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tv   Bloomberg Pursuits  Bloomberg  November 24, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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r. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. jon: welcome to "bloomberg pursuits," where we celebrate the finest things in life. i am jonathan ferro and this is our editor-in-chief, emma rosenblum. emma: hello, jonathan. jonathan: "bloomberg pursuits" is bloomberg's luxury gift magazine. emma: intelligent luxury. jonathan: intelligent luxury. i apologize. we have put out our annual issue. emma: we tell our readers how they can spend their money well.
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jonathan: i am told that luxury is not just about buying. emma: it is about doing and one-of-a-kind experiences. jonathan: we are going to france. emma: we are going to take a ferrari for a joyride. jonathan: and we catch up with a victoria's secret model. emma: she is also the cover model for "pursuits." jonathan: that sounds exciting. let's get started. emma: we are in manhattan's suffolk arms. with a third-generation mixologist who created this whole bar. >> this is a cocktail bar on the lower east side. capture is the spirit of new york. you will see the history of new york, the cocktails music. everything, just trying to connect it all. emma: about these cocktails, what is this? >> this is a classic. everyone thinks when they come in it is an english pub. it is not an english pub. everyone comes in and asks for pimm's cup. you know what, we had to figure this out. it is an easy drink. emma: can i try it? that is delicious. this looks familiar to me. this is a tuxedo in burgundy. it is familiar because it was
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featured in our fashion shoot that you starred in. >> it never gets boring. emma: he was one of six mixologists that we featured wearing the sharpest evening attire of the season. jonathan: the important part of the spend issue is the gift guide. emma: i have asked tim to walk us through some of the highlights. tell us about the gift guide. tim: we wanted to come up with 22 of the most luxurious items you good -- you could buy for the holidays. jonathan: start with this. tim: very appropriate. this is a ralph lauren mixologist set. basically an opportunity for you to own a piece of the polo bar at home. ralph lauren opened the polo bar. it is full of people on horses. a lot of leather, and it is very luxurious. emma: how does this tie into the polo bar? tim: you have the same
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leather they have on the chairs in the restaurant. you have the plaid pattern on the inside. the color of the pillows and the curtains. and you have the opportunity to make four really great drinks. you have four lowball glasses etched with the signature polo player. you have brass coasters. exclusively at the polo bar. a decanter and these cute little toothpicks in the shape of a polo mallet. jonathan: how much will this set me back? tim: $4000. emma: enough about this because i want to talk about that. what is this? tim: this is the montclair jacket. it is $2000 and it is the most fashionable think you can wear -- thing you can wear on the slope this winter. emma: what is this on the hood? tim: rabbit fur. emma: it is very cozy. this is super warm. tim: it is an actual bunny coat. jonathan: i am more excited about this. emma: trying on the ski jacket got me thinking about our reporter.
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he went to lake tahoe. he traded in his snowboard or a -- for a pair of skis. tell us about your story. >> this is something i always wanted to do. learn how to ski. i have been a snowboarder my whole life. as i approach 40, i felt like snowboarding was less age-appropriate but it is hard to learn how to ski when you only live in new york. i decided what i needed was an immersion course. i found a place with a really good ski program and found one of their best instructors and spent three days with him all day learning how to ski. you know, after three days, i got pretty comfortable. northstar is a place where the terrain is intermediate, so i could get down pretty comfortably. and it has a lot of nice amenities so you can pamper yourself when you are done. my instructor had a lot of great tips. some of the stuff was physical.
