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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> with all due respect to donald trump who keeps trying to get ben carson to join the administration, have you considered accepted to request mark carson has interesting theories about the pyramids and storing grain. donald trump upheld his date with a very old gray lady. on-again sitdown with the new york times was in
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doubt after he canceled the interview and calling the newspaper failing, nasty, and, get ready for this one, "not nice." he agreed to sit down with two dozen times journalists along with the publisher for an hour and 15 minute wide ranging on the record discussion. this is as close to a press conference as we have gotten out of donald trump since july 27. it did not disappoint. among the topics that were trum -- hetrumped as changed course and said there is "some kind of activity between humans and climate change." he was lukewarm on the idea of present hillary clinton foreigners -- her things regarding email. the incoming president also disavowed groups of white supremacists who have been solving bring his election victory and he defended his appointment of stephen bannon as his white house chief strategist
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insisting if he thought then and was racist he would not think of hiring him. then topic of his business is came up amid conflicts of interest concerns. trump said he is following the law and as president he has more important thing story about then boosting his bottom line. he fielded questions on several other subjects, president obama, republican leadership, and the media and his cabinet deliberations. there is a lot to talk about here. we will spend a fair amount of time talking. what stands out to you from this first semi-press conference. so, first, i watched this, experienced this by following tweets and this is in and of itself a remarkable new development that trump is ushering in. first-twitterverse
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twitter to be elected president. was interesting. what do you think of watching it unfold in real time? in the old days when george bush would put reporters in, they would come in and do their interview and they would have to go write a story and file it and then you would consume it. this was different as a communications professional and that we got to experience it in real-time without any cert of prioritizing, no one picked the lead, we got to lily -- read it as it was happening and that was remarkable. john: in some weird way he has put twitter in the center of his medications strategy. in doing it this way, in arranging this meeting and having a private behind closed doors press conference he forced them to use his medium of choice , twitter to report on what he thesaying rather than using
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television camera. that is interesting. it seems to me and i would love to see the transcript of the whole thing. there are stories written off of this thing. it seems to me that almost in every way apart from trashing the ways and saying in he started with network anchors, criticizing them, and treating them unfairly. in every other way he seemed to be trying to reassure people and turned down the temperature on his rhetoric and trying to as best he can in hit -- and he is clumsy about this, to assuage people's worst fears about what is to come. i thought he was turning down the rhetoric to perhaps a universe of voters who did not support him because of the most extreme parts of his campaign. i like what he has done with the media, to declare a hot war on his detractors in the media.
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i was more interested in that having stood at the intersection of the intersection of a president and his relationship with the press. it was interesting that the meeting yesterday which seem to the bombastic donald trump them what we know so far from the new york times meeting. that seems to be an escalation and that will cheer a lot of trump backers and might ring into his fold some republicans who have harbored a lot of distress. what i read out of the meeting yesterday is almost a chilling -- a shot shot at his at his detractors in the media. back to the bullying of reporters. i thought it stood in stark contrast. you thinkcially if what happened yesterday was the meeting was held, a tantrum was staged and an off the record meeting and the trump people linked it to the new york post.
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it was off the record, they should think thrice about it. leak it tonsition their favorite newspaper, the new york post. we will talk a lot about some policy matters. just to stay on the point you are talking about, every administration i have covered comes into power and believes it has mastered a new technological clintonther it was bill with satellite television and others with cable and others with facebook and obama and facebook. they think we found a way around the gatekeepers, we found a way to communicate to eckley to the american people, we will go over their heads, around the side door, underground and they have all find out -- found out. in the end you still need the mainstream media. do you think trump is new in the sense he will be more successful than his predecessors at browbeating us and finding alternative ways to get his message out. >> he is different because he will not arrive to the
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conclusion he needs the mainstream media. it is apparent he wants them. he is almost like -- it is a must like a lover's quarrel with the mainstream media. he wants the legacy outlets to love him. this isdangerous and the kind of stuff that if the president gets to consume by his own press it is very peerless. he won because the voters thought they were hearing directly from him and if he spends too much time consumed with his image in the media it is not a good sign. john: we talked about things he covered in this pseudo-press conference. the one that is getting the most attention is about the clinton investigator not going to prosecutor. the climate change stuff is also at the top of the leads for the newspapers. as that meeting for surprising? this idea that he will
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the side that he will not prosecute hillary clinton suggests he thinks he could have or would have. a president does not decide who the justice department prosecutes. this is a real to me. i want to know more. climate change is interesting. that is -- i cannot imagine that was a top three issue for the kinds of voters he won over in the final days of the election -- election. john: i cannot believe that in his heart of hearts, manhattanite, sophisticate and does notnt person believe that climate change is not man-made. he might be worried about the effects on jobs, he might want to renegotiate but he is not someone who is a climate denier. i tell you what i thought from this new york time eating -- times meeting.
