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tv   Bloomberg Pursuits  Bloomberg  December 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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>> welcome where we celebrate the finest. bloomberg pursuit is bloomberg media luxury magazine. >> intelligent luxury. something -- we tell readers how to spend their money well. it's about one of experiences. >> we're going to take a ferrari
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for a joyride. >> we catch up with a victoria secret angel. let get started. >> we're here in manhattan with third generation who created this whole bar. tell us about this. >> it's a bar. we try to capture the spirit of new york. you'll see a lot of portraits and things with the history of new york cocktails, music. >> about those cocktails, i see that you've made us something. what is this? >> right here you have classic english pub. it's an easy drink >> can i try it? that is delicious. this soup looks familiar to me. familiar to me because it was featured in the issue in our
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fashion suit that you starred in. you was model in the issue. he was one of six mixologist wearing sharpest evening attire. >> important part of the spend issue is the gift card. >> i asked deputy editor here it walk us through highlights. tell us about the gift guys. >> we wanted to do is come up with 22 of the most luxurious items that you can buy for the holidays. this is the ralph lauren kipton mixologist. ralph lauren opened restaurant called the polar par. it's very luxurious. >> how does this tie into the polar bar? >> you got the same leather that you got on the chairs at the restaurant.
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you got the plaid on the inside. color of the curtains. you got the opportunity to make for really great drinks. you got low ball glasses etched with the signature. you even got these cute little toothpicks shaped in the form of of polar mountain. >> what is this will send me back? >> $4000. >> i want to talk about that. >> glad you pointed this out. >> what is this? >> this is the montclair beverly ski jacket. it is $2000. >> what is this fur on the hood? >> it is rabbit fur. >> this is super warm. >> you want to try it on? >> i want to try it on. even double the pryce. i'm more excited about this. >> trying on that montclair ski jacket got me think being our
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reporter drake bennett. drake tradeed in his snow boards for a pair of skis. >> i wanted to ski. increasingly i never approached the age of 40 and have a have a son fell like snow boarding was little less age appropriate. it's h how to ski when you live in new york and you only go a couple times a year. i found a place really good ski program. that's north star in lake tahoe. spent three days with him all day learning how to ski. after three days i got pretty comfortable. north star is a place where the terrain is pretty intermediate. i can get down pretty comfortably. it's a place of lot of nice amenities. you can pamper yourself after you're done. my instructor, had a lot of great tips. some of the stuff is basically
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like physical. he would man-handle me and get a sense what he's trying to say. some of it it's counterintuitive things where you think being going up and down rather than side to side. thinking the pressure between your shin and ski boots. lot of it just doing it. the nice thing about it, unlike learning mandarin or the piano, you can get pretty good at it. it's satisfying. north star is a great place to do it. >> if you're interested in different kind of vacation, trip to bristol bay in alaska. take a look. >> travel seeking adventure alaskan wilderness will find a collection of world class fishing lodges in the bristol bay region. >> crystal creek lodge began 28 years ago. the idea was to create a lodge that have level of comfort
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luxury and service that was beyond the level of what was previously available. i like to describe my own personal mission statement, which isn through adventure, hospitality and interaction. >> the lodge is known for providing tours to some of the most bountiful fishing rivers. for a unique adventure, guests can take a small propeller plane to catch a glimpse. >> it's really not very easy. you have to have knowledge of where they are. you have to have we are airplane. safe place to land. it's a very unique opportunity that we can offer to experience it.
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>> there's about 200 to 300 animals here. they're all males. they're all well rested. as the groups get larger and tighter, everybody has to shift in bed. you see a lot of uneasiness. >> world become more populated pure wild places like this are becoming harder and harder to find. >> that looks awesome. my question is, how did you come about crystal bay? >> it's once in a lifetime trip. it combines adventure with luxury. >> up next champagne harvest. >> also the owner of milk bar creates holiday sweets for us.
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>> welcome to "bloomberg pursuits." >> we couldn't does for a better super model. she spoke to us about her charity work. >> it started off with my agent going to -- he came back full of stories and telling me that i had to go. he couldn't stop talking about
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how amazing it is over there. that we need to change something because of the crisis now. i said i'm going for myself point to see what's going on. that's when i gathered all my friends. everything i know in the fashion industry, we came up with a beautiful campaign called not on my planet. human beings don't want to forget something, we try not. the slogan we use it for 30,000 elephant killed each year. we try not to forget. we have a choice a $1, $5, up to whatever you like. we feel like everybody should be able to donate. great thing about elephant cries fund 100% proceeds goes directly to them.
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i've been working with them for five years. we teach children how to prevent themselves against aids. we teach them how to have safe sex. and taube about sex. it feels so good to be able to give back after because i feel like i got very lucky. i was born this way and of course, i worked to maintain that. i think most of it is luck. that's why i feel like it's also my job to give back. >> i want toed check back in with our host. please tell me that you made this drink for me. >> yes. this is our hopscotch. this is signature cocktails. it's made with scotch, apricot and lemon.
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>> it's absolutely delicious. >> it's higher proof take on the fruity apricot that you like. it's beautiful and clean. people enjoy it. i love playing with beer. >> it's great. tell me about these dr bar. they are really cool. >> first one is al smith. he's my favorite new yorker. first ever catholic to run for the united states presidency. >> you're a fan of j.p. morgan. >> beautiful thing about him, he bankrolled thomas jefferson. first house with electricity was j.p. morgan's house. >> what about a woman? >> my favorite, i'm puerto rican, big fan of sonia sotomayor. >> they are stunning. thank you so much. since we're on the subject of
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drinking, we took a trip to see how they make their vintage champagne. >> in the heart of france wine country, there's a special champagne made with bolling ervin yard. the wine is made from rare plants growing in a small half acre plot surrounded by a brick wall. in the mid-1800's, they arrived from america. >> i don't know either. we will have normal -- >> about 40 workers appeal trained to handle the delicate grapes harvest the whole plot in
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two hours. the grapes are immediately pressed on the bollinger property. it taken from barrel to bottle. >> then you put the bottle. when the wine is ready we sell it. we sell in 500 to 2000 bottles per year. >> a bottle of bollinger sells for about 800 euros. you have to 5000 for old ervin advantages. >> it's very fresh. >> it's amazing what goes into a bottle of shame pain >> what goes better with a glass of champagne than something that's sweet. we went behind the scene to see how the magic is made.
