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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  January 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." >> we begin this evening with our continuing look at president trump's first week in office. the president signed an executive order early this morning to begin construction of a border wall with mexico. present is part of the signature campaign promise to fight illegal immigration. directives ats the department of homeland security. >> we're in the mind of a crisis border.outhern the unprecedented surge of illegal migrants from central america is harming both mexico and the united states and i believe the steps we will take,
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starting right now, will improve the safety in both of our countries. it's going to be very good for mexico. a nation without borders is not a nation. today, the united states of america gets its borders,of gets back its borders. is expected tot meet with mexican president enrique peña nieto next week at the white house. joining me now from washington, the new yor new york costas of thecontestant washington post. thissize it up for us, week the president seems to be determined to fulfill his promises. he said he was gonna build a wall. he initiated it now. what's the difference between the initiation and the beginning of the wall being built, having well as mexico
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paying for it? >> good to join you, charlie. what we're seeing this week, especially with regard to is the culmination of action in terms of what the insident was talking about his inaugural address. this hard-line populism that he articulated has now been put into policy, through these orders, working alongside senator jeff sessions, the controversial aide at his side. they've crafted these executive orders because they want to get started quickly. in particular, on the wall. they're using current federal to themthat's available through executive authority to begin the construction project. starting tohey're have talks with mexico, a government that remains very the idea of funding in i part of this wall. but -- funding any part of this wall. all part of trump's ambition to get started on his immigration policies now, before congress gets cold feet and
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before too many things come his way. >> he is evidently determined to get a whole lot accomplished early, across the boards. is.e certainly this is somewhat different for a republican president. week at the capitol all and many republican lawmakers in both the house and senate are privately and publicly telling don't really like that trump is using all this executive authority. the criticisms, the main one, they made of president obama. but they know that trump, as someone who is so outside of washington, is working with congress, going to be at the retreat in philadelphia on thursday with congressional republicans. really operating as a loner inside of this white house, working with his staff to sure his campaign promises are fulfilled. and they're not necessarily all mainstream, conservative ideas. they're trump proposals. >> is it steve bannon that has him, do influence with you think?
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>> i see it not just as bannon this breitbart, populist-nationalistic orbit around trump. his chiefr, speechwriter, steve bannon, jeff sessions, rick dearborn, the staff, who is a longtime chief of staff to sessions, these are people who long on the fringes of republican politics. now they have power. having power, they don't want to lose it, and they want to move on things that they know make and people in their party many democrats uncomfortable. >> julie, your assessment of what's happened in these three days of the trump presidency this week? >> well, what we've seen is a aal activist as robert said, real activist approach to really putting in place unilaterally key campaign promises. what we saw with the border executive order, both of them was that donald trump is going to try to use all of his hisority and everything at disposal both to appear to be carrying out those promises in a and to try toy
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prod congress to follow him. mr. of the things -- many of the called for in his orders today, the building of the wall, the hiring of more and moreents immigration enforcement officials, will take congress action and funding. he's doing is laying out a predicate, as he did with the health care executive order, that first evening right after he was sworn in, to say this is turning this i am government. this is the direction i want policy to go. get some ofd we can this done. what's not clear is whether he can actually follow through and of these things accomplished. the border wall will be very costly. we're already hearing that the of mexico may cancel his trip to come and visit the white house and talk to donald trump about this, in the coming weeks, because of the anger that this proposal has inspired. so i think what we see from trump is a real archivist sort of -- activist sort of posture. we'll just have to see. >> tonight as we speak, who is likely supreme court nominee?