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on way he answered questions the day suggested it will be a huge problem am a he is not taking seriously enough these questions about his business and the conflicts of interest and the unconstitutionality of things you might want to do, the role of his kids in the business. he rest them away at least on my answeredn how he questions. he brushed them away just as he brushed away my denounced the alt-right.-- the think about what he needs to do about the conflicts of interest area nicolle: those are areas that will undermine him. john: we are going to talk about to more stuff that are sort of related. we will talk about the trunk videos that came out last night about his policy priorities. we will talk about that, not
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just the things he said but the things he left unsaid right after this. ♪
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nicolle: donald trump's sweeping interview with the new york times. mr. trump: my agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting america first. whether it is producing steel, building cars, or curing disease. i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland. i am to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the transposition partnership -- transpacific partnership.
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everyone regulation to others must be eliminated. fromrotect infrastructure cyber attacks and investigate abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. propose a five-year ban on a -- executive officials becoming lobbyists. these are just a few of the steps we will take to reform washington and rebuild our middle-class area -- middle class. nicolle: also not mentioned, building a wall, repealing obamacare, his so-called extreme vetting of refugees, or any other of the more controversial things that the -- that he campaigned on including all that business about locking up hillary clinton. two things seem to be happening. either trump was never planning on doing all the things he talked about on the campaign
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trail, or he is keeping quiet about them now to ease fears about his presidency from his detractors. what do you think he is up to? john: i do not know the answer but i will say this. he is going for low hanging fruit. aree are things that toally unachievable, let's some military reform. maybe more like apple pie area did -- apple pie. first definitely trying to con people down and not trying to lean into the most extreme of his proposals. he may come back to those proposals later on. those are going to be hard to get done. againwants to do things apart from curing all disease that are easy to do. the main thing i took away is he sounded like another politician in that video which goes to your tong about is he going disappoint his fervent
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supporters out of the gate. i started to see him as another washington politician. nicolle: you know who i thought of, i thought of and coulter who sat right here and just had written a book about his immigration policies and the more and coulter gets the happier i will be, i really did think about all these people, i thought of rush limbaugh. he had his back for many months now and i do not think he was necessarily rush limbaugh's guy in the primary but he has had an effect. if he reverses himself on the hardest line, things he campaigned on and that is inconsistent with his appointments. it really would scramble the circuits of the people who were his defenders as a candidate. do a policy you video where there are two core things, i will heal -- repeal obamacare on day one, i will -- the highest priority, not on the
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video. number two, build that wall. he talked about immigration in the video but it was like, we will tighten the visa system and look for anomalies. i am against building a wall. i am against repealing obamacare. happy to hear that those are not on your agenda but how do you campaign the way you do for 16 months and then not mention either one of those two things? things may be more popular but it reminds me of what jeb bush said over the summer. he scammed to the republican party. he'd knowledge that most of this overheated rhetoric was a bit of a scam. john: we will see. maybe we were being too hopeful. hope and change to hoping for a scam. john: one thing we are grateful for, and a report out today that says that donald trump's
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charitable foundation has admitted to the irs that it violated a law against self-dealing which prevents leaders from using funds to enrich themselves. they do not provide many details , and investigation is still ongoing. the foundation helped trump settled business lawsuits and purchased charity and auction items. that he kept or displayed on his possible -- poverty's. how big a deal do you think this is? tax for i look at the myself, it is not completely clear with the report of based on. it looks like they told the truth. john: you did not wear those in chico. nicolle: the story is going to
