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tv   Bloomberg Markets Asia  Bloomberg  January 16, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> it is 9:00 in singapore. we are coming to you from the headquarters in hong kong. asia.s bloomberg markets >> japan and decline of the yen dragging on exporters. the europeanm single market.
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with energy leadership donald trump staying away. second dayry -- the of the week here. singapore coming up. let's get over to singapore and have a look at market action that is really bearing out. >> the equity markets are on their way down for fairly obvious reasons today. slightly anddown let's look at some of the data we have. investmenttralia and the rba allowing thesencrease and you have
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ares lifting and there curbs and we have some exports coming from singapore and they andbetter than expected they are a little bit lower than the previous and it means that that reading is hard. the equity markets, we are looking at declines across the board in malaysia and south korea. let me take you to the markets the japanese yen capped a sortnd of gains. and thethe cost be of theor the most part
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last 3-4 days. malaysia is a little higher and singapore here. thisve four points above and i will be back ahead of what will prove to be an important indication ahead. >> we don't know what that actually means. here.get to the news heidi? ownership in banks with the overhaul of the financial system. thatrime minister said they will be looking at this as
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early as this year. , they the overall economy expect higher growth beyond this year. for thisonomic growth year and the higher growth rate for the years to come to be able to achieve an average growth rate of 7%. we see some sentiment with believe that and i the trend and the tendency is towards economic integration. the savers will be able to machines00 from cash and the central bank announced these changes with the cash tockdown and it could lead
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stimulus measures. the japanese prime minister is urging for signatories to join the transpacific partnership. shouldsaid that this pave the way for further partnerships. achieving this, i should like to move to the ambitious. japan would like to be a standard error for the free trade regime. president will address the world economic forum. his appearance comes just ahead
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of the inauguration. he says that he thought it was a trade. >> bloomberg television will have the economic forum in d panel.ncluding the that is coming up this afternoon. and, on wednesday, we bring you the middle class discussion and the former u.s. treasury secretary. this will be on bloomberg television and radio. this is bloomberg. that.nk you for let's get to the big story of
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the half in and half out approach. sophie is having a look at this. >> we have the office ahead of the delivery that indicates no they do not seek to adopt the title already they abandon the theing relationship with
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final plan for the negotiation with the made a full control. jurisdiction of british law and immigration was a critical issue. there was lots of movement of free labor. uncertainty.ore large uncertainty looms the volatility in the markets and the drop in the pound. a single leaving market mean for players like banks? have the business investment
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discussion. a business investment with in the tradingy partner and the weighing in of business investment. heavily dependent on we don't know at that time. tolerance. limited >> thank you very much. on the the update economic output. let me walk you through the
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numbers. there are a couple of percentage by .3 and it will be up haventage points when they a number in line with the beijing target. since octoberge this is in terms of the reasons and we are looking ahead to the fall. they want stability and we are seeing that more coming from state-run banks. huge.owth is
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let's take a listen. is high domestic credit there is a capacity in some sectors. arise with the credit on the gdp ratio. area withound the some perspective for other countries. this has triggered a financial crisis and there is, as has been reported, a lot of risk. >> you look at the united states trumpitain and donald with the hard brexit.
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phrase will have to be optimistic. see that for 2018. decided on the bump in the percentage points and there are reasons for this. let's take a listen to the imf economist. some taxill bring in some of that will flow over. the stimulus will be so great
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that they will have to reach a strong dollar. expensives it more thereoducts overseas and is a borrowing costs in dollars. >> thank you for that. answers andns than we will look at what this means. our next guest will talk about what he believes -- trump takes office later this week.
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>> a number of things way on
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asian equities today. how does it characterize the environment? the shrugging off of exit and the referendum. there is more of a reality check. indeed. we arty have that will stop have we gone too far with it? reflations a timeframe and they may have overshot. with regards to the equities and the global equities, i think it is very difficult to find true focus on you need to
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the individuals and the sector selection. are so many chances to index.rform and a broad >> absolutely, it is a story on they neednews and people to be active and that is the challenge right now. .> correct you are chasing returns and there is a realization that andic markets are elevated there is more opportunity in private equity. you look at the banks that are searching and, if you look
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beneath the surface, you have it is coming to they willservices and get better returns and private equity investments. >> we were talking about interest and what was dealt with with world preservation. does that change the axiom? >> i think it becomes more important. if this is the year of shrugging this off, 2017 could be the year of a reality check and we see some headwinds with the equity rally and a potentially weaker dollar. the, if you think about
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interest rates rising, it could lead to a headwinds to offset the poverty of the fiscal stimulus. it is all about execution. talk is cheap. >> it certainly is. indeed. let's get to that. we are having government by twitter. you are seeing this early on. >> look, this could become a narrative and you do the opposite of what you see on the headlines. for instants, trump gets elected and almost everybody says that this would be negative for equity and positive for growth and the opposite happened. this year, it seems like a
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reversal of those trends. so, there is some interdependency. there is a potential of good again, by being wall of worry,he it could be a good trade. we have how he hopes to grow one of the biggest economies.