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>> i think judge gorsuch is one the main contenders. same with hardiman, coming out western pennsylvania. you have pryor, who is close with senator sessions. three.rt of the main andar it's really gorsuch gordonman, whgordon -- and hard. andou keep saying, robert, other people do, senator sessions has real power here, doesn't he? >> oh, he does. he is someone -- i think back, 2015, when i was in mobile, alabama, with then-candidate trump. and sessions came onto the plane. i was there. he puts on that white baseball cap. he found someone who could sell an ideology that really no one else in the party sessions was selling, this populism, nationalism, trade,l identity, protectionism, very tough borders. no one else was really talking these things except the
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breitbart website, jeff sessions and a few other conservative outlets. trump comes in with this whirlwind of celebrity, and embraces the sessions ideology and is able to bring it to power. now, sessions, in power, is able to help trump turn those policy. instincts into >> there really is a sense, he hasthat he believes caught a wave, which is the populist which is the revolution around the world, and that he is simply the expression in america. >> absolutely. we heard him in his inauguration world,, people of the talking about this movement that they've built and that he's just the messenger and the power is to the people. he can talk about the message of populist movement. put out all these executive orders for unilateral action. is what we have yet to see whether he's going to be able to build a coalition to get these things done. do that with mitch
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mcconnell and paul ryan. and one of the things that i think this supreme court fight coming up will allow him to do is sort of establish some upthose channels and team with capitol hill for getting a big priority done. effectively,that then i think that will bode well for some of the policy agenda to execute.s but right now, this white house is at its very sort of beginning stages. they don't have much of a coalitions operation. much of a even have communications operation beyond the press secretary and key staff. of work to do lot to put some of that in motion. >> the washington post had a fascinating piece, i think it yesterday, robert, in which you got a real inside look at hisit is, both trump with pen circling articles in the papers that he was interested in wanted ad action on or response to. of how -- hisense operandi in the white
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house. >> well, as much as we've discussed before, trump sees disruption and tweets as power, as a way of rattling washington. fors creating challenges himself in this town, with his m.o. we look at the new controversy voter fraud, alleged voter fraud that trump is talking tweets. a series of he mentioned this at a congressional meeting at the white house on monday night. issues beyondbout the policies of health care and immigration and taxes. that's really alarmed privately some lawmakers i've spoken with. why trump can't get more focus in his agenda, in this first week. the things the washington post has been reporting, my colleagues have that he'sm.o., is waking up very early every day, getting all the printouts about and his staff, printed up for him. he's marking them with pen, in a sharpie marker, and he's really watching television every hour, minute, keeping his antenna up.
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his aides tell me that's part of successful. he's not really turning a blind eye to the media. he knows he needs to live in the way he operates. but it's putting a lot on his plate. it's taking up a lot of his time, these executive orders, monitoring the media, giving these speeches. we still see him adjusting to the office. >> back in a moment. stay with us. ♪ >> we begin with this today. the dow jones industrial soared for the first time in history. wednesday afternoon, the s&p 500 also reached record highs. stock market has surged since president trump's victory in anticipation of a more business-friendly administration. president trump's pro-growth policies are giving wall street further cause for optimism, as he promises to roll regulations, cut taxes and invest in infrastructure. joining me now, the vice of multiasset
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investing. and a senior market editor at bloomberg. of them.ed to have all byron, what's going on? >> well, what's going on is that investors are taking trump at his word. they believe that he is going to improve the economy. bumping alongs since the recovery began in 2009. at less than a 2% growth rate. he promises something considerably more than that. i think the program that you outlined can deliver something 3% growth. and where i went to school, 3% 2%.0% more than >> indeed it is. [laughter] >> and reach it by when, for the 2017? >> well, most people think it will start to kick in in 2017 but you'll really feel it in 2018. an my view is trump is impatient guy. and he's gonna press to get these changes done earlier