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be another one of those thorns in his side. the voters made clear that this is not top of mind, they want to change so badly they were willing to tolerate all these lapses in judgment which is where i think the stories and up. i think if the narrative can be stitched together that he has got business conflicts which we talked about before and he is reversing himself on his pledges and now the charity was not so benevolent -- benevolent after all, it can start to paint him as a typical politician. that is the vulnerability. john: we must say for those of us including me, and i will probably proceed for the rest of my career saying that i thought there were a lot of things that were problematic about the clinton foundation, a lot of things that deserve scrutiny, criticism, there was a political problem and substance of problem. i still believe that 100 percent. i said at the time this foundation is as corrupt or more corrupt him a the trump foundation than the clinton foundation and now we have them acknowledging, we are tax
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cheats. we just cheated the federal tax system. i think it is incumbent on us to pointed out and remind people charitablee came to foundations they were stands on both side of the aisle. mr. trump is now president-elect and we have to focus on this and it is important. nicolle: hillary clinton is out of the picture, she lost. focusing on this and not losing it because we feel like voters do not care is urgently important. john: it does tie into the questions about his business and conflict of interest. the guy who wants nancy pelosi's job. we will be back with democratic condiment tim ryan after this. -- congressman tim ryan after this. ♪
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john: welcome back. the race for presidency is over but the race for house leader has just begun. joining us from youngstown, ohio. what is wrong with nancy pelosi? as leader, that is. ryan: what is wrong is we keep losing. i love nancy pelosi, she is a historic figure. we keep losing. we are down 68 seats since 2010. smallest democratic caucus we .ave had since 1929 we have to keep score here. if a coach keeps having losing seasons, even though it is tough, we have to get a new coach. john: the minority leadership job in congress is a legislative job and has political implications. you are pointing to a political
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problem. what is it you think that makes you qualified, having never held a leadership position in the house to lead the democrats on a legislative level in terms of trying to stop donald trump's agenda and get things done for the democratic party? mr. ryan: you got to be ready to fight. i come out of youngstown, i how i/o -- ohio politics. i think you have to work your way back into the majority. we can talk his democrats only or theout infrastructure future of work or technology and all of that stuff. it does not mean a hill of beans if you are not in the majority. this stuff is very integrated and i just believe that under the current leadership, we cannot get the 40 or so seats we need to get back that are not on the coast. we are not a national party, we are a coastal party. if we are getting back in the majority we have to build that blue wall that collapsed the other day. we have to build it back up and go in the southern states and
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win congressional seats. there is going to be an opportunity to do that because of the cycle and the complete republican control, not just in the -- at the national level but also in states. we will have an opportunity but we had better position ourselves properly with the right message and the messengers to scoop those trump voters and bring them back in the democratic fold. yardle: donald trump one state -- won your state. see yourself in your political efforts as parallel to his, you're trying to topple an establishment figure, he toppled 16, do you so -- see yourself as the donald trump in this race? have been talking about issues that donald trump was talking about the economic issues for a long time. there have been a lot of other democrats that were doing that. if we are going to get back in the game as democrats, it is
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about having a robust economic message. we could be progressive, we can stand up for all those very important issues that we all believe in, equality for all and all the rest and those are important. elite issue has got to be economics. it has got to be robust and every single day. look at trump, he had people disagreeing with so many different things he did and said that the fact of the matter was, his economic message pushed out and drowned out every thing else he was talking about or that other people were talking about. we need to do that estimate cuts because i feel it we are better on those issues then he will be. sounds like you are angry that hillary clinton ran a campaign that focused on other issues, are you angry at the campaign she ran? mr. ryan: i am turning the page. i am heartbroken about tuesday night. it was an earthquake that came through the industrial midwest and the great late states. -- lake states.
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i am heartbroken. i come out of sports, you get knocked down, you get back up. put audy the film and plan together. we have to turn the page. to my fellow democrats we have to ask yourself the question, how many seats to have to lose before we are willing to make a change, is it 70 seats, 80, 90 seats, what is the number until the lightbulb goes off and says, we have a responsibility for our grandkids and our party to rebuild and make a change. john: you understand the rust belt and you are a champion here. tweeted out today that nancy pelosi was with us before and after the election. our agenda is her agenda. to richard say trumka? on ryan: we so what happened tuesday and it is time for change.