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he would manhandle me and give me a sense of what he's trying to say. some of it is these counterintuitive things when you arthinking about up and down rather than side to side. thinking about the pressure between your shin and ski boot. and a lot of it is just doing it. doing the repetitions. the nice thing about it is unlike learning mandarin or the piano, you can over the course of what is essentially a long weekend get pretty good at it so it was satisfying. northstar is a great place to do it. jonathan: if you're interested in a different kind of vacation, we took a trip to bristol bay in alaska. take a look. >> travelers seeking adventure wilderness will find a collection of world-class fishing lodges. >> crystal creek lodge began 28 years ago. the idea was to create a sportfishing lodge that had a level of comfort, luxury, and
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service that was beyond the level that was previously available. i like to describe my own personal mission statement, which is inspiration through adventure, hospitality and interaction with nature. >> the lodge is known for providing tourists with some of the most bountiful rivers in the world. for a truly unique adventure, guests can take a small propeller plane to catch a glimpse of the pacific. >> it is not very easy to see a walrus. you have to have knowledge of where they are. you have to have a bush airplane and a safe place to land. it is a unique opportunity that we can offer people to experience the walrus.
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>> there are about 200 to 300 animals here. these are all males. everybody has their spot. they are well rested. as the groups gets larger and tighter, everybody has to shift in bed eventually and you see a lot of uneasiness. >> as our world becomes more populated, wild places like this become harder and harder to find. jonathan: that looks awesome. my question is how did you come about bristol bay? emma: this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for our readers to take. it really combines adventure with luxury. jonathon: you can find out more about that once-in-a-lifetime trip on up next, bollinger invites us to a champagne harvest. emma: the owner creates holiday sweets just for us. jonathan: the supermodel sits down with us after a long day of
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shooting the cover of the send issue. ♪
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jonathan: welcome to "bloomberg pursuits," bloomberg's intelligent luxury magazine. i am jonathan ferro. emma: and i am editor-in-chief. we could not ask for a better cover model. jonathon: doutzen kroes, a victoria's secret supermodel. emma: we spoke to her about her charity work for "not on my planet." ♪ >> it started with my agent going to kenya. he came back full of stories.
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he told me i had to go. he could not stop talking about how amazing it was over there and we had to change something because of the crisis going on. i said i will go for myself i want to see what is going on. that is when i gathered all of my friends and everyone i know in the fashion industry and we came up with a beautiful campaign called "not on my planet." when human beings do not want to forget something, we tie a knot. the slogan, not on my planet, we use it for the 30,000 elephants killed each year, "knot on my planet." we have a choice of $5 up to whatever you would like. it feels like everybody should be able to donate. the great thing about the elephant crisis fund is that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the ground.
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nothing goes overhead. dance4life has been working with them for over five years. in asent out a message a very positive message. we celebrate by dance and we teach young children around the world to protect themselves against hiv and aids. and we teach them how to have safe sex and break the taboo and talk about sex. which is not always easy. it feels so good to be able to give back. i feel like i have gotten very lucky. i was born this way. of course, i work to maintain that, but i think most of it is luck. that is why i feel it is ao job to give back. emma: i wanted to check back in with our host, guiseppe gonzalez. please tell me you have made this for me. >> this is one of our signature cocktails. it is made with scotch, apricot and lemon.
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emma: it is absolutely delicious. >> it is our higher proof take on the fruity, apricot beer that you like. it is beautiful, it is claimed. people enjoy it. i love playing with beer. emma: it is great. can you tell me about the drawings all over the bar? they are really cool. >> the first one is al smith. al smith is my favorite new yorker. the first catholic to run for the u.s. presidency. emma: i heard you are also a fan of j.p. morgan. >> he bankrolled thomas edison. the first house with electricity was j.p. morgan's house. emma: what about a woman? there are a ton of women on the wall. >> my favorite, i am puerto rican, so i am a big fan of sonia sotomayor. a bronx girl. she is a type one diabetic like myself. she had me at hello. i commissioned an artist.
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she did the majority of them. she does great work. emma: they are stunning. thank you so much. since we are on the subject of drinking, we took a trip to bollinger vineyards to see how they make their vintage champagnes. >> in the heart of france's wine country, there is a very special champagne made in the bollinger vineyards. it means "old french vines" because it is made from rare plants growing in a small half-acre plant. -- half-acre plot surrounded by a brickwall. in the mid-1800's, a disease ravaged almost 40% of france's vineyards. this small plot of bollinger never caught the disease. never caught the disease. >> i do not know. until win, i do not know, either. maybe in one year or 10 year we will have normal. >> about 40 workers specially trained to handle the delicate, extra ripe grapes, harvest the whole plot in just two hours.