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later.than >> and will be successful? >> i think they will be effective. i think there's some negatives associated with them that we can about. one is it's gonna take a lot 3%e workers to produce 4.7%h, and we already have unemployment rate. the tax cuts are going to reduce government than theaster additional income will -- and it the tax revenue. >> michael? >> i think that's exactly right. i mean, i think obviously trump a huge wish list of items that he wanted to do. reacted veryt positively after the election, of a lot ofsurprise people. i think people thought there would be a lot more volatility, just because there's so much uncertainty surrounding trump. he's very unpredictable on
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purpose. of these guys believe in free trade, you know. i assume trump does too, or he does.e he doesn't belief that the trade -- believe that the trade fair.ion is >> it's interesting that the list of things he started off with, very equity-friendly, obviously, building the pipelines. not only that, saying we're going to use american materials. you know, and even building the wall is very bullish for commodity producers. ultimately, i think the big question to get back to byron's how the bond market reacts. bond yields haven't broken up to outside, like they started to do immediately after the election. goinglear that trump is to push for a bigger deficit in the u.s. thehat, coupled with inflation that's going to be caused by these policies, is onng to cause upper pressure interest rates. >> is that going against republican orthodoxy? >> absolutely. and, you know -- so while there is sort of this optimism, you know, you keep seeing the term
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animal spirits attached to it, meaning sort of a big opt -- a certainmism that amount of his wish list will get accomplished. is,the big question to me march we'll be looking at the debt ceiling again and will these deficit hawks in congress, who pushed so hard in expanding debt ceiling in the past, will they sort of fall in line willd trump on this, or there be a little friction? that to me is really the next litmus test. remember that we ofe had almost a decade incredible central bank policy. it's almost as if we've reality. that very >> the fed has kept interest rates low. ofalso pumped all sorts money and other stimulus into the economy. bernanke wase berng pleaseg with congress,
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spend more. >> the numbers, primarily with infrastructure or what else? withimarily infrastructure. it will be interesting to see military spending as well, whether he thinks a jet fighter list ite whatever price is, but military spending is obviously the second big part of that. >> the balance sheet of the reserve, bank of england, european central bank, bank of japan, if you combine balance sheets, they were $3 trillion in 2008. they're $13 trillion. been propelled by monetary expansion. now at least in the don't have that expansion. i don't think the federal sheet will bee shrunk but i don't think it's going to expand. thee're not going to have monetary portion. we've got to have the push for earnings. interest rates going the wrong way. >> explain that, just because
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everybody doesn't work at blackstone. explain how that means, in terms comes a push for earnings about, because a policy is in effect, and what the consequences of an increase in are across the body. >> well, you know, earnings have trapped between 115 and 120 poor's 500 for & the past three years. now they're expected to go up to 120 to 125. but there's been very little earnings improvement over the years.w under trump's program, if he dismantles regulation, earnings could go to 130. at 20rket could sell times that. that's 2600 on the s&p 500. a 10% move from here. >> to me, charlie, there's still a very important constituency that has to be convinced that all this is for real. directors, boards of c.e.o.'s of companies around the
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country, for the last five, eight years they've been using the money they've taken in, given back stock, dividends. >> and go out and hire new people? not.ey did do they say, we want to go for it? money in waysnd that we weren't comfortable before, because there's an wanttunity that we don't to miss? and so far, they haven't really gone forth. really wrong?y operating rates are 77%. there's plenty of slack capacity the system. you don't have to go out and build a new plant. >> well, then you may not have effects that trump wants. >> right. obviously to get back to the buybacks and dividends, which very much help the stock market. that was fueled by these ultra low interest rates. to me, he hasn't even started i think isut what the most bullish aspect of his corporatewhich is the tax cuts and the possible repatriation of overseas
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earnings. u.s. -- >> a couple trillion? >> i don't know. of blls billions, a couple trillion. >> three trillion. >> three trillion? >> of money that corporations have overseas and have not back because of the taxation rate? >> right. >> all of that would come back, they invest overseas too, so some of it is going to be used over there. mind, you know, they're not bringing it back for free. they will pay some taxes to the government. now, 35, 38? >> 35. >> they're talking -- >> nobody pays that. >> they pay around 27. >> so that right there, that's an instant adrenaline injection to the stock market. how i don't quite get is much is the stock market discounting that as being a done deal. i mean, i think that's the easiest thing for trump to get through congress. >> corporate income? >> well, the repatriation, having a one-time holiday.