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i am running against nancy pelosi, john, i am having a lot of disagreements with some people in my party right now. i am pulling the fire alarm because the house is burning down. we can sit here and we can play the normal traditional game and we're going to get where we got and where we are right now is not where i want to be. we got a lot of young people in this party that want to move up to you and we have a dynamic party, we have a good agenda. we understand a lot of what is going on in the economy and had to rebuild it. that message is not getting out. we got to change the quarterback and it is time to do that and i love rich but we have to go in another direction. john: we will be back in just a couple of moments. ♪
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nicolle: on day when donald trump held a press conference at the new york times, we call the
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conference of our own. a conference of our own. and my former -- along with my former white house colleague. how are we doing? guest: we are watching the completely unprecedented events unfold in in -- unprecedented ways. he does not seem to disappoint. nicolle: are there any rays of hope in the way he has handled ?is interactions >> not especially. it depends on what you mean by hope. nicolle: i mean for you. do you have hope? guest: not much. i do not have a lot of hope. i wish i did. john: he is very -- i want to
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a david from -- frum question. on are asleep focused corruption. your attitude is this will be a totally corrupt administration, follow the money. nothing else matters, tell us why. is donald trump president? he does not have a lot of regard for the job or even much of an agenda which he switches from minute to minute. what he has made clear his he's all previousrid of restraints, restrictions on presidential wealth seeking. no one has ever tried to -- how make out ofan you the presidency? around the world we have seen authoritarian leaders, sometimes in fairly modern countries like in hungary say, i'm going to use the lack of transparency in the office to make myself seriously
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wealthy. that succeeded in hungary and many other places in the former soviet union. it succeeded in other semi-democracies and donald trump is bringing that project to these shores. asked kellyanne conway about this and her attitude is basically he is already seriously wealthy. he is -- if he was in this and .he money -- for the money this is all kind of ridiculous. others are saying. what say you about this aspect of potential problems? guest: that would be the hope and expectation. we already know that he has told the new york times today he used the nexen standard, the post- 1865 for construction standard to say that a president cannot exactly be held legally accountable. the only real way to hold the
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president legally accountable for misbehavior is the nuclear option of impeachment. otherwise, much of the way the constitution is structured, he is not exactly punishable by the court system or by the system that we have. we are in uncharted waters in the sense that if he is going to say that he can run his business and run the presidency at the same time if he chooses to, not only is that a conflict of interest, it represents an entirely new idea of moonlighting at the highest level that we have ever possibly seen it. i would ask you one question, which is, his behavior is insane in this one sense, he got himself to the presidency, one of the greatest feats in political history on this planet. coursees he need a golf in florida for? what does he need to talk about indfarms on a golf course
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scotland, that is pipsqueak stuff. he is the president of the united states. this should all be like toy trains to him now. that he has an executive branch of the united states to play with. david: the working motto of this administration to update dr. evil, why make billions when you can make trillions? donald trump is rich but he is not as rich as silvio berlusconi or vladimir putin. he is not comparing himself to you and me, he is comparing himself to vladimir putin saying, what does he got that i don't got? the scale of wrongdoing that has already gone is unprecedented. as to the point that he is too rich to need to steal. one of the things as we break away from all the precedents of the history of the american republic, certainly the modern republic, as -- we have to be able to break away from some of
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our ambitions and restrictions. it is hard for us to have a guest in our set will look them a the face, and say you are liar. donald trump lies all the time, every day. hundreds of times a day. the people around him are supposed to do the same thing. they lied to us all the time. not just hillary clinton, i do not remember lies. kind of lies. i do not see a dead body there and there is a dead body. nicolle: this authoritarian streak, you are not sleeping well these days. does this parallel between this globaln, is arc of authoritarianism, i've read about the authoritarian impulse. where -- i do not
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think there is a plan. i think that he was, did not think he was going to win and he was going to go back to his business and now he is like, i got the business and the presidency. as long as i am on the phone n telligel farage, i ca him to kill the windfarms and if i am on the phone with the president of [indiscernible] i can put ivanka on and they can business. he did say i do not care about my businesses, it is not important to me now. is true he can do best himself of the businesses which is what he should do. he is walking into a buzz saw. i do not care if he has a republican congress or not. if it happens that the president of the united states is enriching himself personally using his office, he will be impeached and removed from office even by a republican congress. it is so egregious it cannot be missed.
