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tv   Bloomberg Markets European Close  Bloomberg  March 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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said that is the guy guy -- written by a mark: you've been watching live of the house intelligence committee. a quick check on the markets. european benchmark is down for only the second day. let's not forget he rose friday .o a 15 month high let's get back to capitol hill. a i can'tybody uses talk, that is really tone for breaking the law, when someone says i'm talking to a reporter, a reporter can't tell food is
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because as mr. gaddy was saying earlier, speaking on condition should mean i'm really breaking the law. dir. comey: sometimes. was consistent in her -- and across all of that -- that is your testimony? dir. comey: correct. >> mr. king? if you could -- >> first of all, let me think mr. comey for being here. director comey, i understand your situation where you cannot, on the investigation and yet we
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have very scenarios laid out without anyone being able to prove them until the investigation is completed. i would like to use an example. we could have said in 2012 present obama was overheard in a microphone tell vladimir we can work out arrangements. ridiculed romney when he said russia was still a threat. and as far as a to ukraine, the obama administration always refused to give legal aid to ukraine. was anif there investigation going on, we could
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lay out all these santarus -- scenarios. until the investigation is -- i would suggest -- i'm not asking you to hurry the investigation. in the remaining moments i have. it was two weeks ago that far asr clapper says, as he knows, there's no evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign and russians. obviously, a detailed report talking about russian influence. any reason to disagree with the disclosure of general clapper that there is no disclosure between the russians and the trump campaign.
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dir. comey: that is something i cannot comment on. that is sort of the situation for the other way around. you can't comment on something. because the person's name is brought up or he may have worked for someone, i'm not being critical either of you. bere are situations that can damaging and advances the russians. >> i have a couple of questions. simply that the russians had a negative preference against secretary clinton, they had a positive preference for donald trump. is that correct? i want to ask you --
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dir. comey: correct. >> would it be logical for the to what a candidate who dysfunctions nato -- nato -- disparges nato? dir. comey: i don't feel like answering. myt is respond -- beyond capabilities. -- responsibilities. they think nato encircles them and threatens them. preferenceey have expressedidate that
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sanctions against ukraine? -- comey: mr. putin would like people who like him. >> would they haven't -- preference for a candidate who encourage brexit? dir. comey: would they like to see more brexits, yes. europehave russians in demonstrated they can entangle them and financial interests or allow them to take place over the countries they represent? dir. comey: we account that president clinton has -- president putin -- he believes there are people
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more open to negotiation and dealing with. i would like to continue the line of questioning on michael flynn. understand hean said he did not remember whether he discussed sanctions. i find that hard to believe. wouldn't you think that mr. flynn would have remembered meeting with the russian ambassador and would have told him to stop meddling in our affairs? but that did not happen, did a question mark >> -- but that did not happen, did it? >> i can't answer that. -- that is something i cannot answer. he also appears to have lied
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to vice president mike pence all about it. do you think his buddy to and the the contact meet the standard of an investigation for the fbi? dir. comey: i can't answer. >> i think it's really important we review a timeline that is based on press reporting because we need to get this on public record. on december 25, 2016, mr. flynn reportedly exchanged text messages with the russian ambassador. flynnember 28, mr. reportedly spoke on the phone with the russian ambassador. i then, it was clearly obama administration was going to take
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actions against russia. on the 29th, the obama administration expelled 35 operatives from the united states and announce new sanctions for it sometime in december, mr. fund met in person with the russian ambassador at trump tower and mr. trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, was also there. the purpose of the meeting was of -- ilish a line should add the white house did not disclose that meeting until this month. on generate 20th -- generate reported- january 12 eist president --
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what i can confirm is that those conversations that happen around the united states time to take action have nothing to do with those sanctions. 26, the acting attorney general reportedly told mr. trump's white house counsel that mr. flynn was vulnerable to russian blackmail because the discrepancies between vice president pence actual discussions. on for every cap, president trump denied knowledge of this, telling reporters quote i don't know about that in response to mr. flynn's conduct.