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>> i don't think that's a big push. i think the big drivers of the market are lower corporate taxes, on income, not on the repatriation. and the dismantling of regulation. regulation has cost companies an amount. and it's hampered their activities. pluses. are the big he's got to get those through and i think he will. >> he's going to have paul ryan's support on that, for sure. >> well, paul ryan will support him, but paul ryan is the hawk.t he wants whatever program trump belements, he wants to revenue neutral. and, you know, you cut taxes on individuals, you're gonna have to find other ways to generate revenue. to have a balanced budget. >> what does that have to do regulations? >> well, regulation is costing companies money. you know, if they make more
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they'll pay more taxes. >> can i paint a somewhat more bearish case? which is the c.e.o.'s i've met in the last few weeks, they're excited, but all the factors that you've been talking about, there's a creeping fear that one sort of rule by fiat, more about style than anything how they doaffect their business. but beyond that, the substantive issue, charlie, of reduction of trade. border adjustability. if you want to get really that., we can go into let's not do that. basically it's a way of putting a tariff on goods that come in the u.s. >> and produce a trade war, a product of that. mean, richard is so eloquent about that. you could have problems in mexico. are the people who are buying u.s. products? people in mexico. energy, natural gas, oil to mexico. there's all sorts of things we haven't even begun to explore if we really break out into a reduction of the free trade
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regime. >> and profit margins on u.s. companies if they're here rather than there in and we have europe with its own problems. that.exit is a part of we have a populist wave sweeping over the world. and you may see some elections go the wrong way. >> germany, italy. >> france. >> and so that makes europe, which is an important customer card -- a wild >> important customer of china's too, isn't it? >> yes. the whole post war dynamic, it's almost like we'll give you a rebate. preferred trading slack onwe'll cut you nato. explicitnever the thing. what trump's inauguration speech backis, yes, all deals are on the table. >> america first. >> america first. >> thank you. thank you. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> the nomination for the 89th academy awards were announced yesterday. jimmy kimmel will host the sunday, february 26. shizzel's musical "la la nominations.ith 14 barry jenkins' "moonlight" and
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widelyl" were also recognized, with eight nominations each. here's a look at the nine films year for best picture. >> two options. or either follow my rules follow my rules. >> thank you. >> i can do it a different way. fine.t's thank you very much. ♪[music] >> it's christmas. >> yeah. i see the decorations. in the new year. ♪[music] play.ust heard you and i want to -- ♪[music]
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>> strange that we keep running into each other. >> maybe it means something. it. doubt >> you could just write your own rules. write something that's are.esting as you >> what are you gonna do? >> is that gonna happen every time? ♪[music] >> how are you gonna be a revolutionary if you're such a tradition list? holding onto the past. is about the future. >> maybe i'm not good enough. >> yes, you are. >> maybe i'm not. like a pipe dream. is the dream. it's coffi conflict. compromise. ♪[music]
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♪[singing] >> kolkata. >> good spot. >> i'm adopted. i'm not really any... >> starting to remember. >> beautiful boy. >> very proud of you, son. >> a life i'd forgotten. >> you okay? >> i had another family. a mother. a brother. i can still see their faces. [speaking foreign language]
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♪[music] [screaming] >> i have to find my way back home. >> how long were you on the train? >> a couple of days. >> a couple of days? lifetime totake a search all the stations in india. [boy calling] >> do you have any idea what like, how every day my real brother screams my name? [boy calling] >> i always thought that i could keep this family together. i need you. you find home, and they're not even there? >> i don't have a choice.
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she like?s >> beautiful. ♪[music] imagine thatt, i i'm walking those streets and i know every single step of the way. and i whisper in her ear. i'm here. i first met this woman, i saw a rose and i latched onto her. i told her, baby, i don't wanna marry. i just wanna be your man. rose told me -- >> i told him if he wasn't the move out the, then way, so the marrying kind can find me. way.u're in my move out the way, so i can find me a husband. >> ha ha!
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to help me with this fence! colleget recruited by a football team. >> ain't gonna get him nowhere! >> if he be like you in the sports, he gonna be all right. >> hey, but two men ever played andball as good as you, what did it ever get me? to piss in a pocket or a window to throw it out of. >> how come you ain't never liked me? law is there that say i got to like you? a man is supposed to take care of his family. house.e in my fill your belly with my food. put your behind on my bed, you're my son. now, don't you go through life worrying about whether somebody not!you or you best be making sure they're doing right by you. >> corey, just trying to fill out your shoes. >> i don't want him to be like me. him to get as far away from my life as he can decently get. can't be -- that's all you got to measure yourself
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against the world out there. >> rose, i got something to tell you. i don't know how to tell you this. >> why? why? >> you ought to know. it's time. know, damn it!a bones --eet, those >> you ain't never done nothing but hold me back, afraid i was than you!etter >> everything that boy do, he do for you. to admitot easy for me that i've been standing in the same place for 18 years! >> well, i've been standing with you! i got a life too! don't you think i had dreams and hopes? life?bout my what about me? ♪[music] >> what you gonna do? >> some people build fences to keep people out. and other people build fences to keep people in.
