want to shift gears to your party. a 1-4is probably only chance rheingold is up against pelosi. i would give it to him. democrats need some fresh faces. sometimes when the team is not going well, you have to move the coach up at nancy pelosi, i love her. she has done a great job she is in her 70's and could argue on one freshness alone they need fresh faces there. >> she has been the most tenacious fighter for our party.
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i would listen to what the president said himself. that we would not have gotten health care done without nancy pelosi. i think we need a lot of strong leaders to continue the fight in the next congress. the house democratic caucus is going to make their choice. the members will make their own choice, but there can be no question about what kind of a fighter she has been for our party over the last few years. >> this is a great example. hillary clinton had scandal after scandal. she was an extraordinarily weak nominee, yet democrats pushed everyone out, including nancy pelosi to make sure that hillary , clinton had to be the nominee. when scandal after scandal hit her in the general election , nancy pelosi was right there saying we have to stand by hillary clinton. no one can possibly criticize her. that is why they are in the position they are in at the white house and down ballot where republicans have the
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where republicans have the congress, 31 states, and , democrats are left with five. donny: i want adam to respond. there is that argument. we can't keep going back to the well. >> i think what we need is as many champions and fighters as we can have with us in the u.s. congress. look, i think nancy pelosi has been that leader throughout her career. i think that is the kind of people we will need to stand up to mr. trump in the next administration. donny: let's switch back to secretary of state. let's assume mitt romney does not get it. let's hope rudy giuliani does not get it. mr. trump is an avid viewer of the show. he is watching. give him three good picks for secretary of state. >> gosh. maybe general petraeus. i don't know lindsey graham. , nikki haley. let's be bold. i think we have to have an adult.
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look, he has only got so many people in the inner circle. he looks like he is putting people in jobs already. , sessions lined up. he is going to have to expand outside of his circle. facesd to get some fresh around mr. trump. he is capable of bringing in diverse opinions and listening. he is showing himself at this point to be open to talking to a lot of people he has not talked to throughout the process. it was a tough campaign. it is time to turn the page, so if he can move in a new direction, and bring in some ideas and debate, with maybe a different worldview, we could have a successful foreign policy going forward. certainly more successful than we have had over the past eight years, which has had a lot of failures. mark: why should someone like
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jeff sessions who could not be confirmed by the senate for a federal judge ship be made attorney general? >> that talking point has gotten so silly. this is back on the democrats were testing their bork strategy. they blocked bork. this is what democrats have been doing back then. blocking them, calling them racist. not much has changed by the way. it was not a good strategy then. it is not one now. jeff sessions is a well-liked senator. it is going to be hard for the senators who have worked for him for years to suddenly say we are not confirming him. we didn't say anything this whole time, but -- >> i think you look at the record of mr. sessions, that was not borking. there were some really serious concerns raised about his past and his temperament, and the things quite frankly -- >> he prosecuted the leader of the kkk. >> he also said the kkk, he was ok with them until he said they
8:47 pm
found marijuana. >> he was sarcastic. he made a joke. sarcasm is lost. adam, is the dnc going to spend money and mobilize in the grassroots base to stop sessions from being confirmed. >> i think you are going to see us fight as aggressively as we can. we can't, after the progress we have made under the last president, under mr. obama we , cannot afford to turn back the clock to mr. sessions who would go back 50 years. look at his record and the things he has fought against. it is no surprise mr. trump would pick him to be his attorney general. he is not someone the american people can trust to defend the rule of law and to defend them. voices expressing extreme concern. mark: thank you. >> he should not be confirmed. mark: thank you. thank you.
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coming up, vanity fair's emily jane fox talks about donald trump's son-in-law next. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ donny: one of the most influential people in donald trump's campaign is married to his daughter. that is jared kushner. we are joined with a staff writer from vanity fair, emily jane fox. thank you for being here. you have been following jerod and ivanka for a while. your pieces were about the wall breaking down around ivanka. describe him as a guy.
8:51 pm
we don't know anything about this guy. struggling to understand who jered is. he is mild-mannered. very nice. well bred. i think the assumption is he is not the sharpest tool in the box. donny: that is not the assumption. that is what you're finding out. >> that is what i am finding out. there are reports that his father give a large donation to get him into harvard. his grades were not stellar before then. he took over his father's business when his father was behind bars. ivanka.ed donny: there is a 11 year period. >> there wasn't that much time between when he started running the company and took over the observer. i think a lot of people i talked to say the observer was a play
8:52 pm
to get him back into new york society and take over the press that had taken down his family. many of their friends, most of their friends did not vote , for donald trump. right? >> jared kushner was a democrat. how are they dealing with their social circle? >> i think their social circle is very small. they are a very insular couple. they are not your typical 30-year-old couple, out socializing with other 34-year-olds. they are out with their family. they spent a lot of time together as a couple. they have three young children. they spend a lot of time with donald and their two brothers. this is not really a social scene couple. this is very much a family, goal-oriented couple. mark: with young kids. >> three young kids. they just had a baby in the spring. donny: i used to live in the same building. they were always delightful.
8:53 pm
there is kind of a greek tragedy here that a lot of this is about retribution. he was affected by his dad going to prison. how much is behind this -- >> one person i spoke to said the ultimate goal here is to get a pardon for his father. he is very close with his father. he used to visit him every single weekend. the fact that he ousted christie and all of the christie allies within the first week of the transition i think tells you a little bit about how serious he is about reclaiming that. transitione and the have taken pains to say that was not his doing. your reporting suggests otherwise. >> my reporting does suggest otherwise. donald is his own man at the end of the day. he has a lot of people in his ear. jared kushner is a loud voice
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in that ear, but there are so many other people. that is why you hear reports of a civil war within the campaign. mark: does he want to go to washington because he is ambitious, he wants to help his father-in-law, because it is interesting? >> some people say he wants the proximity to power which is , intoxicating. other people say he is just a loyal family guy, and his father in law -- it is so early. we will see. i don't think anyone is clear on what the motivations are. donny: the great emily fox. thank you. we will be right back. ♪
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donny: keep refreshing bloomberg that is where you will find all of donald trump's white house
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moves. mark was bragging to our last gas have you ever been on , entertainment tonight. mark has been on it. mark: more than once. it is part of my demo. donny: it is your demo. really quickly you are pushing , back a little back on the christie thing. i have to believe he was the guy. mark: they have denied it. it is a mystery why he was so close to the transition. it appears we are heading towards christie and gingrich not getting jobs. donny: ok. bloomberg technology is next. until monday, on behalf of my dear friend sayonara. , ♪
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