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>> being a pastry chef to most people being a pastry chef creating fanciful desserts. my approach that luxury should exist. in a vehicle that's more accessible than a four or five hour tasting menu. 2008 he opened milk bar. i wanted to open a bakery that was a little different and a little quirky what with you could find in terms of bakeries. peak interest in term of the approach. since 2008 we now have just over ten retail stores in new york and d.c. and toronto and starting our little p out west. the grasshopper cake is the chocolate chip cake from creamy mint filling.
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chocolate crumbs and some cookies and cream filling. all layered in different varieties to make the perfect layer cake for the holiday season. we spent about four months testing this taste. we continue to expand our wings and grow and reach people that love indulgence. people that are curious about food and what is this crazy place that's full of sprinkles and broken candy canes about. >> i wanted to talk to you about one the big guns in the gift guide. this is this diamond sapphire necklace by graph. it has 44 sapphires. each of these sapphires gets bigger as you go around with hand selected by jeweler. there was literally sitting in front of the tray with millions of dollars in front of sapphires.
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which perfectly seem like my perfect dream job. if you look closely, it links together by all of these invisible platinum wires. >> this necklace is stunning. i remember looking at a picture of it thinking we have to put this in the gift guide. i can have anything in the world. i'd have this. for how much money would i have to pay for it? >> there's a reason why we have security guard and why i have to wear these gloves. this is one of the things it's price upon request. if you have to ask, you can't afford. this is about >> i'm guessing examines list got more expensive. i want to know about the watch. >> also on our list, we have the tradition 7087. which is a minute repeater watch. it chimes out the time. these watches are complicated to make. a watch is all shut. you have to get a sound out eyeing little tiny wire.
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it took brigade 10 years to develop the sound. it's totally beautiful. it's quite loud. it's open work. you can see the whole thing in action. >> how much would that be? >> $460,000. >> perfect. >> thank you chris. up next a 300-year-old recipe. >> we spoke to indy dy500 winner.
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>> welcome back to "bloomberg pursuits." i'm editor in chief rosenblum.
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he is here to tell us about another drink he's made. >> we have a cocktail that we are featuring in the magazine. it's one of my favorites the classics punch. >> it's 300-year-old recipe. >> recreated by one of my favorite bartender in london. it's little bit of cognac red wine, splash of soda, grated nutmeg. easy to make. beautiful for cocktail parties >> perfect for the holidays. it specials delicious. thank you so much for being our host today. cheers. >> cheers. >> what better way to spend it than ferrari california t. >> the mountain surrounding canada are a playground for adventures and luxury travelers. a ferrari team will fit right in. the $232,000 convertible is
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aggressive to drive. it has a backseat. makes you feel ready for any adventure. >> everybody has said, there's one thing to do on this trip, take the bug a boo, it's so worth it. this is where the sport got started north america. the private helicopter flight to the lodge is sure to delight. >> all the trees this clear. probably best time of year to be flying in. >> at the lodge, you can take a hike or ski in the winter. or you can just on the lawn and enjoy the spectacular scenery. >> this is beautiful. this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. >> once you've been safely reunited with a ferrari head towards the grand hotel.
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you'll arrive there just if time to watch the sun slip across the lake. >> hi. thank you so much. >> with the ferrari safe with the hotel valet, you can relax and have a cocktail at the end of your exciting day. day. >> plenty of people bloomberg that want her job. has bloomberg driver hannah elliott. what is a ferrari doing in the rock keys? >> it's a great question. probably not the first car you would imagine to be in the canadian rockies. the california t is the perfect car to take on a road trip there. it's a four seat car. it also has all wheel drive. it's only ferrari that has those nice practalties. it's doable if you throw a child
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or two in the back or luggage. it's very comfortable for a long distance drive. lot more than other fare ferraris. >> it's a one day whirlwind tour? >> it's still very much a ferrari. you get the roar of the engine, the feel and sound. >> that's what you want. not practicality. you can find out more on we caught up with racing car driver alexander rossi making business transition from formula to indy. >> we have big profile. he's indy car now. he just won the indy 500 in may. he's first american rookie to do so in 90 years. >> it's hard enough to getting a seat, how difficult is it of >> it's easier to make it in indy. it's not quite as exclusive. he thinks that really he's going
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to make a name for himself. >> so much in this gift card and we need to get through. >> i'm glad we're talking about this. this is the harvey tool set by armani. one of the things interesting to us armani makes took set. you open it up, you got a basic tool set. wrenches, pliers. >> i want to know what a fool set is doing in the gift guide? >> it is the most beautiful tool set that exist. >> that's a $1500. i might get 1 to do the work for me. >> i want to talk about one of my favorite ite these earrings >> they were made by a ninth generation jeweler. it's a load of flower design. >> what are spinell?
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what do you think about them >> i think for $78,000 i hope swum is paying. i can find out much more from jim in the gift card >> what was your favorite story? >> i leak to put a few of them together. i have learned in the last 30 minutes you can't buy everything. i take the road trip in the ferrari. >> you can buy some stuff including these earrings which are part of our spend gift guide. >> that wraps up things for us. more bloomberg television starts now. ♪
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