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the white house publicly denied that mr. flynn and the russian massacre discussed sanctions. director comey, all of these pressts are open-source --orting straight given isn't the american public right to be concerned about mr. flynn's conduct? his attempts to cover it up in what looks like the white house attempts to sweep it under the rug. don't we deserve the right to know and shouldn't our fbi investigating such claims? dir. comey: i can't comment. i understand will turn off of the. well or fairly to
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the people we investigate or talk about. return to another topic. payments he received to russia , according torip classifiede 2017 d and long-standing, anti-u.s. messaging likely named at undermining viewers trust in the democratic procedures. this is a says that russian -- employed going back to
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the 20 sony -- 20's 12. how long has the intelligence community been looking at rt as an arm of the russian government? >> we are certainly aware and have been for some time. >> how long have you known about it? >> some number of years. -- mr. flynn would have been rt cost -- when he agreed to speak to their anniversary in 2015. is it reasonable to assume he would know? what i'm not on the position the
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knowledge of another person. comey, would it be unusual for such events. >> i don't know in general. and as for the specifics, i'm not going to comment. >> i would like to read an exchange between mr. flynn and a yahoo! news correspondent from rt event.during the they asked, were you paid for the event and mr. flynn said yes. weapons from any russia.
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-- this russian government media owned outlet. >> i believe i've seen news accounts to that effect. theover, according to emoluments clause, a person not holding any office cannot accept gifts or payments from a foreign country. the department of defense credit military officers from taking any consulting fees. >> that's not something i can comment on. >> can you say the emoluments clause would apply to mr. flynn?
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>> i can. believe mr. hard to flynn, a retired officer, would take money from the russian government. wereieve such violations the of a criminal investigation by the fbi. what level of proof do we need to have a criminal investigation by the fbi? >> i can't comment on that. shouldn't the arabs and people ?e concerned i think it's really hard for us to battle them that he should know to disclose that he received $35,000.
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>> i can't comment on that. >> my final line of questioning is in regards to working as an age -- agent. it requires mustiduals who lobby register with the united states government. >> i believe that is correct. as a general matter, if you are going to represent a foreign government, you should register. >> isn't it true that last november, mr. flynn was working as a foreign agent doing work that benefited the government of turkey and did not report it to last week for a can't comment on that. >> isn't it true that mr. flynn
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was paid over $500,000 for the sort? >> same answer. that he shoulde support that work? >> i have to give the same answer. >> directed comey, i know you cannot discuss whether any investigations are ongoing with u.s. citizens and i respect that. i think it is important that the american citizens understand that. about antalk investigation. the house must put those facts into public demand.
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-- domain. secondly, mr. flynn lied about taking money and thirdly did not disclose work as an agent of a foreign power and the white house did not help in those concerns. it's clear to me that mr. flynn federale under investigation. lining --ment of level ofrise to the disclosure and to me, criminal intent. i say this to say the american people deserve to know the full that it may have affected
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our election. >> thank you. mr. comey and mr. rogers, you said the russians favored donald trump and you have made a change from the beginning of december. if not they were trying to help dogs on, but that change by early january. don't agree with that. view. not change our i don't know if anyone did on the team. -- y perspective direction point the tryingin that they were
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to get donald trump elected. >> do russians historically democrats to win over republicans? >> i don't know the answer to that. we formed anow if conclusion. -- i never saw a u.s. over that.e republicans say if --prefer republicans
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over democrats? wouldn't it be historically all we know about who the russians would prefer, that somehow they prefer republicans over democrats. .i'm not going to discuss it there is some analysis because it did come up of our assessment . >> i would just say that historically, russians have supported republicans. >> to me it puts a cloud over the entire report.