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the grapes are immediately pressed on the bollinger property. it is then taken from barrel to bottle. >> you put the bottle in our cellar, and when the wine is ready, we sell it. we sell about 2000 bottles a year. >> a bottle sells for about 800 euros for the latest release and up to 5000 for older vintages. >> even if you pay for it, it is something money cannot get. it is very powerful and very fresh. >> it is amazing what goes into a bottle of champagne. emma: what goes better with a glass of champagne than something very sweet? we went behind the scenes to see how the magic is made.
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♪ >> being a pastry chef to most people meant being a pastry chef of a fine dining restaurant and creating fanciful desserts. my approach to desserts is that that luxury absolutely can and should exist in a vehicle that is more accessible than a four or five hour tasting menu. 2008, we opened milk bar and we have been rocking ever since. i wanted to open a bakery that was different and quirky from what you could find in terms of bakeries. it piques your interest in terms of a more classic approach to american baked goods. since 2008, we have just over 10 retail stores in new york, d.c., and toronto. and we are starting our pilgrimage out west. the grasshopper cake is layers of chocolate chip cake, layers of chocolate cake, creamy mint filling.
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some chocolate crumbs and cookie and cream filling all layered in different varieties to make the perfect layer cake for the holiday season. we spent four months testing this cake. we continue to expand our wings and grow to reach people that love indulgence and who are curious about food and what all this crazy place full of sprinkles and chocolate chips and broken candy canes is all about. jonathan: let's get another look at the gift guide. chris: i wanted to talk to you about one of the big guns in the gift guide which is this diamond and sapphire necklace. it has 44 sapphires and 118 white diamonds. each of the sapphires that get bigger as you go around were hand selected by a jeweler and made their. there was literally someone sitting in front of a tray full of millions of dollars of sapphires and saying -- i like
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this one and i like this one. it seems like my dream job. if you look closely, it links together by all of these invisible platinum wires which makes it an incredible piece. emma: this necklace is so stunning. i remember looking at it and thinking we have to put it in the gift guide. if i could have anything in the world, i would have this. how much money would i have to pay for this? chris: there is a reason we have a security guard just off-camera and why i am wearing these gloves. it is priced upon request which means if you have to ask, you cannot afford it. if i were to guess, i would say this is about $700,000. jonathan: i'm guessing her christmas list just got a lot more expensive. i want to know about the watch. chris: also on the list is the tiburon. it is a minute repeater watch meaning it chimes out the time. these watches are complicated to make. by nature of it, it is all shot
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ut in, you have to get a sound out with tiny hammers on a wire. it took the company 10 years to develop the sound. it is totally beautiful and quite loud. even though it is a normal watch size. it is open work so you can see the whole thing in action. it is incredible. emma: how much will that set us back? chris: $460,000. jonathan: thank you. up next, a 300 year old recipe for a boozy punch. emma: and we spoke to the indy 500 winner. jonathan: and we test drove a ferrari through the canadian rockies. ♪
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emma: welcome back to "bloomberg
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pursuits." i am editor-in-chief emma rosenbloom. i am here with guiseppe gonzales, the owner of suffolk arms in manhattan. he is here to tell us about another drink he has made. >> we have a cocktail we are featuring in the magazine. it is one of my favorites. a classic punch. emma: it is a 300-year-old recipe. >> it was re-created by one of my favorite bartenders from london. it has a little bit of cognac, red wine, a splash of soda, grated nutmeg. it is easy to make and beautiful for cocktail parties. emma: perfect for the holidays. it smells delicious. it smells like christmas. thank you so much for being our host. cheers. jonathan: if "pursuits" is about spending your time and money well, what better way to spend it than in a ferrari? >> the mountains surrounding the town of banff, canada, are a playground for adventures and the luxury traveler. a ferrari will fit right in.