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john: this is one of my you cannot have a conflict of interest. you guys are both republicans. that is a proven fact. this is kind of on you here in the sense that at least on your party, what happens now? if you are right that this is a semi-criminal enterprise going forward in violation of the constitution to prudent,mself in a style,oni, carlos slim what would it take for your party to say, hold on and prosecute him for -- or impeach him, the only way to stop it. to stop him orys hinder him. the first is to pass senator
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wyden's bill to require the president to publish text returns. do it now. that is a powerful prophylactic. congress should convene if donald trump will not do best himself as john recommends. congress should convene a standard investigative committee to make sure there is no wrongdoing. that should be set up as a permanent committee with equal numbers of republicans and democrats, in my opinion, just to check what is going on. they should issue subpoenas. you do not have to get to impeachment, the darkest possibilities. one more thing. we have to bus out of the idea of politics of the game. the institutions from the country are in danger. withee with quite a lot
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donald trump. i agree with the immigration policies, i appreciate his attempt to make there were part -- republican hardy more secular and focus on middle class economics. it is not about agendas, it is about protecting the institutions in the country at a time when institutions around the planet are under great pressure. >> we sought a gigantic victory in 2008 by barack obama that was messaged by a huge victory in 2006 by the republicans in congress. ae idea that this can turn on dime, if good trump looks like a crook you could not have a reverse tea party brazing that would throw the republicans out and block him and investigate beginning inhim 2018 despite the fact that the senate structurally is supposedly supposed to go the republican way, we have seen it happen in this presidency, to george w. bush after a big victory in 2004. we should not be -- he should not be secure, people should not
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be secure in the idea that the love of the republican party is going to allow him to do whatever he wants for four years. topics just move quickly. in addition to being a republican you are also a zionist and a jew. there is a lot of emanations coming out of this administration that have a lot of jews worried. people from the nationalist right celebrating with heil hitler symbols. trump said do not worry about dave bannon. do you feel comforted by that, that reassurance both on the specific point of steve bannon and on the broad question of the emboldened alt-right? bei do not think this can divorced. people tell me that steve bannon is not personally and anti-semite. that does not mean that in his role as a self described leninist that is creating a revolution in the
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united states and the republican party that he did not consciously harness forces that are not only aligned with but actively promoting anti-somatic tropes and ideas and a general worldview that is hostile to jews. in that sense, trump can be right and wrong at the same time and the fact that his son-in-law is an orthodox jew does not inoculate him. this is one of these things where we will have to see what he does. we are still talking about him, talking and talking and at some point he will act. when he acts, we will have a basis on which to judge his behavior, not just his words. we are going to stop talking we will be out of jobs. wishle: careful what you for. trump may have heard that. thank you both very much. we will talk to a pair of political strategists in just a moment. if you are watching in
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washington, you can watch on bloomberg radio. we will be right back.
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john: welcome act. where bringing into friends of the show. to friends ofging the show. the nation'sin capital. nice to see you both. aboutve varying views donald trump over the course of the campaign. at this moment your view of president-elect trump is, fill in the blank. >> it is a wait and see approach i guess, still.