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♪[music] >> what you looking at me like that for? man? you just drove down here? >> yeah. ♪[music] >> i'm with you. >> trying not to remember... try to forget. >> you gotta decide for yourself who you gonna be. nobody make that decision for you. ♪[music]
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>> you ain't it. >> i remember the last time i saw you. >> you're my only, my only. no, no, no. you gonna listen? >> to who, ma? huh? to you? >> i ain't seen you in like a decade. expected. >> well, what did you expect? ♪[music] are days that define your story beyond your life. sirens]ce >> like the day they arrived. called first be contact, the objects measure... >> i'm colonel weber. pack your bags.
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you're at the top of everyone's it comes to translations. >> priority one. what do they want? where are they from? a that's why they call them u.f.o. ♪[music] >> we're being carted off in the medevac. >> not everyone is wired for what you're about to do. >> what did they look like? see soon enough. >> every 18 hours, a door opens up. that's when we go in. >> it's time. happened?st >> what happens now? >> they arrive. >> dr. banks, are you insane? ♪[music]
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>> now, that's a proper introduction. >> more objects have landed around the world. >> this is one of 12. >> we're never gonna be able to speak their words. i am human. >> it's their language. theyed to make sure that understand the difference between a weapon and a tool. language can get messy. sometimes one can be both. >> it's possible they're us to fight among ourselves. >> it's more complicated than that. it more complicated? >> russia just executed one of their own, to keep their secrets. >> before they start global war... >> i go back in. >> why does this feel worse?
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>> what the tell is your delay, captain? >> we're waiting, sir. what!ting for >> private doss. >> who the hell is private doss? >> i always dreamed about being a doctor. school.'t go to i can't stay here while all them me.ight for >> did you figure this war was gonna fit in with your ideas? >> while everybody else is taking life, i'm gonna be saving it. my way to serve. >> this is a personal gift from the united states government, designed to bring death to the enemy. >> i'm sorry, sergeant. i can't touch a gun. >> you don't kill? >> no, sir. >> private doss does not believe in violence! do not look to him to save you battlefield! >> i don't think this is a question of religion. i think this is...
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>> you weren't like anyone else. they're saying you could go to prison. >> i don't know what i'm gonna do for myself if i don't stay what i believe. with the world so set on tearing seem likert, it don't such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together. you are free to run into the hellfire of battle without a single weapon to protect yourself. ♪[music] you home!na get >> there's something you gotta see. >> we have to go back up tomorrow. they're not gonna go up there without you.
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>> help me. >> you better come home with me. >> please, lord, help me get one more. me get one more. [explosions] >> the bank loan, just enough to your mama poor. thought they could swipe her land. big bank. whew. >> actually... >> now, they can foreclose on friday. come hell or high water, get the money to the bank on thursday. and then you are free and clear.
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money!s go get that >> open the doors! oldou got a gun on you, man? >> you damn right i got a gun on me. y'all gonna steal my gun too? >> did you hear about these bank robberies? you may get to have some fun before they send you off to the rocking chair yet. breathing down her neck. >> everybody, get on the ground! >> y'all been here for a while? >> long enough to watch a bank getting robbed that's been years. me for 30 >> how did you men stay out of prison? >> it's been difficult. boys know exactly what they're doing. they're trying to raise a certain amount. that's my guess. >> let's go! >> good thing you -- >> we're doing it. >> every step of the way. ♪[music]
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>> want a little advice? >> i never met nobody that got ever.ith anything, >> then why the hell did you agree to do it? >> because you asked, little brother. ♪ mama take this badge off of me ♪ >> i think i got these boys figured. >> you got no record. never been arrested. you don't fit the bill. ♪ getting dark ♪ too dark to see >> whatever i hear, i don't believe. >> no. you believe it. i did all of it. >> i love you. toby, i mean it. >> i love you too. >> woo! >> you wanna get us killed? huh? knock knock knocking on heaven's door ♪ ♪
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going to end up running riding around in this pile of junk. >> you have identification? >> nasa. >> nasa? i had no idea they hired... a few women quite working in the space program. >> at least i can do is give y'all an escort. chasing negro women are a police officer down the highway in 1961. a god-ordained miracle. human intoooting a space. it's never been done before. with the launch of the satellite, the president is demanding an immediate response. the gal for is that. she can handle any numbers you put in front of her. >> this isn't about the math. without her, we're not going anywhere. >> yes, sir. >> that's john glen. nasa?t do you all do for
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>> i have no right to... ♪[music] >> if you were a white man, would you wish to be an engineer? >> i wouldn't have to. i'd already be one. upi don't know if i can keep in that room. >> just make that pencil move as fast as your mind does. >> 300 hours. >> felt like it to me too. >> we don't have to figure it out. >> there is no protocol for women attending. >> there's no protocol for man circling the earth either. >> every time we have a chance get ahead, they move the finish line. i need to be in that room, hearing what you hear. >> you are the boss d. you just have to act like one, sir.