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i've had differences from hisael wrote on the past answer was there was smoke, but no fire. there's no little camp fire or candles. there is no spark. do you agree? it's -- >> i can, on that. >> you talk about the significance of leaks into me, i been here a while. i've never seen such a sustained period were going back to december, the washington post .as told the inclusion
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i have situations in the new york times where they talk about meetings and transcripts rate there was one in particular who spoke about individuals meeting with russian intelligence agents. again, governor comey i don't know if you will, on this. the white house steve -- chief told himsaid yesterday the story was bs. is there anyway you can comment? >> i can't agree with that. -- i thinkgree with in the last six weeks or couple of months, there's been apparently a lot of conversation about classified matters ending
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up in the media. a lot of it is dead wrong because we don't correct it. it does strike me that a lot of then -- to them. >> i fully understand the .edia's fascination >> that goes with the game. if you are talking about leaking -- youied information stated today there is an investigation going on. someonethink there is from the fbi who is telling them about these meetings with russian intelligence agencies.
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i think it was in were six where he saw admiral rogers, director brennan, and general clapper present some. you --ting after that is i don't know how to people, but within hours that was leaked to the media and that gave the media the excuse to publish almost the entire dossier. law? you violate any had a classified briefing with the collective -- it is a small number of people and it was anked out within our -- hour. can answersay, but i
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in general. is classified conversations a potential violation of the law and is serious problem. oftentimes, it does not come from the secrets. it comes from people who heard about it or told about it. it is an enormous problem whenever you find information classified in the media. we don't talk about it, but i do think issue the properly possible treated so people take it as a lesson that this is not ok. >> were there any other people
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in the room who could have links that out -- leaked that out question mark -- leaks that out? room andor people in a i don't know who else was in the room, that was leaked out within minutes or hours. universe. is this all it is a disclosure of classified information. if you want to start with leaks, itt is where you can narrow down for >> again, i cannot confirm. ingeneral experience is know more about
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people and expect it. more people have been hurt erotic and those echoes are what most often gets shared with reporters. us who else was in the room that day? thatm not going to confirm .here was a conversation in a classified setting i might be able to share more with you. i'm not going to confirm any conversations with president president trump. i'm not going to help people who did something that is an authorized for view went for everything and that is not
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classified. >> how to we know that? >> you see the predicament we .re in here watching have been live coverage of the house intelligence committee. toe rogers facing questions read will get back to it. first, european equities finished the money session low. .t has been a good run ftse, in afor the decline in sterling scurried big news today was that brexit will be triggered on next wednesday. let's get back to capitol hill.
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can you give any indication then we may -- the committee may know something from you? will we have ongoing updates? the -- howknow how long it will take. i have briefed in great detail the chair and the ranking. i can't predict or commit to update, but we are in constant touch with you and we will do the best we can. house intelligence committee are conducting our bipartisan investigations and looking wherever it may lead with individuals or circumstances, if you, through the fbi investigation, a cross a circumstance with an individual
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or situation, would we be made aware of that? >> not necessarily, but it is possible. >> can you tell us what we are doing or what we should be doing to protect against russian interference in future elections or any meddling with our government or for that matter, iranians,sponsored north koreans, chinese, any meddling they made to be doing? acknowledgment of the activity illuminates a significant issue we all have to deal with.