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the $232,000 convertible is aggressive to drive but supremely comfortable. it even has a backseat. it makes you feel ready for any adventure. everybody said that if there is one thing to do on this trip, it was to take the bugaboo lodge helicopter tour. it is so worth it. this is where the sport of heli-skiing got started. the private helicopter flight to the bugaboo lodge is short and sure to delight. >> the trees are just changing color. the best time of year to be flying. >> at the lodge, you can take a hike or ski in the winter or you can just have a light lunch on the lawn and enjoy the spectacular scenery and pleasant company of the lodge staff. this is beautiful. >> i think this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
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>> once you have been safely reunited with the ferrari, head toward the grand hotel at the chateau lake louise. you will arrive there just in time to watch the sun slip time to watch the sun slip behind the mountain across the lake. hi. thank you so much. with the ferrari safe with the hotel valet, you can relax and have a cocktail at the end of your exciting day. jonathan: plenty of people at bloomberg that want her job. it is bloomberg driver and columnist hannah. what is ferrari doing in the rockies? hanna: it is a great question and probably not the first car you would imagine being in the canadian rockies but it is actually the perfect car to take on a road trip because it is a four-seat car, and it has all-wheel-drive.
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this is the only ferrari that has those practicalities. it is really durable if you have a child or two or some luggage. it is very comfortable for a long distance drive during the day. a lot more than other ferraris that you might drive. emma: you just did a one-day whirlwind tour. hannah: exactly. yes, this car is practical, but it is still very much a ferrari. you still get the roar of the engine, the feel and the sound. it is really lovely. jonathan: that is what you want. not practicality. you can find much more of her story at speaking of race cars, we also caught up with alexander rossi who is making the transition from formula one to indy. emma: we have a big profile of alexander rossi in our magazine. he just won the indy 500 in may and he is the first american rookie to do so in 90 years. we really focus on how he is the great hope of american racing. jonathan: how difficult is it to make it in indy?
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emma: it is actually easier. it is not as exclusive. he thinks he can make a name for himself in this one. jonathan: we are back because there is so much in this spend issue and the gift guide we need to get through. >> this is the harvey toolset by armani. one of the things that was interesting to us is that armani makes a toolset? there is leather on the outside. armani, so you know it will be good. you open it up, and you have a basic tool set with wrenches and pliers and a couple of screwdrivers. jonathan: what is a toolset doing in the gift guide? emma: it is the most beautiful toolset that exists. we always recommend the most beautiful products for our readers. jonathan: for $1500, i just might get someone to do the work for me. emma: i want to talk about one of my favorite items in the gift guide. these earrings. can you tell me a little about them? >> absolutely. they were made by a ninth generation jeweler. it is a lotus flower design.
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mixed with diamonds and 25 karats of spinels. emma: what are spinels? >> a spinels? -- they are a gem that is becoming more popular with connoisseurs. emma: i will do my best to windblown supermodel look so you can get a look at those. what do you think? jonathan: i hope that at $78,000 that someone else is paying. you can find out much more from jim and the spend issue at bloomberg pursuits can be found at emma: what was your favorite story? jonathan: i would like to put a few of them together. if i could take the victoria secret angel for a drink here and take her home in the ferrari, i would be a happy man. i have learned in the last 30 minutes that you cannot buy everything so i will take the road trip in the ferrari. emma: you can buy some stuff and that includes these earrings. that is my favorite story. jonathan: more bloomberg television starts now. ♪
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>> she's been one of the most powerful women at google from literally the very beginning. in 1998, 2 unknown entrepreneurs set up their first office in her garage. number 16 employee and went on to build be search engine critical advertising business. to2006, she urged her bosses find a one-year-old video streaming site called youtube for $1.65 billion. on the 10 year anniversary of


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