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i apologize. i think he is doing fine. everybody has got their hair on fire, everyone needs to chill out and it will be fine. john: steve: i have a feeling your view might be slightly darker. steve: the interesting question is the extent to which republicans in the senate and particular follow him or fight him. there is some evidence tonight that some of the maverick senators like senator rand paul and ted cruz will fight him a he hasbit, jeff flake, people he has to keep in line in his own party. that will be as much of a challenge for him as trying to get democrats in mind. will he relish fighting with the republican establishment more or fighting with the democrats more? >> he will relish just being trump which is fighting with everybody. he could care less whether the republicans or the democrats who
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are elected officials and have been there forever like him or not. he has proved it. he has picked initial picks the do not go along with what some people want and then he has others that irk the other side of the fence. he has -- you will see trump the trump witches i will do what i want, thank you ray much. do think his first to get for cement will be to [inaudible] schumer?tor >> he seems to be rewarding the sycophants and the followers rather than the republican establishment choices like mitt romney and others he has paraded through there. i think he is a dealmaker. he is ultimately going to do whatever is best for donald trump and donald trump's brand. if that is to cut a deal with chuck schumer, i am sure he will do it. i do not how how is he will make
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his reelection if he plans to run. that is the nature of donald in hiso do what is interest. john: we looked at that trump video from last night that was his message to the american people on his policy priorities. a double start with you. notably missing -- i will start with you, notably missing, the obamacare act, the muslim ban, offering -- locking up hillary , howon, and the signature rol do you read the absence of this campaign promises from a stenciling his first governing documents? >> he seems to be taking the attitude that that was the campaign, i said what i had to close the deal. this is now, i will govern in a way that is uniquely and distinct lead donald trump. in some respects, that is a good thing. in others it is a very dangerous thing. there are some voters who put
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him into office that expect him to keep the promises he made. the decision he made about secretary clinton is a smart and wise one. therefore don't care act will be more difficult to unwind than he thought. and building the wall is ridiculous and always has been. he seems to have stuck with it through the campaign. i think he is abandoning it right now. -- for maybe the first time in his public life, what was your take on that video? it is whato things, he can do in the first 100 days on by himself. some of those campaign promises that he talked about require action from the congress. i think what he is trying to say is, i am going to pick out the stuff i can do all by myself by issuing executive orders, etc., and get it done and i think he will tackle the next issues. donald trump's supporters want more than anything actual action
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, something to happen, something to be significantly accomplished quickly. and he gets that. you are assuming on the same that donald trump should be judged on the same plane as past presidential electors, winners. i think that we have got to stop doing that. we did that in the entire campaign and he proved us wrong. i think he will do it the way he wants to do it and i give him credit for understanding his voters and knowing that they are hungry for something tangible to get done. nicolle: are there limits to that hunger, mike that limit stop short of i will not deport anybody because these are families that i am going to keep intact. where is the limit that his supporters will tolerate, you nalked about and coulter -- an coulter, you might see her cry
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in public. where is the threshold? >> i agree. they have a lot of tolerance to adjust. say, his voters took seriously, not literally. if he appears to the spirit of what he said which i think spoke to the people's fears of immigrants coming in or refugees coming in that would put america in danger, undocumented immigrants taking jobs, if he adheres to the spirit by going forward with deporting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes, i think that is a head nodder across the spectrum. nicolle: you think he could get away with that, 2 million? >> if he gets to the beginnings has morehange and that
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broadbrush appeal than just his hard-core supporters. they will be ok with that. something, is doing that is that you will hear a lot. at least he is doing something. >> my own view is different. donald trump made a number of specific promises that his supporters expect him to keep. he doubled down on those promises again and again and his supporters stood and cheered when he did that. there is a rule that you can get almost anything done if you are president and your approval rating is high enough. he starts adding his supporters to the list of people who do not like him and do not approve of the job he is doing, he will have a difficult time getting congress to do anything. the voters who put him in office want something to happen. they want specific things that he promised. he does not seem willing or able to do any of those things or at least many of those things were missing in his pronouncements so far. i do not expect you will see any
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of them in the next 100 days of the next six months or four years. john: i would love to have had time to talk to you about the state of them it -- the democratic party. great to have you. we will be right back. ♪
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john: president obama had a star-studded day. we will talk about that after this.
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john: president obama ordered his -- awarded his last batch of hanks,of freedom to come michael jordan, diana ross and all the others. our scriptwriters decided not to vinude lorne michaels and scully. how can you leave him off the list? until tomorrow from nicolle and sayonara. to you ♪
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mark: president-elect donald trump has reversed his campaign promise to investigate or prosecute hillary clinton. at at "the new york
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times gopro mr. trump said, i don't want to hurt the clintons, i really don't. her, and his words, is just not something i feel strongly about. democratic leader nancy pelosi appears to be responding to a challenge to her leadership by the coming more inclusive. she is promising to give more influence to junior lawmakers. policy is being challenged by ohio congressman tim ryan. since 2014, says the islamic state has used chemical weapons in iraq and syria at least 52 times and targeted me saw -- basel -- mosul 19 times. report warns britain's national health service is facing crippling problems because of a $2.3 million


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