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there togethert or we don't get there at all. >> we're in the fight of our lives, people! gals are ready. we can do the work. >> more than 50 million americans watching. warning light. go find katherine. >> there's a real fireball outside! getting hot in here! >> if you could take one guy to an island with you, and you knew safe, that he was going to keep you happy, if it was between me and your father, who take?you >> my daddy! >> i think you're wrong about that. [phone ringing] >> hello. this is lee. what happened to my brother? ♪[music] understand. >> which part haven't you -- >> well, i can't be the guardian. >> well, your brother provided for your nephew. i think the idea was that you relocate. >> relocate to where? >> it was my impression that
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you'd spent a lot of time here. >> i'm just a backup. whatbody can appreciate you've been through. and if you really feel you can't take this on, you know, that's your right. >> where we going, the orphanage? >> shut up. in the car. >> whatever you decide, he can always stay with us, if he wants to come up weekends. >> do you want to be his guardian? >> well... we already -- we're trying to lose some kids at this point. >> hello? >> hello, lee? i just wanted to call and say sorry. how is he doing? >> hasn't really opened up with me. you actually have sex with these girls? business.y basement >> what does that mean? >> means i'm working on it. >> you don't want to be my guardian? fine with me! all my friends are here. i got two girlfriends and a band. >> what the hell do you care where you live?
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♪[music] >> i've done a lot of terrible you.s to my heart was broken. i know his is broken too. understand.on't there's nothing there. ♪[music] ♪ i am coming home wrong withsomething me. do you want me to call your friends? what do you want me to do? not gonna bother you. i'm just gonna sit here, until you calm down. >> all right. calmer now. will you please just go away? >> no. ♪[music] ♪
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>> mary tyler moore died earlier today. the much-beloved actress was 80 years old. she'd garnered critical acclaim for her role in the dick van dyke show. in "the she starred mary tyler moore show," she became a national symbol for single, professional women. handled dramatic roles. her performance as a grieving in robert redford's film ordinary people earned her an nomination. in addition to an acting career, she was a passionate advocate,
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of the as chairman juvenile diabetes research foundation. threes on this program times, and here's a look at some of those conversations. >> i have always taken very do.ously everything i there's nothing as serious to me as a laugh. ha ha! and i will do everything -- that's hard to do. >> it's hard and it's also something that has to be crafted foryou have to be prepared it, and then make it look like you don't care. that's the best thing of all. but, you know, to have been able to go to college, as i did on the dick van dyke show -- your education. >> yeah! i had done no comedy. i had done really mediocre television, roles in that kind of television, until carl rhiner me that audition. and he heard something that he to hear, that very first time. and within 24 hours, i had the part. started rehearsing it about three days later. >> have you ever had an acting in your life?