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is planning on --
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say thereview, they are plans to open up the economy . of course, the nation still faces big challenges. years of reform, the government has achieved a lot of accomplishment and we are still faced with many challenges and the economy remains small with slow and we are making progress, leading to low productivity and all of these outstanding issues with the goals and the mandates and it requires us to approve the
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restructuring of the economy and we need to reduce corruption and group of officials who war.ntegrate into the >> it is a challenging you have thend rising anti-globalization sentiment. economic growth for this year and the higher growth rate for the years to come with the average growth rate for five years. sentiment of
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protectionism and the main trend and thatic integration capitalizing on the tendency. >> are you saying you are not concerned about the rise in the anti-globalization sentiment? reasons why i'm not concerned about protectionism. community anding it is reaching enterprises and projects and it
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term andng the general definition and it is not against trade. and theetention of jobs aan to retool factories with to border tax and a move with the iphone makers as trump has singled out apple is a company he thinks should manufacture in the united states. coming up, she is becoming the -- xi isnese president
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becoming the first chinese president to address davos.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> this is bloomberg markets. we are having a look at what is going on. ande is a lot to digest donald trump will become the 45th president of the night states. we have theresa may outlining a clean exit from haveuropean union and we the chinese president addressing delegates for the first time. there is a lot to digest, including the chinese growth numbers.
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it is pretty much forecasted as the imf is and upping the growth and we should get to the market open. >> i forgot about that and we may speecheresa later on. thisay want to call consolidation and there has not been a lot of risk appetite in the last few days. and the at the pound concept to be emphasized that is used loosely and we have a better idea of what that will look like in the sweet spot or
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sweet range, if you will. open look at the chinese and they drop into the chinese with more and an update. the hang seng is another interesting one to watch. thepricing now with shanghai composite and this actually fell below the trend it is at 22.nd you look at the income and this makes me lawn -- jan. there has really been a move back into the dollar. let's talk about something more
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interesting. you look at these charts and what happened here? virtuallyere down and every single stock fell. these stocks were down. not a lot of people know why. we are seeing a bit of a recovery. having a look at the philippines and we have not seen gains in the market. closed with ao little bit of strength there and it was worth noting that the remittances are showing a come and with a big jump something to watch has to do
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with the strength of the dollar ofing and there is not a lot risk appetite. >> thank you. let's get over to the first word news. theresa may is set to announce her pulling out of the market. the british prime minister says she has no interest in a half in and half out approach. they may start shifting jobs. the pound has shifted to its lowest. presidents ase the group president. he says that he is proud to be has of the evolution and he
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a phd in computer science. the chinese search engine giant has just set up in beijing. after theas upgraded call with jakarta. jpmorgan downgraded equities following the donald trump election when. neutral revised up to and said that they should now decide. donald trump has met martin luther king the third to discuss the system. the oldest son of the civil rights leader is focused on voting rights. a number of democrats say they are boycotting the trump
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inauguration. buyal news, 24 hours a day, journalists. >> thank you for that. the chinese president is in the thelight and will address economic forum. we are joined by our chief asia economics correspondent. this is pretty significant. >> it is quite a deal, especially considering the protectionist rhetoric and we herethe president arriving and with a message. lift andes a bit of a criticism has been coming in in
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recent years. accounts, he will audience thato a is tired of economic growth and -- >> is that what he is expected to focus on? in thisnts to engage and push back against some of the measures trump is engaging in. there is a legitimate two-way debate. this is really capturing the imagination of everyone. >> what is he going to do? there is protectionist rhetoric coming out. what happens if donald trump does some tariffs? he has, interestingly, since
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, been consistent on the currency and he wants to do something to punish china. it is hard to say. we know that he has backed away from calling china a currency this will gond beyond china. significant that donald trump may deliver on his word. >> thank you very much. are looking in on allegations that include bribery and embezzlement. what are the chances of an arrest?
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they seem fairly high. >> i have to say that it is and andeems to have collected there is a perjury charge against him with prosecutors believing that he has lied and possibility he could himhis again with a case of being behind bars. restraint from arrest warrants. it is a chance that the court may reject the request. is, who will take over?