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there are ongoing efforts both within the government in terms of how we harden our defenses. weon't think traditionally -- i don't think we have traditionally thought about it. the informational kind of dynamic. i think that is a challenge for us and continued partnership between the elements and government. to the futurey for me. >> i had a whole list of questions. i don't want to be the and heavy say i can't comment on them will win moves to classified session, this committee will be able to situationse of those
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a little more in depth. i have a couple of other the russianout .ntervention if you could give me a couple of minutes when we get to the next round. -- if youiefly, the can describe the elements of russia's active measures in the 2016 election. we only have seconds, but that is what i want to get into. >> we saw the use of external media, this information, we saw .everal the release of
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some much information is a primary tool. >> can you talk to us about what tools they used? >> i'm not going to go into the specifics of how they executed the --
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i think so. and foreign travel as well. >> i would make a request through the justice department or you or whatever ic component that that be provided to the committee and a yield now to mr. carson. i would like to focus my line --questioning on russia's a conflict that has yet to be resolved. you brieflyrs can describe as you understand it,
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how russian took crimea? rogers: they occupied it and remove it from uranian control. explain how these ukraine? russia and rogers: what we saw was a much bigger effort on the attempts to distance russian actions from any potential blowback. to support the forcible
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separation of the ukraine. >> has russia returned crimea back to ukraine? adm. rogers: no. >> do they have intention to? adm. rogers: they have said they will not. >> and my right that they see it as part of a broader objective to influence and impact ukraine's desire for self-determination. i think that's part of it. >> the u.s. and the rest of the world saw the annexation for what it was. after pressure mated, the united nations essentially declared it a crime in a nonbinding resolution. government instituted
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sanctions against russia. is that right? adm. rogers: yes. >> russia invaded another country. we all stood shoulder to .houlder one who did not, it's president trump. putin he is not going to ukraine. admiral, hadn't putin already gone and left two years before? generally, yes sir. >> and he still hasn't left? adm. rogers: now we are getting specifications.
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acceded -- >> are they still in ukraine? certainlys: they are ongoing. what would it mean for putin and the russians to have sanctions lifted? economicrs: easing of impact, greater flexibly, more resources. >> according to nato analysis, the russian economy shrunk by as 3.4% in mid-part because of sanctions. we are talking about over $1 billion in the first year of sanctions. they are -- putin himself said
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that sanctions are severely harming russia, so we know they have had success in putting pressure on the come in. admiral, what would it mean to you politically? russia? help legitimate not able to talk about that politically. the russians continued to keep the ukraine week. >> would it help the united states? adm. rogers: if we remove the sanctions
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>> if they can legitimate their annexation of crimea, what's next? are we looking at a new iron curtain? the only check on russian expansion. at the republican convention in july, trump himself change the republican party platform to no longer arm ukraine. month putin denied -- this was the same month that several individuals held secret meetings with russian officials. been onwhich may have
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the topic of sanctions against russia. alleges trump agreed ofsideline intervention russia into ukraine. has yet a lot to be -- to be proven from the dos year, the allegations are checking out and this one seems to be as accurate as they come. in fact, there is also one pattern i want to point out. fired.r, page, fired. why? they were hired because of their russian connections. became their connections public, they were effectively couple. they were also the fall guys. after mr. quigley's line
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of questioning, we might know news -- can guess who's next. >> thank you for your service to our country. i think it is important as we sit here that we explain this to the american people in a way they can understand. why are we talking about all of this? is russiauestion is our adversary? rogers >> yes. did they intend to do us -- >> did they intend to do us harm? gainrogers: they intend to an advantage at our expense. dir. comey: harm can have many
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meetings. they want to resist us, under minus in a lot of different waves. -- it blends conventional -- wouldcyber warfare, you say that russia engaged in hybrid warfare in an effort to undermine our democratic process and engage in our electoral process? i don't think i would use the term warfare. you would want to ask experts. they engage in a campaign to undermine democracy in her one of the candidates.
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>> i would agree with the director. >> i think there act was an engagement of hybrid warfare. in terms of trying to understand web withhink a spider . trench in the middle the durantula in the middle is vladimir putin who is getting people to do his business and engage with him. that would include those like roger stone and michael caputo and wilbur ross and paul and rex tillerson. he was the ceo of exxon mobil. in 2008, he said the likelihood
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of russian businesses was in fact a poor investment. that russia was a poor investment climate. a 500 -- $500osed -- second most powerful man in russia and probably a former kgb agent. gives axon access to the black sea and siberia for oil development. rex tillerson calls him a good friend. in 2012 mr. tillerson and mr.
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show togo on a road talk about this great deal. also, there is a video of president clinton toasting champagne. in 2013, mr. tillerson received the russian order of rent ship. to president next putin at the event. it a dietn to you, is to mr. putin, knowing what you know of him and his interest in doing hard to us, is it of asefit to have rex tillerson secretary of state for a >> i can't answer that question.