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>> i went for about 20 minutes to -- >> ha ha! a part school that was of 20th century fox. therapy.ike me in i lasted 20 minutes. >> oh, really? oh, no. let's talk about that. yes., what would you like to know? >> ha ha! >> have you done therapy as well? sure. >> we'll get to that later. >> okay. for 20went to a lesson minutes? >> 20th century fox had what talent school, sort of a hangover from the olden days when they had people under contract. hoped that you would go to this talent school and learn that a tree, a teapot, and somebody could put you under contract. sojourn fory brief me. i then went on to be a chorus dancer, which i still think of as my true calling. from that, i went into acting. >> when you look back, who has for you?fference who has been really important, husband, or your
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husbands, made a real significant difference for you terms of lessons, in terms of helping you, in terms of -- without think, question, my aunt birdie. >> who was aunt birdie? sister.ther's and she lived with her -- with their mother, my grandmother. during my teen years, when i was growing up -- actually, it tiny baby.i was a they would have me over to the house and i would stay for a time. days at a as i grew older, i leaned on them quite a bit. they were the ones who encouraged me to take the dancing classes and to sing and they made my costumes and drove me to the little shows that we put on. definitely ary most important influence on my life. >> did you know then that you wanted to be a performer? >> i knew when i was three. >> three? >> in fact, it's my grandfather when iarently said of me was three, this child will either end up on stage or jail. >> ha ha! >> fortunately --
10:52 pm
>> aunt birdie made sure it was the stage and not jail. >> ha ha! you look back at those events, that have been most significant, the dick then mary -- and >> i think surely the dyke show was a turning point for me. but whoever knows? been?t you might have >> yeah. heroines?e your >> definitely katharine hepburn. there's a very definite help as youne to my words, occasionally here, oh, rob, darling! ha ha! >> ha ha! you were copying and stealing? >> yes! doing,t know what i was but i guess i thought if i just do what katharine hepburn does, be good.d >> now, did you think you have talent, or did you think i'm just lucky to be here, i hope they don't find out? >> always a combination. total insecurity. can just knock 'em dead, i'm
10:53 pm
the best, and why would anyone me? want to see >> i'm so great! i hope they don't find out. >> it's true. lotink you'll find that a of performers say that. >> huge egos and a huge then at other times -- >> a big debit in the brain! sense ofe your own your image of mary. when you look in the mirror, what do you see? think i see a good sport. i think i see somebody who is compulsively truthful. >> that is true. someone has said about you, mary is asked, she will tell the truth. she will not know how to lie. compulsive. it's just gonna come out. >> yeah. but i have always liked you, charlie. ha!a >> i watch the show every night. >> oh, you know, you once said i was your second favorite person on the entire earth. >> i surely didn't put it that way. >> that is exactly the way you said it! >> well, tonight you're my first.
10:54 pm
first favorite person. >> i will survive. ofat 16 or 17, you were full "i'm ready to take it on the road"? yes? as a dancer? got married when i was 17. no. i was 18. excuse me. had my first child, only child, at 19. but i was eager to get out on my and prove myself worthy of somebody's attention. you do that?id >> i don't think i have yet. the you know, i've got to point where i don't think it's important anymore. from dorothyquote parker who said, what other people think of me is none of my business. as i'm respectful and mindful of other people's feelings, i think i can take my own motto. but i learned that in a book i must stop judging, people andg at other say they don't understand. just let it be and do your best. looking fortill some peace, some sense of coming
10:55 pm
after all thatat you have been through, after all of the highs and all of the somethinge's still you're reaching for? >> sure. >> what is it? >> oh, i don't know. ihave no idea what it is, but think happiness is an evolution. it continues. ingrows and it goes different directions and sometimes it's at a low ebb and primetimes, it's pretty in your life. career,you think about any great regrets that you have? career. >> mmm, no. i... maybe one regret. after ordinaryt people, which was a wonderful time for me, it was a great role a great director and great of attention. and people sent me scripts to look at. that read them, thinking they should have been in the same shape that ordinary people redford first gave it to me to read, and that was
10:56 pm
perfect. very little change from the time read the first script until we were actually filming. and i think i turned down a few things that might have, had i been willing to get in there and producer and director -- >> you could have turned a rough a good script, that would have been a continuation of this extraordinary thing you ordinary people. >> yes. and i'm sorry that didn't happen. i think that was a result of my quite not understanding the business. but listen, if that's the worse thing that happened to me, okay. >> mary tyler moore, dead at 80. ♪
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
>> it's noon here in hong kong. an update of the top stories. let's start things off with toshiba. reversing its losses. spin confirming plans to off its chip business, the board approved the move today. target date for that transaction, march 31, following shareholdersary meeting. plans on outside capital are still undecided at this point. holding ay will be, 4:30 p.m., tokyo consumer prices fell in december month.0th straight inflation was down 2/10 of 1%. a weaker yen. higher oil, of course. likely to drive up inflation this year.


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