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arrested and put behind bars, you may see a leadership vacuum. there has been a possibility that the members of this trio were running the company in this transition and potentialseeing the that the confident executive may step in to take the reins and handle things for the family. >> what about the sister? >> yes. she has fewer shares in the company and there has been
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aeculation that the sister is proven executive and was liked by her father. some people believe that she may, at some point, take over and it is possible that she comes up as a candidate to have control of the business empire. her,public could like because she has come up as a samsung. with >> thank you very much for joining us. also, there is a spectre of arrest. we will look at the forum and the second day of coverage. we will ask about what he thinks
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is in the pipelines for this part of the world.
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xitdonald ump and bre challenge the investment community. picturehere with the for policymakers. report ofe read the of the precious here. here is the asia-pacific chief economist and thank you. let's talk about china. pick your poison. what do they do? titany continue to cap --
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capital controls? what should they do and what will they do? >> they do not want to let the current seco. they have the reserves and, if they tighten the controls, they will never get to the point where they are the currency. they have to split the difference here. >> that is what they will do and what should they? andhere is a regime rate they are managing. manage theied to -- ility of the basket and they are sending mixed
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signals to the market and they smell blood. there ismell blood and withure on the currencies coming topressures the forefront. issues and gdp growth. we have been talking but the hard landing and soft landing. >> do they want stability ahead of that? you probably read the same this go to ating free flow sooner than you want. the ball of thumb is the
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china will and eventually have to go to the regime and they want to control this. when you get into that system, the pressure pops up in different places. >> we like to latch onto psychological levels. and iss a nice mountain there a level of adequacy they need? a report that nobody really buys anymore and we don't know when the market could smell blood. , there is aolicy
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wants to avoid that and they are trying to slow things down and keep the pressure moderate. >> what will they do if donald trump continues on his pledge to be going after china as a currency manipulator. >> if trump goes down that road, -- will there is in optimist in me that hopes they will find something symbolic. labeling them as a currency minute later, nobody wants to go down that road. that is not a good path. >> i was reading some of your notes and you talk about trump uncertainties. >> we could have a repeat of the 1980's, borrowing more, spending
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more, infrastructure, tax cuts, growth, higher yields. you could get a path towards a trade war and a disconnect between growth and trade. if you name a region that could get rocked, it will be asia. >> there is a wisdom with bill clinton talking about favored nation status and the level of leverage they would try to use, but donald trump is a wildcard. have a huge amount of uncertainty. we don't know. he is not wise. >> is theresa may at looking at brexit? needleill not move the
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for asia. >> there is planning for the currency and the dollar denominations to alleviate the pressures on the reserves. what is happening here. >> there is points for creativity with the outflows and you get these borrowing and there isse dollars and not a sustainable solution to the problem. >> they control the banks and they have to control this. the aff isnd day of underway. back to you. >> thank you. the second andn
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the carrier says they -- they lost more than $1 billion in the last three years. they have not ruled out redundancies and new strategies fo. a purchase of clayton energy shalecreage in the formation. 4200eal provides more than with the oil equivalent. earnings beatthe estimates coming in at $1.2 billion and this has spend higher earnings and gains from the investmenth
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in new areas and retail. control of the incoming chairman. this is bloomberg.
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in units tostake prevent them from takeovers. our asia deals man on the spot is with me now. >> they are looking at five of the against companies. >> it is a hoarding company and the biggest business, they have
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companiesol and other 39y own between 31 and percent. >> next month. >> yes, the end of february. they have a plan to finance this and the idea is that they do not want to have a debacle over this. >> he has been thrown off of the boards of many of these companies. this is not finished. >> he has vowed to continue his battle in the courts and the group has learned a lesson, wanting to remove him from the board of operating companies and they hired a slew of a kid buys her's and this was not a foregone conclusion.
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>> he gave up a few of the receipts. >> he saw the way this would go and it took some lobbying. he vowed to continue this battle. >> indeed. this could play out for years. >> it could take a while. >> let's have a look at the futures and what we have against the close with a slight move up and it looks like there will be a flat start and slightly higher . let's have the update with the up and and the hang seng reversing some of the declines. we are seeing them across the another dayere was
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of the exporting stocks against the dollar and it dragged the to the 19,000 level. despite the political intrigue and the scandal with the influence scandal and the possibility that the air apparent may be arrested. there we go. a little bit of weakness there and it is really minor and flat. i will leave you with singapore and malaysia. we will tell you what is on the way with the times index. posts --ng green in. davos. is the first time we have ever
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had a chinese president at the ski resort and he will be addressing the economic meetings in switzerland.
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♪ >> welcome to our special coverage of donald trump's inauguration. i am here with the dancing man, john. donald trump will be sworn in on friday. we are using the next few days to take a deep dive into policy, into what a trump presidency around themerica and globe. a reminder of some of the things the president-elect has been americanlans for the economy. >> we are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. this includes lowering the tax rate on business


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