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>> admiral rogers? >> i'm not in a position to answer. could you give me an understanding of what are some of the reasons we impose -- tions >> from my general knowledge it is to punish activities criminal in nature that involved were crimes, violations of you and resolutions or united states law. it is to communicate and enforce foreign-policy interests and values of the united states of america. next room i describe it better. >> admiral rogers? use tos also a tool we
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shape the actions and intentions of others. -- the factse of russia had invaded crimea. it is an effort to try to send a strong message to russia. is that not true? dir. comey: i think that's right. adm. rogers: yes. yield forat, i will now. >> thank you. anys never acceptable for foreign power to interfere with our elector process. this committee has long focused on russia's conduct and we will remain focused on the threat
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-- we will and i follow the facts wherever it may lead on a bipartisan level and there will be no sacred cows. many things at stake. there is bipartisan agreement on the danger of the legal leaks and our ability to reauthorize important programs upon which our intelligence community relies. getting to the bottom of russian theling which must remain focus of the investigation. thislic acknowledgment of .s important as we move forward
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i would like to ask you can woman what, if anything, russia did that to your knowledge they did or did not do in previous elections. how were their actions different in this election than in previous ones. i think the biggest difference was the use of cyber hacking as the vehicle to physically gain access and make -- public. dir. comey: it is almost that they did not care. --y almost wanted to see us
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one of us to see what they were doing. do to the fbi or nsa prevent or counter this measure that we read about in the intelligence community? as loud as they were, what did we do to counter that? things,ey: among other we alerted people who had been victims of intrusions to permit them to tighten their systems to theif they could not kick -- to make sure there was no successful effort to affect the vote. the government as a whole in october called about. >> the loudness to which you
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refer, perhaps they were doing these kinds of actions previously in other elections, but not as lovely. why do you think they did not mind being allowed and found out? there mission is to undermine the credibility of our entire democracy and it might be they wanted us to help them by telling people what they were doing. that might have been part of their plan. i don't know for sure. i agree with director comey. the big difference for me in the past, while there was cyber
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activity, we never saw information being published on such a massive scale both from private individuals as well as organizations both inside the government and outside the government. now that it has become public , do you expect their interference to the amplified in future elections? d.c. any evidence of that in european elections or do you think this public acknowledgment would tamper down there volatility? as an initial matter, they will be back.
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one of the lessons they major off from this is that they were successful because they drew and disorganization. it is possible they are misreading that as it worked and so we will come back and hit them again. i don't know, but we have to will come back. is thaters: our sense they came to the conclusion it generated a positive outcome for them. calling out the -- questioning the democratic process is one example. they themselves, france and germany, undergoing national leadership. in terms of the european
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elections, what have you seen? any information you can share about russian interference? seen some of the same things we saw in the u.s. to -- fakeattempts news. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. rogers,y and admiral thank you for being here. i also want to thank the chairman and the ranking membership. .his is a bipartisan effort to all theswers
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questions being asked. admiral rogers, i will begin with you. foreign service intelligence provides the authority under which the intelligence community may collect or intercept the communication of a foreign person outside of the united person covered under a fisa court order. those procedures are supposed to protect the privacy rights of u.s. citizens. specifically, it is geared towards the communications of those who may be inadvertently collected as a result of the intelligence community's lawful collections. communityelligence
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intelligence if the result or interception includes an administration official, the president-elect or the president-elect's transition team? i said early on, there is a series of questions. there is no simple yes or no. any provision for you to cease collection? -- result in in of a u.s.tion official? adm. rogers: on the basis of exposure. cease ofu required to
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a person -- collection of a order, incidentals that collection or inadvertently, the collection results in the collection of communication of incoming u.s. administration official, the president-elect, or the president-elect transition team -- are you required under the minimization procedures to seek collection? not automatically. >> the reason why this is important is intuitively, we would all know that incoming administration would have conversations with those that mayintelligence community be collecting against, either by making phone calls or receiving phone calls right. it's intended to collect the privacy rights oam


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